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April 26 [Friday] Live Feed Updates

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12:03AM BBT: Emmett,Talla and Jillian out in the BY having a fun time, they are back in the KT with Gary while he is eating.

12:10AM BBT: Talla, Jillian and Emmett at the table and we have Soth.

12:23AM BBT: We continue to have Soth.

12:30AM BBT: Feeds are back. Gary and Jillian in the KT doing dishes. Emmett in the LR staring at the memory wall.

12:35AM BBT: Gary and Talla is in the BY dancing, Jillian joins them. Gary and Talla teaching Jillian to dance.

12:44AM BBT: Dance routine continue in the BY. They are now in the BR. Emmett is in the WC getting dress for the HT.

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1:01AM BBT: The Hgs are now in the HT. General chit chat.

1:10AM BBT: Talla and Gary is now out of the HT and into the pool. Emmett and Jillian still talking in the HT Jillian said she is really tired she was wondering if Emmett was studying in case there is a memory competition.

1:26AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett having a special moment at the HT. They are now counting down how much days are left. Emmett said he does not want Gary and Talla sleeping in the same room because they could talk game.

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BBAD (Big brother after dark)Talla is confused why there is no instant eviction tonight.Gary is asking BB to take a shower. Emmett told Gary that Jillian is the HoH beast and she won four times. Emmett told Gary he should of try to win because Talla was close to the end. Gary said Talla have the entire week to campaign against them.

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9am All HG still asleep.

9:15am Still quiet in the house. Cams 2 & 4 are on empty SR for some reason. Rooster crows (stuttering). Emmett & Jillian jump out of bed. Talla covers her head with the covers. Gary doesn't move for a bit but finally gets up. Talla finally emerges & goes to WA to lie down. Rooster continues.

9:20am Gary goes into SR. HN room cam focuses in on creepy clown pics on the wall then we get SotH

9:30am Feeds R back. Emmett in HT. Evry1 else doing ADL's

9:41am SotH for a few min. Feeds come back to Emmett & Jillian quietly making breakfast. Gary doing his make up in the BR. Talla walks in to get her shoes & says good morning to Gary then leaves.

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9:50am (No Andrew = no talking?) Emmett alone on LR couch. Jillian in BY doing laundry. Gary still working on make up in BD. Talla ask Gary what colour eye shadow she should use. Purple. Cams playing around zooming in & out of LR items & Emmett.

9:55am Gary & Talla talk a bit about make up then it's quiet again. Emmett adjust his hat then bites his nails. (riveting). Gary & Talla talk about boyfriends for a min before Emmett & Jillian enter looking for laundry & we get SotH again.

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10am Feeds return. Nothing has changed.

10:05am While evry1 else makes themselves pretty, Emmett heads back out to the HT.

10:18am Feeds go off for a few min again & return to Gary still doing make up. Jillian, Emmett & Talla in the WA talking about drinking. Talla says she can drink but can't mix drinks. Jillian sits beside Gary to work on her make up. Emmett getting dressed.

10:25am Jillian & Gary talk baby names they like. He likes Theo. Jillian says she wants to trim Emmetts hair but he says he's getting called into the DR soon. Gary & Jillian talking about how many days are left compared to the US version. Jillian thinks it will be a couple of days longer then they had thought. Talla goes to clean.

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10:30AM BBT: Jillian says something about wearing a wife beater and then asks Gary if wife beater is a slang derogatory term. He says it is but its so common. Jillian goes to the WA screams and says "Ahhhhhh get me out of this house, I'm going crazy.

10:33AM BBT: Emmett in the BR. Gary is looking through clothes for something grey. Emmett ssays "I don't know why we have to dress in grey for the DR." Gary alone in the BR doing his makeup. Emmett is sitting on the LR sofa waiting to be called to the DR. Talla talking about clean says she thinks she is going to mop. Jillian is in HoH reading her letter.

10:40AM BBT: Jillian comes out of the HoH and yells "Guys, We only have one week left. I just re-read my letter and my mom said we only have one week left. So it's Thursday or it might even be Wednesday." She goes to tell Gary who is exited by this news. Then she heads back up to the HoH.

10:45AM BBT: Jillian says to herself "Umm I'm bored." then goes to the HoH WA and stands on the bath tub and walks around the edges stopping at the shower to do some stretches with her legs and now some balancing moves.

