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April 14 [Sunday] Live Feed Updates

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12:08AM BBT This scintillating conversation has now moved on to the women of wrestling. [sorry wrestling fans I can't keep up with the names and frankly, they are all cartoon characters to me. - DRG]

12:10AM BBT Talla seems to have really been into wrestling almost as much as Peter is. She thinks there were a lot of attractive women. She turns to her favorite subject, herself, and remarks about how she has not been working out in the house and will put herself on a strict schedule of working out when she gets home. She says they were both thin when they got in the house. Talla says she is just going to bed and will not wait to get called to the DR any longer. [Like they were gonna call her anyway. - DRG]

12:14PM BBT Jillians voice heard saying at this time a rule may have been broken and she does not know why she assumes she is the guilty one [DR leak?] Talla heads to bed, Andrew flossing teeth in bathroom when Talla gets there. Peter now in the bedroom talking to Emmett. He says he knows how Emmett feels apparrently Emmett may have been DQ'd in the comp again today. Andrew teading Talla, saying he hates her with a passion. She tells him she told Peter they should just try and enjoy the week. Andrew brushing his teeth and Talla flossing without slowing down her talking one little bit even when she switches to brushing.

12:18 AM BBT Peter and Emmett quiet in bed. Talla and Andrew still in WA. She is saying that she really thought she was going to be called to the DR. She asks what week is this 8 or 7 no its 7. She says she is hungry and can hardly bear being on slop. She is using face cream to remove her makeup, but talking so much she gets some in her eyes. Then she blows her nose over the sink while splashing water on her face. she puts in her mouth pieces and still does not slow down talking the least bit.

12:22AM BBT Andrew announces he is leaving after asking her if she wanted him to wait. "I'll see you in our room darling. I hate you." Andrew now positioning himself on the cot in the Have-Not room. Talla enters and puts a towel to cover the space underneath the door before climbing onto the round bed. The main bedroom is quiet. Jillian still in the DR. Talla has just set a new personal record of not speaking for over a minute. Andrew complains about the mattress and then they say good night to one another. The lights are dim in the main bedroom now, but still bright in the Have-Not room.

12:28 AM BBT All quiet in the BB house. Andrew is shown lying on his back in multi-colored boxers. He appears to be deep in thought, but then closes his eyes. Jillian emerges from the DR and wakes Talls by entering the room and slamming the door. Talla is irate that she is now being summoned to the DR. "Are you f ing kidding me. I just took off my face!!!!!"

12:33 AM BBT Jillian goes to Emmett and tells him she is going up to her HOH room. She kisses him and heads out and up the stairs. Andrew is now returning to his bed. Jillian back down stairs and into WA where Talla is seen re-applying her face. Jillian grabs some towels and Talla tells her to enjoy her shower. Jillian says it is the good one in the DR and asks Talla if he is her lover. Andrew now up again moving the cot mattress to the floor and lying down again.

12:39 AM BBT Only activity in the house is in the HOH where Jillian is likely showering and in the DR with Talla, neither of which is on camera. Wait, breaking news, Emmett just rolled over onto his right side. [You heard it here first folks. - DRG]

12:43 AM BBT Lights now dim in the Have-Not room and cams are switching to night vision mode on all four feeds.

12:46 AM BBT Andrew says Goodnight Big Brother and readjusts his bedding.

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12:55AM BBT [Night Morty, I'm not gonna wait for Talla to come back and complain or for Jillian to crawl back downstairs and in to bed with Emmett. Looks like your gaping canyon of coverage today was easily swallowed up by the Black Hole that has been BBCA Live Feed Saturdays. When I saw your post earlier today I said to myself I should remind you about Rule Number One, em-blazed in friendly red letters on the front cover of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It says simply, "Don't Panic!" Should that not work, refer to Rule Number Two which says, "See Rule Number One."]

12:58 AM BBT Talla comes out of the DR and makes her way straight into the Have-Not room and climbs in bed. She asks when the lights went out and says something to Andrew about the money he won in the comp today. Amazingly she lies down and gets quiet. Peter got up and left the bedroom but the camera did not follow him. Feed four now in HOH with full lights on and Jillian in the shower getting dressed. Andrew now up to WA and returns to bed. [These hamsters are harder to put to bed than todlers. - DRG]

1:03 AM BBT Jillian making her way downstairs to the kitchen where she takes some pills. She is wearing stunning ensemble of hot pink short shorts, orange baggy tee shirt and white towel on her head turban style. Andrew is now up again and walking the carpeted area behind the LR couches.

