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9/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05PM BBT: Dan talking to Shane and Danielle about his season, and how Jerry wanted Dan out the first week, but Brian convinced him otherwise. Danielle regrets getting Kara out week 2, but doesn't think she would still be here if she was. Dan says he didn't respect Britney before coming into the house, but has respect for her after being in the house with her.

9:06PM BBT: Shane: Damn, doesn't that kid ever get sick of rocking? Ian is still on the hammock.

9:13PM BBT: Dan says he copied off of Jenn's puzzle during the POV today. He copied an entire row of hers. Jenn didn't realize.

9:18PM BBT: Shane heads out to the BY to do laundry. Dan and Danielle settling down to the kitchen table for dinner. They talk about plans after BB. Dan says that he and Chelsea will leave Friday to go back to Chicago. FotH.

9:23PM BBT: Danielle says that she can seriously see them in the F2. Dan says that Jenn will float to the end. Shane sits down at the kitchen table. Shane says he doesn't know who Ian is replacing him with, and says that whoever goes up is staying.

9:29PM BBT: Talk in the kitchen changes to the pirate ship. Dan was surprised that Janelle stayed up as long as she did. Shane says he was the guy that stayed up the longest, other than Ian, but then said he's half a man. Danielle says she weighs more than Ian. They talk about how that competition was geared towards smaller people. Dan says that after his season, his girlfriend at the time wanted to hang out, but all he did was watch youtube video after youtube video. Dan says there will be a lot of attention for the week after.

9:31PM BBT: Danielle says that after the pirate ship competition, she was called into the DR and they asked her "Who are you targeting?" and she said "Janelle" and we get FotH.

9:35PM BBT: Ian has made his way inside and sits down at the kitchen table. Dan says that the thing that concerned him about Kara was the anxiety thing and how she would have handled stress. Danielle says that she probably would have gone home had she had gotten picked first by Dan.

9:39PM BBT: Ian says he knew he had to jump ship (Boogie's ship) after Boogie jumped off the pirate ship, and how he and Frank went inside and how they isolated themselves after the nominations.

9:46PM BBT: Talk at the kitchen table changes to the 'what if' game with past competitions, and the results of said competitions.

9:49PM BBT: Talk at the kitchen table changes to how good it was to get Ashley out of the game. They talk about how they didn't have to worry about where she was and what she was saying to who. Dan says: "could you imagine Britney and Frank working together?" They all scoff, and Ian says "they hated eachother.."

9:51PM BBT: Shane asks how bad they think Frank is kicking his butt for not getting Dan out. Ian says that Frank is probably going to be the most bitter juror. Dan says "Boogie gave Frank his number to-" he whispers/mouths something and we get FotH.

9:53PM BBT: Danielle talking about how bad it'd be if she smoked weed and had an asthma attack. She talks about how she had to be taken to the ER, and said the doctor said there was no air movement in her lungs when she had for there. Danielle and Dan now talking about the placebo effect. Danielle says that the mind controls 90% of what we do.

9:56PM BBT: Shane emerges from the SR with only two bottles of beer.

9:59PM BBT: Ian, Dan and Shane are planning to do the pepsi challenge. They're going to see if they can determine which is pepsi and which is coke. Danielle is going to host it. [That is so easy! They’re completely different tastes!]

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10:14 PM BBT Now we have the mystery shots. Shane says maybe Milk and Sprite. Ian doesn't want milk. Ian downs his. Says he knows what it is. It is putrid and Ian and Shane can't drink it.

Dan going over the Coke/Pepsi challenge. They mixed it up and Ian preferred a different brand then he thought. Shane got it right even though he doesn't drink diet soda.

10:17 PM BBT They both guessed ice tea correctly. Both got the 2nd one half right. Dan asks Ian if he is going to drink Diet Pepsi now. Ian says he will drink both. Dan and Dani going to take a challenge now.

10:20 PM BBT Dan/Dani go to side room and whisper. Dani says she should go up - she can tell him that she doesn't want to be responsible for Dan possibly going out. Ian and Shane creating beverages in the KT for the challenge.

10:23 PM BBT Dan/Dani talking about who should go up. Dan says the jury already hates him so what is one more (if he votes Jenn out). Dani wants to be the pawn.

10:30 PM BBT Dan/Dani are now in the KT for their soda challenge. The first one Dani makes a face. We move on to the 2nd shot. And on to the 3rd one . Dan knows what it is..Dani does not like it. Ian takes Dan to the side and gives him his guess. The reveal. 1st Shot: Water and Honey 2nd shot: Red and Orange Gatorade. 3rd shot: Pickle juice and sprite. Dan is the winner!