10:54AM BBT: Talla is mopping the KT floor. She says they haven't been cleared since Suzette was there. Jillian standing on the HoH stairs telling Emmett she found a shirt of his in her stuff. Emmett is still on the LR sofa waiting. Jillian walks on the wet floor and Talla says "Watch the floors Jill" She runs off of the floor. [before that we had at least 5 minutes of no spoken words on all 4 cams, this is fun] BB gives the HGs a 3 minute warning that they will be on a indoor lock down. Talla goes outside for a minute because she is hot. She talks with Henry while out there.

11:04AM BBT: Jillian in the BR with Gary discussing how in her letter they said they were watching the live feeds. Jillian says "I'm so busy that if one of my friends were in the house I would never be able to watch, makes me think what re they doing." The backyard door closes and we get SotH.

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12:15 BBT SOTH

12:45 SOTH

12:46 ( on a personal note Id like to say that for my first season of posting updates for mortys I've had an enjoyable time doing these updates with yall and I look forward to do them again when BB starts back up here in the US in June)

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V 8:36PM BBT: Gary, Jillian and Emmett laughing at Talla. They are all dressed up. Emmett in a Tux Jillian and Talla in a dress. Gary in a glitter Tux. They look very hungry. They had something to do with a red carpet and Emmett hurt Talla's feelings, cutting her off talking.

8:43PM BBT: Emmett is trying to make Talla tell him why she is upset. After Emmett talk to Talla she started to lighten up. Jillian and Talla running Talla said can we be friends forever Jillian said yes. Talla favorite word "Do you love it"

8:49PM BBT: Jillian and Gary in main BR Gary told Jillian she is very tall for a girl.

8:55PM BBT: Gary is in the HoH listening to music and dancing. Emmett told Jillian she is boring Jillian repeat back you are boring.

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9:03PM BBT: Emmett just said he won that competition still awaiting on word if it was a PoV. Jillian and Talla running all through the KT.

9:05PM BBT: Jillian and Talla talking in code BB warn them to stop. Talla is talking baby talk. Jillian said she is allowing Talla to read her letter from home. The Hgs have wine and cheese.

9:12PM BBT: Jillian and Talla going over when they first came into the house. Emmett told Gary Jillian will nominate Talla and Gary. Talla said she lied in Topaz face and back stab her.

9:20PM BBT: Jillian just said she lied to so many people in the game. Gary talking to Emmett in HoH he said he cannot wait to see the show after the show. Gary said Talla is a sweet girl but she have to go home.

9:27PM BBT: Jillian in the WA Emmett and Gary going over past competitions. Talla is in the DR

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9:57PM BBT Gary in HOH listening to music, Talla in DR, Emmett and Jillian were on hammock trying to figure out who Gary or Talla would take to the end should they win the final HOH. Emmett headed of to the john. Jillian earlier said she did not want to go to the DR tonight because she has been drinking. It is not a good night and she just wants Emmett to carry her off to bed. She is still wearing a cocktail dress from whatever they did when the feeds were down this afternoon and Emmett is still in a tux. Just filling as we have two cams of Jillian alone and silent in the hammock and two feeds of Gary alone and silent in the HOH.

10:02PM BBT Emmett now returning to the BY and comments that it is hot in here. He says he is going to go sit outside for a few minutes and bends down to kiss Jillian good bye. Talla now out and Jillian gets up to head in to the house. Talla is also still wearing a very short skirted, strapless coctail dress. She gets her steak from somewhere and starts eating again. She is now lamenting her lap dance, "I can't believe it, every guys dream." [Guess I was really out when they performed my sex change then. -DRG] She comments about her meat being pink and we get FOTH,

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9:38PM BBT: Jillian, Emmett and Gary are in the HT area. Jillian is telling Gary about the chicken HoH. Jillian screams and just realized that Emmett is wearing a bow tie. Jillian says that bow ties are a huge turn-on for her. She talks about how much weight she's gained in the house, and says there's going to be a segment on it.

9:44PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian are cuddling on the hammock. Jillian says that Emmett is being mean, but he says he's just bugging her. Jillian says she can't do it with her anymore, that she loves her. Emmett says you can't win this game without a bit of lying.

9:50PM BBT: Emmett asks Jillian if she'd rather take Talla, and she says "no no no, well maybe" and goes on to say that it's Emmett's decision this week. Jillian says she isn't on the same page as Gary because he's not real to her. She says he's fake at times. With Talla, she has a connection.

