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8/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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21:00 BBT

Wil is still running laps in the BY. Ian & Brit go out & on the couch. Brit and Wil Joe-bash for a bit. Dani comes out & gets on the exerciser. Ian complains that Ash seems to have "dumped" him.

Wil asks Ian what's wrong. Brit tells him Ash broke up with Ian and is going on a date with Frank. Wl: "Oh shoot I missed a lot while I was running." Ian to Brit: "I thought we were exclusive! Do you think they're actually going to…?" Brit: "Make out? Maybe. There is alcohol involved…" Ian says Ash has kissed almost all of the guys in the house except Shane.

Meanwhile in the LR, Dan & Chill Town are contemplating the Ian/Ash situation. Frank: "I really do feel bad for Ian." Topics move to the Bible, NASA, and general chit-chat.

21:13 BBT

Shane, Ian, Brit outside on the couches. Shane says he wishes he could go back to school to be a Physical Therapist but can't afford to go back right now. They discuss student loans, car loans, etc.

Shane says he wants to help his parents out financially if he wins, as well as pay off his student loans. Brit says she didn't realize money was so tight for him & wishes she'd given him the money in the last comp. Shane says it's alright.

Brit reminds Shane that physical therapists make a lot of money (she says 90K a year), so even though it'd be hard financially to get through school, it'd be so worth it. Camera jumps to LR - Joe is talking to Frank/Boogie/Dan/Ian about a "Reality Cooking" show he & Jenn are going to do in a bit.

Chill Town & Dan in the LR. Boogie starts Shelly-bashing, then says Ian reminds him of that - sort of crazy-like and always talking to the fans. Frank/Dan laugh. Frank says Shelly drove him nuts when he watched last year.

21:27 BBT

Brit/Ian discussing the game outside. Brit says, "Wil's over there campaigning to Danielle." The camera jumps to the hammock where Dani is telling Wil about her concerns with Shane. Wil's giving her advice, "It's his own insecurity - you're better than that."

Wil and Dani are still talking boys in the hammock. Dani is upset about Shane. She also tells Wil about Frank/Ash's date later tonight in the SR - he didn't seem to know about that yet. Dani goes back to grumping about Shane & says she just wants to be around happy ppl. Wil says she can just hang out w/ him.

Ash walks by the LR and Frank says, "Hey there, Sweet Cheeks!" She smiles. Boogie and Dan seem bored and Boogie says they need some excitement around here.

It sounds like Joe's cooking show is rolling. Cameras are still on Chill Town but Joe's being LOUD and that's all I can hear. Frank says he needs to shower b4 his date with Ash.

21:41 BBT

Meanwhile in the hammock… Dani is crying. She says she did get butterflies when Shane kissed her but she's afraid to be around him now b/c he's just being awkward & mean. Wil: "It is mean. He's not thinking about you. He's just thinking about himself… You gotta bullet-proof your heart."

Wil says he gets anxiety-attacks sometimes and actually had a couple this week in the house - mainly just caused from feeling claustrophobic in the house. He said it was just the stress of being isolated here for 6 weeks, but he's fine now.

Dan, Brit, Jenn, Joe outside on the couches. A plane flies by and they get all excited. Brit: "They're circling!" They yell for the plane to honk for them but it doesn't. The plane circles a couple times and the HG get really happy about that. Brit says the LAPD flew over earlier in the day too but didn't honk then either. (unclear if this plane is LAPD also).

Dan/Chilltown move upstairs to the HOH. Camera shows them briefly then moves to the hammock where Ian had joined Dani. Wil walks by the couches laughing about the HGs yelling at the plane earlier. (Oh excuse me… Brit just said it was a chopper, not a plane).

Brit says she going inside to put on her badminton clothes. Jenn & Wil are in the HT. Meanwhile… Ian is in the hammock complaining to Dani about Ashley and also discussing upcoming comps. Ash & Brit discuss in the HN room the rumor about Shane throwing Wil under the bus.

21:57 BBT

Brit isn't quite sure where this Shane/Wil rumor got started either. Ash doesn't know but says Wil tends to get paranoid. She says Wil assumes the rest of the house is working together. Brit doesn't confirm or deny that.

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10:05pm bbt Frank/Dan/Boogie in HOH, Boogie impersonation Ian, but Frank thinks it sounds more like Regis Philbin.

10:10pm bbt Brit/Ash leave HNBR, plan to play badminton, Dan/Boogie leave HOH, HGs are roaming, appear to be heading to BY

10:14pm bbt Brit joke-describes the akwardness in the WCA, where Ashley is preparing for her date, and her ex Ian is washing his hands.

10:17pm bbt Ian joins Boogie/Dan/Dani in the K, says his mom is huge Jani fan and hates Boogie for playing sleazy. Dani thinks everyone in Dan's family hates her now.

10:20pm bbt Ash telling Brit who her booty call is, on patio Joe/Jenn discuss cooking shows and what it means to 'fold' in a recipe.

10:24pm bbt Dan/Ian/Boogie go out to play pool. Shane tells Joe the timer is done, so Joe/Jenn go to K. Ashley waiting for Frank to pick her up for their date.

10:28pm bbt Dan tells Ian "Here's what I'm thinking, to get Ash back, you need to spell out 'Im sorry' in something", like q-tips, towels

10:30pm bbt Brit thinks there's a chance Frank and Ash may 'do it'. Frank comes into WCA to blow dry his hair.

10:35pm bbt all cams on K, Joe agonizing over Avocado cheesecake he made but can't eat.

10:40pm bbt Ash comes to Frank's HOH, who was trying to clean up for the date. He heads to K for glasses, so she waits in his courtyard, at the chess table. Ash says she was early because traffic wasn't bad. They decide to chug the beer.

