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8/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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20:59PM BBT Just before the feeds went to WBRB Dani was talking about her family. All four feeds back in the KT on Frank and Joe. Frank tells Joe after Thurs they'll be down to one coach. Joe points out that the coach remaining will be a huge target.

21:04PM BBT All 4 feeds on Idle chit chat in the KT as Jen and Joe make dinner. Frank looks on silently.

21:07PM BBT Frank up and standing near the stove, watching Joe cook. Jen heads upstairs to the HoH. Frank offers to hold the plate while Joe pulls the chicken off the stove. All 4 feeds remain in the KT at this time.

21:12PM BBT Feeds back in the WA. Dani, Dan, Brit, Shane and Ian are chatting about names that start with G. Brit throws out classics like Gaylord and Gunther. Dani offers Garret. Brit says that's her nephew's name. Joe continues cooking in the KT. Frank and Joe wander over to the memory wall. Frank says Dani's memory is good, she's going to be tough to beat down the road. Joe says he can beat Jen in a comp because he's beat her out in most comps this season. Jen is his second favorite person in this house. (Let me guess...Frank is his first favorite until he sits down to chat with Shane or Dan later...)

21:17PM BBT Frank says Showtime may be seeing some early bed times tonight. He says he's going to eat and probably head to bed soon after. In the WA name chat continues. Brit wants to be called Vivian or Piper. Dani says you can't pick the name you "look like". Brit yells to Frank in the KT that his new name is Elliot. Frank wants to know where that comes from. Dani, Shane and Brit agrees that Frank looks like an Elliot. Brit tells Frank she's Vivian. Dan and Shane say no, Brit is a Jillian. This frustrates Brit. Dani asks Frank if she looks like Jessi Sprano (from Saved By The Bell) or Bristol Palin. Dani says Shane picks the worst people to say that she looks like.

21:21PM BBT The WA crew decides that Joe looks like an Owen. Shane asks about Jen City. Frank says she's JenEffingCity. Done. Jen agrees from the KT. Brit tells the WA crew to just let her die. Ian says <something Brit> and Dan says her name is Vivian. Brit thanks Dan saying it's the least he can do for her. Brit still searching for her smart sounding name from an Ivy League school.

21:25PM BBT Brit says her name was going to be Hillary but her aunt stole it first. Joe continuing to cook dinner. Brit says Matt Hoffman is blasting each of the new HGs this season. Dani wonders what he's saying about them. Brit says he's ripping them new ones but they're funny. Frank called to DR and Joe shouts that he's making mashed potatoes. Frank says he'll be back. Talk in the WA has turned to last season's BB.

21:28PM BBT Ian and Dani continuing to rehash last season's Pandora's box to Shane. Brit and Dan join Joe and Jen in the KT. Dan and Brit break out into song and we get FoTH.

21:31PM BBT Ian says Shelly is a great BB player because of her behind the scenes workings in alliances. Dan disagrees. Ian says he met Shelly at a casting call and we get FoTH. Ian says he'd chose someone better with strategy over someone that is a physical player. He says if you have to pull yourself off the block week after week then you're doing something wrong.

21:34PM BBT Dan and Jen sit down at the KT table to eat their slop burgers. Joe continues to fry up chicken before finally calling everyone to dinner. Frank is still in DR.

21:37PM BBT Brit and Ian thank Joe for dinner. Joe beginning cleanup process. Shane in and out of WC, washing his hands properly. Dani checks herself out in the mirror before heading out to the table to join the rest of the HGs (minus Frank who appears to be in the DR still).

21:39PM BBT Frank out of DR. Correction. Joe is not beginning cleanup process Joe is making Tuna for his diet and offers to make Frank a piece as well.

21:44PM BBT Dan points out it's real quiet so the food must be good. Brit asks if everyone is down for poker tonight. Frank/Shane agree. Joe asks Ian how dinner is. Ian says it's very good.

21:48PM BBT While the HGs eat one of the cams switch to the fish tank in the HoH room. Idle chit chat at the KT table. Shane called to the DR.