9:00PM BBT: Jillian thinks Talla sees Emmett is a bigger threat than Gary is. Jillian says that perhaps they can persuade her to take Emmett. Jillian says she can't do her DR tonight, that she's been drinking, it's a bad night. Emmett tells Jillian that he has to go to the washroom, and she responds with 'kay' but doesn't move to get off him. She tells him she's sleepy.

10:05PM BBT: Talla is out of bed and is getting a steak for herself. She pours herslef another glass of wine or champagne. SotH.

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10:08PM BBT Feeds back to Gary and Emmett in HOH, Jillian in HOH bathroom. She says that was the first time BB said Jillian and they promptly say, "Jillian Stop that." Talla wants to go to the hot tub but Emmett says they cannot because they have to stay in the outfits. Emmett now wondering in they rented his tux and BB again tells them to stop talking about production. Talla now back at the kitchen counter sawing away at her steak. Her makeup is ghastly tonight very reminiscent of Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. There is so much action in the house that we get a closeup of her cutting her meat.

10:12PM BBT Gary asking if he can go to the DR next because he is weak and sleepy and will skip the hot tub tonight. Emmett says he can go next. They wonder why Talla was in the DR so long and then Gary says that all the DRs have been long of late. Emmett also says that he is just exhausted. Cam one still closeup on Talla's plate. Gary and Emmett still yawning and trying to stay awake in the HOH room. Gary speculating about when the POV will be and if it will also be a three parter or even more elaborate. Emmett says the most it could be would be three parts as there are only four of them remaining. Emmett says it is Friday night and that Gary's family is probably watching him as his family is probably watching as well. Talla is finished eating and heads to the HOH to ask if they are going to tub it tonight. Emmett replies that they have to wait for their DRs.

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10:16PM BBT Talla is now off to go retrieve her bracelet from the earlier event. she says to BB that she does not know where it is. She says she knows she got pissed off. Now in the bedroom which is a mess and has a clothes rack in the center. Talla is rooting around her bed and tidying up a bit. Gary and Emmett now talking about a chess game that Talla played and they don't believe she never played before and that she is as dumb as she comes across. Gary thinks that she is people person and works in a helping profession like a social worker or nurse. Now talk turns to Daniele's face when she got evicted. Gary says he never saw Kat once in any of the clips and Emmett says he saw Liza once. Talla now in her orange bikini and saying she wants more wine. Gary asks Emmett if he will take some time off when they get out and he says a week or two. Talla pours more champaign from a blue bottle in the kitchen and heads out across the BY toward the hot tub. She has to stop half way across to gyrate. Upon reaching the hot tub area she announces to Henry that she is drunk, well not drunk just tipsy. Gary and Emmett still talking about what Emmett will do after leaving the house.

10:25PM BBT BB tells Talla to please put on her microphone. Talla talking to herself in the hot tub about a stain on her bikini top. She lowers her butt into the water and then screaches and sits back up on the side. Same boring conversation going on in HOH. Talla doing a monologue in hot tub even though she does not know what a monologue is. She is concerned about a lipstick stain on her top. Emmett still talking about back home giving a stunning description of the small town closest to him. He has to drive into Halifax and it is a 50 min. drive going 80 or 90 KM/HR. Gary keeps asking if he could walk it and Emmett doubts that it could be walked in a day. BB now gives up a closeup of Henry the Moose while Talla continues to pull at her top.

10:30PM BBT Emmett, the clothes horse, is now talking about the shop where he can get some really good clothes. [Not that he ever does, mind you. - DRG] Emmett now asking Gary if it is expensive to buy his type of clothes and he says that it is. He is now talking about a monkey fur jacket from the 1800's that he did not buy because it was too expensive and was falling apart. He will go back to buy it if it is still there when he gets out. [i'd pay a dollar to not see that. - DRG] Talla unexpectedly quiet in the hot tub.

10:34PM BBT Gary and Emmett talking about evicted HGs they will see again at the finale and what they are doing to get ready. Tom and Liza are working out according to the boys and Gary thinks that Danielle will have had plastic surgery on her chin, her tits and her ears. Just as Gary is called to the DR, Talla asks BB, "Are we going to get more champaigne or should I go to bed?" Gary says thank goodness when he is called to DR and as Emmett goes down to greet Jillian we again get FOTH.

