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Sunday, June 30 Live Feed Updates


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6:00PM BBT: Jeremy can't believe how old Nick's parents are. Nick's mom is barely approaching her 40s and Nick's mom is 66.

Nick tells Jeremy he'll pay GinaMarie to cook all his meals and serve them in bed. He says, "Yo, GinaMarie! I'll rub your back and feed if you feed me."

Amanda tells McCrae that she can' the flirt with Howard, because he's too aggressive. ( I don't even get this. Howard never speaks to Amanda, lol).

6:05PM BBT: Kaitlin, Jeremy, Howard, Amanda, McCrae and Andy on the backyard loungers joking about Judd's flailing arms during the competition. Kaitlin vents about Candice not listening to everyone else. Amanda liked her up until that night. Kaitlin and Amanda agree she has got to go.

Andy and Kaitlin discuss how they lived in Chicago at the same time. They talk about Kaitlin's Danielle's roommate and her escaped with setting a baked potato on fire. Andy think it's hilarious. The fire alarm went off, so they threw the potato out the window and almost hit a girl on the sidewalk.

6:15PM BBT: Spencer and Andy spar in the bathroom. Spencer says he's dressing nicer now and Andy says "Poor and stupid not working for you anymore.? Well-dressed and stupid now?"

Outside Amanda, Aaryn, David, and Jeremy talk about what type of fans they will get. Jeremy will get the tattoo clans and boaters. Aaryn will get the southern bitches, and David will get the teenage girls. They start rapping/rhyming. Jeremy is disturbingly good at it.

6:30PM BBT: Horrible jokes are up next. "What do you call a sea gull by the bay? "A Bay gull!" Jeremy says, "What is a witches favorite subject? SPELLING!" This devolves into quoting Austin Powers and DR. Evil.

GinaMarie says she doesn't read other than tabloids and the TV Guide. She's never read an entire book. She was a bully and made kids write her reports.

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7:09pm david and jeremy siting at kt table looking at the memory wall talking about everyone on there.

7:17pm howard sitting at ht with other hg telling them about going to marriage counseling and being depressed and we get wbrb

7:22pm helen and elissa are in the lvr talking about skiing and riding bikes amanda in kt making herself a burger david is getting chocolate milk and water.aaryn in the shower and the rest of the hg are in the by with general talking going on.

7:28pm jeremy spencer judd andy david and amanda talking about mickey mouse while andy smells his armpits and jeremy tells bb that helen is sleeping and they all laugh.

7:41pm : aaryn and ginamarie are under the hammockk laying close and they move up to the top and laugh.

8:06pm spencer and elissa are walking through the house whispering then elissa walks back to the kt alone then heads outside where most of the hg are playing pool and sitting around just talking about pool or trips.

8:14pm david, helen, jeremy and howard, spencer nick are playing pool elissa and candice layong on lounge in by.

8:18pm jessie and amanda on the hammock talking about how jeremy flirted with jessie all day one day in the house then that night she caught him snuggled with kaitlyn and it hurt her feelings and thats the night kaitlyn and jeremy started sleeping together.

8:20pm andy has now joined the hammock with the girls and they repeat what they was saying. jessie said her and aaryn were close before but they arent now but jessie says its whatever.

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Sorry! Forgot this earlier!!

