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Wednesday, July 3 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572

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:help: Tonight, Niteslacker will not be covering the feeds, he has other commitments (work!). In his place we have... Oh wait, we don't have anyone! We need you! Because of the time difference (I'm in New Jersey), midnight BBT is my bedtime. If you're a night owl, or maybe you're an early riser, I need you to post in this thread. If you've never done it before, don't worry we don't judge, and you don't need to be a great writer like Niteslacker. You know our motto: We put the "k" in "kwality."


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12:04amBBT Kaitlin and Jeremy are in bed doing some heavy petting,( from the movements under the covers might be more than petting Debra749)

12:02 BBT Helen, Spencer, Mcrae and Amanda talking numbers for the vote.Someone in the room said if we do our jobs well enough it will keep the target of all of us

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( summary of live feed I read I know I'm the worst reporter but I'm trying)

Bb call Jeremy in the DR. When he came out he went over to ask to speak to Elissa alone. He confess to her that he took her hat and tap his behind with it. ( actually he wipe it between his butt crack) He told big brother They were going to dryclean her hat or use his stipend money to buy her a new one. Elissa tells him he is being inconsiderate towards women and to not to attack her personally as a woman or a mother. She tells him he needs to set a good example because his mother is watching. She accepts his apology.

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12:05BBT Helen says Jeremy owes her and he knows he owes her in the game

12:07BBT Howard has joined the HOHR crew and says they are all rock solid and they have to keep it that way

1208BBT Amanda telling Helen that Ayran said that because of the questions that the DR was asking her she is now beliving that David will be going home.Amanda was wondering if she should go and talk to the producers about this

12:11 BBT Nick joins the HOHR crew and they are saying that he looks like Luigi and Helen thinks she thought Amercia would think Nick was the nice clean cut guy and now they will think he is just weird

talk about how they can't alter their appearance

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9:00 BBT Amanda Andy Nick, Judd, and McCrae are in
the round room playing the city game Jeremy, Candice, David and spencer
are in the bedroom just talking and AAryn is also in the BR Helen joins
the city game Elissa comes in and wants to know
where the bible is Ginamarie and howard are playing checker
The HG have now moved onto naming tv shows Elissa is doing her hair
9:07BBT Ginamarie and howard are talking in the hoh with nick and amanda and McCrae sounds like about the bed thing with Candice
The naming tv shows have now stopped most if not all of the HG are now in the KT spence walks upstairs ginamarie and howard are starting to play checkers now everyone else is sitting around eating
9:16 BBT now in the hoh is amaanda helen McCrae and Jessie helen and jessie came in to just hang out at the checkers table is howard spencer ginamarie and judd. in the lounge room in nick and elissa talking elissa is talking to nick about her having Mvp sounds like elissa is asking nick for his vote
shes wanting to know if the house is voting her out tomorrow nick isnt telling her anything
9:41 BBT: Amanda is talking about what shes going to wear for tomorrows show helen is wearing a pink dress and now they are telling who they are going to give shout outs to
Now in the KT is Elissa Howard Ginamaire and Candice in the BR is David trying to do pullups looks like everyone else is in the hoh AAryn and nick ar e in the KT and so is judd
Nick and david are talking in the BR Candice walks into the hoh McCrea is in the lounge with jeremy and judd eatting cookies, McCrea is saying that he is going to make the lounge his new hang after tomorrow

Ginamarie Jeremy amanda AAryn are all in the Bedroom talking about some hot mess oh now they are just being silly jumping lke can you say dumb and dumber

9:47 BBT Helen is now telling us her love life nick GM David and aaryn are talking in the BR they are whispering so it hard to tell what they are saying something about judd Nick is saying the game is weird now ( News flash nick we are way past weird) now they are back to the bed thing with Candice again

10:00BBT he BR GM and nick are walking to the checker table to talk GM is telling nick to be cool with everyone that shes cool with it, its hard to hear whats shes saying becasue they are whispering sounds like alot of BS to me Judd and jeremy and McCrea and Elissa are in the lounge room while GM and nick whisper at the checker table until andy walks over