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1:06AM BBT Andrew climbs stairs to HOH landing, listens at the door and then heads to the downstairs WA. Now back to the LR where he finally encounters Jillian. BB tells him to put on his microphone. He asks if Jillian wants anything and she says she is fine. He says he was going to the bathroom but saw that Peter was in there and he sometimes has "stomach problems" He asks to use her HOH bathroom to pee. Jillian finally saying to Andrew that this is what we wanted. Andrew says he was thinking about 10K for me. He lists off appliances he could buy with the money and still have enough for a kick-ass TV. He says he has a three bedroom house with a sh tty dishwasher. He must have won a gift card to Lowes the way they are talking. Jillian is saying that Pete was supposed to be the smart guy but she beat him and said, "Pete you need to practice your puzzles."

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1:12AM BBT Andrew and Jillian talking scenarios and he says he would not take Lala to the final two. Jillian is scared that Emmett could win HOH and Andrew the Veto in final HOH, He says he would take her over Talla. She would prefer that Emmett win the POV after Andrew won the HOH. He is suggesting that they should make a F2 with one another and he does not think she has a F2 deal with Emmett. She says she has not made a F2 deal with him. He starts bashing how Emmett talks down to folks in the house. Jillian says she calls him on it when he does it to her. She says it is not like I am going to marry the guy. Andrew says we decided to be F3 and he definitely wants Jillian there and not Talla since Talla could not win the final HOH comp. He says that he is sure that she could beat Emmett in the final 2. They review jury votes and each make the case that the other has a better chance than they do. He is selling the F2 pledge between them hard. [Can you tell he teaches folks how to sell insurance?? - DRG]

1:19AM BBT Andrew says Emmett if he wins will definitely be looking at who he could beat in F2. Andrew says lets stick to our F3 deal 100% and then we can have an F2, and Jillian adds and not tell Emmett.

1:21AM BBT They say goodnight and Andrew heads off to the loo while Jillian heads. . . 3 guesses folks and the first 4 don't count.

1:23AM BBT Actually she headed to the couch in the kitchen to put in her eye drops and screeches saying it hurts much more than the doctor said it should. Andrew tells Jillian that Lala told him Peter said he was not going to campaign and she was not going to either. Now Andrew back to bed and Jillian brushing her hair in the downstairs WA.

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12:09AM BBT - Andrew, Talla and Peter still in the KT, general chit chat. Discussion was about wresting and is now on wrestlers. Emmett asleep in the BR, Jillian in the DR.

12:13AM BBT - Talla decides that she is not going to get called into the DR tonight and that she is going to go to bed. Andrew and Peter agree, and they clean up the KT and then head to the WA to start their nightly bedtime routine.

12:17AM BBT - Talla tells Andrew she would love to win something.

12:20AM BBT - Talla really hopes they get something then they are done being slaves as a HN. She's hungry, and hoping for food. Talla gets face cream in her eyes and starts washing her face. Andrew is picking his nose with a kleenex while Talla blows hers as she washes. Talla busts Andrew for picking his nose, Andrew busts Talla for blowing her nose in her hands. He teasingly calls her a vile individual.

12:23AM BBT - Andrew leaves the WA and calls to Talla "I'll see you in our room, sweetheart," and waits for Talla's groan before laughing and heading to the Have Not room.

12:25AM BBT - Andrew says at the end of Monday they are done serving these "arseholes". Andrew does the "clap off" to BB and says "Lights out". Talla mimics him. The lights, of course, do not go off. "What a room," Talla sighs. "What a room is right," Andrew says, stating he plans to buy a way better matress at the Brick than the one he is on. (Which is the cot)

12:32AM BBT - Jillian comes into the HN room, tells Talla she is wanted in the DR. Talla, predictably, has a meltdown because she just took her face off and heads into the DR asking if she can do this tomorrow, she's tired.

