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Sunday, June 30 Live Feed Updates


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Flashback----1:00am BBT In the hammock Aaryn, Gina griping about Helen and Candice. In a dark bedroom Helen and Candice are complaining about Aayrn, Gina and Elissa.

Flashback---2:30am BBT HG rehashing all the stuff that went on during the day. Helen and Candice talk in HN, Hele encourages Elissa, they have to fight for HOH.

Flashback---Spencer, Jeremy, Judd and Nick play some pool. Gina starts getting ready for bed.

lashback--4:00am BBT Jeremy and Nick hope they are here past the half way point. Nick says they are dividing the house, they will whittle sides down. If anyone but their 5 make it to F5 Jeremy will be pis**d.

Flashback--4:03 am BBT Jeremy says he will kick his showmance out if it comes down to it. Nick agrees. They agree to not be seen with each other so no one knows they are aligned.

Flashback-- 4:05 am BBT Nick says they will have the final count after the votes are cast. This whole week is working to get the 6 person group.

Flashback--Nick/Jeremy continue. They talk about getting David out. Keeping the Company secret. How awesome its been to be in the BBH.

By 4:20am BBT all HG are tucked up snug in their beds snoring away. Skip ahead to 7:46am BBT and they are still sleeping.

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8:30 a.m. BBT

All HGs sleeping snug in their beds... HGs sleeping on the Red Eye to L.A. will be told by the pilot that when

they land it will be sunny and in the 90's today.

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8:35 am BBT Andy gets up, uses WC and goes back to bed. Everyone else snoring away.

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Guest 6Borders

8:40am BB Time

We have action in the BB house.

Andy got up to use the bathroom...let's see if he stays up (drum roll....)...nope, he's back in bed,....excitement over.

Lots of movement and snoring going on. I guess BB is letting them sleep late since it's Sunday and they have a big week ahead! {I've been hearing doors open and close so must be production noises from somewhere behind the scenes}

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Guest 6Borders

9:18am BB Time

The HG's are stirring.

In the Have Not room Howard and Helen are talking. Howard is related a bad argument he had last night (he doesn't say with whom).

Howard leaves and Elissa and Helen are talking. They are chatting about waking up early. Elissa says she takes her time waking up...wishes they had a treadmill or a yoga mat. Helen mumbles something about asking for it when you get HOH.

Helen says to America "we don't like slop" and she hungry. Elissa wants a glass of wine or anything other than slop.

9:22am BBTime

BY: Andy and Judd are talking on the circular couch. Andy says something about not wanting to get into it.

Judd {the master of mumbling so it's hard to translate} says something about splitting into little groups. Judd says "I don't know if he's a twin"...says last night he was super cool. Andy says he thought there was something wrong right off the bat and taps his temple. {I think they are talking about David}. Andy said "he's aligned with Aaryn".

Judd says why are you shaking your head like that and Andy says because apparently he and Helen are with Elissa (alliance). Judd says Elissa's amazing...says having her on their side (or words to the effect) will help their game.

He says she didn't need all the stuff she's gone thru.

Andy says when he talks to Elissa he is on "her" radar (Amanda maybe??). Neither Andy or Judd have GinaMaria on their radar...Andy says he does not want GM to leave.

Andy says if one of the 8 of them get HOH it's going to be the easiest week ever. Andy says if the 8 of them stay solid it will be fine...they are his 8 fav people in the house. Andy says either McCrae or Elissa will get MVP.

They are discussing "them" laying in the hammock {not sure if they mean David/Aaryn or Jeremy/Kait}.

Andy leave to get something

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Guest 6Borders

9:28am BB Time

BB has just called about 1/2 the HG's to exchange their mic batteries.

9:30am BB Time:

Andy, Helen and Elissa are in the Have-Not Room discussing last year. Helen says Ian Terry wasn't on the block that much.

Elissa wants to know who was in the Quack Pack and Helen is relating who she remembers.

