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Saturday, September 7 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT We are now back to HG bashing. Mccrae, Andy, Spencer and GM are in the LR. Andy mentions how annoying Candice's voice is and the fact that she called Howard Howie even though he hated it. Mccrae and GM get called to DR to get unattached. They are excited.

12:15 AM BBT Judd starts playing with play-dough it looks like he is making Andy. They discuss how common everyone's name is in the house and how they had a lot of uncommon ones this year. Judd says he hears GM and we get fish.

12:30 AM BBT In the KT Spencer is going over the plan of the week with everyone. Spencer tells everyone their job is to make it seem like GM is the target so MCcrae feels comfortable. He feels that this coming up HOH is a question one about items in the house.

12:40 AM BBT Spencer pulls Judd aside and reminds him to make it seem like GM is the target. Judd agrees and says he is going to bed soon. He then washes his hands and says his good nights. Andy says he is going to bed within the hour. They agree they want to be super ready for veto.

12:55 AM BBT GM and Elissa bashing upstairs in HOH between Andy, Mccrae, and Spencer. Spencer says whatever they are three of the final four (way to cover Spence) all they have to do is decide Judd or GM this week. They continue to speak ill of GM.

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1:05 AM BBT Mccrae in HOH admits that Amanda being gone might be better for his game. He said that when Elissa gave him hope of Amanda staying he was a little upset about it because he was prepared for her to go. They discuss that Helen can control all the jury votes and Spencer says Candice hates him. They agree they can't win against Judd.

1:20 AM BBT The HOH crew is discussing possible veto competitions. They have been on LD a long time so they figure it will be physical. GM heads to bed. She is not feeling well.

1:35 AM When GM exits Mccrae thinks it would be a better time to get Judd out while GM is beat up. Mccrae is visibly and verbally worried about trusting the boys. He is worried about making suggestions while on the block. Mccrae says he would have cut Amanda at final 3 because he knows he couldn't beat her. They move on to discuss how good Andy is and how he is killing the social game.

1:50 AM BBT Spencer tells Mccrae not to worry. He says okay and heads downstairs to brush his teeth and go to bed. He gets in bed and reads his letter from him. He seems to be tearing up under the blanket but cannot see for sure. Spencer has also gone to bed.

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8:45 am BBT HG are sleeping away when all of a sudden we have FOTH.

9:09 am BBT GM brushing her teeth, uses the sink to stretch her thighs. Judd wondering around, says he slept good. GM sits on her bed to put makeup on.

9:14 am BBT Spencer is called to DR, Judd says Oh Crap. He is still wondering around drinking water. He tells Mc its 9:15, they wonder if BB usually gets them up this early on POV days.

9:25 am BBT GM loudly rummaging through her makeup. (it sounds like bubble wrap popping) Only other sound is the camera whirl and the air conditioning hum. Spencer gets some clothes and GM brushes her hair.

9:34 am BBT GM back to bed, Mc and Andy never got out of bed. Judd is off cam. and only saw Spencer for a sec when he got some clothes off his pile by this downstairs bed.

9:40 am BBT Judd yells "Ya'll gonna ??(sounded like Learn) today? pipsqueak." He walks into the rainbow room and says he (Spencer) is in the DR right now. GM says thats why she is relaxing. Judd says his back is sore but it shouldnt effect anything. He moves and stretches. "Judd, put on your microphone!!" (Only feeds skipped so it sounded like "micromicromicrophone")

9:46 am BBT Judd in WA blowing his nose. Quick shot of the HOH door from the outside. Judd goes to KT for something to eat. Cams back to rainbow room. 2 cams on GM, 2 cams on Andy.

9:52 am BBT HG downstairs are waiting for Spencer to come out of DR meanwhile Spencer is up in HOH bed laying down.

9:54 Judd asks Andy if he thought if they drank a beer it would help them in the comp. Andy says he wants one too but they (BB) prob wouldnt like that. Judd goes back to pacing.

10:01 am BBT Judd still pacing and drinking water. He takes something from a package on the dresser and puts it in a package in the KT. Goes in Rainbow room and says He thinks they are cleaning up outside. Goes to cockpit, back thru the KT, turns at the memory wall, into the WA, back to KT around the island.

10:05 am BBT Cam moves and Judd says Oh stop, he looks at memory wall for less then a minute then back to WA, then sits on LR couch, bites his nails, cracks his knuckles, puts his face in his palms, rubs his eyes. (he is very nervous) 10:09 he gets up, goes to rainbow room, shuts door very quietly, gets in a drawer, moves some pants on floor and back to pacing.

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10:14 am BBT Judd sitting on couch but still moving around a lot. He gets a swallow of water and goes to HOH. Sees Spencer and tells him he thought he was in DR all this time. Spencer says no there was nothing important. Judd says he was all pumped up. Spencer tells him not to get to pumped up, just have to be focused.

10:17 am BBT Judd says if Mc does win, he is all for getting Judd out. Spencer says he (Mc) would be ok with GM. Spencer says Mc doesnt really care. Judd really hopes he (Mc) doesnt win. Spencer doesnt want Judd going anywhere, lets just focus on getting Mc. out.

10:19 am BBT Spencer says GM is all busted up from running around. Judd says she is resting now, doesnt want her to get hurt more, her back is feeling better. Spencer has tried to get her to take some pain meds and she wont. Judd wonders if they will do this during the heat of the day. Spencer says he would rather be hot and get it over with then wait till 6 oclock. They hope there is a live host.

10:22 am BBT Spencer says he just wants the Exterminators to be F4. Judd says he cant believe he thought Spencer was in DR all this time. Spencer says he thinks Judd was still in the shower when he came out. Judd got about 8 hrs sleep, Spencer got about 6. Mc stayed in HOH about 30 minutes after Judd left last night.

10:24 am BBT Spencer says Mc apologized for all the stuff he did to him. Judd says they still think he lied, why would he make up a secret alliance he was a part of.

10:26 am BBT Spencer wants Judd and him for F2, Judd agrees, he wanted to be with Spencer from the start, rooted for him while he was gone. Spencer says he wont win but..Judd says he cant win. Spencer says what has he (spencer) done? They agree they would be happy with 50 grand.

10:28 am BBT Judd says 50 grand would change his life, he has never had more then a thousand in his bank account. They think if Mc won it he would be broke in 2 years, if he is with Amanda it would be a year and a half. Spencer got pissed off when Amanda said she didnt need the money and how much she makes.

