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8/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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5:13 PM BBT

Jenn doing the run down of Wil and Joe. Wil got himself in trouble with the fib. Joe will pretty much do whatever they tell him to do.

Mike says he likes Wil way better than Joe, Joe is so annoying but Wil's behaviour this week is somewhat quizzical in that it seems like he has a lot of quit in him. Jenn agrees and says she tried to get Wil up and playing badminton, they didn't hire them to sit around and be boring. "Exactly" says Frank "they hired us, this is a job this summer. How you act in his position says a lot about you." Mike says that Wil dug himself into a hole this week.

Jenn says she will sleep really hard on it. Danielle is also on the fence.

They all agree that Joe has done a great job this week, everyone thought he was going to implode but he didn't - he's just been hanging out and really playing it right.

Jenn says she thinks it could a tie breaker this week. She says that Wil knows he's a bigger threat than Joe. Wil is having anxiety attacks and Jenn is trying to get him to go be exciting fun Wil - to go get people's sympathies, tell them what's going on.

5:21 PM BBT

Jenn admits she'd put Britney up. She gives it up that she finds Britney super negative - and so does Danielle.

In the lounge Britney and Wil are having a heart to heart. She thought he was about to win the POV, he was examining everything. Wil admits to having missed a critical piece of the lane. Britney admits that she was helping Shane as much as she could.

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5:34 PM BBT

Britney telling Wil how "this house gets the best of me" I'm usually a pretty happy person but in here all I do is gripe about everything.

Wil says he didn't like lying to Janelle - he doesn't like to talk about his relationships and stuff in the house either. Britney reminds us that she was very upset that WHOLE day.

Back up in HOH Jenn still avoids committing to a vote answer Wil vs Joe. She's throwing around a lot of support for Wil despite saying he's a bigger threat.

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5:53 PM BBT

Joe telling Shane about his earlier conversation with Frank. Shane is sure that they will call him aside for a talk at some point soon. They are trying to nap on the Have Not floor, sounds like BB put the AC on for them. We have an image of a black dog tag with "Joe" written on it hanging over Joe's head. Then we get WBRB.

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6:05PM BBT - Boogie and Frank in HOH room. Boogie saying he wants to have one more talk with Jenn and basically tell her what they're doing without actually spelling it out so she'll feel on the inside. She can't honestly think Boogie would vote to keep Wil, Boogie says. Boogie thinks Ian as HOH would be a nightmare, and he'd make himself more of a target. He's like Nutty Professor Jr and should stay that way.

Jenn and Ashley would likely take a shot at Brit and Jenn. Frank could use the fact that he made out with Ashley last night if she won HOH and spend a lot of time upstairs influencing him.

6:08PM BBT - Dan and Wil in the arcade room. Wil is campaigning, saying he & Ashley are looking for a side to settle on. Wil doesn't think it looks good for him. He thinks he has Ashley and Jenn's votes, that's it. He doesn't think Frank would keep him if it was a tie. Wil tells Dan how he & Ash went up to HOH on Sunday evening to clear the air and to tell him about how he suggested the big move. He lies to Dan, telling him that it was Frank who first suggested Dan (in reality, it was Ash).

Brit brings a key into the arcade room, trying to break into the egg game in the room. She has a key she found in the DR; Wil tells her it belongs to the robot. Brit tries the keys in the robots and finds the one that fits the key.

Brit brings up production and WBRB.

6:14PM BBT - Brit has left the arcade room and Dan/Wil are back to chatting. Wil is back to campaigning for Dan's vote, saying he will not hold it against him if he doesn't have his vote. He wants everyone to play their own game though, even if he leaves tomorrow night.

6:17PM BBT - In HOH, Boogie and Frank are discussing the other HG's. Boogie says Wil is very evasive about his job, but they think it's because he doesn't do much. His parents must have a lot of dough. Frank and Boogie dream about the different ways to get Brit and Shane out of the game.

6:19PM BBT - Wil does not feel like getting crafty or dirty; he wants his integrity back.

6:22PM - Wil is now campaigning with Dani in the arcade room. Dani really wants Wil to stay. Brit gave Wil the idea that Wil was the one leaving. Dani says if she was playing strategically, she'd vote to evict Wil because he is a bigger threat. That's why she won POV last week, Dani tells Wil. She could've settled for the maui trip or $5,000 but she took the POV to take Wil off.

