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April 15 [Monday] Live Feed Updates

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12:02AM BBT Talla struggling to open the peanut butter jar and Andrew eventually comes to her rescue. Peter saying it does not have to be a sandwich now she can just put the peanut butter on the toast. Andrew starts cleaning something Talla just put in the sink and she is giving him a hard time about it. [Didn't she just minutes ago complain about items she left in the sink not being magically cleaned? - DRG]

12:05AM BBT Talla starts giving out her phone number and we get brief foth to protect her privacy. Sandwich finally done and she says goodnight again. Emmett asking for a grapefruit and Talla says she will do it even though Andrew said he would. Andrew now carrying linens into the bedroom and starting to make up the beds. Talla now mortified asking if anyone heard her giving out her phone number. Peter says he thinks the whole country heard. Talla now joins Andrew in the bedroom. She asks what he is doing and he says making the beds. Her response is fuck no. Andrew screams again that they have to make the beds and the lights dim in the room. He tells her they got three sets of linens and she says she is just going to do it the way she does it. [Glad she cleared that up. - DRG]

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12:02AM BBT - Peter changes his mind and just wants toast with peanut butter now, instead of a toasted peanut butter sandwich. Talla gets confused, then goes off on Andrew about something he said. She tells him he's only been on slop one time, and she's been on way more often. She's does dishes all the time, and is making Peter his sandwich then will clean up. She doesn't need Andrew to yell at her.

12:05AM BBT - Peter says he thinks talking to Talla on the phone would be so complicated. Talla says you should see her text messages, she can write full paragraphs using old school letters. This makes Peter and Andrew burst out laughing. "As opposed to what?" Peter sputters. Talla mutters that she can't believe she doesn't make that much sense.

12:08AM BBT - Talla says good night, Andrew reminds her they need to make the beds. Emmett is going to the HT, asks Andrew to slice a grapefruit and leave it on the counter for him. Talla can't do it, she'll screw it up. Talla asks if Emmett and Jillian are going on a date, he'll drink milk and she'll drink wine. He says "kinda yes". Andrew in BR making beds. Talla feels like she doesn't know herself, Peter says I don't know you and I"m with you 16 hours a day. Talla bids them goodnight, Peter asks if she'll be there all week and should they purchase tickets to tomorrow night's show. She says yes and goes to help Andrew.

12:11AM BBT - Peter says he's going to go to bed once the beds are made. Told Emmett it was neat how his family all held up milk at the end of their "visit". He says it must have been preplanned. Emmett says it was hard, so many questions and so little time. Peter says he thought of tons after, about which family members were watching. He wonders if his dad ordered slice to watch; says his dad isn't tech savvy so it might have been tricky.

12:13AM BBT - Emmett and Peter start talking hockey. (Emmett is a Leafs fan, Peter is a Rangers fan)

12:15AM BBT - In the bedroom, Andrew & Talla are talking about the upcoming days. Andrew can't wait for this game to be over. Talla doesn't want it to go that fast, although she's looking forward to Thursday so she can eat again.

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12:19AM BBT - Andrew says his parents raised him and his brothers to be a certain way. He mentions his twin brother being gorgeous, his older brother Tom being gorgeous. Talla says her parents raised her and her siblings to be the best she can be. Andrew says he's crazy, he'd older than everyone in the house. Talla says "You like to live". Andrew says think about the blow ups, not with you, but with Emmett, Topaz.

12:24AM BBT - Andrew and Talla are discussing the Alec/Topaz showmance. Talla says she's not out there just to flirt. Andrew jokingly says he doesn't flirt then says he does. Tells Talla she never stops flirting with him. Andrew says he loves her modesty, Talla says "What do you mean?" Andrew tells her that was sarcasm. Talk turns to Tom and how he was not well liked.

12:31AM BBT - Beds are made. Talla goes out to tell the boys, instructing them to only sleep in their own bed. She tells Andrew she & Jillian are putting avocado in their hair tomorrow. Emmett confirms Jillian is in the DR, Andrew slices Emmett's grapefruit. Talla is going to bed, Andrew will be showering and then going to bed after he does dishes. Peter also seems to have disappeared to go to bed.

