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8/11 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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22:14PM BBT In the BY Shane is leading a workout session with Wil, Jen and Boogie. In the WA Brit is chatting with Ash about an assortment of topics including favorite foods and things to do outside the house. Dan and Frank wander in joining the convo.

22:19PM BBT Talk turns to TVs in the bedroom. Brit says her TV comes on in her room about once a week. Ian stops in briefly saying he remembers reading an article that TVs in the bedroom are bad because you need your body to associate the bedroom with one thing. The other HGs correct him saying your bedroom should be associated with 2 things and have a good laugh. Ian chuckles nervously, nodding. WA now has 2 conversations going. Ash and Brit talking about how emergency release levers in the trunk. Brit explaining why they're so important. Frank talking to Dan about a show but between the four voices its hard to follow.

22:22PM BBT Workout continues in the BY. Ian now sitting on the edge of the hammock watching Wil, Shane, Boogie, and Jen workout. Joe comes out and Boogie asks about dinner, Joe says he put it up but says he could chop some of it up and add it to a salad tomorrow. Just as I flip away to check the feeds in the WA Shane does an impressive jump to his feet from his back.

22:27PM BBT Dan asks Frank how much longer he has to go in the Spiritard, Frank says he has about an hour to go. He plans on doing a final cheer in it before taking it off. Brit continues to talk to Ash over Frank and Dan's conversation as they talk to each other. Dan asks about someone that Frank is close with and if he'll be coming to CA for the finale. Frank isn't sure. Dan asks how old he is and Frank says 19. Brief FoTH. Feeds back and Frank says this person is dyslexic and school is very hard.

22:31PM BBT Workout continues in the BY. Current participants are Shane doing bicycle kicks (while laying on his back.) Joe and Jen lifting weights. Wil running laps and Boogie running in place, and Ian sitting on the edge of the hammock, swinging as he watches everyone.

22:35PM BBT Ash and Brit and Frank and Dan continue to have 2 separate conversations on the lounger. Brit asks Ash if she carries mace. Ash says she does. Brit recommends h see if it's legal to carry a tazer. Ash says if it's not then the person you are defending yourself from can get you for assault if you're not careful. Ash is surprised. Brit says OK is an open carry state. "I can just roll up to a Wal-Mart carrying a gun in the open."

22:40PM BBT Brit gets up to get herself a refill on her drink. Frank now discussing someone (Nana?) that helps supply the food that goes into dog food. Brit returns with Frank's drink and her own. Frank called to the DR. Dani comes out of the WC. Dan says he and Ian needs to work out with Ian. Ash likes when Dan and Ian works out. Dan is very inspiring. Brit asks Dani what she does if she gets locked in a trunk that doesn't have an emergency release lever. Dani says kick and scream. Brit says she fails. You kick out the tailights and try to stick your arm out to signal that you need help. Dani begins singing and we get FoTH.

22:42PM BBT Workout continues in the BY. Joe walking laps. Ian and Dan jogging laps. Jen lifting weights. Wil doing crunches. Intermittent FoTH.

22:49PM BBT Meanwhile back in the WA conversation is on who is using a band aid and not putting them in the trashcan. Brit asks Boogie what he does if he's trapped in the trunk of a vehicle. Brit says she knows lots of survival strategies. Boogie sitting in WA chatting with the girls while Shane showers. Brit says most guys can't handle rejection by a woman and resorts to calling them names and refusing to chat after. Talk turns to how awkward it is when the girls are out and guys buy a drink and then you feel obligated to talk with them or they think they own your attention for the night. Boogie says that's what happens when you're a beautiful girl. Ash says that's why she has her token bitch friend with her because she can handle those situations.

22:51PM BBT Jen walks into the WA and gathers up a majority of the towels to take them out to the wash. Everyone thanks her. Wil wanders into the WA. Shane turns off the shower. Talk to turns to Ash's bitchy friend and we get FoTH.

22:54PM BBT In the BY Dan and Ian continue to run laps around. Joe walking the laps. In the WA Boogie says the problem with late work outs is the excess energy you have afterwards. Brit says she's going to bed about midnight in her HNR. Dani says "Look at it this way, one day down!" Ash says it's nice being positive. Brit says she likes being negative. Boogie says being negative is how she got on the show "that's an awesome story" and we get FoTH.

22:58PM BBT After an extended (2 min) FoTH feeds are back and the conversation are on previous competitions. Another round of FoTH.

23:01PM BBT Feeds are back and Dani is doing the cheer that Frank is going to be doing during the removal of his Spiritard. Frank comes out of the WC. Shane compliments her. Dani says she and Brit came up with it earlier.

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11:14 pm BBT Wil checks for booze in the SR on his way back to the HT he asks if Frank is out of his unitard, Frank gets excited but then Wil looks at the clock and says oh no one more hr sorry.

11:19 pm BBT HT crew recapping todays comp while WCA crew is speculating about veto

11:28 pm BBT Wil and Ash move to MBR where Wil says he is his only hope for POV. Ash says what about me? Wil says i cant ask you to do that with how youre feeling. She says what if its the counting one? Wil thinks about it and says he wont risk it. We get Foth

11:43 pm BBT Ash assuring Wil he has her vote she says coming in with Jani as their coach put a damper on things because Jani came in with this huge....Foth... We have been getting Foth off and on about every minute or so for the last 10 min

11:59 pm BBT Boogie and Frank in arcade room going over what Boogie and Wil discussed. Boogie says he told Wil that he and Frank are a duo among a lot of duos in the house. He continues by saying Franks hoh is Boogies hoh. He says no one likes Joe so why are you worried? They agree Wil now has to go because at least Joe was loyal all the way to the end to Jani whereas they call Wil a liar. They plan to tell him to act dejected and dont stir the pot.