Frank apologizes for not having cable, only 3 channels on his tv. They wish there was a BY channel. CD Frank requested was 3 or 4 on his list, he only knew 2 of the songs. Ash is surprised HOH has a cd player, not an ipod.

10:45pm bbt Frank/Ash date turns to talk about beers, then restaurants in Naples.

10:51pm bbt Frank/Ash discuss Frank being on the block 3 of first 4 weeks. Jenn/Wil/Brit chatting in K. Ash dropped her laptop the day she left for BB, hopes it's ok.

10:55pm bbt Frank/Ash talk Frank's fav tv show, "It's Always Sunny"

Wil/Jenn have joined the BY gang, landing on the patio. Frank/Ash working on their bottle of wine.

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23:12PM BBT Frank and Ash's date continues up in the HoH. Ash telling Frank that she told Joe she probably wasn't going to vote for him this week because earlier in the season he had mentioned voting her out because she was a floater. Joe seemed understanding. Down in the BY cams on Brit, Jen and Wil. Wil asks Brit when she knew she was straight.

23:16PM BBT Feeds, froze a moment for myself. All three laughing. Brit said that's when she knew she was sexually charged it was a boy at a dance. "At a dance..." Wil repeats in his old woman voice. Feeds switch to Joe talking to Dani in the WA. Joe says the only person he hasn't spoken with was Dan and the vote is in "your all's hands". Up in the HoH Ash telling Frank that Wil is very paranoid and he thinks when people are laughing and joking together they are "working together". Ash says that Wil was the one that thought Jani didn't have his back but as far as Ash knows Jani did have his back.

23:20PM BBT Joe and Dani's quick talk over in the WA. Up in the HoH Ash throwing Wil under the bus with his paranoia. Frank agreeing. Ash lost her train of thought when telling a tale about him freaking out at her because she was emotional one week, missing her family and she mentioned something about missing Kara. Frank says his malicious lies is what bothers him the most. Ash says Wil likes to cross his fingers when he tells lies which makes it better. Frank says Wil did that with Jani.

23:21PM BBT DaniM311 on Twitter asks: why is Ian freaking out!?? - I didn't see it per say but he's probably upset about Ash going on a date with Frank. (Niteslacker)

23:26PM BBT In the BY idle chit chat goes on including exciting topics including spilling fingernail polish on carpets/furniture, acetone on a couch and all the animals that Joe us. Meanwhile up in the HoH Frank says he's been the target quite a few times. Ash says people have had a chance to get know Frank. Him not using the PoV this week was a good move because he's only here to play the game. He's not here to rock the boat.

23:31PM BBT Ash tells Frank that if he ends up on the block again soon then they'll be assholes because he's already been on the block for so long. Ash doesn't see anyone putting him on the block again anytime soon. Ash says Wil is turning into the mean gay guy. She doesn't mean it like a stereotype it has nothing to do with him being gay. He's just mean. Frank brings up the time Jojo took a drink or two of Wil's beer a few weeks ago (seems like forever ago doesn't it?). Frank says Wil's malicious and Joe's annoying. You have to pick the lesser of the two evils. Ash says the DairyQueen (code word for DR) would laugh at her last week because she thought the house would keep the cook over her. Frank says Ash sells herself short and look how fast things change in the house.

23:35PM BBT Brief FoTH and all four feeds now on Ash and Frank in the HoH. Ash telling Frank that Wil was a fan of the show and loved staying up to talk game with Jani. Frank points out that Wil was found on Facebook and they contacted him. Ash (acts?) like this is the first time she heard this tale. Brief FoTH. Frank says Joe's cooking is great considering how great his food is with limited spices, condiments, etc. Frank says he's been eating slop burgers this week because they're great. Ash agrees.

23:39PM BBT Down in the BY Joe is asking Boogie about how going home works, how long you're still under BB's watch, when you're on your own, etc. They get called out for talking about production. Feeds jumping back and forth as production tries to get the cams off the convo. Feeds back in the BY pretty quick and Mike is called out specifically for talking about production. He tells Joe he'll write a number down in mascara or something to get in contact with someone (at Geisha house I think is what I heard while cams were bouncing around.) Dani, Boogie, Joe sitting in silence on loungers now. Dan, Ian, Brit, and Shane playing Badmitton. Dan has a Tiger Woods moment and throws his racket after hitting a bad shot.

23:43PM BBT Up in the HoH Frank and Ash are talking about Ian being so young and star struck with BB all stars. Frank agrees. Frank says he and Mike have a good dynamic like a good cop bad cop team. Frank says Boogie was ready to blow his top last week when he was put up but Frank was able to talk him down. Likewise Mike was able to talk him down a time or two recently as well when he was getting paranoid. Ash says Mike seems like a nice guy that can probably be trusted.

23:51PM BBT Frank and Ash gets up to feed the fish. Frank sees a fish near the bottom of the tank and says it's dying. Ash highly upset. Frank says "way to kill the mood fish!". Ash asks once more if the fish is really dying. Frank thinks he's sleeping. Ash feeds the fish and they look at the one near the bottom again. Both agree he doesn't look too hot. Frank wonders if it's a bad omen that the fish is dying during his HoH. Frank goes to used to bathroom and Ash puts her finger on the tank whispering "come back to life, come back to life". Frank comes back and spots another fish upside down in the rocks. Frank says its the big one that wasn't eating. Ash wants to say a prayer. She says the lord's prayer. Frank seems impressed.

23:56AM BBT Down in the BY feeds are on Dani and Dan playing pool. The sound of badminton can be heard in the background and can be seen in the mirrors. Dani doesn't want Dan to make excuses when she beats him. Dan says he doesn't make excuses he just wins.

