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March 8 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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12:05AM BBT: Aneal admits that he only went to see Twilight: New Moon to see Taylor Lautner take off his shirt, and left after that. Suzette says she went to LA for the premiere of New Moon, because she had some really good friends in the movie.

12:15AM BBT: Talk in the kitchen is about the HoH competition, and the numbers involved. Alec says that in some of the mirrors he could see everyone's answers. AJ says they should have covered the mirrors, it gave an unfair advantage.

12:20AM BBT: Topaz and Alec say goodnight to everyone in the kitchen. Andrew asks Suzette how she's doing. She says it was a bit of a shock all at once, but she's doing ok.

12:27AM BBT: Topaz, Suzette, Alec and AJ are in the bathroom, presumably getting ready for bed. Alec says that it seems like everyone's really tired. Topaz asks what time they think it is, and AJ says "130/2?" Topaz says "oooh, I'm going to bed early tonight!".

12:30AM BBT: Alec says that Danielle seemed like an interesting person, in a way. He thinks she is a little more complicated than she let on. He personally didn't like her that much. AJ says she had a negative attitude. They both feel as though they didn't have a connection with her, they were too different. Alec says there was sexual chemistry between Danielle and AJ. AJ is bewildered. Topaz says she must have been sleeping when that was happening.

12:34AM BBT: Andrew imitates the windmill, and forgets the cameras were on. He says "Hi Mom". Talla enters the bathroom, and says she's going outside for a smoke. They chat about the HN competition tomorrow.

12:37AM BBT: AJ, Liza, and Thomas are in the HoH room. Thomas says he's so happy that he wont be on slop this week. Thomas says that if Talla is on slop again, she'll lose it. Aneal thinks Peter will too. Thomas thinks Alec can get through it, he has good mind control.

12:41AM BBT: Thomas says it was unfortunate that Danielle left, but it was her fault for aligning with Gary. Aneal tells Thomas that Kat fabricated that they knew eachother, to help further Aneal.

12:44AM BBT: Thomas says he doesn't want to be controlling, but to be a leader. If he goes out the door, he did something wrong. He says he doesn't like fake people, and who are up and down because they give him headaches. Talla gives him headaches. Thomas says it feels different now that the room is his now. Aneal leaves the HoH room.

12:51AM BBT: Housemates are getting settled into bed in the bedroom. Aneal and AJ are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Gary says that he's homeless right now, that he's between things, and all of his stuff is at his mum's house. Suzette gets up with a blanket and is laying on the couch in the living room with the blanket over her eyes.

12:57AM BBT: Thomas is naming the cameras in the HoH room.

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01:03AM BBT: Tom and Liza continue in HOHR Tom said he gets blow job every night from all the girls (joke). Tom said sorry Suzette you have to leave the house. Liza think Gary is flandering, Tom wants Gary out. Even if Gary did not come after Tom Gary annoys him. Tom said Gary is very nasty.

01:09AM BBT: Tom, Liza checking votes for the f9 everyone except AJ,Aneal and Talla one of them will make the final 9. Tom said he is only male to win the first POV and HOH ( Too confidence there buddy)

01:12AM BBT: Liza is all over Tom rubbing his chest, Tom said i am very puffy. Tom look at Liza and said you are not 29 you look younger. Tom said that Liza is pretty. Tom look on his HOH screen and saw i believe it is Talla came in to talk. While Emmett and Tom is in the SR Tom said he have to tell the final 9 to stick to the plan. Tom said he does not want Suzette coming to HOH to take a (Poop)

01:21AM BBT: The couples are in HOH. Jill,Emm, Tom and Liza. Emmett want to be houseguest choice for POV. Tom asked Jillian who he should put up, Tom said if he put Suzette and Gary up and Gary wins he can take both Suzette and his self off. Tom want to pawn AJ.

01:35AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian leaves HOH and say good night. Liza say good night to Tom they share a big long kiss and went down stairs. Look like Liza is not going to share bed with Tom tonight. Tom is talking to Gary and Aj. Tom said he is locking his door no one should come up to his room. (Bossy Tom)

01:38AM BBT: Tom is in bed watching the pictures he got, Tom has blue and brown sheets. Tom is listening to music with his headset.

01:42AM BBT: AJ, Gary,Jillian and Emmett having snacks in the KT. While Tom reads his letter in HOHR.