12:41AM BBT - Emmett talks about how one little move can make a huge difference in the game. If Andrew had won Bees Knees, maybe he would've put Emmett on the block. Emmett says it's almost safer for him not to win this week. Andrew re-counts parts of his converstaion with Talla while making the beds.

12:45AM BBT - Emmett and Andrew on the BY couches, Andrew explaining how the Final 4 works (based of BB US). Talla re-joins the BY couches and decides she wants to hear the explanation. Talla tells them that the bedroom lights are dimming.

12:50AM BBT - Peter is in bed. The BY crew is discussing the bridge building veto competition.

12:55AM BBT - Jillian is out of the DR. Talla heads back to bed after getting Jillian some wine. Jillian wonders if Andrew & Talla will ever get married. "Definitely not," Andrew says without hesitating. He's not attracted to her. He likes her, she's funny sometimes, but she's way too self absorbed. Jillian says that's exactly like a teenager. Talk turns to the comps, and Andrew points out that the 3 of them have won 10 out of the 20 comps.
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1:01AM BBT - Andrew bids Jillian and Emmett good night and heads to bed. Jillian and Emmett head to the HT.

1:17AM BBT - Jillian and Emmett are just chit chatting.

1:25AM BBT - Jillian and Emmett going over scenarios. HT is so loud they cannot be heard clearly.

1:36AM BBT - Andrew gets into bed, Talla tells him what an amazing day. The chit chat for a second or two, then bid each other good night.

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2:06AM BBT - Jillian and Emmett get into bed. Emmett calls to BB to turn the bathroom lights out.

2:11AM BBT - And as Emmett and Jillian reached for each other... (What? What?) Ah, it's snogging again. You don't want to hear that. (I don't mind so much) Oh, OK. Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. Tonigt's snogging left them all behind. The end. Now I think you ought to go to sleep. (Okay.) All right. Okay, Okay, All right. So long. (Morty? Maybe you could post live feed updates again tomorrow?) As you wish.

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8:55am Andrew & Talla R up. Talla complaining her stomach hurts. Andrew cleaning & making slop breakfast. Emmet & Jillian still in bed.

9:05am Talla & Andrew in BY. Emmet, Peter & JIllian up & doing ADL's. Andrew says here's a newsflash for you folks, Talla is not feeling good.

9:10am Andrew telling Talla what the work F@ck means. He says it's an acronym & really means For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Andrew found a cherry ontop of the slop & Tells Talla about it. She wants it but doesn't believe him so goes to see it. She's holding the cherry & staring at it. Andrew says it's becuase BB loves them & felt sorry for them. She's looking at it suspiciously then tastes it to see if it's real. Says she's scared & thinks it's a trick. She puts it aside as evidence.

9:15am Talla falls onto KT couch saying she feels weak & doesn't feel good. Andrew says she's says that a lot & that's why they were given the cherry.

9:20am Talla says that she wants to work out but is tired. She needs slop but doesn't want it & the cherry is a trick. Andrew in the BR telling Peter about the infamous cherry & how Talla feels about it. Talla tells Andrew she doesn't feel good & asks him to get her choc milk. He says yes & that's there's slop for her. Jill walks downstairs & Talla tells her she doesn't feel well. Andrew says the good news is she's told him 1000 times. Now they tell the cherry story.

9:23am Andrew tells Talla to shut up, rub her belly & put some GD slop in there. Feeds cut to SotH

9:27am Feeds return to Talla says that she doesn't feel good. Andrew says shocker & again talks about the cherry. Peter speculates that maybe it means that they're getting something that's cherry flavored. Andrew goes to make something for Talla. He hands her a slop shake & in between sips she says she doesn't feel good

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9:35am Andrew give Peter peanut butter toast & yogurt then heads to the BY to join Talla telling Emmett her dream. Andrew complains that she wouldn't tell him her dream but tells Emmett. Jillian is doing her makeup. Talk turns to what they've eaten lately & how it's affecting their weight.

9:40am KT cam playing around zooming in & out on Peter & odd items in the room. Andrew saying how it annoyed him when Topaz would repeated come out in the morn in the beginning without her mic & how often she slept & got them in trouble. How she would act like it wasn't her & in the beginning no one wanted to say anything to her. Talla explains her napping. Talk turns to farts. Andrew says his are more bark then bite & Talla's R silent but deadly. Emmett says his R bad when he eats MdD's. Talla says she isn't a farty person but does a lot her. Andrew says it's the slop & slop is so disgusting.