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23:59AM BBT Dan begins to sing Sunny Tuscaloosa and we get FoTH. It's been this way for about 2 minutes now.

00:04AM BBT Feeds back. Up in the HoH. Frank says he doesn't want to talk bad about him but he doesn't think Ian has shown that he's a serious threat. Discussion has apparently turned to who Ash should put up if she wins HoH. That is why Frank brought up Ian. Frank says he thinks Ian would stay against just about anybody in the house. Ash says she likes Jen because she shares quarters with her and she's real nice.

00:07AM BBT It sounds like it's official the fish is dead. Down in the BY the pool game continues between Dan and Dani, non specific pool game chit chat going on with badminton playing out in the BY. The pool game is apparently Dan and Ian vs Shane and Brit. Dani keeping score off camera.

00:11AM BBT Frank scrolls through the spy screen looking for folks in the house. They think everyone is outside (they are). Frank is ready for Joe's avocado cheese cake. Talk turns back to Ian. Ash feels bad saying that she might put up Ian if she wins HoH. Frank says not to worry about it. He says along the same line Ian has gotten him trouble a couple of times which makes Ian a weak link. Ash asks Frank who he would put up and Frank says he doesn't have the opportunity so it's not even his choice. Ash realizes he doesn't have the chance to win HoH this week.

00:18AM BBT Frank giving Ash a bit of a pep talk telling her that with her back spasms and such that folks may overlook her once Wil and Joe are gone. Both agree that they don't want to tell anyone that talked game. Ash says Brit was telling her that she wanted to know everything they talk about upstairs. Frank asks why. Ash says it's probably game and intimate stuff. Frank asks Ash if she wants to make out for a bit on the couch for a bit. Ash agrees and Frank quickly pulls her over to the couch. Frank pulls her on top of him and they begin to kiss. It lasts for about a minute or so. Ash pulls off giggling. "Wow, that was unexpected and nice!" Frank laughs forgetting that the cams are there. More kissing ensues.

00:20AM BBT Ash tells Frank that she doesn't think Ian is seriously upset. Frank disagrees. Frank says he thinks Ian is pretty bummed out. Ash is surprised and is in denial.

02:22AM BBT Down in the BY badminton continues 11-8 Shane/Brit in lead? Joe is the line judge.

00:27AM BBT Ash and Frank can't believe they made out on camera. Ash says she liked it quite a bit. Frank invites her to come kiss some more. Ash says really? Frank says yeah we're waiting on the cheesecake to get hard! (innuendo?). They start making out again and Ash starts to giggle about 30 secs into it. "You said we're waiting on the cheesecake to get hard..." Ash giggles out. Frank laughs saying he's funny without meaning to right now. Ash cuddled up on Frank on the couch in the HoH. Frank says Jani was mean towards the end of her game.

00:30AM BBT In the BY the badminton game continues on. Dani asks Jen (both sitting with feet in HT) if "do you think she'd tell us?" Dani says it gives us something to talk about. It's exciting (I'm guessing they're talking about the Frank/Ash date).

00:32AM BBTDidn't you hear...they're waiting on the cheesecake to harden! RT @KaleyPeace: @mortystv Frank and Ashley are making out in the HOH room!!

00:34AM BBT Ash and Frank continues to cuddle on the couch. Talk turns to masturbation. Frank and Ash agree that they've not been able to do it since they got in the house. Frank offers to do it for her later. "Sneak up here later, I'll do it for a vote!"

00:35AM BBT Down around the HT Dani, Wil, and Jen chat. Dani wishes she could make a scrap book with the photos they've taken already.

00:36AM BB RT @CoDkiller87: @mortystv im more then appalled at frank. Ian defends and is loyal to him then he goes and snakes his girl

00:42AM BBT Frank wonders if they should bounce downstairs so people don't wander what's going on up there. Ash agrees. Ash wants to get her story straight. She doesn't want to tell anyone what they did. Frank asks Ash if she's going to come up and cuddle with her later. Ash isn't sure. Frank says she'll have to kick Ted out of his spot. Frank suggests they tell everyone about the fish and invite them up to look at it. Frank says misdirection is a magician's best friend. Ash worried about what everyone will say or think. Frank says he'll tell Mike probably but that's it. Frank is more worried about Ian getting his feelings hurt (In all fairness...Ash has made it known numerous times that Ian is not a love interest for her and he's not exactly asked her out specifically...just saying - Niteslacker)

00:44AM BBT Ian wanders into the KT where Frank is pouring a glass of water and asks how the date went. Frank says a Gentleman never asks and a Lady never tells. Dan tells Frank not to get in Ian's head because they took down the number 1 seeded badminton team. Frank tells Ian and Dan about the dead fish.

00:47AM BBT Ash invites Ian out into the BY with the rest of the HG. Frank telling the rest of the HG about the dead fish. Frank asking about the cheesecake.

00:56AM BBT Currently Dan, Ian, Frank, Ash, and Jen are gathered around the avocado cheese cake. They thank Joe for cooking it. Shane and Brit also in the KT as well now. Ian points out to Joe that it would only be a single penalty vote if he had a piece.

00:57AM BBT RT @chelseajeffers: @mortystv I find this cute for Ash since she had a little crush on him. #BB14TFU

01:02AM BBT Dan and Dani whispering in the WA. Dan asking where Dani has been all day. Dani says he (Dan) has been hanging out with tons of people today. Dani whispers that she wonders how awkward it is for Ian and Frank right now. Frank and Ian walk in. Dani asks Frank if he and Ash kissed. Frank says no because of the dying fish. Dani acts surprised. Dan says Dani has been salty today. He thinks it's because Dani wanted a date with Frank as well.