Elissa said "Shane did not make it that far" and Helen corrects that he was F4 and Danielle made it to F3

Judd comes in. Talk turns to how sharp the airline seats are in the Have Not room. She hugs Judd good morning.

They say they had a hard time falling asleep last night...says she drank too much tea.

General talk about who got "stop that's" and who got them.

We learn that it's Elissa's 9-year wedding anniversary. Judd gives her a happy anniversary hug! They gave her hubby Brent Happy Anniversay shout out's!

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Guest 6Borders

9:37am BB Time:

David is called to the DR.

Elissa is in the storeroom and Jud is wandering around by the dining room table {either this house is really small or these people move really fast because 10 sec ago they were all in different places}.

Andy and Helen are whispering in the bathroom. Hard to get part of it because the water was running. Helen seems to be recapping her conv of yesterday with Elissa..not to let bullies bother you and Helen says she is going to lay low.

Andy says he wants "her to F out of here (I think Aaryn). Helen says "don't freak out"

Andy says a lot could change in 3 days and leaves then comes back with Amanda. Amanda says something about mirros and "shutting the door" {sorry could not get it}.

9:43am BB Time: Amanda heads to the HOH room. McCrae has his headphones on and we briefly get music then FOTH.

BY: Judd and Andy talking again. Candace sat on Aaryn's hat last night and apparently Aaryn thought it was deliberate.

Howard said she started to tell "her" last night not to cook anything else. Judd says "you're 22, I'm 29..." and then said he heard the whole hat thing. Howard says "all this shit is going to hit the fan"...says "if the plan goes thru..." and Andy interrupts and says "WHEN the plan goes thru". Says they need to be calm.

Judd says Wed. he is going to bed early!!

Howard says they just need to be calm. Andy tells Howard what he told Judd...that one of them need to win HOH.

Andy says on the positive side it's made them (his alliance) more observant.

Howard is related last night...he is not sure when (if anything) he did...says "I don't know if I touched her ass or what"

Andy jokes and says "I stirred the pot and told her you did". Howard laughs and says it's always be people closest to you..."

Chit Chat about how cold the HOH room is, Howard calls the blanket in there "a tissue". Says he does not even care of he gets HOH..just wants a bed and food.

9:51am BB Time

Andy, Howard and Judd speculating on when the comp will be and discussing who they would choose as have nots.

Howard says the house will explode if Aaryn and Candace are have nots (I think that is what he is referring to)

Andy says Aaryn told him last night he is targeting Howard. Andy thinks she's ridic if she can't see that Andy is always hanging out with them and why would she tell Andy that.

They say they will all fight their ass off for HOH. Andy says they just need to lay low and not give any signs..says "I think we are in a really good spot". Andy leaves to go into the house and says he will be back.

Brief flashes of WBRB in between conversations

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Guest 6Borders

9:55am BBT

HOH Room: McCrae and Amanda are in the HOH bed. Andy is up there {again, these people move around the house at warp speed} talking to them about Aaryns conversation with him and we get FOTH!

Andy says Aaryn was targeting him, Helen and Candace..he thinks she is targeting ppl who she thinks are weak players.

Amanda says it will be better when they get rid of David.

Andy says as of Wed. lines will be drawn. They are discussing GM and Andy says GM is....? McCrae and Amanda say GM is on the Bieber Fever team and Amanda says "we still have the numbers".

Andy says there is so much to think about..says he and Helen hang out a lot and are now on "their radar".

Andy is speculating after Wed. are they going to be pissed at them (his alliance) or pissed at Spencer.

Amanda is saying she is still "deny deny deny"....says 100% we have to break up Jeremy and Kaitlin

Andy is going over all the diff senarios...says the key this week is not to raise any red flags...Andy says 'we are up here making all the big moves and get DR like once a day for 2 min" and Jeremy gets all the DR time

(we get FOTH every time the DR is mentioned).