#BB15 4:00pm BBT: Kaitlyn/Aaryn/David in WA chatting. Andy/Amanda/Judd/Jeremy/Nick(?) in BY. Jeremy says he's gonna be in so much trouble when he gets out bc of things said in DR
#BB15 4:03pm BBT: Aaryn asking David when he showered last. He said "a few days ago". He is wondering why he needs to shower every day if he goes in the pool. Aaryn telling him to shower every day and complaining about how he never cooks/cleans
#BB15 4:05pm BBT: David says sheets aren't all dirty bc of him says "Candice was in there", then says it was racist (didn't catch the whole sentence). Aaryn says "well it wasn't as bad as saying 'Asian eyes'"
#BB15 4:10pm BBT: Helen leading a workout in the BY with GM and Spencer
#BB15 4:17pm BBT: David/Jeremy lining up things to jump over (trash cans and lawn chairs). Aaryn is NOT happy
#BB15 4:21pm BBT: Kaitlyn/Aaryn in HOHR. Kait saying Amanda is getting overprotective of McCrae
#BB15 4:23pm BBT: Kaitlyn and Aaryn wondering why Elissa isn't crying. Saying they're getting a weird vibe from DR. They say she doesn't want to play, just wants TV and image
#BB15 4:27pm BBT: Kait/Aaryn are sure that Elissa will come back after being evicted. Pretty sure she's going to come back via Pandora's Box
#BB15 4:31pm BBT: Aaryn is worried that Jeremy will sway Kait against her. Kait says she's not easily manipulated
#BB15 4:35pm BBT: Jessie/Spencer in Hammock talking about fave part of BB. Kait/Aaryn still in HOHR, talking about Elissa Aaryn: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, you're going home"
#BB15 4:37pm BBT: McCrae/Howard in BY. Howard wants to play up the girls not trusting each other. Wants the alliance to make F5 to make BB history. And on BB20 bring them back with the brigade and Will/Boogie
#BB15 4:39pm BBT: Aaryn: I know how to manipulate Judd. Kait: Me too, it'll only take 1 "flash". Aaryn: We just need to keep giving him attention and he'll vote how we want.
#BB15 4:43pm BBT: Aaryn wants to target Candice. Kaitlyn wants to target Helen because "Reptar" (Andy) will go where the numbers are with Helen gone. Aaryn thinks they're overlooking Amanda/McCrae. They decide to keep McCrae bc he's loyal to Jeremy and keep Am/Mc until final 6. They also mention keeping Spencer bc they can give him attention like Judd
#BB15 4:48pm BBT: Aaryn/Kait decide to leave HOHR. They think showmances are a good idea bc the guys will there to protect them. They think they are sitting amazingly.
#BB15 4:53pm BBT: Most HGs in BY. Amanda is in DR, Elissa is in KT.
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8:40pm amanda and MCcrae are playing chess general talk going in the hammock and some playing pool.
8:45pm :Aaryn and david are kissing and hugging in the by and jeremy picked up kaitlyn and carried her across the yard ginamarie is talking about someone being fake and she hates fake people andy and nick have their feet in the ht.
8:50pm kaitlyn and aaryn are running to jeremy and david and they are cartching them and holding them in the air.
8:53pm : ginamarie has judd dancing in the backyard and making funny moves as she laughs hysterically.

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#BB15 9:00pm BBT: McCrae/Amanda/Spencer/Andy/Candice playing naughty alphabet game in HOHR. Other HGs in BY playing/dancing

#BB15 9:05pm BBT: Andy leaves, Judd/Jessie join HOH crew. Chatter about the deal with GM and Nick

#BB15 9:11pm BBT: Difference between spiritual and religion from Spencer: religion makes you pick a side, spiritual causes you to be ok with everything

#BB15 9:26pm BBT: HGs are either upstairs in HOHR or in KT. General chit chat

#BB15 9:33pm BBT: Kait/Jeremy/Aaryn/David on BY couches. They know they're big targets

#BB15 9:35pm BBT: Aaryn says that the other half of the house could win a comp. David/Jeremy nod their heads no, Jeremy says "Half this house better keep their bags packed bc they're going down"

#BB15 9:53pm BBT: Kaitlyn is upset and can't concentrate. She wants to go out and socialize with other people

#BB15 9:57pm BBT: Andy/Spencer/Amanda/McCrae/Judd talking about Elissa trying to talk to Spencer earlier. They don't want to tell Candice the plan yet. GM is outside HOH playing chess, they think she may be listening. Talking about "Beiber fever" alliance

#BB15 10:00pm BBT: Andy is upset that Elissa came up to him in front of Beiber Fever and was talking about a secret convo

#BB15 10:03pm BBT: Andy feels bad for lying to David earlier. He hates lying to him, he has to go- but he likes him.

#BB15 10:06pm BBT: HOH crew talking about Kait/Aaryn/GM being mean girls to Jessie and Elissa

#BB15 10:08pm BBT: Andy feels they've lost GM and think she's gonna blow up on Wed after the eviction

#BB15 10:10pm BBT: Candice, Elissa, Jessie, Kait talking about when Candice's father died

#BB15 10:12pm BBT: McCrae is telling Amanda not to say homophobic stuff. He says even he's offended by it. Amanda says she's not homophobic, she's a big gay activist and she's just kidding around

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Guest 6Borders

10:08pm BBTime

(Sorry for not filling in Morty...had an emergency at the neighbor's)

HOH Room: Andy, Amanda and McCrae are back on the infamous "she" (I am assuming it's Elissa).