01:50AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett is cuddling in bed. (Maybe tonight will be the night of romance as it is very dark in there)

01:54AM BBT: Alec and Topaz is in the HN all hugging tight, Peter and Talla have more space in HN since Tom move out.

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8:59 AM BBT Tom making perogies for breakfast while Emmett and Jillian ponder whether or not that it wise. It's grocery day.

9:07 AM In keeping with the theme of my update 'shifts' it's FOTH :) Not everyone was up in the KT so this could be the wake up call.

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9:27 AM BBT Talla talking with Topaz, Alec, Peter and Andrew. They observe that she knows more about the game than ppl think.

9:30 AM BBT Discussion has turned to who has to use the bathroom and for which "number"

9:33 AM Talla in the KT mirrors looking at herself. She's lost some weight. She dances around. She's withering away.

9:35 AM BBT

Aj outside talking to himself outside as he smokes a cigarette. "I'll go on slop with you dude. Yes, I'll do it. Sometimes her and I we clash here and there we have our goods and our bads." It sounds like he is practicing what he will say to Tom to avoid being put up on the block.

9:39 AM BBT

"Sorry Kids, if you're watching!" he yells out as he continues to mutter to himself. He heads inside.

The patio crew Suzette, Topaz and AJ talk about the importance of going outside in the 'real air' even if you aren't a smoker. You need fresh air and can't stay inside all day.

They now discuss the show clips they saw last night.

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9:44 AM BBT Alec talking with Tom. They discuss if it's a double eviction and if Danielle will come back. "Do you think she'll be back?" Alec asks

"Do you think she'll be angry?" Asks Tom

"Angry at me probably because I was close to her. After she left we all talked about how she's a nice girl and will probably do well in life but I don't know, I think she has some growing up to do first." says Alec.

"Absolutely, she needs to learn that hanging out is not all about cursing and being negative all the time. She's got time to grow up."

He discusses his age, that he's a little older than the rest of them, as he heads back up to HOH to snuggle with Liza.

9:50 AM Suzette on patio tells AJ that she doesn't want people thinking she'd want to go on slop to lose weight because she's big.

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9:57 AM BBT

Talla, Jillian, Peter, Alec, Aneal and Andrew talking about slop and the importance of protein shakes to maintain strength for competitions.

10:00 AM FOTH

10:01 AM BBT

Talla wants to know how Peter is surviving. Andrew jokes that it's like he is in a COMA. He's got slop brain. He can't even speak their language now. Peter laughs and says it's just like that.

They now discuss how 12 eggs have been eaten in one day. One of the workout guys keeps using all the whites and tossing the yolks. The girls would like them to keep the yolks in the fridge for later use.

They have been told to clean the house today, scrub the bathrooms and all the mirrors.

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10:35 AM It appears the feeds were down during Danielle's farewell Twitter interview on Big Brother Canada.

10:36 AM

HGs back and Talla, Andrew and AJ talking CFL (that's Canadian Football League) with the guys teaching Talla how to be a sports announcer. It's painful... "Suck it to me!" she yells instead of "Sock it to 'em" causing the guys to erupt in laughter.

10:42 AM BBT

Talla lets out a really high pitched scream as the guys say she's not ready for TSN like Peter was. "Start low and work your way up." Admonishes Andrew.

10:44 AM BBT

Topaz and Gary talking on the hammock. "He's going to put me and Aneal up. Again." says Gary.

"It's crazy that we don't know who to trust." Topaz says

"I only trust you." says Gary

"I want to get rid of some of the f-ing guys. They are just running the show." Topaz sighs

"You're just figuring this out now?" asks Gary "A strong guy has to go this week but it's not going to happen."

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10:49 AM BBT

Gary and Topaz discuss working with Liza. Topaz says that the group told Talla late yesterday that Danielle was going home. "So now I have to worry if I can trust her too?" Gary says

"Everyone knew about Danielle except Danielle. You two (Talla and Gary) were just the last two to find out." Topaz tells him.

"So everyone else is in the mix. Doesn't she get it?" Gary notices.

"What shall we call it?" Topaz asks about the alliance they are forming between them. "It has to be great and we have to make it to the end. You're the creative one."

She suddenly realizes that Andrew and Jillian are kind of close.

"We're married into this alliance." she laughs

"Married. Secret marriage. Marriage Counselling. Late night love?" Gary says.