10:39PM BBT Feeds back and Talla still in hot tub. Emmett walking towards the kitchen, and feed three is Henry. Emmett reaches door of HOH and Jillian comes out headed downstairs in shorts and a tee shirt. Emmett now into the kitchen and asks Jillian if she is going outside again because it is hot. They cross the BY together and then change direction when Jillian asks if he wants to throw the football. Emmett still has to wear his tux since he will be the last one to go to the DR. He says he feels like he is waiting for a wedding to start. Talla says to no one that she can't wait to go to bed. Catch ongoing and as athletic as Jillian is she has an extremely awkward throwing motion. Talla again asks BB if she should go to bed because her champagne is almost done.

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10:12PM BBT: Feeds are back. Everyone is up in the HoH room. Gary begs BB to call him into the DR. Talla is back downstairs eating her steak. Gary and Emmett are sitting on the couch in the HoH room. Gary chats about how busy and crowded Toronto is. Gary begs BB to call him into the DR again. He says he's going to sleep good tonight. Gary mentions the live feeders, and say's sometimes they're so boring.

10:17PM BBT: Emmett says it's Friday night, then Gary's family will be watching. Emmett is surprised that Talla hasn't won anything. Gary asks if he thinks she's throwing the comps, and Emmett says no, he thinks she tries.

10:22PM BBT: Gary chats about if Talla is a psychiatrist. She doesn't like certain words, and thinks that she works with the homeless or something like that. He thinks it was an attention thing by not revealing her job. Gary and Emmett chat about the video clips they were shown. Gary didn't see Kat once, and Emmett says he only saw Liza for a quick second when they first came into the house. Gary says there's so much he wants to do when he gets out. Emmett says when he gets out he's going to build his mum a new kitchen and relax for a few weeks.

10:27PM BBT: Talla is by herself in the hot tub area. She talks to Henry and says that she's drunk, no, just tipsy. She gets into the hot tub. She went to the awards without him. She had so much fun. She asks BB for another bottle of champagne.

10:40PM BBT: Gary chats about the boutique he wants to open. He wants to look through thrift shops and find unique items and sell it for higher at his boutique. He gets called to the DR. We get SotH for a brief minute.

10:49PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian are in the BY throwing a football to eachother. Emmett feels like he's waiting to go to a wedding. Talla comes inside and sits on the pool deck. Jillian got hit in the face with the football when she tried to catch it.

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10:45PM BBT Talla now heading back to the house with her empty glass. She says to the couple. "You guys are still waiting?" She asks Jillian if she will come to the hot tub and Jillian says she would. Talla then promptly tells Jillian that she needs to ask BB for more champagne. Jillian says she does not think they will go for it. Talla announces she has a wedgie. Talla again asks Jillian to ask for champagne. Jillian says the DR really messed her up and BB tells them to stop talking about production. Talla now laying on the deck saying she is dead weight. She says she is in love, it is past the phase of infatuation and BB warns them to stop talking about production again. Talla must have been talking about having a crush on her handler in the DR. Talla now commenting about how Jillian is throwing the ball and who it was in the house that taught her.

10:50PM BBT Catch and commentary continues. Talla thinks it is amazing that Jillian knows how to throw a football. Talla again asking if Jillian wants to get another bottle of champagne or not. Talla now asking Jillian about her bracelet and Jillian says she does remember seeing Talla take it off. She wants BB to rewind to four hours ago since she took the bracelet off after the party. Talla asking Jillian how to get lip gloss stain off her bathing suit and Jillian says she is the worst with stains. Once again Talla asks BB if there will be more booze or should she go to bed. Gary still in the DR. Emmett says she should put some water into her in case BB does give them some more wine.

10:55PM BBT All three have now gone back outside to the tub area. Talla keeps saying to Jillian that she is in love. Jillian says but you are not allowed, it is against the rules. Talla wants to know when it is not against the rules and Jillian says probably at the after party. Emmett says they don't want you talking about it. Talla now asks if the eviction this weekend will be live and Emmett says it could even be tomorrow night. Talls laments that BB is probably not going to give them another bottle as it is too late. Emmett pacing around in his tux and then starts chewing on a finger saying that it is itchy. Jillian remarks that it is not a good idea that she is up now and on TV. Jillian is hungry and Talla says she ate steak and it was a fail. Emmett now heading back across the BY to the house. Jillian is now starving and wants to eat like a steak. Emmett getting something out of the fridge in SR.