Amanda is running her mouth {again..it's the 4th verse same as the first...it gets hard to pay attention to her. After a while the p's and o's on my keyboard start to cross!!}

Andy said they are solid and then leaves.

McCrae says he needs food and he's just frustrated with himself. Amanda says it has to be hard on him with "the girl(s)"

coming up there all the time and following him all the time {is she talking about herself???}

General bs banter between McCrae and Amanda. He says she has been on his case today. A hair on McCrae's chin hurts.

McCrae gets out of bed...says "do you want to sit up here for a little bit" She says "do you want me to sit up there?"

He's back in bed and there are bantering...cockpits and throwing me under the bus {I think the channel switched and I am watching the NewlyWeird Game}

Amanda says she is not a bitchy girl..and he could also go for Jessie {nothing more to see here folks, moving on to another feed}

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Guest 6Borders

10:17p, BB Time

BY: Elissa, Candace and Kait on the semi-circular couch. Kait and Candace's conversations are repeats of earlier...first time in my life I am single, relationships. Elissa said she loves her husband so much, etc. etc {she is way too normal to be in this house in my opinion -6Borders}

Jeremy joins...says he is still waiting for cards from BB. Discussing games..Jeremy says they are still waiting for ducttape and BB won't give them any.

Spencer is in the hammock with Jeremy {the odd couple}. "The Moving Company" is planning their next pack 'em up and move 'em out. Say Elissa has to go and then Amanda.

Jeremy says he does not mean to be catty but..it's just ridic dude...she's no threat to me...I want her ass gone {obviously Jeremy did not major in English}

Spencer is trying to get this train wreck back on the track. He says they have to create the majority...and we go to FOTH.

Jeremy said he had to pull "him" aside in the storage room...says he told McCrae Amanda is riding him like a fanny pack {I'm getting a T-Shirt made of that one}.

Jeremy says you can tell him what I say and what I got to say. Jeremy said he called out McCrae and they are going to be ticked if they find out McCrae (lied? or has a side alliance?) Spencer says something like "...sending a good dude home".

Jeremy said he could go with that alliance and rule it but his heart is with MC (Moving Company) and if he has to play ruthless he will play ruthless.

Spencer talks about everyone catching all the heat and F'ing McCrae is up there sleeping with Amanda. Says Amanda will play ball with them but not one to show her cards. Jeremy says if he's keeping secrets his ass is on the block. Jeremy says if he gets HOH he will put up Elissa and Amanda..they amend this to this plan for Week #3.

Spencer says Amanda is getting sketchy. Jeremy says it will be easier when he is out of the HOH room.

Spence says the thing with Elissa is the MVP...Jeremy says we don't have to worry about it if she out.

Jeremy says he does not know what those 5 (sorry can't recall which) but they (Moving Company) have 9 and 9 beats 5 every time. Jeremy says we are cutting heads off and if we have to be the hit men...(hard to hear, there is a lot of noise at the pool table).

They say they are protecting each other's games..Spencer says there is always someone else to go after.

Says "we can do this bro". Jeremy says he trusts Spencer more than all the other MC. Spencer says sometimes you have to trim the fat..Jeremy agrees.

They discuss the next two weeks..your side/my side and what they need to do {sorry I have completely lost the ball in this ping pong match}

They said Kait is coming and they need to break off. Spencer says he has to go get dental floss and leaves. Kait jumps on Jeremy in the hammock and they are cuddling and acting like silly tweens!

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Guest 6Borders

10:37pm BB Time

BY: Jeremy and Kait are on the hammock.

Judd is wandering around the yard.

Triangle Bedroom:

Nick, David, Andy chatting and Judd comes in.

Discussion is are they have's as of midnight, how many days will they get to eat and will they all be have's until the next HOH.

Nick said he doesn't have the mental capacity (I didn't get for what)...{Nick is talking like he just had dental surgery and is still numb)

Spencer comes in to announce they have alcohol.

Andy says he misses this room.

GM comes in and Judd asks if she will grab the Tecante..she asks what and he spells it and she says about 3 things I didn't get at warp speed and leaves.

