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Sunday, July 21 Live Feed Updates


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12:45am Amanda in WA with Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Gm and Candace is in an out. Amanda is crying because of things Elissa said earlier while they were all in HOH giving Mcrae a birthday surprise of Amanda dressed in black sexy one piece with fringe, leggings, high heels and a spoon made into a whip. She gave him 24 kisses and 24 whips. Threatened to put creme whip on him and lick it off and Elissa said 'ew don't make me puke.' She also made other comments about Amanda that hurt her feelings.

Elissa seems a little high, she has been calling out production and we keep getting fish until they finally called her to DR.

Now the other women are making a big deal and getting things riled up. Really agreeing with anything bad said about Elissa.

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12:08 BBT Elissa look like she drink a little too much, earlier she told Amanda she would never wear a one piece outfit, Amanda was not happy for that remark. Elissa just said the f bomb and repeating that production hate her and she need to vent, we keep getting fish screen.

12:15AM Mccrae just went to talk to Judd in confinement Judd wish him Happy birthday and sorry he could not be there. Mccrae told Judd sorry for taking the money he felt so bad. Elissa called Amanda Chubby and she eating whipped cream off her body is gross. Then Elissa said she was joking.

12:18AM BBT Elissa is really drunk feeds is cutting in and out Elissa said that production talking about wanting her to shut down Amanda stripping. Amanda is now crying to Aaryn in the WC. Aaryn told Amanda that is what she have been going through with Elissa in the past few weeks.

12:28AM Aaryn is repeating everything to Amanda what Elissa told her. Elissa also told Amanda that she looked like a stripper Elissa also said that she would vomit if Amanda put whipped cream on her for Mccrae.

12:32AM BBT Elissa is called to the DR, Elissa said she mey be the next evicted HG Andy replied because of your rampage. Amanda told Andy of Elissa hurtful words Aaryn told Amanda and Andy that is how Elissa made her feel since she was in the house.

12:38AM BBT Looks like Elissa said Amanda looked like spearmint Rhino. kaitlin is explaining what Elissa said in Hoh. Elissa said she hates all of production.

12:47AM BBT Judd alarm is going off. Aaryn said this happened to her on day 3 when Elissa was being rude to amanda. Candice,Spencer and Howard talking in HoH Candice and Spencer trying to work on Andy vote.

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1:00 am Aaryn has decided that the fact that Elissa said rude things to Amanda (she did apologize, but don't think she knew how upset Am was) that it has proven Aaryn was correct that Aaryn did nothing wrong to Elissa early in game and Elissa caused it all!

She keeps raising her hands and praising the fact this proves her sane that it wasn't her it was El.

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12:30 am WA with Kaitlyn, GM and Elissa. Talking about Nick and Jeremy. Elissa wants to know first thing they will say when they talk to the boys. She says to Kaitlyn about Jer, 'Say hey bro, can you spell evicted?, that will rekindle the flame. Then she laughs

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1:05AM BBT Aaryn Said she don't want to be a mean girl anymore, and she is not going to talk about it anymore.

1:13AM BBT Candice,Spencer and Andy talking about Aaryn,Kaitlin and Ginamerie never being on slop because of the bandana they choose.

1:35AM BBT Elissa is asking Kaitlin if she knw her dude got evicted. Elissa is asking Kaitlin allot of questions. Amanda and Spencer were just making more racial comments about Helen they compared her to Kim Jung.

1:45AM BBT Amanda said she would have shank Elissa in real life.

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1:58AM Andy was joking about race, Aaryn is really upset because everyone in the house can make race comments and get away with it. Aaryn said her words get twisted and she becomes something she is not. She is sick of it.

2:05AM BBT Spencer leaves Amanda and Mccrae, they turned off the lights they started to kiss and cover up. Aaryn said as a joke that she will self evict if production does not give her self tanner.

2:30AM Aaryn said that she have never cried so much since she was younger. she also said she the hardest she cried was when she found out people was calling her a racist.

2:50AM BBT Candice and Howard talking about Aaryn talking bad about Elissa saying she would not date black man. Candice said the old Aaryn is back.