21:58PM BBT Idle chit chat continues at the KT table. The current topic is the amount of vulgarity in the house. Ian says the R word was thrown around quite a bit at the start of the season with a couple of offenders being the primary ones using it.

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22:07PM BBT Frank calls Ian out for sending Ash out last week. Frank says Ash probably won't be happy with him sending her out last week. Ian says it was game. They were on opposite sides of the house. Frank says she didn't think so. Frank says he didn't think so. Ultimately there are 7 people to get out of the house still. Frank hopes Ian sending her home last week isn't going to ruin his game. Ian says he's happy with how he played thus far. Shane gets up and begins to clean the dishes. Awkward couple of moments at the KT table.

22:14PM BBT Talk turns to what people are going to do when they get out of the house. Brit says it's real awkward when you sit down to watch your season. It's even more awkward if you try to watch it with other people. Frank says he'll have the double eviction loaded and ready to go when he had everything against him and pulled off a veto win.

22:25PM BBT Idle chat continues at the KT table. Brit is going to make a pot of decaf coffee.

22:33PM BBT Talk at the KT table has turned to horse racing. Brit doesn't understand why the gates aren't slanted like the lanes are for track meets. Frank points out that the horse on the outer lane has a disadvantage. Frank says the horses are free to run on whichever side of the track they want which is typically the inside lane. Multiple conversations about movies breaks out.

22:43PM BBT Chat at the table has turned to music and we get intermittent FoTH when Brit breaks out into song.

22:49PM BBT Wish I could report something entertaining folks but the random chats continue. Ian called to DR. You could see the green light next to the door flick on and off repeatedly each time he tried to open it up. After several attempts he finally got in.

22:53PM BBT Talk has turned to video games. Brit's husband got addicted to Portal. Frank played Portal 2. Shane got one of the hunting games with a gun accessory. Frank points out that it's too cold to hunt so nothing like playing the game instead. Dan says Borderlands 2 is coming out soon. Multiple conversations break out again making it difficult to follow anyone. Ian out of the DR. Brit called to the DR.

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11:03 pm BBT Now HGs are recapping the first hoh comp with the beds and who got how many teddy bears. Also recapping how weird they thought Jodi was. Jenn says Jodi outed her right away and liked to play the race card.

11:11 pm BBT They talked about music naturally we got Foth. When we come back The KT crew is talking about movies and actors. The hope that the new Anchorman movie will be what's won in a lux comp. This is due to Julies Ron Burgandy reference on a previous live show.

11:15 pm BBT Dani has gone to pack her things for tomorrows live show. The rest of the HGs are discussing how good dinner was. Joe tells them how he made it

11:24 pm BBT In SBR Brit checks on Dani. Dani says shes thinking about what family is watching, and how shes being portrayed. Brit tells her not to worry about it. They then start to go over Dani's dresses that she has worn and not worn and wants to wear and will wear and so on and on.....so many dresses....

11:27 pm BBT Shane Dan Frank and Jenn are in the LR talking about easy to make food. Their emphasis is on frozen pizza. Dan asks Joe about his bistro. Joe says his menu is top secret but it will be a clean label bistro, meaning no preservatives in any of his food.

11:36 pm BBT Brit Ian and Dani are in SBR talking game. Ian and Dani confirm they are not each other’s target and that they want Frank next. Ian figures if they get Frank out Dan has to rejoin them. Ian says they can then go for floaters and sail to final four. Ian then recaps what happened at POV ceremony.

11:46 pm BBT Dani tells Ian how silly it is that Dan is mad at her. All over spots she says. Ian says yeah that was disgusting (Referring to Dan's funeral) Ian continues by telling her that they had Dan’s first word. Dan is always loyal to his first word. He also feels that Dan is setting him up to want Frank out and not be wishy washy over it by having Frank send out his best friend.

11:57 pm BBT Dani tells Ian he didn't do anything wrong last night with his comments. Ian says it was inappropriate but so were the things Boogie and Frank were saying after the POV where Jenn got put up instead of Dan. Dani repeats how sick of Frank's cockiness. Dani switches it up and says if the hoh comp is endurance and we are final two what do you want to do? Ian says he will throw it to her.

