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April 23 [Tuesday] Live Feed Updates

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12:01AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian still playing chess in the dark the lights in HoH are dimmed.

12:08AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett getting ready for bed, Emmett asking Jillian if she would take him off the block if he got nominated. Jillian said Talla would win endurance.

12:16AM BBT: Gary, Talla and Andrew all asleep in BR.

12:19AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett making out in HOH still talking game. Gary alone in the HN.

12:22AM BBT: Jillian/Emmett still making out lots of kissing Jillian still trying for Andrew to stay in the house. Emmett rather play against Talla and Gary than Andrew and Gary.

12:30AM BBT: Camera show Gary in HN and main BR. There is no camera on HoH.

2:38AM BBT: Camera is back. Jillian is off the bed and in the WR.

12:45AM BBT: Talla look very restless tonight. While Andrew are asleep. Gary is now up and in the KT.

12:51AM BBT: Gary is doing dishes and having something to eat.

12:59AM BBT: Gary is now back in bed after having a snack.

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9am All feeds are off. SotH

9:13am Feeds are back. All HG up & doing ADL's.

9:20am Talla & Gary lying down together in HN. He's complaining that he can't wash his face & that his stomach hurts. Andrew making coffee.

9:30am Andrew checks on the weather & says another beautiful day in paradise & goes back in to eat. In the HNR, Gary wonders if he could wash his prison outfit. Talla goes to leave & Gary asks her to wedge something in the door to air the room out because he was gassy. She places his ball in the doorway. He lies there wiggling his fingers & shouting that he's awake as the alarm starts. The alarm continues & he says that he's awake & strategising. The alarm continues. He sits up & say that is so F@ck!ing annoying & shut the F@ck up.

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9:38am Gary goes into WA & complains to Talla that he has no shampoo or conditioner. He can't take a shower now but when he can he wants it & says that's coming from a bitter b!tch who just woke up to an alarm. Close up on his manacle. Jillian cleaning HOH.

9:45am Gary almost falling asleep on WA couch. Talla in shower. Andrew in KT as Emmett enters. Andrew complains about extra alarms for Gary although he isn't sure who it was for. Emmett complains that BB turned the HOH BT light on again. Talla talking to Gary from the shower. Hard to hear her. he's getting his apartment in Aug. She'll be in his area so she can stay with him. He'll do her make up & they'll have summer time fun.

9:52am Gary goes quiet again. In the KT Emmett & Andrew talk about playing hockey, soccer or softball. Emmett tells his progress with working out & being able to hit a ball over the fence. Says he's been working out for 3 years. Andrew asks how he got into it. Emmett says 1 of his best friends was going. Alarm for Gary. He stands up.

10am Jillian in the KT sitting on Emmetts lap. Close ups of Jillians lip shaving burn. Andrew suggests she wear a bandana over her face. Talla out of the shower. Jillian tells a story of her sister Brittany being rushed to the ER. She was told she had appendicitis & was going into surgery. 20 min before surgery she was told it wasn't appendicitis it was chrones. Next day she was told it was cysts & not chrones.

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10:05am Andrew tells a story of his brother Pete being seriously sick & going to the DR & being told go to the ER now. His brother passed out in hosp waiting rm. Says evry1 was freaking out that it could be leukemia or some other blood disease. They were told it was chrones. The nurses were on strike so they couldn't do surgery. Andrew says his brother was green. Went back to hosp couple of days later & were told it was salmonella poisoning. Emmett says his brothers best friend actually had surgery he shouldn't have. Had hernia surgery when he didn't have it. Has lifelong issues now.

10:10am More illness/Dr stories from the KT. Gary lying in WA while Talla does her make up. We get SotH for a min. Cams flash to all empty rooms in the house. Andrew says how lucky they are to be there & we get SotH again.

10:15am Andrew & Emmett complain about how long Talla & Gary take to put make up on. Jillian asks BB for something for her lip burn but they didn't give her anything. More SotH.