Talk is which room is better with the lights etc. Andy says anything but the airplane room and getting more than 3 hours' sleep would be good.

Aaryn comes in and interrups "when the girls don't fight that's a good day". Aaryn cuddles with David. Andy says "i just haven't talked to you in a while" and leaves!

Aaryn straddles David and she's back on the soapbox about being around all these girls....{they just got alcohol, so I hope they got cheese for Aaryn as well!)

GM comes in and Aaryn says "we're not doing anything weird".

David asked GM if they decided on the 5th person...she says for the team??

GM discusses the teams..who needs to go on which team and goes into a spiel about Andy, everyone talks shit, f'ing this and f'ing that......

{14 years of watching Big Brother and I still can't speak the language!! -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

10:50pm BB Time

Kait is bouncing on the bed in the triangle room saying she is so bored.

Arryn says "I am so sick of it, so sick of it, so sick of it..." {I had to check my sound controls to make sure they were ok}

David says Spencer went off on Andy..Spencer apparently took Andy's shirt! David said they both got upset!

Kait says all she wants is a bottle of Jameson. David said doesn't she remember that they told us there would not be a lot of alcohol in the house. Kait said "yeah but I didn't sign up for that" {different contract maybe????}

David asks about her and Jeremy. She says sometime she finds him attractive and yesterday she wanted to jump his bones but then he was acting 13. David said he's a big goofy guy.

Kait says she just doesn't want to be in a relationship right now and her family is watching right now and it's really turning her off...enter Jeremy and lots of laughter {any bets he heard the whole thing???}

Kait immediately jumps on Jeremy and wraps her legs around him.

Aaryn is tired, bored, doesn't want to go to sleep but...!

Conversation turns to beer and wine and at midnight Judd should "shotgun one of those beers" Judd says he's thinking about it!

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10:15 PM BBT We've had a bit of downtime due to technical difficulties but we're up and running once more. For the past 45 minutes ago we've had idle chit chat all around the house with the girls bashing each other behind each others backs. Nothing new there. At this point it seems safe to say Judd is waiting out the clock for midnight BB time so he can see if he and the other HNs will get to eat or not.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @RocioMejiaZ: @mortystv how about rachel on season 13? - You are correct Rachel did win the first HoH and the final vote in Season 13!

10:29 PM BBT Jeremy and Spencer are lying in the hammock chatting with each other about the house. One of them say they talked to McCrae about spending so much time with Amanda and her boobs. McCrae told them that he has her in his pocket (which he told Amanda he would tell anyone. Jeremy says he's tight with McCrae and the first time he starts keeping secrets his head goes on the block. Spencer agrees. Jeremy says maybe he should put Amanda on the block week 3.

10:32 PM BBT Spencer tells Jeremy he thinks that if Elissa survives this week he fells like he can control her and the MVP power that he expects her to get over the next few weeks. However if she goes home that power is loose in the house. Jeremy says "we're awesome...one of us would get it" (That's an awfully bold thing to say...)

10:36 PM BBT McCrae is called to the DR. Jeremy suggests that Spencer go lie on the couch and pull him into the SR when he comes out. Spencer agrees. Kaitlin wanders up to the hammock saying she's bored. Spencer takes the opportunity to get up and head into the house to get a drink a water and floss. Jeremy tells Kaitlin that she knew she was going to meet up with a Cherokee chief when she came into the house and they begin to giggle and laugh as he tickles her.

10: 37 PM BBT Judd walks up to the hammock and asks if anyone heard his good news. It's confirmed that the HNs can eat at midnight (7 days have passed since they lost). Judd just wants a pizza. Jeremy will have some with him. Kaitlin wants to get...well...drunk...

10:44 PM BBT Meanwhile in the KT Amanda and GM chat. Andy walks into the colorful room and Judd can be heard as well (wasn't he just outside in the BY?) telling Nick and David that they get to eat at midnight. David seems annoyed that they don't have to wait until the next HN competition. Squeals can be heard coming from elsewhere in the house and Spencer sticks his head in the door and says that alcohol has arrived before leaving. GM arrives and Nick asks her to save him a Tecante. GM thinks they've already been stolen away "it was like hyenas in heat!"