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6:56am BBT Most good HGs are sleeping, but for some reason Helen is cleaning the kitchen. Judd's alarm is flashing, but not currently making noise
7:13am BBT The producer (not BB voice) asked Helen if she would clean the two windows above the stove, "since you're already cleaning the kitchen". They seem to have the noise from Judd's alarm muted on the feed showing his room, but you can hear it in the background on one of the others. That may be why Helen is up. It sounds pretty loud.
7:35am BBT Judd woke up and hit the snooze on his punishment alarm. Helen is still cleaning the kitchen.
7:36am BBT Don't try this at home. Helen has bacon cooking on the stove and left the kitchen to go use the bathroom! Very dangerous!
8:02am BBT Helen has finished cleaning and eating breakfast, now she appears to be massaging her foot. Meanwhile, Judd's alarm is beeping away. Everyone else is sleeping away.
8:05am BBT Helen isn't massaging her feet, she's removing polish. Couldn't see through the chair.
8:15am BBT There was FotH so I thought it was a wake up call, but if it was it didn't work. Helen has gone to talk to Judd. Says she had an 8:00 curfew and had to wear a blindfold and wasn't allowed to talk to anyone. Said it was brutal. Explaining to Judd why hers was worse than his.
8:17am BBT Judd says he has 9 more hours. Helen says she has curfew again tonight. She purposely got up very early so she would be more tired tonight. The earliest she's allowed to get up is 5am.
8:19am BBT Helen is shocked he can sleep through the alarm. She says it's really loud throughout the house. Says everyone slept, but you can definitely hear it on the other side of the house. She lets him go back to sleep and leaves.
8:30am BBT Andy gets up to use the bathroom and Helen practically jumps him she's so eager to talk to someone. He wasn't having it though and went back to bed. She's now whispering to herself in the kitchen.

9:00 am BBT HGs are all still sleeping except for Helen, who last we saw was in the bathroom.

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9:25AM BBT: All the housemates are still in bed. It almost looked as though Spencer was getting up, but he just sat up to adjust his blankets.

9:34AM BBT: Feeds cut to FotH for a few minutes, and come back. Most housemates are still sleeping, and the feeds finally show Helen. She heads upstairs to the HoH room, tries the handle, but it's locked. She makes her way downstairs to the washroom.

9:38AM BBT: Helen starts her morning jog from the shower area through the kitchen, and looping around the coffee table in the living room.

9:59AM BBT: The doors to the BY open, and Helen goes outside and says "Thanks Big Brother". The one feed showing her cuts to FotH, but you can still hear her running. All feeds cut to FotH.

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1041 am BBT: Helen talking to Elissa about how uncomfortable her punishment is and how Elissa can't play veto next week

10:43 am BBT: Elissa talking game to Helen saying Aaryn knew she is going home. Helen is pissed that McCray took $5 K

10:46 am BBT: Helen talking to Elissa about Amanda pushing Judd to put up Howard and it upset Judd. Elissa thinks Amanda would put her (Elissa) up. Helen tells Elissa they have to be really careful.

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10:48 BBT: Helen talking to Andy now about Amanda pushing everyone to put up Howard. Andy don't think Amanda would put them (andy and Helen) up. Helen tells Andy she is pissed at McCray for taking the $5K when her and Judd took punishments. Andy said Amanda worries him more than McCray. Helen wants to believe in Amanda and McCray, but she wants Andy to be aware there are people unsure about Amanda because she might have an alliance with other people. Helen thinks Judd is mad at Amanda. Helen said if Aaryn doesn't go home then there is something wrong.

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10:58 am BBT: Helen, Andy, Jessie, and Elissa in washroom trying to figure out who is MVP. They are now all telling Helen about McCray's surprise and how ridiculious Amanda was. Now just chatting about Judd and his punishment because his alarm is going off so he must be sleeping.