Wil doesn't want to go to jury. Dani says she honestly doesn't know what to do, but she'll probably side with Dan. She doesn't know what Shane is thinking. She has talked very little to Shane so he has no room to hurt her feelings.


6:32PM BBT - Dan has joined the HOH room. They are contemplating who knows what in the house, especially keeping their Silent Six alliance a big secret. Boogie says they haven't had to meet as a group or talk a lot so they don't think anyone is suspicious. Dan asks if Frank built any bridges on his date night. Frank confirms that Wil has been spreading 'conspiracy theories' about different alliances in the house, but Ashley didn't believe him. Boogie asks Dan if he's done "Shhhh" in the DR, and Dan says no. Frank starts talking about production and...

You guessed it - WBRB.

6:35PM BBT - Boogie hates ILD. The HOH room speculates on tomorrow being a Fast Forward/Double Eviction. Joe and Ashley are the obvious nominations if anyone in their alliance wins HOH. If Joe wins POV.... they trail off to think. It might be better to get someone out as a blindside quickly than over the course of a week. Shane is the obvious choice, and they discuss how to get it past Brit without Brit losing it.

Boogie says if they are still on LD tomorrow at 4pm, he thinks it is either endurance or FF/DE. They say it likely won't be a FF/DE because they will be unable to pull names fo the veto competition with 10 players, unless they do it during a commercial break.

Dan really wants to see a picture of his wife after his bad dream the other night. It's weird because the last season, he didn't care so much.

6:43PM BBT - Back in the arcade room, it sounds as though the same conversation is happening as earlier. Dani points out that Wil is not coming after her, something else she has to consider stategically. Wil says if he stays, he will be up on the block again. Wil says he feels being put up was a plan to get him out all along. "Paybacks a bitch", Wil says.

Dani says she is scared of 'them' and prays she wins HOH this week. Dani says she didn't get to play in the HOH that Frank won, nor the veto this past week that Frank won. So she doesn't know if she is a stronger player than him. Wil reassures her, and then tells her you don't know what's going to happen in this game. It's not going to be the end of the world if he walks out the door, Wil says. Dani will be upset if that happens. Wil says he & Dani are not playing personally. If Dani was up against Ashley, he'd vote to keep Ashley because she's his alliance. Dani likes it better when she doesn't have a vote.

Wil brings up Chicken George, Dani has no idea cause she never watched. Wil says he doesn't either, someone else brought it up and they both laugh.

Danielle promises to tell Wil in the morning where her vote is going. Joe ticked Frank off today, so maybe that will encourage Frank to remove him.


6:50PM BBT - In the HOH room, talk has turned to general chit chat.

Wil tells Dani that Ashley and Jenn want to work with her because they believe it's going to come down to a guy/girl thing and they know she is strong. Dani seemed touched by this, and says they have never told her that before. Wil does admit that Jenn could be fooling them. Dani didn't know how Ashley felt towards her, and she feels bad because she (Dani) hasn't been the friendliest.

WBRB - someone in the HOH room has to be talking about something not allowed.

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7:05PM BBT: Danielle and Ian are in the bathroom cleaning the mirrors. Wil, Frank, Dan and Boogie are in the HoH room. Dan leaves, and once the door closes Wil says that "Things aren't looking too hot for me down there. Boogie says that his vote is still 50/50. Frank joins in and says that the vibe downstairs is 50/50 and up in the air. Boogie asks Wil: "on a scale of 1-10, how bad do you want to stay here?" Wil avoids the question and says that it's been a sucky week, and that Ashley isn't a huge motivator, but he wants to stay. Wil says that he has outperformed Joe mentally and physically in competitions, even though they haven't won a thing.

7:13PM BBT: Boogie asks Wil if he's considered telling people what they want to hear in order to get their vote, and Wil says that he came here to play a clean game, and doesn't want to do that. Wil says that if the votes come down to a tie, he doesn't want one person to decide his fate in the BB house. Boogie's advice is to stay up tonight, and talk to people and he could get a vote out of it.

7:19PM BBT: Immediately after Wil leaves the HoH room, Frank tells Boogie to wash his hands. Boogie is confused, and Frank tells him that Wil digged at his feet for their entire conversation, then they mention that Joe does it too. Frank says that that was why he went in for a hug instead of a handshake.