Knock on the door, Andy lets McCrae in who brings coffee for himself and Amanda ({room service...nice!}

McCrae says he has a feeling Aaryn goes home next week (he says Sharon first and Amanda says "Sharon")

Andy says he does not know what is up with Aaryn.

Amanda does an immitation of Jeremy {she's loud and I can hear her fine but BB tells her to put on her mic}

Andy says he feels he and Helen are stronger players than Jeremy..Amanda breaks in and 100% agrees.

Andy is saying people are noticing who hangs out with whom. Amanda says
whenever our names are mentioned...is interrupted by Judd at the door!

Andy wants to see the tape of Candace sitting on Aaryn's hat! Lots of laughing over that.

Amanda recaps Aaryn saying "there is one thing you don't do to someone from Texas is sit on there hat"

{well, I did live there in college and that's true...6Borders}

Amanda and Andy says they need to keep Candace. Judd is repeating the conv last night and Aaryn saying it should not be turned into an age thing. Judd says he said it was an age thiing "you are 22 and yelling at a 30year old woman..."

Amanda says anything they can bitch about they will.

Andy says he needs to do some damage control with Jess....Andy says "once we get Elissa out...."

{I now have no idea what their actual plan is for eviction and I'm beginning to wonder if they do - 6Borders}

Andy says the bottom line is it does not matter what they hear as long as they stick together Amanda says no matter what they are sticking together, the 8 of us, and ride it to the end until they get Bieber Fever out it will be good.

They are back and forth as to who will vote how and who will win (the next HOH I guess).

Judd says to McCrae that he doesn't have anybody mad at him. Andy wonders who the blame will land on and who they think is on their side. Says they just need to support whoever gets the brunt of their wrath.

Amanda says "deny deny deny" and McCrae says "deny until you die"

Judd says it will pass. Andy said just the prospect of (?) is so exciting to him!

Andy says being a Have Not the first week is good because you notice the inconsideration of other people

{not sure how many times he's told the chocolate milk story...I've heard it at least 4 times now! - 6Borders}

Andy says he will not even touch the chol milk next week!

McCrae says he (Jeremy) took all the last of the wine for himself last night.

Judd says because someone hid a beer for him until he's not a have-not that he hopes that won't make him a target..says the smallest things (set people off?)

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Guest 6Borders

10:25am BB Time

HOH Room: Andy, McCrae, Judd and Amanda are discussing getting HOH.

Andy says he hopes it's him or Helen because the lines are being drawn. Judd says he hopes it's Helen so she can get a letter from home. Andy says if it was down to him and Helen he would give it to her in a minute.

A couple of FOTH's!

Amanda is talking about how easy it is to hear other conversations....says she's not a sneak but you can't help it.

Says there does not need to be that much scheming but their names are all going to come up..everybody's name is going to come up but it does not matter.

McCrae says they need to keep Elissa close because of the MVP. Judd says he's scared it's going to get switched up.

Amanda says Elissa told her she would hang on until she was blue...they discuss how strong Elissa is physically (and we get FOTH).

Andy wonders why they can't just pull Candace on board (with their alliance). McCrae says they just need to broach the topic really lightly. They discuss Howard or Spencer should do it. Andy says Spencer doesn't really like Candace.

FOTH back and forth. Amanda says "I love this"...doesn't think there has ever been this big of an alliance.

Amanda does not trust Candace...Judd says she would be on a "need to know basis".

Amanda says one minute they talk to her and the next throw her under the bus. Andy says he is going to talk to Jessie.

Judd says he's just going to do what he's been doing and talk to everybody.

Amanda says she will spend more time with those girls...if it takes having an f'ing nail party that is what she will do

{the hg's have been up for 1-1/2 hrs and I have lost track of how many times Amanda has said the F-word - 6Borders}

Amanda is so excited for Wednesday...says the other alliance is going to f-ing crumble. They hope Elissa will just turn it on and paraphase a Rachel line about "bitches"

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Guest 6Borders

10:44am BB Time:

Judd is wondering if she (Aaryn) watched the show that much. Amanda doesn't think she knows the show that much!

