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Monday, July 1 Live Feed Updates


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12:28 AM BBT Aaryn tells Jeremy that even Amanda said they were jerks for opening the wine. Jeremy says he told Amanda that he was doing it. Jeremy says lets go talk to people. Jeremy walks to the door and opens it and tells the people in the kitchen eating that he opened the wine and he drank all of it and to blame him. Andy, McCrae, Candice, Helen, and others simply stare at him. Helen speaks up and says she didn't say anything about it. Jeremy says he's having this discussion with everyone. If anyone has any problems to take it up with him cause he's here to play! Amanda is a liar if she says she doesn't know anything.

12:21 AM BBT FLASHBACK ALERT! Jeremy goes to the backdoor with Aaryn tagging along at his hip and tells the have-nots that are eating that he drank the wine in a very confrontational manner.

12:32 AM BBT Aaryn and Jeremy comes back out and Jeremy says he told them what's up. He's here to play. Aaryn complains a bit about them acting like they have no idea what's going on. Judd says people are just happy because they want to eat and enjoy it and don't want the drama. Aaryn tells Judd that they've had his back and she feels like he's being snippy with them. He says he's not being snippy. She says he kinda is. Amanda comes outside.

12:21 AM BBT FLASHBACK ALERT! Jeremy goes to the backdoor with Aaryn tagging along at his hip and tells the have-nots that are eating that he drank the wine in a very confrontational manner.

12:35 AM BBT FLASHBACK ALERT! 12:28 AM Camera 2 Amanda and Jeremy go at it about the bottle of wine and what was said.

12:35 AM BBT FLASHBACK ALERT! 12:33 AM Camera 4 Elissa talks Kaitlin into not going outside and chewing Jeremy's head off for acting like a jerk. Kaitlin apologizes for Jeremy.

12:44 AM BBT FLASHBACK ALERT! 12:40 AM Camera 4 Kaitlin drags Jeremy into the colorful room and scolds him for acting like a jerk. Kaitlin asks what they've done to deserve getting yelled at. Jeremy says they're talking about them behind their back and mean mugging. Kaitlin says it's stuff they've all done. Kaitlin says Jeremy is acting like a king when in reality he has a one in sixteen chance of being HoH based upon a true or false statement.

12:49 AM BBT Kaitlin continues to try to talk sense into Jeremy. Jessie walks in and sits on the edge of David's bed. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that he's an inconsiderate selfish jerk. Jeremy doesn't think David is going home but continues to act smug. "What can I do. I can't take it back." Jessie gets up and walks back out with no one even acknowledging her presence. Nick walks in. Awkward silence for the moment. Jeremy keeps saying "I'm ready to win. I can tell your upset. Want your ring back?" Kaitlin tells him to go jump off a bridge (but not with those words). Nick says that's a very New York thing to say but I know you're not from New York. "Bad timing Nick..." More awkward silence.

12:53 AM BBT Elsewhere in the house Amanda and Aaryn are hashing out what happened with the wine in the WA. Andy and Candice walk in. Candice comes in and tells Jeremy that all she asked was where the wine was. Amanda told her to check everyone's teeth. She left it at that. Candice says she's an adult and a straight shooter like Jeremy is and if he's got a question about what she says and how she acts then come to her. Jeremy says he'll apologize to the people who deserve it and not to the people that don't.

12:56 AM BBT Amanda, McCrae and Helen are in the HoH. Amanda is telling Helen that he made a huge mistake by making an angel like her cry. McCrae is pacing the room nervously. GM walks in (she was just in the colorful bedroom!) and tells Helen that she wants to give her a hug. She tells her if she needs anything just ask.

12:58 AM BBT Meanwhile down in the colorful room Candice and Aaryn are going at it about Aaryn telling people that Candice sat on the hat. Also ongoing GM is talking to Jeremy face to face. "I'm not going to tell you what to say...but whatever you do you should take her off to the side without any other ears or mouths around. Clearly you're your own man and you can do whatever you want to do. But girls get emotional.

01:04 AM BBT Jeremy goes to HoH and asks Helen to come out and talk to him so he can apologize. He asks to do it at the chess board and she says not out here. Jeremy suggests the lounge. He starts off by saying he was irrational. He tells her not to cry he feels bad. He wasn't trying to bully or intimidate people. Helen says she didn't talk negative about him. Jeremy says to let him say what he's going to say. Jeremy tells Helen that someone came out and said they were looking for the red wine and he needs to get his sources straight and he came in hostile and it wasn't directed at any one person. He's someone that talks in the face.