9:45am Andrew joking about how much he hates Talla. Apologizes then says it again. He asks how she's doing & says he doesn't know how she can sip the slop. She says she isn't talking to him because he hates her. She asks if he really hates her. He says no. She asks about the cherry again. SHe says the cherry is the evidence & Emmet can be the lawyer. Jillian walks in & she explains it again.

9:50am Talla, Jillian & Emmett in the BY talking about card games. Crazy eights, war & cheat. Talla tells them about watching the video of them kissing. Says it was cute but they muted some of it.

10am Peter telling Andrew in the KT that he isn't sure how many of his family can follow his progress in the game just because of their location or their technical skills. Andrew assures him that they'll be following & will find a way. Andrew says that when people go up to him after the show & he'll say no, he's the twin. Peter says even though they're twins you can tell them apart. Andrew says people will always ask if they're related & they always say no. Talla comes in & says the slop is already moved through her. She leaves & Andrew says to Peter, what do you think it's like in her head. Peter says void.

10: 05am Andrew talking about them bringing his brother in yesterday. He says obviously they did it because they're twins. He says he felt great but also like crap because no one else got it. He jokes about his 1 1/2 year old nephew being smarter then Talla then says her family must hate him for constantly ripping her up but there isn't much to do there. Peter says the game is winding down & picking up at the same time. Andrew says he thinks about AJ being in that house for 18 days & how you don't usually go on vacation for that long.

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10:05am Andrew about watching the Emmett & Jillian videos. Peter says that part of being a have not is only for 3 days right. Andrew says yes. Peter says he feels like they're the parents in an empty nest looking at all the faces on the wall. Talla joins Emmett & Jillian in the BY & talk about food. Jillian tells Andrew she's going to make cookies tonight. He 'whoops' & says he loves Jills cookies. He walks around like he has a hunch like an 'Igor'.

10:17am Emmett opens a deck of cards in the BY. Andrew soaks his feet in the LR. Peter & Emmett go to the HT area. Emmet & Peter sits with their feet in the HT & Emmett deals cards. Andrew talking about his brother yesterday & says he doesn't remember much of what he said. Jillian says that Emmett couldn't hear any of it. JIllian's giving him a pedicure.

10:23am Andrew talking to himself while waiting for Jillian to get the stuff for the pedicure. He can't wait to decompress from this game. Sounds like Emmett & Peter R playing crazy eights. Can't see Talla & no real game talk going on right now. Andrew telling Jillian how Talla is driving him nuts. He says that Talla was saying how great it was to see cheerleaders yesterday & he says, you saw your family. Sounds like Jillian might have seen her mom & that she told her she's complaining too much.

10:27am Andrew says he's going balls to the wall for this next HOH. Jillian says sadly that she can't compete & asks if there's even another HOH after that. He says the finale one.

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10:30AM BBT: Jillian wonders what Peter and Emmett are talking about. Andrew says "Who cares." Talla comes out of the DR and tells Andrew he is wanted. Jillian says "DR can he come later, can you call someone else or no?" His feet won't be soft anymore. BB (human voice) says "Andrew you can finish your nails." Feeds cut to SotH for a brief moment. When they return Peter is on his way to the DR. Emmett stays alone at the HT.

10:37AM BBT: Talla, Andrew and Jillian can hear Peter talking(yelling) in the DR. They think nothing of it as he's always loud especially when he does his voices. The 3 of them talk about the relationships they have made with the other HGs. Andrew says this is my 2nd pedicure from the prettiest girl in the house. He asks Talla if that makes her mad that he just said that.

10:42AM BBT: Andrew asks Talla to go get Jillian's coffee from the KT. She gets it and Andrew says you might need to heat it up. As Jillian is telling her to just stick her finger in it to check the temp Talla takes a sip but then realizes she can't because she is on slop and the coffee has cream/milk. She says nothing to see here and starts doing a cheer. Andrew tells her he wants to quietly enjoy his pedicure so she should go do something. He says Emmett wants you go see him.