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10:32 am BBT general talk about where they work and where family is, how often they see family and if they would rather live where they work or live near family and drive to work. Spencer drives 30 minutes to work so he can be near family. Judd sees his dad at least once a week, his mom a couple times a week.

10:41 am BBT General chat, feeds keep reloading and skipping making it hard to follow. Spencer goes down to get a Coke tells Judd he can have a peach or listen to music if he wants. Judd comes out of WC and washes his hands. Spencer walks into SR, tells BB thank you (for unlocking the door) and wonders how many F'n cokes did GM drink.

10:47 am BBT Spencer says with GM's back, foot and hand messed up they need to step up and win it. any one but Mc. If Mc wins it they have to cannibalize their group. GM is low man on Spencers totem pole. Judd says F4 would be perfect. Spencer wants Judd/Spencer/Andy F3. They have to get rid of Mc, its crucial.

10:49 am BBT Mc has Amanda fighting for him in jury. with her knowing about the Exterminators and he makes F2, she can say he survived a huge alliance in the house etc.

10:51 am BBT Spencer that while Judd was gone Mc said he (Judd) had a F2 deal with Judd. Judd says they didnt have one. Judd thinks Mc is after him, you can tell when someone is after you. Spencer asks him to toss him a tootsie roll.

10:54 am BBT Spencer and Judd talk about how GM was saying crap about Amanda while she was handcuffed to Mc, how some of it was inappropriate. How the girls talked worse about the other girls after they left.

10:55 am BBT FOTH then right to TRIVIA.

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10:55 AM BBT FOTH to TRIVIA. Probably POV.

12:54 PM BBT The feeds are back and McCrae is wearing the POV.

12:56 PM BBT Judd is very angry. He is has very strong words for BB. He is throwing his Tshirt around the house telling BB to get the camera off him. "I am Pi**ed. I had to work out every 5 seconds because it's funny. Now I'm all sore and worn out."

12:59 PM BBT Andy joins Spencer and McCrae in the HOHR. Spencer tells them that they need to decide as a group who needs to go home this week. Andy says Judd is mad because he thinks he is going up now. Gina Marie is laying on the LR sofa. She looks very depressed. Judd has gone to take a shower.

1:03 PM BBT Shortest shower ever. Judd is out and asking Gina Marie where Andy is. She tells him that everyone else is in the HOHR. Judd heads up and asks if they need a minute. They invite him in. Spencer says he was 2 pieces away and the buzzer hit zero and they all dropped. They had to put a puzzle together and a time limit to finish it before it crashed to the ground. Judd said he wants something for his cuts because he doesn't want a scar all over his legs. They are talking about how Gina Marie cut her knee so bad. They don't know how she did it. McCrae has blood stains on his yellow leotards. Judd tells McCrae that Ian loved him and was rooting for him. Ian was the guest host.

1:09 PM BBT Gina Marie is laying on the sofa in the LR. She has a band aid and ace bandage wrapped around her left knee and an ice pack held on by bandana on her right foot. She lets out a moan of pain and is crying now. McCrae and Andy come down to comfort her. She tells them she doesn't even know what she was hitting that tore her up so bad. She thinks it may have been the bottom of the ramp. She's mad it's on both legs and now she can hardly walk. Gina Marie is called to the DR. Andy offers to carry her but she declines.

1:15 PM BBT Andy and McCrae in the chair BR. Andy says at this point it's not about strategy anymore. It's about who wins. Andy says he is sorry that Gina Marie is at risk. He feels he could have manipulated her to target Spencer who as a 7 time nominee survivor has a good chance to win the whole thing. Meanwhile Spencer and Judd are upstairs. They discuss Judd being more likely to take Spencer to finals over Andy or McCrae. Judd is pacing and still very angry. He said he hates BB right now, hates production. He says they made him so sore that he couldn't compete. Production told Andy that Gina Marie is going to need stitches.

1:21 PM BBT In catching snippets of the many conversations going on at once, I failed to mention much about the POV competition. There was a super hero theme to it. McCrae is walking around in a yellow tights with a red cape. Andy is walking around in a purple tights and yellow cape. Andy doesn't think it was coincidence that he got those colors even though production told them it was by random draw. The HGs speculate the next few comps won't be as physical since Gina Marie took such a beating on this one.

1:27 PM BBT In the HOH we now have Spencer and Andy. They are debating on who they need to send out this week, Gina Marie or Judd. They list that Judd is very loyal to The Exterminators but that Judd can probably beat both of them. Spencer says that so can Gina Marie. Andy says his hunch is saying that it needs to be Judd.

1:29 PM BBT Andy and Spencer are considering coming clean to McCrae about The Exterminators. They are worried Judd or Gina Marie will spill the beans and they don't want to be the last ones to come clean in case McCrae wins HOH next. Spencer says "If we do, we'll have to cut Judd." Spencer says it's final 4 now and it's over. "It's all about who you can beat." Andy "Just my gut this whole game, I'm going to lose if Judd is still here. I'm really worried about him." Meanwhile Judd and McCrae are in the WA. Judd is putting Neosporin on his scratches.

1:33 PM BBT Andy tells Spencer that if they come clean to McCrae about The Exterminators, McCrae will feel most betrayed by Andy. He wants to know how he could spin it. Spencer tells him to say he had no choice but to distance himself from Amanda and this was the best way to do it. Andy hopes the alliance never comes out but fears it is going to anyway. McCrae and Judd are talking about why McCrae was never willing to put Judd up even though Helen tried to talk him into it. McCrae says that he always thought that Judd was better for his game than the others.

1:37 PM BBT Andy tells Spencer that Judd has claimed he would keep Andy over Gina Marie. Spencer says that Judd would. Andy agrees that Judd never has done anything to prove to Andy that he isn't loyal. Spencer "McCrae is final 4. The time for loyalty is over." Spencer tells Andy that it all boils down to this, "If me and you are on the block and Gina Marie was the vote then Gina Marie would keep you and I don't want that." He is basically telling Andy that Gina Marie needs to go because she would always vote against him. Spencer says if they do tell McCrae then McCrae needs to play the rest of the week like he is none the wiser. Andy says he understands and the best case scenario is that they never end up on the block together.

