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Big Brother All Stars 2 -- A Good or Bad Idea ?


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Having watched Big Brother (USA) since its first incarnation back in the summer of 2000, it is only this season in which I have posted on any Big Brother forum more than once and actually shelled out the cash for a live feed. Yes, I am a cheap bastard. I didn't even watch the first season live feeds which was free from AOL (do you remember them?) because I did not want to fork over the added expense, at the time, for a relatively new technology called "DSL" or more generically known as "High Speed Internet." Yes, again my miserly thriftiness won out. Still I was (and still am) a fan of the show, and since season two I believe Morty has provided fans and viewers with the absolute best summary coverage and forums. That's over a period of ten years including one winter edition (I can't help but think his stomach churned a little when that one was announced).

Having summarized my relationship and dedication to the show, and how much I am willing to invest both time wise (reading forums and feed summarys) and financially (I did get the early bird special), what I want to address in this topic is should there be another all star edition come season 14. As of right now my answer is a qualified "NO!"

This topic came up periodically on forums during season 12 and occasionally during the winter months, but as I thought and read more about it I have come to the conclusion that once a season of the show is over, I really don't want to see any of these people on television again in my life. In other words, "Your 15 minutes of fame is up, so get the hell out of here."

Having said that, season 7 (the official all star edition) is one of my favorites. At the same time I believe the show has become meaner since season 8 with the likes of Evel Dick (Dick Donato), Chima Simone and Natalie Martinez from season 11, and quite likely also due to the departure of Arnold Shapiro as producer. I concede that season 6 had its share of nastiness ("Bye Bye Bitches" -- Janelle Pierzina) and television audiences were never endeared to Allison Irwin (season 4 and all stars), but these instances of conflict were more the exception than the norm. In some ways game play and strategy overshadowed Jerry Springer style drama in those first seven seasons.

Still, there are those who will say and support the assertion the show has become better since season 7, and I believe their opinion is just as valid as anything I would write, maybe even more so.

But the return of house guests, whether it be from a previous season or during the course of a game, makes the show appear and feel more scripted and less natural. This season is a case in point.

The return of "Brenchel" (Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly season 12) only reaffirms why I disliked them so much last summer, and that they are both more in need of a good therapist than $500,000. Yes they can win competitions, but neither one can read a que card with any degree of confidence even after rehearsing. Yes, Jeff and Jordon (Jeff Schroeder and Jordon Lloyd season 11) are sweet and portray an air of naivety, but man, are they boring or what. Their game play is more lucky than good although Jordan is by far the better player than Jeff. And Evel Dick's departure just as the live feeds were starting up has to stand as one of the biggest internet ripoffs of all time. The previous return of Jessie Godderz from season 10 into season 11 and a cameo in season 12 further proves why old players should be put out to pasture to die in the junk yard of former reality TV contestants. Memo to Allison Grodner (Big Brother Executive Producer). NO MORE BIG BROTHER JESSIE ! EVER! PLEEEESE.

And the potential return of Cowboy (Micheal Ellis) from season 5 to season 7 all-stars and season 11 appeared more sad and pathetic on the introductory episodes of those two seasons than hopeful. It was a case where an individual didn't realize his time for fame was over and that he had to return to well -- reality.

Even in the all-star edition which I claimed was one of my favorites, Will Kirby (of season 2 and the individual who defined how the U.S. game was to be played) was more bored than strategic and was looking for a way out of the house without quitting during the first four weeks. Erika Landin (season 4) had yet to realize that she really isn't that smart and that she is about as well liked as say -- Brenchel or Chima. And we were all glad when Mike "Boogie" Malin (also season 2) unsympathetically but justifiably kicked her (Ericka) out to the curb.

Big Brother is best when you get a relatively well spoken group of TV virgins together with no TV exposure to fight it out for the half-a-million dollars. The last season to do this well was season 10 when Dan Gheesling won. The appearance of former cast or other reality show cast-offs does nothing to enhance the game at any level.