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10:33 PM BBT Shane/Ian in side room waiting for Dani and Dani to mix up another challenge. Discussing getting hair cuts. They talk about that it has been almost 20 days since Boogie left.

In the KT Dan/Dani have blended together a drink. Shane and Ian are in the side room says thing they don't like hearing the blender on.

10:37 PM BBT Shane/Ian talk about Joe's original goas to make jury and final 4 - he made one. Shane says he did better then Frank. Ian says he is not digging these shots being prepared.

10:47 PM BBT Dan/Dani are laughing and Ian says he doesn't trust this stuff. They are making the guys plug their noses. Ian is vomiting on this shot. Shane is now gagging as well. Dani is doubled over with laughter. They pull SHane/Ian to the side to take their guesses. 1st shot: Lemonade 2nd shot: Cranberry Juice 3rd shot: Seaweed/Diet Coke/Honey and water - Ian wins.

Discussion about if the blender was allowed to be used. Outside Jenn sits by herself at the hot tub.

10:55 PM BBT Ian in BY rocking and talking to himself. He is rocking pretty hard and mumbling and making noises. Mumbling something about a "waste" but can not hear him over the squeaking of the hammock. In the KT Dani/Shane and Dan laughing of shot challenge.

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11:11 pm BBT Dan and Ian want to play pool but they need to borrow Shanes muscles to level the table. Jenn gets out of bed to add to her shake.

11:28 pm BBT Dan and Dani go over how expensive diamonds can be. Dan becomes over it and starts Ian random questions like "why can't we make gold?" and "why don't stars move". Ian goes into terms like G+d squared equals mass times blah blah blah and I am lost. Dan asks him if he ever has dropped science knowledge on a girl

11:43 am BBT Ian is in the hammock telling a story about Boogie and that Ian only thought he was there this year was because Dr Will said no.. Dan says he remembers Boogie being mad about it. Dan then goes over who would have been called if Boogie had turned it down. They also go over pranks Dan pulled during his season in the house. Jenn moves about the house to use the WC

11:54pm BBT Dani asks Ian to go over every single HG and how he would describe them. He goes through them all in order. Jodi is the older woman, Kara attractive victim of circumstance, Willie had a good heart but too much anger, Jojo is loud, Jani nice but a gamer, Wil was the funny guy, Boogie was funny nice guy but too pushy, Ash funny but dippy, Brit funny goofy paranoid, Frank bad social game good guy too aggressive and cocky, Joe is nice older gentleman but kid at heart, Jenn is the rocker blunt one, Dan is a good coach and the fun guy, Dani nice girl had no issues with, Shane is the all American guy good looking. Jenn went to bed in the middle of him going through all this. Dani describrf them all as well almost the same as Ian did.

12:04 am BBT Ian says that he could add things about Frank, like that he had no foresight. Dani says that he had a distorted sense of reality. Ian says he just needs a haircut. He feels like he could have taken Frank more seriously if he had a darn haircut. Dani laughs at Ian and kicks the ball around the BY while Ian rocks away.

12:15 am BBT Ian goes to the SR to change his batteries and while gone Shane gets in Ian's hammock to mess with him. Ian walks back out and yells best alliance ever! They tell him shhh because of Jenn. He says she is asleep and who cares if she knows at this point. Ian lists great alliances of the season.

12:24 am BBT They go over the fact that Jenn would be pissed if she found out about the QP. They all urge Ian not to tell Jenn and he says ok. Dani says she will burn the place down if she finds out she went on slop just to leave. Now we are re-hashing old comps.

12:35 am BBT The QP is commending Joe on doing so well for his age and having the anxiety he did. They all agree he is a nice guy. Ian the re caps all the zings they got when zingbot was there.

12:44 am BBT Ian is talking about the week when Frank was thinking about putting up Dan and how he had to diffuse that situation. He then had to run back and tell Brit and Dani. Dani tells her side of the story and Ian recaps Brits reaction.

12:57 am BBT The QP is now going over who hit the reset button/ They allagree that Dan it hit it. Ian thinks Brit hit it. None of them are thinking Jani hit hers or Boogie. They speculate over who would have come back if the reset had not happened.

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1:08 am BBT Shane does some ADLs before bed while the rest of the QP recaps how irritating Franks exit was then how Jeff did something similar but it was the end of the DE. when Shelly blindsided him.

1:18 am BBT The QP all together again. They all go over Franks exit and how he was probably applauded less then Joe. Dan gets preoccupied by playing with a moth, Dani yells at him for holding it by his wings. He ignores her and quotes a movie.

1:25 am BBT Dan Dani and Shane head in and look to be getting ready for bed for real this time. Dan put bactine in the cuts on his hand and curses cause it hurts. Dan says the word sootheing

on the label is the biggest lie he has ever read! Dani helps him bandage himself up for the night.

