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August 7th Live Feed Updates

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Guest Peaches

Someone tells Janelle she'll have to make a half and half shirt. Sounds like maybe they're making campaign t-shirts.

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James: I can't make a t-shirt for someone coming back when you are leaving

Sarah: so don't do it

Sarah: I'll go make a t-shirt that says Sarah & James forever

silence, they are staring at each other

Sarah kisses James

Sarah: it feels good that you'll show me your emotions

Sarah: do we have to give up so easily

James: I'm not giving up

Sarah: we can swing the votes

J: I heard Ivette volunteered to go up on the block...but don't say that because I don't know if it's true. She's the one who doesn't care if it backfires because she's got the votes in her corner.

S: so if Ivette goes up you don't think we can swing April, Janelle and someone else (didn't catch name)

J: I've already went down every idea in my head, none of them are going to work

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Guest Peaches

Sarah: Do we have to give up so easily?

James: I already ran over every idea in my head. None of them will work.

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Howie: all I know is that we are now in the backyard. That's all I know. Lol.

April/Maggie talking about how the dye packets suck

Someone just said they were going to write Michael and Kaysar on their shirt

Howie: does this stuff stain your skin

Beau: I don't think so

April: BB do we take the rubber bands off the shirts?

Ivette made her shirt all blue

Rachel is doing yellow

Howie: what colors did you make the boobies Janie

Jan: I don't know Howie

Ivette: it says wear rubber gloves to protect skin. We need rubber gloves. (they have been dyeing without gloves and now just realized this?)

Howie told Maggie to show us how to do this, calls her a flower child

Howie: can I actually mess this up. Is that possible? Can you make a bad tye-dye shirt?

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Since BB didn't give them gloves, Maggie suggests getting a bucket of soapy water to wash their hands

Jenny is combining colors to make purple

Beau and Maggie are saying not to wash the shirts ever

Maggie: The washing machine recycles water, it would dye the water

April is using, looks like, all the colors all over her shirt

Beau to Howie: I'll do your shirt

Howie: except for the pinatas and shirts, I've been pretty good...swinging light sabers, fighting alligators...

April: Sarah's going home

HG talking about who's coming back, Ivette says "We love Kaysar"

Beau: I think Kaysar is coming back from listening to his speech

FHG: it was good

Ivette: He had passion and intensity, he'll bring that back

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Janelle is dying one of her white shirts. She wants two people to come back. She's going to wear them different days.

Howie: Can I dye my orange shirt?

Beau: I have a grey shirt

Jenny: Grey will work

April: You can always put two names on your shirt

Jan and Howie: What up Kaaaaysar!

Howie: How do you spell Ashlea?

HG laughing saying they are going to put "Where's Ashlea?" on their shirts

They made a green, red and white shirt for Italy

Howie: Janies big boobies are so cute

Janelle: Thanks Howie

Howie referring to Jenny: Because of Dan, Dan I can't have her

Howie: You wearing panties, babe (to Rachel)

Rachel: No, I'm wearing my bathing suit

Howie: How long does it take for these to dry

Jenny: A long time

Howie: Really? So we can go back to our BB lives

Beau is dying a towel, calls it his "Mommas Boy Towel"

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In bedroom: Ivette is cleaning, April laying on bed

April - He will be rallying to get me out. That's why i think you should go up (Ivette)

I - you are second guessing us

A- I am not second guessing you, but I do not want to listen to him talk s***

I - I dont care to go up there, I volunteered myself

A- I get sick of hearing his mouth, and that's all he will do.

A- I am not saying I am second guessing you all, but I dont want to hear his voice for 2-3 days.

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Jenny calls them cheering towels, says Howie needs a cheering towel because he can't compete in HOH

Beau: I'm done with the dying

Howie: Thanks Bo-Bo

Howie: He's won a veto in every competition he's competed in. Laughs. He's batting a 1000.

All HG done with tye-dye

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Jan, Rachel and Howie out by pool

Talking about America's Choice, basing thoughts off the videos the three made.

HG say that Eric was demanding to be back in the house.

Howie: He's angry at me

Howie: What up Kaaaaaaaaysar!

Jan: He was wearing a sweater, like he was cold

Rachel: He looked very handsome, I was proud of him

Howie: He feels refreshed to be out of the house

Rachel: It hasn't even been a week

Howie: So, actually they are going to play that at the start of the show

Rachel: It'll probably be on Tuesday...they are going to show our reactions...they are going to show us wearing the shirts

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R, H, and Janie by the pool discussing who thier families will vote for to come back into the house.

R - I am going to write that, What up Kaysar?

J - He was wearing a swearter like it was cold

R - He looked handsome and sophisticated. I was proud of him

H - He said he was refreshed to be out of the house

The three are recapping what Kaysar said on the TV preview

H - So actually, they will play the message at the begining of the show on Tuesday.

H - will they show our reactions to the show?

R- Yeah, and they will show us wearing our shirts

R - Probably put to much tye-dye on the shirts to wear we cant read them.

H - Maggie asked who I was going to vote for

J- She still thinks I am dumb

H - Oh Janie

J - Oh Howie

Maggie comes out to join them by the pool

H- Guess I should put my suit back on, BB told me to take it off before doing into the DR

R- Your suit looks like shorts, why did it matter?

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Maggie joins them by the pool

Howie: You guys want a bowl of trix

Rachel: Not today, I will tomorrow

Howie: if Micheal comes back he'll be dominating. He says he needs to work out to compete with Micheal.

Howie leaves

Jenny comes out

Jenny: I assume you are doing laundry today. Just in case I have whites in.

Jenny lays out with them

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I - April is totally, totally stressing out for no reason

B- You know what, Honestly, I told Maggie that I am tired of April being nervous about being the pond.

B- April says she already told Howie that she would do it, instead of you (Ivette)

I - I don't care if i go up. I wouldn't even pack my bags

B - April will be so stressful on the block

B - (to Ivette) I suggest you get up there first before April

I - I will just pack the black bag

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Jenny: they zoomed in on you Mag. The cameras zoomed in on you all of the sudden

Howie's back with a bowl of Trix

FHGs talking again about how Kaysar looked hot on the video, again

Rachel: I want some Lucky Charms...goes to fish

now talking about different kinds of cereal

Maggie talking about soy Kashi

Maggie: soy is really good for women because it helps to prevent cancer...now talking about menopause

Ivette joins the tanning HGs

Ivette: April's stressing out about being put on the block. Just pawn me.

Howie: it's the same thing only in a different spot

Ivette: I'm fine with it. April is over there saying I don't want to here James talking sh** all week. So, just pawn me. Okay? Done deal Howie

Howie: We'll put you up and do what we can to keep you

Howie thinks America would vote him out of the house

Ivette: I'm stressing about other things, HOH.

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I - These are the minor things that everyone starts to pay attention to. I am stressing out about other things.

H- I want to be as focused as possible in the HOH competition

H- I can't stop James, no one can. His luck will run out, but i don't want it to be becuase of me.

Talking about HOH competition

I - It can't be a question thing about what happened in the house becuase it would not be fair for whoever come back in.

H - Do you think the guys get to talk to each other

I and R - No

I - It has to be something that they can just come on in here and do

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Howie: His luck is going to run out, I just don't want it to be at my expense (talking about James). The worst thing that could happen in this game is he gets HOH and POV.

Ivette: it would be most convenient to Kaysar coming back

Howie: Do you think they can talk to each other? No they can't.

Now Howie is going on and on about Jenny's body. He told BB to break up with Dan for her.

Camera switched to kitchen with James/Sarah

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