Discussion as to which is correct "actor or actress"...they decide actor is more correct because "it's the Screen Actor's Guild"

Andy is going over the votes again. Says Candace is the swing vote...Andy says it's crucial that they get Candace.

McCrae says it worries him. Amanda says we saved her and McCrae says but I also put her up (on the block). Amanda says "but you vetoed her". They decide they HAVE TO get Candace on their side. Amanda says Candace could screw up their whole plan if she votes against them and they need to get to her.

10:50am BB Time

BY: David and Spencer are talking game. They are worried about Helen. Spencer thinks Helen has a soft spot for Elissa because they both have kids. Says Helen is trying to comfort Elissa.

David says Helen is awesome, he was just thinking about game play.

Spencer says it seemed for a while Helen was trying to keep her distance from Elissa.

Spencer says the hat thing was not deliberate, he can't see Candance doing that (on purpose) but tells David when he talked to Aaryn he might want to difuse that.

10:54am BB Time FOTH on all cameras

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Guest 6Borders

10:55am BB Time

BY: Spencer and David are discussing the HOH. David says "so you think it will be an easy one"

Amanda joins and the conv stops. McCrae is there also now.

Spencer says he's about to hop in the shower. Amanda comments on how tan David got yesterday!

Amanda says one of the rules in the BB House is to cover the sauna (spa) every night..and they say "whoops"

Amanda says they should do something tonite like an "Apache Relay". She's trying to explain it and Spencer is yawning.

{Amanda is talking a mile a minute and not finishing sentences so I will have to look up this game}

Judd says he can't have peanut butter so he would get a penalty nom!

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Guest 6Borders

11:51am BB Time:

{I'm back after some annoying phone calls...the audacity to call someone during Big Brother}

Looks like they are on indoor lockdown. David, Andy, Howard and Spencer are in the living room discussing why they have a lockdown and what is going on.

Talk turns to other seasons. Andy explains why there was a mid-season (Season 9) Big Brother due to the writer's strike. Andy says it was the worse season of BB and if you missed that one it was the one to miss

David says "season 9 with crazy James?" and says that season was kind of cool

They discuss if their relatives are watching the feeds. Spencer says his dad probably wouldn't get up and watch the live feeds. Andy's mom says his mom is probably watching 24/7. Spencer says After Dark is about as much live feed as he would need {there are definitely days I agree with that!!}

Jessie joins the boys on the couch. They are talking about David farthing all night..tells David no farting on command and moves to the other couch.

Jeremy is up now. Jessie asks "so what do you think is going on today?"

Spencer says a comp called "beat the F out of Jesse Clair"...says it's the favorite comp of the season. He says he heard they were going to practice that comp later so for her game play she can stand in the middle of the floor now (for practice). Lots of laughing!

Talk turns to slop. Andy said one week is doable but he could not handle more. Jessie asks how long they have been on...Andy says since Monday, this is day 7. Andy says he will eat to be ready for the comp.

Howard says he wishes they could do something (for a food comp) as a whole house ({me too...been hollering that point to BB's deaf ears since slop came to the house -6Borders}

They wish they could have a sushi party! General talk about sushi and Japanese food!

12:02pm BB Time

Jeremy is showering and Kait is saying something I can't hear.

Howard and Aaryn go to the lounge for the conversation {apparently Howard is doing the damage control they all talked about earlier}. Howard is explaining that there was no disrespect over the incident with her hat. She says its ok and they leave to hang out in the bathroom.

Bathroom: Girls are discussing hair, dry shampoo, etc. Amanda says she wishes they had dry shampoo. Kait says she brought some and they (BB) took it away. Aaryn is related her conversation w/Howard about her hat...says he just wanted to make sure it was all ok.