12:34AM BBT - Jillian goes to get something from the BR, tells Emmett she is going up to take a shower and get ready for bed. Emmett mutters, "See you soon" and Jillian kisses him and then leaves.

12:36AM BBT - Talla is in the WA, tossing makeup back on. She complains that she is going to sleep with the make up on after this. Talla tells Jillian to enjoy her shower and takes off. Jillian heads to HOH. In the HN room, Andrew is re-making his bed.

12:57AM BBT - Talla comes back into the HN room, cursing up a storm about being called in after she took her makeup off. She tells Andrew she will have to count sheep to sleep. She gets into bed, and all is quiet.

1:05AM BBT - Andrew is up in the LR. He appears to be practicing his POV speech.

1:07AM BBT - Andrew goes to the HOH room. Scopes around to see if he's being watched. Decides against it, goes back downstairs. Goes to the WA, checks it out, notices no one is in there. Goes back to LR, back to mouthing words and making gestures. Jillian comes down and they start talking and I realize audio is off. They come back on, Jillian is telling Andrew she's fine.

1:10AM BBT - Andrew hugs Jillian and says he's fine. Andrew confirms he won $10,000. $1,000 for a dishwasher, washer, dryer, stove, $2,000 for a bed. That's $4,000 left to do what he wants with. They discuss his house, and what he needs/wants to put in it.

1:14AM BBT - Andrew tells Jillian he'd take her with him to the F2, not Talla. Jillian says she's scared that Emmett will win HOH. "It's you, me and Talla," Jillian reminds him. Andrew says as it gets closer, he has less of a chance than Emmett/Jillian, unless Jillian makes an F2 deal with him. He figures Jillian would win part 1 of the 3 part HOH challenge, because it's endurance. Jillian says she hasn't made an F2 deal and it would be smart to do so with Andrew. (She doesn't actually do it though)

1:17AM BBT - Andrew tells Jillian that he knows she'd beat Emmett in the F2. Jillian says he has no blood on his hands, and Andrew re-thinks it and agrees. Jillian says Gary, Topaz, Peter and Alec would all vote against her in the F2. Andrew says Emmett hasn't approached him on it, Jillian is implying he hasn't talked to her and Andrew says they are just being proactive.

1:22AM BBT - Andrew goes to bed. Jillian moving around the KT, putting her eye drops in.

1:23AM BBT - Jillian cries out from the burning of her eye drops, so Andrew comes running to check on her. Jillian tells Andrew she wants the four of them to sit down and tell Peter that he's gone and just tell him. Andrew again bids her good night and goes to bed. In the HN room, Andrew updates Talla about the conversation with Jillian.

1:29AM BBT - Jillian climbs into bed with Emmett in the BR.

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1:26AM BBT Jillian finally makes her way into bed with Emmett and they kiss, but he seems too tired for there to be much action tonight. [Now I am really gone for the night. I will check to see how many folks are updating tomorrow.]

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1:41AM BBT - No snogging tonight in the HoH room, No snogging tonight on my feeds. No snogging tonight in the Bedroom, No snogging tonight in my dreams. Dat’n-doo-dow-dow Dat’n-doo-dow Dat’n-doo-dow-dow Dat’n-doo-dow.

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9:19 AM BBT

Talla and Andrew are up, wrapped in blankets and being forced to watch a video in the LR of Emmett and Jillian kissing and making out. It's clip after clip after clip. "Ewwww!" they exclaim. It's clips of them hitting it hard and heavy.

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10:10 AM BBT

The other HGs are up and Andrew and Talla are awaiting their fondest desires. No one is quite ready for coffee or breakfast yet. Talla and Andrew have already completed laundry and tidied up for the day. She's now laying on the couch on the patio as Andrew talks about needing to really win new appliances and how important it is that Talla win a competition. She insists she's won some, as part of a group effort.

10:14 AM BBT

Peter would like a Toaster Strudel, a muffin and some yogurt for breakfast. Andrew gets ready to prepare it. "I would like my muffins made from scratch." Peter jokes. "Well then, you shall starve" laughs Andrew. There is some discussion on what flavours to have. Andrew serves Peter 2 organic blueberry strudels, 2 yogurts and a pre-made muffin. "Your breakfast sir" he embellishes.