01:10 AM BBT Jeremy hopes Helen accepts his appology but this game makes people crazy. Helen continues to sniffle, and cry. Jeremy offers to go get tissues. Jeremy comes back and tells Helen that he said his thing now it's his turn. Jeremy says she came to play this game and have fun because she's been a fan. But she doesn't want petty little things to ruin her experience. She was so hungry that she was focused on her pizza and eating. Eventually she may have realized it was gone but there was a bottle of white wine as well. Helen says people may have questioned it but no one realized it at that point. Helen says we've not talked yet let's have our talk now. Jeremy agrees. Helen knows that things have been said to him about her and she knows it. He agrees. She's not sure why things are being said at all. She tells him to come talk to her when things are said about her saying things. She wants a clean slate. Jeremy agrees. Helen says this is a once in a lifetime experience that she doesn't want ruined over these things. Helen asks what his mom is going to say when she sees this.

01:27 AM BBT Up in the HoH Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Andy relive the nights events. Amanda says he's an idiot. Amanda is upset because she wishes more people would've leaped to their feet and defend Helen when he was talking trash about her.

01:33 AM BBT Down in the WA Aaryn in the shower whispering to Jessie. Jessie tells Aaryn that she doesn't feel like she's a part of this, so she'll just hang back out of all of this. Jessie thinks she should go lay down but she's not tired. Aaryn tells her that she's not her so she can't tell her what she needs to do. Up in the HoH Amanda is going off saying Jessie can go hug herself (not really those words). McCrae warns her to not raise her voice because he thinks people on the walkway or even in the kitchen can hear what's going on. Andy tells McCrae and Amanda about Aaryn and Candice arguing about the hat thing.

01:38 AM BBT Out in the HT Judd, Kaitlin, and David are rehashing tonight's events. Candice now in the HoH and Howard soon follows. Candice now rehashing tonight's events as well. Helen comes back in and Andy hugs her. Amanda says Jeremy can go hug himself. Helen thinks her little comment about what would his mom think about seeing this tonight. Helen told him to check his sources and Amanda agrees saying "Aaryn". Helen agrees and says you really need to check your sources because they may cost you half a million dollars.

01:40 AM BBT Candice says that Aaryn walked through and then a short bit after she walked out, he walked in and started yelling. They tried explaining themselves but he wouldn't allow it before going back out into the BY.

01:44 AM BBT Candice and McCrae agrees that when she walked into the KT she looked like she was ready to cause trouble and then moments later she walks out and he walks in. McCrae says she told the story about the pizza tray thing which was beyond blown out of proportion (Aaryn told the HT crew before the Jeremy fight that McCrae gave her attitude when she tried looking for a tray to put a pizza on and McCrae told her just to put it on the rack by itself with an attitude). Helen thinks her comment to Jeremy about his mom being a fan of the show hit a nerve with him and she may be able to use that in the future on him.

01:47 AM BBT Meanwhile out in/near the HT Kaitlin, Aaryn, David, and Judd are hanging out. Aaryn rehashing with Kaitlin with everything that went on. Judd and David are mumbling something to each other. Aaryn says when she was walking out from the KT she turned around to close the door and she saw dagger eyes from everyone.

01:53 AM BBT Jeremy comes up to HoH from DR and Helen asks if she's ready to play chess/checkers and she says yes. Spencer and Howard also step out. McCrae is in his bed saying she takes the smallest thing and blows it way out of proportion and twists it. She also knows how to rile Jeremy up and use him to fight her battles. Candice and Amanda talking and McCrae and Andy are talking to each other at the same time. Amanda walks out to get food. Candice says Aaryn was looking into her eyes when she says she doesn't like fake people. Candice then took the opportunity to tell her that she didn't sit on her hat and she's sorry if she thinks that way. Aaryn then commenting saying "Well your butt is so big, maybe you didn't." Candice says she told her that her butt is big.

01:56 AM BBT No mic chat in BY. Helen and Jeremy are playing pool, not chess it seems. Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Judd and Amanda are sitting HT side. Kaitlin stands up and heads inside. Amanda tells Jeremy to go tell Kaitlin that she can't go to sleep because they told her in the DR that everyone is going to be called in for their reactions to tonight's argument. Up in the HoH Candice says she almost wants to pull her off to the side and shake her a bit and tell her that she is rational and to watch who her friends are. The same with Jessie. McCrae agrees but warns her that she's close to the other group even though they treat her like trash. Candice says it kills her. Andy filters out. Nick comes up and Candice heads out.

02:03 AM BBT Candice rehashes an earlier convo with Aaryn sitting down and telling her that she didn't like her. Candice asked why. Aaryn told her once she asked for toilet paper and Candice thought she said "Turtle paper" and laughed. Nick comes in and Candice leaves. Nick starts to dance after motioning to see if anyone was in the HoH bathroom.