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12:28 BBT feeds are back with em talla and andrew in the hot tub area Gary is doing make up and jillan is in the kitchen

12:34 BBT talla says shes hungry andrew tells her to go grab something quick she has five minutes before the lock down

12:37 BBT jill comes out with her sandwich says we have 15 minutes before we get locked out andrew says yes, they are now talking about birds

12:39 BBT SOTH is back

12:48 BBT all HG are now in the Hottub area gary is looking for somewhere to sit he just walked in just another lazy day in the BB house

1:06 BBT talla is out in the BY everyone else in the the Hot Tub area just talking not much going on

1:10 BBT lock down is over gary wants to play jillan a game of chess they all head inside

1:15 BBT the clock in the kitchen has been changed to 3:30 talla changes it to 1:15

1:18 BBT HG the BY will be off limits in five minutes BB says

1:22 BBT Gary says if he fails and eats anything other then slop the whole house has to wear the jail outfit and get a ball and chain, they wonder if its a luxury comp coming up BB tells talla to close the red doors

130 BBT talla is now telling jillan what kind of date she would like to go on

1:35 BBT Gary and Andrew are playing chess talla and jillan are still talking I think emmett is in his hoh room not sure though

1:36 BBT Gary and Andrew are in the hoh with emmett now emmett is now showing andrew Garys chess moves, gary who has left the room for a few minutes so emmett can show andrew how to move and what not to do with gary the girls are still in the kitchen emmett is showing andrew garys chess game

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2:00 PM BBT - The house is awfully quiet. Talla is lounging beside the hot tub, trying to catch the bit of sun filtering through the ceiling. She wishes she had some sun tan oil. Emmitt is listening to his music, laying on the HOH bed while watching Gary and Andrew , who are still playing chess. Jillian is stretched out on the kitchen couch ( it seems like she may be looking at the memory wall, perhaps rehearsing for a future memory comp).

2:16 PM BBT - Talla repositions herself by the hot tub, declares she is going to tan her underarms - except she has moved her underarms into the shade. Emmitt has gone downstairs, gives Jillian a quick kiss and is gone. Jillian gets up to have a snack and then lays back down. The chess game quietly drags on as Gary slowly picks at his bowl of slop ( I must say, his makeup goes great with his facial hair. Wish I could pull that off!)

2: 34 PM - Emmitt comes out of the DR and enters the kitchen. The Houseguests have a new task! They have an hour to dress up like each other and take pictures. Andrew has to dress up as Talla, Gary like Jillian, Talla as Emmitt and Emmitt has to dress like Gary. Andrew has no idea how he is going to dress like Talla. Jillian wonders what to do with her hair, put it in a mohawk? Emmitt goes out to the hot tub to tell Talla the task. Andrew worries he will stretch Tallas' clothes, prompting Emmitt to tell him he has to wear a dress. Andrew exclaims "this is ridiculous!". They head to the Bedroom to get ready...(this is going to be great!)

2:37 PM BBT - Emmitt is wearing Garys' skinny jeans and is topless, Jillian exclaims "you look like a stripper!" They head to the BR and Talla tells Emmitt he looks so good. He looks so good. (He does look good). They say he looks like he is going to on stage a rip his clothes off.

2:45 PM BBT - Gary is dressing up Emmitt, assuring him "don't worry, I'm not going to make you look too gay". Andrew lets them know "this pisses me off". Gary looks at Andrew and tells him -" you look like a Tran". Andrew replies, "I look like a sexy Tran. BB, this is nonsense!". Gary is now loading Emmitt down with bangles and doing his makeup. Andrew puts on a wig and does some Talla stance, Jillian asks Talla " are you offended by that?", Talla says no. Talla tells Andrew she doesn't wear her tank tops like that so Andrew rolls the top down and wears it normally. Gary says he has been wanting to do this for so long, and thanks BB. Andrew says he looks like an old rocker. Talla, who is wearing Emmitts toque, shirt and shorts, agrees.

2:57 PM BBT- Jillian is trying to coax Andrew into letting her do his makeup, he states he is NOT doing that. Jillian dances in front of Andrew in his clothes, he says " Do I look like a rapper? How is that me? That is not me!" Jillian says it's because his clothes are so big. Emmitt tells Andrew to at least put on lipstick, Jillian adds "and eyebrows too - just for the joke of it!" Andrew continues to gripe about the task, how unimpressed he is. (His attitude seemingly makes it much more enjoyable for the rest of the houseguests).

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3:04 PM - The HG's continue to get ready. Emmitt is now in skinny jeans, tie dye shirt with a leopord print vest. Jillian is laughing at his skinny jeans. Emmitt has lost the camera. Andrew tells Emmitt he is getting off lucky because gary has some other stuff. Talla is called to the DR. Emmitt takes pictures of Gary dressed as Jillian. Jillian gets Andrew a wig while gary fixes Emmitts' makeup. Andrew says he looks like a trans-sexual, then is scolding Jillian "that's not what I do! Ridiculous" because she is trying to make his facial expressions. Gary tells BB he doesn't know where tallas' mic went. Andrew then says he looks like some sort of gay pirate. Emmitt says "ya! you do." Jillian is going to try fix Emmitts hair like Garys'.