1:43 PM BBT Spencer says he was only two pieces away and then his pieces fell. Andy says once he realized his puzzle was upside down he never got it back. Andy is called to the DR. Andy "Ugh, in my outfit?" Spencer tells Andy to go and that he will talk to Judd and try to make him feel better. Andy tells him to say that Andy is going to keep Judd and not to worry about it. They both agree that Judd is really upset and that this is not any kind of act.

1:46 PM BBT Spencer pulls Judd into the cockpit and tells him that Andy said he was going to keep Judd. Spencer "Andy is going to keep you. You didn't do anything stupid with McCrae did you?" Spencer and Andy are worried that Judd might have made a final two deal for McCrae's vote this week. Judd says he didn't and we get Trivia which changes to FOTH.

1:48 PM BBT Gina Marie, in her green tights and orange cape, has hobbled out of the DR and up to the HOH BR. Gina Marie has gotten stitches on her left knee. She is putting Saran wrap around her bandages so she can clean up in the bathtub. Andy whispers to Judd that he's safe this week and not to worry about it. Meanwhile Andy, Spencer, and Judd are alone in the KT. Andy wants to change before he goes to the DR. Spencer tells Judd that Andy is right where they are at. Gina Marie needs to go because she has a lot of jury votes. Judd says he freaking wants McCrae gone so bad and wanted to cuss Ian out. He said Ian hated him and it was obvious. Spencer says that Ian just roots for the underdog. Judd "He's not the underdog." "I hate him. Can't get rid of him."

1:54 PM BBT Judd to Spencer "Freaking puzzles. Three puzzles in a row." Spencer "I am good at puzzles. I am almost got that B***h." Gina Marie is doing her best to clean up in the tub without getting her stitches wet and Spencer is heading up to listen to his CD. Andy asks Judd how far he got with the puzzle. Judd said he gave up. He didn't "get" the puzzle and knew he wasn't going to win it. Judd rants again about Sergeant BB and the exercising every 5 seconds.

1:57 PM BBT Andy and Judd are in the color BR. Andy tells Judd he wants to keep him but needs assurances that he'll keep him and get rid of McCrae if the opportunity ever comes up. Andy "I need to believe it, I need to feel it from you. 100% you would get rid of McCrae." Judd agrees completely. At the same time upstairs Spencer is telling Gina Marie that he trusts her more than he does Judd and that Judd would never give him a jury vote. Gina Marie is worried Judd will start talking smack about her and making stuff up. Spencer says that he wants Andy and McCrae to make this decision.

2:01 PM BBT Spencer to Gina Marie in the HOHR. "Gina Marie, this is between you and me. You can't beat Andy. Everybody in jury loves that Mother F****r." Gina Marie is crying and says that she wants Spencer to be his Nick. She can't trust anybody else. Spencer says "I've been on the block seven times. I was used like their little rag doll. I had nobody to talk to and was on the block for six weeks in a row."

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Posting for GwennyLou:

2:04PM BBT: GinaMarie tells Spencer that she wants to send Judd home since he's already won. She's crying about Judd helping McCrae win the PoV. She is so mad at Judd and want him gone. Spencer says, "Lets just deny The Exterminators to McCrae and tell Judd he's safe all week so that he can be shocked when he leaves this week." GinaMarie is definitely safe according to Spencer.

Spencer tells GinaMarie that they both live in the real world and he's playing for runner up. He won't win against anyone. GinaMarie is playing for runner up against any of the other guys. GinaMarie is sobbing that she needs to leave with something and she's so upset because she could go home this week with nothing.

Spencer tells GinaMarie that he loves Andy but he will beat any of them if he's in the final two. Spencer said, "If I got to jury, I'd have to vote for the kid." Spencer says no one can beat him.

GinaMarie says that from the beginning she saw that Andy was the front runner. (Sounds like Spencer may be backdooring Andy?)

Spencer says that he will tell Judd it's up to Andy and McCrae who goes home. Spencer says vote based on strategy not on personal feelings. Neither can beat Andy, McCrae, or Judd. They have to stick together. GinaMarie is still crying about losing the PoV. Spencer and GinaMarie hug and swear on their final two deal. [Yay, Spencer's third final two deal in the last eight hours.]

2:21PM BBT: GinaMarie joins Judd and Andy talking about how much the jury hates both of them. Judd tries to explain to GinaMarie why he was helping Andy over her, because Andy was sooo far ahead of her. She just shrugs and changes her clothes. They rehash the PoV competition and the puzzle. Judd says the only fun he had in the competition was swinging from the harness because he sucks at puzzles.

Judd leaves and GinaMarie wastes no time telling Andy that Judd already got a second chance so he should give her his vote. He changes the subject quickly and puts on his purple and yellow super hero outfit. He goes to the DR to tape his reaction to the veto.

2:29PM BBT: Spencer tells McCrae in HoH that he wants to split up Judd and Andy because they are too close to each other. McCrae says he thinks Andy can control GinaMarie more than he can Judd. Spencer tells McCrae bottom line is that he doesn't trust McCrae, but trust doesn't matter anymore in the house. "If we get rid of Judd we have to blindside him, but we can tell GinaMarie." Spencer says just take a shower we'll talk later. We have at least 100 hours before the next eviction.

Spencer tells Judd to stay calm this week if he gets put up. Don't freak out and cause problems. Just keep your cool. Judd says I just know that McCrae will vote me out because I voted Amanda out. Spencer tells him that you don't know that. The worst thing you can do this week is freak out. [is Spencer going to be gunning for Judd to go home on his HoH?]

Spencer goes back out and tells Judd don't make any deals with McCrae or anyone else this week. It's one thing to campaign, but don't make deals. Judd tells Spencer that Andy told him he knows that GinaMarie would take Andy over either of them. Spencer says, "Trust me I know." Judd tells Spencer if he puts up Andy he'd keep him for sure and that he could break the tie if McCrae votes Andy out.

2:40PM BBT: GinaMarie is taking a nap, Andy is in the DR, McCrae is taking a shower in the HoH bathroom, Spencer is listening to music in the HoH room and Judd is pouting on the living room couch refusing to put his PoV costume back on to do his DR. He told Spencer he'd take a penalty vote/nom over putting it back on.

2:45PM BBT: Judd goes to the HoH room and complains to Spencer about being serious about not putting the costume back on. He is so tired of getting hurt in the competitions. He thinks BB doesn't care if they live or die and always put the competitions in the middle of the afternoon. Ian was the host. Judd said Ian only cheered on McCrae and could tell he didn't like him, so he couldn't give a crap that he was the host, because he was so obnoxious.