02:08 AM BBT Nick, McCrae, and Spencer are up in the HoH and begin to chat about how amazing the fight played out but then David is spotted coming up the walkway and they curse and grumble. David comes in and laughs saying he's feeling kinda nervous now.

02:11 AM BBT Idle and awkward chit chat begins in HoH. Nick says he's going to grab something to eat. David gets up and leaves as well. McCrae and Spencer begin to start whispering quickly. McCrae wants Aaryn to go home. Both want Candice gone. Spencer says he told Aaryn that Candice sat on her hat. She said "You don't sit on a Texan's hat!" and he agreed. He started calling Candice the Mad Hatter today. McCrae says the drama right now is wild. Spencer says they've got so many hands in so many pots they'll know anytime anything bad is said about them.

02:15 AM BBT Out in the HT Jeremy is telling people about his apology to Helen. Aaryn, Amanda, and are also present. Amanda looks bored. Jeremy says he needs to learn to calm his heart down before he confronts people and it's a learning process. Up in the HoH McCrae and Spencer say they want Aaryn to go home no matter who gets HoH or MVP next week (this week?).

02:20 AM BBT Amanda walks into HoH and says she just had a heart to heart with Jeremy and he said if David goes home this week that he will put up Candice and Elissa next week. Amanda laughs and says she thought to herself "perfect". Amanda says Elissa and Candice are both expendable but they want the MVP power going to Elissa and her sticking around...but at the end of the day she can go.

02:25 AM BBT Switch feeds to the WA and Kaitlin is saying she's a rational person and it just makes her sad. Aaryn walks in to take a shower. Kaitlin tells Andy she feels super disrespected. Andy says there was alcohol in him and he should get a redo. Kaitlin says she tried to talk to him and explain why what he did was crazy. Andy says that was before he talked to Helen. Kaitlin says he's giving him too much credit. Andy says he's going to go lay down. Andy gets up and tell's GM (who is sitting on the counter straightening her hair) to go FrenchKiss herself. GM laughs and says he's the only person that can say that and she will genuinely laugh.

02:27 AM BBT Jeremy and Nick are in the BY and Nick tells him he's going to have a bad week after this little incident and they're going to be there for him. Meanwhile up in the HoH Helen, McCrae, Andy, Spencer and Amanda are running scenarios about if who wins what.

02:37 AM BBT Up in the HoH room they're rehashing how much they dislike people and don't trust people. Nick's name comes up a lot (keep in mind Spencer, and McCrae seem to have close ties with him and even though they agree it should all be smoke. Down in the hammock Kaitlin and Jeremy are talking. Kaitlin says she just had this conversation with Jeremy last night about watching his temper and what he says. He knows and apologizes. He doesn't want her mad. He says they're all adults. Jeremy says Helen talked game to him and he was thinking that was an odd decision. Kaitlin warns him to watch himself. He says he has no interest in teaming up with her or the other side.

02:45 AM BBT Feeds switch to Candice and Elissa (?) whispering in the darkened chair room. Candice only knows that she came down off the block. McCrae didn't have any sort of other conversation with her. her plan was just to stay quiet. Aaryn walks in to get into bed. Back out in the hammock, Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to work things out. Kaitlin doesn't trust Jessie.

02:55 AM BBT Jeremy asks Kaitlin how she doesn't know this wasn't part of his master plan. Kaitlin fears they lost more people than they gained. Clearly they can't trust Amanda and McCrae snapped at Aaryn. Kaitlin calls him cocky. Up in the HoH room and Howard leaves. Helen sits down to talk to Andy and she is called to exchange her mic. Andy farts and says oops while waiting on her to return.

02:57 AM BBT Feeds switch to two sleeping bodies in the colorful room and moments later Aaryn is called to DR. She says no before getting out of bed. She says she's not going into DR "looking like this...they can just wait..." She gets up and grabs something. Feeds switch to Howard whispering to Amanda ever so softly in the lounge. Before it begins it's over. Feeds switch back to Andy and Helen in the HoH chatting alone, more rehashing.

03:06 AM BBT Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to rehash the fact that Jeremy is arrogant. Candice wanders over. Jeremy says he's a boy and he's allowed to be an idiot one time. Meanwhile up in the HoH Amanda, McCrae and maybe Howard are talking. Amanda comments that the room smells like farts (Busted Andy!). Helen walks back in and says good night. Aaryn called to DR.