3:12 PM - Emmitt tells Jillian she has to go in DR and fart, then threaten to stab herself with blunt instruments, Andrew adds she has to say she is living with a bunch of morons. Jillian and Emmitt whisper a joke to each other and laugh enough to get Andrew to non-stop harrass them to tell them what they said. They say they will tell him after it's done. Andrew is telling Jillian to go in the DR and say "Talla is a vile individual and I loathe her - openly". Andrew asks Jillian why she let Talla do an eyebrow, she botched it. Talla walks in and Andrew asks Talla to do a Emmitt impersonation, she does...and FAILS. Andrew does his Talla voice "do you love it? do you love it? do you love it?" and makes ugly faces. Talla is not happy, "that's not me!". Andrew confesses, " I may have done this before..."

3:20PM BBT - Jillian asks Emmitt "Is it weird I'm still attracted to you?". Gary tells JIllian she did a great job and Em's hair just completes the look. He continues to work on Emmitts look, and goes to put on the jewels. Emmitt says "What are you doing? You're gluing it to my forehead?!" Gary tells him "that's what I do!" Emmitt asks Gary if they can just use vaseline, adding " might as well put cats and dogs and fish up there while we're at it...". Jillian is watching with a chesire cat smile, directing Gary to add jewels from the corner of the brow out to the hair line. Andrew enters the bedroom and tells Jill it is her turn to go to the DR. Gary plucks Emmitts eyebrows, asking why he hasn't done it before. Em doesn't do that stuff - if you do it once, you have to keep doing it. Talla tells Em he looks good. Andrew looks at Emmitt and asks " are you not allowed to smile or something? You have to say Mother F^*!$R a lot. Gary says he doesn't say it THAT much. Andrew lets him know that he does. Gary puts on the wig and Talla takes pictures of all the guys together.

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3:36 PM BBT - Emmitt asks Gary what Gary wants him to say, Gary says "I believe in the power of glitter" and tells Emmitt he has to say it in his gayest voice, then instructs Emmitt on some facial expressions he uses. Jillian is back from the DR and says she was just in the DR saying how hot Emmitt looks (apparently, due to the extra work Gary has done while she was in the DR, she no longer feels that way). BB calls Emmitt to the DR. Talla is dancing to music in the HOHR. Jillian and Gary are going through the pictures, laughing. They are having a blast with this task (I think Andrew is too, secretly loving it!)

3:50 PM BBT - Andrew and Jillian in the kitchen, he tells her what he did in the DR. He thinks it will be edited a lot because he swore like a sailor. Jillian says she wants Em to keep the skinny jeans. Gary walks into the Kitchen , impersonating Jillian which causes her to laugh, " you look just like me!!" . Andrew wonders if they can stop now because they took lots of pictures already. Andrew takes off the skirt and gives it back to Gary. Gary says his skirt hates him now because Andrew wore it. Em comes out of the DR, he asks where Talla is because BB wants them to take more pictures. Naturally, Andrew is choked as he finally got the skirt off. He says " let's hurry up and do this because I am sooo over this". Talla walks downstairs to the kitchen while doing her version of Emmitt " Give me some nibs. Give me some nibs. Can we get some milk around here!?"

4:00 PM - Jillian tells Emmitt she wants him to keep the skinny jeans. He asks " you'd like me in these?" And throws out a scenario of her walking by him in a bar in those jeans. She exclaims "YA!" and then hugs Emmitt and tells him he smells like Gary. Talla takes a picture of the showmance. The houseguests continue to take pictures inside, then head out to the Backyard and Hot tub. Jillian can not stop laughing at Tallas' "give me some nibs" impersonation. Emmitt figures they've done all they can outside, Andrew beelines to the house. He can not wait another minute, he needs this to be over with. The head inside for a few more pictures and it's over. We get the hush hush screen. (Thank you BB for the task! I loved it and the Houseguests did, too)

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4:02PM BBT: The Hgs gather in the LR for last minute pictures. Andrew pulls the wig off and starts going to the BR then we had Soth.

4:10PM BBT: Feeds return with Talla doing dishes and talking to herself. And we have Soth.

4:15PM BBT: We still have Soth.

4:32PM BBT: Feeds return with Gary in his prisoners uniform. and we have Soth again.