Nick and Andy are now playing chess Amanda and Jessie are in the WR now they are talking about their periods

New flash ginamarie has cramps
meanwhile in the Hoh we have howard spencer and amanda throwing around the ball

10:14BBT Ginamarie is now getting ready for bed in the br with helen she is telling helen what dress she is going to wear for tomorrows show
now ginamarie is telling helen that she used to have dark hair Candice just got out of the shower
In the HOH they are talking about the HOH comp tomorrow David is laying in bed with Aaryn
David and Aaryn are saying that Elissa is the target for tomorrow and not David Aaryn is worried that she maybe the target next week
and something about the house looks like a penis and how I hate this house now aaryn says and she just goes on and on
Aaryn says the David does gay shit and he needs to stop doing the gay shit
and Jessie is saying her goodbye speech for tomorrows shows
oh and Aaryn really Hates the BB house she hates everything about it (Like if you hate it that much why did you come on the show)
not much is going on right now most HG are just laying around in the hoh
11:00 BBT feeds are back in the hoh is mccrea spence judd and amanda gainamarie is still doing candices hair
andy is alos in the hoh with howard and the others who arent doing much ginamarie just walked into the hoh
Helen and Elissa are talking in the br sounds like elissa is telling helen how much she misses her family now they are talking about how many more kids they want to have
11:06 BBT Ginamarie is being annoying again like when is she not with david and aaryn in the BR shes trash talking Nick now talking about nicks exgirl card that hes playing and she doesnt believe the exgirlfriend bs now she thinks nick is gay now its like I dont know she called nick a fagit
now ginamarie and aayrn and david are onto candice and talking about getting people out that are not voting with them jeremy and elissa are now in the lounge jeremy is saying that he is sorry about her hat that BB has told him to go say that he was sorry about the hat thing to elissa about her hat and the he will buy her another hat when they get out of the house
11:22 BBT t appears that jeremy put elissas hat on his butte elissa is telling him how childish he is being on the show throwing out gang signs thats not ok on a family show and his views on women in the house are not ok either so he needs to watch his Ps and Qs
jeremy is saying that how hes just a kid and thats why hes acting this way is because he is just a kid elissa is saying that he shouldnt be going around the house attacking woman that doesnt feel good and please dont attack me and jeremy keeps going on about how hes just a kid and is just playing and does mean anything by it sounds like a bunch of excuses to me dude
but it appears that BB has called Jeremy on his shit and Jeremy is in the hot seat
Jeremy is now in the BR with Ginamarie and aayrn and david and andy and they are laughing about elissa and jermy saying that he was sorry about her hat I thik this was all a setup thing now nick is in there too jeremy is just laughting away at elissa telling
them that she made it into a personal thing and it wasnt Aaryn is like Im so shocked I think they set Elissa up and that really sucks for Elissa
11:50 BBT look like the HG are getting ready for bed although some are just sitting around the KT table not too much going on right now
1200 BBT ck and ginamarie are making a snack l everyone else is snacking it looks like elissa is called to the DR ginamarie wants to make grilled cheese
the HG are haveing french toast in the morning and some are now in bed
12:10 BBT spence and helen and howard and mccrea and amand are in the hoh talking about candice spence is going to talk to her tomorrow now they are talking about who to put up tomorrow aayrn

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12:15 BBT Jermey and Kaitlin are done with what ever they were doing in bed and are now in the Kitchen eating

12:19BBT Nick comes into the kitchen and says BB told him he has to remove the mustache that he started to grow.They said it was to much of a different look

12:21 BBT what would you rather have question game in the kitchen.Jeremy would rather have tight jeans

12:23 BBT in HOHR Andy is saying that Jeremy got in trouble for wiping a hat on his butt Andy telling everyone you did not hear this from me

Helen talking about Jeremy going off on everyone the other night.Saying how bad it was becase they were just trying to have a have not celebration and Jeremy knows he dug himself a hole.Helen thinks that because of it Jeremy owes her one and he knows it ,she should be able to use that

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12:53 BBT Helen Judd, Mcrae and Spencer are talking about how much they love this game and how they would play it for free and how they don't like the people who are here just to get famous.

