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April 27 [Saturday] Live Feed Updates

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12:02AM BBT: Emmett alone in the HT still (heavy thinking planning a scheme.) Gary is now out of the shower Talla is getting dress and BB warn her to put on her microphone.

12:09AM BBT: Emmett is now out of the HT. Talla is now in bed the lights are dimmed. Gary is blowing his nose so hard ( It sounds like a machine) Emmett is now brushing his teeth for bed.

12:15AM BBT: Emmett is now in bed the lights is now dimmed in HoH.

12:40AM BBT: Jillian turn and told Emmett she is scared for tomorrow nomination, Emmett told her don't worry about that. With lots of drinking and dancing it is safe to say all Hgs are asleep.

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10:05 AM BBT

Feeds are back. Gary in the KT making a protein shake. He's dressed up. Emmett in the KT also dressed up. He and Gary are talking about how to make a smoother shake so you don't taste it. Talla comes in crying for coffee. Emmett is pacing around the BY. No sign of Jillian.

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10:15 AM BBT

Emmett is pacing the outside/HT area and muttering to himself. Can't hear anything "wonder she ay..." Talla has a huge coffee. She's wearing a little black dress and pink Ugg sock booties. She's cleaning the KT.

10:19 AM BBT

"Down to only three, only three, you've got third. Tom was the first to win POV." He's Jedi training for the upcoming comp.

10:22 AM BBT

Gary lying on the hammock also repeating things to himself as Emmett paces past him going through his trivia like a mad man. Talla is cleaning the KT and running the water talking herself through her own trivia recall. Everyone seems very tense. Still no sign of Jillian she is probably in the DR getting instructions for POV.

10:24 AM BBT


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10:46 AM BBT

Gary, Emmett and Jillian are outside. The sun is shining. Jillian looks at Gary and Emmett and says "Ok, POV!" I'm doing a POV chant. They are getting locked out of the yard in 30 minutes (or 4 minutes?) for POV setting.

Jillian is trying to look under a hole in the set to see what is below there. "I just want to see something, anything else. A yard? Grass?" She gets a "Stop that".

They say that it is beautiful out today. Is it 20 degrees out? Emmett says 15. They are trying to 'tan' and get some sun.

10:50 AM BBT

It looks like three cats who have found a spot of sun in the BB house just now. The three of them are curled up in a patch of sun trying to catch rays. Jillian had a bad day yesterday. She didn't want to do anything. "Emmett didn't like my first bad day." she laughs. "Your FIRST bad day?" he laughs back.

Discussion is about the colour of her gray dress yesterday (she hated it) going on vacation after this and feeling motion sickness this morning.

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11:00AM BBT: Jillian goes tot he SR grabs some foods and heads back to the KT. Emmett and Gary go inside as its now time for indoor lock down. Feeds cut to SotH.

11:06 BBT: Feeds return, Gary is alone in the HoH listening to music. jillian and Emmett are in the KT. Jillian wondering if they should make Talla something too. Emmett says "Are you sure she's in the DR."

11:17AM BBT: Jillian is making 3 salads in the KT. Also getting some salmon ready. Her and Emmett kiss a little her and there. Emmett joking that he got rid of all the guys because they threatened his relationship with Jillian.

11:25AM BBT: Talla now out of the DR and goes to tell Gary it's his turn and to bring seal. The rooster crows and them assume it was for Emmett on the KT sofa but he wasn't sleeping just had is eyes closed.

11:30AM BT: Talla is cutting a pineapple for the first time and is very proud of herself. She takes the top piece and bottom piece and turns it into a talking clam calling it a plam. Jillian takes over cutting the pineapple as Talla can't stop playing with the plam.

11:35AM BBT: The rooster crows, Talla screams and Jillian says "Wake up Topaz."

11:42AM BBT: Talla grabs a big bowl and says "I'm going SR shopping. I wonder if there is any sales today." Jillian says "If there is no clerk steal." She comes out and says "Look everything was free, they were giving it all away." The salmon is done now. they are all getting the salads and salmon and eating at the dining room table. Gary is still in the DR.

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11:49AM BBT: Emmett asks them what their families would be doing right now. Talla says her sister probably took her mom for brunch and her sister will probably do something tonight. Jillian doesn't know because she doesn't spend a lot of time with her family. Emmett says his family might have the bikes out if the weather is nice, if not his dad is probably at the barn. His mom might be watching the feeds he says "Hi mom."

11:53AM BBT: They talk about how long they have been in the house and how irritated they are now as apposed to at the beginning. Jillian says she said to them "You probably think I'm a big spoiled brat that gets up ever I want in the real world."