4:36PM BBT: Andrew and Talla in BY Andrew is complaining about Gary being in the game again. Talla said she could be worse but she cannot let this get to her. Andrew said he is enjoying the game but they (Jillian,Emmett and Gary) know that they will still be in the game and they are laughing at them.

4:39PM BBT: Andrew is now in the KT complaining to Jillian about Gary being in the game. Emmett and Gary is now playing chess. Andrew said he send Gary out now he is back. Andrew said he is going to teach Talla to play chess.

4:43PM BBT: Andrew still talking he said he is going to buy a new stove when he gets out. Then he said to Jillian maybe you should vote me out, then he said he is joking. Andrew said when they get out of the game they can go for a manicure and pedicure.

4:47PM BBT: Andrew said it feels like forever being in this house especially when they brought back Gary. Meanwhile Gary and Emmett still playing chess. Talla is still in BY.

4:56PM BBT: Andrew is talking while Jillian cook. Andrew said he does not have any patience now. Andrew and Jillian is now eating Jillian said she like the idea of the final three. Jillian said she think Gary will vote for Talla to stay.

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5:02PM BBT: Andrew said if Emmett make a bad move that mean Dan make a big influence on him in one day. Andrew asks Jillian if Talla talk to her Jillian said Talla think she is safe.

5:05PM BBT: Andrew told Jillian maybe they should get rid of Emmett next if Andrew happen to stay. Jillian does not look happy so Andrew said he wants Gary out the house. Talla is now in the KT preparing something to eat. Jillian just told Emmett dinner is ready.

5:10PM BBT: Talla is now having dinner. Jillian made salmon but Talla does not like it. Talla really does not like Jillian cooking today she said it is spicy.

5:16PM BBT: Andrew left and Talla and Jillian start talking game. Jillian said she is having guilty between Andrew and Talla. Talla said it is hard for her to act like she is going home. Andrew is back in the KT

5:22PM BBT: Gary and Emmett still playing chess. Jillain,Talla and Andrew in the KT. Andrew is asking Jillian if Talla tell her stuff like poor Andrew, Andrew also said Jillian you are in a very good position you are guarantee final three.

5:28PM BBT: Andrew is now in the BR taking a nap. Talla in the WC. Jillian, Emmett and Gary in HoH. Andrew said to the camera please give him the veto.

5:33PM BBT: Andrew is now asleep. Gary is now in the KT. Emmett is having dinner in HoH. The alarm just went off Jillian and Andrew was sleeping.

5:38PM BBT: Talla and Andrew is now at the HT. Talla telling Andrew a story about drinking too much pop. Let the chess game continue with Gary and Emmett.

5:45PM BBT: Emmett is now complaining about the salmon he said he is going to get sick. Andrew and Talla still talking about previous Hgs.

5:49PM BBT: Andrew and Talla is talking at the HT Andrew said Gary do not speak to him about game since he came back into the house.

5:53PM BBT: Andrew is still complaining. Andrew think if they give Gary a task he will screw it up and he does not care to lift weights anymore. Andrew said he would of dress Emmett in better clothes.

5:58PM BBT: Andrew said his life is all messed up from this show. Andrew think Gary would go to all the gay parade in the country. Andrew is talking about Gary again that he was voted off and back in the house again. ( Ok Andrew live with it he is back)

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7:07 PM BBT

Emmett, Gary and Talla in the HOH room. They can't believe that Big Brother messed up the clocks on them. It seems BB put the clocks a couple hours ahead and the HGs are guessing that means they want them to stay up later.

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6:30pm BBT - Andrew and Talla at the HT. It's not on but their feet are wet. It's chilly since both are wearing hoodies. Jillian working out in the BY. Gary in KT dragging his ball on chain. He heads up to HoH to find Jillian who is out of the BY. She uses the WC while Gary waits on the bed, listening to the iPod. Now he's on the couch. No Emmett.

7:00pm BBT - Jillian back to working out in BY. Emmett in HoH watching Gary and Andrew play sideways chess. Talla assumed to still be by the HT. Jillian in the KT pulling ice cubes out of the freezer trays. Now she's back in the BY working out. Talla up in HoH, wants to play a game of chess. Talla gets in the HoH bed and Emmett tells her he naps naked in there. Oooh, she says. Emmett is giving Andrew tips while Gary is out of the room. Jillian continues hand weight workouts alone. Talla is sleeping in HoH bed w/Emmett's plush toy.