Next summer I am looking forward to a strategic season 14 with an all new cast of America's greatest nobodies who are good looking (or at least better looking than me), intelligent, cunning, mentally stable, are not looking for Big Brother to elevate them to a level of celebrity, and are not in need of prescription drugs sprinkled on their corn flakes to survive. Once the show is over, it will be good-bye forever to these individuals until I bump into them in the bargain section of a Walmart.

Anything less would be well -- Big Brother.

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enjoyed this commentary and your outlook on BB so much, I also have seen the changes over the yrs and was a watcher of every season and boy it has changed. I only had the feeds back for season I think 5, and they were really bad, choppy and in black and white, but it was really fun that season chatting with everyone, I think season 5 I found Morty's TV and that changed everything for me, met sooo many fun ppl and lots of friends, and am a faithful watcher every year or season.

Not sure I want an all stars, depends on who it would be, cause there are definately some I do not ever want to see again, Jesse?James?( porno James lol)Cappy, Maggie,lol so many more I cant even think of all of em, but if they could get the right group togther yeah I'd like that. I do wish however tht they would use just as you said ordinary ppl as the house guests not the wanna be's we have had for so long

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Loved your commentary! I too have been watching since Season 1 when we got to vote out the hg! Agree...so much has changed over the years...

I have randomly subscribed to the feeds throughout the years...not this season but kind of wishing I did...just too busy with work and family right now...

loved BB2 with Will and Boogie and "Monica Meltdown"...loved BB3 with Amy and Marcellus and Danielle and Jason..pure BB

Agree that BB is at its best with unknown hg...but I have to say that I am really enjoying seeing the vets this season...I hated Brenchel in their season but now have an appreciation for them...and u can see my avatar LOL love Jeff!

Maybe AG could plan another All-Stars season where we pick the hg's? That would be fun!



Amy Crews

Danielle from BB2

Danielle from BB8




Evil Dick

Will Kirby




and Kaysar as an alternate...he does have to redeem himself!

Just a thought...I do like seeing the vets though...but agree with u that unknown hg is fun too

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IMO, one problem seems to be from listening to the HG's over the past couple of years, there's a group of people who are trying to get on reality shows, sometimes any reality show (ex.Jesse)and BB has fallen into the production of a reality show and away from the production of a (for lack of better words) a GAME show.

Let's face it, when it started, game shows were popular. Good grief, I remember how crazed people were in years past when society & BB seemed to change from a game show competition to more of a reality show. In fact, there are still the diehards around who totally believe in the concept of the "best player" winning, although it must be the "best player" in their mind.

I sometimes wonder if it was Evil Dick who made the biggest impact.....he became the "reality" show star that everyone loved to hate.....and all TV is based on ratings. They don't care who wins, as long as people watch and with ED onboard, the ratings were high. Over the recent years, watching all the conspiracy accusations about BB productions.....those all started when it became more of a reality show than a game show. Is putting up a contest to give an edge to someone to bring in great ratings a conspiracy or good business?

I watch TV for entertainment and I think most people do......I like to watch things that make me feel good or make me laugh. Most reality TV turns me off and I'm an oldy so I've lived through the game show scandals & learned early that most game shows were crooked......so I've never taken BB or any other "game show" seriously.

The thing I've enjoyed most is what I think was the original intent of the show. It truly is a human experiment. Putting people in a house, cut off from the outside world and watching what happens to them during & after, psychologically, has always attracted me. I've never been really invested in who "won" as much as I've enjoyed watching what happens and how the HG's react to what happens.

In all honesty, I do have to admit for the first time in my life, I was turned on by & could not stop watching Jeff.....can't explain it & won't try, so other than if they have him back every year after this, I could never commit from watching again :food-smiley-005:

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In my view, I think they should have had a totally new season this season and then maybe next season they should have had an All Star season. But that's my view. And although I really would like Big Brother to remain celebrity free, I think having one season with celebrities maybe mixed with non celebrities would be interesting just to get more public support and attention


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