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10:44 BBT

Gary and Topaz in hammock - talking strategy, nominations, order of people they want evicted. Gary thinks Tom will put up him and Aneal. Gary tells Topaz not to trust anyone but him. Topaz talking about the showmances and that it's allowing the boys to run the show. The guys will pick the girls off one at a time.

Gary says Liza is playing both sides - topaz agrees says she's playing the game the hardest.

10:48 BBT

Hard to hear them they are whispering. Topaz says she and Gary have an alliance. What will they call it. Topaz says we have to make it to the end. Topaz wondering how close other players are - worried that they will hear them. Alliance should be called the secret marriage? Late night love? Gary says it has to be good.


Still discussing name of alliance. It's Secret Wedding. Gary....by the power vested in me I now I pronounce us man and wife. They kiss.

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10:54 AM BBT

Gary and Topaz hold hands. "By the power invested in me by Big Brother I now pronounce us man and wife. Secret Wedding." he says. They kiss hands.

"That felt so weird." Gary laughs "Hey Mom, look what I brought home. Oh she'd be thrilled." they laugh. Gary's sister will love her.

"There will be no sex, just lots of making out." Topaz says about Alec.

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Gary and Topaz - he, Topaz and Alec final three. Gary - should I go visit Tom tomorrow? Let's feed some stuff to Liza.

Topaz says she'll say she agrees with "Girl Power".

Sound cutting in and out.

Gary says he's going to work Tom. Throw Suzette's name up as a nomination.

Sound and feed gone.

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11:00 BBT

Topaz - tell Tom you'll do his dirty work - keep the blood off his hands.

Tell him you'll never put him up - you'll never back door him.

Topaz says tell him I know you want certain people in the jury and certain people gone and I will go along with your plan. I can do the dirty work and will be the target. Gary says I'll say I've known from before I came in that I would be a target because of who I am.

Topaz - tell him that you know some people are well loved and are going to win the game. Tells Gary not to oversell it. Topaz leaves - says she's going back to my cuddlemance. Gary says he'll debrief her later.

11:07 BBT

BB - attention houseguests it's time to head inside. Make sure you close the doors.

*and I am out for now*

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11:00AM BBT: Gary tells Topaz he needs to make a final 2 deal with Tom. He will tell Tom "I will stay on my side and you stay on your side, but I can do your dirty work so you don't get blood on your hands."

11:05AM BBT: Topaz leaves the hammock so it doesn't look bad. Jillian, Emmitt and Suzette are in the BR talking about Suzette's pregnancies. IDLD has been called. Everyone heads inside.

11:10AM BBT: Tom, Talla and AJ in the HoHR talking about the vote last night. Talla is explaining why she voted to evict Aneal.

11:15AM BBT: Tom asked AJ and Talla in case noms are today who do you want out? AJ says "Gary of course, Suzette second" Talla says I agree 100%. Tom says "that's what I'm leaning towards." Now they are discussing how negative Suzette is.

11:19AM BBT: Gary and Suzette are in the BR. Suzette says "I know they are going to put us, and if the house wants me out then ok" Gary says "don't give up". She says "I'm not, I'm going to fight for veto".

11:23AM BBT: Back in the HoHR Tom saying he's gonna to stick it to Suzette in his nom speech. He's going to say "This is 100% personal, I want you to prove to the house why you want to be here."

11:27AM BBT: Suzette and Gary talking about how they (mostly Jillian and Liza) say things about how much fat is in the food she is cooking or how much food Gary eats for a portion.

11:35AM BBT: In the HNR Topaz asks Alec what he thinks about Liza? He says "How do you feel about her?" She's worried Liza and Peter are too close and may have a sub alliance. She feels Liza is making deals left right and center. Alec says she's gonna play herself out.

11:45AM BBT: Feeds are going in and out of FotH

11:53AM BBT: Feeds come back after almost 10 mins of FotH. Topaz and Alec still in HNR discussing where they stand with all HG's.

11:56AM BBT: Tom, Liza and Talla hanging out in the HoHR just random chats. Talla leaves the HoHR. Liza puts the headphones near her mic and we get FotH

12:06PM BBT: Alec kisses Topaz and leave the HNR. Tom and Liza alone is HoHR not a lot of talking more starring into space. Topaz called to DR. She says "why when I always look like shit"

12:10PM BBT: Jillian and Emmitt join Tom and Liza in the HoHR to bash Suzette. They are annoyed how she is always saying no one knows what its like to be away from her kids and husband.