11:03 am BBT: FOTH

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11:05 am BBT: Elissa walked out of the washroom and Jessica started wispering something about Aaryn and Elissa (not sure what). Helen, Andy and Jessica agree no matter who goes up Aaryn is going home. Andy feels like there will be a double eviction and Jessica said we should have a back up plan. If there is a double eviction it will Katlin and GM or Howard. Jessica plans on Katlin, Aaryn and GM going before Jury. Helen loves Howard but he is a strong guy. Andy said Howard is worried he (howard) is going up. Jessica don't think the MVP is Spencer, Howard or Katlin because they are worried. Helen said Katlin put up a really good show last week. They are now thinking Aaryn is MVP. Andy said it doesn't matter if they go up on the block because Aaryn is going home. Helen said usually when there is a twist someone gets a magic power.


11:15 am BBT: Elissa, Andy, Jessica and Helen hear Judd so they run to say hello. Judd said he is talking to production. Elissa asked what is the matter and they can go to DR for him then we get FOTH.

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11:18 am BBT: feds are back, Andy, Elissa and Jessica in Kitchen with idle chat, no game talk. Jessica and Andy walk out in BY talking about Amanda trying to push people to put up Howard. Andy asked who all has been a part of the conversation. Jessica responds her, Helen and Elissa. Jessica is nervous because Elissa can be a loose cannon. Jessica just wanted to talk to Andy without a group. Andy said he is with her (Jessica). Andy and Jessica again agree that this week Aaryn is going home. They are now talking about McCray will be pissed when Amanda gets backdoored (sounds like there is a future plan to backdoor Amanda).

11:29 am BBT: Jessica feels like her and Andy have been in the similar positions because everyone found another person immediately but they didn't. Jessica said the more drama with everone else, the better it is for them. Jessica said if they all have eachothers back, they will be okay. Andy said part of him feels like the MVP was america because they could have been doing it all week.

11:34 am BBT: Helen walked in the BY and FYI to Andy and Jessica that Judd just told Elissa that Amanda was crying last night. Jessica thinks Amanda completely overreacted. Jessica wonders if the shit will hit the fan with Amanda and Elissa.

11:41 am BBT: no more game talk in BY. Judd on other fed talking to himself, alarm just went off, showed us how to hit snooze button. Now he is flipping through the bible not really reading, just being board so he closed the bible and lays back down and looks like he is thinking.

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11:28am BBT: andy and jessie are at the hottub talking about who needs to leave. elissa is in the kt looking in the fridge.

11:31am BBT: elissa asking helen if there is any spaghetti sauce. elissa says everything works so much better with jeremy gone doesnt it? helen says yeah.

11:32am BBT: elissa and helen telling judd he isnt missing anything that it is cloudy outside and it is very over cast. they say you havent missed anything judd. he says i hear i missed amandas show. elissa says amanda always has a show and the alarm starts going off again.

11:34am BBT: andy and jessie at ht just general talk about andy working. judd in lockdown says he has about 5 more hours then he is out of there and it is his friends birthday today and he has a beer he might have to crack open when he gets out of there.

11:42am BBT: judd says there is the alarm again and as soon as it goes off i have to hit the snooze button again he says it is annoying. he sits back down to read the bible that he found left in the room.

11:44am BBT: helen and spencer on the hammock taking . helen says she just needs to vent sometimes and we get foth.

11:46am BBT: helen telling spencer she has thought through everything alot and she just wants to go back to being friends with spencer. spencer says ok thank you. helen says and howard too i have to talk to him too but you guys are like brothers to me and i never had brothers.

11:49am BBT: helen telling spencer that aaryn needs to go this week no matter who gets put up as the mvp nominee. spencer agrees.

11:51am BBT: helen says i much rather work with you and howard than anyone else. spencer says sure sure we want to work with you too. Andy and jessie are still talking by the hotub just general chat.

11:53pm BBT:helen tells spencer that when your hoh everyone tells you everything. so i just needed a couple of days to think about things. spencer says yeah of course.

11:56am BBT: andy is called to the dr and jessie goes in to get a cup of coffee.helen and spencer still repeating themselves on the hammock.

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11:45 am BBT: Elissa at the door by Judd asking if he would take solitar confin if it was an option and Judd responds he will tell her later. Elissa called to DR.