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12:05 am BBT Ian and Brit are alone in SBR now (all four feeds are on this room btw) Brit says she doesn't understand why Joe and Shane aren't voting to keep her. She doesn't want to go to sleep tonight and not try. Then she answers herself by saying Shane will never vote out his girlfriend and Joe has wanted coaches out since day 1. She thought she was playing a better game this year. Ian says she was but Frank got emotional and wanted to make things personal.

12:13 am BBT We see the rest of the HGs for a min. They are discussing fast food. We go back to all four feeds being on Ian and Brit saying they (the living room group) are talking about CiCi's pizza, Its hilarious (sarcastic tone). They say Dan is playing the best game. Ian asks who is second. Brit says obviously you want me to say you and he say Dani then? Brit says no, she is too emotional and doesn't care about who is talking to who. Ian is second. Brit says Shane is clueless about gameplay.

12:22 am BBT Brit is alone in SBR because Ian went to pee. She talks to herself a little bit about the conversation in the living room. She says what a joke 7 educated people sitting in a room talking about fast food, this place is making me dumber by the minute. She starts to talk to us and says thanks for the support from anyone watching her and being a fan. Send her some good vibes she needs them. She continues on by saying she wished she did better, 8th place what a loser. Ian comes back in and they get back to bashing Frank and Jenn.

12:31 am BBT Brit says she loves Shane to death but he is just empty all conversations are just met with the words come on?! and really?! from Shane. Brit says "omg how am I going to spend a week by myself with Ash?!" Ian says he knows. She is super-hot but it’s like the lights are on inside her but no one is home.

12:38 am BBT Brit and Ian try to figure out where it all went wrong. Brit says sending Janelle home over Frank was what she would change. Ian says his noms during fast forward were where they went wrong. He says he should of backdoored Frank. Brit agrees. She wants to see if Ash is as dumb as she acted in the house or if she is actually smart.

12:43 am BBT OMG other people! Unfortunately the rest of the house is just talking about good places to get ribs .

12:54 am BBT Brit and Ian are goign over the bad things Boogie has said. Brit says he is a trash talker it's what he does. She feels bad about talking about his botox but he has bad botox. LR crew still talking about food, They have moved to sit down eateries like olive garden and buffalo wild wings.

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01:02 BBT

Brit and Ian discussing previous house guests. Brit tells him not to worry, "in 3 weeks, we'll be tweeting each other." She seems resigned to go home. The rest of the HGs are in the LR discussing restaurants.

Ian says on day 2 he wanted to make an alliance w/ him, Joe, Shane, and Kara. Brit says, "Like one from each team. Yeah." Conversation turns to how annoying Frank is.

01:12 BBT

Ian says he's the last one w/o an obvious pairing in the house. Brit was his team and she's leaving now. Meanwhile the other HGs are still chilling in the LR. Someone starts singing and we get FOTH.

01:22 BBT

All feeds are on Danielle washing her face. Ian, Shane, and Brittany are also in the WA. No one is saying much of anything.

Shane and Danielle are in the WA talking game. Shane says, "I think it's Dan Frank Joe Jenn vs. us." Dani says, "I don't know." Shane says, "I just want to know if Joe wins, who is he putting up? If Jenn wins, who is she putting up?" Shane says if he wins, he'd put up Joe and Ian. Dani says, "Yeah that's what I was thinking."

Shane says Danielle needs to make nice with Dan. Dani says, "I don't know, Shane. I'm just so hurt…" Shane says they don't need to actually work with him - just make him think they are. Shane says, "If there's a chance to backdoor him, why wouldn't I?" Dani starts mouthing words to Shane - can't hear her at all - something about Dan. Shane says, "I mean it was Ian's fault… that Dan was in the line of fire."

01:33 BBT

Shane says he's going to throw the next comp to Danielle, or possibly Ian. Shane says, "I wouldn't throw it to Dan. No way." Danielle says to absolutely don't throw it to Dan. She doesn't think Shane's a target just yet in the game. Dani tells Shane that Dan told her he yelled at her only for his own benefit, so she's still mad at him about that.

