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9/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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10:46am BBT: Dan and Danielle in the KT talking (whispering) about how Jenn is going to be so pissed when she finds everything out, mentions they just needed an insurance policy and it just happened to be a 37 yr old rocker chick from Brooklyn. She's gonna lose it.

10:46am BBT: Danielle tells Dan to sit down and starts to tell him about last night. Dan says "I'm an idiot. I figured out what you were doing later." [trying to get Shane not to use the POV since Danielle is so scared of going on the block].

10:47am BBT: Danielle asks Dan why would she be scared of going on the block. He says he knows. Danielle - "Come on Dannnn!" Dan said he figured it out so late while he was looking at the ceiling and said to himself "oh fuck." Danielle asks if he really thought she was trying to get him put up on the block. Dan says no. Danielle says "Yes you did." Dan swears he didn't but asks how far she got into it before he walked in. Danielle whispers "I was just getting to the part where he was going to say 'well I could not use it' [never happened] and then *pop* you walked in. Well there that goes,"

10:48am BBT: Danielle continues to tell Dan the conversation between her and Shane but leaves out the parts where she was throwing Dan under the bus. She also makes it sound like Shane was suspicious of Dan but she talked him out of it [she was feeding into Shane's suspicions of Dan, not deflecting as she tells Dan]. She continues to try to make Dan feel bad for even thinking she was doing something against him. Dan tells her she can try again tonight. He asks Danielle if she thinks Ian threw POV, Danielle says yes then says maybe he didn't. Dan says maybe Ian told Shane he'd throw it if Shane takes him to the F2. Danielle doesn't think so and says Shane swears that all Ian talks about is the Quack Pack. She says Ian truly thinks she hates Dan. Danielle says she probably knows she's going up and it doesn't scare her but Shane doesn't need to know that. Dan asks Danielle what her main reason would be to get him not to use it [the veto] when she talks to him tonight, and asks Danielle what she can say that she's done for Shane.

10:50am BBT: Dan says when Shane talks about Marcellas she cannot let him dwell on that. Danielle says Janelle's the one who told him the story. Dan says again she can't let him think about that. Danielle says it's already in his mind but she'll try again. She tells Dan he really freaked her out because of what he was thinking and it was the exact opposite. She said she wanted to say "You really think I want you on the block. I'd probably self-sacrifice before I'd put you on the block." but she can't say that in front of Shane. That's why she was glaring at him (Dan) last night.

10:51am BBT: Dan asks what Shane was talking about when he said he was going to go talk to Ian and tell him he's going to go talk to Ian. Danielle says Shane was just going to go up to talk to Ian and tell him he was going to use it on himself and just see who he's putting up. She quickly changes the subject to Shane saying he was going to sleep in the other bed (not with Danielle) so Dan thinks Danielle will take Dan to the F2. She didn't know he was going to do that and it's just getting worse.

Dan says something about how Danielle talked him out of back-dooring Shane and something about if she told Shane that. Danielle said no I didn't talk you out of it in 10 seconds [This is hard to hear but maybe he's talking about the live eviction where he didn't put Shane up against Joe]. Dan says "You did." Danielle says she was just saying "Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea." Dan says "No you didn't, you looked scared at me like don't do this." Danielle says that was because it hit her out of nowhere. Danielle starts talking about Jenn.


10:53am BBT: Danielle saying but for real she's going to do it and say to Shane, "you know how much I've done for you?" Dan says to Danielle "You know how much I've done for you? You came in here like a little seed and you've flowered like an angry Venus Fly Trap." Tells her all these flies come in and she attracts them with her nectar then slurps them up. Dan saying "and you know it too. And I'm cool with that." Danielle laughing, Dan walks away.