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01:05AM BBT In the WA Ian asks Frank (Dan and Dani there as well) how the date went. Frank says they talked and then the fish died. Ian says I'm sorry man mother nature's ultimate cock block (he almost sounded a bit too happy when he said it...little does he know...)

01:07AM BBT Shane, Joe, Ash, Jen Brit and Dan gathered around the KT table now. FoTH.

01:08AM BBT While we have FoTH here's a pic of Ash whispering to the fish to not die...%7Boption%7Dhttp://bit.ly/PXyZ7y

01:10AM BBT Multiple conversations over each other at the KT table. Brit says Ian was a douche when he won today. But he doesn't take a loss well at all. Ian scolding him for being bad. Brit says everyone is having a bad night. Ian was a douche to her. Joe had to watch his cake get eaten. Ash watched a fish die.

01:11AM BBT Correction Ash scolding Ian for being bad.

01:16AM BBT Dani venting to Jen in the GR. Sounds like all the testosterone in the house is starting to get to her. Dan gives her grief. Shane can be distant when he wants to be. Dani says people in the house think she's shy. She asks Jen if she is. Jen says at first she thought she was (I agree as well...but after the conversation last night in the HoH I realize how wrong I am...)

01:20AM BBT Dani worried about what Trey is thinking at home. For all she knows he's dating someone else already. She knows BB is making her and Shane look like they are hot and heavy. Dani sounds as if she's about to cry. All four feeds on Jen and Dani in the GR. The other HGs are being very loud in KT/WA area. Brief FoTH.

01:22AM BBT "Shane has something for you...it's a restraining order" Dani says. It sounds like this was her zing from Zingbot. Dani begins to cry. She says she's not that far up Shane's ass. It's been a bad week for her Dani says.

01:25AM BBT BB house is wound up tonight minus Jen and Dani. Frank gets told to knock it off by BB for looking in the two way mirrors trying to track down the cameramen.

01:29AM BBT Brit called to the DR with angry voice BB. FoTH.

01:33AM BBT Dani continuing to cry over Shane to Jen. Jen takes the opportunity to bond and tells her that Wil might go home this week and she'll be sad come Thurs. Jen begins to give Dani a pep talk telling Dani to be prepared that Trey might have moved on. She hates to think that way...but that might be the truth. Dani is nervous about how BB is portraying her. Jen says she's going to come out smelling like a cookie or a typical whatever.

01:36AM BBT Elsewhere in the house. Wil and Ash in bed whispering. Wil says he spoke with Dani. Dani says Shane is being mean and picking on her and pushing her away. Wil says he offered to call Trey for her to let him know that she's not dating Shane and is missing him (Trey). Wil says he totally meant it because that's the kind of person that he is. Wil says he asked Dani to tell him if he was going home so he wasn't blindsided. Dani agreed. He says this week is taking forever. He has one more day of nothing to deal with.

01:39AM BBT Wil asks Ash about the date. Ash tells Wil they kissed. Ash tells Wil that Frank totally surprised her with it. He was consoling her over the fish dying and pulled her to the couch and they kissed briefly (she leaves out the fact that she went back for 3rds and 4ths). Wil asks if she's a good kisser. Ash says yes. Wil says he's going to be the biggest slut when he gets out "...give me your tongue!" he cackles out.

01:40AM BBT Jen still trying to give Dani a pep talk telling her to at least expect the fact that he might be with someone else in the GR.

01:42AM BBT chelseajeffers on Twitter says: @mortystv dani makes no sense to me. She cries about Shane not giving her the attention she wants and then cries about a guy at home!

01:47AM BBT Wil and Ash giggling in the round bed. Wil doing a Sharon Osbourne voice saying he'll have to hop a plane and fly home and he won't even get to see Sharon. Wil says he doesn't know what else he can do to get votes. He's never been given the chance to prove himself to anyone. He said he's not been targeting Shane. Wil confirms that Joe was talking with Boogie about going to Geisha house on Friday if he gets evicted (this was a previous conversation that the BY crew got called out for and we had intermittent FoTH on...although we have heard the other side telling Joe to lay low and he'll be safe this week so it was probably just talk to throw misdirection at Wil).

01:52AM BBT Elsewhere in the house Ian, Shane, and Joe in the KT table. Ian talking about previous season in which 4 HGs were asked how much of the prize money they would cough up to get back in the house. Two of them said half of the prize money. Ian says he'd give up $400k. Heck Ian says he'd play for a $250 Outback Steakhouse card plus his stipend. Dan says that's the quote of the day as he walks through. Shane says he's heard this from Ian before.

01:54AM BBT Jen has joined Ash and Wil in the round bed. Jen rehashing her convo with Dani telling them she did drop the hint that she would be lonely without Wil if he goes home this week while trying to be sympathetic to her. She thinks she's frustrated with Brit. Wil says he told Dani to watch the testosterone in the house because they will dominate. Jen says Dani already knows about it.

01:56AM BBT Jen says it's only a "snack?" and Ash says that's really good. While Dani didn't agree to anything it shows that there may be an open door there. BB tells Brit to put on her mic and Jen and Wil start singing and we get brief FoTH.

02:01AM BBT Brit in the WA putting on her facial cream. Dan in the shower talking to her. Dan asking about Ash's date. Brit says Ash told her that "it was unexpected and kinda nice" (I never saw Ash/Brit get together but there was a long window when we were on Dani/Jen so we might have missed Ash telling her about the kiss at that time).

02:06AM BBT Brit asks Dan if he's ever been to http://bit.ly/NAdU4U (Janelle's MaryKay site). Dan says no but I will as soon as I get access to a computer. Dan says he hears you'll get a 15 minute Skype call with every purchase. Brit says she wasn't aware of this. Dan says it's his advertisement so her customers get what he says. Brit replies "If you go to Dangheesling.com..." and Dan quickly says "Whoa whoa whoa nevermind! Sorry Janelle!"