Ironically, Dan walks into the WA right as they're talking about him. Shane asks him if he's ready to go to bed; Dan says "Yeah… soon." Shane gets up and Dan lays down by Danielle on the WA couch. Shane says he wants to talk to Dan tomorrow if he has a chance. Shane sits back down & they say how weird it is to be living in a tv show. Shane/Dan trying to make nice w/ each other. Danielle isn't saying much.

01:44 BBT

Frank says he is almost for sure that he has Danielle. Joe wants to know if that's 100%. Frank says he thinks so. Joe wanted to make sure that she's not running to Dan with things they tell her. Frank says Brittany just gave up in this game, "It's almost disappointing." Frank says he doesn't mind kicking her out b/c she isn't even trying. He was going to vote to keep her b/c she's just given up.

01:53 BBT

Frank & Joe scheming in the LR. Frank says if it gets to be final 5, they get out Dan, then have Shane give Danielle the cold shoulder and she'll fall apart. Joe asks if he'd be able to do that, "I mean he's got such a soft heart. He carries that little stuffed dog everywhere!" Ironically… the other camera feed is on Shane sitting in the WA with the stuffed dog on his shoulder.

01:56 BBT

Jenn joins Shane, Danielle, and Dan in the WA. They're asking her details about NYC. She's explaining to them about where the boroughs are, which baseball team each of them are loyal to, how to get to Staten Island, etc, etc. Dan asks, "So… you pretty much can get anywhere in the city on the trains right? You don't need a car at all?" Jenn says, "Nope, you don't need a car. Not at all."

02:06 BBT

Jenn City still talking about NYC. She describes how cool it was when that pilot landed on the Hudson. The whole city was freaking out thinking it was another attack, but it turned out really cool. Talk turns to her job as a DJ. We keep getting a lot of FOTH.

02:10 BBT

Feeds come back briefly. Jenn is telling about about how she interviewed Salt-n-Pepa one time. She said she was so honored and very nervous. We get FOTH again…. lots of FOTH.

02:16 BBT

All feeds are on Joe eating in the kitchen. Then they all switch to Frank feeding the fish in the HOH room. Sorry, nothing more interesting to report at the moment.

Frank is asleep in the HOH room. Dan heads to bed in the HNR - all feeds on him at the moment. Now feeds jump to the KT where Joe is telling Jenn goodnight. Jenn starts singing and we get FOTH again.

02:22 BBT

Everyone's sleeping except… Dani & Jenn are comparing notes about all the deals they're hearing about all over the house. Dani asks if Jenn trusts Frank. Jenn says, "Um… I mean, I want to, but I keep hearing that he's campaigning against me. Why, do you?" Dani says maybe, she's not sure. She says Ian told her a lot of stuff that Frank said about Jenn. Jenn says they need to get Dan out next. Danielle agrees.

Dani says Ian wants Frank out so bad. Jenn says Ian wants her out and she told him it's mutual. Jenn says she had to really bite her tongue about Ian's 9/11 comment yesterday. Dani confirms that Ian said he was going to put up Frank and Jenn next. Dani tells her not to worry, Shane doesn't want her out. Jenn really wants Ian out b/c he's been sneaky the whole game. She hopes Joe is trustworthy.

02:37 BBT

Dani heads out to get some medicine. Shane wakes up and says he can't sleep. They sit in the KT chit-chatting for a bit while Shane gets a drink of water. Shane says he was hoping Dan was still up b/c he wanted to talk to him. They head to the WA to talk in case Frank is watching them on his tv.

02:42 BBT

Shane thinks they should throw the next comp to Ian. Dani says she doesn't really trust Ian. Shane wants to know if she's wanting to get Ian out this week. She whispers something - can't hear her. Shane thinks Jenn and Joe would both put up Ian and Dan, or possibly him, because they're just listening to Frank. Dani says she trusts Jenn more than she trusts Joe. Shane wants final 4, her him, Jenn, and Joe.

Shane says Ian told him he had a final 2 deal w/ Brit. He wants to confront her about it tomorrow - Dani warns him to to stir up drama before the vote. Shane continues speculating on who in the house is with whoever else. Danielle isn't really confirming or denying anything, but Shane doesn't seem to notice.