12:00 am BBT We get Fish while Frank gets out of his spiritard

12:05 am BBT Nvm we are back and Frank and Boogie are still game talking which Frank ends bacause he wants to be called to the DR and sure enough the second he walks out the DR calls him in.

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12:16 am BBT All HGs eating while waiting for Frank to exit the DR

12:27am BBT We come back from fish to Frank Taking his spiritard in from the BY he is soaked. Ash gets Called to DR and idle chit chat with rest of HGs at KT

12:34 am BBT Shane Dan Boogie and Joe talk about the girls that have left and the memory wall pictures. Thy said when Kara lays down her boobs stayed straight up and that Jani is on her third set of breasts. They say Jojo looks hot in her pic and Willie looks goofy.

12:45 am BBT Jenn is tweezing gray hairs out of Danis head and the Boys In the KT are just talking about music.

12:58 am BBT Shane and Brit are in HNR speculating about Ashs injury being real or not. Shane says if he wins hoh he is going to call her out. Brit is trying to Steer Shane towards looking at Bogie and Frank. She says why wait another week to let them turn on us. We should go after them. Shane says he wants to stay true to Frank because Frank stayed true to him this week. Brit says they could backdoor one of them or let one of the others do the dirty work and win the Hoh. They say if they backdoor Frank they have to be careful with word choice so they dont go back on any word they have given. they say good night and turn away from each other to sleep.

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01:08AM BBT Currently FoTH. All 4 feeds are back on Wil and Dani chatting about how Dani is being portrayed outside the house. Dani says ultimately it was a great strategic move for her. Wil tells her not to worry about it. Wil says he told someone that they can come and act like themselves but they may still be potrayed differently anyway. You can't worry about it.

01:15AM BBT Wil and Dani remain on all 4 feeds. Dani starts to tell Wil about her family. Dani says she has two family members with cystic fibrosis. It's not a mental disease, it's pulmonary. 2 feeds switch to Boogie and others in the LR but then we get FoTH again. Feeds back and Dani is explaining about how bad it is having CF. She's keeps naming her nieces and other family members we get more intermittent FoTH.

01:19AM BBT LR crew consists of Joe, Boogie, Ian, Frank and Dan. Boogie is telling a story about buying for sex somewhere and there was a mirror that went down the length of the wall. He says that he checked his form out in the mirror and after he walked up to the mirror and looked into and realized there were people watching. People apparently pay to watch. Boggie says he was 20 or so and it was a life a experience.

01:23AM BBT Back in the WA Wil and Dani continue to chat. Wil says at the age of 16 he dropped out of school and finished online. He went to Florida and started traveling with some music shows. Dani asks who. Wil isn't sure he can say and we get FoTH. Intermittent FoTH is making it difficult to follow the conversations. Boogie called to DR. Dani says she feels every person in the house is somebody. She swears Wil to secrecy and tells him that she did more than pageantry. She also did a Harley Davidson calendar. Wil asks if she was ever Miss Alabama. She said no, she said her best friend was.

01:27AM BBT Dani says she was going to be in a music video but there were contract issues and she was taken a week before shooting the music video was to begin. Dani begins to ask Wil what he thinks about someone and then we get FoTH. Dani says Frank is something. Wil questions it and shrugs. Dani says Ian is a genius. Wil disagrees saying Ian is just a super fan. Talk turns to Dani and her battle with anorexia.

01:30AM BBT Switch back to the LR and Ian is talking about classes starting soon. This was going to be his least technical semester. If he's not back before school starts the school will drop him. Ian says he switched into a class for Palmer Science (spelling?). The LR crew asks what it is and Ian says it has to do with long chains of carbon. It was going to be 1 night week for 3 hours. Boogie asks if he means Polymer Science. Ian says yeah (I heard Palmer all three times he said it! I couldn't help but laugh a bit!)

01:34AM BBT Back in the WA and will is telling Dani about how he tried out for American Idol. He said he made it through all the rounds right up until the judges and they shredded him. Dani asks if made it on TV, and Wil says it was only of his eyes crying which he's thankful for. Wil said he became stage shy but then finally he got into the comedy side of things and he just feels better about himself now. Wil says he knows he can sing. Dani says she likes to sing as well but she hates doing it in public. Joe walks through to use the WC. Wil gets up to go change his laundry. Feeds switch to him and Jen in the BY at the washer/drier. Jenn folding towels.

01:42AM BBT Wil tells Jen that the hug monster is gonna get her and gives her a hug, thanking her for being sweet tonight. Jen says no problem. Back in the LR Ian is fielding an assorted number of questions about his education/school. Ian telling a story about a teacher that was exceptionally tough. A large portion of the class failed a test. The professor refused to grade on a curve, however the professor offered to drop the previous test if everyone did better on the second test. Nobody did, he was exceptionally dissapointed with himself. The prof then said he'd drop the previous tests in the class was able to score well on the final. It was a 4 hour final. Ian said he spent the entire week studying for it and ended up getting a B on it. Dan says if this went down in May than Ian should have been knee deep in the BB process at that point. Ian agrees and we get intermittent FoTH.

01:47AM BBT Intermittent extended FoTH with Dan and Boogie asking questions. No idea what they're speaking about, assuming it's about his BB application/interview/sequester process. Dan asks Ian if he's the first person to bring Survivor buff in the house. Ian says he is but it's not an official Survivor buff, it's just a buff from the company.

01:50AM BBT Wil and Dani out in the BY on the loungers. Dani asking Wil about how someone really felt about her. Wil says 'she' asked why she (Dani) was even on this show. Wil says 'she' and it may have even been him mentioned the showmance side of it and he thinks folks seeking showmances should be on The Real World. He apologizes to Dani and we get FoTH.