12:16PM BBT: Tom tells them its gonna get weird when there is only 8 ppl left, but at least jury house won't have glitter, whiny moms or annoying blondes, just pl who sleep all day and don't wear shirts. They all laugh. Everyone else hanging out in the KT.

12:20PM BBT: Talla pretends to give a speech for winning an Oscar to the KT crew. Every1 boo's and gives her the music because she isn't do very good at it.

12:25PM BBT: Liza leaves HoHR to go eat she's scared she will be a HN and won't get to eat. Tom says he's gonna stay up in HoHR as much as he can. Alec comes in and asks Jillian for a pre game pedicure. She says no, not before the comp.

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6:23PM BBT - Feed 1 - Tom talkling, Gary listening, Tom is telling Gary he will be on the block but Suzette is going home, unless she wins the veto and then Aneal or AJ will be on the block. Big pep talk for Gary.

6:26PM BBT - feed 3 - HoH - opposite angle of Feed 1. Gary and Tom having good discussion about what has happened and what Tom expects to happen. Gary - I hope everyone is on the same page. Tom - I know you hate the block, but we need to work to win POV. Gary - I was hoping we could, kind of, you know. Tom - let's get through this week first.

6:30PM BBT - feeds 2 and 4 - KT, Andrew, Liza, Jillian, Talla and others prepping food, and much activity between KT and BY/Patio.

6:31PM BBT - Liza and Peter on lounges. Liza - I can't believe I went out first. Peter - people were saying "Liza is bad at competitions.

6:31PM BBT - BB - Houseguests, please clear the area of the counter to the right of the knifeblock. Liza -- 'cuz there are cameras behind that stuff.

6:32PM BBT - Peter has his left ankle taped and a bag of (probably) ice on the ankle

634PM BBT - Liza - I just don't think I should ever win anything 'cuz I don't want to upset the applecart.

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6:48PM BBT - Gary and Suzette in BR talking about what is going to happen. [i missed the past 10 minutes.] Suzette - I think I will just wear my robe for the Nominations ceremony. [Topaz has interrupted their "game" discussion.

6:50PM BBT - Gary has left and Suzette is doing her hair and Topaz is watching. No talking whatsoever.

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6:53PM BBT - Peter is limping down the hall. Topaz asks "can you walk" and Peter says he is OK.

6:54PM BBT - HoH room - Tom, Liza and Talla. Tom - vote out whoever you want. Liza - she is most toxic person in this house. Topza - I am going to stuff my face. Tom - please bring up fuzzy sheets when you come up next.

6:55PM BBT - Tom and Liza snuggling. tom - Gary is a target, Suzette is a cancer and there is a difference between a threat and a cancer. Tom - "Suzette, you put me on the block without knowing anything about me and then when I won a POV you wanted an alliance with me."

Tom is rehersing his nominations speech.

Liza - I am glad you are in the game

Tom - Karma is a bitch

Tom continues to review and reherse his proposed speech.

Liza - laughing

Liza - you could save it for the goodbye messages

Tom - I am really happy I talked to Gary about it. [He reviews what he said with Liza].

Liza - use your heart and think who you real ally is

Tom - I know you are

Liza - everyone talks to everyone, Gary is a free agent, so is Aneal, get past this week, but think it through

Liza - I haven't been on slop

Tom - won POV, won HOH, first Canadian POV

Liza - I almost kissed you on the mouth

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6:10pm BBT - Feeds back.

6:12pm BBT - The LR video screen says nominations today. There was a murmur when the HG saw it. Aneal and Tom in SR, talking protein shakes. Topaz comes in and BB has to remind her (again) to put on her mic. She leaves and they talk about Tom saying nominating Suzette is a personal vendetta for him. It's like Grand Central Station in the SR, so why they picked there to talk game, I don't know. Then it's Tom and Emmett, and he continues saying he'll tell her to fight for PoV to stay in the house.

6:16pm BBT - Emmett helping Tom with his nom speech, their families back home don't know what it's like to be here and when you trash us behind our backs, they hear that. Tom will say that for Gary it's a strategic move. Emmett says to say this is a house decision (about Suzette). The meeting breaks up. Most everyone in the KT having not eaten in six hours. Topaz and Aneal appear to be the only ones on slop. Topaz and Gary retreat to the HN room. She's coaching him on what to say to Tom about a potential secret alliance. He carries her out of the HN room on his back.