7:10pm BBT - Gary is out of DR and back to playing Andrew in chess. Emmett crawls into HoH bed with Talla. Jillian still alone in BY working out. Andrew called to DR. Jillian into KT and up to HoH and finds Talla in bed with Emmett. I didn't know who that was, she says. Gary says wearing the prisoner's uniform is not so bad - he likes not having to worry about what he wears. Jillian back downstairs, refills water then collapses on the KT couch. Emmett thinks BB's messing with the clock means they want them to stay up longer. I disagree. Emmett has the music on, looks at one of his photos long and hard. Gary is weighing up the options on the chess board. Emmett jokes you have to cheat to beat Andrew? STFU, says Gary, I think I know my move. Emmett just laughs.

7:15pm BBT - Emmett says he hasn't played Chess in a long time before this. Omnidirectional chit chat between Gary and Emmett in HoH wile Talla sleeps. Jillian is meditating in HT area. Emmett tells Gary that if he expresses interest in attending gay pride parades across Canada, the organizers would probably fly him out. Gary says he can be paid in Glitter. Gary talks about #*** and glitter tattoos he plans to get. ** is a secret he says, can't tell Emmett until after they leave the house.

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7:16 PM BBT

Jillian laying in utter silence/stillness outside. The alarm goes off. "I wasn't sleeping, I was going over everything that has ever happened in my mind." she yells out. [That or...sleeping - ZuZu]

7:20 PM BBT

Talla is convinced something is about to happen because the buzzers keep going off and they won't let them sleep. "Oh who cares, we are on Big Brother time." sighs Gary. Andrew has been in the DR for a long time.

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7:57 PM BBT

Jillian lying face into Emmett's chest. Where his mic is. Judging by the breathing sounds she is asleep. Andrew and Gary continue their chess game. In the KT Talla makes little snack packs of vegetables for the fridge.

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8:28 PM BBT

Andrew puts his feet up on Gary. "Don't put your crusty ass feet up on me!" shrieks Gary. "At least they don't stink like your crusty ass feet. I washed them." Andrew retorts. "At least my feet will be here next week when y...when someone goes home on Thursday." snarks Gary. Emmett shakes his head at Gary.

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8:37 PM BBT

Andrew is in the BY with Emmett. He is pissed off at Gary. Gary swears he only said what he said because he's on slop and he only said that he'd be able to shower after someone leaves. Talla says she's pissed off too but it's not worth it. "I didn't mean it like that - chill out!" Gary yells out the window at Andrew. "Well tell him that. Gary, tell him that." says Talla. "Is he seriously pissed off about that?" Talla explains how it felt for them, how Gary just rubbed it in their faces.

8:40 PM BBT

Gary is headed out back to apologize to Andrew. He says that Talla is headed off to cause drama. She's loving this, it's perfect for her. He walks up to Andrew and apologizes, "I meant it like the minute someone walks out the door I can run into the shower, I didn't mean it like that, I know how it sucks to be on the block and ot have it thrown in my face. I didn't want to come off as a dick. I apologize."

"It's ok, thank you for that." Andrew says

"I mean I really just want to take a shower and give my balls a wash. I've been on slop and I\m not myself.I didn't mean it to come out that way. This is degrading and I'm not myself."

Andrew is laughing and says apology accepted.

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10:00PM BBT Talla Jillian and Emmett in the hot tub. Talla is ecstatic about all the booze they were given, three bottles of wine and four bottles of beer. She Jillian and Gary split a bottle of wine between them and all have full glasses at the moment. Jillian ran back to the kitchen for something, maybe ice. Gary is in front of a mirror for a change applying yet another version of his face.

10:02PM BBT Talla sitting low in the hot tub and going on about how her body is different now and she does not think she will go back to her personal trainer because she has seen him twice and should have learned by now. She says that she does not pay if she misses a session, but rather makes him give her another one since she missed one. Heaven help us she now believes she is a turnip. Jillian says she is more like a fruit than a vegetable. Jillian points out that Talla missed the fact that she called her a fruit. Talla will never ever ever ever never ever take away the fact that she and Jillian were slopettes together. [Lord, give me strength. -DRG]

10:06PM BBT Talla now talking about when they were on slop and cold showers but she does not know the week it was. Gary limps out to join them carrying Willie (his ball and chain). They are now commenting on what time the clock says and that it is never right. BB changes if when they are on LD and Talla changes it whenever she thinks it is wrong. Talla now talking to Henry about getting engaged. Then she talks about how many months salary should be spent on an engagement ring. Emmett trying to spare his ears, we suppose asks Talla to turn on the hot tub jets again. There is now a debate about how materialistic they are as Emmett says that they only talk about how much the rings cost and not anything else. Gary says he is materialistic. when Gary asks Emmett how much he is going to spend his response if that he is not even thinking about marriage right now.