02:10AM BBT Dani, Brit, and Dan in the WA. Dani brushing her teeth. Brit blow drying her hair. Dan walks out of the WA. FoTH.

02:12AM BBT Dan signals to Dani to turn around and look at his gash on his leg. Joe wanders in and Dani takes a seat beside him and waits for Joe to leave before tearing off a piece of gauze for him. Jen now walking down the hall and stops to brush her teeth. Dan takes one of the pieces, Dani still holding onto the other piece. Will wanders in to use the WC.

02:14AM BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the house Ian was just trying to get into the HoH but Frank didn't answer the door. Ian tells Jen goodnight as she walks out of the WA. Jen gives hugs to everyone telling them goodnight. Ian says he's tired.

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02:19AM BBT Dan and Brit going back and forth about the badminton match earlier. Brit says she's going to wait and the first game that St. Mary's looses she's going to text him and be like "Oooh, only the last game mattered." Brit wonders if they are going have any celebrity hosts this season. She says Zingbot was an epic fail. They should bring the heat. Brit quickly takes it back and says never mind.

02:21AM BBT Feeds briefly on HoH. Frank is up and lights are on. Switched to that feed and they had already changed it to MBR. Wil and Jen chatting. Other HGs voices can be heard echoing pretty loudly from other parts of the house.

02:24AM BBT Frank out of the HoH and headed back into his room. Camera stays outside his door and switches back to MBR. Back in the WA Dani sees a gray hair on Dan's head and wants to tweeze it. Dan says no. If he wanted it tweezed he'd let her. But since he doesn't want it tweezed he must want to keep it.

02:29AM BBT Wil telling Jen a bed time story. "Once upon a time there was a girl named Jen and she told the BB house to f*** off! The end." Jen giggling softly. Wil tells another tale. "Once upon a time there was a man named Wil who started to have a panic attack and almost left the BB house but then realized he was probably going home Thurs so he decided to stay until then so he could get his stipend! The end!" Conversation stops.

02:32AM BBT Dan and Dani chatting in the WA. Dani says Dan spends a lot of time with Ian. Dan says they played pool tonight and he won. Dani says he watched the badminton game the whole time they were playing. In the KT Joe, Shane and Brit are standing/leaning/sitting around the counter discussing the Pandora's box from Brit's season.

02:44AM BBT Brit, Shane and Joe in the kitchen, Brit explaining America's Player to Joe. Dan and Dani on the lounger in the WA. Dan apparently telling Dani that the fans of the show probably hate Dani for helping evict Jani. Dani says he neglected to mention that before. Dani says the whole country hates her. Dan says of the 8 million people that watch the show maybe 1 million people hate her.

02:55AM BBT Dan and Dani's chat is typical Dan and Dani chats. Dan says something. Dani playfully takes offense to it. Dan throws out a website excuse.com. Dani giggles and the topic changes. Brit heads into the WA to brush her teeth. Joe and Shane follow to talk to Dan and Dani to see where their brain is at. Joe campaigning to Dan, throwing Wil under the bus by telling Dan it was Wil's idea to go talk to Shane and Boogie about putting Dan. Joe says he just wants let Dan know what kind of man he is. Dan asking Joe what kind of assurance Joe can offer him. Laughter can be heard and Dani says she hears laughter behind the wall. Joe tells Dan that if he votes to keep him this week that Joe promises to not come after him or backdoor him (without specifying a length of time). Dan appreciates Joe coming to him to talk game to him. Dan says it's been a long time since they talked game and he likes it when HGs come and talk game.

03:03AM BBT Joe talks about a DR and we get extended FoTH. Feeds back and Brit asks Joe if he knows what could have helped him this week during this difficult time in his BB life? "There's this book by world reknown author Dan Gheesling...it's called Punch It In: 24 days to Crossing Your Goal-Line". It's e-book only.

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03:07AM BBT For those of you just joining us: Brit, Shane, Joe, and Dani are all sitting in the lounger chatting about random topics. Dan would like to coach his kids (vs someone else coaching them), Dani wants 4 kids but thinking about 4 kids does make her nervous. Brit asks Dan's wife Chelsea's family.

03:18AM BBT Due to technical issues the picture from earlier didn't display properly...while there is a lull in chat I thought I'd try this again. This is Ash trying to make the fish better while whispering "Please don't die. Please don't die." http://bit.ly/Pm39qu

03:19AM BBT Joe discussing his blended family with Brit, Dan, Dani, and Shane. Intermittent FoTH.

03:27AM BBT Brit says her letter was nice and she's ready for another. Joe says he wishes he had a letter. He says he'd do 24 hours confinement for a couple minute phone call to his wife. They discuss how hard it is to be separated from their families. Brit says it's probably easier on the family members because they can turn on the feeds and see them anytime. Ash walks in to use the WC, her eye mask on her forehead.

03:36AM BBT Intermittent FoTH - Did not see when Ash exited the WC or hear if there was a conversation afterward. Shane says there is a skunk smell outside. WA crew finally heading to bed. Brit calls Dan out for pissing on the seat. Dan claims innocence.

03:38AM BBT Dan heads into SBR while HNRs head into their room. You can distinctly hear Brit and Joe talking loudly and Wil grumbling.

03:42AM BBT HNR still being very loud. All 4 cams show darkened rooms. Bump in the wall can be heard. Brit says someone on the camera must've fell. Brit says can you imagine being a cameraman at night in this joint because they video tape us sleeping! Brit thinks they use cell phones to entertain themselves. Dani disagrees because it has to stay dark in the back.