McCrae leaves the HoH and Judd says "I freaking hate him and hope he falls down the stairs." McCrae offers to put a pizza in for Spencer. Spencer tells Judd to stay calm and Andy wants to keep him. Judd says, "I'm scarred forever and can't stay cool, production doesn't give a crap about any of them. GinaMarie's toe was broke for a week, she needs stitches now, and he was bleeding and they can't even be bothered to bring in a doctor to help them out."

Feeds quickly switch to McCrae putting a pizza in the oven.

2:51PM BBT: Andy joins McCrae in the bathroom. He asks McCrae who he'd vote out if Judd gets put up. McCrae says he doesn't know. They agree to meet later to discuss it since they have almost a whole week to figure out their plan.

3:02PM BBT: McCrae joins them in the HoH room. Andy is crying because he doesn't want to send Judd home. He loves him, but he loves all of them. He's sniffling as they try to help McCrae finds his water bottle. McCrae says don't worry about crying, he bawled to himself last night. Andy says, "Don't mind me, I'm gaying out right now."

McCrae says, "I just feel alone now and you were alone from week one." Spencer says, "Don't even start." They all talk about how much they love each other. Spencer said Amanda was annoying, "but I was jealous that you had something like that with her in this house." Spencer said. "I had Howard, but I didn't even have him at all and never understood what he talked about and didn't speak English." Andy says, "We were all the level headed people in our relationships. Helen and Amanda were both emotional and weird."

Andy, Spencer, and McCrae talk about how much Judd is freaking out and is throwing a temper tantrum. Andy says that Judd is untrustworthy and he can look at him and make him feel unsettled.

McCrae says that since Judd is out of cigarettes, he's going to be off the rails. Andy says that Judd is good at competitions and GinaMarie is too injured and stupid to win any competitions. Andy says we have to blindside Judd to get him out. Spencer says that Judd won't trust anything they say this week to him, so just make him feel safe until they vote him out.

McCrae goes to see if there is a wine bottle. Spencer says that Andy planted awesome seeds of doubt about Judd into McCrae's mind. They talk about Spencer going up on the block vs. whoever stays this week and if it's GinaMarie she has no chance of winning any competition. They can beat her and they will.

Judd joins them again and asks if they want wine. Spencer says no and Andy says, "Sure."

Judd tells Andy and Spencer he knows he's going home and that's why they sabotaged him last night with the drill sergeant. They laugh at him and Judd says he's sore and annoyed. He's going to bitch and complain and can't help it. He's close to tears. He's not even mad, he's just paranoid now that they are out to get him.

Judd tells them all he wanted was to make final four, but he knew coming back in the house was too good to be true. He just really wants to drink. Andy just tells McCrae and Judd to drink it. Judd says, "I'll drink too much and get crazy if I drinks it all."

Spencer asks for two of the beers. Judd say sure. He goes downstairs and tells McCrae that Spencer wants two of the beers. They all head down and figure out how to split the alcohol. They agree with McCrae's plan.

3:20PM BBT: McCrae was so pissed when they called for the PoV competition because it was so early today. They laugh at Judd's meltdown and he's not even on the freaking block. They were talking about a Spiderman theme to the competition. Apparently, Judd doesn't like one of the members of production, but they all love him.

GinaMarie makes it upstairs and they are looking at her war wounds and it's disgusting. She needs a lot of stitches. They laugh about it, but they feel bad for her. Spencer says she's going to have a badass scar on her knee. She doesn't even care.

They talk about disgusting ailments in their feet and how podiatrists fix them. GinaMarie picks at her injury, they tell her to leave it alone. The doctor will be able to fix it when he comes in. They tell her to stop touching her injury. They talk about production being super slow all the time and they won't be super fast. They are bashing Judd again in the HoH room and hate him for being mean to production.

GinaMarie says she can't stand Judd right now. They talk about Ian being the host and Andy says she feels bad about wishing he'd rather see Frank. They talk about the MVP being Judd again. Andy says it's was so crushing when he realized his puzzle was upside down and he was so close to being done.

3:30PM BBT: GinaMarie and McCrae talk about Judd getting eliminated super early in the competition, because he didn't even try to do the puzzle. They hate his poor sportsmanship. GinaMarie says she injured herself and kept going and she hates bad sportsmanship and cannot stand that Judd did that.

They talk about Judd being on Xanax and drinking alcohol and how messed up he already is. McCrae says it can't be good for Judd to be drinking that much alcohol and can't believe the DR would let him. We get WBRB.

They talk about things they did in the house and didn't tell anyone. Spencer broke Aaryn's porcelain box. Jessie carved her initials in all of Andy's wax figurine. Spencer said if anyone had messed with Murdoch's paw. McCrae leaves. Andy tells GinaMarie stay calm this week, Judd will sink his own ship this week.

They bash Judd for getting two weeks off and having a huge vacation. GinaMarie says Judd got two weeks off and doesn't deserve to win. Andy says don't tell Judd anything, just blindside him. GinaMarie, says I see what you mean.

3:40PM BBT: Judd joins them again and is still complaining about his leg scars. He wants to get drunk. Spencer agrees. They talk about how they all have been injured in a competition. Spencer says McCrae told him about watching Spencer wipe out during OTEV and start bleeding.

3:43PM BBT: Feeds come back from a lengthy WBRB. They are talking about how insane Helen was. GinaMarie made fun of her for always telling them, "If you don't vote how I want you to, you're going home." Andy says, "I don't know, but I seriously loved her." They start talking about scars again and Judd is whining about looking like Frankenstein.

Judd and McCrae talk about how crazy the Bible is. McCrae says this is his first time reading the Bible and thinks the Old Testament is all kinds of crazy and messed up.

McCrae explains the story of Samson and Delilah in great detail (accurately, I might add) and talks about Daniel and the Lion's Den. McCrae talks about all the stories he's read. He said he tried to explain the story of Balaam and his donkey to Amanda. Judd says there was a Bible documentary on TV and that McCrae would love watching it.

McCrae talks about Sodom and Gommorah and how in the town they had sex with animals and everyone. McCrae explains to GinaMarie that sodomy comes from that Bible story. They start talking about perverse sexual acts. McCrae talks about the laws in Leviticus and what would happen if people broke the religious rules. Judd says he knew someone who used to picket at Music Festivals against sodomists and Judd had no idea what that was and he told him it was "gay people." Judd made fun of him by joking about a box trying to sodomize him because it was right behind him.