11:47 am BBT: Helen & Spencer in BY on hammock. Helen saying she feels like he and Howard are her brothers. Helen said Howard told her Jeremy was not going after her (helen) so that is what tipped Helen off that something was going on. Helen said Aaron needs to go this week. Helen said if Jeremy was nice like he was the last week he was there, he could have won and Spencer agrees. Helen knows no one was coming after her and she feels bad about being responsible for Jeremy's demise, but they are there to compete, not fight. Spencer wants to get back to how it was before, Helen is over it, Helen told Spencer that she forgave him but sitll held onto it for a couple of days. Spencer said voting nick out the second week was huge. Helen said it worked out to get strong guys out of the house, but she wanted a couple of strong guys left to work with. Spencer told Jeremy several times that his plan would not work. Spencer appreciates Helen's couple days away from HOH put her in perspective. Helen needs Spencer and Howard more then she wants to be against them. Helen enjoys Spencer and Howards company more then she enjoys Amanda's. They are now bashing Amanda for her actions with McCray last night. Spencer thinks it was not his taste, it was only supposed to be He and Howard holding down McCray while Amanda gave him birthday spankings. More Amanda bashing.

11:58 am BBT: Jessica at the door talking to Judd, wishing she could give him a hug. now she is going back out side and will come and see him again in a little bit. Judd responds that he will be here.

11:59 am BBT: Jessica joins Helen and Spencer in BY: Amanda bashing.

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12:00pm BBT: jessie joins helen and spencer on the hammock talking aboit people talking about sex in front of other people. helen says i dont get that i cant do that i keep it to myself it is like personal.
12:05pm BBT: helen is talking about some girls dont care what they show and it makes me feel uncomfortable with that. she says the first few days in the house she took her jacket off her shoulder as a strip act but that was as far as she was going. helen says i was glad i went to bed early lastnight so i didnt have to see amanda cuz i would have been more uncomfortable.
12:08pm BBT: spencer says he told them lastnight at midnight they would hold mccrae down and give him a birthday spanking. jessie says spencer just be careful cuz if mccrae didnt like it and threw a fit you could be out of the game so just be careful. spencer says i know we wasnt doing anything wrong.
12:11pm BBT:elissa and candice in str talking and andy walks in. elissa leaves and candice tries kicking andy as they laugh.candice is whispering about elissa and andy says i am not going to assume anything till i see who the 3rd nominee is.
12:16pm BBT: candice says this doesnt make sence amanda told me that his name isnt howie its howard. and amanda and kaitlin staged that fight in the first week and amanda told her she was going home so now i feel like they are working together. she says helen has a good heart she knew howard was going to get backdoored and helen told us. andy says i knew there was the moving company but it was broke up and i didnt hear anything about howard going up.
12:19pm BBT: andy and candice leave the str.ginamarie and kaitlin are still sleeping. candice returns to the sr to chage batteries.she now goes to the by and says hi to helen , jessie and spencer.
12:21pm BBT: spencer, helen and jessie on hammock as candice comes out talking about rachel and brendon falling in love on the hammock with annie there and now they are married. jessie says spencer do you want some slop for breakfast he says yeah i need to eat something.
12:23pm BBt: helen telling jessie that at 8pm curfew she has no eating no talking and has to wear a night mask till 5am.
12:27pm BBT: spencer says i need a shower today but i dont want to. andy says i am going to run today and get hot then take a cold shower i havent had a shower in 2 days ever since the have/have not comp.
12:31pm BBT:helen and candice are now on the lounger in the by. candice is talking about what happened with amanda lastnight. she says amanda put on a liatard and we made a whip out of a black spoon.candice says amanda kissed mccrae,s chest and smacked him with a spoon and it was no big deal then elissa started teasing like put whip cream on and let him lick them. and elissa went down with aaryn and amanda was drunk.she says arryn , kaitlin ginamarie and amanda were all in the wa talking about elissa then amanda was crying but i aint sure of everything that happened. candice says i just left so i aint sure about everything but i know aaryn was being very vocal and amanda was crying.but anyways the real aaryn is back.
12:36pm BBT: Helen tells candice that the whole house wanted her to put up howard too and she wouldnt do it and they are trying to do the same thing with judd and i told him dont do it arryn needs to go this week. candice says yeah.
12:42pm BBT: arryn and jessie in kt. jessie is making slop to eat. aaryn goes out to by. andy has now joined helen and candice on the lounger. they are talking about amanda thinking that she is leading the show and candice says she is not leading the show like the producers are. helen says i think i am going up. helen says really candice i dont think that elissa got mvp this week . csndice says ok i believe ya and i love elissa cuz everyone wanted her to put up howard last week and she didnt so i respect her and love her for that.
12:48pm BBT: elissa is in hoh bathroom getting dressed she leaves hoh rm to head downstairs. jessie is in the kt cooking. elissa goes out to the by and says hey girls.she goes back in kt to get ice water, and jessie ask id amanda and mccrae awake. elissa says no. candice and helen still in by talking about amanda and arryn and she told them she wasnt going to change for anyone.
12:54pm BBT: andy is in the by running so he can take a cold shower. spencer is still laying in the hammock not talking . candice and helen are still goiing on about strong players and how she gets it that they are all strong. jessie still cooking and elissa heading out and tells jessie lets talk later. jessie says ok.
12:55pm BBT: arryn goes to cockpit door and says hello judd how are you doing he says ok she says ok see you soon and he says ok see you soon. judd is just walking around the room. elissa is now running with andy in the by . helen says if i hadnt already run i would run with you but i got up at 6am. she tells candice she was so hungry lastnight she didnt know she couldnt eat after 8pm so this morning she was starving.
12:57pm BBT: amanda and mccrae are now up in the hoh rm. they are making the bed as bb calls mccrae to the dr.elissa and helen are on the by couch and helen is repeating everything candice just told her.