03:45AM BBT With the production talk we get extended FoTH. We come back to the HNR crew talking about all the different kinds of foods they miss the most.

03:52AM BBT Brief FoTH and Wil is up making tea it seems the HNR has woken Wil up again for the second night in a row with their giggling and chatting in the wee hours of the morning.

03:55AM BBT Wil takes his cup of tea outside and sits on the loungers alone. HNR still going strong laughing and hitting an assortment of topics.

04:04AM BBT Wil takes a seat beside the HT and begins to tie his hair up. Conversation turns to Brit's season and Enzo in the penguin outfit. Dani begins giggling hysterically. http://bit.ly/Pmeerx

04:10AM BBT Brit and Dani leading the NHR chat fest. The voices and laughter can be heard on the MBR cameras/mics. Will is still sitting with his feet in the tub. Talk in the HNR turns to Zingbot. Brit and Dani say Dani's Zing wasn't funny. Brit says Zingbot had a heat stroke so the joke was on him.

04:18AM BBT Dani and Brit roll over to go to sleep and Dani gripes that BB won't play a song by Brian Adams. Dani says Wizard J told her that they and country music don't mix. More FoTH.

04:20AM BBT Correction! Dani wants to hear Drunk on you by Luke Bryan.

04:21AM BBT Now Brit calling BB out saying they should better not waste a good Eminem song tomorrow. "Just play that regular junk that you normally do." Joe grumbles that they should play something country and sings "Something about a truck..." and we get FoTH.

04:23AM BBT Dani says is it weird that people are watching us try and sleep right now. Brit says they're not watching this crap. (Unfortunately...some of us are... - Niteslacker)

04:26AM BBT HNR is finally silent. Wil heads in from BY and goes to WC. Wil stops and washes his hands (unlike a certain cook that skips the hand washing procedure at night) and heads back into the MBR to crawl into bed.

04:29AM BBT All four feeds now display darkened rooms with horizontal HGs. (That's it for me as well everyone we'll be back later when the HGs awaken for "Wacky Wednesday" as they call it. - Niteslacker)

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8:30am bbt Boogie is the first/only one up this morning. He is in the WCA putting drops in his ear, then lays down, eventually nodding back off to sleep. [He has told others he has had 5-6 ear infections in his lifetime, but 3 have been from each season he has been in the BB house, all due to comps. The last two seasons he played involved sticking his head in oatmeal, and this week he was submerged in lime-ade].

9:00am bbt Boogie has his iced coffee and heads to patio for his morning monologue. Shout outs and ear update, it's still throbing. He apologizes for the boring week as far as game play. He does expect it to gear up soon, fast forward and trimming the fat. He wants it on the record, 2 gone by Sunday night, first jury member will be a week from tomorrow. Then admits he could be wrong.

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9:02 AM BBT Boogie talking to use in feed land. Wonders how Frank's date with Ash went.

Boogie still only one awake - heads outside again to do morning exercising.

9:32 AM BBT Boogie still the only one up - he is exercising in the BY. All other HG still dreaming of winning BB.

9:38 AM BBT We get FOTH - maybe a wake up call?

9:39 AM BBT We are back and only Boogie exercising - no movement from anyone else.

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9:44 AM BBT Boogie lowers the awnings outside. Ash is up and heads to the WC. Boogie now folding towels on the pool table. Ash out of the WC and rinses her hands quickly (no need for soap this morning I guess) and wanders to the KT. Ash downing a glass of water and Boogie comes in and says good morning. Ash wanders back to bed.

9:49 AM BBT Boogie gets something out of the MBR and Ash asks him if he is better today. Boogie says a little bit. Boogie is gathering dirty clothes/towels and puts them in the washer. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he adds his current shorts to the mix. He then heads to the shower.

9:57 AM BBT Boogie is done in the shower and the remaining HG are still in zzzzzz-land.

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10:00 AM BBT We have FOTH again - only Boogie is up and just walking around - may be the wake up call this time since it is 10 AM in the BB house.

10:16 AM BBT We are back - it was the wake up call. Frank in BY with Boogie. Sounds like they are talking about Ash and Wil. Boogie says Wil to much and has to go. Frank filling him in on the date. Talking about the fish dying. He tells Boogie that they made out on the couch. Boogie asks him if he wanted to push it to see how far it would go. Frank says he got a butt grab. Says he suggested that she come back later. Wil up doing ADLs.

10:21 AM BBT Boogie/Frank talking. Frank says if Ash wins HOH - she will most likely put up Shane. Boogie asks if she would put up Brit. Boogie says he would love to dump an HOH on Ash. Now mocking how Ash would sound if she won.

Boogie/Frank/Wil in BY talking about the wake-up songs. Wil knew the second song. Feeds on HN room - all HG on the floor sleeping.

10:34 AM BBT Ash up doing ADLs. Gen chit chat in the BY between Wil/Frank and Boogie.

10:46 AM BBT All 4 feeds on Joe doing ADLs. He goes into the WC while Ash puts on make-up. Joe is out and bypasses the sink and soap. He heads to the kitchen. We now have 4 feeds on Ash doing make-up.

10:51 AM BBT All 4 feeds on HN room. Dani and Brit still snoozing.

We have a feed on BY and Frank is talking about the fish and we get FOTH. Ash sitting next to Frank.

10:58 AM BBT Nothing exciting going on in the house. We now have all 4 feeds on Wil doing ADLs.

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11:01am Frank , Joe,Ash and boogie on by couch talking about being hungey and losing weight.Frank says cod gets boring after awhile joe says it is just so bland is why.