1:38 am BBT Shane is in bed for the night. Dani is popping zits before she joins him. Dan and Ian are playing chess making small talk.

1:54 am BBT No change other then Dani is almost done getting ready for bed and Dan has more of Ians chess pieces then Ian has of Dans.

2:05 am BBT Dan beats Ian at chess. Dani heads to bed. Dan preps for bed and Ian goes to rock before bed.

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2:07am BBT: Ian is rocking on the hammock. Jenn sleeping, Danielle/Shane in bed talking. Dan comes out to the backyard to talk to Ian and asks if he's told Danielle yet. Ian says no, we have a while but he says Danielle will be fine [being on the block].

Dan asks Ian "I don't want to look too far ahead but, say it's you and Shane in the Final HOH and you win...You're taking me over Shane?" Ian seems a bit frustrated and says "YES! God, you ask me that every day! Every Day!" He tells Dan that Shane is more risky to take anyway because he's won so much. Dan says it's the first time he's asked him that. Ian says he hasn't asked him that specifically but he asks him daily if he's sure he'll take him to the F2. He says "Yes, Dan, yes! I'll take you to the F2! Yes, yes, yes! Let's focus on getting to that F2. I gotta win that [F4 veto]."

Dan says, "Not necessarily." Dan nonchalantly asks if anyone has ever won the F4 HOH and the F4 veto. Ian says Hayden has and tells him he put Lane up against Britney so Enzo would vote out Britney. He laughs and says "Alright dude, I won't ask you that anymore. Alright, Goodnight man. Good job today." Dan heads inside.

Ian continues to rock on the hammock but makes hand gestures and mutters to himself [he seems frustrated and/or annoyed by Dan.]

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[awkward moment]

2:06am BBT: Meanwhile in the sneaker bedroom, Danielle & Shane talking. Danielle tells Shane she's scared of going on the block. Shane says he's gonna have a conversation with Ian but it's not going to matter. Danielle says she's scared of Dan's vote. Shane says "for real, why?" She says she doesn't know. Then Shane says Dan's been talking a lot with Jenn and kept bringing up that they don't want to tell Jenn because she might start spreading lies about stuff and he's trying to cover. Danielle says she wonders if Ian and Dan have a F2. Shane says they might and that's why they need to start talking to Ian and trying to tell him they (Danielle/Shane) aren't together. He says they are in separate beds now as if that's proof.

He confirms his F2 with Danielle and reminds her how Dan treated Danielle with his speech. She agrees and adds Dan put her on the block. Shane says Dan's in it to win [isn't everybody?]. Shane says he guarantees Dan made a deal with Jenn last night to take Jenn off if he had won veto so Danielle would go up and Jenn/Dan could vote Shane out [Danielle actually made a deal with Jenn last night to vote Shane out if he lost POV].

Dan walks in mid-sentence and Shane doesn't cover well. He says "What's up, dude?" quickly and it's very obvious they've been scheming. Dan asks what they were talking about and jokes and asks if they're gonna scumbag him. Shane was saying he was just talking about going to pitch to Ian because Dani's gotta worry about going on the block. Dan asks "what's there to worry about?" and says, "so you want me on the block?" [shane tries to cover but not doing a good job because it's obvious if Danielle doesn't go up, Dan goes up.] Dan keeps pointing this out and Shane is trying to laugh it off and then Danielle acts put-off that Dan is thinking that. Danielle/Shane continue to try to play it off. Dan acts why Danielle is nervous about going on the block but says it's probably going to be him.

Shane tells them he shook their hands week 3 and is 100% on board. Dan keeps joking about how he walked in on the middle of "Let's get Dan on the block tomorrow." Dani/Shane deny it. Dan says he believes them.

2:13am BBT: Shane says he's probably going to use it on himself but he doesn't have to. Dan says he likes where Shane is going with this since Danielle is so nervous about going on the block. Dan says "oh so you guys were trying to get me out?" Danielle asks "are you serious?" and says she's going to get fuming mad. Dan says he's joking. Shane says Dan is just trying to push Danielle's buttons.

Talk turns casual about what the last HOH will be. Dan chatting casually but his jaw muscles are visibly tensing while he's listening.

2:17am BBT: Talk turns back to how Danielle is nervous about going up. Dan says it's either going to be Danielle going on the block, Dan going on the block or Shane not using veto. Shane tells the story of Marcellas not using veto and being voted out. Dan casually adds that Marcellas was a floater and wasn't in an alliance or anything.

[Danielle and Shane are acting like two deer caught in headlights and exchanging glances during this whole exchange]

Dan starts reading Bible versus to them.