They talk about the Westboro Baptist church. McCrae says he yelled F-You at the Westboro Baptist Church earlier and Elissa look offended. Andy and McCrae don't think she even knows what that is. Judd and Andy says they don't want to give them any camera time. McCrae says their own daughter left the church. [He's referring to one of Rev. Phelps daughters of the Westboro Baptist church.]

4:00PM BBT: Judd and McCrae are still talking about Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church. Judd and McCrae have both seen the documentary and are discussing it. They think they are all nutcases for being in the church. Andy says it's scary when people are so impressionable and susceptible about joining religion like that. Judd wanted to ask the guy why he would take his time to go scream at gay people. Judd says he's religious but he'd never yell at anyone and anytime he'd say anything to the guy he would disagree with him, even when he talked about God's love. Judd says he won't talk to people like that. McCrae says, "friends don't talk about religion or politics." Judd says he doesn't agree with his friends about either of those things, but he doesn't care. Judd says his friends are super into Ron Paul and he always wanted to tell them to stop and give it up, he's never going to win. He says his friends are awesome, aside from their political views. Judd says he's a republican, but he doesn't vote down the party line.

McCrae says he refuses to vote down party lines. Both parties are ridiculous. GinaMarie says when she was in school she always saw the Green Party table and was confused because she didn't know there were more than two parties. McCrae says that's why there is a two party system. No other party will ever have enough money to break through and sway enough votes. In 2008, NBC held the debates but wouldn't let certain candidates debate against other candidates, because they owned companies that candidates were against. McCrae says the Tea Party is just wrong. Judd is still talking about his cuts and scars. GinaMarie says I wanted to know how I cut my entire knee open.

4:10PM BBT: McCrae leaves and they whine that they couldn't get McCrae out. Judd tries to explain why he dropped out and counted for Andy instead. Andy says Ian was probably frustrated hosting the competition because he for sure is one winner who still watches the live feeds. Judd says I'm sorry that I'm pissed and whining. GinaMarie says this kid keeps freaking wining PoVS. Judd says this is why Elissa should've won that first HoH. Judd says he's about two seconds away from crying in the house. He got confused in the puzzle and he just gave up because he knew he couldn't have won.

4:21PM BBT: Judd says he is terrified that America hates him for making out with Aaryn and love Jessie. Judd says Jessie was sooo stupid. McCrae and Andy say there is no way Jessie is America's sweetheart of this season. GinaMarie said Jessie wasn't funny at all. Andy makes fun of her for being stupid. GinaMarie says she was so freaking stupid. Andy says that Jessie thought she was funny. Andy didn't dislike her at all, she just sucked at the game. Judd says he really liked Jessie.

4:28PM BBT: Judd apologize for whining about his scars. He tells them he scars easily and got a scar from moving a freaking TV. GinaMarie says, "At least you don't have a huge gash on your knee and I'm a girl who has to wear skirts and you don't hear me whining about it." Judd said there was a firework incident and has scars on his arms.

4:28PM BBT: GinaMarie is crying in the HoH about her knee hurting. Andy shouts out to the live feeders that Spencer won the PoV and that Karel from season eight won the veto. He thinks no one will know who that is.

Andy says what would have happened if Elissa had been the host, McCrae says he would have thrown up and then thrown it at her. They all want to know if America hates Elissa as much as they do. Andy says, "Honestly, I heard America groan when I voted her out."

4:31PM BBT: Judd says he can't continue to be this upset and asks Andy to help him get his suit on so he can do the D.R. session. Judd says I was like a bug on the windshield during the PoV I kept banging into the wall. Andy says that would have been funny if they had all been really bad at the competition. McCrae says it was probably weighted and there would be no way to throw the competition so that they just stayed in the middle. Judd says how pissed would you have been pissed if we all made a deal to throw the PoV and then I went for it. McCrae said he would've laughed about it. Andy said, "I would have been livid."

Spencer comes back up and tells GinaMarie the doctor is finally there for her. We go to fish.

Judd goes down to DR and Spencer, Andy, and GinaMarie are up in HoH room. They bash Judd again for telling McCrae that Ian was only rooting for him. GinaMarie is soooo mad at Judd. Spencer said "I would not have cared if he had watched my clock. I'm the damn HoH!"

4:40PM BBT: Spencer tells Andy and GinaMarie that they could tell McCrae that he shouldn't use the PoV and that Judd will go up and will go home. They laugh about that. Spencer talks about how much he loves his dog.

4:40PM BBT: GinaMarie says Judd is an idiot for giving up and he freaking quit. Spencer said it was 4-1! He just screwed us over. He thanks GinaMarie for making a deal with him and talking to him. He says he knows how she is with Andy and that he could beat both of us. Spencer says don't make a half million dollar mistake. GinaMarie says, "If I'm here and win HoH I will for sure put up Andy vs. McCrae."

Spencer says, "OK, if McCrae wins veto he'll decide who goes home. Veto matters next week most of all."

Spencer says he doesn't know what McCrae would do if he wins PoV and then has to decide between Andy vs. Spencer. Spencer says if McCrae is smart he'd send Andy home, because he's better at competitions. I hate talking about this, but we're at the point we have to cut ties. GinaMarie and Spencer agree.

Spencer said at final four it's every man for themself. Spencer says that Aaryn likes Amanda more than she likes GinaMarie. GinaMarie says "REALLY??" Spencer agrees and says that Amanda is at the house talking about how awesome McCrae is. Spencer said her actions showed that she had Amanda's back not hers. GinaMarie can't believe it but said she had to go with Aaryn over Andy. She said just like with Jeremy she pre-warned Aaryn about voting her out. Spencer says my number one fear is being on block beside Andy next week.

Spencer says, "If you're on block vs. Andy, I'm keeping you. I love you both, but I will lose for sure against him. With us it's a toss up, but there are so many females in the house, I'm sure I'd lose to you. Andy has won as many competitions as you, played a great game, and has friends in the jury house."

4:45PM BBT: The feeds cut out as a BB voice comes on and says, "The DR is temporarily unavailable due to visiting the doctor."

Spencer tells GinaMarie she'll go with her into the room to hold her hand. Judd and Andy are left in the HoH room. Judd says he's done bitching about his scars. He's over it. He says everyone can be dramatical every one in a while. McCrae wants the freaking back yard. He asks Andy if he was over the top about his legs. Andy says well GinaMarie's bone was exposed and she whined less. Judd says he's just paranoid about scars.