10:49 PM BBT Andy lies on one of the color room beds and asks David what the best part of his day was since he hadn't seem at all. David replies that oiling Aaryn up was great. Aaryn comes in and Andy excuses himself. Aaryn confirms to Andy that the rest of the HGs decided to hold of drinking until after midnight. GM says she told Nick today that he was speaking with Elissa too much. Andy tried it and everyone was riding him because of it. Kaitlin comes in griping that she's beyond bored and wants to drink but nobody will let her.

10:52 PM BBT Kaitlin starts griping that all she wants to do is make out but everything he does is annoying her. He makes faces and apparently picked up a chip off the floor and ate it..."5 second rule!" chimes in GM before leaving. Kaitlin starts jumping on the bed saying how bored she is.

11:04 PM BBT Meanwhile up in the HoH room McCrae, Spencer and Nick have a quick meeting. The vote this week is being rehashed as well as everyone's distrust of the girls being able to keep their cool. Amanda can be spotted coming up the stairs and Nick tells Spencer to lean back on the couch and make it look like they were just relaxing. McCrae just laughs as she walks in the door.

11:07 PM BBT Switching feeds and Aaryn is complaining to David about how he wants her to do things she doesn't want to do on TV. Kaitlin walks in with a beer in her hand giggling. Aaryn complains that her feet are black "I have Wal-Mart feet!" (That's a new one...). Kaitlin says if someone comes in they'll have to hide it. "Judd will be mad there's only 3 beers left".

11:10 PM BBT Aaryn continues to complain about how the house is divided. Kaitlin is complaining that Jess is trying to stir the pot and David agrees saying that she asked him if he threw a comp. Kaitlin reveals to David that the three of them had created an alliance day 1. Aaryn quickly tells David to keep that a secret. (Great idea on the alcohol!)

11:15 PM BBT Howard and Jeremy lie in the hammock talking. Jeremy tells Howard he can have babes (loosely translated) any time outside the house. He doesn't need it in the house. Candice walks up to the hammock and Howard asks if she's ready. She says whenever. Jeremy heads to the HT while Howard and Candice head to the pool table.

11:19 PM BBT Meanwhile in the colorful room Aaryn is still complaining about everything. She says she doesn't normally get like this (could've fooled us...you've done it quite a bit since the feeds went live!). Aaryn reveals to David that she's on her period now because the birth control she's on has stopped her from mostly having periods and then today...bam...here it is. She blames the rest of the girls for ending up on theirs.

11:22 PM BBT Jeremy walks in singing and we get a brief FoTH. He walks in with a bottle of wine and says he needs to go get glasses. Aaryn asks if it's 12:00 yet. Jeremy says no but he's already popped the top so whatever. Kaitlin reveals to Jeremy that she was called into DR for picking up a knife and holding it up before putting it back down.

11:26 PM BBT Out in the Hammock Spencer is talking to someone (Nick?). Spencer is saying that he's almost positive that if David goes home this week that Elissa will have no one and they'll be able weaponize her (assuming that America doesn't see this and decides to nominate someone else as MVP).

11:29 PM BBT Nick says he's got everyone thinking that he's a hippy but his dad is military which means he's the furthest thing from being a hippy. Spencer says he's been getting in good with the girls by telling them that he sends his girl flowers and everything. Nick says he's been getting this info back which means Spencer's goal of getting in close to the girls working for him. Spencer says McCrae will be more approachable when he's no longer HoH.

11:34 PM BBT Meanwhile in the colorful room Aaryn, David and Jeremy are Elissa bashing. Aaryn says Dr. Wil can help her. Jeremy says no amount of help will help her face. Jeremy hopes that she has her ear up against the door and will try to confront him about it. Aaryn says she cried to David today and he fell for it. David denies it. Jeremy says he'd laugh at her non-stop while she was crying in front of him. Aaryn says they're going to lose it when they realize a bottle of red wine is missing and that they will bring pitchforks. Jeremy says bring it. He'll tell them to stab his abs because they are impenetrable. Aaryn makes more Wal-Mart feet comments.

11:39 PM BBT Back out in the hammock Nick and Spencer continue to talk about McCrae becoming easier to chat with after Amanda is out. Spencer says if they can take out couples one at a time on each side of the alliance it will almost be like an eye-for-an-eye which will keep them off the radar. Intermittent FoTH.