They are talking about how much GiaM hates Jessie and if GiaM gets HOH she will put Jessie up.Andy ...Ayran is a bigger threat and she needs to go first.Helen and Spencer agree

Helen wants the group to meet every week and do training , she asks Mcrae what happened on day 4 and then they all start coming up with questions

01:00 BBT time the camera right over Jeremy and Kaitlin's bed just moved away from them and they started with some petting and pulled the covers up over them.Now you can hear kissing noises.(I am pretty sure where this is going so time for me to switch feeds ;) Debra749)

01:04 BBT Amanda has joined the HOHR crew

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They are trying to come up with names for their alliance.Spencer says Jeremy is an asshole and Amanda says Ayran is a c**t. A few seem to like Area 51

01:05 BBT Spencer saying that he has called Ayran Aryan in the DR she is blond haired and blue eyed like the Aryan nation

Spencer comes up with the name Real housewives of BB

Andy want fartsville USA and wants to hear Julie sayit.

01:10BBt Elissa just wak into the HOHR and said they are having sex,they woke her up.The others are all shocked saying really in that light bedroom and then we get FOTH when the feeds are back they have lines blinking through them and keep going in and out

01:16 Candice comes into the HOH and says that her and Ayran talked today and Ayran apologized for thinking the Candice sat on her hat said Elissa told her she did

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01:45 Spencer tell Amanda and possibly Andy?(can only see feet) that they have to talk to Helen and tell her to shut the f**k up,she is blabbing to everyone.Helen was trying to talk infront of Candice and she has been told not to talk in front of them.

Andy is going to talk to Helen tomorrow.(I am having problems with the feeds.Can someone take over)

01:51BBt Spencer suggested Bad Dudz with a Z as the alliance name.Amanda said no because she is not a dude, they took a vote Spencer, Andy and Mcrae voted for Bad Dudz

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01:57 BBT Judd saying he told Ayran earlier today that she sure was pretty on the outside but not so much on the inside and she just laughed he thinks she thought it was a joke

Andy says she knows how to work the cameras and get them on to her.

Amanda says she makes racists remarks,Howard agrees and Andy says she says things like that is gay and Nick is probally gay but he doesn't realize it

Judd says doesn't she realize she is on tv

02:00BBT Andy says that he was with GiaM,Ayran, David and all they did was talk shit about everybody.Mainly going at Jessie and Nick

02:04 Mcrae goes into the kitchen and the HOH crew is just going over who they think they can trust in the house.Howard they say is very solid


02:08 Amanda, Judd and Andy think there is something very shady about a male(because of the FOTH I did not hear who)They are saying all of them feel the same way,they are saying this person is very conceited so maybe Jeremy?

02:11BBT talking about how badly GiaM is going to flip out when David goes home.GiaM hates Elissa and has been saying that she can't wait for that bitch to go home and how much she hates her

02:13 The group thinks Jeremy is a physical threat but not a mental threat.And the girls Kaitlin and Jessie are all like yes Jeremy whatever you want Jeremy

Judd thinks if GiaM was nominated she would fall apart.They speculate that GiaM might walk out on her own

They think Jeremy might be evicted by BB for some of the stuff he is doing and that he is going to freak out tomorrow when David goes home and that he would be a person to punch someone

02:22BBT Mcrae Judd and Andy are talking about Jeremy loosing it really badly tomorrow of he doesn't win HOH.They are saying he will probally go after one of them and Mcrae says you cannot defend yourself.Judd says how are you going to do that and Mcrae says he will take punch

