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August 7th Live Feed Updates

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J.,M,A bad mouthing Ivette now,worried about the time she's spending with James.

A.If she says something bad about me she better watch out.

M. I've put myself in quite a pickle.

A- Feels pretty good Eric coming back.Ivette is obsessed with Eric.

Damn Hammock!!!! Sorry hard to hear at times

A. It woulld be great for you if he(Eric) came back for you(Maggie)

But April is worried because of teams

We get fish

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James, Sarah and Jen in the gym.

April comes in.

James and Jen are working out.

They're all talking about which seasons they have watched.

Jen is talking about the other person who was supposed to be her partner,

James is saying his cell phone bill was so high because he was talking to the guy who was supposed to be his partner so much. Sarah is talking about what she had to do before coming.


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April is now out on the lounge with Maggie and I hear April say how Jen is in the gym with James and Sarah and Maggie says yea, and it looks bad April is asking Maggie if she thinks Janelle is strong she just doesn't know for herself. April says do you see how Janelle stares at people all the time? Maggie says she doesn't stare at me much. She does like to watch people. Maggie says you don't have to worry about Janelle because Kaysar made sure you guys were connected. April nervously laughs and says I do not trust her.

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I in shower.

A and M outside.

Jan picking her face.

James was in the bathroom too then came out.

M says A doesn't need to worry about Jan because K made a connection for her.

S in gym with James and Jen.

S I 've never said anything bad about anybody. Jen is still working out.

B comes outside.

James working his biceps and S hates to see him do that and see his veins.

They're talking about his veins popping and blood being all over the place if they popped.

M washed a razor with her clothes.


Jan comes out and sits with M and A.

Jan saying they're not safe if James gets HOH.

A is tired of thinking.

S doing about 3 reps on her biceps.

A says S has a better chance of winning so James should let her stay. She can get people to trust her since she's a better person.

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S and J kiss.

M, B, Jan, Jen and A talking about the couple. A says they're all on the same page.

R and H in HOH.

R listening to music. H wants to stick a boobie in his mouth (I think that's what he said, wouldn't be surprised).

Jen feels sorry for S. Jan is going to work out.

R and H talking about nothing in particular.

Jan goes up to HOH.

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Maggie washed Howie's clothes with a razor, not hers.

Jan tells R and H about what they were saying outside. The others say they're safe for 2 weeks.

H says he has a week to get ready for an endurance comp.

Talking about Howie's pic. J saying he's really ripped. Oh Howie. Oh Janie.

Jan goes to workout. H just keeps walking up and down the room. R is just laying there in the bed. H wants to train super hard so he can fall asleep.

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janelle is on the treadmill. james said he wants to hate them so much for stabbing him in the back, but it is strategy and he would probably do the same thing. he tells jan he is at an emotional crossroads right now

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Jan on treadmill. James is in there as well. James and Jan talking about the veto comp. Sheep outside talking. Jan is laughing with James while she walks. James says he wants to hate them so much because he wasn't going to stab them in the back and now his gf is going home. James says he's at an emotional crossroads right now.

The sheep are eating outside.

James says his job has made him sneaky but he doesn't play dishonestly, saying he was straight up with the sov 6 and his word was good with them.

"I keep my word unlike a lot of people" James.

If he and S were trying to go after H, R and J then Sarah would have taken them out in the HOH. This is the last chance that they can take out M. If Eric comes back this will be the last time they have the numbers. James and Jan are kind of laughing and talking about it, it's not hostile.

James is going over everything, about him coming to them and confessing everything when the sov 6 was formed. James is doing crunches.

They'r e both concerned with how much weight they're gaining.

(I'm out for the night. This was my first time :) ).

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james: i'm putting on fat weight

jan: me too

jan: i wish there was....actually i'm glad there's not a scale. because i think i would start crying

james: oh BB would f_ck with the scale too...some days it would be 10 lbs heavier sometimes it would be 10 lbs lighter. or i would

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april made a plate of pb&j sandwiches and takes them outside for the group to share. maggie said thanks april, i'll make the next one. howie, maggie, april, beau and ivette on the lounge talking. janelle still on treadmill. james goes to bathroom area, then to kitchen looking for something to eat, then back to talk to janelle

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james: if kaysar comes back he is gonna be so pissed at you guys.

jan: he's gonna be like what the hell happened.

james: he's gonna be so pissed.

jan: he is gonna be pissed, but he's gonna be more pissed at them i think. (she points outside i guess)

james goes to shower

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ivette: he may try to play this game all by himself.

maggie: well as long as he keeps pitting two groups against each other

beau: has he tried to tell you that jan or rach has been talking bad about you?

howie: no, and if he did i would just laugh.

they all agree they want anyone to win hoh except for james.

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howie: we spray the raid on him, but he just keeps getting back up again.

maggie: so we hit him with a snow plow, a freight train, a freakin grenade

ivette: james is going for the number of vetos in bb history

april: two were given. (to howie) do y'all just wanna kick yourselves in the ass for that?

howie: i wanted him out the door but kaysar wanted to bring him back and i was like WHAT. the plan was to bring him back and it backfired.

april: the mother f_cker is good. he talked his way into staying.

howie: we'll get him five on one this time in the veto. don't care about getting the veto..care about him not getting it.

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april: james keeps saying he has never watched bb

maggie: he keeps correcting me on peoples names

april: i called him out on it earlier. he talks about it all the time

maggie: why would you lie about not seeing bb

april: if that sob is there at the end....he is only getting the 50,000. i told the DR and i don't care if i hate the person that is next to him at the end

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maggie: the way they were crying went kaysar left, but james wanted kaysar out so bad.

april: after kaysar left sarah put her key on his.

ivette: i told sarah, how far did you think you guys were gonna go anyway. five people aren't gonna win the money.

howie: well it's not gonna be sarah. and hopefully it wont be james either. next week.

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april: for veto james said he came out and looked at the pinatas and took a long time...trying to get in everyone's head and figure out exactly what people were thinking. (something about the number of balls inside the pinatas)

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