They start bashing Elissa again. McCrae says that Elissa was the shadiest player ever in the history of Big Brother and that she didn't understand social cues or norms and was so freaking weird.

4:55PM BBT: Judd says he has senioritis and even though he doesn't want to leave this week, he's ready to hang out with other people. Judd says he's going to miss the people in the house after the season is over. He says he should go visit Helen and Andy in Chicago. Spencer and McCrae say that would be awesome to have a reunion in Chicago and they could all go bar hopping.

4:58PM BBT: They all make fun of GinaMarie being fine with the other girls in the house until they would leave and then she would just go insane. Andy says he loves making fun of Elissa but he's not going to keep bashing her. Judd says, "I don't mind making fun of her but we can't make fun of her kid anymore." Andy seems offended that Judd would imply that he has. Judd says, "I've heard people say stuff about her kid."

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5:02 PM BBT Gina Marie and Spencer are in the LR. She is about to go into the DR to get her stitches and Spencer is going with her for emotional support. She said she may want a hand to hold. They are talking about how they were always the last to know what was going on in the house. McCrae, Andy, and Judd are in the HOH. Just general chit chat about their former HGs and how or why they made decisions that they did.

5:06PM BBT Spencer and Gina Marie are talking about the unfair situations in the house. They both think Elissa had an unfair advantage with week after week of MVP. He said as a viewer he would have wanted to give MVP to someone else for a change.

5:08 PM BBT Spencer speaks directly to production "Hey Shawn, are you listening? Can you get" FOTH.

5:11 PM BBT From behind FOTH Gina Marie starts crying. All I know is she says "I know what he said to me. I don't need to hear what everyone else thinks." In the HOH McCrae, Judd, and Andy are talking about Gina Marie now. McCrae says it would be an awesome present to send her to Amanda this week.

5:15 PM BBT With a broken toe on one side and a sliced up knee on the other, Gina Marie says she feels squishy since she can't work out. Not much going on in the HOH room. The guys are talking about who likes what kind of beer and the demise of the The Moving Company.

5:19 PM BBT Gina Marie is asking Spencer about next week. He tells her that next week the POV is even more important than HOH. He explains to her about the final HOH and how the winner chooses who they take to the final. He explains about how the final three all go to the finals together.

5:27 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the house. Gina Marie and Spencer are talking about pets they had to put to sleep and Andy, Judd, and McCrae are talking about people outside the house so we get FOTH.

5:30 PM BBT Gina Marie and Spencer are still waiting for her to get in with the doctor for her stitches. Andy, McCrae, and Judd are talking about previous BB seasons. They are disappointed they can't recall the order of events for BB seasons past.

5:40 PM BBT Gina Marie is laying on one couch in the LR. Spencer is laying on the other. Gina Marie has fallen asleep while waiting to see the DR. She is snoring. Spencer appears to have fallen asleep as well. Upstairs in the HOH Andy is telling McCrae that Amanda leaving is better for his game. They talk about how at certain points in their game they really felt their days in the house were numbered.

5:44 PM BBT Andy, Judd, and McCrae are watching the spy screen. They notice Gina Marie and Spencer sleeping on the couches. Andy says he laid down there for 8 seconds yesterday and was reminded by BB that they aren't allowed to sleep on the couches. We get FOTH. Feeds come back just long enough for Andy to mention his DR session and we get FOTH again. It seems BB is allowing Gina Marie to continue to rest on the couch until she sees the medic. FOTH

5:51 PM BBT Feeds return just long enough to see Gina Marie head into the DR. Then we get FOTH again.

5:58 PM BBT If it isn't Andy or McCrae singing it's Judd humming. Lots of the FOTH while they talk music in the HOHR. Spencer is up there with them so he did not go with Gina Marie to the DR for her stitches.

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6:06 PM BBT Gina Marie is with the medic. Judd has gone to the colorful room to take a nap. Spencer, McCrae and Andy are in the HOHR. Andy says he feels sorry for Gina Marie being all busted up. He says they might as well take her and then cut her later because she clearly won't be able to compete. They think that BB might lay off the physical comps for a while to allow them to recover. Andy says he is "just so conflicted" right now. They are discussing the pros and cons between Gina Marie and Judd. Andy says Gina Marie has a lot of girls in the jury to vote for her. McCrae says Judd has a lot of friends in jury also. McCrae says no girl has ever won when going to final two with a guy. Andy says it says a lot to make it to finals after getting evicted. They talk about how Judd is so likeable.

6:12 PM BBT The guys minus Judd are talking about Gina Marie's performance in competitions. They say she is not good on questions which they know are coming but that she is a beast in the physical ones. Andy says his gut changes every day but for right now he feels that if Judd stays in the game he has a good chance to win it. They again discuss how likeable both Judd and Gina Marie are.

6:14 PM BBT McCrae says if they can guarantee to take her out before the final endurance competition then it might be best to take her forward in the game. They know questions are coming and that is her weak point. McCrae says at endurance she will sit up there all day long. Andy "But she's busted up, she won't risk bursting her stitches." McCrae tells him that it might just be to hold on to something. Then again McCrae says Judd gets frustrated very easily like he did today and it messes up his game. They agree to give it at least three days to stew about it and then come back to talk again. They agree that if two of them come to an agreement on someone and the third doesn't like it then that person will just have to suck it up. They agree it will be a majority rules decision.

6:18 PM BBT Andy to Spencer and McCrae "Either way gentlemen, we made it to final four and that is awesome." [That's putting your cart in front of the horse Andy. Spencer and McCrae are guaranteed final four. You my dear are not.--Goldylucks]

6:20 PM BBT More talk about Gina Marie in the HOHR. Spencer says based on her track record she'll end up breaking her arm next and will still keep going. He reminds them that she has competed really well with what is probably a broken toe. Spencer says he knows it hurts her but she will flat bust open stitches if she has to in this game. Spencer "Poor GM, she's going to get shots and everything to numb that up." FOTH.

6:22 PM BBT Talk in the HOH turns to HGs and in house intercourse. McCrae says he and Amanda probably have the record for most places F***ed in the house. They discuss whether Rachel and Brendon did and McCrae says he recalls a BB pregnancy scare during their season.