01:56AM BBT All four feeds back on Wil and Dani in the BY (guess we know where the FoTH was coming from...) and BB calls Ian, Frank and Dan out for talking about production. Wil tells Dani that after this show she'll get offer to do things outside of the house. Dani asks what. Wil suggests modeling. Dani says she'd have to drop 15 lbs first, she doesn't want to count calories. Wil invites her to come to Louisville with his family because they can show her how to do it without counting calories. Dani thanks Wil for telling her that 'she' (Jani?) was talking about her. Wil says he's worried about the guys coming and trying to pick off the girls. Wil then drops the bombshell that he's scared of Dan from his season. He asks Dani if she ever watched it. She says she did and says 'touche'. Will says he struggled at first and then swooped in and won the whole thing. Dani doesn't think he's playing that way this season.

02:00AM BBT Shane comes out of the BY to ask Dani if she heard that they can lie the matts down (beside the bed?) and he says they are waking up Britt to tell her. Brief FoTH. Dani is thanking Wil once again for telling her and putting her mind at ease that Jani was in fact saying mean things about her. Dani, Ian and Frank come out to play pool. Ian says "I'm glad they honored that request, that was nice of them..." and we get FoTH.

02:02AM BBT Back on Dani and Wil and Dani says it's hard having the conversation that they are right now because Wil seems to think that her ally is sick. Wil says it's just part of the game. It's nothing personal. It's just game.

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02:09AM BBT Dani thanks Wil again for telling her about Jani and thanks him for telling him his story. Dani says she did some community service in high school. Wil tells about a woman that he worked with while he was in high school it was some sort of community service project. Dani tells Wil they'll talk more game when she doesn't feel like she's being watched (Ian, Frank and Dan are across the yard playing pool). Dani tells Wil that she won't run and tell others things that he tells her. Wil says he's not like that either. Dani says she was cast as the pageant girl and we get brief FoTH. Dani says she can't stand mean girls.

02:12AM BBT Meanwhile over at the pool table they're discussing the game at hand. Dan walks up and grabs the mic dangling over the table and says "Yo, mic check!" (I cringed a bit...I hope production wasn't listening to that mic directly!)

02:17AM BBT Over on the loungers in the BY Dani and Wil continue to stroke each other's egos regarding the fact that they're just honest people and they try to act normal just like other people. Wil says he may be vain but he enjoys life which is what is important. Dani agrees. Wil says he likes to throw on whatever and just go out. Dani agrees. The buzzer goes off on the washer/drier and Wil gets up to go swap loads. Dani sits on the couch and says "Weddings and kids and babies...." to herself. She shouts out to Frank to win the pool game.

02:22AM BBT Talk over the pool table is about how physical the competitions are on Survivor. Wil returns to Dani on the lounger. Dani says she can't wait for them to play a song so she can jump on the bed and sing. Dani says she thinks about how many other people went through this and why she was chosen over them. Brief FoTH. Wil says he has an idea what everyone has and why they were chosen. Dani asks what about her. Wil says she the southern girl with a bit of a sexy edge to her. Similar to Cassie (BB13) or Jordan.

02:25AM BBT Dani says growing up her mom always taught her that I would rather handle the truth than to have you tell me a lie. Will agrees. Wil says it's hard for him sometimes but he's been working on it. Dani says she doesn't have a problem admitting she is wrong. Wil agrees. Wil says it's taking responsibility for your actions.

02:30AM BBT Pool game talk continues over at the pool table. Dan gets called out for batting at the microphone that hangs over the pool table. BB calls him out on it. Ian says it's not in the right spot. Over on the loungers Wil is telling Dani about how he was picked on and what not during one point in his life. He never thought about ending it, but he thought how can I get better and that's why he chose to focus on music. Wil says his 7th grade Lit teacher got him interested in writing and poetry. He finally talked his parents into letting him to go a private school where the kids did it behind his back versus to his face.

02:35AM BBT Wil says people never stop being mean but you have to get tougher, stronger, and smarter about dealing with things. Dani praises Wil for that. Dani asks Wil if he ever stopped to think about all the things that lead up to them being here. Dani says that a friend of hers (Bo) that was on CMT Singing Bee and we get FoTH. Feeds back and the pool table game is wrapping up. Frank, Dan and Ian heading inside. Wil says that he came to town a week early when he was visiting his brother because of his sick/injured dog and his brother invited him to a Christmas party. If it wasn't for his sick/injured dog he wouldn't have been at that party (he's referencing the story in which he was discovered in someone's Facebook photos at a party). Dani says "if I wouldn't have met..." and we get FoTH.

02:39AM BBT Dan comes out and gives Dani a hug and gives Wil a partial handshake/slap. Wil apologizes that he was never very good with his hand motions like that. Dani asks if everyone is asleep and Dan says yes. Inside the SBR the lights are flipped off and the night vision light doesn't come on. Feeds switch away to the MBR.

02:41AM BBT Out in the BY Dani is telling Wil about her mother arguing with her about the various choices in life she's made (including doing this show) so we keep getting intermittent FoTH.

02:47AM BBT Dani now discussing the difficult life she's had with her parents growing up. Dani says emotionally they just weren't there. Dani says in high school guys would tell her that nobody would ever date her and she was fat. Dani says in 3rd grade one girl who she thought was her friend came up to her and told her that she wasn't going to get a Valentine's Day card because she didn't like her. Dani says she told her that was fine but she would still give her one. The girl and her friends were nice to her for two weeks afterward but that was it. "Kids are so mean".