10:12PM BBT After Emmett chastises them about only talking about the expense of the ring, Gary says that well, he would like to have his birthstone in the ring cause that would show he knows something about me. Gary says he wants a good person to marry him and Emmett shoots back that maybe he should do some dishes then. Talla now back on number five and a date they went on. Emmett is begging BB to call him to the DR under his breath. [i feel your pain, brother. DRG]

10:14PM BBT Gary asks Emmett if he would spend ten grand on a watch and Emmett says he would not. Talla says she would buy shoes but not a watch with that much money. She is now going on about how she was not spoiled, her sister was, but she was not. She was the black sheep and has had to fight through some shit in her life. Jillian says she is not a jealous person and has never ever felt a bit of jealousy towards her sisters. Talla says she is not jealous but sometimes feels self-defeated. She is tired of hearing, Talla, why aren't you more like your sister. Because I am not, we are two different people. Gary admits he has been jealous of people in the past.

10:18PM Jillian going on about how she is never jealous of her sisters. Talla congratulates her self, "Good job, getting tipsy." BB teases us with an all to brief reprieve of FOTH. They are now teasing Talla about her performance in the maze comp 199. They ask Emmett what his hockey jersey number was and he says 21 and 14. Gary pronounces that then is his favorite number. They now name hockey players who wore those numbers. Jillian and Gary talking and Talla carrying on to no one. Friday Night Lights is one of her favorite movies and it made her want to go to America. Now they are on to Sandra Bullock and The Blind Side. Gary mentions Remember the Titans. Jillian mentions Blow with Penelope Cruz.

10:24PM BBT Movie and star talk continues as they think that stars always look bigger (body wise) than they actually are. they debate what size Selma Hayak is, Gary's favorite singer is Carrie Underwood. Someone says she is nice but Talla has heard that she is not. [OK folks, now would be a good time to talk amongst yourselves and fill in your own favorite celebs. It will be more fun than reading what these clowns think especially as they keep drinking.-DRG] Emmett was called to the DR [You owe BB big time now buddy. -DRG]

10:29PM BBT Talk has somehow turned to Jillian's fat ass and as if on cue Andrew now takes Emmett's place in the tub. Talk turns to the booze they were given and BB tells them to stop talking about production. Talla promises that she is going to get sloppy tonight but Andrew says there is not enough there for that and Talla corrects him. They talk about DR sessions and BB has to call them on it again. Gary is adamant that he did a good job on the task today. He wants to dress Jillian. Now they are discussing Jillians facial injury and Talls says it happened to her once, ripping skin off, and her pits are burned from laser treatments. She raises her arm to show the 'indents" in her pit. Andrew starts talking about what to wear for double eviction nights and the deep BB voices warns them again to stop talking about production.

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10:36PM BBT Now talking about food and Gary is hungry. Talla heading back towards the kitchen. Jillian announces that she is a super empathetic person. Gary talking like a slave and saying he wants some food massah, No eat the green shit in the bucket till you leave my MF house. Talla back with a fresh bottle of white wine and struggles to twist off the top. finally she hands to Andrew to open. Andrew complements Gary on the orange he had in his hair before. Talla pouring the wine trying to equalize the amounts in three glasses. Andrew asks her to save him a little drink and she passes the basically empty bottle to him. Emmett returns to be assaulted verbally with a description of how they are going to dress him for Thursday night. Emmett is less than enthused and will were the items sometime but not for Thursday night. There seems to be general consensus that Emmett's junk and butt look good.

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10:44PM BBT Andrew complaining that he is getting jealous. They tell him he is the hottest 38 year old to ever be in the house and anyway he is the funny guy. Talla wants to talk about the craziest thing they have ever done. Jillian and Andrew talking about being spontaneous or not. Jillian singing and BB tells her to stop. Gary rapping about HGs and laughing. Jillian talking about burger she had recently from Wendy's. They are all yelling over one another. Gary trying to freestyle and get Jillian to do it, but she won't. Talla says it is because she is shy in front of Emmett.

10:51PM BBT They are continuing to try and get Jillian to freestyle with no success. Talla and Gary engage in semi-pornographic freestyle started when Talla rhymed I want to rub it after she said I love it.

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