10:19 AM BBT

The guys discuss why there is no juice in the house. They only have had water or pop. "Shall I go request some Sire?" Andrew asks "No, I don't think that will be required." Peter responds. "Then I shan't. Enjoy your breakfast Sire." Andrew replies and sits down so they can discuss playing one on one hockey later.

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10:25 AM BBT

A phone sound rings in the BB House.

"Good Morning!" Andrew yells. "Topaz isn't here."

Talla remains with eyes closed on the couch. She had earlier told Andrew she wasn't do morning servant shifts.

Andrew slices a banana for Emmett's breakfast of oatmeal.

Jillian comes in the room and Emmett spoon feeds her.

10:30 AM BBT

As Peter muses about all of the products and worries women have (anti-that, pro-this, creams, rubs, all that STUFF!) and Jillian tries to explain some of it we fall into SoTH.

10:34 AM BBT

Feeds are back. Talla laying on Jillian's lap as she gets a little back tickle. "Mmmmnn. You smell so good. Far better than the guys who smell like burp and fart."

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10:48 AM BBT

Peter sitting silently staring at nothing on cam 1/3. Emmett sitting silently staring at nothing on cam 2/4.

"What's the date today?" Emmett asks

"13th, 14th?" replies Peter

"A long time to be cooped up." replies Emmett.

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10:54 AM BBT

"Why are there so many towels around here?" asks Talla as she and Andrew pick up the sheets and laundry from the BR. BB told them they had to do it.

"Because we leave with a bunch of hosebeasts." Andrew replies.

They are fighting over who has made what beds when and when she last did the sheets. Andrew says "if BB says we have to do it, we do it. They ask us to strip the beds, we strip the beds. They ask us to get up,we get up. End of story." He's sort of yelling at Talla but they are joking around that it feels good to be able to yell at each other to get out some of their stress at being servants. The luxury item for today is that they get to play one on one hockey. Talla and Andrew do not. "I am going to vacuum this room today." Talla says "You've said that so many times I'd like to see you do it about once." Andrew replies.

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11:03AM BBT: Talla and Andrew go outside to check the "weather report". Peter and Emmett still silently sitting in the BY.

11:10AM BBT: As Talla vacuums the BY we get close ups of the vacuum and dirt on the carpet. Jillian in the KT Andrew asking her if she needs any of his services.

11:17AM BBT: Jillian tells Emmett "They have to watch the same one every time, so maybe they only have 10 minutes of footage of us kissing." Emmett says "Who cares." Jillian asked BB to talk to the doctor to see if she is going crazy. She feels not herself and crazy.

11:23AM BBT: Everyone is in the BR getting their laundry together for Andrew and Talla to clean.

11:28AM BBT: Andrew and Jillian in the BY. Andrew asks "How do you feel about the hockey?" She says "I don't care for it." He says well at least it gives Peter something to do so he doesn't campaign the whole week. Jillian says "He will anyway." Jillian says "He better not come to me I don't want to hear it." Talla is called to the DR.

11:43AM BBT: Emmett, Andrew and Peter going to the HT. Jillian alone in the HoH

11:52AM BBT: They guys in the HT talk about rubix cubes. Emmett says his buddy can do it while driving. We get SotH.

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4:07PM BBT Emmett and Jillian playing puckball. Peter sitting quietly on the couch near the kitchen. Andrew is in the DR. Jillian is remarking that she can't stand that no one is cleaning right now. Talla returns and tells Jillian that her sister is her caretaker, and Jillian says that her Mom is hers.

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4:00 PM- The feeds are back on! All the HGs are frozen and Andrew's identical twin, Pierre, is in the house! (This is crazy!!!!- JC). Pierre leaves and BB tells the HGs to unfreeze. They all run and hug Andrew and talk about how they can't believe that that just happened. Andrew says that he thinks that will happen for them all- but Talla disagrees saying that her twin lives too far away.

4:02 PM: Talla mentions how crazy that day has been- they've had Sumo wrestlers and five cheerleaders and now Andrew's twin.