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1:01pm BBT: andy running in by then starts limping elissa ask if he is ok he says he rolled his ankle a little elissa offers to go get ice for him he says he is ok and sits down as helen ask spencer if he wants a turkey sandwich he says i am a have not remember. helen feels bad for asking him now. elissa is back to running around the by. andy gets up and jogs in by now jessie ask him if his ankle feels ok he says yeah.

1:05pm BBT: candice and elissa are now in by talking.czandice says i just want you to know that amanda got mad when you said to put whip cream on the boobs so amanda and kaitlin left the rm to go get a beer and i wanted to let you know when i went down amanda was crying saying she kept you safe for 3 weeks and on and on. candice says i dont know why she was crying i know she is an actress and she isnt secure with her body so i dont know what it was so you might talk to her about it.

1:11pm BBT: Howard and Amanda are at the cockpit doot talking to judd. amanda says you only have 4 hours left thats awesome.judd is laying on the floor talking under the door. he says i want everyone to see my bathroom now. they all want to see it. spencer says i bet it smells bad huh . judd says no i only peed in it thats all.

1:15pm BBt: amanda walks out to by where candice and jessie and elissa are sitting and candice hushes, amanda says candice will you tell me what you told her before i say something. candice says i just told helen that your feelings were hurt and how you was uopset and your feelings were hurt. candice says first you was drunk and your feeling were your feelings and that how you felt. amanda says i wss ready to wake up this morning and yeah. helen says i am sorry your feeling were hurt and you was crying , no one should cry in this house.

1:19pm BBt: mccrae walks out and lights a ciggarett and amanda says i am sorry i was ready to wake up this morning and forget about lastnight. candice is going to put her makeup on before she gets called to the dr..

1:20pm BBT: helen ask mccrae what he wants to do for his birthday? vollyball waterball . bandana ball. mccrae says nothing i will wait for judd to get out and maybe a date night with amanda. jessie says there are steaks in there we can make. helen says what did you do lastyear for your birthday? he says last year i sit in my house and watched bb live feeds and told everyone if they wanted to spend time with me to come to my house and watch the live feeds with me. helen says thats awesome you watched it last year and now this year your on it and mccrae laughs.