Aaryn has a zit on her chin and says we need to fix it.

Kait and Jessie are discussing the messy house. Kait says she is ready to clean like crazy and Jessie says they should have a house cleaning party and it would be awesome to have a clean house. Someone (Aaryn maybe) says "yeah for about 5 minutes".

Girls are doing hair and make up and general discussion about movies. Jeremy is still in the shower {wasting what is left of California's water}.

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Guest 6Borders

12:08pm BBT

Living Room: Howard, Spencer, Andy, Candace, McCrae and Jessie just general chit-chatting.

Apparently lock-down is over or they think it is but nobody is racing to the yard! Spencer says he does not give a fuck...the sun is the sun!

Spencer is relating a southern saying...that if you are doing something they say "don't be ugly" Candace understands it but Andy says he's never heard that in Chicago!

Andy says "has she still not figured out what condiments we can use?" and they others laugh and Spencer says "now that was ugly".

Backyard: McCrae and Jessie talking on the circular couch about votes. McCrae says if they vote to keep her they are targets. Jessie says there was some talk around the hot tub yesterday....(lots of ummm)...then says Helen has rubbed Aaryn the wrong way (or vice versa) and says she pulled the "age card". McCrae says he hates the age card and it makes him nervous when people talk about age because he would be a target. She asks how old he is and he says 23.

Jessie tells McCrae did really well yesterday. McCrae said he hates doing that stuff. Jessie tells him Candace was happy that McCrae is a man of his word. Tells McCrae for being Week One HOH he has "done good". McCrae wonders who will win HOH and Jessie says "I hope it's me".

The "Candace sat on Aaryn's hat" incident comes up again {again...sigh!!!}

Jessie says Candace is letting her lips go lose. Jessie says when the tension starts and people start creating stuff she just walks away and goes to bed {she said in her bio she was going to keep to herself}.

McCrae tells her that is the smartest thing she could do.

Jessie says in other news the have-nots are really struggling at this point. McCrae thinks that they will get to eat at 12 (midnight)...says that would be so great for them. General chit-chat about the have nots and now hard it is for them, especially last night when they got alcohol!

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Guest 6Borders

12:20pm BB Time

GM and Nick are in one of the bedrooms. Nick said when he first came here he was sweating and when he gets into bed he is so hot, then gets cold. GM says she gets so hot if someone lays on top and she has to take off clothes and then gets cold and has to put them back on. Nick said he would walk around the house in just underware but some people are married and he would not want to put them off. Just silly talk and laughing!

Backyard: McCrae is going to put on this swim trunks. Amanda tells him where she put the towels are.

Candace is eating and Helen is eating slop with tons of sugar stuff in it. Says she's never gone this long without a glass of wine...says even if you are a Have it's not like they get it every day.

Helen says she thought there would always be a stocked bar and giving them alcohol would be good because it would create more drama. Jessie says she feels really bad for the have-not's and she is just so scared of being on it.

Helen says Amanda is great about making stuff with slop and if you have to be on slop it would be best to be on it the week Amanda is because she would spend the whole time making recipes.

McCrae some back. Candace is asked if there has been anything more since they talked last night and Candace says no.

General joking about sitting on the hit ({I have a feeling that will be the hot topic of the Summer}.

Candace is telling about her apartment and she had to move to the first floor when she got a dog!

She got a 2-bedroom but it was dumb because the room is not used. Says they pay $1400 a month and now they have a roach infestation {wait until the ants invade the BB House!} McCrae has apparently never seen a roach {that comment is just way to easy, so I will pass on making a remark...lol} One of the girls says you are a pizza boy and you've never seen a roach...he says they don't have them in Minnesota!

Candace explains how they exterminate and once they do all the roaches come out. McCrae says that is so gross!

Andy goes inside to get a bowl of slop!

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Guest 6Borders

112:34pm BB Time

Kait, Aaryn, Nick and Jessie (I think) are primping in the bathroom. Elissa is either getting ready to work out or just finished.