02:50AM BBT Dani says she had braces when she was 15 to 17 which made it even worse in high school. She said that she dated a guy in high school that slept around with other girls because she wasn't putting out. Dani says she remained a virgin until 20-21. Dani again praises Wil and is glad she met him. Wil says "right back at you!" Wil hopes he stays but says if he's getting sent home then he certainly wants to go early and not go spend 4 weeks in the Jury House.

02:54AM BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the BB houe Frank is up in the HoH bathroom brushing his teeth and doing nightly ADLs before bed. In the BY Dani tells Wil that she'll try to give him a heads up this week as to whether or not he's heading home. Wil asks if anyone has alluded to the vote yet. Dani says no but she agrees with Wil that the house may think like he thinks they do and they'll send him home because he's a bigger threat. But Joe is getting on everyone's nerves. They hug it out before Wil realizes he has to fold his laundry still. Dani heads in and washes her glass.

02:58AM BBT Up in the HoH Frank flips off the lights and snuggles up against Ted. Dani heads into the WA and finishes her nightly ADLs. Dan walks through and uses the WC. He exits and asks Dani if she is tired and wants to talk game. Dani says sure. Dan says he'll go grab his mic.

03:04AM BBT Dan and Dani head into the game room and Dan asks what's up. Dani begins to rehash her conversation with Wil this evening (sounding mostly accurate). Meanwhile Wil wanders into the house from folding his laundry. He walks by the closed GR door and heads into the WC. Dani tells Dan that Wil is terrified of him. Someone's mic is scratching against their shirt and it's hard to hear her faint whispering. Wil exits the WC and Dan pauses her and asks her in a loud voice who in her family would be up this late watching her on the feeds.

03:06AM BBT Wil walks by with his laundry and talk continues. The scratching mic was apparently Wil's because once he crawls into bed it mostly stops. Dan asks Dani if she thinks she did the right thing last week. Dani says yes and that Wil agreed with her.

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03:10AM BBT Dani says their talk was mostly personal. Dani feels Wil is throwing in the towel. Dan says if Wil goes this week then they (Dan and Dani) are likely to become the targets. Dani sits back thinking about it. Dani's voice continues to get softer and softer and the background (white) noise from the room is only getting louder and louder. FoTH.

03:11AM BBT Feeds are back intermittently as Dani says she feels bad because they keep getting onto her about her mic. She doesn't do it intentionally.

03:15AM BBT Dani telling Dan what her good-bye message to Jani was. Dan wonders if they aired it. Dani says she knows they did and begins to rehash it. "Janelle, you wondered why they brought someone like me into this house. Because they wanted me to get someone.." and we get FoTH. Feeds back "...and nobody gets between me and my Dan." Dan laughing saying it was brutal for Jani because of hers and Boogie's good-bye message. Talk to turns back to how Dan treats her when they're out in the house versus how he treats her when it's just the two of them.

03:19AM BBT Dani wants to be honest with Dan. Shane is starting to get on her nerves a little bit. She says his constant downplaying of himself is getting a little old. It's not attractive. Dan says he may try and talk to him and help him out.

03:24AM BBT Talk turns to trying to keep Wil positive this week. Dan mentions talking to Ash. Dani says she's scared to talk to Ash she doesn't want to do it around anyone. Dan feels bad for Ash. Talk turns to a wound on Dan's leg. Dani says it needs to be covered. She says she'll bandage it up for him. Dani asks Dan if he regrets her sending Jani home, Dan says no. Dan thinks the front runners of the game right now are Frank and Ian. Dani agrees. When Dani talks her mic gives us a faint electrical hum periodically. Whispered conversation is difficult to follow. Dan tells Dani she's not in a position to try and get Joe out this week. Dani knows. Dan says he'll talk to them tomorrow.

03:27AM BBT Dani tells Dan that Wil told her that he will probably pick her or Brit to play in the Veto tomorrow if he gets HG's choice. Dani is worried the Silent 6 will be upset. Dan says they'll only get upset if it gets used. Dani lies down on the lounger and all mic interference fades away and we begin to hear her better. Dan chooses to begin ultra whispering now.

03:31AM BBT Dan asks Dani if she put her pad on the floor. Dani says yes. Dani says she doesn't want to play as the good guy and Dan playing as the bad guy. Dan says Boogie referred to (him?) as Batman earlier, saying he (Dan?) fights the bad within the house but doesn't follow the law, doing what he thinks is best. Dan says Brit is very emotional and he's not used to that.

03:35AM BBT Dani says Boogie didn't like her beating him today. Dani asks Dan what he's thinking. Dan says next week. He knows it's so far away. He wonders who Jen would put up. Ultra breathless whispering continues. Dan is currently in the lead in between yawns. Dan tells Dani Wil should be scared of her. Dani asks why. Dan says because Dani is social and making so many friends in the house. Dan points out that last week they were upstairs in the HoH plotting to get rid of Frank and now he really likes her. That's really hard to do. Dani disagrees saying he always liked her. Dani says she was in a double DR tonight with him and we get FoTH.

03:38AM BBT While we're waiting for our FoTH to end...have you voted in Morty's poll yet? You haven't? Why not? Just head to http://bit.ly/MlUXoP and let us know what you think. It'll only take a few moments of your time and we'll greatly appreciate it! If you have, we thank you for your time!

03:42AM BBT Feeds back and Dani repositions herself, laying on her mic. Quickly realizing what she's done she gets off it and asks Dan "So you think Danielle Donato likes me?" Dan agrees. Dani thinks Ash is going to float the game through. Dan agrees. Dani wants to know why she's even here (My my...what happened to not liking mean girls?). Dan thinks Ash should go home before Wil because Wil has a better chance of helping them. As if his ears were ringing Wil gets up and uses the WC. Dani starts talking about Wil's family and mentions that she doesn't think 'she has medical insurance' and we get FoTH.