1:32pm BBt: amanda mccrae,helen and elissa are in the by talking about who all will vote arryn out this week. helen gets up and heads inside and andy joins amanda and mccrae and elissa at the couch. elissa asked how far did you run andy he says 3 miles.howard and helen in have not rm and helen says i want you to know i took a couple of days to think about the moving company and i do forgive you guys and i miss you guys and i thought what would i do if it was me and i thought about it and i would have done the same thing.

1:36pm BBt: helen says i just wanted you to know i know what you went through how do you come in the house and get picked day one and you dont know who people are in this house then you have to try to figure out how to get out of it. howard says well nothing has changed and helen says i know i know. and i want to hang out with you guys now and play chess and pool.

1:42pm BBT: amanda and elissa are still going on about what went on lastnight when amanda was drunk. amanda says i just wanted to wake up this morning and it all go away.helen, howard and jessie in the kt getting food and drinks. they yell at judd he has 3 and a half hours left. helen says spencer you look so cute laying in the floor like that. helen tells judd he isnt missing anything right now everyone is just getting up. judd says i heard. helen says i have to go to bed in 6 hours. judd says yeah.

1:50pm BBT: helen is telling judd under the door that when the alarm comes on it comes through the bathroom speakers . judd starts laughing and says really. andy is now sitting at the door in the floor talking to judd with helen. they are going to have him a cheese pizza ready when he comes out of solitair. helen asked wich is worse solitair or have not and judd says have not. he says at least here he gets out in 24 hours and have not is a week.

1:55am BBT: candice says america slop is gross and shows the slop on the feeds she says it clumps up in your body and it is gross. arryn says they are making cupcakes for his birthday and mccrae says he doesnt really like cake. mccrae says well we will wait till judd comes out though. aaryn says for sure.

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2:02pm BBT: aaryn and mccrae in by talking about how old their moms are. in the kt howard is talking to candice as candice cookes slop balls.
2:07pm BBT: mccrae,kaitlin andarryn in by talking about the different comps they have had. kaitlin says i didnt have no mud in my face yesterday and i must have been the only one. aaryn says who told you that? kaitlin says i am not allowed to tell. helen says she liked the comp yesterday it was amaerican with mud and picnic and everything about it.
2:10 pm BBt: candice asking howard how sexy he feels on a good day howard says on my best day about an 8. jessie says what do you rate him and candice says a 10 of course.
2:15pm BBT: helen and aaryn in by as aaryn does laundrt and kaitlin on the eliptical. aaryn says i went to fold a sock out of the dryer and bugs flew out of it and now i feel like they are crawling on me litteraly.
2:17pm BBT: elissa and spencer in wa talking. elissa says i just think some people have bad charicter. spencer says absolutly. and elissa says i am going to go do yogo. spencer says do you need me to help you wrap up in saran wrap? she says yeah i felt amazing yesterday sweating. judd is now talking to mccrae under the door. mccrae says that pizza will be ready when you come out. judd asked do you feel older now? mccrae says no not really. judd says you look older. and mccrae laughs.
2:25pm BBT:helen and elissa are whispering in the pool cant hear them for they have no mic on. ginamarie is laying in the floor talking to judd under the door telling him that the lights in the by went out lastnight and it was so great. she is now whispering about what happened lastnight with amanda. she says i will tell you when you get out cuz alot of people are in the kt. she says it is cloudy out right now so i might go out in a minute. and i guess we are going to do pov ceremony tomorrow. judd says yeah they will call elissa to dr before we have it.
2:31pm BBt: helen elissa and jessie are in the ht talking about slop. helen said amanda made them coffee icecream for a sweet the first week of slop. helen says you should have asked your sister (rachel) about some recipies for slop before you came in and elissa says i dont know what my sister was thinking she just said you will have fun. then talk turns to dreams and nightmares.
2:34pm BBt:mccrae and howard in have not rm howard is giving mccrae a bible to read chapter in then he will be back in 5 minutes after he reads it and talk to him about it. mccrae says awesome dude and howard leaves and mccrae starts reading.
2:38pm BBT: andy,candice and kaitlin in kt just general tsalk in kt. candice drops a slop ball and says one down and andy says jessie never drops them and laughs.mccrae still reading the bible . howard returns and mccrae says that was good. howard says thats all i have for you man. mccrae says i get that man thank you i like that alot.howard says you a good dude man this game is for you man. he says this is not statagy or anything your just a cool dude man. and they hug . howard says start reading the bible and study it man and mccrae says i will and leaves the room.
2:44pm BBt: andy,jessie,helen and elissa in ht talking about soap operas and the bb game on live feeds. in the kt is arryn kaitlin and candice talking about working out as candice is still making slop balls.
2:49pm BBT: in the kt aaryn and kaitlin and jessie are talking about reading books. candice walks out of the kt and goes out to the by where howard, elissa, andy and helen are sitting at the ht just general talk going on .
2:55pm BBT: kaitlin is now in the kt cooking and goes to str looking for an avacodo and comes out and says thats fast they are all gone. mccrae comes in and ask how she is doing she says fine and he ask what she is making and she says omletts. in the by there is general talk about relationships.