03:15 AM BBT More rehashing in the BY and the HoH. Feeds switch to GM and Andy chatting on the lounger in the middle of the BY. Candice leaves the hammock and joins them. Andy gets up to use the bathroom. Candice is expecting her period any day now. GM got a headache today so she's anticipating hers as well. Back to the hammock Kaitlin is worried about Aaryn now after what information Candice apparently gave Jeremy and Kaitlin. Kaitlin wants to protect her, she doesn't want her group to be broke up. Jeremy says everyone has to go eventually. Jeremy says his mom taught him to never make women cry and he failed her tonight.

03:21 AM BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the BY Howard, Nick and Spencer are playing pool with GM trading barbs with the three of them. Andy comes back and tells GM that he doesn't want to sit with her because he hates her. Aaryn comes out and joins Andy and GM on the lounger in the middle of the BY. David is inside sleeping. Aaryn is telling GM that the producer told her he's on deadline so he called Judd in while she got ready.

***Tweet Reply*** RT @skberry64: @mortystv I'm so cornfused! Did Helen n Candice find out about all the racial slurs and who is "the other side)"? Not that I'm aware. Helen is upset because of the Jeremy fight that happened late last night.

03:27 AM BBT Spencer inside whispering to Jeremy in the WA telling to lay low for a couple of days. Jeremy says he'll lay low for a couple of weeks and both have a good laugh. Spencer says he may be able to lock everything down but he needs to win HoH. Spencer breaks away leaving Jeremy to pluck his eyebrows.

03:36 AM BBT Aaryn and Jeremy in lounger talking. Jeremy says he knows Aaryn worried that Jeremy was changing sides after he made Amanda cried. Jeremy says he's not turning on her. It's just that his mom taught him not to make women cry and he made women cry twice on one night.

03:40 AM BBT Jeremy asks Aaryn if they're still cool and she says yeah of course. Jeremy knows he dug himself a grave and he's trying to dig himself out they exit the lounger and Andy is eating Fruit Loops straight from the box. GM going to bed. Andy is going to scope out the colorful room situation. He was told Jessie may need a bed partner. Feeds switch to McCrae and Amanda talking. McCrae is worrying that Andy is turning. McCrae says tomorrow will be so weird. Meanwhile out in the BY Howard, Judd and Spencer continue to play pool. Judd wants the next HoH so bad.

03:47 AM BBT Jeremy comes outside and asks Howard why he threw the pizza away. Howard says honestly he threw it away because Aaryn made it in an effort to cover up the fact she was stirring the pot. Howard says she pulled it from the oven and put it on the counter and said "This is for you guys" to Howard and walked away. Howard said that wasn't right because who makes a whole nother pizza without asking if anyone is going to eat it. Jeremy understands. He had a couple pieces and asked if anyone else wanted any...they said no and he tossed it. Jeremy asks Judd what he thinks of the whole thing tonight. Judd says it didn't involve him so he doesn't care.

03:51 AM BBT Aaryn and Kaitlin are in the SR talking. Aaryn says the last person in the house she's worried about is Candice. They exit the SR and head into the kitchen where Jeremy is watching hotdogs boil. Andy is wondering why the haven't called him to DR in a couple of days. Spencer tells him it's been a couple of days and they've edited him completely out of the show. Andy says he hasn't had a shower in a couple of days and is debating on doing so before crawling into bed with his new bed mate Jessie.

03:54 AM BBT Kaitlin and Aaryn sitting at counter in KT whispering as the guys get up to get their hot dogs that Jeremy was watching. Spencer would like a definition of Totes McGoats. Andy remains out on the lounger staring off into space.

04:03 AM BBT Helen, Andy, Judd, Spencer and Howard are sitting on couch in the BY rehashing today's events. Helen says they need to take advantage of what's going on and she hopes the other side is scared. Meanwhile...Kaitlin and Jeremy are sleeping together in the same bed tonight...well...morning.

***Tweet Reply*** RT @sandy_57: @mortystv she should be worried about #candace she has more class in her little toe than Aaryn has in her whole body!! Love #Candace

04:08 AM BBT Out in the BY Spencer, Judd, Helen, Howard and Andy continue to rehash today's events.

04:15 AM BBT More rehashing on the couch in the BY. The only new news is that Andy says GM told him that if she wins HoH next week she would put up Jessie and Candice.

04:17 AM BBT Two cams on the BY and two cams on sleeping HGs.

04:20 AM BBT Howard says he's going to go wash dishes and go catch his flight. Spencer asks Howard if he wants to sleep in Candice's bed. Without a second thought he says no. Spencer laughs and says not even for a bed. More rehashing continues.