6:27 PM BBT Andy tells McCrae and Spencer that he admits that Gina Marie has his back and will likely take him to the final. He says the he would rather go to the final three with them. He thinks it would be a P**sy move to use a veto and take Gina Marie with her all usted up. He says he wants to be known for being a strong player. They all agree to tell Judd what he wants to hear to keep the calm in the house. Spencer says he's bummed he didn't get to host a competition. Spencer jokes that they should all drop to their boxers at the finale before walking out. Spencer "What are they going to do?"

6:31 PM BBT McCrae, Spencer, and Andy are still talking about the upcoming week. Andy "We have a 2 versus 1 chance of winning the next HOH and 3 versus 1 chance for the next POV. The odds are in our favor gentleman."

6:34 PM BBT McCrae uses his BB voice and says the LD is over. BB "McCrae....McCrae shut it down." McCrae "What I'm only getting water mother F***er." McCrae heads down to get water. Spencer admits to Andy that he is afraid that if Gina Marie stays Andy and McCrae may decide to take her to the finals because she is busted up. Andy promises him that he would never do that. Spencer says "But it's not only up to you. If that's the only excuse to keep her here this week then what's the difference next week."

6:39 PM BBT McCrae comes back with his water. Spencer says they will shoot themselves in the foot if they take a broken up Gina Marie to the finals with all those girls in the jury. Spencer says she will be seen as a strong fighter who doesn't let injury stop her and will get the votes for it. McCrae and Andy all say they are taking each other to the final three.

6:41 PM BBT In the HOHR Spencer, Andy and McCrae are talking about how Gina Marie is more manly than Judd is. Judd is polite on the feeds. Gina Marie will say anything. He wears nice clothes. Gina Marie farts. He complains about superficial carpet burns and has to put on Neosporin while Gina Marie is in the room with a cut clear to bone. Gina Marie comes out from the DR at that moment and has received nine stitches. Gina Marie "Bad ass, I didn't cry or anything." Spencer "I'm glad they took you to a nice sterile environment to give you those nine stitches. Gina Marie gives them the details and mentions Bob from production so we get FOTH.

6:47 PM BBT Gina Marie is freaking Andy out with the gory details. She tells him about how they put the needle inside the cut which numbs it but you can still feel the skin tugging. Andy walks in to where Judd is laying down. He tells Judd about her stitches and that he needs to just relax because he is safe this week. Gina Marie is walking around looking for her Tylenol. Spencer "You didn't get pills?" Gina Marie "Nah." She says that with all her piercings including the one in her vagina she must be used to needles. To Spencer "Imagine getting a needle in that!!!"

6:52 PM BBT Gina Marie gives McCrae and Andy a peek at her stitches and Andy freaks out. She just laughs. Andy "You are so much more a guy than I am me. If I had your injuries I would be a little B***h."

6:54 PM BBT Gina Marie jokes with McCrae. She says she will greatly appreciate it if he wants to send Judd back to the jury house. She says with all her injuries he could kick her butt in any competition. Andy says she will end up breaking her hand in a question and answer competition. Andy jokes that he loves Ian because Ian told him people are always wearing the veto necklace backwards. He says he is OCD about that he is glad he isn't alone in that.

7:09 PM BBT Spencer is preparing a steak. He holds one up for us to see. He's putting it in a bag to marinade. Judd heads back to bed and covers his eyes with a red bandana. Gina Marie is peeling potatoes. She is in a much better mood after seeing the doctor. Andy is talking about the time he spilled runny guacamole all over Elissa's picture on the memory wall.

7:12 PM BBT Spencer "You know what I hated about Elissa? Every f*ing thing. I hated her face, I hated her lifestyle. You know how the only dead people you can talk about are Adolf Hitler and Michael Jackson. Not that I'm saying she is like Hitler but you can talk about her and not feel bad she isn't there to defend herself." [seriously, these people have no filter anymore--Goldylucks]

7:16 PM BBT Judd gets up to treat his cuts again. Gina Marie finds a giant Daddy Long Leg. McCrae tells them to leave it alone but they squish him. The speculate that Daddy Long Legs have mouths so small they can't bite you. They aren't sure if it is true or legend. Andy says he took a class that concentrated on Urban Legends.

7:20 PM BBT Judd and McCrae go into the SR. Judd congratulates him on making final 4. He says Gina Marie feels pretty safe but McCrae says she acted the same way the last time she was up. McCrae tells him that he doesn't have too much to worry about. Judd says he feels BB wanted him to work out more but maybe it's just paranoia. McCrae says he understands. The logic with him being tied to Gina Marie had him paranoid too. McCrae tells Judd he would rather work with him more than Gina Marie and that he'll get out of his funk when he can get a cigarette. They leave the SR.

7:26 PM BBT Bring back the medic. Gina Marie has sliced her finger. Spencer takes her the WA to clean up the blood. Andy is laughing and apologizing to her for laughing.

7:30 PM BBT Spencer has cleaned up Gina Marie's cut finger. Judd is in bad need of a cigarette and is sitting alone in the cockpit/lounge staring at the wall. Gina Marie has gone back to cooking in the KT. BB gives us a view of a pitch black dark hallway for a moment on feed 3 but then the camera goes back to Judd. Andy calls out to Judd to join them in the LR. Judd says to join him in there. Andy calls him a Diva saying he'll go to him then.

7:34 PM BBT Andy is talking to Judd about the photo booth. Judd says he never took his photo in it. He thinks it's stupid and doesn't see the point. Andy thought for sure the photos would be part of a competition at some point. Andy whispers to Judd that he's safe and not to worry. Judd says "Maybe for now but things change."

7:36 PM BBT Judd says he doesn't even want to be up unless they have alcohol. He says he is low on cigarettes and may end up trading McCrae some for his alcohol. Judd says the way he feels he's probably end up doing black tar heroin right now. Andy says he will probably sleep a lot this week. Judd ask Andy if McCrae was going to give him his vote. Andy says yes but that even if he doesn't it doesn't matter.

7:40 PM BBT Spencer and McCrae are whispering in the LR while Andy and Judd are whispering in the cockpit. Spencer says Judd's naps are "aggression naps" because he is freaking out and trying to hide it.

7:43 PM BBT Spencer tells McCrae he doesn't understand why Judd just quit in the veto competition with his safety in question. He wonders if it's because he thought Andy was going to win and keep the nominations the same. McCrae said that Judd said early on that he was terrible at them and if there was one he would just sit down mid comp. McCrae says he doesn't like his defeatist attitude.