10:48AM BBT: Talla goes to the HT where Emmett is. She is talking about how she hasn't won anything and is really trying. Emmett tells her now that is a good thing. She is questioning him and whats best to have in the final 2 and how would the vote. Peter comes out and Peter tells them "Have you ever seen "BJS" bitter jury syndrome. It happens more then not." Talla says "When was the last time that happened?" Peter says "Last season of BB, Dan was the better player. He says even in survivor it happens. Russel Hantz lost twice and should of won. Sometimes its just the lesser of 2 evils. Jury's are weird you have to think who is in there and who are they talking too." Emmett is called to the DR.

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11:00AM BBT: Andrew and Jillian discussing things that have happened in the house. They loved watching the movie. Andrew says "That was way better then the dinner thing Emmett and Peter just had." Jillian says she feels bad that she has got 3 letters from home. Andrew loves that his brother was in the house. Jillian said she wishes he would of went up to her room. They are both glad that they got Gary out of the house and happy he got Tom out before.

11:05AM BBT: Jillian says she wanted Andrew to win the build a demon veto so bad. She says "Wait until you see my face." She tells him she was talking so he would hear her voice to come back. Andrew says Alec's biggest mistake was voting out AJ. Jillian says Peter's biggest mistake was not saving Topaz.

11:11AM BBT: Talla asks Peter to pretend to cards with her (she can't play as a have not). He plays high low with the cards. She says "Is this me playing cards right now?" Peter says "I'm playing with myself." Talla says "That sounds great."

11:15AM BBT: Andrew's pedicure is complete. Jillian says she wants to take a break before doing Talla's. They agree that between the 2 of them whoever wins has to pay for the first pedicure, manicure, dinner and drinks when they are out of the house. Andrew says he feels like Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic "I feel on top of the world." Peter and Talla now at the dining room table.

11:23AM BBT: Andrew wants to go outside to check the weather. Jillian goes with him to shake out the pedicure towel. They get half way there and Emmett comes out of the DR and tells Andrew it's his turn. Jillian is laying in the sun. Emmett goes out and put his feet in the HT. He says he's tired this morning. Jillian says she just has to give Talla a pedicure then she is done. That's how she is repaying them for serving them.

11:30AM BBT: Jillian loves that they were in the house for winter, happy she didn't have to shovel her driveway or warm up her car. She couldn't imagine being in the house for the summer. Emmett is trying to sell his car. He says go on kijiji its a 2008 Jetta and he will even sign the dash. He thinks "Joe and William" may have already sold it.

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11:33AM BBT: Emmett is also trying to rent out 2 apartments. He loves it because he gets to meet new people. Jillian ask "You're a people person?" He says "I am but not you all, I hate you guys. Living with the same people for 70 days makes me want to strangle you all." They are going to play cards at the HT area. Emmett goes in to get them. Talla and Peter still playing at the dining room table. Jillian gets called to the DR.

11:40AM BBT: Talla and Peter's game of puck ball ends and she tries begging Emmett to play. he only wants to play cards. Peter asks her to get him some ice water. Emmett would like a sandwich. She says "I will be in the KT while you guys play cards." She spells her name wrong as she is doing a cheer. She says its not her fault that she has slop brain.

11:45AM BBT: Talla stops what she is doing in the KT and goes to change her shirts and freshen up. Peter says "Where is Edna(her server nickname) with my ice water." They joke that she is the laziest server and is getting fired today. Peter and Emmett playing crazy 8 countdown on the LR sofa. Andrew is the HT enjoying the sun.

11:59AM BBT: Jillian is out of the DR and goes to the HT area and is painting her nails while talking to Andrew. They discuss if people will recognize them. Jillian tells Andrew how Emmett just told that he is getting sick of the people in the house and he included her in with them. Andrew tells her even the best of relationships would be sick of each other after spending that much time together.

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12:07PM BBT: Peter and Emmett having another game of crazy 8's. Jillian going inside to brush her teeth. Andrew also going inside. Talla meets them in the BY and says "Hey guys I was just coming to join." Andrew jumps in the pool while Talla lays on a lounger beside the pool. Andrew wants to make sure she isn't worried about going on the block. She says "Why would I, we are in a alliance."