12:01PM BBT: Jillian says she thinks it's going to be a long day. They still have to do noms ceremony and the pov comp. They are all so tired and they want BB to let them nap.

12:04PM BBT: Gary comes out of the DR. Jill goes in and asks if they can nap. BB tells her no. Gary goes upstairs back to the music. Talla begging someone to play puck ball with her. Jillian and Emmett are cleaning the KT from lunch as Talla sits at the table and watches.

12:10PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian join Gary in the HoH. Tall stays in the KT for a minute and adjusts her b**bs and does a couple poses, then heads up to the HoH. they discuss what is there favorite chocolate bars and candy. Feeds cut to SotH.

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12:14PM BBT: Feeds return and they are still talking about candy but now what they would normally get for Halloween. Emmett and Jillian saying they would get brown bags of stuff from each house. Gary saying what a difference "We would only get 1 candy per house out her." This convo leads to what they dressed up as for Halloween. It was never Talla's thing to be skanky. Gary and his find were always skanky. Fees cut to SotH again.

12:32PM BBT: Still SotH. Possibly the nomination ceremony is taking place now.

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1:46PM BBT: Gary and Emmett are in the BR looking for clothes. Jillian and Talla were in the KT. Talla goes to the WA then the BR. Emmett leaving the BR now.

1:50PM BBT: Emmett back in the BR asks Gary if he has made any of his own clothes yet. Gary shows him a cat skirt he has made. Talla saying her stomach hurts. Her and Jillian are now playing puck ball.

1:52PM BBT: The nomination board is sitting outside of the SR. Andrew picture ha now been changed to black and white on the memory wall also. Gary goes to the HN room and tells BB his is going to lay down and not sleep so please don't do the stinking alarm. As soon as he lays down the rooster alarm sounds.

1:56PM BBT: Emmett back to pacing, this time in the BR. Gary now in the KT making a slop shake.

2:00PM BBT: Emmett plays with an elastic in his hand and he continues to wear out the BR floor. Gary takes a seat on the KT sofa to drink his second slop shake of the day.

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2:09PM BBT: Emmett finally lays down on a bed in the BR. Gary chugs his slop shake with a few gags. Jillian and Talla confused how many points Talla had. Talla thinks 8 Jillian says 6.

2:13PM BBT: Emmett comes out and says "Its hot in this house." they aren't allowed to change yet. Jillian lost twice so she is down playing. Her and Emmett go to the HoH. Talla whispers to herself on the way to the WA "I need to win this." She is going upstairs to join them in the HoH. We get SotH.

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2:18PM BBT: Jillian and Emmett going over past comp and what days they were on. Talla hasn't gone up to the HoH yet. She is sitting at the island in the KT. Gary is still on the KT sofa.

2:25PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian continue study very hard of everything that has happen in the house. Talla struggling to cut a mango. [its actually funny to watch]

2:31PM BBT: Talla interrupts the study session with her fruit salad, telling them how hard it was to cut the mango. She says "Why was it so hard to cut down the middle." Emmett says "You can't because of the seed." Talla says "Well no one told me that." She puts the headphones on to listen to music. Gary is now in the DR.

2:36PM BBT: Emmett says he is going to get a mango but he goes to the BR and lays on a bed. Jillian in the HoH saying "Oh my gosh come on." Talla says "I danced up a storm last night."

2:40PM BBT: Jillian says there is smoke coming in the HoH (She can smell it). "They must be smoking in the warehouse. I don't even know where I am." Talla says "We are somewhere in Canada." They speculate a little about how the rest of the time is going to happen. Jillian thinks that someone will have to leave tomorrow so they have time to do the 3 part HoH comp. Talla says she is feeling anxious about the pov comp. Jillian tells her she should be the least worried and also herself.

2:44PM BBT: Talla says she said so much have at the awards last night. She got 2 awards and wants to thank everyone that voted. Jillian says she got none and she loved Talla's freakout.

2:47PM BBT: Talla explains the freakout and the whole 1911 thing. Jillian asks her who she was mad at. Talla answers :I wasn't mad at anyone I was disappointed. Gary out of the DR and BB calls in Emmett. Gary goes back to the KT sofa and grabs seal (or maybe he is saying CO) I have no idea what it looks like a painted pop bottle with green hair. He is having a conversation with it.

2:51PM BBT: Talla and Jillian talking about the people they talk to in the DR. They both can't wait to meet them. Talla says she is wondered about getting into the final 3. She feels secure if Emmett wins but not sure if Gary wins. Now she says "I am going to be emotional again, I have cried the last 24 hours. I don't want this to end. Of course I miss the fam jam."

2:54PM BBT: Talla tells Jillian she was scared of her at the beginning. They really didn't talk and become friends until the lumberjack comp. She says "It is now called Lumber Talla and Jill."