6:22pm BBT - Topaz jokes that now that Peter is off slop, he'll have to pick up his BF duties and give her back rides. Gary goes into SR and changes shirt. AJ has blue paint below his eyes, from the HN comp I would guess. Gary makes his way to HoH to make his pitch to Tom. Basically, he just wants to work something out. Tom says let me start. It's not about you, it's about Suzette 100%, but I'm going to put you on the block to make sure you win Veto so she doesn't. I want her gone, she's said horrible S*t about me and she's gone. I wanted you to know what's going on before.

6:25pm BBT - Gary worries that's what they said to Danielle. Tom says if by some miracle Suzette wins Veto, then AJ's going up and will go out. Gary also has blue paint below his eyes. Not the makeup look he would have preferred, I would guess. Tom says he's talked to Andrew and Emmett and his word is gold. Gary says Suzette wasn't for him at all when he was on the block, so he won't save her if he wins Veto. He doesn't want her to be miserable for her last few days in the house but she has to go. Especially after she went after Tom's character.

6:28pm BBT - Tom promises it will be a 10-0 vote, says no one has said they want Gary gone, only Suzette. Gary says he wants to compete against people who want to play the game, describes Suzette as a joke. Tom apologizes for nominating him and says he'll understand if Tom returns the favor. Gary pitches working together and Tom says if you do this, I'll listen to whatever you say. Tom didn't want to come off as a strong player but was nom right away and had to work on his social game. Gary would rather work with him than have him against.

6:30pm BBT - Gary says he's neutral and could do Tom's dirty work (what Topaz coached him to say). Tom says Topaz spoke up for him. Gary says Tom has earned his respect today as a human being. I'm not OK being up on the block but I understand I'm not the target. Tom assures him that this week is different, he needs people in that Veto, and if he or Emmett win, they're taking him off the block and going after the floaters, Aneal, Andrew or AJ. Gary says just don't expect me to not talk to Suzette 'cause she has no one. They Bro hug as Tom covers his bases.

6:35pm BBT - Gary wonders if Suzette has trashed him behind his back. Tom goes back to Suzette lying about him when he was nice to her and carried her into her room when her ankle was injured, offered to get her son into a fitness program, she ruined his HoH night with an incident in the pantry, as long as we're good, I'm happy, didn't want to blindside you. Gary says we're good. Gary leaves HoH and joins the eating party in the KT. Tom sits on the HoH couch and listens to his MP3 player.

6:40pm BBT - Peter's ankle is taped and iced. Liza says she can't ever win anything or she'll upset the applecart. Gary shouts that he gained 10 F*cking pounds! This is crazy, OMG, this is NO! The noise drags Tom out the HoH door as he listens below. Gary goes out side and complains all the cameras are zooming. Emmett tells him it's all the soda he drinks (switch to Coke Zero). Emmett and (guess who) Jillian are in the hammock in the BY. Gary decides to take a nap, which is not the way to burn off excess fat.

18:45PM BBT - Tom announces to the KT Crew that since BB didn't give him protein bars, he was given rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate. Because that's so much healthier. Gary talking to Suzette in the WA while Tom entertains Andrew and Liza in HoH. Suzanne asking Gary how she could have played the game differently? Gary says she's one of the strongest players in the game. BB tells him to put his mic on, so I may not have heard that right. Andrew and Liza are snarfing the rice crispy treats. Tom repeats his convo with Gary for them.

6:50pm BBT - Suzette whines that Tom has so much power already. Tom says his only goal is to get to jury house. Suzanne wonders why this F*ckin' red neck had to win? Tom says it's time for Suzette to prove if and why she deserves to be there. Actually, Liza just came in, so I am guessing that was Talla in the last update. Alec walks in and says he just wants to pee. Tom says I saw what you ate and that's not all you'll do. Tom restarts his story for the larger audience. Suzette wonders how you can have an alliance with all the showmances?

6:55pm BBT - Gary has to start getting ready (made up) for noms. Suzette won't go into the pool or HT. Tom tells the HoH group to use the Veto on Gary if they play and win. Andrew says Aneal would go up? Tom says everyone in this room is accounted for in the 9. Liza's going to be the pawn (everyone laughs, Liza a bit nervously). Tom says he doesn't care what happens next week, all that matters is that Suzette goes this week. Apparently, he thinks she has been saying he physically threatened her or frightened her.