11:17am Ian up and heading in the by now . Dan up going to the wc. ian goes out and asked ash whats been going on. ash says not a damn thing . Frank says the temp has gotten a little hotter in the last 30 minutes. wil says yeah i am going in i have had enough Joe tells him the bags are in the storage and wil says oh i caNT wait to see my bag and heads inside.

11:22am Dan and Frank in sbr Dan asking frank how his date went lastnight with ash Frank says it went good except the fish dying killing the mood.

11:25am Ian and Ash in by Ian asking ash if she is going to try for hoh this week? Ash says hell yeah i want pictures and snacks and a letter and masscarra and lipstick and baby powder. ash says i know you want it this week too. ian says i just want saftly this week i dont giove a shit about the pictures though i know what my family looks like.Ash says me too but i want to see my pictures.

11:41pm Frank,Wil and Joe in kt talking about making cheesecakes. Boogie,Ash and Ian in by Ian telling about the veto comp that Libra took michelles trip from her and gave her the unitard .

11:52am ian says eagle eyes (joe) is kinda like chicken george but a little more slick. he says Joe is a good guy he is just sneaky. boogie says wil is an athlete and i am guessing thats where we are going with this one? boogie says yeah wil's attitude has gotten bad so he has to go home Ian says yeah nasty nasty.Joe walks outside and boogie changes the subject.

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12:02pm : Ash and Wil in kt Ash just figured out that Frank is playing Boogies game. Boogie walks in to get water and talk stops.Joe and ian still in by general talk about LA weather.

12:19pm Ash cleaning kt her and Wil talking about movies. Ian and Boogie in by general talk.

12:32pm Jenn is now up in kt talking about hair extentions to wil.dani now up in by talking to Ian about if he thinks tomorrow will be a double eviction ian says yeah i think it might be.

12:37pm Frank and dani doing laundry Frank says he had to do laundry he is down to his last pair of boxer briefs. Frank says man it is hot out here dani says yeah i dont even know if i want to lay out today its so hot.

12:43pm Ian walks through kt going out to the by Joe says Ian just floats through this house he is so light on his toes ash says he is light on his toes. Ian now out in by sitting in hammock rocking and putting on sunscreen.

12: 44pm Ian gets off hammock and walks out to camera in the middle of the yard. hg in kt says he is trying to get the camera to follow him joe says he is looking for a mic and we get foth

12:46pm Joe says live feeders its day 40 and gives shout out to his wife and kids.

12:54pm Frank and dani in hoh looking at the dead fish dani saying awwwwww. Dani says i am so bored and l;ays on hoh couch.

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1:08 PM BBT In the KT Shane/Joe/Wil and Jenn talking about a possibility of a larger jury this year. In HOH Dani and Frank talking about the patio furniture and how awful it is.

Ian is rocking on the hammock. Gen chit chat in the KT.

1:17 PM BBT Ash getting ready to go out to the pool. Wil and Ian talking outside about Ian's vote. Ian telling him that he will give him a heads up tomorrow.

1:23 PM BBT Brit joins Shane and Dani on the WA couch and asks Shane how the dead fish are. Ian still rocking outside.

Brit complaining about the wake up songs this morning. It was Cher (Do You Believe In Love) which Brit says was a horrible song and Mika. Now talking about the Disney Resort Aulani in Hawaii.

1:30 PM BBT Brit talking about getting her job again. Says that as a coach she didn't have to go to jury and now she does. Says that's one of the reasons she hated the twist.

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1:36 PM BBT Brit/Shane/Dani talk about cars and what Brit would do with the money is she won. Wants to get her hubby a nice car.

1:44 PM BBT Brit tells Shane that Dani is so concerned how she is being portrayed (Dani is right there)

1:48 PM BBT Ash in the pool. Wil walking laps. Ian still rocking on the hammock.

il using his "Craig" voice. Giving a speech on thanking the ladies. Says Craig may need to make a final appearance tonight.

1:57 PM BBT No talking outside. Ian still rocking - Jenn in the pool - Joe lying out and Wil walking laps.

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2:00 PM BBT Ash telling Frank that she told everyone what happened last night. Frank says that he now looks like a liar because he was being a gentleman and told everyone nothing happened.

Ian has gone inside. Frank is now exercising in the BY. All 4 feeds on the BY and no talking going on.

2:06 PM BBT Brit asks Shane if anyone has tried to game talk him. Shane says not today.

2:12 PM BBT Brit talking about how her hubby must be stressed out trying to make the plans for them after the show. Explains what they will do in Vegas.

2:20 PM BBT Dani sunning and Will still doing laps.

2:25 PM BBT Brit tells Shane that in her season she won HOH for her birthday. She says she doesn't know if she will win tomorrow or on her birthday.

Brit talking about the teams being stacked last week for HN and we get FOTH and when we come back - all feeds off of Brit.

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2:37 PM BBT In the BY Dani telling the HG about her 21 year old brother and that he is girl crazy. In the WA Brit and Dan talk about Brit buying her house and who has the mtg.

Jenn talking about going to a female strip club in Vegas. Ash says she would rather go to a female one then a male one. Jenn says they will go to Cheetah's

2:50 PM BBT Brit telling Dan about the enlarged photos she had done from her wedding and of her and her hubby. On is about the size of 1/2 the bathroom door.

Brit just ordered a 24x36 photo from their wedding. She says it will be even bigger with the frame. She also ordered a 16x20 of their first dance from above and then the same one from the HOH room - it's bigger then 16x20.

5:56 PM BBT Frank and Wil walking and talking about Frank's tenants. Said he has someone watching his place. They are talking about the area he lives in.

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3:01PM BBT - Dan and Brit talking about her writing a book. Maybe an ebook, a coffee table book or even a book about dating. Brit asks Ian what time it is, then says one more hour until she can go outside.