04:24 AM BBT Spencer tells the group that Aaryn is probably hamming it up for the camera and if she makes it to jury she's like to win America's choice like a Jordan. Andy and Helen disagree because she's so mean and spiteful. Judd thinks she's more likely to be portrayed as a Rachel or an Evel Dick.

04:29 AM BBT Spencer STILL in the BY leading the rehashing of conversations on in the BY with Andy, Judd and Helen. Howard prays and crawls into his seat on the plane.

04:37 AM BBT More rehashing in the BY. Andy swears he won't be in this next episode because of his scant DRs. Helen goes in to bed. Judd stays outside to smoke. Spencer stays with him.

04:43 AM BBT Spencer and Judd continues to rehash and discuss their thoughts on people while lounging on the couch in the BY.

04:51 AM BBT Spencer and Judd get up to head inside for the night...well...morning now. Is it finally bed time for the BB house? Spencer heads into the WC while Judd brushes his teeth.

04:56 AM BBT Spencer tells Judd goodnight and heads into the darkened rooms. Judd eventually passes through and heads into a darkened room as well. We now have 4 cams on horizontal HGs. On that note...good night!

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8:00am BBT HG are wiggling around but still sleeping.

8:28am BBT Andy gets up, uses the WC and heads back to bed. Everyone else is sleeping.

9:07 am BBT Do you know where the HG are?? I do! They are all tucked up in bed sleeping.

9:10 am BBT Jessie is up, uses the WC, brushes her hair and makes coffee.

9:30 am BBT Jessie's ADLs are done, she grabs a cup of coffee and heads outside for smoke.

9:40 am BBT Jessie lays a towel out in the yard and does some stretches. She has a dress on and is not afraid to show off her undies. Mediation time.

9:53 am BBT Jessie moves the clothes from the washer to the dryer then folds the towels that are on the pool table.

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10:10 AM BBT Judd and Jessie are in the BY talking about not sleeping well and what happened last night. Jessie wants to know if people hung out. Judd says he slept in the HN room.

Jessie asks Judd if he is going to go for HOH next week. He says between them - he didn't want HOH the first 3 or 4 weeks. He says he needs to go for it every time. Jessie says to give everyone a run for their money so that they can't say anything about him.

10:18AM BBT Jessie and Judd talk about working out. Say how difficult it is with the heat they are having. Judd says he may run a bit this morning. He heads inside to the WA to do some ADLS.

10:27 AM BBT Judd getting some breakfast in the KT. Jessie reading her Bible in the BY and the rest of the HG still appear to be sleeping.

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10:32 AM BBT We have FOTH - may be wake up time!

10:46 AM BBT We are back. The HG are up. BB tells the HG that there are fresh batteries on the SR.

10:51 AM BBT Amanda in the WA saying that she hate Kayne West and that his baby will be ugly. Spencer in the BY sitting on the couch. Andy walks into the WA and tells Judd and Helen to keep his name out of the drama and they laugh.

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10:58 AM BBT Spencer and Howard have a discussion that the trash in BY smells really bad. Spencer hauls the trashcan into the house.

11:02 AM BBT Andy, McCrae and Amanda and in the HOH room talking about the HG. Andy says that on Wednesday that his story will be that he is voting out Elissa.

Andy tells McCrae and Amanda that if Aaryn wasn't in the house he feels David would have been a good player. Now Andy switches to talking about where the HG are from.

11:11 AM BBT In the BY Howard is telling others about services at his church. In the HOH, Andy still talking about each of the HG. Says if he was on a date with Nick he would be bored as NIck likes to talk about himself all the time.

11:15 AM BBT Andy says his concerned was that someone stupid would win HOH - he was glad it was McCrae. Amanda says her worry was that Aaryn would win in it and she feels Aaryn is a mean girl. Difficult to hear but sounds as though Amanda says she is a nurturer.

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11:21 AM BBT In the BY a game of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon is being played. First up was Julia Roberts. Next is Robert Downey Jr. In the HOH the HG bashing continues.

11:27 AM BBT In the HOH the HG discuss that they feel that Aaryn has true mean tendencies. They can't believe David fell for her. Andy says he will keep pretending with Jeremy to be his friend. McCrae tells them he started reading his Bible last night after yelling at Elissa. Andy says he debated about bringing a Bible but he has never read it. They agree there are some good stories in it.

Andy heads downstairs. Amanda and McCrae crawl under the covers. You can hear kissing. The covers are pushed back and Amanda asks him why his hands are so cold. He says he doesn't know. McCrae appears to be watching the TV.

11:32 AM BBT In the KT Andy and Jessie have a discussion over grapes. Both prefer green grapes. Andy is making a PB sandwich.