General talk about make-up and shoes, brands etc.

Jeremy, David and Spencer are having lunch at the kitchen counter. Andy is making a slop cake and Nick is looking for a coffee cup. Helen tells Nick he didn't miss anything, that they had a lock down. He said he heard that and that's why he stayed in bed. More discussion about slop. Spencer and Helen are talking about underprivledged countries..Helen said they would die for slop.

Spencer is talking about growing seed where there is less water and how you can set it up and the moisture collects and drips down to the seed {sounds like a form of hydroponics maybe?}

Aaryn comes in and puts her arms around David then leaves.

Nick is standing with the fridge open contemplating the contents {and wasting electricity}

Banter about the choc milk {between that and Aaryn's hat it's going to be long Summer}

Spencer complains that whoever went out didn't shut the door to the yard so David gets up and shuts it.

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Guest 6Borders

12:45pm BB Time

BY: Amanda is complaining about how hot it is. McCrae (maybe...can't see who is in the pool) asks if Helen got an answer about the slop (prob when they can eat). We went to FOTH briefly so I didn't hear the answer).

Amanda is on the circular couch smoking {again}.

GM thinks they should make a slip 'n slide with the trash bags. She goes inside to get recruits to play slip 'n slide.

GM and Howard discuss how to make the slide slippery. The ask McCrae, who is lounging in the pool, what was used on the previous season and he says all kinds of shit. Someone says "vegetable oil"!

Howard apparently decided to leave the slip 'n slide construction to GM and works out with weights. Jeremy joins him for workout.

Spencer says he'd like to lose some weight so he will look better in his normal clothes.

Comments on how hot it is. GM gets a patio chair and joins the boys at the BY couch so I guess the slip 'n slide is on hold for how.

They laugh about McCrae having a "grandpa body". They wonder what Howard looked like as a kid and laugh that he was probably the same. Jeremy (I think) said if he looked like that he would never put any clothes on.

Spencer starts to tell a story and they say "you're going to tell that story again". Spencer tries to amend the story and pretty much gives up so starts on another story {I have a feeling he is going to be this season's Roddy...endless taking on everything and every subject}

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11:58am andy and jessie david and howard sitting in lvr talking about judd needing food

12:02pm : amanda kaitlyn and arryn in wa while jeremy is in the shower getting ready for the day.

12:10pm andy telling jessie that she can smoke in the plane rm and she says yeah there is ashtrays and they laugh. aaryn and david are in the wa brushing teeth .

12:14pm MCcrae and jessie in the by smoking and talking about helen rubbing people the wrong way, because she thinks people are pulling out the age card on her.

12:20pm nick and gina marie are in bed laughing and yawning. nick says i dont know whats worse being on slop or listening to people being on slop .

12:25pm most hg siting in the by talking about making slop and eating and just general chit chat.

12:38pm MCcrae is in the pool. amanda and candice on the by couch smoking. david, andy, jeremy , nick and spencer are in the kt talking and eating and laughing.

12:50pm amanda asking if everyone wants to make a slip and slide and what to use on it the guys say oil and soap she says yeah lets do it do something fun but i need to use a pillow so my boobs wont pop and MCCrae says thats good tv amanda says maybe good tv but not good for me.

12:57pm howard is working out on the weights and spencer andy jeremy and gina marie are all talking about him and his muscles they sat that Mcrae has a granpas body and spencer says mcrae has sweet areolas and they all laugh jeremy says his nipples look like eyes and they continue laughing.

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Guest 6Borders

1:00pm BB Time

General chit chat...nothing very exciting.

Aaryn if over getting up early and spending long days, we find that Howard has his own water bottle in the freezer, Amanda is called to the DR and someone comments "getting some DR time girl"

General talk about sleeping during the day, staying up late!