Frank and Wil done walking laps, come inside. Dan grabs a basket of apples and heads to the pool. The HG's start singing and BB: "Please stop singing."

Wil asks Frank what he is planning to do in the case of a tie. Frank says he doesn't want to be the final nail in anyone's coffin.

3:06 PMBBT - Brit asks Frank how his date with Ashley was last night. Frank says don't ask about answers she already knows. Brit says she asked Ashley's opinion but it takes 2 to tango. Frank essentially says he doesn't kiss and tell.

Frank is swearing a blue streak about something in the kitchen that went wrong when trying to make a protein shake. Joe comes in and helps Frank, who then turns on Britney for not seeing the protein shaker he asked her for originally.

3:08PM BBT - Boogie and Ian on the couches in the BY. Ian says now that Janelle isn't there, the alcohol isn't being fought over as much. There is more to share. Same with some bags of chip mate cookies. Boogie says she ate a lot of garbage each day. Ian remembers she was never a HN.

In the KT, Britney is telling Joe he's dead to her because he keeps making food she can't eat as a HN. Avocado cheesecake, oatmeal cookies and he's about to make cheese biscuits. She says he might be getting votes from the have's, but is losing them from the have not's.

3:13PM BBT - Boogie wouldn't be surprised if Jenn never won an HOH. They think this week's conversation will be either multiple choice or true/false. Ashley really wants to win HOH for the snacks. Both guys chuckle. Ian doesn't care about snacks or letters or all the benefits, he just wants to know that he isn't going anywhere. Guaranteed extra 5K for Ian, and he can spend a few months with his family.

3:18PM BBT - All 4 feeds on Wil, Joe and Brit in the kitchen. Wil is giving Brit a recipe for something (didn't catch what). Britney says "One month until I start baby making again." Wil asks if she is excited about babymaking and Brit says yes.

3:22PM BBT - Camera in the BY goes back onto the couches. Boogie and Ian are talking about who might be next week's HOH. Ian tells Boogie if Joe got HOH, he'd put up Jenn and Ashley. Those are the two people most likely to vote against him next week and therefore are the people "coming after him." At least those are the two people least likely to win a competition, Boogie says.

Ashley and Dan head to the couches. She asks Boogie if he will be in Vegas, and he will "see how things go".

3:24PM BBT - In the KT, Wil is breading some chicken to fry. He is using crushed chips in place of breadcrumbs. Joe is eating some cod. Jenn and Boogie are also moving about the kitchen. Wil & Brit begin talking about her house and its layout and colors.

3:31PM BBT - Just general chit chat in both the back yard and the kitchen. Ian is going over season 10 of BB with Dan/Boogie. He's telling Dan who voted for who each week to be evicted, and production didn't like that. Dan didn't know some of the people who voted for who each week. Dan tells Ian that Libra was very smart, even if Ian didn't care for her. Ian says she never felt remorse for anything she ever did.

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3:36PM BBT - Dan remembers when Boogie came on for the "In the News" competition, how he told Dan to keep fighting and Dan thought Boogie meant for the house to keep fighting. Ian points out that Dan's season had a lot of fighting in it. Ashley comes outside, and Ian begins his run down of season 10 from start to finish.

Still general chit chat going on in the KT.

3:55PM BBT - Ian is still running down week to week of season 10 in the BY for Boogie, Dan and Ashley. General chit chat in the KT with Jenn, Wil, Joe and Frank who are cooking, eating and cleaning.

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4:14 PM BBT

I would really have liked a little detour to the Mike Boogie appearance in this recap." Mike says to Ian as he recaps season 10.

Ian says that his visual memory is pretty good - he just sees stuff all together and that's how he remembers it.

Ashley was just called to the DR.

Inside in the KT Frank and Joe slicing and dicing up some food. Shane eating out of a bowl at the counter.

Outside Britney says what we were all thinking (as Ian tells her he's going to recap season 12 next) "Our after dark must have been really boring since all we did was play pool." Britney asks Ian to tell her some details she didn't know about.

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4:26 PM BBT

Frank grabs some ice out of the freezer and pours himself some grape juice.

Frank and Joe discussing when lock down is going to happen and how long they think it will be. 2 HOH's maybe?

Outside Britney had refused to come in unless someone could tell her how long the lock down was going to be.

4:32 PM BBT

Joe opens the patio door and we hear everyone outside yelling "Double evict! Double evict!"

Frank is having a conversation with his dinner:"Cook Zucchini Cook"

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4:47 PM BBT

Ian walks into the HN room and makes a goofy face at the camera. He's getting new shades they are green. As he comes back outside, whistling, Dan tells him they look like they came from a cracker jack box. Britney asks him if he even looked in the mirror.

Danielle sucks up to the coaches and says they were all invited back because they were all "SOOO Entertaining."

Britney telling us how exciting it was to have a Rachel Reilly in the house. Everyone wanted to watch her get ready for comps there'd be yelling, screaming, tears, running into the KT for wine, hiding wine. It was crazy!

4:52 PM BBT

The group is hypothesizing that they are far more entertaining than season 13. They HAVE to be better than Season 13.

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5:02 PM BBT

HGS now on Indoor Lock Down. Britney reliving her season. Wil in WA talking to Jenn saying that 'she' is cranky. Jenn is going to out on a new shirt and an new attitude and go have at it.

5:06 PM BBT

HGs now on Indoor Lock Down. Lots of chat. Up in HOH Mike & Frank discuss how they have to play J up. They have to tell her that they know she will probably vote to keep Wil but she should look out for herself and not do that. She should be aware that if it's a double eviction it will be quick and a vote like that could be dangerous.

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