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02: BBT They are talking about Nick saying he is like Patrick Bateman and that something is going on with him,always getting called to the DR, probally switching out with his twin

Andy says he was on the WR couch and Nick was in the shower.When he came out he just stood there for like 5 minutes and when Andy opened his eyes he was just standing there staring at him.Nick said he was just watching you sleep

02:41 BBT FOTH

2:45BBT Judd , Spencer, Mcrae and Andy talking again about how much Helen needs to stop talking game to the wrong people.They are telling Andy that he really needs to talk to her and get her to stop.Andy says I will talk to her but don't lump me in with her and they tell him no man you are fine

02:47BBT Spencer says GiaM is going to explode tomorrow when David goes.She will probably have a stroke and have to be removed from the house Spencer says

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02:54BBT Judd says a lot of people think they are going to be movie stars when they get out of here and GiaM said she was going to be hosting Oscars next year. Andy says girl the only movie you can name is the Fast and the Furious.They say GiaM Kaitlin and Ayran know they are going to be on the big screen next year

And Candice thinks she is going to be invited to Ann Murrays house


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7:43 am BBT the BBH is dark and quiet...except for the equipment and what sounds like water dripping

7:58 am BBT Helen is up, uses WC and goes back to bed. Andy gets up, uses WC and goes back to bed.

8:18am BBT Nick is up, uses WC. (The house only has low lighting except the WA) He snacks on something in a can, gets a drink of water and goes back to bed.

8:59 am BBT Wake up music and FOTH

9:15 am BBT HG are up doing ADLs. David stands on the tub to feed the fish (the tank is in the HOH BR)

(feeds have been reloading alot this morning, now my feed clock is 5 minutes behind the BB clock on the desktop)

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Guest 6Borders

8:50am BB Time

Everyone is still sleeping. There have been a few stirrings and pillow shifts but that's about as exciting as it gets.

{I suspect there will be last minute game talk when they get up but we will have lots of FOTH and not much going on if they go on lockdown in the HOH room...it will be a good day to get a nap in the afternoon and come back and help with the feed updates tonite after the show because I have a feeling there will be A LOT going on into the wee hours...-6Borders}

8:58am BBT

The HG's are walking up to music. We get to hear part of the song before we go to FOTH so production is a little slow on the button this morning {I'm not a music buff and would flunk at Name That Tune so I don't know what the song was}

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Guest 6Borders

9:13am BB T

Good morning feeders and readers...we have ignition in the BB House.

The HG's are up. Helen is perky and rest are stumbling thru ADL's.

Andy walks to the kitchen whispering with someone and he laughs and says "so we're good"

BB tells Jeremy to put on his mic. He says "my bad I had to reposition the laser"

Jessie gets out of the shower and Helen tells her she must have popped up early this am.

We hear that one of the songs was Good Morning Vietnam..someone didn't know what it was or had never heard of it (not sure who)

Elissa and Amanda are in the storeroom. Amanda says she need a cup of coffee bad..Elissa does not know what she wants to eat.

In the kitchen there are clothes all over the counter {gross}

Amanda and Elissa are in the kitchen. The comment on how cold it is and one of them mimicks "good morning houseguest..."

BB tells Spencer to put on his mike.

Amanda and Elissa say good morning to someone. Elissa says "it's a big day for us all" Elissa says she needs to wash her hair and Amanda says she needs to do her hair again.

Light Room: Judd is still in bed...Kait (I think) asks him how it feels to be in a bed and he says "awesome".

She asks Andy if he's going back to bed and he says no, he thinks he is up. Kait heads for the bathroom and Andy for the kitchen.

Andy and Amanda go to the storeroom for bagels. Andy says something about Helen and she's good. Amanda tells him Elissa said it was going to be an exciting day...they laugh. Andy says I love her but it puts a target on her.

BB tells Spencer to change his batteries. Andy laughs and says Spencer is trying to sleep.