Spencer says Amanda is going to make a slip 'n slide {apparently she is going to take over the project) and he and Kait comment that they don't think the slip 'n slide is going to work out but Spencer points out it will keep Amanda busy

Kait asks Spencer if he is going to get his GF a ring (I guess if he wins the money). He said they could take it to the next level...that she knows what is going on and she is an awesome catch. Family talk between them.

Spencer says he's the oldest guy in the house. Kait says how does that make you feel and he says "awesome".

Spencer is talking about priorities and you have to make a conscious decision to do what is right at every turn, not what is easy but right.

Kait says this is the first time she's ever been single and it's great. Spencer said don't be afraid to be single.

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Guest 6Borders

1:09pm BB T

Spencer and Kait discuss Elissa. Spencer says all she does is work out...says she sure does not know how to talk to people.

Spencer says it's not her punishment until Wed. for people to be mean to her..Kait says "she's a human being". Spencer says talking to her is like talking to a manequin. Says she's like a Stepford Wife and Kait says, that's all she's ever wanted. Spencer says but she's in her late 20's....

Jeremy joins and Spencer goes off to floss his teeth. Jeremy asks Kait if she wants to play pool and she says no, she is doing her nails. Says Aaryn will play pool with you. Aaryn says she does not play pool in the heat.

Jeremy yells to Amanda "what are we waiting on?" and she says ducttape. Kait says it could be hours. Jeremy asks Amanda did BB say for sure they would get the duck tape (didn't hear the reply).

Kait said she asked for cards days ago and still no cards.

GM is explaining slip 'n slide again. Elissa just went running by for the 3rd time during this conversation.

Jeremy says they only need 6 people...3 teams of two. Amanda says the more teams the longer the relays can be.

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1:10pm gina marie and aaryn are in the kt complaining about the hg being so messy and how they keep cleaning and everyone messes it back up again.

1:17pm some hg are lounging by the pool just general chat about family and spencer has gona to take a nap. gina marie is fixen to go for a jog around the by .

1:25pm kaitlyn is saying her friends will laugh tonight cuz she got mad in the have not comp cuz everyone was telling me to shut up and it made me mad. andy says if anyone told me to shut up i would tell them to shut up and be mad too. andy says it is going to seem weird on wednesday when a picture goes black and white when someone leaves then the game will be on .

1:29pm arryn telling david she goes to sleep thinking about this game and dreams about it too.

1:33pm andy saying being on slop makes him want to eat all bad foods lastnight he wanted a whole pizza .

1:45pm Arryn and david are talking about amanda looking like a man aaryn says maybe she was born a man and david laughs. now david is talking to MCcrae about watching teen wolf.

1:58pm elissa and amanda in the ht just talking about americas choices and what julie will ask.andy jeremy and kaitlyn in kt helping jessie clean the kt.

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2:12pm hg cleaning kt and laying out in by general chat going on

2:23pm jessie trying to finish washing dishes and hg going in and out making food. david and arryn still laying by the pool talking

2:26pm :arryn telling david she had a stalker at her house one night when she was cleaning house she had to air it out because she has a cat her mom forced her to take czare of so she went to shut the window and the patio door and seen a guy on her patio by a post smoking and watching her.

2:45pm howard and candice talking about amanda saying helen and andy needs to go because they was crying.nick and amanda in hoh rm talking about making food

2:57pm jessie and helen cleaning the fridge. spencer candice andy nick amanda and mccrae are in hoh talking about food comps and when the have nots get to eat.

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3:16pm mccrae amanda and nick come into the kt and tells jessie the kitchen looks great. candice and qallisa in hoh with spencer and andy talking about fixen her hair for the live show.

3:23pm most hg siting in by eating and smoking and talking sabout how things have gone in the house since they entered the house and when the have nots might be able to eat.

3:38pm helen spencer and howard in hoh helen says lets make it to jury together spencser says yeah. helen says we have to kep andy focused. and judd is paranoid spencer says. spencer then says lets go make this thing work.