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11:38 AM BBT Helen running laps in the BY. Kaitlin in the pool. Amanda and McCrae still in the HOH. Amanda telling McCrae that he is such a baby at 23 and telling him what she was doing at 23.

Amanda says that she is SAG and AFTRA eligible. She never joined. She is telling McCrae what acting she has done. She can't remember since it was a lifetime ago.

11:44 AM BBT Helen finishes running. She takes off her shoes and dips her feet in the pool and back out. Now discussing with Kaitlin that BB did not give them a dishwasher. They feel the pool is to small as well. Helen now washes her face in the pool. They also feel the house is much smaller then appears on TV.

11:51 AM BBT Helen stops in the LR where David and Howard are sitting. Helen says she has a schedule of food for the day. She goes over a large list of food to eat today.

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12:05pm :aaryn and Jessie talking about shaving leggs on the hammock.spencer has gone back to bed david and elissa are in the kt. elissa asking david if he wants eggs he says thank you but jeremy just fed him.

12:07pm david has gone to the br and is changing clothes whith nick and ginamarie in the room. ginamarie laughs at him as nick hides his eyes.

12:14pm andy and mccrae are in the by , mccrae is smoking and andy talking about dr sessions and gets in trouble with bb. MCrae says he wants to hear bb curse. then andy talks about getting in trouble with his mom.

12:15pm andy says i have got to shower sometimes today for the benifit of the house, its been like 60 hours now since i had one. MCcrae says can you take a hot shower yet? andy says yeah yeah i can now.

12:24pm arryn and kaitlyn talking by the pool. kaitlyn says she told jeremy he needs to be punished for now so he will stop making the same dumb mistakes. arryn says david says things to her at time, then david jumps in the pool and she stops talking.

12:28pm arryn and kaitlyn are saying they need to protect david and keep him here this week . so they are trying to get his votes secure.

12:33pm elissa,andy.helen amanda and MCrae in the kt eating and talking about getting to eat and get their stregnth back.

12:45pm general chat in the kt while some hg are eating. out by the pool aaryn , kaitlyn and jessie are laying out. arryn and kaitlyn talking about razor burns and tweezing hairs as jessie reads a bible.

12:51pm hg in the kt are talking about pandoras boxes and how they work and who all has come back in them like jessie they are bad mouthing jessie. amanda says if anyone gets pandoras box to open it and mccrae says yeah cant nothing be that bad , andy says unless someone pops out and says you are evicted from the house and they all laugh.

12:58pm kaitlyn and jessie by the pool talking about whos votes they have to keep david and jessie both safe and we get wbrb.

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1:15pm :andy, helen and amanda talking in the kt about andy standing funny. most hg in by laying by the pool or swimming.
1:19pm most hg in the pool or laying at the pool talking about bugs and general chat.elissa and helen in the kt talking about lotions as helen puts on sunscreen before going out to the pool.
1:24pm on the by couch is amanda jeremy and judd, amanda talking to jeremy about his actions lastnight. she says do you really want all the drama? jeremy says yeah this is crazy. jeremy says i just hope helen forgives me she is the only ione i am worried about and my mom is gonna be so mad cuz she didnt raise me like that and i hate seeing girls cry.
1:28pm helen and elissa are in the wa and helen is crying. elissa says we are not have nots now and your husband loves you and you are the most amazing woman in the world. helen says my eyes were getting better now i am crying again.
1:36pm jessie and spencer are on the hammock just general chit chat elissa and helen and andy are in the wa still talking helen leaves the wa to go outside.arryn,kaitlyn,jeremy,amanda and judd on the couches talkling about arryn neededing to shave her legs. and general talk.
1:44pm MCcrae just got a camera and is taking pics of arryn kaitlyn and amanda and we get wbrb
1:47pm now amanda is taking over the camera. kaitlyn asked why bb gave mccrae a camera he says so they can put them on the website and she says oh.
1:54pm david, spencer judd and helen sitting at the pool talking about different beaches.mccrae comes out to the pool with the camera and they are all taking pictures now.