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Guest 6Borders

9:23-9:30am BB Time

Kitche: David is eating. There is talk about whether San Diego is promounced San Dee-Ago or San Dee-Ahh-Go. Amanda thinks it's the latter. They are discussing different states which have cities with the same name.

BB tells Candace and Jessie to put on their mics.

Andy is deciding if he should shower now or later. Elissa wants to know how far they are from Palm Springs and David says 3 hours. He says a lot of old people live there.

Amanda says it's the home of gay people and old people...Andy says "what about old gay people"

Andy does not know what to have for breakfast. Amanda says she's having a bagel. Andy can't decided and Amanda tells him to have a bagel. He says he won't because she is trying to boss him into doing what he wants.

They ask what time they need to be in the HOH room (for lockdown) and Amanda says 10:45.

Andy is talking about a comp where they had to move an egg thru chicken wire. They are trying to decide which season it was. He thinks Britney did it but can't remember.

They discuss if challenges are repeated and Amanda (I think) says "so we might do the chicken wire challenge"

Andy says it will be different {I think he is referring to the same challenge done in a different way}

Andy tells Elissa that MVP this week can't have chipped toenails.

Andy says he is going to go "balls to the wall" (in the comp) because he does not want to be a have-not again.

Just eating and chit-chatting mostly!

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Guest 6Borders

9:309:40am BB Time:

Jessie joins in the kitchen and Amanda says good morning.

They are taking about the party rock song. Elissa says why would you buy $30 champagne when the more expensive one comes with strawberries and (something else).

Elissa relates a trip to Vegas and these guys, who she thinks were hockey players, were buying lots of champagne. Talk turns professional sports salaries. Elissa says if they get hurt or don't manage their money well they are screwed.

Amanda informs us she is gassy this morning {thanks for that Amanda} and Andy asks "you're tootin'?"

9:34am BB Time

Howard and Helen are in the Have Not Room

Howard is telling her she can't talk game (I think he said with Elissa)

Howard says all that will take care of itself because our group stays on the low...at the end of the day no Candace or Elissa.

Says they are going to make a power move but with a power move comes a heartache.

Helen is talking about a conv with someone...says she will talk to them when they are not emotional but not when they come screaming down her throat

Howard says walk away, ppl, especially women, hate when you ignore them.

Howard says in here (Bb House) people can say whatever they want because they know that if there is any "physicality" someone is going home. He leaves and Helen says "this game is so hard...how do you keep it alive" She is stretching and talking to herself, jogs in place and does lunges, jogs around the Have Not Room {probably to work off some of her emotional energy}

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general chat, taking showers, making breakfast. Andy and Amanda run to the SR for bagels Andy tells her he talked to Helen and she is with it.

Howard/Helen in HN rm, Howard tells her she needs to be who she is, emotionally she needs to be the Helen that works out. If she gets left out of the circle thats ok. Dont talk game to others. Howard says their group stays on the low.

Howard tells her if ppl get emotional tonight to just walk away, to ignore them. He leaves and Helen says how do you keep an alliance and keep Elissa? she doesnt know.She starts her work out.

9:45 am BBT News Flash....Amanda pulls a white hair.

9:50 am BBT TMI .....Yeast infection talk in the WA. Changing to the kitchen where breakfast is in full swing.

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Guest 6Borders

9:39-9:40am BBTime...We get FOTH on the main screen, then on all cameras, then we are back.

Bathroom: Kait and Candace are talking dresses. One of them says "I am not dressing fancy, I'm dressing fly"

Kait wants to wear a red dress but she wore it on press day, just not all day, so she hopes that will be ok.

They are discussing how they want to wear their hair tonite.

9:42am BBTime. Kitchen crew is just milling around eating, doing dishes and general chit-chat.

Amanda is doing some weird chant which sounds like "wannnnnn, wannnnnn"

BB says something to the HG's I could not hear.

Andy says "fresh" is a weird term to use for batteries.

