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August 7th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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In the BY a few are working on their T-shirts.

Someone asks how to spell Cappy.. Someone (Maggie?) says "C-a-p-p-i", then suggests "or C-a-p-p-y"

Janie and Howie working together...

Lots of "Oh Howie," and "Oh, Janie,"

April sitting in a chair watching, talking now and then. She says that you can tell that Jennifer teaches..... Talk about Jen's teaching stuff.

Jen has never taught and got paid for doing it.

Howie says that James told him that he can teach with an associate.

April says "How many lies has that MF told you"

Jen says it depends on what state your in.

Maggie has a friend who is subbing (sp?)

April says she thinks that to teach in any state you have to have a bachelors degree.

April says some of the richest ppl dont have degrees. The only reason April, so she says, that she got a degree is so she could prove to herself that she could do it.

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All singing the carpet muncher song again.

Howie is talking about how they can't show half a boobie but they can show someone getting their head cut off Says "America grow up!!"

(These HGs are really putting a lot of time and effort into these shirts. I hope someone gets screen shots of them.)

Sarah and James still in the gym.

HGs outside discussing requirements for teaching and finishing up shirts.

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Guest Shockalot

While out in the yard making their signs, the group all reminds themselves they heard the voting ends Wednesday at 10PM (BBT?)

They apparently all know this to be true.

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Apparently, Beau is going to make a shirt that says "Firemen do it better"

Howie (Randomly) What up KAAAYSAR!!

Howie wonders if America has seen the clip they saw earlier today of them voting.

Ivette says the internet people already know what's happening because they talk about stuff in the house... (Ivette is so smart!)

Howie asks Janie if ppl ever call her Janella (Sp?)

"Your beautiful Janie"

Janie: "I know"

Ivette working on her shirt while April and Beau sit on the grass beside her watching.

Howie still beside Janelle... Giving her random compliments...

VERY QUIET whispering between H and Jan... uncomprehensible (sp?) Something about HOH and eating food all night

April Beau and Ivette talking about the voting for Am. Ch.

April and Beau walked over to the laundry area... their T-shirts are done... Beau's came out pink.. he says it's okay because its cute...

Janie's shirt... Bring back micheal for Jane so we can win this game.

Feed timed out.

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The back of Janie's shirt is going to say "Ashlea has a nice rack, so bring her back"

They talk about how Ashlea can't come back now because she left sequester...

They say that they dont care who comes back if they can get rid of James...

April says James has never done anything special to win (veto), It's luck.

Howie says that it's good to be bad in this game but have good luck...

Howie makes some comparison of the game being like football, what with fumbles and good passes.....(Something like that)

Howie suggests : Bring back Micheal for James so we can win these veto games

Howie says he wouldnt wear that shirt, he has a big enough target..

Howie tells Beau Beau that he thinks it (HOH) will be physical.

Howie calls Beau a cute little pooper (I think thats what he said)

Maggie walks out, gets something

Howie tells Maggie that they should write Bring back Cappy for James so we can win these veto games

Maggie goes back in

Howie and Janie hug.. Howie calls her adorable... a few "Your cute Janey" "Oh howie".. blah blah..

Janelle puts her shirt on Howie... It is a medium girls shirt.. Howie has it on.... The shirt says " America bring Kaysar back"... Janie tells him it makes him look muscular... Howie says oh thanks janie...

they suggest howie put on his speedo... He says maybe later.

A few mention that a new HOH brings new friends...

Janie and Howie go inside.

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they start telling bird poop stories. howie was jogging on venice beach and a bird pooped on his shoulder. janelle had her arms full of groceries and was walking home in 110 degree weather and a bird shit on her head.

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Guest Triples

A bird pooped on Jennifer's shirt, just as she was starting to paint on it about keeping Eric...... A sign from someone higher up????

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Howie is trying to help James write something on his shirt

"7 vetos or bust" or "Veto to HOH"

Sarah tells James to outline his words in black.

April, Howie, and Ivette are standing over James and Sarah, just watching them work on thier T-Shirts.

Ivette takes the permenant marker from James and begins to outline his shirt for him.

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Janie, Sarah, Maggie, Jenny, and Ivette still working on T-shirts. April's is in the dryer.

Everyone talking about what they are going to write on thier shirts, how they should have done something better, and how they want to make shirts for themselves.

Janie working on a shirt for Howie. It says bring back Michael for Jane so we can win. On the back it says Vote for Kaysar.

Rachel, Janie, and Ivette are already wearing thier shirts.

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Random Conversation:

Janie accidently spelled Kaysars name wrong on Howie's shirt. (Kayser)

A- What do you all think about hot tea? Does that sound good?

M- Tonights a good night for hottubbing.

A - Go for it

B - If you all go in there, I will go in

I - I need to campaign

R - Janie, can you cut the sleeves off my shirt too?

J - Yup

Ivette blaming Rachel for turning up the thermometer in the house

I - Howie, if you are ever sweating, blame Rachel

R - I don't make it warm

H- The thing is set on 72, that's like a sauna

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Guest angelich

James is finishing up in the shower. Sarah came in and he asked about the T-Shirt she was making. She said she put it in the dryer since it was still wet.

Howie asked Janie if she missed sexual confrontations.

Janelle asking Beau how to spell hooka.

Sarah and James in the bathroom. James is done in the shower. Sarah is going into the shower.

BB: James put on your mic.

Howie: Dumbass

James: Fuck you Howie (then he mumbles something about putting on aftershave and other things first)

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Guest angelich

Sarah wondering if BB will give her and James a date.

James and Sarah talking about DR questions and how they are set up... and we have fish

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James in the shower

J- did you write on your shirt yet?

S- No, I put it in the dryer

J - Why don't you go and get the towls out of our room.

S - Maybe they will do Americas choice for evictions

James Smiles

...Missed some...

J- Now we know better, shouldn't have trusted Eric either

BB - James put on your microphone

J- BB how am i supposed to put on after shave and everything else with my microphone on?

Rachel come in

J- You wash your hands after you blow your nose?

R - Yeah

S- I wonder if they will give us a date?

J - Doubt it


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Guest angelich

Janelle took off her tie dyed tank and forgot to put her mic on, BB told her to put it on. She apologizes and Howie talks about her big boobies.

Rachel saying they (sequestered) probably didn't get to talk to anyone.

[shoot my feeds are messed up but I know Ivette is talking]

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james in shower... sarah comes in and talks to him and says something about the fact that wouldn't it be cool if America got to choose who to keep at elimination, james said "that would rock!"... james gets out of shower...

BB James please put on your mic.

howie in background "Dumbass"

James - F*** Y** HOWIE!!!!

James - hey BB how am i supposed to put on aftershave and cologne and put on my mic?


sarah now taking a shower, james goes up to shower door and says something then gives her a kiss... walks out to the kitchen. james then jheads to GR n gets dressed.

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