4:04 PM: They are all still talking abou whether or not someone else's relative is going to come into the BBCan house. Jillian thinks it would be cool to see it on TV and then get to come in. Andrew gets called into the diary room.

4:07 PM: Emmett and Jillian playing puckball. Jill thinks its the person's caretakers that will come into the house.

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3:25PM BBT: The feeds are back! There was some kind of event in the house. Talla is saying how much fun it was. It involved dancing, music and apparently they had pom-pom girls leading cheers. Andrew says hoe strange it is to see other people. There was a Sumo wrestler and a cheerleading team from a Canadian football team. Talla is all full of energy, dancing around the house. Talla asks Jillian if she wants to play putball, and Jillian says, "No, not right now."

3:45PM BBT: Talla is talking a mile a minute and Andrew is saying he doesn't care about any of it, he just wants to concentrate on the game, get if over with so he can see his family, in the middle of Talls's rebuttal, BB calls out, "Houseguests, freeze!" Everyone freezes in place for about thirty seconds until BB says, "Houseguests, unfreeze!" They return to their conversation. Andrew is called the the DR.

3:55pm BBT - Big Brother has been playing a freeze/unfreeze game. But this time after freezing, there are some voices that can be heard from somewhere. And then Andrew's twin brother Pete enters the house through the front door. But no one is allowed to unfreeze. He shows Andrew a cell video of his nieces/nephews forcing a smile but no motion. He walks through the house, into the BY, out to the HT, back to the house where he hugs Andrew who can't respond. Tells him it's OK to cry - it makes good TV. He then leaves through the FD.

4:00pm BBT: HG, Unfreeze. O M G, says Talla. Andrew says that's got to be for everybody, they have to have someone for everyone. Talla says she would feel cheated if Andrew was the only one. Andrew is overwhelmed. Jillian is pacing in circles around the LR. Emmett and Peter walk it off. The HG are all talking non-stop, rehashing the 5 minute experience.

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4:10 PM Talla says the cheerleaders still made my day, I love it!! Score is now 7 to 6. Talla, "Can you believe another human being was just in the house?" Jillian says she can't believe that Andrews twin brother was in the house. Jillian now leading 9-7. Emmett says if someone from his family were to come it might be his brother or his mom.

4:15PM BBT Talla asked if they were allowed to smile when the visitors come in. Jillian says they can move their faces, but not their heads. They speculate that if anyone had moved during the task their family member would not be allowed in. Jillian now arguing about scoring with Emmett. She gets her way. [big surprise there.]

4:16PM BBT Talla says she can't wait to get into the DR to talk about the cheerleaders. Talla tells Emmett, "milkman, milkman I got your name trending, how do you feel about that?" She says that she is the creator of the milkman and wants to be given credit for that. Now she is harassing Jillian about why she will not give her credit for the name "Milkman." Now they are debating who came up with the nickname, Jillbot. [something in the water has these folks regressing to 13 year olds. - DRG]

4:20PM BBT Emmett says he is undefeated in this after winning the game against Jillian. Talla says no you are not because I am gonna beat you right now. Jillian becomes the mom and asks Talla to go straighten up some things like tossing out her muffin. Andrew out of DR now and he and Jillian are going to make some chips. Peter has moved to the table and is preparing to play puckball with Talla. When asked about the video his brother showed him on his phone, Andrew says it was of his two little nieces. BB gives 3 minute warning about OD lockdown.

4:23PM BBT All HGs gathering up supplies to take into the BY so they can survive the Lock Out. Jillian keeps asking andrew and Talla to tidy up and says all she could think about when the folks were in the house was how dirty it was. Peter and Emmett pick up the hockey sticks they got this morning as a comfort item and are pushing the balls around the table and chairs on the patio.

4:27 PM BBT Jillian says it was cool when Andrews twin remarked about how cool it was to see them in person. Talla thinks that things like this make BBCA the best. She would love to play that hockey right now, too. Jillian thinks how fun it would be to be the people coming into the house. They speculate that there will be something for everyone included in the reward. Andrew thinks it will be videos for everyone and he just happened to get his brother. they talk about what if they went back inside and everyone had family in the house, but Andrew says they could not allow that much interaction. Jillian going on about how she hurt her foot during the task. She and Emmett now heading to the hot tub area.