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11:50 Feeds are back

11;53 am BBT Dani may have been Nominated ? .. Her and jen are Picking Dresses

11:57 Dan ironing in the SR

12:00 BBT WASN'T Noms seems like some kinda activity or trip for Dan and Dani .... There going somewhere .. Dan" Said will probably be back about 10 .. to ian " (OK what is Going on in L.A. Tonighjt .. what premiers ?) There leaving at 12:45 BBT

12:05 Just Dan and Dani are getting to leave the House or maybe its Shane and Dani

12;13 BBT Definitely its Shane and Dani leaving the House at 12:45 BBT ( I checked MTV and VH1, CMT and the Major Networks no award shows tonight ... No Huge Movie premiers as well) BB Said This a a Lifetime oppritunity and they would be with the Stars and to dress comfortably

12:39 BBT Lots of Good Natured ribbing of Dani and Shane on there real first Date .. outside of the House by Jen and dan watching and commenting all alomg about wanting Every Bullett Point Detail of the Date

12:46 BBT You have a chance to see some of the Biggest Stars of the Summer ( A Planetarium ? Meteor Shower ?))

1:00 BBT WBRB ... Bye Bye Shane ... Dani ... Have a Good Time

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1;02 BBT Jen Dan and Ian all alone in the KT now

1;05 The gang has all moved to the Pool area talking about the different Harry Potter Books and Movies

1:09 BBT Dan and Ian conspiring to go to F2 .. Dan said ian's smarter than Dani and Dan said he can beat Shane and Ian says if it's endurance I weigh nothing

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11:00AM BBT-2:00PM BBT

  • 11:03-Ian is swinging in the swing, Shane is sitting in the WA, Dani is talking to Dan as he puts his contacts in.He is giving her a hard time about which one is left or right. Jenn is in the KT making a protien shake.
  • 11:14-Jenn & Dan meet up in the LR & Jenn tells Dan she hopes he didnt throw her under the bus. Dan assures her that he has never done that. Jenn then says that if they are all ganging up on her to get her out that it would suck but good luck.
  • 11:34-Feeds went to Trivia about 10 minutes ago.
  • 11:44-Feeds have been on Trivia for 20 minutes now.
  • 11:46- Feeds are back. Dani & Jenn are in the WA putting on make up. Shane & Dan are getting dressed. Seems like they are waiting on BB to announce something.(possibly the surprise that shane won in yesturday's Veto comp.?)
  • 11:53- Dani & Jenn are in the WA speculating on what the big surprise is. Jenn says she is excited for Dani, so it seems Dani will be part of whatever is going to happen.
  • 11:56- Dan is ironing in the SR. Jenn is helping Dani pick out an outfit. Dani seems really nervous. She is wearing a pretty summer dress w wedges. Dani thanks her for helping her get dressed. Jenn says she knows how to dress the ladies.
  • 12:03-Shane is apart of whatever is going on. They have no idea of what is going on . May have something to do w the prize he won in the Veto comp yesturday.
  • 12:05-They will be leaving the house & possibly staying overnite. Its def. Shane & Dani going. They have 10 minutes before they find out whats happening.
  • 12:13- It is def. Shane & Dani who are leaving the house. Dani is in panic mode trying to get her hair done. Dan wants them to check out gas prices & remember the songs they get to hear.
  • 12:18- BB has given them 30 minutes before they find out whats going on. BB told them its a once in a lifetime opprotunity.
  • 12:34- Dan wants to know if this is Shane & Dani's first date. He keeps teasing Dani & making her more nervous. Shane says that while they are gone, Dan & Ian can get drunk on 2 beers each. Jenn says she will make fun of them to their faces. Dan keeps teasing Dani.
  • 12:40-Ian has been outside swinging in the hammock since the feeds came back on.Dan is non stop teasing Dani. He is having a really good time w it. Night w the Stars is the only clue BB gave them about what is going on.
  • 12:43- Only a few minutes left until they find out what A Night w the Stars mean.
  • 12:48- Dani & Shane are in the WA putting final touches on. Jenn , Dan & Ian are waiting in the LR for BB to announce whats happening.
  • 12:51-All HGs are in the LR waiting on BB to announce what is happening & where Shane & Dani are going. Lots of laughing & joking about Ian's antic's on last Thursday;s show.
  • 12:58-Feeds have gone to FoTH.
  • 1:00- Feeds are back.No Dani & Shane.
  • 1:02- Ian, Dan, & Shane have gone out to the pool area. Just general chit chat. They dont seem to know where Dani & Shane have gone.
  • 1:22- Talk by the pool is about the double evictions & the comp that went w them.
  • 1:27- Ian asks Jenn what her favorite meal by Joe was. She says his salmon w dion mustard. They all liked his turkey burgers.
  • 1:38- Jenn is tanning by the pool, Dan is in the pool, Ian is swinging in the hammock. Talk, at the moment, is of different riots & protests.
  • 1:50- Talk in the BY has been about the death of Bin Ladden & seeing it on You Tube, sports teams, & movies.
  • 1:55-Jenn says she is trying to get her mind set around going home soon , if she leaves w the next eviction or not , they dont have but a week & half left. Today is day 65.

