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8/30 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:48 PM BBT

Ian and Shane talking. Shane going to drop and give it to him. Ian gives his word that Shane and Dani are safe.

In the SR Dan is talking to Danielle worried that he can't trust Ian.

7:51 PM BBT

Ian says that Britney told him he could win this way (sticking with Shane) "This is for you Brit.." he says.

He and Shane plan on walking in the house together.

As Ian gets down off the machine and they go to walk in we get WBRB.

Dan looks outside, sees that it's over "It's over, it's over. WTF Shane." and closes the patio door.

"Come on that's a pirate ship" we hear Joe say. WBRB

We hear someone say "That was a big mistake." Shane refusing help as Frank and Joe stand behind him "I'm ok, I"m cool guys just cold and a bit dizzy."

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