11:45 PM BBT Back in the colorful room Aaryn spills red wine and looks annoyed. Jeremy says he forgot about the feeds and realized that her (Elizza's) husband could be watching. He pleads with him telling him that it's not too late to get a divorce. That's why you don't marry people based on looks but on their good qualities (...such as talking about them and their families behind their back...or how about opening a bottle of wine early after agreeing to wait for those that haven't had the chance to drink any...). David or Jeremy makes a Chewbacca sound and Aaryn makes a wicked witch cackle.

11:50 PM BBT Jessie bashing begins again. Jeremy asks if he should go get her so the three of them can chat with her. Kaitlin and GM walks in. Aaryn starts to panic about being the only one having the cup. She passes it to Kaitlin and a brief discussion happens about GM wearing men's everything including deodorant and cologne. GM asks about the wine and says Jeremy told her everything. "What are they going to say to us? Nothing! What'll we tell them? Oh sorry jerks (not really the word) we drank a bottle already!

11:53 PM BBT Nick and GM getting ready to play checkers on the chess board. Nick asks GM why she doesn't drink. GM tells Nick that when she gets all dressed up and classy and then she goes to a bar she sees girls doing similar but then they get wasted and look like trash. Bad decisions are made and she doesn't want to end up in someone else's bed while looking like white trash. GM says when in high school she hung out with her dance group mostly and she didn't even go to her HS prom. She's had 4 major boyfriends and she doesn't hook up like that.

11:57 PM BBT Switching the feeds and Jeremy is back in the colorful room with Judd. Jeremy is saying he should go get the bottle of white wine and pop it open. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that he's not as cool as he thinks he is. Judd asks where the bottle of red wine they've thrown away is. Jeremy says he threw it in the trash in the kitchen. He doesn't have anything to hide. Andy walks in and says it's almost midnight and they're all about ready to eat and drink. Kaitlin says "How exciting...I just got out of a long DR session..." and we get FoTH.

12:00 PM BBT Meanwhile up at the chessboard GM and Nick continue to play checkers with GM explaining/refreshing the rules of the game to him.

12:03 PM BBT Kaitlin and Aaryn walks out of the colorful room and Judd says "Jeremy Jeremy...". Jeremy says Kaitlin can sleep in another bed tonight. He doesn't care. He'll call Jessie. Judd says "She's in heat!" They get up to walk out into the KT. Someone can be heard asking where the wine is and Jeremy walks through without saying a word (what a tough guy...way to own up like you said you were going to...). Hugs are had all around by everyone as the HNs are able to start eating again. Elissa is up and eating as well. Again someone asks where the red wine is.

12:13 BBT The Have-Nots eat, drink and are plenty of merry! Elissa asked about the red wine a few times but it was dropped. Helen apologizes about not talking because she's eating. Not much else going on at this point.

12:15 BBT #BB15 Jeremy, Spencer, Kaitlin by the HT. Jeremy says he told Judd he popped the red wine and saved all the beer for him. He told all the people he cared for. Everybody else can go...well...you can imagine. (Please note while he's running his mouth...everyone else is inside the house though...are we beginning to see a pattern here?)

12:23 PM BBT Aaryn out by the HT saying she only took the red wine because it was offered to her "What was I supposed to do walk out?". Spencer says he's friends with everyone but everyone inside the house are a bunch of...jerkheads (again...not the word). Aaryn says Jeremy feels like he already has a large target on his back so he doesn't care how big the target gets any more. "So when Jeremy comes in with a bottle of wine of course I wasn't going to say no take it back to the kitchen. They people in there have been so disrespectful to me, so I don't care." Jeremy comes back out. Aaryn says McCrae was mean to her inside. But the story she tells doesn't feel like it was mean. Jeremy even tells her this.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Under Construction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Guest 6Borders

11pm BB Time

Antics in the triangle bedroom contine. David is punching Jeremy's abs and stomach {it's a guy thing I have never understood}

HOH room: Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Nick and Andy are still playing the Alphabet/Sex/Ball Toss game. They have to use a naughty or sex term each time they pass the ball, in alphabetical order (in case you were wondering or didn't tune in to the HOH the first 8-9 times they played this)

BY: Howard and Jeremy in the hammock. Jeremy says he can't stand this bitch (the Elissa train just sailed back in) and he is pissed that because she is Rachel's sister the MVP thing is just stacking the votes. Jeremy says MC has the votes.