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2:32 PM BBT

Ian and Jenn recounting Ian's relationships in the house. He and Frank were on again off again. For him, it was off for good when Frank put Britney up on the block. Ian may have played ball with him up till that point. Frank crossed the wrong person at the wrong time.

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2:38 PM BBT

Ian says, "I've said many things in this house that were true, they might have been with uncouth words or not said right but they were true; one of them was that Frank was arrogant." Jenn responds, "Yeah, I know, He liked having me around because I knew how to lie. I threw him my vote so it wasn't a 4-0 exit."

Ian was so worried that Frank would win the POV last week. "You managed to get him out though!" Jenn laughs. "Yeah, I did." Ian smiles.

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2:40 PM BBT

Ian and Jenn are upset that Frank never shook hands with anyone when he left the house. "What was the point of that?, it's over at that point man." Jenn says. Ian says that Dan has said Ian and Frank will be back to All Stars. "Oh sure." Jenn agrees.

2:46 PM BBT

Jenn can't believe how glorious the weather is there. She's going to have to ask for them to send her a coat. Ian says Pittsburgh will be in the 50's 'on the reg' the both love that kind of weather.

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2:49 AM BBT

Dan out of DR "I have to remember it's doesn't affect me." He talks to himself, as he looks for something to eat. Moves the iron in the SR that someone left out on the ironing board.

Ian and Jenn talking about Ian's 'back in the day' memory of AOL chat rooms and how kids these days are so much more socially aware than in the past. In the KT Dan busy mocking Joe. "It's a honey mustard glaze but if it was Joe he'd say it was a mustard honey infusion."

3:00 PM BBT

Ian talking to Jenn about his 911 experience. He was in Grade 5 and the teachers put the news coverage on in the classroom. Some kids laughed they didn't realize what it really was. Then a rumour got started about attacks coming to the schools or small cities. His parents came and took him out of school that day. Ian explains that he was just beginning middle school and he was 10 years old. It was really overwhelming for him, and for everyone. Jenn says she can imagine because Flight 93 was pretty close to there. She's been pretty cool about his explanation, says she was a bit older.

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3:08 PM BBT

Ian suggesting that on the 11th this week they all dress up nicely, Dan can bring out the flag and they can all have a few moments of silence. Jenn agrees that this would be a fitting gesture. She asks if he had to go to school the next day, yes he did but it was very, very scary. He had a great teacher that told them that this was a horrible, horrible thing but this is why they learn about history, to ensure it doesn't happen. He told them it was a contemporary historical event and that they will probably never have another life changing moment in their lives like this again.

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3:21 PM BBT

Jenn and Ian have covered the War in Iraq, the Sniper Shootings, the London Bombing and how all of this has affected the world we live in. Dan comes out with a BLT. They tell him about the plan for Tuesday. He agrees it's a good idea.

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3:35 PM BBT

Ian talking about his inspirations. One of his Chemistry teachers who taught him that he had to learn to problem solve as opposed to memorize and shared many life lessons with him. Another one was a teacher for Life Skills. They learned by discussing issues is shows like "All in the Family" to discuss LGBT issues based on how Archie handled a certain experience etc. They watched Apollo to discuss life lessons, making due, problem solving. There was a lot of journalling and learning to deal with their own thoughts and perceptions. He thought his teacher really cared about them. The final was a History teacher, a guy that was a lot like Dan. He had a light hearted way of helping them learn.