7:46 PM BBT Spencer and McCrae are speculating the three part HOH competition. They know the first part is always endurance. They are wondering about the second part. They know they have not had a morphomatic competition yet or an order of HGs getting evicted or order of HOHs yet. Gina Marie comes out of the DR. She had to see the medic again but no stitches this time. She just got a band aid for her cut finger.

7:57 PM BBT Not much going on in the house right now. Gina Marie with her broken toe, cut finger, and 9 stitches in her knee is cooking dinner for the guys while they chit chat about movies and actors in the LR.

8:16 PM BBT The BY is open so Judd and McCrae get to go outside and finally have a cigarette. Gina Marie is still in the KT cooking dinner. Outside all the guys are speculating on how the week is going to go. They say they are on day 79 and will end on the 18th which would make it 90 days.

8:21 PM Based on the happenings of previous seasons the HGS now think the finale may not be until the week of the 25th. The guys are laughing about how much editing production will have to do because of all the angry rants with profanity this week, particularly by Gina Marie. They joke about how little Gina Marie holds back.

8:28 PM BBT We have FOTH while the HG talk about stuff they aren't supposed to talk about.

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8:36PM BBT Spencer, McCrae and Andy in LR talking about past HG.

8:41PM BBT McCrae and Spencer did not like the nerd herd.

8:47PM BBT McCrae and Andy think that Ian speech won it for him over Dan in final 2. Andy said he did not like season 14 but he liked Frank.

8:56PM BBT Andy is making fun of Judd when he told Elissa to shut the f*** up. They are bashing Elissa again. Spencer is in the Kt while they all talk about Helen had the worst Hohtitis.

8:59PM BBT McCrae said Elissa is probably telling the girls in Jury no rated R movies.Andy said Elissa was in her room for her entire HoH.

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9:15PM BBT Andy said he was nervous when entering the house. BB told McCrae that sleeping is not allowed in the LR. Andy said that GinaMarie knew Candice before the BB show.

9:22PM BBT McCrae looks very cranky Andy said because he wanted Halibut.Judd told Spencer when he pictured Marilyn he thought she was in her 40's. Spencer jokes that Jessie wanted to blow him.Judd said that the jury would be very bitter because they are all women.

9:29PM BBT Andy told everyone that he would not trash talk them if they are evicted. Spencer said that by bringing Rachel Reily sister BB jump the shark and we get foth. Andy said he hate Elissa.

9:38PM BBT The Hg is really angry with production tonight. Judd is in the Wa. GinaMarie in Dr. Andy,Spencer and McCrae in LR.

9:48PM BBT Andy is still bashing Elissa and Rachel, Andy said this is a long journey gentlemen. Spencer, Andy going over Aaryn wins. GinaMarie is now bashing Aaryn.

9:58PM BBT The Hg is bashing everyone in the jury. They are complimenting GinaMarie dinner.Andy is really making fun of Elissa he said bye Elissa we love you.

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10:07PM BBT Nothing much going on BB keeps on telling the Hg they are not allowed to talk about production. We keep getting foth because Spencer is really talking to production tonight.

10:15PM BBT GinaMarie and Andy in Kt cleaning. Judd and McCrae in the Lr Spencer is in DR. Andy just GinaMarie if her portrait was with Candice if she would of like it.GinaMarie said that is something she have to look at everyday.

10:30PM BBT General chit chat in the LR Spencer still in the DR.Andy just said that Elissa was farting allot of time,Andy also said that Elissa does not have a butthole.

10:39PM BBT Andy said shout out to Britney Hayes he also said that Elissa hates her. Spencer came out of DR and said who is ready for a luxury competition get in your underwear and meet me in Hoh. (It was a joke)

10:46PM Andy is making some fart noise. GinaMarie is in the WA, Judd was called to the DR.

10:54PM BBT Judd said that he hates the photobooth. Spencer said he hopes that GinaMarie becomes a d list celebrity, Spencer said that Aaryn had the total package except she was a racist and did not have any tits.

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11:41PM Spencer speculates that Ian from BB14 had a DR before/after hosting the competition. Judd reiterates that he didn't really like Ian on BB14.

11:42PM Spencer spends a lot of time, with repeat visits, picking his nose while talking to Andy and Judd in HOH. Then he chews his fingernails.Yuck.

11:44PM Andy says October and Halloween is his favorite month. Spencer says he doesn't like Halloween.

11:45PM Spencer wonders what's happened to McRae, leaves HOH and calls down to McRae, who was talking to GM. Asks McRae to check for booze.

11:46PM Spencer reports back to Andy and Judd that McRae was down talking to GM. Judd immediately thinks the worst and says "Oh, My God!" Andy is called to DR and GM and McRae comes in to HOH.

11:48PM GM says randomly, "damn that shit hurts like a bitch." She examines her knee area and exclaims "look at that fucker..." She then pulls her bandage back to air out the wound with the stitches on her knee.

11:51PM Crew in HOH talking about punching things when angry. Judd says he punched a porch once and that's why his pinky knuckle is recessed, still. McRae admits to punching a number of holes in things, then says he's not really an angry person.

11:53PM GM requests the theme song to Mr. Belevedere tomorrow. Judd asks who that is. GM explains, "He's a butler and shit."

11:55PM McRae and maybe GM making paper airplanes (GM might be doing origami proper, still). GM asks for help with the instructions. "All right, what's this mean," she says to McRae, and we get FotH.

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11:02PM BBT They are toasting to Elissa cake piece departure. Spencer said our poor departed Hg Elissa McCrae said good bye to bad rubbish. GinaMarie said thanks for doing my hair and thank you for being crazy in the house, Andy said whatever. Spencer said Elissa was not nice living with. The cake was lit on fire.

11:16PM BBT Spencer,Andy and McCrae in Hoh going over final 4. GinaMarie is in Br Judd is still in DR.

11:22PM BBT Spencer said to McCrae and Andy that they are going to be best friends after the show. Spencer said that he is going to have a party with the cast but only cares if Andy and McCrae comes.

11:35PM BBT Spencer,McCrae and Andy discuss Judd attitude he is happy one moment and annoyed in one. Spencer asked Andy if he masturbated in the house, Andy reply he tried a bit last night. Andy also said he does not want a video going up on the internet.

11:45PM BBT Everyone is in HoH Andy is now in Dr we keep getting foth.

11:55PM BBT General chit chat, GinaMarie,Spencer in Hoh Andy in DR McCrae is flying a paper plane.

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