03:01 BBT

Shane heads to bed. Dani heads to bed. That looks like the last of the HGs who were awake. Catch you all tomorrow! Good night, Twitter friends!

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9:00AM BBT - All the hamsters are sleeping.

9:01AM BBT - WBRB; likely the wake up call.

9:16AM BBT - Joe in the SR changing his batteries; other feeds on HG's still sleeping.

9:17AM BBT - Joe goes to the WC, does not wash his hands, stops to check his face in the mirror and goes back to bed.

9:30AM BBT - No signs of life yet, except Joe moving around a little. Must have been a late night for these hamsters.

9:33AM BBT - WBRB; likely another wake up call.

9:35AM BBT - Frank in HOH bathroom doing ADL's; Joe in KT pouring a cup of coffee.

9:37AM BBT - Joe cleaning the coffee pot to make more coffee. Frank packing up his HOH room. No sign of life from anyone else yet.

9:39AM BBT - Shane and Brit in the WA. Shane doing ADL's, Brit curled onto the couch area, teary eyed and sleepy.

9:41Am BBT - Frank in the SR changing his batteries. Brit up in the WC.

9:42AM BBT - Joe pacing in the KT. He's snacking on something, crunching it loudly. Brit washes her hands and heads back to couch.

9:46AM BBT - Frank was going to stay in bed until everyone had to come up for the HOH lockdown, but they told him he had to be packed and out of there by 10:30. Joe tells Frank he didn't sleep last night and is going to try and lay down until HOH lockdown. Frank goes back to HOH to finish packing.

9:48AM BBT - Joe comes into the WA to talk with Brit. She asks him what's going on. Joe tells her it doesn't look good. Joe has a hard time trusting Ian because of how wishy washy Ian is [Pot? Kettle?]. His second issue is he doesn't know how Shane is going to vote. Joe still plans to talk to Shane today. Brit understands why Shane wants to keep Dani, but that's obvious. Shane and Dani wll protect each other till the end. She was right behind Dani on the pirate ship, she is as good a competitor as Dani.

Brit says Dani is an emotional player and will go back to Dan. Joe is worried about that too. Dan has been working on Dani all week, Brit says. Brit can't stand Frank. She agrees with Joe about drawing a line in the sand to get people to pick sides.

Frank is told to put on his microphone.

Brit does trust Ian, even though she knows Joe doesn't. Ian has always done what he said he was going to do, Brit tells Joe. Frank has treated Brit all week long like she's leaving and that makes Brit sick. He doesn't have a vote. Brit says if Joe doesn't vote to keep her, she won't be mad at him. Joe says he wants to honor what he told Brit and vote to keep her, but he doesn't want to be the only one. He wants to talk to Shane, but doesn't know if he can get him away from Dani. Brit says the most time she spent in the house with Shane was when she was shackled to Danielle.

Joe thinks Shane needs to make a decision and switch his vote. Joe says he, Brit, Shane and Ian can take Frank down because Frank can't play in the next 2 HOH's. Shane thinks Dani has his back no matter what. Joe clarifies that Brit said she didn't want to take Dani's chance at the game away from her since she (Brit) has already played once. This is what Shane's logic is for voting Brit out.

Joe tells Brit she needs to campaign hard. Brit is upset because Frank seems so happy lately instead of so upset that he was alone in the house. Brit again reassures Joe where Ian is concerned. Joe wants Dan and Frank out of the house. Those are the 2 he doesn't care for. Joe agrees with Brit that Dani will go back to Dan. Brit tells him Shane will too, because of how close Dani/Shane are. Joe says he will talk to Shane today and explain everything the way he has to Brit.

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10:01 AM BBT

Joe and Britney talking in sneaker room. Britney hears from Joe that "he"think she said to vote her out. At first she thought that all the votes were going her way and she wouldn't have to fight hardcore. She says that 'he' is avoiding her. She is going to have to get his vote or Dan's to stay. (I think he = Shane).