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2:05pm jeremy and ginamarie and kaitlyn and spencer sitting on by couch talking about jeremy letting kaitlyn and david kick his abbs lastnight to see if he could take it and kaitlyn said she kicked his hip bone and now her foot is bruised and hurts to walk on .
2:14pm most hg in kt now getting lunch and talking about that 70's show. jeremy fixen a sandwich and smells the bread then arryn smells it then jeremy says i aint eating this bread with green on it then aaryn says no some bread smells a lil like vinager but if its green its gotta fo and laughs.
2:24pm amanda is in hoh asleep. spencer, david,jeremy , nick, and howard in kt eating and talking about being in high school.kaitlyn and aaryn heading back outside to lay in the sun again.
2:34pm howard and aaryn are in the by just general chat Mccrae comes out and smokes a ciggarett. aaryn says day 11 . then starts telling mccrae about the fish food being dated so mccrae wants to keep the bags so everyone can study by them .
2:48pm elissa is getting her swimsuit on after she finished her workout.nick and judd are in the kt talking about food not tasting the same after it is frozen. howard , andy, and others sitting on by couch talking about accidents they have been in.
2:59pm conversation at the pool is about having babies and how much they weigh jeremy says he was 11 pounds when he was born. and conversation at the by couch is about dentist appointments and procedures.

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3:09pm : alot of general talk going on in the by and we keep getting alot of wbrb.

3:16am amanda and andy are in wa talking about moving from state to state. most are in the pool laughing and general talk going on.

3:29pm judd saying he is about to get in the pool now. he says hi to elissa. then talk with judd and nick is about mowing the yard . judd says he would like to mow its peacfull.

3:39pm aaryn is trying to calm ginamarie down. she is crying on the by couch saying she looks like a dirtbag cuz bb wont give her her stuff . arryn tells her to lets go get some clothes i have plenty to share, ginamarie says she never wears shorts and she has to wear them all the time.

3:43pm amanda has now joined ginamarie and aaryn. amanda says girl you can borrow my clothes too. ginamarie says i dont even have my makeup. arryn says you can borrow any of my makeup you want too i have plenty you can make yourself all up. and we keep getting wbrb

3:49pm ginamarie says her hair is worse here in the house too and amanda says yeah the water in new york is more pure. she says she is sorry for acting like a baby but she doesnt feel like herself. amanda tells her lets go change clothes and ginamarie says no i just want to stay here.

3:56pm nick is asking ginamarie what went wrong she was fine 2 hours ago. ginamarie says i just dont feel like me and i want my clothes and i want to go home she pauses and says i just want to go home. she says she is not an outside person and she doesnt want to be outside she wants to go home.

3:59pm ginamarie says i dont like shorts i havent worn shorts in 15 years and i dont feel comfortable in shorts i dont like myself and i want my pants i dont like my leggs.nick says your leggs look fine. she says i just dont feel like me. nick says you look like lady gaga. nick says you cant go home or i wont have anyone else to talk to. she says i just want my noble shirt and bra and underwear.

4:01pm ginamarie says everyone has all their stuff and i have nothing. they took all my stuff and i know what fits my body and i just want to feel comfotable in it and i dont. i just want to cover up and i cant cover up.

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4:13pm aaryn is in the shower nick comes in and arryn asked if ginamarie is ok he says no. nick says its the first week and she is upset but she will be fine. aaryn says i had a breakdown lastnight.
4:22pm :ginamarie is calling arryn over to her now. she is talking to arryn about moving jessie out of their room.
4:25pm andy talking to nick and david in the wa about some people are going to self destruct or put a big target on themselves. then andy leaves the room and bb tells him to put his mic on.
4:34pm helen in wa crying again about missing her kids , she just wants to make sure her kids are happy and healthy and that they dont think their momma ran out on them.
4:38pm ginamarie and judd are in the storage room getting tylenol they leave out and ginamarie head to the kt then back outside.most hg are around the pool with general chat going on .
4:42pm hg are in the kt again eating. david and helen are playing chess,
4:51pm ginamarie and aaryn in the pool talking bad about elissa again. david and helen still playing chess and most of the hg are in the kt cooking and eating.

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5:50 pm BBT Andy/Spencer in the hammock talking about keeping David. They agree the hammock is their fave place in the house. Spencer says its good there are enough of them around they can talk opening. He gets up and almost dumps Andy out of the hammock.

5:53 pm BBT General chit chat. Elissa called to DR. David says to Nick everyone with them needs to chill out.

6:00pm BBT Howard saying he and former GF went to marriage counciing and ending up deciding not to get married. They share the dog.

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6:11pm candice and jessie are on the by couch with howard just general chat going on . andy comes out and says howard it is 6:08 .david and nick are laying by the pool just looking around and listening.
6:23pm :howard and jessie in have not rm praying and jessie leaves and howard is resading the bible.
6:29pm aaryn and david,nick ,jeremy and spencer are by the pool in loungers talking about how funny people are when they sleep.
6:35pm : most hg in kt area earting dinner. elissa just looking aroung while she eats not saying anything to anyone.
6:42pm : candice tells david" you look good ken did barbie dress you" he says no. andy laughs and judd and elissa are talking to each other all sitting by the pool.
6:49pm MCcrae and spencer and amanda in hoh. amanda is sleeping and spencer and mccrae are talking about finding ipods and listening to music and places to go eat.
6:55pm helen and howard playing chess. amanda , howard and mccrae in hoh talking about other people now.
6:59pm kaitlyn,nick and jeremy in kt eating cooking and cleaning.