7:22PM BBT: Frank and Boogie watching the spy cam, and mention that Ian picks at his feet too and hopes that whatever he is eating from is empty after he's done with it. Boogie says that Wil is a good guy, but he's been really negative lately.

7:29PM BBT: Wil in the arcade room talking to Shane. Wil says that he is in a win-win situation. If he goes home, he has a wonderful life to go home to, and if he stays he's going to fight it out. Wil repeats that this week has been sucky because Ashley and him are on their own with no one to talk to. Shane says that keeping Wil would be a good thing for his game. Wil says that Britney was being vague with him, but Danielle is on his side. Shane says he's telling Joe what he wants to hear, but hasn't decided his vote yet. He says he needs to talk to Britney and Danielle first. Wil says he doesn't want a 4-4 tie, and it'd be salt on a wound if Frank sent him home. He wants either 5 or 3 votes.

7:34PM BBT: Wil says that he'd love it if Shane could tell him before the live eviction if he's going home or not, even if he says quietly 'I'm sorry". Wil says he respects his decision. Wil just doesn't want to be unprepared and go out to Julie Chen with tears in his eyes. Wil says he came in to play a clean game and to make smart, big moves.

7:36PM BBT: Jenn, Wil, Dan, Danielle are now in the LR playing the 'This or That' game. Shane, Ian, and Frank are in the kitchen getting snacks and drinks and general chitchat.

7:43PM BBT: Wil and Jenn are now in the arcade room. Wil is rehashing his conversation with Shane. Wil doesn't want to stay for a pity party, he wants to stay because people want to work with him. Jenn thinks that tomorrow night might be a double eviction.

7:47PM BBT: Boogie, Frank, Ian and Dan in the LR counting out candies to play poker with.

7:58PM BBT: Britney, Boogie and Danielle in the kitchen. Boogie says he's going to make cod. He doesn't know how he's going to serve it, but thats what he's going to make. Danielle is doing some dishes, and Britney is making something in a pot on the stove. Sounds like the poker game is underway, because I heard some yelling coming from the LR when the feeds are on the kitchen.

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20:00 BBT

Wil and Jenn in the Arcade Room discussing life. Wil says he's homesick and almost wishes he could just go home tomorrow. He's stressed out and can't wait to be off the block.

Houseguests are in the KT counting out jelly beans & candy canes. Looks like they're divvying up to play poker again. Brit and Dani head off to sit in the recently vacated Arcade Room; they immediately begin Shane-bashing.

Brit and Danielle discussing slop in the Arcade Room. Shane, Ian, and Joe head up to the HOH to play poker. Ian points out where the door to Pandora's Box is & Joe tries to open it.

Ashley tells Brit and Dani that she has a date with Ian tonight. Brit asks her if it's a date date or a group date. Ash says it's a group date… her, Ian, Dan, and Shane are going to play soccer. Brit just kind of stares at her like she doesn't know what to say, & finally says, "Um.. wow… two dates in one week!" Ash says, "Yeah I know, I'm such a slut!"

20:17 BBT

Dani and Brit wrestling and laughing in the hallway by the KT. Dani is totally winning. {Poor little Brittany never had a chance!}

Brit & Dani join Shane, Frank, Dan, Joe, & Ian in the HOH around the poker table. Brit is concerned b/c Ted the bear is being used as a door stopper. Frank says, "Well… he's not the door stopper so much as he's… the door man!" Brit says, "Oh! Gotcha!"

Ash watching the HOH poker game. General chit-chat ensues. Jenn cooking herself dinner in the KT w/ random commentary from Wil in the background.

Ian is eliminated from the poker game pretty early on so he goes downstairs to cook him a cheese pizza. He's whistling while he does this and BB eventually yells at him, "Please! Stop! Whistling!" Jenn says, "Ooh! That's a new one! I didn't even realize you were whistling!" Ian says, "Sorry, BB!"

Ash and Frank are chilling on the HOH bed, watching the poker game. Ian comes upstairs and sits right by Ash… who's somewhat ignoring him. Hmmm…

20:49 BBT

Boogie gets out of the DR and joins the poker game. Brit is out of the game so goes downstairs to the KT with Wil and Jenn. Wil says he has the Katy Perry song, "Last Friday Night" stuck in his head. Ash joins them - convo turns to Katy's divorce and we get FOTH.

Wil, Jenn, Ian, Frank, and Ash in the KT cooking & eating. Everyone else upstairs playing poker in the HOH.

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