10:03 AM BBT

"Oh here comes Frank to oversee our conversation," says Brit "Just so you know Joe, if you don't vote me out, he won't get it." She asks if she had Dan's vote - would he vote for her and get Shane's vote? He says yes. Frank comes in and Joe tells him to go away that there are alliance talks going on in there. Frank is staring at himself in the mirror.

Britney asks if she can use his shower during the HOH lock down today. Her usual Thursday bathroom thing. He says sure and leaves. They say it will be about 2 hours.

Britney is so against a wall. She has to talk to Dan. Dan flipped an entire house. He can help.

"If that's so, why, why would he keep her, if that makes sense." Joe asks.

10:11 AM BBT

HGs on Indoor Lockdown. Joe asked to exchange his microphone. Everyone else appears to be sleeping.

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10:20 AM BBT

Joe and Britney talking about how much it will suck to go back to work, to a real job. Britney jokes that she will have to call her boss "Hiiiii..remember me?" Joe hopes he can find his job. They call out to their spouses, 3 weeks until we are reunited.

They wonder how Ashley is doing in the jury house all by herself. It would have driven Joe crazy.

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10:36 AM BBT

Britney and Joe cleaning up the KT. She's asking about his wife. Sarah is a stay at home Mom who helps out with the books and the restaurants when there is one. When Joe met her she was an executive secretary for the President of a Company. She had the kids in daycare. They did a research on this and you lose money if your kids are in daycare and you are earning less than 70,000/year.

They joke that their clean up will last less than 5 minutes after the lock down is over.

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10:46 AM BBT

Trivia (practice round) "A wise old man named Evel Dick once told me that the best thing in this game is to make relationships. I've never forgotten that Evel Dick." says Britney.

She may have also said, "Make big moves at the last minute." [it was hard to hear - ZuZu]

Now Joe and Britney talking about Ian saying he went to College at 16. Britney started college at 17 and had two degrees by 21.

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10:59 AM BBT

Britney and Joe talking about mixed families. Britney sharing how her little brother had a hard time understanding that she had a different Dad. Joe talks about how his girls have to go to their Dad once a month or so and his son goes to his mother. It was weird at first but now it's just normal for everyone. They talk about custody and unpaid child support.

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11:07 AM BBT

Joe ran away from home to become an actor. He failed and ended up with his Grandparents. They told him that he can always go home, that's what Dad's are for, to support you good or bad.

HOH lock down called. "Please report to the Head Of Household Room."

11:11 AM BBT

Joe scoops "Prime Real Estate" spot on the bed beside Frank. Shane has long end of the couch. Danielle sits right beside him. Ian on other end. Dan considers going in the middle - chooses table seat instead. Jenn too. Britney in shower. Trivia.

Back from Trivia. Seems Jenn wasn't at the table - they had to call her again to go upstairs. She's heading up now.

11:13 AM BBT

WBRB music blares/ plays into HOH room "There it is" notes Joe. Expect prolonged Trivia to occur shortly.

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12:30pm feeds are back brit is in the sr. frank in kt getting ice in his cup . ian

walkign around, shane and joe in bed napping.no one is talking.

12:34pm:Brit now blow drying her hair. frank goes to lr then tries to get into sr but bb isnt opening the door he leaves and goes back to lr and lays on the couch.

12:37pm brit goes to take her suitcase to the sr, bb isnt opening the door for her either. jow walking to kt. frank says its open now brit. he helps brit hold the door open so she can get the suitcase in. she says might as well ghet the vaccume out i dont have anything better to do. frank says i bet you still have something up your sleeve.

12:41pm : Dan and frank now in the kt with brit vaccuming. frank says he got alot of powder in the sip of iced coffee he took dan was making a drink. frank heads back to the lr. dan in cr now sitting alone.joe in kt now getting a drink.

12:48pm Joe was telling frank about brit pitching that dani and shane are together and they are close so why not get dani out now so they wont make it to the end together. joe now making coffee as brit goes around cleaning.

12:52pm frank helps dani take her suitcases to the sr then goes back to the lr .brit still vaccuming and we get trivia

12:55pm brit now sitting in lr with Joe and frank talking about how viewers see the show differently than they do. dani is vaccuming now over where brit just vaccumed.