12:14PM BBT: Peter makes Emmett pick up 10 cards. He's got a lot of cards( Looks like half the deck). Emmett keeps calling Peter a prick.

12:22PM BBT: Jillian joins Andrew and Talla they are discussing fame after the show. Talla doesn't really want any and doesn't except any fame. Jillian says she would be in the pool more if she didn't have to wear bronzer and makeup.

12:28PM BBT: Andrew says they should be jealous of him as he is going to decompress in Florida in a beautiful house slightly smaller then the BB house with a bigger pool. Talla says she is wondering where her T4's are. Jillian says she is wondering when they will stop serving them. Talla says "Why you don't like my salads?"

12:34PM BBT: Jillian and Talla getting everything ready for Talla's pedicure. Emmett is showing Jillian the sandwich Talla made him. He wanted sliced pickles and she put whole pickles and huge pieces of cheese. Emmett going to nap hoping he doesn't get buzzed. Peter laying on the LR sofa. Emmett sees Talla and says that was the worst sandwich ever.

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12:41PM BBT: Talla whispers to Jillian she doesn't think Andrew and Emmett have a final 2. They both think that both Emmett and Andrew would talk the girls of each other. Andrew is now in the shower.

12:50PM BBT: While Jillian and Talla wait for Talla's feet to soak they talk about liquor and wine. Emmett now sleeping in the BR. Andrew in the WA flossing.

1:00PM BBT: Really nothing happening right now. Jillian and Talla talk about the pedicure. Andrew just joined them in the LR.

1:03PM BBT: Andrew asks Jillian if she minds if he goes upstairs and listens to a little Britney Spears. She says "You can do whatever you want." Talla says "Goodnight as she might fall asleep during the pedicure."

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1:12PM BBT: I think the camera controllers are as bored as I am. We get a feed zooming in on cameras.

1:32PM BBT: Talla and Peter napping in the LR. Emmett napping in the BR and Andrew still listening to music in the HoH. Silence on the feeds at the moment.

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2:10pm BBT - After a period of SotH. feeds back with BB calling Peter to DR. Emmett & Jillian sitting on LR couch, Andrew in KT, Talla passed out on lounge next to pool.

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2:22pm BBT - Emmett asks Andrew for some grapefruit. BB calls Jillian into the DR but her toes aren't dry, creating a temporary crisis. Peter cutting up chicken nuggets with knife and fork on paper plate on the LR couch. Andrew says last grapefruit, serves Emmett with is fav spoon. BB announces all HG except Andrew will be locked out of the BB House in 1hr. That means 1hr until SotH for the Veto meeting.

2:30pm BBT - Andrew at KT eating slop cookies, joined by Peter and Emmett. Talla still passed out by the pool. Emmett & Andrew carrying on a convo. Peter might as well be invisible in the middle. The topic is going fast on a Vespa.

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3:09pm BBT - We've been at SotH for about 10 minutes now, so possibly the PoV Meeting SotH started early. We won't know for sure, but I expect he will remove himself from the block and Talla will be nominated. Then the games will really begin.

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5:05PM BBT: The feeds are back! Andrew is putting away the stools away from the POV ceremony.

5:11PM BBT: Jillian, Emmett, Peter and Talla are in the kitchen. Jillian says that her and Emmett played two card games, and she won both of them. Talla makes Jillian a plate of veggies to nibble on.

5:14PM BBT: The housemates are wondering when they'll recieve word on when the 72 hour punishment will be over. Talla says she's not feeling good, and as soon as it's dark out then she's going to bed. Andrew says they get to sleep in tomorrow, and Talla says no. Andrew explains that they don't have to wake up an hour earlier to watch the video.

5:23PM BBT: Talla and Emmett are flinging some kind of metal sounding device back and forth to eachother on the dining room table. Jillian is sitting in the middle chatting to them both. Peter is sitting at the breakfast counter.

5:35PM BBT: Emmett is in the bedroom laying down. Peter still sitting at the breakfast bar. Jillian won a game against Talla. Jillian is thinking about taking a nap. Jillian says that because Talla and Andrew did such a good job serving them, then BB should let them off slop. Jillian says that the two of them laughed about it and took it in stride.