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3:03PM BBT: Jillian goes to the WC. Talla now up in front of a mirror dancing. Jillian comes out and lays on the bed. Talla continues to dance. Gary still laying on the KT sofa.

3:07PM BBT: Jillian reads her letter out loud for Talla. Her letter tells her that she is superwomen and that some many people are cheering her on. She would be shocked how many of her friends and family are watching the live feeds and her grandma is watching and to remember that when Emmett is getting a little too close.

3:11PM BBT: Jillian and Talla still have to do DR sessions and they think POV will be after that. Jillian grabs a kit kat from her jar and bites both ends then puts it back in the jar. The rooster sounds for Gary he says "I'm on slop BB, I have no energy."

3:13PM BBT: Jillian says she is the boredest person right now. "I'm bored as chips." The rooster goes off again and Jillian opens the door and says "Wake up scary Gary." Talla screams because she heard a noise, grabs her dishes and goes downstairs. She is going to take a bubble bath. As she goes to the BR she says "But damn I can't get naked." She goes to the WC and changes to her bathing suit.

3:18PM BBT: Talla still in the WC. She is yelling "F**k, seriously that's f**ked." Out she comes grabs a towel and few things and heads up to the HoH. Gary asleep again with his mouth wide open. Talla walks by and laughs which wakes him up.

3:23PM BBT: Talla in the tub asks Jillian if she can use the bubble bath as shaving cream. Jillian says "I don't care if you do but it might be bad for your body." Jillian in the WA with her fixing her makeup and listening to music. Talla says because she hasn't used a luffa in like 3 months her hairs are all growing inside of her skin. Jillian says "I know." Talla now using a luffa. Gary has moved to a bed in the main BR. Talla making herself have "bubble plants."

3:30PM BBT: Talla moves in the tub and it sounds like a fart. Jillian laughing at her. Jillian says that happened to her in the DR where it sounded like she did but she really didn't. Feeds cut to SotH.

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5:30pm BBT - For the record, feeds have not yet returned since 2hrs ago. PoV expected to still be under way after what we think was a nom cerem that put Gary and Talla on the block.

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9:16PM BBT The feeds have returned!

9:18PM BBT Jill and Em are in the HoH. Talla is in the KT doing dishes. Jill and Talla both have shirts with their names on the back so a competition definitely happened. Talla in the SR talking to herself. She is looking for caesar dressing. She found it in the KT fridge and is cooking.

9:22PM BBT Em is in the HoH tub. Jill walks out of the HoH and tells Talla she looks beautiful like J.Lo in the movie Enough. Jill is now using the yoga band on the upstairs railing. Gary is no where to be found. Jill is back in the HoH, doing push ups.

9:24PM BBT gary just walked into the BR. Talla is explaining how she cooks rice and is eating at the table. Jill is back on the yoga band and railing. She is doing reps. Some on the band some in the HoHRoom. There is little convo going on.

9:31PM BBT Jill in the HoH to Em "I am just so happy." BB tells Em to put on his mic, he isn't out of the shower yet. Jill is saying 4 days left. Jill is finally talking game, And it is what day they are on and Em is now downstairs in the BR. She is talking to herself. The feed follows Em.

9:34PM BBT Em is looking for Gary. Can't find him. Talla is sitting at the table arms crossed. The BY is closed. Em is back up in the HoH with Jill. Jill is asking what she should say to them. "You think I am social incompetent but I am not." She laughs, Em looks annoyed. He isn't saying anything. Jill is doing all the talking. Sounds like they are going final 2 together.

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9:37PM BBT Feeds came back a few minutes ago. Emmett won POV. He and Jillian are talking in HOH and she is asking him what she should say to Talla. Talla is eating in the kitchen commenting about how much pop she has drunk in the house.

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9:41PM BBT Feeds back and Emmett doing can you hear me now several times. Gary talking with him about them winning HOH and Veto back to back over and over. Jillian in HOH bathroom applying lotion to her face and gigling. Emmett counds up the stairs and she comes to the hot tub with him. They are reviewing the POV comp and his mic is still not functioning properly so he is hard to hear. She jumps on him just as Gary starts to enter the area. Gary shows her some clothes that he just cut up and says he is going to make them into a dress. She is helping him and says he is not aloud to have the logo. Emmett really wants a glass of chocolate milk and Jillian asks about his cocoa and he replies that it is not good. She helps Gary try on the outfit he is making but he is concerned about the Versace label still being visible.

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9:37PM BBT Gary just came out of the DR. Headed to the BR. Talla sat on the KT couch, Well my butt looked great in these pants!" BB opens the BY, tells Talla to go to the DR. Talla yells for Em "Emmett!!! Backyard!!!" And we get SotH.