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9:19 AM BBT

Planes (silent) brains and laundry-mobiles. That's what we've got on the feeds right now. Flights into Burbank overhead, Jenn thinking to herself (and lowering the awnings) and the sound of the washer rumbling along. A lazy Sunday morning in the BB House for sure.

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9:35 AM BBT

[There are towels, clothes and dishes all over the house. It's the first time this season I've really noticed how messy these particular people are. - ZuZu]

Jenn appears to be sleeping on patio. Other cams still on sleepers, can hear Shane or Dan sigh every so often.

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10:13 am BBT Feeds are back ... Dan changing Batteries .. while Jenn City heads to the DR

Dan now in the WA ... He seems full of Vim and Vigor today .. I think him walking in on Shane and dani shceming last night lets him know he needs to be on his toes and on Top of How things are going in the House

10:17 am BBT Dani crawls outta bed .. On Her way to the SR Dan gives Her a Big Ol Bro Hug and She smiles pleasantly. Dan is on His Game Today, should be interesting

Dans hands are taped up like he's getting ready for a Boxing match .. POV musta been brutal

10:21 am BBT Dan making a Full Triple Strength pot of Coffee this morning... Asks Dani if she drinks coffee ? Dan very engaging with the HG's this morning

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10:13 AM BBT

Dan brushing teeth, Ian coming down from HOH. Ian walking around in his tight boxer briefs. Jenn sees him he tries to cover himself then laughs, "oh, you've seen it all by now." Jenn goes into WCA where Dan is, "Good Morning Jenn." "Good Morning Dan".

10:21 AM BBT

Dan is making a triple milk coffee. So he tells the viewers at home. He asks Danielle if she drinks coffee. She can't clear liquids only.

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10:13am BBT: Ian in HOH room getting out of bed after being told to change his batteries. He says "Let's get this shit done" to himself before walking downstairs. Does he mean batteries or the events of the day? [could the POV meeting be today since we know there is an eviction show on Wednesday (pre-taped) and therefore probably a Tuesday eviction?]

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10:24 AM

King Diamond, Motley Crue were on this morning's music list. Ian tells us that they only heard 1/8 of about 5 songs. Jenn wishes they had played all of Home Sweet Home.

Dan still can't get the OTEV stuff out of his shorts.

Ian pours a big glass of OJ. Jenn goes out to lay in the sun.

10:28 AM BBT

"Get up sleepy head, it's 1 o'clock." Ian teases Shane. "It is not it's only 10" Danielle snipes.

10:31 AM BBT

Dan is going to take a stand for Canada today, it's the second best country in the world. There was a picture they saw with Canadians with no teeth and a hat. They say that was probably insulting. Ian says Australia is the second best country.

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10:35 AM BBT

Ian says something about Franks pictures yesterday. He would have ... that clock thing. Ian can't believe how bad he did with that. Dan agrees it was hard. Ian can't believe he was the only one to get DQ'd. Dan reading the back of the Captain Crunch Box. They are talking trivia stuff on it. Cams zoom in on pictures on back of box - it's all about other countries.

The challenge yesterday had something to do with license plates. Dan was swearing. Ian hit it and it said 1 and demagnetized. He had 6 pieces up there.

10:41 PM BBT

Ian feeding the fish. Jenn laying in the sun. Lying and Sirens and Planes - oh my!

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10:45 AM BBT

Danielle, slurping her cereal, starts choking. Ian back to rocking.

Dan says to her, "Tell her we decided we needed an insurance policy, a 37 year old rocker chick from Brooklyn."

Danielle giving Dan the overview of the conversation he walked in on last night. She's saying that Shane asked, "Do you think Dan will go up?" Dan thinks Ian threw the veto. Dan wants to know why. He wonders if he has a deal with Shane. Danielle says that Shane was worried that Dan was in there talking to Ian.

10:51 AM BBT

Shane told Danielle that he was going to go talk to Ian and see what he thought about using the veto on himself. She's whispering now...Dan...to think...veto... I didn't know he was going to...it's just getting worse.

Dan whispers: Shane..... talk...veto....

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10:54 AM BBT

Dan talking about a bee near a Venus flytrap ...digested (makes slurpy noises) but I'm cool with it.

Ian still rocking in the hammock. Shane in WCA with Dan - who has brushed his teeth again after breakfast. Dan goes and grabs a shirt, smells the pits and holds it up to Danielle's nose. They both agree it needs wash.

Dan looking at Danielle's contacts. "I wonder if we have the same eye shape?" She says she has astigmatism. Dan calls her an "Jabroni" he has to explain that this is a word The Rock made up. A (not) hilarious discussion about knowing left from right eyes ensues.

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