5:40PM BBT: Jillian goes to the regular bedroom and lays in bed beside Emmett. Jillian says that Andrew is playing a character and trying to be remembered by his lines. She says Alec was like that too. It was hard to hear exactly what she said due to her mic being obstructed. Talla comes into the bedroom looking for Andrew, and they tell her that he's in the HoH room listening to music. Talla asks if they're taking a nap, and they confirm. Talla doesn't know what she's going to do.

5:47PM BBT: Peter is sitting on a couch in the living room by himself with his eyes closed. Not much happening in the house at the present moment.

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5:53PM BBT: Talla is up in the HoH with Andrew. Talla says she's getting more cranky as time goes on. They both don't think they'll get a reward since it was a punishment. Peter's comments earlier today annoyed Talla. Andrew says Peter has an alter ego on YouTube, in the DR and wants to appear cool and remembered. Andrew says that Peter can't save himself and wants to say cool stuff to be remembered and wanted to leave a lasting impression.

5:57PM BBT: Andrew says that Talla is probably thinking: "Andrew, stop talking. I just want food". Andrew wants the filler time between now and Thursday to go away with a blink. Talla says if she wasn't on slop, then she wouldn't have any problem. Andrew agrees. Andrew says that people have to go home for them to move on. Andrew asks Talla if she wants to go downstairs into the pool and see how long she can hold her breath. Talla says she just wants to eat and she's going to bed at 9. Andrew says that that is news to him, and she's only said it a million times.

6:01PM BBT: Talla says she wants to play cards, but they can't. There are also balls in the BY that they can't play with. Talla and Andrew go outside into the hot tub area. Talla says it's nice out. She thinks it's 13°C, but Andrew thinks it's 12°C. It is currently 12°C in Mississauga. Andrew was right.

6:05PM BBT: Andrew and Talla head to the BY and sit on the couches. Andrew calls out and asks BB to let them know when the 72 hour servitude is over. They chat about seafood. Exciting stuff.

6:13PM BBT: Jillian and Emmett are int he bedroom whispering. Hard to hear what they're both saying, but I think they're going over the timeline of events and what happened on what days and weeks. Andrew and Talla are sitting at the dining room table sliding metal rings back and forth to each other.

6:13PM - 6:30PM BBT: Talla and Andrew still play with the rings. [The sound of the rings are driving me crazy!]

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6:34PM BBT - Jillian and Emmett still going over strategies. Emmett's chewing of his fingernails when Jillian talks makes it hard to hear her as she is laying on her chest, flossing and her mic appears to be covered.

6:36PM BBT - Andrew is laying on the floor in the dining room, Peter on the LR couches. Andrew & Talla go to the BR, find Emmett and Jillian awake. (Apparently they were supposed to be napping) Andrew jokingly asks if they should get Talla out this week, whispering that she won't see it coming. Talla laughs, "Noooooo".

6:40PM BBT - Andrew says Peter is trying to be memorable. They discuss the POV speeches today, why Andrew should use the POV on Peter (smirking). Andrew is called to the DR.

6:42PM BBT - Andrew is back with what looks like a basket. He sets it down, mentions something about a task and heads to the DR again. Talla goes to the HOH room to listen to music. Emmett asks Jillian if she's ever been handcuffed before. "Not by a police officer," Jillian quips. They head to the LR, get Peter up and tell him to come to the BY to play cards.

6:47PM BBT - Emmett and Jillian at the HT with the cards. He's trying to talk her out of playing war, saying it's a lot of movement, not much thinking and he can't make fun of her if he wins.

6:49PM BBT - Inside, Talla gives herself a pep talk, telling herself that her time on slop is almost done. Then she yells out that she hates being on slop and needs food. Outside, Jillian and Emmett appear to be playing crazy eight. Peter joins them, and they begin again. Emmett warns Peter that Jillian likes to watch other people's cards and cheat.

6:59PM BBT - Jillian and Andrew in the KT. Jillian wants to try some chips, Andrew gets them for her. Jillian says he & Talla did "amazeballs" and they deserve a reward. Andrew is really agitated by something Peter said during the veto ceremony. Emmett called to the DR; Andrew asks if he's said anything. Asks if Emmett's chillin' out, Jillin nods.