4:31 PM BBT Jillian telling Emmett she hopes he gets something because he is getting homesick. She asks if he would want his mom and he says her or his brothers or Joe. Talla is saying to Andrew she would take whatever reward she can get. She says once before for a reward BB gave the Have-Nots alcohol. [i bet she would rather get a pack of cigarettes about now. -DRG]

4:34PM BBT Jillian and Emmett chatting in hot tub. Today the roles are reversed and he seems to be moody while she is trying to cheer him up. Audio is messed up on feeds 2 & 4 and we hear BB crew doing sound checks repeating over and over 1 2, 1 2, you got me now? No audio from patio area.

4:37PM BBT Crew continues trying to get the audio back by repeating "Come on to life." [That always fixes my mixing board. -DRG]

4:39PM BBT Emmett and Jillian going over the events during the task trying to recall as many details as possible. Crew still on mic talking about how they have no video and wondering if this one crashed?

4:40PM BBT Peter now relaxing in the hammock. Andrew and Talla talking about who knows what as the audio is still of the techs trying to get things working again. Finally someone realizes what is going on and we get FOTH.

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7:51pm BBT - Feeds back. Andrew and Talla in the KT washing dishes. Peter at the KT counter, Jillian in Emmett's lap on the KT couch. Talla got some kind of video from home, including her mayor and sister.

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10:04PM BBT Talla and Jillian talking in the bathroom while Emmett and Andrew are talking on the patio. Both conversations reviewing past events in the house and who is still here. The girls wander out and join the boys and Jillian asks where is Pete. Andrew says he put laundry in but Talla says that Edna is done for the day. Andrew continues to say that Emmets clothes especially his shorts do not need to go into the drying machine as they do not need to be any tighter than they already are. Talla says she found a shirt that may belong to Emmett. She says she is going to take credit for pretty much everything from this point on.

10:10PM BBT Emmett and Jillian talking about working out abs. Talla says Peter had waited for Emmett and now Emmett is waiting for Peter so he might as well forget about it. They are now reviewing the interactions they had with their families when the feeds were blocked earlier, sounds like they had phone calls or skyped.

10:13PM BBT Talla is telling Andrew that he balled when his brother was in the house. Andrew says he was too afraid to move. Andrew thinks they brought his brother because he is an identical twin and he was only in Halifax. He also talks about missing his brother all the time and his brother is a big fan of the show. Andrew assumes his brother also got interviewed and it will be on the broadcast.

10:15PM BBT They are talking now about what was on the broadcast tonight. The eggs and nominations. Andrew says BB is gonna warn them soon about talking production, but they do not so they continue talking about what will be on the next two episodes. Talla asks if it will be another double eviction on Thursday and she is told definitely not. She is happy because she thinks they will get alcohol and she is soooo going to get sloshed. Andrew says lets enjoy this week and then we are final four. Andrew now explaining how the Final three comps work, but Talla keeps interrupting. Andrew is called to the DR and gets up to go.

10:20PM BBT Emmet trying to explain how to solve a math problem to Talla. [good luck buddy -DRG] Peter now back on the patio and he and Emmett are going to work out. Feed 1 goes black and then switches to the kitchen with Talla groaning while starting to fix some slop. Now she is prancing around doing "the Talla cheer." She says she is going to have to drink this disgusting thing (a slop/protein shake). She alternates between encouraging herself to keep it down and exclaiming that it is DISGUSTING. "How am I on slop again, I am the only girl to have done slop 3 times on the first season of BBCA." She puts her head down on the counter and continues moaning, then holds her nose and chokes down another swallow.

10:25PM BBT Jillian joins Talla in the kitchen and Talla tells her the taste of slop has gotten more disgusting. She speculates that she is tasting more since she has stopped smoking. She burps and then asks Jillian wasn't that just the cutest burp ever? The boys meanwhile are working out on the machines in the BY.

10:28PM BBT Talla now talking about pranking one of the guys by putting egg yolks in one of the shampoo bottles. Jillian says, but that is good for your hair. She will have the yolks since she is going to make Jillian an egg white omelette tomorrow morning. Talla keeps asking Jillian what to do with the egg yolks in terms of using them for her hair. Jillian says they are good for split ends. Talla keeps asking the same question and Jillian tells her to mix up the yolks and apply to her head then wrap with saran for twenty minutes or so.