03:51AM BBT Intermittent FoTH it looks like Wil is back in bed. Dan asks Dani if she's ready for bed. Dani says yeah "...but I'm not a doctor so I don't know..." and we get more FoTH. Dani says "I want to be like stop! I know it makes you numb!" and we get more FoTH. Dan tells her to watch what she says. Dani says "I didn't say anything medical! I'm not checking her reflexes, I'm not checking her blood pressure, or her temperature or pulse!" Dan says to still watch it. (I agree she uses way too many medical terms for someone that isn't in the field). They hug it out and and head out into the WA. Dan enters the WC and Dani washes her face a bit. He comes out and she takes a look at his wound on his leg and Dani says he's going to end up with a scar. Camera zooms in nice and close on it. Dani says it's granulating tissue and it's going to leave a nice white scar. She begins to treat his wound with Neosporin.

03:56AM BT After treating him Dani lays a piece of gauze over it and tapes it down. Dan says people will see it in the morning. Dani begins to rip the tape off his hairy leg and he says "No, no! I'll get it in the morning!" Dani begins to look at his fresh wound on his leg and says it's already infected. He tells her to put a band aid over it. She says she doesn't have a band aid and that she'll just use a small piece of gauze. Dan stands up saying "Medically sealed up! Thanks!" He gives her a hug and heads off to bed. Dani puts the gauze and tape up and takes her mic off. She climbs up on the scale and weighs herself before heading of into the darkened rooms.

04:00AM BBT Dani heads into the HNR and lies down on her mat beside the floor (For those of you just joining us this evening/morning it seems BB told the HGs they could take their mats off the bed and lie them on the floor beside them. The camera on the wall does a slow scan across all four sleeping HNR residents and it looks like one of them has decided to stay on the bed. I can't identify who it is. However I can identify that someone is snoring quite loudly...Joe maybe?

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04:07AM BBT All four cams now display horizontal HGs. Cams 1 & 2 display Frank in the HoH. Cams 3 & 4 show 3 out of 4 HGs sleeping on the floor in the HNR with the fourth HG choosing to sleep on the "bed".

04:35AM BBT All HGs continue to sleep soundly. The snoring in the HNR has all but since quieted.

04:37AM BBT Thanks! RT @slhibb: @mortystv: Thank you dear for giving me a fascinating night. You COULD make a great book, and I would buy it!

04:56AM BBT After much rustling and rattling with something Joe gets up off the floor and makes his way carefully across the room to the door and heads for the WC. In typical Joe fashion he passes the sink without washing his hands and stops at the BY door, peering out briefly. He makes his way back to the bedroom and takes his place back on the floor beside his bed.

04:58AM BBT Once again we'd like to remind everyone that Morty's TV is running another poll this week and would love to hear what you think! http://bit.ly/MlUXoP If you've already voted we thank you for your time!

05:30AM BBT It's 05:30 in the BB house and all HGs remain sleeping at this time. Frank looked like he might be reaching for a cell phone or a watch that would typically be found laying on a night stand next to a bed...but then he went quickly back to sleep.

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9:29 PM BBT

Danielle making breakfast now in the KT. Well, that's what she's doing when she's not walking back and admiring herself in the KT mirrors. She keeps checking her teeth for lipstick. She does look cute today with a side pony tail and an off the shoulder pinkish top.

Frank called to DR.

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9:43 AM BBT

Ashley has a white face scrub on.

in the KT Dani and Frank have a morning chat. Danielle called to DR.

Frank hears Ashley in the WA "Hey is that Ashley in there?" he asks her how pain is doing - is she feeling better today? She says she is, still sore but feeling better. She's been getting ready just fine (albeit a little slow) but as soon as Frank comes in she starts making little moans. He asks again is she's alright and if she needs any help getting ready. He asks how she slept. She slept in the headphone bed last night. "That's one you don't want to fall out of!" Frank laughs. They chatter away about breakfast and instant oatmeal.

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9:48 AM BBT

Frank adding fruit to his oatmeal. "I wanted some blueberries so thank you Canada!" he says. [You're welcome! - ZuZu] Much of the produce is from there.

Frank tells Ashley that he had a little DR session. "They actually woke me up at 6...." we get WBRB briefly.

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9:51 AM BBT

Frank tells us before he was allowed to go to bed last night he had to do a Spirittard DR. WBRB. "See? You got me in trouble Ash, I'm gonna put you on the block." laughs Frank. He starts singing about peppers and onions. You can guess what happens from that...WBRB. He offers to make Ash breakfast. She's ok.

Ashley laying flat on her back in WA. She's calling to Frank. He went into the SR. He comes back and she asks him for an ice pack out of the freezer. "Ok, but it's going to be about 30 minutes though." he jokes

"You're a butthead." Ashley laughs

"That was my name growing up, butthead." He says


"Ummm no. Hey, I can see your hoo-ha from here!" he says

"What? Can you really?" she does a check (Ash is wearing a towel from her shower laying in the WA).

"No" he's laughing.

They talk about popping the 'juicy' pimples on the back of Franks leg. He says they are ingrown hairs and are hard, not juicy. Ashley asks if he missed his morning coffee with Boogie. Mike was up earlier having his coffee and was getting ready to go outside to work out when they called the indoor lock down. WBRB They think it might be a night time POV - setting up now to test stuff out.

"Hi Live Feeders!" Ashely calls out

[Hi Ashley! - we wave back] she's going to start talking to us too.

Frank says he always talks to us, it's fun to talk to them. WBRB

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10:02 AM BBT

Frank takes the garbage out. "See how hard that was America? Not. That. hard." He mumbles about lazy people.