11:00PM BBT The girls are now headed back to the house to try and get to DR to ask for booze and Emmett is called into the DR. Talla staggering a bit as she joins Emmett at the DR doorway. Jillian encouraging Talla to go into the DR with Emmett and we see a few seconds of them sitting beside one another before we get FOTH.

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11:02PM BBT Feeds back to Jillian in the SR fridge scrounching and Gary now in shorts and wife beater with a towel over his shoulder heading out to the pool. Jillian says she is trying to cook a steak. Gary says good luck with that and he cannot eat anything but cheese and he is over the cheese. He goes out and jumps into the pool. Jillian calls out to the empty kitchen, :Do we have no crackers?" Talla bursts out of the DR saying she told Emmett in the DR to go milk a cow. She says they have to play puck ball tomorrow and then tromps up to the HOH and screams out GARY. She is now pulling on tights and shakes her booty in the mirror. Talla now talking to herself saying, "Talla do your thing, just do it." She has the headphones on and starts gyrating which promptly throws them off her head onto the floof. Gary still swimming alone in the pool. Jillian probably still working on fixing a steak in the kitchen.

11:09PM BBT Talla still dancing in the HOH while checking her butt out in the mirrors. Gary swimming and that's all the feeds we gots folks.

11:11PM BBT Talla leaves HOH to check to see if there is any alcohol and announces that she just farted sooo bad. She is now dancing in front of the HOH doors while facing the mirror in that area. Gary now doing handstands in the pool. Jillian still in the kitchen frying her steak. Emmett remains in DR.

11:15PM BBT Gary climbs out of the pool and wraps a towel around himself to head into the kitchen. Talla still dancing with headphones on outside of HOH door. She calls out to Gary who is cutting some cheese and talking to Jillian who says that the brie was good. Talla like a toddler keeps calling to Gary to watch her do this dance. Jillian wants to know how he puts up with her. Now that she has an audience Talla goes crazy gyrating. Gary now back at the counter eating some cheese. Gary and Jillian now commenting that the blue cheese was so bad, she then says that cheese is so bad for you but it tastes so good. Talla still dancing and announces that she is "busy."

11:19PM BBT Jillian now complaining that she got a sore arm from throwing that damn football. She loves that she just ate a block of cheese all by herself. She complains that her tennis elbow is hurting. She tells Gary that he is done with his impressions and she is done with all this shit and that she is on TV. She is sitting down at the counter now to eat her steak. Talla has gyrated herself back into the HOH and is now down on all fours shaking her booty at the camera aimed at the door to the HOH bathroom.

11:23PM BBT Talla now upright dancing again until she dives on the HOH bed. Jillian samples cheese for Gary and says it tastes like goat cheese. Talla giving the HOH bed a lap dance. Jillian now commenting that Emmett has come into his own in the house and is now eating his meat medium. Gary says he will try to eat a steak medium rare. Gary announces that he is going to bed soon and leaves the kitchen. Talla back in HOH bathroom dancing and talking to herself. She says to BB that she is not even tipsy [could have fooled me. - DRG] Jillian has appeared to finish her steak and carries her plate to the sink.

11:28PM BBT Gary is now fully emersed in the hot tub. Talla out and asks if Jillian is drunk then asks if she is going to ask for another bottle. Jillian says that Emmett is going to ask for her. [i would not hold my breath on that one. - DRG] Talla now wants to dance for Jillian who has come up to the HOH room and climbed into the bed. Talla says she needs wine, champagne and resumes her dancing. Gary still up to his neck in the jets of the hot tub.

11:31PM BBT Jillian up into the HOH bathroom and telling Talla that she is going to bed and starts brushing her teeth. Talla moves to the main part of the room to keep dancing. Talla adjusting the headphones and saying that she is totally sober. [Yeah, that will work. - DRG] Jets in hot tub shut off and Gary climbs out and heads back to the pool. Jillian says that she loves Taylor Swift and Talla says,

What?' to which Jillian replies never mind.

11:35PM BBT Dancing continues, Gary in the pool. Talla again asking for champagne and says once again if not then I am going to sleep. "Talla, do you love it? Yes I do." [Please braer fox, don't throw braer rabbit (the energizer annoyer) into bed.]