10:31PM BBT Guys still working out without talking much. Jillian says she has a great speech made up but she will tell them later she is walking across the BY now towards Emmett. She says she is going to the DR right after Andrew and that is why she is not doing core work now. Talla dancing around again in front of the HOH steps. She enters the WA and screeches, It you think I am a good dancer you should see my sister! Now drying her hair. Outside Jillian is telling Emmett what she did earlier and he is showing her how to workout on one of the machines.

10:35PM BBT Its a toss up folks which is harder to watch Talla prancing again in the WA or Emmett and Jillian canoodling in the BY.Talla now to SR getting ingredients for Jillian's omelettes with out much success.

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10:38PM BBT Talla wanders back to WA and says, When is Andrew coming back to the party? As in when can I get him to do all the work? She is now lotioning her arms and wanders into the bedroom stipping off her top to reveal a black bra. After putting on a white tank top she is again prancing around looking at herself in the mirrors. Jillian has decided to go ahead and start working out since Andrew is taking so long in the DR. Talla comes out and Jillian runs over to greet her. Talla calls out Emmett for not wearing shoes and says, "You are in my gym." She asks is anyone has any cigarettes and Peter teases her saying he does but what will she give for them? Now they are talking about Valentines day. [You try and keep up with Talla's train of thought. - DRG]

10:44PM BBT Jillian now giving Talla grieve about how she comes up asking a million questions when she is trying to work out and then Talla will walk away. Talls thinks Jillian should be in some kind of a commercial. She now runs over to the wall looking on the ground for cigarettes. Peter asked if she is using the nicorette gum, but she is not because she is trying to fight it on her own. She claims that she has not really had any cravings as she makes her way back to the hammock. She and Jillian are now reviewing how Talla is on slop and has to do chores for some person who is picky and a control freak.

10:48PM BBT Peter now asks for water and so does Emmett. She is giving them a hard time about what their order is. Then she runs into the house and locks the door. Boys are at the door and Talla is calling out for Jillian to help her. Jillian just laughs. The boys tell her that if she fills up the water bottles and adds ice then they will be even. Peter orders Talla to now unlock the door reminding Edna of the rules. She is now acting as if she cannot hear them. The boys intend to throw her into the pool and she says she might as well put on a bathing suit. Talla now doing a poor job of chipping ice with a knife and filling the water bottles. Boys getting into position to grab her when she comes out, but Talla sets the waters outside and re-locks the door.

10:51PM BBT Talla saying she needs to find a hiding spot. Emmett now grabbing Jillian threatening to throw her in the pool before her DR session if Talla does not open the door. Jillian screams out to Talla to open it and run, open it and run. Emmett trying to lift Jillian but Talla opens the door and she and Jillian run into the bathroom to escape the boys who are hot on their heels. Talla and Peter and in the john and it sounds like something metalic hit the floor. Talla says she needs to pee to get Peter out and it works. The boys are now hiding in the hall around the corner from the bathroom door. Jillian leaves the room saying she should have told Talla to run to the HOH and lock the door. Still in the stall Talla remarks that her hair smells good. Guys getting tired of waiting and get up. Peter looks in and Talla sees him and yells, Peter get out I am not going in the water. Peter runs out and through the kitchen then Emmet followed by Peter and Jillian return to the WA.

11:00PM BBT Talla saying she will not get wet tonight and she will not come out of the stall until the boys go to bed. She has to go to the DR and her hair is all nice. Boys says they just want an apology. She tries to tell them she is peeing but they know she already finished and tell her that her pants are on. Boys reaching over and under the stall door. Emmett tells he she just has to accept the inevitable. They are now making a deal for backrubs instead of throwing her in the pool. They agree on fifteen minutes of massage, but Talla does not believe them. They walk out and tell her she needs to do as she says and "sleep with both eyes open." After they are gone she emerges and digs out some lip balm from one of the drawers. Jillian tells her the boys are outside and they can go up to her HOH and lock the door. Emmett says to Jillian that she better lock herself up there too.

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