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9/12 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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10:00 pm BB Time

(checking LF before going to bed on east coast)

Something had been broken and Rach thought she was being blamed.

She asks BB if she broke it.

They said "NO"

Production seems pretty loose lately

A few mins. later they were told libations in SR.

All 3.... "yeahhhh"

Beer (don't know if it's anything else.)

They talk about how cool it is.

P says the Summer is over you guys.

Nibbling on different things.

They end up in the BY on the couches.

Playing cards again.

R talking about getting her nose broke a few times

A talking about breaking an ankle playing football one time.

They've settled into playing cards.

(and I'm out an off to bed)

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8:20 a.m. BB Time

Porsche and Rach seem to be asleep.

Adam in bathroom applying fresh band-aids to his fingers.

Heads back to bed and crawls in, pulls up the covers and crosses his hands on his chest.

Gets comfortable - then rolls over.

(wish I would've done that this morning)

They sleep.

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1:04pm rach putting on a facial mask adam flossing his teeth por doing teeth whitening strip and doing pediegg

1:14pm adam por and rach talking about getting puppies por says if they are city dogs you have to get them peepee pads por saying she brought a little puppy home and her dad said he told her now but she has had him for 8 years now rach says she cant wait to see benz her dog she just wants to squeeze him aren't dogs so cute i dont understand how kal can be so mean to her dog

1:24pm rach and por talking about what they will wear Wednesday night for finale and what shoes the wear with their dresses

1:33pm adam gets yelled at by bb "bb says adam stop that" he was listening at the back door the girls laugh adam says they are doing something out there for sure

1:42pm adam gets out of shower cleans his ears por and rach sitting in wca just general talk letting their toenails dry after painting them

1:48pm por tells adam your wearing all black today this is the most metal i have seen you all year adam says i just wanted to make sure all my clothes i want to wear outside the house is clean before Wednesday rach says i miss brendon so much

1:50pm por tells adam he looks like a blues brother rach says who is the sexiest man in the house por says adam .. adam says i am the only man in the house he ask if the girls want to play cards they go to get a sweatshirt and to play cards at the kt table

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2:16pm hg take a break for a minute from playing cards finding something else to snack on they been snacking on chips the last 30 minutes rach now going to bake cookies

2:25pm hg still playing cards at kt table and eating just a lot of smacking going on and card talk

2:40pm por and rach in bbr laying down in their beds covered up rach says it is freezing in here even the bed is cold por says my bed is warm

2:43pm adam and por talking now in bbr rach went to dr adam says just do what you think is comfy for you but you know that she had her chance last year por says i can give you 10 thousand dollars to buy a ring but the jury will vote for you adam says i know but what else do i have to lose adam says if you wanna have some fun and make some bb history lets do it

2:47pm por saying i got out jordan cuz either one of you would have taken jordan and she didn't do anything all summer blah blah blah and i came here to play ask rach i cried about that golden key cuz i came here to play not to sit around adam says ok my last argument is who do you want to give the 50 grand to me or here por says either way i feel like i am playing for the 50 anyways either way i go

2:50pm adam says as i said before when the 4 of us went in i was working with them and even rach and i had issues and we worked through it then it was us 4 then it was like eehh and i worked with people like to make sure i was safe on both sides por says oh the cookies i think i hear a beeping adam says the cookies? por says they are cooking adam says oh shoot and they go to kt to get cookies out of the oven

2:52pm adam says he asked for a patch today if they was gonna be locked in for more than a couple hours he tells por that production told him no more than 2 to 3 hours so we should get out soon por says no sun today then adam says thank you for listening to me por says no problem

2:54pm adam sweeping the kt floor says i dont think anyone has swept in 2 or 3 days por says i heard other seasons were worse not cleaning and keeping dishes done up adam says yeah in seasons past they had ants and roaches everywhere

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Rachel talking about the party in Vegas last season. Adam tells them about Brittanys house burning, she wasnt told till after finale.

Porsche says there is between an hour and 5 hours left (in LD) Porsche thinks its to set up what goes where for the after show.

Cards continue....


LD over, Adam looks under the curtain and says "OMG its a circus...no not really" Porsche says but theres SUN!! Porsche puts in some laundry, Adam has a smoke, Rachel heads for the tanning chair. Porsche joins her.

Porsche asks Adam if he will bring the oil when he comes over, he says yes mam, does she want him to oil her up...Porsche: ummm no.

Adam takes her the oil then notices the cornhole bags are all there now. . . . . .. all is quiet


Porsche sneezes twice, Bless you, Bless you. Adam joins then (only in the shade) Says welcome to Adams Cove. Porsche suggests they do night swimming tonight.


back to being quiet. ...still quiet...yup you guessed it...quiet


Adam heads inside, asks if the girls need anything, they say No thank you. He puts some ice in his water bottle. Back outside.

Por says its hot out. Rach says would you rather be inside in sweats or out here hot. Por: out here hot.

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4:49 PM BBT

Adam can't get into the HOH room as it's locked. He's standing upstairs going over how everyone got evicted from the house. Who got back doored, who didn't, what happened with Lawon anyways? They ask Porsche to tell them for sure what happened. She hates that story, it was dumb. She says it was a bad move on Lawon and an easy way out for Kalia. Adam says, so it was a bad move for Kalia and a bad move for Lawon? Yes. Porsche says. Adam decides there was only two official back doors this season, Brendon and Daniel.