Frank has Ashley telling us all what a nice guy he is and how mean Janelle really was to him. She was a Frank hater.

Ashley telling Janelle that she doesn't think it was nice that she was working to get her out instead of Joe. She thinks it would have been nice if Janelle would have just told her that she wanted her out. Not telling her hurt her feelings.

10:05 AM BBT

WBRB flipping on and off. "She's picking her favourite in there, I told her not to pick her favourite. The Wizard." Frank says about Danielle. Sounds like they've nicknamed one of production "The Wizard"

"Every time I'm in there I try to get out." says Frank. WBRB

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10:21 PM BBT

All of the girls (well Brit, Jenn and Ashley) doing their make up and shouting out their favourite Mary Kay products with the very catty marykay.com/janelledisanto reference added after every product.

Joe and Frank now dueling chefs in the KT making breakfast.

10:26 AM BBT

They got woken up with a Lady Gaga song this morning. It sounded like Shania Twain to Ash. She's got lots of music Googling to do when she gets home.

Britney dislikes "You and I" because the local radio stations change the lyrics to whatever state it's being played in. It's supposed to be Nebraska.

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11:01 AM BBT - Boogie & Britney are giving shout outs to those serving our country, causing WBRB.

11:03 AM BBT - Frank on his way to the DR with his unitard to give it back.

11:04 AM BBT - Britney's birthday is in 11 days, the night of a live show. Boogie remarks that maybe they'll sing to her.

11:05 AM BBT - Jenn is not feeling well. Shane asks if she's sore, but I couldn't hear what her response was. Shane responds back to her with "That sucks". Joe is making a banana nut bread out of slop.

Ashley is finally out of her towel and dressed.

11:07 AM BBT - Britney asks what Brady (Boogie's son) will be when he grows up. She asks if he will steer him towards sports. Boogie says if he can't be in sports, then he'll steer him towards being a lawyer. Doctors have to worry about insurance. Ashley asks "What if he wants to be an actor?" Boogie said he got him an audition for a Tide commerical, got him an agent, but couldn't have his son audition because he wasn't crawling. Brady was 7 months old. Boogie will try again when he's out of the BB house. Put money aside for college. Boogie said he won't force Brady in any direction but he'll obviously be exposed to acting being in CA. Boogie says he's biased, but he thinks Brady looks like a Gerber baby. Said his friend's baby was ugly. Big ole head, but his friend's baby was more advanced.

11:12 AM BBT - Dan joins the kitchen crew, showing off his injured knee. Britney jokes that it's amputable and "give this man a prosthesis, BB!"

11:13 AM BBT - It's a slow morning; all 4 feeds on the KT where Joe, Shane, Jenn, Boogie, Dan and Britney are just general chit chatting. Boogie telling the story of the movie 127 hours. Ashley comes in briefly to ask if she can read Dan's bible.

11:15 AM BBT - Shane tells a story about a friend who punctured his testicle with a pencil in 7th grade. Britney asks Dan if he's feeling ok. Dan jokes that he's starting to lose the feeling in his left leg. Britney says she'll take his temperature on the hour.

11:17 AM BBT - Shane asks Dan why they kept telling him to "Stop that" last night. Dan was talking about production, and the conversation earns us WBRB.

11:20 AM BBT - Conversation has turned to the different candy stick flavors. Jenn wishes there was a yaegermeister candy cande flavor.

11:22 AM BBT - Frank walks through wearing the unitard. Shane said hopefully that will be the last time he has to wear it.

11:24 AM BBT - Britney picks on the way Dan says milk. He pronounces it "malk". She tells him it's spelled with an "i".

11:25 AM BBT - Wil and Danielle are sleeping in the music bedroom.

11:30 AM BBT - Frank and Boogie in the HOH room. Frank is re-capping his conversation with Wil earlier to Boogie about Wil knowing Janelle was going to be backdoored right after nominations last week. Frank heads downstairs while Boogie stays in the HOH room, listening to Frank's CD.

11:36 AM BBT - Dan's nickname for Ian is I-Town.

11:38 AM BBT - It's trivia time! Must be time to pick players for the POV competition.

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11:58AM BBT - We are back!Frank and Boogie in HOH discussing Wil's negative attitude. Time for him to go, they say. They say he is making dumb moves. He was made a "Have" yesterday, and all he had to do was shut his mouth as Joe was ticking everyone off and he didn't. He's lost control. They feel he is coming after them (Boogie and Frank). Frank comments that Britney will be on board in evicting Wil.

Wil or Joe must have got "Houseguests Choice", as Frank and Boogie commented on it being used to pick Jenn and she's a good choice as she isn't part of the "Silent Six". They go over who will vote Wil out with them: Britney, Boogie, Danielle, Shane.

12:03PM BBT - Joe called to DR.

Britney is concerned about Wil, Frank says. She'll be hugely on board to get rid of Wil. Wil was hugging everyone, but wouldn't even shake hands with Frank after being nominated. Boogie is more motivated to evict Wil after his attitude recently. Boogie is playing the POV, Frank wants to know if he likes hosting. Boogie says sure, although he'd rather play POV. Frank, Shane, Boogie, Jenn, Ashley and Joe playing POV, it seems.

12:05 PM BBT - Boogie and Frank are going to tell Joe they will work for him this week, however in return he needs to lay low and just behave. Since they (Boogie/Frank) have power, they'll use it to get him to agree. Boogie loves all the "bad" players; it will make the road easier for him & Frank. Boogie says he has never seen such a weak cast who don't know how to play the game. It's BB14! How do you not know how to play, Boogie wonders. Even Ian, who knows everything, isn't that good. He knows all about it, but doesn't know how to apply what he knows.