12:58pm Brit does a shout out to lane. Joe says inzo was a character.he then says that he loved to hate rachell. then he makes fun of her crying oh brendon. brit says did you watch them on amazing race. joe says i did. brit says they bring the entertainment thats for sure.

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1:07pm brit goes to cr with dan now. dan asked what is going on i hear alot of laughing. brit says no one was laughing. brit says what are you thinking dan? she says i have to give it my best shot. brit says you know even if you keep dani you wont get her back she wont be your number one and i cant even get shane alone. i guess just me thinking logically why would you keep them around. dan says i guess i am just alone. brit says your not alone though everyone is going after frank next week.

1:11pm Brit tells dan that even if he can get dani back he wont get shane back on his side. she says i am going to talk to shane byut i think it is a lost cause what is shane gonna do vote out his girlfriend over me/. dan says what is ian thinking. brit says he is thinking like you and this could be an easy three weeks like boom boom boom.

1:14pm Brit still pleading her case to dan saying she has one target this week and thats frank. she says i love dani and you know that but i think you will have problems working with dani and you know that.

1:16pm if you me ian and shane work together cuz shane will have nowhere to go.so you me and ian and shane together. and i can get joes vote if i can get yours.

1:19pm Ian has now joined the cr with brit and dan. brit says i was just telling dan that we all want to stay together. ian says i want to work with you both and keep our group together.

1:21pm brit says dan do you think she is going to help you after what happens? dan says i am just glad to talk to her a little but she doesnt stay in here with me like she used to.Dan asked ian what he thinks. ian says i think brit is very valuable to you and she is strong at comps like dani.

1:23pm Ian telling dan that frank wants brit out to hurt me. and we have the power to get dani out tonight and hurt frank and take him down. why give frank what he wants it is like giving him the check and i want you brit ,dani and shane in the final spots.

1:29pm Ian saying he wants the quckpack to stay together and after tonight we are down to 4 cuz one of us is leaving tonight but i will do all i can to make sure that it happens. brit says dan you are not working alone if i stay but you dont have shane and dani anymore. and frank hates me he wants me gone thats what he said the other night at the table. brit says please please i ;love dani and i hate going against her but i have to.

1:30pm Ian says if brit goes this week then you have pretty well set Joe, jenn and joe being final 3.

1:33pm Brit leaves the cr. Ian tells dan that he has no problem working with either girl whoever stays as long as if we win hoh and we put up frank and jenn.

1:34pm Ian says the only worry i have is that you will work with frank and jenn. dan says dont worry about nthat. ian says you will put up fraqnk and jenn ? dan says yeah.

1:41pm :brit in wa talking to dani telling her that she hasnt really campaigned againt you and i would never say anything bad about you . you know i think the world of you. dani says i know.ian is in the hnr telling frank his conversation with dan and brit.

1:43pm Frank in cr with dan now saying that he told jenn this is her chance to win a comp.frank tells dan he just talked to ian. dan says you did what did he say. frank says i told him if brit goes home your pretty muchly alone.

1:49pmFrank and dan just repeating things .. dani and brit doing their hair in the wa talking about janelle and enzo and hayden. and their accents. dani says what about me. brit says i live in arkansas and i dont even notice your accent.

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4:27 PM BBT We got a quick flash of Frank and Jenn on the LR sofa and BB asking Dani if she would come to the DR real quick

During the flash, Shane and Brit were in the WC doing ADLs and Frank/Jenn/Dani and Ian were on the LR sofas.

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7:13 PM BBT

"I'm going to have some rope burn tomorrow!" Yells Shane all pumped up.

"These are my good socks too." moans Ian.

Danielle is sitting in a squat silent and in the mode.

Shane is spitting - he keeps getting the stuff in his mouth, most likely because he just keeps talking.

He asks for some music. Frank sings "Round and Round, your love will find away.." RATT Joe sings "You spin me right round, baby right round."

Danielle calls out to "Richard" asking if she can take her goggles off.

7:17 PM "Hey uh..." we hear a production voice then get WBRB

Danielle now singing Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me". WBRB

Danielle back to standing, Shane Squatting.