7:02PM BBT - Jillian says she didn't put Emmett up this week, but she feels like he's starting to act like a d1ck. Andrew says it's okay this week, but if he still acts like that next week, it's a different story. Jillian says he's distancing himself, Andrew says yeah, for the potential of what could happen. Jillian says she wonders about Talla taking the 2 guys (Emmett and Peter); Andrew says there is no way she'd do that. (I just think she wouldn't win one)

7:05PM BBT - Andrew says that Jillian needs to play it cool this week; Emmett should be treating her like a lady. Andrew reminds her Emmett is 2 years younger than her, more immature. Says Talla is driving him nuts. Jillian says they should make a big move, dump their "partners" and get together. Andrew said that was the dumbest thing she could do; Jillian says she was kidding. Andrew can't imagine what it's like to be in a showmance.

7:10PM BBT - Emmett comes out of the DR and said they need to go finish their game quickly. Jillian asks why, Emmett says they're calling Peter soon. He yells up to Talla to go to the DR.

7:17PM BBT - Andrew is making dinner and doing laundry. Talla still in the DR. Jillian, Emmett and Peter still playing cards.

7:23PM BBT - Talla comes out of the DR, complaining that she is tired and hungry. She feels thinner, Andrew tells her that she looks good. He's making slop chips and offers her some. Talla assumes they're done cleaning, Andrew says don't assume and that he just did laundry. Talla puts some laundry away and sits on the KT couch. Andrew joins her. They discuss the foods they want to eat.

7:26PM BBT - Peter gets called to the DR. Emmett and Jillian come back inside, arms around each other. Emmett takes Andrew to the SR, Andrew hunches over like the Hunchback and goes. Emmett is craving a smoothie; he wants a little sugar in him before he goes to work out. Meanwhile, Talla is talking Jillian's ear off. Jillian gets up and quickly leaves when the guys come back.

7:33PM BBT - Jillian and Emmett in bed in the BR, chatting. Emmett is discussing what his family will be doing at home. Jillian turns the conversation to the game, Jillian says it's easy when you're not HOH to not tell lies but when you're HOH, you have to tell lies.

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7:35PM BBT - The slop chips are ready. "Dinner's served!" Andrew calls gaily. Talla is on the KT couch still. Turns out they are not ready, they just needed some added spicing. Talla wants the list of things they're allowed while on slop. Andrew reads it to her: water, sugar, salsa, ketchup, coffee, syrup, salt, BBQ sauce, tea, mustard, pepper, and supplements. He suggests they put it all in a bowl and self evict.

7:38PM BBT - Peter comes out of the DR and asks Talla for a glass of ice water. Talla says, "Why? Andrew is already standing". Andrew immediately gets it for Peter. Peter recommends Talla have some ice water and go outside in the cool air, it will probably help her feel better. She tells Peter 5 minutes, he says "No, right now with me. Let's go."

7:40PM BBT - Slop chips are done. We can see Andrew take them out of the oven, but the audio is on Peter & Talla. Peter trying to convince Talla to put her feet in the water. Emmett and Jillian come back out. They re-join Peter and start their crazy eight countdown again. Talla is trying hard to talk game to them, but they are all barely paying attention.

7:43PM BBT - Jillian turns the conversation to a "Clue" party and the conversation is off and running that way. Talla totally forgets about whatever game talk she was on.

7:51PM BBT - Andrew joins the HT crew. Talla mentions for the hundredth time that she is going to bed soon.

7:53PM BBT - Andrew goes inside and up to the HOH room to listen to music.

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8:25PM BBT - Jillian gets tired of playing, heads inside. Before she goes, she complains about how lazy she is. Peter says they'd be more inclined to do stuff if it wasn't so hot in the house or the BY. Emmett tells Peter it's so hot in there because it's not cold outside. Emmett asks when Marge the more vulgar moose arrived; Peter says right after Gary left. They put the top on the HT and head inside.

8:30PM BBT - Andrew asks Peter the time; it's 7:56PM. Andrew wants to know when his servitude is done; Jillian confirms it's been over 72 hours. Emmett is going to work out. Jillian is going to go work out with him after she is done touching up her toenails. Talla is getting ready for bed.

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