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7:06pm howard and helen still playing chess. aaryn and david whispering arryn saying they will get her out before him. she says if she gets put on the block she will make a deal with them.
7:09pm jessie says it was funny when elissa asked about the fans then said she had to go to the bathroom. arryn says we already know your rachels sister so what the heck.
7:11pm kaitlyn joins arryn and jessie and david in the by now by the pool . arryn says she has to see if her clothes are dry. jessie asked if they change in the bathroom arryn says yeah but i am not taking a shower with clothes on it is unsanitary i have some things that need to be washed.
7:15pm Kaitlin says i think i need a nap. jessie says you havent slept all day and kaitlyn says no. jessie says i dont know how ya'll do that.
7:18pm :judd, andy,MCrae and amanda and spencer in hoh laughing and talking about movies and sex.
7:24pm jessie , nick and ginamarie in color br. ginamarie laying there with her eyes closed jessie drinking her coffee. ginamarie gets up and leaves the room.
7:32pm amanda is in the kt cooking now as nick sits drinking his drink ginamarie poured herself some sprite then walked out of the kt.jessie is outside on the couch sipping her coffee alone.
7:43pm ginamarie walks through the kt judd asked her if she was better and offers her coffee she doesnt drink coffee. amanda is cooking. judd says he has to cut down on smoking. amanda said i think you was smoking more because you wasnt eating and judd agrees.
7:53pm jessie now taking nail polish off in the wa and telling jokes.arryn is in there polishing her nails. spencer and helen are in hoh with mccrae talking about what the votes might be wednesday. he said it will be interesting to see where all the votes go. spencer says ginamaries problem probably is she sided with the other side and now she sees she screwd up.
7:54pm howard is also in hoh and spencer says we need to keep these 4 together for sure and stay strong.
7:56pm ginamarie is sitting in her bed alone picking things off clothing. andy and helen are talking now in hoh as howard went to the wc and spencer left the room to go eat what amanda is cooking.

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8:03pm : candice is up out of bed getting food. judd walked through the kt eating david is walking around the house.
8:10pm ginamarie is talking to andy and nick in the by by the hammock saying she wants to leave and if she leaves then elissa stays. andy says dont leave and ginamarie says i need to go back to my own life.
8:12pm ginamarie says i have a very happy life at home and i just want to go home. she says i live a happy life i work 12 hour days at home and here i do nothing i just want to go home andy says i want you to stay here she says thank you dude.
8:15pm ginamarie says she is used to being around happy people all the time and this environment is not happy. andy is trying to talk her out of leaving telling her she is a strong girl and not a quitter she says i just want to go home. nick gets off the hammock and puts his arms around her and she keeps repeating she wants to go home. he takes her in the house
8:17pm nick takes ginamarie to the bd and asked what is going on she says i just want to go home he says what is this she says i am packing to go home ok he says what is the problem and she sniffles and cries. he lays down in the bed with her and covers her up she says i want to go home he sais what changed your mind from yesterday.
8:18pm ginamariie says i just want to be with people that like me nick says people like you. she says just let me go hime nick ok just tell me its ok so i can go home she says you can talk to jessie ok he said no and was telling her what jessie was doing following him around earlier.
8:24pm nick has ginamarie laughing now she is whispering really low to him.. she says she is on her period and she gets very emotional on her period.
8:31pm :most hg in the by sitting on couches talking about houses and how big their houses are. nick and ginamarie are still in bed talking and laughing.

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8:44pm gina marie and nick counting triangles in the bedroom most hg still in by talking about general stuff.
8:51pm ginamarie has now joined the by group with nick and is in a much better mood she is talking and eating some food now.
8:57pm hg all playing sharades in the by mccrae heading to his hoh rm.

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9:22 PM BBT In the HOH McCrae and Amanda talking about when she was producing a film of some type. Now chatting about Amanda's boyfriend. Amanda says she loves him but this situation is weird.

9:35 PM BBT Not much going on. Charades still in the BY. Amanda and McCrae talking about his hopes and dreams. Spencer and Jeremy eating and gen chatting in the KT.

Kaitlin and Jeremy now in the BR. Jeremy tries to give Kaitlin a hickey. She stops him. He tells her he had one once and had to wear a turtleneck to cover it. He asks her if she is about ready to get up. She tells him she feels like she has been awake the whole time

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