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10:55PM BBT: Emmett asks Talla if she wants a glass of water, and Talla says no, but thanks for asking about my liver. Talla asks BB if they can give them another bottle of champagne. Emmett and Jillian go out to the hot tub area. Emmett tells Jillian to get Talla to sleep with her tonight.

11:03PM BBT: Talls joins Emmett and Jillian in the hot tub area. Talla asks them if they think there will be a live eviction on Sunday, or if it'll be a regular eviction. Emmett heads inside for a bite to eat and gets called to the DR and Talla follows him in. Gary is changed into his regular clothes. Jillian wants to cook a steak.

11:10PM BBT: Gary jumps into the pool and floats around. Talla is dancing and listening to Jillian's iPod. Specifically Britney Spears. To be even more specific, 'Womanizer'.

11:20PM BBT: Jillian and Gary are in the kitchen. Talla is dancing outside of the HoH room at the top of the stairs. She's listening to 'In the Zone' by Britney Spears.

11:25PM BBT: Talla is now listening to 'Toxic' by Britney Spears. She's moved back into the HoH room. Gary is eating cheese. Jillian is eating a steak. Jillian likes her steak medium rare, and Gary likes his well done. Gary goes back out to the pool. He wants to swim for a while longer and then is going to bed.

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11:40PM BBT Talla dancing, Gary dunking himself in the pool. Emmett finally out of the DR and wearing shorts and a tank top. He starts across the yard and then runs over to poolside reaching down to scare Gary who was submerged. Gary screams for him to get the fuck out and then starts laughing. He splashes Emmett and says that was not funny. Talla heading downstairs towards the voices and asks Gary did we get any more alcohol. Gary is now chasing Talla around the lounge chairs and the hammock while Gary screaches from the pool. He finally catches her and drops her into the water. Now she looks even more like Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

11:45PM BBT Gary now shirtless at side of pool and Talla tries to push him in but he regains his balance before jumping in on his own. Talla now strips off her pants to reveal her bikini bottoms and jumps into the pool to join the boys. Of course, she has to stop talking about wave pool. Talla again asks about more champagne and Emmett says they will not give it to them because they already gave them enough with dinner. Gary starts rapping the wave pool song and you know what Talla is doing while standing on the steps. The boys tell her that she could definitely be a stripper. They are now discussing the details of being a stripper before she finally says that she is not going to be a stripper thank you very much. Talla up on Gary's shoulders until he throws her off.

11:50PM BBT And we get another rousing chorus of Wave Pool. She is now sitting on the steps with her legs spread wide kicking. Gary asks what time it is, 12? Then he asks if they are staying up. The boys climb out of the pool and Gary steals Talla's towel. Emmett runs off to the hot tub while Gary heads indoors. Talla retrieves her pants and runs inside to the bathroom where Gary is in the shower. She is gyrating her butt in front of the shower door until she eventually heads into the other shower stall. Emmett sitting in a quiet hot tub.

11:55PM BBT We see Talla;s bikini get hung on the shower door and she continually calls out to Gary. She is saying she is going to come into Toronto and then we get more Make a wave pool. Finally she says she is drunk [what was her first clue? -DRG]

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11:40PM BBT: Talla is running from Emmett and playing, Emmett just throw Talla in the pool with all her clothes. Gary is in the pool laughing. Talla is now tipsy and singing.

11:46PM BBT: Emmett,Gary and Talla is now in the pool. Jillian looks like she is in bed. Gary is singing "Make it wave pool" And Talla is dancing. Emmett said Talla could be a stripper and called herself lala. Talla is about to give a stripper dance but she jumps on Gary's back and Gary dump her in the pool.

11:53PM BBT: Emmett and Gary is now out of the pool. Talla was last to come out. Talla is now trying to open the shower door on Gary like Tom did to Alec. Talla is screaming all over the place. Talla just peed in the WC.

11:58PM BBT: Gary is in the shower Talla is now out and admit that she is drunk. Emmett alone in the HT Jillian in bed.

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11:58PM BBT Gary raking his fingers through his hair while facing out . Talla too short to be seen over the shower door except for occasional glimpses of her hair. Talla now out of shower with a towel wrapped around her. She lurches around a bit then heads into the stall. Emmett appears deep in thought in the hot tub. Gary still showering and now emerges with a towel wrapped around himself in his typical feminine manner.

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