Jenn knows how to play a social game. Ian is just "here", Ashley is crippled and doesn't know what's going on, Shane thinks he has to win every competition, Danielle just follows Dan to be in the "cool kids" club. Thinks her puppy love for Shane is more important than the game. The only ones that know how to play are Boogie, Frank, Britney and Dan, in their opinion.

Frank says 75% of the time, Danielle seems to have the sorority stuff in her. With the exception of endurance, she's good to have around to play against because she's weak, Boogie adds. Frank says he thought Britney could have stuck it out longer.

Frank is hoping for a double eviction this Thursday. Then they can get rid of Joe too.

12:11PM BBT - In the LR, Dan, Britney, Jenn, Shane and Danielle are discussing previous competitions.

12:13 PM BBT - Dan discussing if you go to the Titanic site and recover an artifact, you can't keep it. There is a company that owns that it. He thinks it's odd that someone can own a piece of the ocean. Britney's been to a Titanic museum before and quite enjoyed it.

12:14 PM BBT - Back in HOH, Frank is commenting that since they didn't start setting up for POV until 8, he thinks it will be awhile before the actual competition happens. Frank gave some blankets to the Have-Nots last night because they were cold.

The competitions where there are costumes make it harder, especially for someone as little as Britney. If they can get Britney evicted (not by their hand), then they can "own" Shane. Except the link between Shane and Danielle, but that's inconsequential to them. They believe Dan will be with them and co-sign Shane going. Danielle and Britney won't be much of a threat if it's just the two girls and Frank, Boogie and Dan. Boogie says Britney as a Have Not is great cause it makes her more miserable and a bad attitude.

Boogie had some time with Ashley this morning before everyone was awake. He is playing up her bad back problems. Was carrying her to the bathroom yesterday, helping her around and stuff. Wants to try and get her vote, gain her trust just in case she wins something. Ian and Jenn are mostly locked in with them. Boogie doesn't see anyone putting them up in the next few weeks unless the Silent Six turns on them, but he doesn't think Dan or Shane will. Maybe Britney.

Danielle still won't admit that Dan was trying to get her to vote Frank out, and that bugs Frank. Boogie asks Frank, who would you rather go first: Danielle or Britney? Frank says that's a tough choice. Boogie says Danielle will need more time in jury to get over it if Boogie or Frank were the final two. They believe if it gets down to final 5, Frank and Boogie can convince Danielle and Britney to evict Dan.

Boogie doesn't want to play against Shane in something straight up athletic. Something brainy, or hybrid athletic/brainy is fine though. Britney is really smart, Boogie says. They begin to discuss scenarios if Ian wins HOH next week, including talking him into putting up Shane. They both believe Ian has their back and is very loyal.

Frank doesn't feel as comfortable with Dan as he believes Dan wants him out to work solely with Boogie. Boogie says that's possible.

Boogie says ideally, he & Frank would be final 2. But if they can't be, they have to be very cautious on how to get the remaining Silent Six out or they will band together to vote for whomever is sitting beside the 1 who is in the final 2. Boogie comments that Jenn might be throwing competitions. He doesn't think she is, but if he was her, he would be. Frank says she is not that good at this game, that's all. Boogie agrees.

Boogie says they need to start bringing up the floater phenomenon that hasn't come up a lot this season. Ashley will be a tough sell for an eviction due to her back issues. She is a free pass to compete against. Frank says the next 3 out should be: Wil, Joe, and Ashley. Then it will be final 6 and Ian/Jenn. Boogie thinks Dan would be willing to have Shane evicted then. He won't do it himself though, he'll get someone else to do it.

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12:32 PM BBT - Boogie doesn't thinks Shane doesn't realize how dangerous Dan is.

Ian comes into the room. He's ready to host. It was Joe who got the option for Houseguests Choice. He picked Ashley. Boogie asks if Ian noticed Wil pouting. Ian noticed. He tried talking to Wil, and Wil responded but barely.

Begin re-hashing the Wil conversation from earlier.

Ian thinks next week is going to be an endurance for HOH, although once Frank suggests a double eviction, Ian says it could be that too and it would be great because they could evict both Joe AND Wil.

Conversation turns to the snacks in Frank's HOH basket. Ian tried Joe's banana bread muffins and found a piece of plastic from the candy sticks. [Ewwww - BBLuver]

Frank asks Ian who he would put up next week if he won HOH. Boogie mentions who will be left and Ian jumps in and suggests Ashley as the perfect pawn as no one would vote her out. Ian thinks it's a better idea to keep Joe because he doesn't win any competitions, especially endurance. Boogie mentions how out of shape and uncoordinated Joe is, especially when he works out. He's like the former football player who let himself go a bit.

Joe apparently put Shane's leftovers and Britney's leftovers of slop and put them back into the pot for the muffins. [Again, ewwwwww - BBLuver] Frank thought that was kind of gross. Frank thinks Joe's cooking was better the first couple weeks but now is getting sloppy.

They are discussing how to keep Jenn happy by giving her stuff, such as the trip to Maui Ian 'gifted' her with, and the money Boogie gave her and Ian. Frank chirps in that he gave that up for them.

Ian and Dan were sleeping so deeply this morning they didn't hear the wake up music this morning, or the BB voice wake up call. They discuss the music that was played - Lady Gaga and Tom Petty.

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12:49PM BBT - Talk turns to who will win veto. Ashley is dismissed as being unable to win. "No shit," says Ian, chuckling. If Jenn wins, they think she'll leave nominations the same. Boogie dismisses her as not winning it. Ian says there are uber simple games that she could win, and mentions a few from past seasons. If Shane wins again, it will make him a bigger target to be evicted when it's his time because he'll be a bigger target.