3:39pm spencer says i am not talking to candice after helen leaves the room. howard says keep it simple man.

3:53pm jessie is sweeping the kt now as aaryn stands watching her most hg are in the by talking and working out.

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People are forgetting to post:

4:00PM BBT: Kaitlin, Aaryn and David are in the bathroom area chatting. Andy, Amanda, Judd, Jeremy and Nick are in the backyard. Jeremy says he's going to be in so much trouble when he gets out because of things said in DR

4:03PM BBT: Aaryn asking David when he showered last. He said "a few days ago". He is wondering why he needs to shower every day if he goes in the pool. Aaryn telling him to shower every day and complaining about how he never cooks/cleans

4:05PM BBT: David says sheets aren't all dirty because of him says "Candice was in there", then says it was racist (didn't catch the whole sentence). Aaryn says "well it wasn't as bad as saying 'Asian eyes'"

4:10PM BBT: Helen leading a workout in the backyard with GinaMarie and Spencer.

4:17PM BBT: David/Jeremy lining up things to jump over (trash cans and lawn chairs). Aaryn is NOT happy.

4:21PM BBT: Kaitlin and Aaryn are in the the HoH room. Kaitlin is saying Amanda that is getting overprotective of McCrae.

Kaitlin and Aaryn are wondering why Elissa isn't crying. Saying they're getting a weird vibe from DR. They say she doesn't want to play, just wants TV and image

Kaitlin and Aaryn are sure that Elissa will come back after being evicted. Pretty sure she's going to come back via Pandora's Box.

Aaryn is worried that Jeremy will sway Kaitlin against her. Kaitlin says she's not easily manipulated,

4:35PM BBT: Jessie and Spencer are in the hammock talking about their favorite part of BB. Kaitlin and Aary are still in the the HoH room, talking about Elissa Aaryn: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, you're going home"

4:37PM BBT: McCrae and Howard are in the backyard. Howard wants to play up the girls not trusting each other. Wants the alliance to make to the final five to make BB history. And on BB20 bring them back with the brigade and Will/Boogie

4:39PM BBT: Aaryn: "I know how to manipulate Judd." Kaitlin: "Me too, it'll only take one 'flash'." Aaryn: "We just need to keep giving him attention and he'll vote how we want."

4:43PM BBT: Aaryn wants to target Candice. Kaitlin wants to target Helen because "Reptar" (Andy) will go where the numbers are with Helen gone. Aaryn thinks they're overlooking Amanda and McCrae. They decide to keep McCrae because he's loyal to Jeremy and keep Amanda and McCrae until final six. They also mention keeping Spencer because they can give him attention like Judd.

Aaryn and Kaitlin decide to leave the the HoH room. They think showmances are a good idea because the guys will there to protect them. They think they are sitting amazingly.

4:53PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the backyard. Amanda is in the DR, Elissa is in the kitchen.

Howard, Andy and Spencer talk about how awesome it is that he girls are fighting already. It's perfect for them. They discuss MVP and think Elissa or another girl will keep winning for at least two weeks. They all like David, but want him to go. Andy asks them if they can get a read on Nick. They say no and Andy think that's a great game move on Nick's part. They talk about worst case scenarios with two members of the moving crew being nominated. Spencer thinks that Candice is a sinking ship and that Judd will try to talk to her too early about her vote because he has a huge mouth. Howard says he'll talk to Judd about keeping his mouth shut, because they need to blame Candice on the vote so the girls will target her.

Not else much going on feeds right now. Jeremy and Aaryn talk about being awake during surgery, which happened to Aaryn. She never went to sleep with the anesthesia. BB tells them to put their mics on. Amanda/Nick joke about how hungry Amanda is and that maybe she's pregnant by immaculate conception. Jeremy wants to wear Judd's bear shirt, but Judd think it will be too small for Jeremy. Jeremy says it's the dopest shirt he's ever seen.

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