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3:58 PM BBT

Ian told BB Producers in his kidnap, "I'm in class with the same 16 kids everyday, I can't imagine the house will be any different." Jenn laughs and he says "Boy I was wrong, you guys are hard but it had a lot of fun too." He also talks about the days he woke up hung over, he was embarrassed by his behaviour.

4:02 PM BBT

"What do you think those two are doing?" Ian asks

"Having the times of their lives!" says Jenn "It will make for good conversation when they get home. Maybe they will have seen something they shouldn't have seen. I hope they don't forget the gas prices thing, that will tell us a lot about what's going on in our country."

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4:08 PM BBT

Ian talking about his Pandora's Box experience. He got some toys, some socks, a monkey, toys for the house, $1,000, a shave kit, boxer shorts etc.

He says he had some fun with opening each. "You get it. Some people just don't get it." Dan says "Some people don't get that it's for comic relief, you have to have fun with it." Ian asserts "Yeah, some people *cough cough Michelle cough* That had to be one of the most epic DR session ever." Dan reminisces.

4:13 PM BBT

Ian would buy his parents a trip, his brother a car, pay off school then put the rest away for a rainy day if he won BB this year.

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4:22 PM BBT

"So do you think they are seated?" Dan asks

"Oh yeah." Jenn says "They are seated and ready for things to get underway."

Ian wonders if his family is sitting down to watch the show or if everyone has been looking at the feeds.

Dan has an engineering challenge for Ian. Inside on one of the lights there are two balls. One is white and the other is yellow. How do they get them down? "Pool stick, pool stick, broom, ace bandage to adhesive them together then we ought to be able to reach them." Ian says

"We only have one pool stick." Dan points out. "That pool skimmer would work." says Ian "That's only IF we were going to do that, I'm not saying we are going to do that." Dan tells BB.

4:31 PM BBT

Ian points out that in 10 days there will be pumpkins in the store. "In 10 days we will know Jodie's last name" Dan points out. They joke around saying it might be McGillicuddy or Lipswitch for all they know.

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4:39 PM BBT

The HGs are talking about BB virgins. We get WBRB when they come back they are all laughing harder than I've heard in days. It seems that the BB Producers were having fun with them saying something about "Jodie" . They are saying they aren't sure if her name was even mentioned in the BB house till then. "That was better than winning this thing." Dan says.

Dan asks what Jenn would do if Jodie came through the door right now. "I'd run up and give her a huge hug and start an immediate alliance with her." Jenn is laughing. They know she's watching, she's a huge BB fan. Jenn thinks Wil would have loved that.

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4:58 PM BBT

Dan, Ian and Jenn plan to drink all the beer tonight because Shanelle (Jenn called them that) will have alcohol wherever they are. They wonder what the biggest event of the summer was. They wouldn't want to have been anywhere else though.

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5:05pm Dan, jenn and ian talking about what happened between joe and willie in the bathroom that night that willie was ejected from the game and we get foth. feeds come back and they are all mlaughing. ian says i am fresh out of the shower and i was in a towel when all that happened.

5:27pm hg now talking about how everyone that was evicted left the house they say wil's was great. ian says i will deff not smoke after i leave the house. jenn says you want to live a long healthy life. ian says exactly.

5:36pm dan and jenn talking about football while ian rocks away on the hammock.

6:07pm dan sitting at the dt playing cards and drinking beer alone. jenn in wa putting on her makeup.ian is in the hoh shower.

6:10pm jenn comes out of the wa and tells dan she had to put her paint on cuz it occured to her that someone might be watching them. she says my future wife might be watching. dan says yeah she has been watching you all summer.

6:11pm we get foth

6:12pm Ian is out of the shower. jenn is making slop for herself.dan says he is going to take the trash to the sr he opens the door and says thanks bb. dan is now putting a trashbag back in the trashcan.

6:20pm jenn is making her bed , dan is brushing his teeth in the wa. ian is in hoh shaving his face.there is no talking in the house at all.

6:27pm jenn is staring at the memory wall , ian just finished shaving, dan is now in the shower, dani and shane are still not back in the house yet.