Once it gets to final 4, it will be super physical, says Ian. All 4 feeds are on the HOH room.

Ian comments how nice the HOH room is to be able to chill in, relax in. Boogie says it's a great escape. Last week, they felt it was more awkward with Danielle being HOH.

12:54PM BBT - Dan, Britney and Danielle in the LT, talking about Danielle's sort of boyfriend outside the house. Dan thinks he'll have 8 dozen roses for her outside the house. They are joking about his reaction to the Shane showmance. Dan asks if she kissed him at all (her boyfriend outside the house) - she says yes, twice. They've known each other for 3 years. I think his name is Trey? Why is his name Trey? Dan asks. "I don't know, ask his mama!" Danielle admonishes. Dan asks how they met. Her friend Petey liked her, but she likes Trey better. Petey and Danielle were friends, and introduced her to Trey. They were hanging out, and they had chemistry but she didn't pursue it because Petey liked her. Once Petey moved away for a job, Danielle -- and we're cut off for WBRB.

12:58PM BBT - Danielle had gone on a date on the Friday before she was "taken" for the BB house. He kissed her then. She had warned him if she didn't text him or anything, she wasn't ignoring him. She might be away somewhere. It was awkward because while this was going on, Petey was texting her constantly and when she was taken for BB, they took her phone before she could respond to the final 4 messages from him. Dan "over dramatizes" the situation.

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  • 1:00PM BBT-3:00PM BBT
  • 1:02 Britany, Dan, & Dani in LR. Frank, Boogie,Shane, & Ian in HOH. HGs are on ILD & waiting for Veto comp to start.
  • 1:16 In HOH, Frank says that Wil has ruined his game w his bad attitude. Frank, Ian, & Boogie all agree that Joe is doing really well w being on the block. They discuss Wil complaining about playing in every veto comp. Ian says that Frank has always been in a position of power or need which is why he has played in so many veto comps.
  • 1:25 In the LR, Dan & Britany talking about being recognized outside of the house. Britany ask Dani what was wrong w her earlier. Dani says she was coming off a sugar high caused by the candy canes. Dani worried about what her ex, Trey, thinks about her actions w Shane in the house. Keeps asking Dan & Britany what to expect.
  • 1:30 Britany tells Dani & Dan to expect a dbl eviction or a FF this Thursday. They all start running scenarios about who to get out.
  • 1:36 In HOH, Frank & Ian talking about how Janelle went on the block & then voted out. Ian says Janelle played sloppy. Frank is worried about the Dani & Shane connection. Ian doesnt feel they talk game at all & that its just a romantic thing. Frank & Ian dont want Joe or Wil in the jury house.
  • 1:45 Joe is in the KT alone starting some fish. Dan, Britany, & Dani are in the LR chatting. Frank is in the HOH alone resting. Ian was called to the DR. about five min ago. Could be time for veto comp. soon . Ian is hosting the comp.
  • 1:56 Dan in HOH w Frank. They are discussing who might use the veto if they won it. They dont htink Ashley would use it but Frank told her earlier that if she did win it , she could do what she wanted w it. Joe & Ian are in the LR not saying much. Shane walking around the house. All other HGs are napping.
  • 2:03 Ashley is now awake & laying on couch in LR. Ian & Ashley discuss how to sneak in shout outs w/o the feeds being cut to FoTH...we get FoTH during this conversation.
  • 2:08 Ashley ,Shane, Joe , & Ian in KT eating. They are speculating about the veto comp & when it will be. They think it might be tonight. they then make fun of their pictures on the memory wall.
  • 2:15 Britany & Dani are in the HNR moving the foam matresses around trying to get more comfortable to take a nap. They lay down together & Britany gets very animated telling Dani about (she thinks Joe) waking her up doing something nasty last night while everyone was sleeping.(YUK) Frank is now in the KT w Ashley, Shane, Ian, & Joe. They are talking about what & when the veto comp might be.
  • 2:33 Joe's fish is cooked & being gobbled up by Frank, Ashley, Shane, Ian, Joe, Dan, & even Britany gets out of bed to eat some. Jenn is now awake & sitting @ DT watching. Boogie & Dani are napping
  • 2:45 Dani & Britany are resting in the HNR. Boogie is in the SBR asleep. Dan is in HOH listening to Frank's cd. Everyone else is in the KT talking about previous comps. jedi training, & speculating about when the dbl eviction or FF will happen.
  • 2:56 Boogie, Dani, & Britany are napping. Shane & Frank In KT talking about taking a nap. Dan still in HOH listening to the cd. Jenn & Wil are not seen ( napping?) Joe & Ashley in Arcade rm talking about Janelle trying to get votes for him the last time he was on the block. He never heard about her doing that. He also says he never heard any of the negative things people said that she said. Joe felt that Janelle favored Wil over him. Joe felt she was going home but didnt think it would be 8-1. Joe doesnt want to leave w/o being told before hand. Ashley doesnt understand why everyone didnt want to tell her but went along w it to stay out of trouble w the house.

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3:02 PM BBT In the KT Jenn and Frank talk about hearing some banging outside. Jenn says being on ILD is the worse. She is tired and yet wants to get moving. Joe and Ash in side room. Talking to her about campaigning and that he refuses to play dirty.

3:10 PM BBT Dani and Brit getting ready in WA. Joe says he won't take a cold shower until he sees what kind of mess they have to get in for POV.

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3:48 PM BBT Ian and Dan cleaning the KT. everyone else napping or lying around. Nothing going on.

3:58 PM BBT Ash asks Ian if this was his first tryout for BB - she says yes. She tried out once before when she was in college. Ash starts telling him about the show she was supposed to be on and we get quick FOTH.

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