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3:00pm BBT: candice says howard was a country boy and lived on a farm has 2 sisters and went to his grsndmas every wednesday for bible study he did chored his sisters were older. he lost his viginity when he was 15.and he played football he had a lady and she cheated on him and he became a ladies man.you were engages but it didnt work out and sandra was in the picture but now sandra is mad at me. you love your pastor he is like a brother to you.he is heavely involved in his church and childrens misistries and you dont like plain jane girls.he says i think beauty lies on the inside not the outside. he says i want to know who you are but can we have a conversation without you feeling insecure thats what i look for. helen says yeah yeah.

3:05pm BBT: amanda now at the cockpit door talking to judd and keeping him company.

3:15pm BBT: mccrae goes to the hammock and talks to spencer he says i am sorry for the mvp thing last week she screwed us over pretty much and spencer says yeah i just want you to be honest with me and its all good. to be honest with you we say that you two me and howard have a thing going and i think you all have other deals goiing. mccrae says yeah and spencer says just keep me in the know and dont put me in the middle of things i wont scumbag you at all. and after this we will be friends so its all good man dont worry seriously.

3:19pm BBT: aaryn and amanda and kaitlin in wa . aaryn curling her hair . they are talking about candice and what happened lastnight. arryn saying after being here i feel like i have been chastized enough where i feel like i am not even me no more. ginamarie says yeah me too. arryn says let her talk i aint appoligizing to anyone anymore i already done that several times. ginamrie says candice is a loser. and laughs.

3:27pm BBT: mccrae and spencer still in hammock talking about peoples social games. spencer says how loyal he is mccrae says yeah. in the wa arryn and ginamarie are still talking about candice and fixing their hair. judd is still in solitary confinment.

3:39pm BBT: arryn says to ginamarie that she hates us you know that right? ginamarie says i dont care if she hates me arryn i dont care if i am a horable person. arryn says are you getting attutude with me she says no if she hates me she hates me i dont care. arryn says you yelling at me she says no. .but i dont care if people hate me arryn tells her she is out of line she says i dont care arryn says go tell her then ginamarie says who and arryn says elissa and ginamarie goes out to get elissa.

3:32pm BBT: ginamarie says step into my office and any is there too. ginamarie says i am going to be straight up and i know we ahve had problems before and i do like you i do like you if i didnt i wouldnt talk to you. people tell me things and i am not mad at you.elissa says i am done with dramma with the younger girls . ginamarie says i like you i wont lie and your pretty and have a great family.ginamarie says i know amanda got upset so whatever you can talk to her and make your own judgement.elissa keeps interupting things. ginamarie says to be honest i dont think you hate me and if i dont like someone i wont talk to them it isnt my thing to do.she says not naming names when people say others hate each other i dont like that word and i dont want to be hates i am generally a nice person. elissa says i tried to make some kind of peace with arryn lastnight i have no vendetta with her. i want to play this game like everyone else i dont think about you guys.

3:38pm BBT: ginamrie says i told them we had a little head butt and we resolved it and i said it in a positive way . elissa says anything i say to people is general nice and i tried lastnight to talk to arryn and i think anything i say to her she twist it arouns and i am done with her and kaitlin.