7:22 PM BBT

"Does anyone else recognize that particular sun?" Ian asks

"Oh, it's from the first night!" says Shane

"Teddy Bear Madness!" Yells Danielle

"Much better set up on the moon stars here than Teddy Bear Madness." observes Ian.

7:27 PM BBT

Shane and Danielle figure out that the outstretched thing is meant to make them spin. Danielle is about to puke. She drops. Dan is going to stay up there as long as he can if it means he gets to see Chelsea.

7:31 PM BBT

Shane and Ian teasing each other. Ian wants to win to have the HOH bathroom. Shane yells back at him, "Whatver Ian, over my dead body!" They vow to battle it out.

7:37 PM BBT

Ian gives us a lesson in physics - the different positions: jerk, snap, crackle and pop. They are turning at about 11 seconds per revolution.

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7:41 PM BBT

Dan is really nauseous - he's not so good with spin rides. The fallen HGs get Dramamine (Gravol) to help them with the motion sickness when they drop.

Shane smiles over at Ian "Keep smiling, I'm in it for the whole night Ian!"

Ian laughs, "Samesies! I'm in it for pics and news from home."

Shane can't hear him. He checks in on Dan. Danielle tells him he's not good but he'll be fine. Shane has an issue with the bottom of his right foot. It's on fire.

7:46 PM BBT

Joe jokes that his big butt was a problem. Jenn was too inflexible and it knocked her off.

Shane aplogizes for making this boring for everyone. Danielle apologies for not being able to look but she'll get sick. Shane checks in with Ian who says he's in it for a 'really good bathroom.' Shane offers to share. Ian is thinking about it.

Dan, Danielle, Joe, Jenn and Frank cheer them on.

Dan asks if the model of the sun and planets are accurate. Ian suggests that accuracy wasn't what they were going for. The Earth is 4 times the size of Saturn. He then explains what Saturn's rings are made of. Which ones have rings?

7:53 PM BBT

Frank and Danielle cannot get 'Round and Round' by RATT stuck in their heads. They keep singing it and get yelled at by production to stop singing. Everyone on the sidelines does "Wasn't me" quips.

Dan and Danielle are starting to feel better.

Joe tells them they will last 3 hours and 21 minutes. "How long did you last out here?" asks Shane "21 seconds." says Joe and they all laugh.

7:55 PM BBT

Shane keeps getting hit by the 'Asteroid" while Ian keeps missing it. He's too small. They relive past contestants that have gotten caught in it.

Dan tells Ian that "that's what they call "Cracking" him upset the head." Ian laughs and says that was a Willie reference. Funny, the Willie references outlived Britney (who wanted them to stop).

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8:02 PM BBT

The yellow paint on Joe's pants looks like pee. The meteoroid is now hitting Ian. It's started to spin faster. Shane is doing a lot of moving on his rope. Ian staying still.

We have also learned that neither of these two suffer from any form of motion sickness and that Ian's pants are going to fall off from the weight of the wet paint and the angle he got smacked by the meteoroid last time. He's now figuring out how to angle himself away from that thing.

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8:09 PM BBT

Joe asks if this is faster than other comps they've spun in. "You should have stayed up longer to find out!" jokes Shane. Ian says it's faster than the others. Dan, Joe and Jenn talking about why they were told to wear shorts and t-shirts. "So our arms would rub against the ropes and no one would have a competitive advantage by wearing long sleeves.

"If a meteor that hits the eart is called a Meteoroight, what do you call one that misses?" Ian asks "An asteroid?" says Shane "Meteorwrong!" says Ian.

Frank laughs that they are cracking jokes.

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8:18 PM BBT

WBRB for a couple of minutes now.

8:20 PM BBT

Dan musing what would happen if the disk that was spinning them broke. Frank thinks they'd have to fix it and carry on. They think it's the peg board from their HOH last week.

"Well, guess who just pee's themselves?" Ian laughs

"WHAAAT?" says Shane

"Oh just kidding" says Shane

Frank and Jenn whispering "Do you think Ian will win?" she asks

"Maybe, but I hope not." he replies.

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