Jeremy says if he wins this HOH he wants Elissa gone. Howard says he wants him to win...you may lose one on your side {I have lost count as to how many sides there are to a BB cube this season but Rubik better beware}....they have the original 3.

Jeremy says after he is going to get MC tats and they are going to make history {BB25 Old Stars.. ChilllTown, 4 Horseman, Brigade and Moving Company}

They discuss the votes down the road. Howard says what Helen does Andy will do, etc etc. They have enough influence in the house to get what they need. They will be F5 and even in the sequester house they will make $1000 a day andl campaign for the MC (left in the house). Jeremy says when he leaves with the money and a chicken wing..Howard says he is good with the 5...


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Guest 6Borders

11:17pm BB Time In the Backyard:

Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Judd and GM are sitting around the spa. They are asking what time it is and waiting till midnight to eat.

Hammock: Spencer and Nick are discussing the plan {no clue which one}....they want Amanda gone. Spencer said he is a little concerned as to where McCrae's head is at. Nick says he talks to him all the time and he is "on point".

They are using initials as to who they want gone and when. Spencer says "what about 'A'?" and then realizes there are more than one and spells Aaryn.

Spencer says they need to take it a week at a time and basically control...says we can hear and basically dance with the nominations and he does not care who goes up or who goes home as long as it's not MC.

Spencer says GM is watching where Nick is going and who he is talking to. Nick says "24/7". Spencer says he needs to watch that. Nick says it's so controllable and Spencer says have to be careful with that. Says all hell will break loose Wed night and after that MC will be able to meet more. Says when the shit goes down he does not want it going his way and he wants the finger pointed at Amanda.

Spencer says Elissa will get MVP every week they can control the 3rd nom because Elissa is so alone {somehow I really see this plan backfiring big time but that's just me}.

Spencer says it's too cool to just throw away and when she's gone someone else could win it and it's a huge backdoor situation...thinks it's better to keep someone in the house.... {I think he is pitching Nick, but she he repeats the conversation to another HG he will be talking about them}

Spence says he's been talking sweet stuff to the girls. Nick says he's going to keep laying down the hippy-dippy shit...says he's still going to hang out with everyone just for blinder symbols.

Spencer says McCrae is letting Amanda call all the shots and he's not comfortable with that

{we keep going to FOTH so I am not getting all the conv}

Spence says he's a ball player and just need to (I think...plane going over) know the game. Says McCrae will be more approachable when he is not HOH...where's he gonna sleep, where is she gonna sleep?

Nick says right now they are taking out a rook. Says he's holding his breath until Wed. and they can get the numbers to line up...says best possible situation would be 7 and 5 and how can they get 5 for..first he says David...then says how can we get 5 for Elissa.

Spence says if you get HOH (too much noise) and Nick says Amanda...then says Aaryn against Amanda, then says that's stupid...maybe Jessie or somebody who is a pawn, someone who is neutral. There is a lot of noise but I think Spencer says MC needs to make up the 7 jury members. Says all he cares about is the F5 {sounds to me like a guy convincing everyone else to vote him a half million dollars and doing a good job so far}

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Guest 6Borders

11:41pm BB Time

Triangle Bedroom: Jeremy, Kait and Nick (I think).

Jeremy seemed to be recounting some escapade. Aaryn is recounting conversations with other HG's.

{My recap is that Helen is on to Aaryn, who is on to Jeremy, who is on to McCrae, who is on to Andy...basically everyone in the BB house and America is on to everyone else's game!!!}

Jeremy is having a conv with Jessie..says regardles of what you think I want to make sure you are still on our side. She says she is. Jeremy is telling her he trusts her and...{I see flashbacks of Drew working Diane for that final 500K vote here}

We get FOTH and come back to Jeremy saying he wants to make sure she trusts him. They hug and she says she does and he says she better be on board until the end or he will cut her head off...makes her chug the wine!

Jessie leaves and Judd comes in and Jeremy tells Judd he drank all the red wine.

Conversation is just general back and forth bs under the influence of libations. Jeremy says they are here to get drunk and Aaryn says "we are here to fart"!

Someone (not sure who) starts singing and we get FOTH again.

{Aside comment: next time anyone suggests we give the HG's alcohol to make them more interesting smack them.

I am just here until midnight to see if the Have-Nots actually get to eat}

Midnight in the Big Brother House:

I will see you all tomorrow...let me know if they get food!

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