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  1. I love Christy. She is playing the game and doing a good job. It is not cheating if big brother puts someone you know in the house. She is playing a Vanessa type of game. Paranoid and crying. I loved Tommy winning the Veto and taking her off.
  2. Like I said on Facebook quit labeling people. Paul is not worse than many players on big brother. Just because you hate Paul doesn't make him a bully or Satan or anything else. These people are all grown ups and they don't have to do what Paul wants and if they do then its on them. I used to love this site. When my friend Eileen passed away everyone was really welcoming and nice and you used to be able to agree to disagree. Morty I thank you so much for helping me through a tough time in my life. I wish you all the best. It's time for me to move along.
  3. Paul's plan was to use his alliance so they would have a better chance in the veto. It is a good plan if Cody or Jessica do not get picked for Veto but there are no guarantees that that won't happen so he changed his mind and is now going with Josh and Alex. He talked to them both. I understand the concept but there are too many other factors that could mess it up.
  4. I must have missed something because the only people that were mad at Paul was Jessica and Cody for not telling them he had the safety. All of the alliance that were with Cody are now at least for now with Paul. They all helped him win the HOH by giving him tickets. Alex and Jason were never aligned with Paul and are not turning on him they have always wanted him out.
  5. I don't think Josh is voting to evict Christmas and Kevin just told Mark and Elaina that he is voting to keep Christmas. I think that the poor poor girl that has been on the block 3 times will be going home at least I hope. Kevin could be lying but I still think Josh will pull it out for Christmas.
  6. I am glad he is back. I prefer no vets but it's always going to be that way on big brother. Whether you think production is in it for Paul or not I believe Cody's big mouth telling everyone he wanted to back door Paul because he doesn't like him is the reason he got the safety. I think he is entertaining and if he wasn't in there we would only have Kevin and his stories and a bunch of making out from the others. I hope he goes far.
  7. Well Mr. Cody when you plan on making a BIG move you probably should make sure you have the votes to support your BIG move. Instead you kept your mouth shut and wouldn't tell anyone and then got up and made some stupid speech about he was the common thread when talking to the rest of the alliance I must have missed those conversations so Paul sit down. He said he watched last season so does this idiot not know that Paul was a fan fav last year and it was made clear that America was voting for the temptations??? No surprise that Paul won. This guy makes me sick cannot stand to watch him and his stupid girl friend. I hope Paul stays as long as he can I didn't want him back but I want him to stay now just because I cannot stand Cody and I want Paul to send him out.
  8. Do not like this guy at all. Trying to figure out if he has a personality I get he doesn't like Paul but that was ridiculous and he reminds me of Monty from BBOTT.
  9. Best line of the night when she told Monty (oh my bad Cody) to eat &&&% not sure I can put that on here. I loved it other than that not my favorite
  10. Natalie part 2 does anyone else think she looks like Natalie???? I first saw her and thought it was Natalie.
  11. well I guess the rumor I posted earlier about is not true at least for the premier but I still believe Paul is coming back in one way or another. I do not like the America voting thing they screwed that up last year on BBOTT. Also hoping it doesn't have a another season either. I sound really bad LOL don't mean to but.......
  12. Heard this rumor that someone wins the HOH and is put into Temptation Den and is given the option of 3 weeks of safety but has to evict 1 person immediately. Then I heard that Paul enters the game. I have heard many rumors that Paul is coming back and he seems to have disappeared on social media. Not sure if this is true but it sounds like a big brother move.
  13. I hope they take each other because they are both not well liked by this jury (Paul and Nicole) I think they both stand a better chance of winning than against James who I do not think played a great game but is well liked by this jury and I think this jury would give it to James for that reason.
  14. thank you thank you I was going to try and help but evidently I do not have an account to get the emails but I appreciate all of the updates I know it takes a lot of work and your time.
  15. Sorry didn't see it but I was just asking??? I don't think Nicole has treated James badly she has an opinion that she doesn't think he should be in F2 but she is going to take him if she wins unless something changes between now and the finale. She should take Paul because I do not think she will win with this jury if she takes James. I do like James and I think he is probably a really nice guy but I think he was playing for AFP and not 500,000. and this is just my opinion.
  16. Whatever game moves he made there were not many mainly because he was not being targeted. I like James but in my opinion he was playing for AFP and not 500,000. I have a different opinion than most. I think if Nicole takes James and not Paul she will lose and it will not be because James played a better game it will be because he is liked by the jury. I hope she has some sort of wake up call because the only chance she has is to take Paul and even then she could still lose.
  17. Well you have a right to your opinion yes she was married and she had to answer to her husband. He knew she was married and what kind of person acts that way with a married woman especially on national tv. If you didn't get the live feeds then I am sure good old Cody was portrayed as the nice guy. He should not have been touchy feely with her either. He got absolutely no negative response and she was labeled all kinds of names. It is a double standard but like I said you can disagree.
  18. Wow that's all. I think Paul is a good person since we don't really know him I am not going to comment on his home life or whatever. It's interesting to see the different comments about him though.
  19. I don't think any of these people are bad people. What makes Nicole and Paul bad people????
  20. But in typical fashion Christine got booed and Cody was loved by all. He should have known better she was married. Yes they both were at fault but good ole boys patted him on the back and Christine was called all kinds of names.
  21. I don't think James played a 500,000 game. I like James but I don't think he played well. I think both Nicole and Paul out played him and they certainly played well enough to not get voted out and there were many people who wanted them out. I understand people do not like Nicole or Paul but the truth is James did not play better than either one of them.
  22. Number 1 this was a fight that did not need to happen. I do not agree that this was all Paulie. I do not like him and I didn't like his behavior in the house. Of course it was big mouth Michelle that started everything but DaVonne should have just bit her tongue. Zakiah is a grown woman if she chooses to hang out with a douche bag then its her choice. I think DaVonne looked bad as well as Paulie but because Paulie was so bad all year of course he is going to be the bad person here.
  23. I guess the reason I question the Nicole hate is because most people that play the game of big brother more than once usually play similar to the first time but they learn a lot from their mistakes. I think she hooked up with Cory in order to go farther in the game and like Derrick has said she was in the majority this time with a big alliance. Watching her now on the feeds she is determined to get to the final 2 and I personally think she is just as deserving of the win as Paul and even James. I also think some people don't like Cory but really liked Hayden.
  24. I do not understand the Nicole hate this year. She came to play and whether you don't like her because she had a showmance with Cory or whatever reason she has played this game. She aligned herself with strong players and the whole time had to teach the idiot Cory how to play the game. She is not a Spy Girl girly girl. Jozea the stupidest player ever to play this game watched 10 mins of BB Nicole's season and determined that she was a snake ok whatever she never had power to do anything her first season and he probably mistook Christine for Nicole. Ever since he proclaimed she was a snake everyone hated on Nicole. She used Cory and even if she does like him I do not think she thinks this is going to be a relationship outside the game. I think he has made that clear to her. She has always known who wanted her out and made sure they were out before they had a chance to get her out. She did not betray Natalie and James she betrayed Natalie because she knew Natalie was not going to work with her. I think the ladies in the jury can be petty and so if they are oh well but it will not be because she did not play the game, I personally think if she and Cory make final 3 with James and she wins she will evict Cory and if she does that could win the game for her.
  25. I like Paul for someone who does not know the game he has learned pretty quick. This is a game and I think if he is in the final 2 he has a shot of winning.

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