Elissa is trying to think of her speech...doesn't know what she is going to say. She says I don't have anything to say!

McCrae spreads his arms and says "F...You"

Elissa is doing a Rachel baby-talk voice: don't come between me and my big brother house...I'm coming back and I'm taking all of your down. She gets serious again and says she is literally going to say "I have nothing to say to you"

McCrae says that's good. Says just don't curse me. Elissa says she will say all that on the Morning Show.

{I don't really believe she thinks she is going home}

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Guest 6Borders

9:46-9:55am. Bathroom: Kait and Jessie are doing hair and make up and Andy is lounging with them. He is taking about yeast infections, that he didn't really know what it is and had to ask his girl friends. He says yeast infection jokes are his fav and asks Jessie to explain what they are {it's pretty disgusting conversation really}.

Kait says she never actually got one so this is good info..Jessie says she got them all the time and is prone to them.

David is brushing his teeth and seems to be oblivious to this conversation.

Amanda comes in and {because Amanda is an expert on/has an opinion about everything} says if you get a UTI you shove a clove of garlic up there. Andy says he is so glad he does not have a vagina.

They change the conversation to whose coffee cup is whose, but Andy brings it back around and says guys can be sleeping and have sex...."sex sleep". They flip flop again and Andy says he didn't think they were supposed to bring anything black but Howard is wearing black. Howard says something about tank tops only and they can't be white {I know this from playing tennis when it will be televised..white is not friendly to the cameras. Just thought you'd like to know}

Andy says he's trying to have sex dreams.

Jessie tells of her most psycho dream ever..a guy and girl were in the back of her car and she was driving and the girl had a baby. Jessie says they were going over an overpass and she just let go of the wheel and they were flying off the overpass. She says in her dream she was thinking if she didn't die in the crash she would in the flames and then woke up. Jessie says sometimes you have to die in your dreams in order to wake up {I always heard the opposite, that you wake up first but what do I know}

Jessie wonders if that has every actually happened...that a car has gone off and overpass {apparently Jessie never watches the news or reads a paper}. Jessie says she is just putting it out there that she would never commit suicide!

Andy leave and she says "are you done with this conversation Andy"

Jessie goes back to talking about how she is going to do her hair tonite.

9:56am BB Time

HOH room: McCrae is packing (sort of) and Amanda is washing in the HOH bathroom. She asks if he fed the fish. He says he did and everyone always asks him that because they think he's such an irresponsible little boy. Amanda says "well they look hungry. She tells McCrae to get in the shower so he gets his toothbrush and walks around brushing his teeth.

Amanda comments that he is brushing his teeth for a really long time. He says "I don't want to be in that room with you"

Helen and Andy are packing in the Have Not room and Jeremy and Howard and making breakfast.

Kait and Jessie are still doing make up in the bathroom

9:59am BB Time

HOH room: Amanda is showering and asks if she can be seen thru the glass.

Says if the live feeders are spending $24.99 they should get what they (paid for).

McCrae asks "are you all right" She says yes, and he says cos she was freaking out.

McCrae says he's going to bring some pants downstairs. Amanda hollers "what" and he says never mind

{I have decided I like Amanda and GM best only because I can almost always hear them with or without mics}

Just general ADL's and chit chat going on..nothing exciting.

BB tells Kait she is not allowed to talk about production

{40 minutes, if things are on time, which they rarely are, before they go on lockdown in the HOH}

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Guest 6Borders

10:04am BB Time

Living Room: Andy, Jeremy, David and Jessie are discussing eating.

Andy says chicken is his favorite meat. Andy is trying to think of foods to ask Jeremy if he eats or not.

Andy says bacon? and Jeremy says he is now starting to eat bacon. Andy says if we didn't have bagels what would you have eaten and Jeremy said he wouldn't have. Andy says, cereal do you like cereal. He says some.

They all like PF Changs. Jeremy says he gets the same thing every time...chicken and rice.

