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Jessie - Week 1 (Nominated)


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Elissa's not one of the "cool kids" so they ostracize her and dog her out constantly. Jessie believes the beiber group because she wants to be in the club so desperately.

Yesterday, I heard Aaryn say that Elissa is just like the girls her exes would cheat with. Then she said that Elissa's husband probably cheats on her. So catty.

What does Aaryn even know about marriage? She's very immature and insecure. She's not the hg I love to hate. She's just the hg I can't stand and would not be around with a ten-foot pole if I were in the BB house. None of those people should trust her. Honestly I think she was one of those Regina girls (from Mean Girls) in high school. She strikes me as such. She's used to everyone worshipping her and used to getting her way.

Well, there goes Jessie's job interview...

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I am not a prude NYROSE but please try to be easy on the language. There are women and young ladies roaming these posts.

Lol Jedi, you beat me to it!

sorry it was so blatant that I thought the word was appropriately as forward as the photo. My apologies to all who are offended by words. By the way, that word comes from the word quaint that meant an intricately worked thing...so actually a compliment to women.

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