9:40PM BBT Feeds return. Em has gone from the BR with Gary (audio issues with the mics so it is sketchy), to the HoHto get Jill and they are now in the BY. Em and Jill are celebrating in the HT area, Gary walks out and spooks them. Sounds like Jill won. They have told Talla and gary both that they are safe. (Should be interesting.) Gary and Jillian are now cutting fabric or a blanket to make a dress for Gary.

9:45PM BBT It may be a pillow case that they are cutting. It went over Gary's head but didn't fit properly. BB "JILLIAN!" and she screams because she was hanging off the awning in the HT Area. Gary asks BB for needle and thread. (Well its better to watch then chess? Maybe?) Gary "I wish 3rd place got some money or a car or something?" Jill "I know" they are all laughing, listing off things they could get "50 bucks? Tim Card? Happy Meal?" They continue laughing. BB "Houseguests Please stop talking about production!"

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9:46PM BBT Emmett and Jillian are swinging from the rafters in the hot tub area and BB just has to say Jillian for them to stop. Gary asking BB for a needle and thread and bobby pins. Jillian consulting with him about how to proceed. Gary says that he is so pumped and wishes that third place would get some money or a car out of this. Jillian agrees with him. Emmett jokes something like twenty bucks.

9:51PM BBT Gary, Emmett and Jillian have returned to the kitchen and Gary still going on about how third place should win some money. Jillian and Gary still planning how to cut his dress. Emmett into the SR. Jillian obviously still with excess excitement starts doing push ups on the kitchen floor. Emmett back in kitchen, Gary cutting away on the material and asks Jillian, "How much arm do you think." She goes over and tells him where to cut and suggests he can do a vee in the front and in the back. Emmett in BY now kicking a ball against the wall barefoot.

9:56PM BBT Jillian tries on Gary's dress in the making and he starts pinning it. They like the way it looks and she thinks it looks like a Japanese. . . Gary now stripping out of his shirt to try the dress on. It is clearly a tighter fit on him than it was on her. They start whispering a little game talk but Emmett returns and they stop.

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9:51PM BBT Gary, em and jill are in the KT still talking about final 3 and what could happen. Gary is being quite funny. Jill and Gary are measuring (eyeballing) where Gary should cut the sleeves on his dress.

9:57PM BBT The dress almost is complete. Both Em and Jill are helping Gary with it. Jill and Em are doing the cleavage on the front of the dress.

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9:59PM BBT Emmett now getting involved in the design process and as Jillian is cutting a vee in the front Emmett calls out to stop and says don't cut too far, once it is cut you can't go back but you can always cut more if it is not low enough. He goes back to the SR and grabs something from the freezer. Jillian comments to Gary that Emmett just does not like skanky girls. Emmett back outside eating a popsicle and kicking the ball again. Gary still obsessing about the form of his outfit and whether or not to wear a bra with it. He says it is also a cool tee shirt for him and he would wear it as a long shirt. Jillian now outside and also kicking around a soccer ball. Gary in the bedroom now putting a red jacket on over the dress.

10:04PM BBT Emmett and Jillian come back into the kitchen and he says it has been a crazy two days. She agrees. Gary continues primping in front of a mirror in the bedroom. Emmett in the SR again looking for his clothes. Gary out in kitchen and says his dress looks cute and Jillian agrees. He shows Emmett who also says it looks good. Gary is going to double stick tape it on him. Emmett and Jillian are confused about what BB did with their clothes. He asks Gary if it looks like BB stitched something and they go into the hall to inspect Emmett's shirt.

10:08PM BBT Gary working with doublesided tape and BB tells them to stop talking about production. Emmett runs to the hot tub area kicking a soccer ball along the way. He opens the cover and sits with his feet in the water. Jillian heading up to HOH room while Gary remains at the table cutting tape to make something for his new outfit. Emmett holds up three fingers to the camera but does not say anything. It is a silent brag that he is final three.

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10:00PM BBT Gary is primping the "look" for the dress in the BR. Talla is still in the DR. Em is kicking a ball at the wall in the BY. Jill is just kinda wandering around the BY. Em asks her "What's up?" She says "Nuthin' what's up which you?"

10:05PM BBT Jill is snacking on doritos. Gary is all dressed up. Em is wondering what to do with the clothes from the comp. Em's lettering fell off his shirt from the comp. Either Jill or Em won, they just haven't clarified which one did.

10:10PM BBT Em is out in the HT area alone, has his feet in the tub. Looks right at the camera (it is really freaky when they do that) and holds up 3 fingers. Not saying anything, just chilled out, deep in thought.

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