7:00pm BBT - Alec finally goes to pee, and Tally expresses a concern, she would like to see Gary gone first (which I thought was the plan last night). Liza says Suzette is a hypocrit for calling others a bully when she's the biggest bully in the house. In BR, Topaz and Suzette are laying down. In HoH, Tom tells Tally that Gary is a target but Suzette is a cancer and there's a difference. Liza is laying in Tom's arms, Tally on the sofa. Gary is in the shower, Peter in the WA with a blue Karate Kid head band on. Suzette back in. Peter ate too much too quick after the HN comp when he came off slop.

7:05pm BBT - Suzette says it is socially unacceptable to be obese in HS. Peter has left so she's only talking to Gary and Alec, who's laying on the bench in the WA. Tom says he was first nom, first PoV winner, first male HoH. Gary is sudsing his hair. Liza says he was also first on Slop.

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7:09PM BBT: Alec and Topaz are cuddling in the BR talking about 15 mins of fame. Gary comes in and says he has no clean underwear. Topaz says do laundry. Gary hasn't done laundry in the house once. Talla comes in and starts to talk about her poop.

7:13PM BBT: Tom and Liza are in the HoH bed playing with Tom's monkey. (His stuffed toy monkey!)

7:20PM BBT: Not much talking on the cameras. In the BR Suzette is painting her nails, Topaz and Alec relaxing silently on the bed. Gary blow drying his hair. Other cams showing Tom and Liza in the HoH Bed talking about how they are being portrayed to Canada.

7:23PM BBT: BR cams change to BY where Andrew, AJ and Peter are sitting on the couch talking about the Have Not comp. Andrew and AJ saying they are so happy Peter and Talla are not have nots again. Peter seems to have hurt his ankle in the comp and they are telling him he should have the doctor look at it. Peter leaves and Alec comes out.

7:29PM BBT: Andrew questions Alec about Tom saying he would take Gary off the block if you won veto. Alec says "something doesn't seem right". Andrew says "is it cause he just wants to make sure Suzette goes"? Andrew says "if I win veto I'm gonna have a hard time taking Gary off". Alec says "you don't have to, if you win you do what you want". Suzette joins them and the change the convo.

7:38PM BBT: Tom tells Emmitt that his replacement nom will be AJ or Andrew but he expects a 10-0 vote for Suzette to go. Emmitt asks Tom if final 6 was Emmitt, Jillian, Tom, Liza, peter and Alec who would Liza put up if she won HoH? Tom says "Jillian or Alex or maybe Peter, she takes Jillian as a threat she tells me this personally." Emmitt says Jillian will do what he tell her to do.

7:45PM BBT: Emmitt tells Tom Liza won't take Tom to the end cause he's won too many comps. Tom says I'm dumping her at jury anyway.

7:48PM BBT: In the BY Talla, Andrew talking with Suzette about maybe talking to Tom and she says "theres' no point, my fans are happy with me. There's all these showmances and bromances". Andrew jumps in and says "we all know what we signed up for" Suzette says "I know". She knew coming in that she wasn't a bikini model and has a husband.

7:55PM BBT: In the HoH Emmitt (to Tom) "I'm gonna tell this but don't say nothing, Jillian told me Liza says she's going after Topaz and Alec. Did Liza tell you that?" Tom says "Well she told me Jillian and Alec. She said when she first came into the house she thought Jillian was gonna be her biggest target. " Emmitt says "I think its a beauty pageant this between them 2". Tom called to the DR.

8:03PM BBT: AJ, Alec, Peter and Topaz are in the KT. AJ is singing a little meldoy he just made up. "Even if they give you beavers and poutine it really messes up your daily routine."

8:06PM BBT: In the BY Suzette, Andrew, Liza, Peter on the couches talking about what the ages of kids should be on the internet, playing video games and watching BB. We get an annoucemnet *Attention House Guests this is your 10 minute warning. In 10 Minutes you will be restricted to the Backyard.*

8:12PM BBT: Suzette leaves the BY, Aneal joins. Liza starts to bash Suzette right away. Telling Aneal that Suzette said 5 years old are ok to be watching the live feeds. Aneal says what does she think this is a motivational show. Liza says "who I should stop giving so many blow jobs then".

8:18PM BBT: BB announces a 2 Minute warning. Lots of last minute scattering inside.

8:20PM BBT: ODLD called and we get HotH. Looks like its time for Noms Ceremony.

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