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4:58 PM BBT

They discuss whether or not there was an America's player. They don't think so. Porsche sings the Cool Whip jingle and we don't get WBRB.

They are now eating Cashews and Peanuts. Chomping on nuts. "Why am I even eating these?" asks Adam. "I dunno." says Porsche. Who apparently had some soft nuts. Adam has found some jello cups, taco shells, gummy bacon, stale cornflakes... (looks like they've hit the end of the cupboard rations)

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5:41pm rach and adm sitting with feet in hottub por folding clothes talking about how the vets were a huge target before they walked in the house

5:48pm hg talking about past comps they played and what rach could have done differently in them and how someone would get ahrad of her and she would give up

6:05pm adam telling how he would do differnt things with people in the hallway as they voted hg out like twinkle fingers together and high fives and hip bumps now talk about having good dr's when they first came in

6:11pm adam explaining how survivor works to rach and por and how they go to redemption island rach says its better to not come back in had that ever happened to anyone on here like kaysar adam says kaysar and crazy james

6:17pm por says she is going to start packing tonight so she will be more organized rach is going to change clothes now rach says pack your over night stuff in your bb bag and pack extra stuff in that same bag for the next night in case we dont get to come back here

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6:35pm adam and por and rach in wca talking about when they wake up tomorrow it will be tuesday adam says next week we will be in our houses not in the bb house adam starts repeating things bb says have you chaged your batteries, stop that, i said its time to get up

6:38pm adam said he was thinking what if they ask me to come back and host a comp like the bacon slide por says or a comp fry like bacon adam says production if your hearing this think about it for next year

6:53pm por and rach working out adam laying in hammock just general talk going on

6:55pm por says i am kinda attached to my mic pack gonna kinda miss it rach says i dont remember when we turn mics in bb says you are not allowed to talk about production adam yells kalia and dani put your mics on he says shelly would get mad at them

7:13pm rach running around by por doing crunchies adam still in hammock counting rachels laps around the by

7:20pm while adam counts rachels laps bb says hg did you know it takes 19 and a hlf laps around the bb by to make a milke rach just ran 20 laps on lap 21 now adam says lap 21 you having fun por says goooo jogging and lap 22 your through rach says now 22 more adam says lunges por says your really gonna do more rach says yeah a mile isnt a workout bren runs 10 miles for fun and bren wants me to do the marathon this year

7:22pm por says you wanna run the marathon rach says i want to run the marathon but i don t know if i can maybe i keep running the by i can run a marathon rach says if we were all invited back for allstars would we work together adam says secretly yeah

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Adam looking at his wounded finger, puts a band aid on it. Adam is worried that people wont think his HOH was important enough to count as playing or just think that oh he beat a girl.

Porsche says all you can do in a comp is your best. Porsche retorted to the person who put her on the block as her BFF. Adam says he will weight her playing if she evicts him. Porsche: all the people in jury but you voted from me to stay that first week. Adam: another argument I could use. I will be willing to call Bren out and question his word as person and player. He said he would vote for who played a good game.

Adam: I feel the pressure of being the deciding vote. Porsche: it will make Vegas more fun. Adam: will weight who wins it. Rachel enters.

Adam wants to shave, they talk about requesting better razors. Rachel wants to enhance her hair color. Adam does not pay attention to when Fara shaves, he only feels butterflies when he touches her.

Porsche says she shaves twice a week. Rachel says sometimes twice a day..they are still in the honeymoon stage.

Porsche and Rachel like a bit of chest hair. Adam says Fara will want to shave his back every day.


They talk about who got wine in their HOH basket. They talk about how Rachel slipped and said Wait Kalia was still here when they had the mimosa party. Porsche says Rach wanted to be the tie breaker, Rachel says she didnt really care. If you're playing BB you have to make tough decisions.

Rachel says if Dani would have made it to F2 she would have voted for her..unless she was up against Brendon.


Rachel says alot of people on BB vote on if you had a fight with them or got them out. People hold grudges hard core. Adam: I am still hating on Kalia. well not hating but she wanted me to play her game. Dani was the same way.


Rachell asks if they talked to ??? (female in DR) recently. They say not for a while. Rachel says not since Porsches HOH.

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they talk about acne, how nasty the youtube video is of the huge zit on the guys back, Rach watched youtube videos of herself, didnt know she did some of the stuff.

Rach says its the cutest thing ever to get fan mail via CBS. Adam says if anyone wants to send him Bacon stuff he would love it.

Adam says he is upset at himself but he lost the last comp fair and square. Smoking made him lose it.(yes they really do change the subject that fast)


Tomorrow will be their last time grilling. Porsche says its crazy. (Por using hair dryer, cant hear a thing)


Por telling Rach what Adam said. She says she thinks he is ok with it. Better he knows. Meanwhile in BY Adam says its up to America. Americas Vote come on!! He may not have played the strongest game but he played his game. He made it to F3. Can't blame anybody but himself. If he lost it he F'd up. He said he would do what he had to but he didnt mean it. He was rolling with his boy Dom. He let people manipulate him a little bit. If I go back and watch and see if Dani did have his back the whole time, she had a weird way of showing if. If you loved Jeff and Jordan then you have to love me, they showed me how to play with honor and integrity.

Inside, Porsche looking out the window saying he is shaking his head, cant tell if he is talking to himself or what.

He keeps going. Shelly played him very well. She thought he was crazy, he is crazy. He says if your ever in Hoboken....

Por comes out Adam says he was just going over friendships he has made that will last forever.

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