3:40pm BBT: elissa said lastnight arryn had no reason to talk about me cuz i have been nothing but nice to her. ginamarie say sometimes personalities dont work. ginamarie says aaryn has postive and negative comments. elissa says she made racial comments and ginamarie says i didnt hear what she sais. elissa says it was bad and i am not intersted in her thing and its intolerable.ginamarie says i never said anything negative about you and the only thing i had was the little tiff we had and we solved it. if there is a problem i take it to that individual not to everyone i am 33 years old i am not doing that high school bull crap.

3:44pm BBT: elissa says that she will not speak to arryn or kaitlin anymore in this house or in this game and i was hurt that you was in there when they was talking about me. ginamarie says i was in there but i wasnt in it i was talking more to amanda.ginamarie says i dont point fingers and says she said this or she said that. elissa says you get brought down everytime you are around them . they twist everytnhing you say or add things you say. elissa says i felt bad for her lastnight.

3:50pm BBT: ginamrie and elissa still talking repeating themselves on how they need to talk to each other and not listen to others.in the hall by the cockpit door arryn is laying in the floor talking to judd saying she wanted to win really bad.judd says this 24 hours was for nothing now. arryn says its almost done. he says i have had alot of thinking time in here. arryn says i dont know what i am going to do he says yeah thats what i been thinking about in here but there are certain people i need to talk to when i get out of here.

3:56pm BBt: elissa is now helping ginamarie with her hair and arryn still talking to judd under the door. judd talking about the porta potty. and then says i bet we have a lockdown to get this stuff out of here. arryn laughs and says yeah.

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4:05pm BBT Kaitlin asks Aaryn to talk in the WA. Kaitlin wants to know why Aaryn is saying things to certain HG. The convo has moved to the KT. Amanda has now been dragged into it. Aaryn said that Kaitlin suggested Amanda, was going up if Howard was MVP. Aaryn is really whining her case. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is twisting her words, Aaryn says this is just an act and then reminds them that this is "just a game". Aaryn is saying they are all blaming her for what is happening in the game. GinaMarie comes in and everyone stops talking for a moment.

4:13PMBBT Aaryn is still going at Kaitlin. Kaitlin apparently said she didn't want to be associated with Aaryn. Kaitlin said that was no true, she said she was still her friend. Aaryn asked her again and Kaitlin left the KT and headed outside. She asked Howard why he "threw her under the bus with Aaryn". Howard is now telling Spencer the Aaryn/Kaitlin story. Howard was trying to see how much he could trust them and this is backfiring a bit. Spencer asked if he was going to clean this up. Spencer is explaining how he and Howard are in the middle of the house. Elissa has asked them to be in an alliance and so has McCrae (separate alliance) . Looks like both sides of the house need them.

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4:18PMBBT GinaMarie and Aaryn are snacking (loudly) in the KT. Spencer, Andy, McCrae and Kaitlin are in the hammock, a little small talk. Spencer went over to fish for info, real world stories are happening.
Candice, Helen and Elissa are rehashing events from last night and today. Elissa is talking about her trying to make amends with GinaMarie and how it seems like it was a waste of time. Candice is going after them if she is HoH. She says she won't even let them in her room.

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4:29 pm BBT: Aaryn talking to Judd under door about Katlin telling everyone Aaryn is twisting words. Judd said he said that at the nom ceramony. Aaryn said now there is a hudg target on her back and she don't know what to do. Maybe Judd can tell people it was strategic and everyone in the house twists words. Judd responds yea. He don't think she (Aaryn) has done any worse than everyone else. Aaryn said that is why Katlin was just in the kitchen screaming at her (Aaryn) and it is killing her game. Judd asks if anyone knows who MVP is yet? Aaryn responds no. They both think MVP replacement will be in the am. Judd says the veto wont take very long anyway. Judd don't know and said we'll talk some more here in a little bit. Aaryn said I guess I will see you in an hour or so. Judsaid don't worry you (Aaryn) will be alright. Aaryn said we will see I guess and walks away.

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