Andy likes Sweet 'n Sour and Orange Chicken. Jeremy likes Sweet 'n Sour..not a fan of orange chicken.

Jeremy likes buffalo chicken but will pull everything off a pizza. Jessie's nephew does that but "he's 3"

Talk about fish..Jeremy says he is starting to like it because he lives on a boat and kinda has to.

Andy says "would you eat slop if you were a have not?" and Jeremy says no, he would just starve.

Andy says what if we have a weird food challenge? Jeremy says he'd have to suck it up and do it even if he pukes.

Andy says he thinks if you puke you are out. Jeremy says I might be out then!

They discuss the shots challenge. Andy said who actually likes to do that? Jeremy says he's never finished off a full beer. Andy says "I am learning so much about you right now" {me too because I never heard any of this before}

Andy asks Candace what her fav food in the whole world is. She says she is a meat and potatoes kind of girl.

She says he's been to every restaurant. Jeremy mentions a couple she never heard of. He says one is a French Grill and she says that is why.

Discussion of death row meals: Candace will have a huge baked potato with tons of butter and Hawaiin rib eye but she would be pissed if it was cold because she is dying, and bread pudding and a diet Pepsi.

Jeremy says he would have way more with that and Andy says you get one meal not a whole bunch.

Andy asks if Jeremy likes Boston Market...he says he's never been there!

10:15am BB Time

We have FOTH {I suspect BB is telling them to finish up what they are doing pretty soon}

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Guest 6Borders

10:21am BBT

Last minute frantic game talk between Amanda and McCrae in the HOH.

They seem to be arguing...McCrae says no way she would go after Helen.

McCrae says he is not being paranoid, but if everyone is throwing your name out it means you are a strong player/threat.

Amanda says she is very level headed...he says "oh right". She says she knows exactly what she is doing...says "let Mama take care of this"

McCrae says he's already built up all these relationships with all these people.

Amanda says nobody is going to put them up because they have so many alliances. McCrae says he would be coming after them big time {I can't wait to see how his game changes when he can't hide in the HOH room}

McCrae says trust me, she says she does but he's paranoid and he says he is not. McCrae says paranoid is a bad thing.

This conversation gets cut off..one of the guys (Jeremy?) comes in to use the HOH bathroom

Amanda and McCrae whispering...she says no way (Helen?) would put us up... mentions it's a scary move and McCrae says it would be a great move. Kait comes in and Amanda says "your husband is pooping" Kait says don't call him that.

Amanda tells McCrae his jeans are made for an obese man.

McCrae is talking about this stomach again {he's either a hypochrondiac or he needs to see someone about that}

Jeremy says he is wearing (for the show) what he would normally wear...dressing up to him is wearing a suit,.

Amanda asks if both his ears are pierced and he says yes..gives us a rundown on his pierced ears.

Andy is in the shower and Jessie is still fussing with her hair.

10:32am BB Time

HOH room: Jeremy, Amanda and McCrae are just being silly.

Amanda tells Jeremy she wants to see his cock and hopes it's really tiny because he is such a big boy.

Amanda is rapping a penis song.

10:33am BB Time

Bathroom: Helen, Candace and Jessie. Helen is doing her hair/make up and relating marriage and telling them all the things they have to look forward to. She says her bachelor party was so fun {pretty sure she means Bachelorette party}

10:35am BB Time: BB tells the houseguest to go to the HOH bedroom so lockdown is about to begin

{this is not BB's first rodeo and they know it will take them at least 10 min to all get there so this is the first call}

10:37am BB Time

The HG's are getting their drinks and snacks and slowly gravitating toward the HOH room.

Amanda is making up a rap song about their first live show.

The camera is panning the hg's. Andy comes in and says "great, there is no where to sit" and crawls into the HOH bed.

10:38am...we have FOTH on all cameras...looks like this might be for a while

10:41 am BB Time

We have Trivia so we are officially on LockDown in the HOH Room.

{I'll be back later for more updates...-6Borders}

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