6:38pm :ian is now going downstairs where jenn is eating her slop chips with salsa. bb tells ian to put on his microphone. he goes back to hoh room to get it. jenn laughs at him.

6:42pm ian is going to make himself an egg white omlet with turkey for dinner. dan is now out of shower and shaving his face, jenn is still eating her slop chips and looking at the memory wall alot.

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7:04 PM BBT Dan and Jenn watch Ian make dinner and gen chit chat.

7:08 PM BBT The three talk about how at the end of the show - the HG will know how each other feels. Ian hopes Boogie is okay with him. Jenn says she is excited to see Janelle because she knows Jani doesn't care.

Ian/Dan/Jenn discussing the memory wall and how each of the pictures look and their opinion.

7:20 PM BBT Discussion about if the VMAs are in LA this year and if that's where Shane/Dani could be.

Ian heads outside for some hammock time. Dan asks Jenn if she thinks Shane/Dani will be back for BBAD. Jenn thinks they will be back 9-10 PM. Dan talks about how he missed the house when he left it that last night.

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7:26 PM BBT Dan/Jenn discuss that starting tomorrow they are in the single digits of their time in the BB house.

Jenn/Dan talked about the attraction between Ash/Frank. They don't see it. Jenn thinks Ash just wanted a showmance. Dan teases her : After Jenncity turned her down.

Dan/Jenn reminiscing about the HG and things they have said. Ian in the BY rocking on his hammock.

7:32 PM BBT Ian is asked to raise the awnings outside. He is making some noises as he goes about his chore. He finds some more ants and then comments on the dark clouds overhead.

7:36 PM BBT Ian is thanks by BB for the awnings. Dan tells Jenn that he thinks Britt was a dangerous player.

7:40 PM BBT Jenn/Dan talking about Britt smartly didn't talk about her season all the time where as Jani talked about herself until everyone got sick of it. Jenn would have liked Wil to stay a little longer.

7:46 PM BBT Dan/Jenn talking about relationships. Dan still prepping his dinner. Ian still in the rocking Olympics on the hammock in the BY.

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7:48 PM BBT Jenn tells Dan about being on the road and how they write it down for her real big what city they are in so they don't call out the wrong city.

7:52 PM BBT Jenn talking about where she has toured. She tried to get into Hawaii but the promoter didn't follow through.

7:57 PM BBT Jenn tells Dan about recording out in a farmhouse and they lived there for a month. Ian rocking and humming and making a few noises in the BY.

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8:04PM BBT: Ian is out in the BY swinging by himself in the hammock. Jenn and Dan are in the kitchen still talking about Jenn's experience in the studio recording music.

8:13PM BBT: Ian has made his way into the kitchen. Jenn now talking about her experience on a music-related show a few years ago.

8:22PM BBT: Ian is back out on the hammock eating by himself. Jenn and Dan are still sitting at the kitchen table talking about Jenn's experiences in the music business, and other bands' experiences.

8:32PM BBT: Jenn is talking to Dan about how she ended up in Kittie (the band). Ian still rocking in the hammock.

8:40PM BBT: Jenn says that when the internet boomed, her personal information was posted online (phone, address, ect). Fake profiles claiming to be her popped up on myspace, livejournal, ect and her lawyer had to send off multiple cease and desist letters out.

8:45PM BBT: Ian has come inside. Ian and Jenn talk about their favourite bands, and Jenn giving him suggestions to listen to once they get out of the BB house. Dan makes a meal and asks Jenn if she minds him eating at the kitchen table beside her, and she says she doesn't mind.

8:54PM BBT: Jenn, Ian and Dan talk about their favourite bands, and what cassette/cd they first bought. This leads to "What song might I know by them?" and then they start singing, and we get a LOT of FotH.

8:57PM BBT: Dan asks Ian what reality tv shows he's applied to; Survivor, Big Brother, The Real Gilligan's Island.

8:59PM BBT: Dan and Jenn are shocked Ian applied to be the professor and not Gilligan. Dan says that Ian IS Gilligan.

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