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August 7th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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jan, mag and april outside talking about mike and cigarettes

maggie: you think they would let him buy some?

jan: in the sequester, yes.

maggie: (to april) don't you be looking at me like that.

jan: what?

april: if he comes back in this house it's meant to be for me to smoke again right?

maggie: i'll kick you right off this

april: right?

jan: no because if you already quit then you shouldn't be smoking.

april: micheals probably not even gonna wanna give me any...no he will

maggie: why?

(i'm on quad and the other conversation got louder so couldn't hear april)

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Ivette, Beau, Howie, Rachel and Jennifer in Common room talking about real life stuff... ie Jennifers problems with her boyfriend not proposing.

Janelle, April and Maggie outside "straighting" up things about what James has lied to them about and said about the other.

April points out.... In week one James was behind Ashlea being evicted and placed the extra vote against Kaysar to blame it on Michael. In week two he was behind Michael's eviction. And of course in week three behind Eric's eviction. And she says he's also the who is responsible for Kaysar leaving. AND he is going to be responsible for Sarah leaving, because he's "selfish".

They are making fun of James always saying "watch the tapes", they are laughing and saying they are going to respond to everything by "watch the tapes" LOL

Now they (a, jan, & mag) making fun of Sarah calling James her "super hero"

11:56 BBT

Maggie decides to go inside, so then April says shes gonna go too, she asks Janelle if she is going to sleep with howie tonight, then she says "come on, i dont want to leave you out here by yourself"

Janelle: is someone going to nab me?

April: Well shit, james might come out.

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Guest WhitePhoenix

James trying to convince Jan/Howie that he is on their side. So far Howie is not buying it. Jan quiet. Sarah really mad.

12:36 BBT

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Sarah: Did Kayser even knew about this?

Jan: Kayser knew about it but he told us they haven't done anything directly to us yet...

James: Kayser is a smart man. We weren't going to screw you guys. Right now I have no reason to tell you all this (about maggie/sheep) because sarah is going either way and I wont be able to stay away from her very long... so the only reason i am doing this is because i really care about jan, howie, rach,kay.

Howie: It hurt me when I found out that you guys swore on the bible ...

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Sarah (ED NOTE LYING): When they put Kay and James up they were asking me who was the leader and I said we all do our parts no one is a leader there because they wanted me to say that Kay was a strong player and was a leader so they can take him out

James: Right we didnt tell them that they should put up Kayser or any of you guys (LIE).


I am just here to tell you guys that we love you guys we wouldnt have backed stabbed you guys

Sarah: As goofy as you are you are a smart player ... you cant tell me that you blv'ed what maggie would say... is stupid. There is no way i can possibly blv that you were stupid enough to blv her so that leads me to blv that you had that motive all along.

Howie: Why didnt you tell maggie that we were a group? (not verbatim)

James/Sarah: We didnt want to let them know that we were this powerful group...

(They are really trying to rib Howie for the noms... Howie might be falling for it .... )

12:46 BBT

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Sarah *crying* : I would've felt alot better been taken out of the game by them than by you...

James: I thought we had some friends in this game???

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Guest WhitePhoenix

SARAH: You know if we get out ... the first target will be *points at JANELLE* and you dont care about that because you and rach are using ppl.

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Guest Foladar

Hmm .. James talking about the reason why they were here .. Sarah was here three days before .. he only came because his friend (missed that part) and he was "the twist" (which is what they all were told) .. and says he's going to get in trouble for saying this

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James keeps insisting that if he wins HOH next week that he would NOT be going after Howie and Rachel (what about janelle?? hmm) he started crying a little and said he had to leave because he's looking like a bitch.

After they (james and sarah) left the backyard janelle said : Howie, I believe them.


Howie is trying to convince jannie not to fall for it. She's being very hesitant.

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Guest Foladar

Jan and Howie thinking it over, and Jan realizes it .. and believes them - while Howie still can't believe it .. thinking over their decision on putting them up. I gotta agree, they should have kept them, get Maggie / Ivette out, end of story.

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Guest WhitePhoenix

James Sarah leave.

Jan: Howie I blv them!

How: do you? I dont. he is an actor.

Jan: but look at the facts its f*n suicide (to go against the group)

...How: He knows Sarah's leaving this week so he wants PPL to help him along. Don't fall into it janie.. he is the most dominant player... i was about to cry there for a sec... but look at him he can keep his lies straight they are fluid they are complete and they dont back track...

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Guest WhitePhoenix

JAN: He wasnt gonna take us out until the end

How: Yes he was going to ride us out until the end BUT if one of them is the hoh then he would sacrifice one of us...

*ed note: HOWIE NAILED IT*

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Guest Shockalot

1:00 AM BBT

Howie and Janelle sitting on the Big Chair

Summing up - they are going back and forth over their (Howies) decision to put up James and Sarah and how it may effect them in the next week or two. Howie hoping it wont backfire, Janelle still concerned that The Friendship will join with James to counter-attack their side.

"He will be alone and he will have to look for some Allies. He has too"

Howie insists that what he is doing is Strategical. Totally strategical.

Janelle is still suspicious of what Maggie and Co. will do, despite pledging the cease-fire deal.

Interestingly - Janelle suggests that it might be Kaysar that returns and Howie concedes that is actually possible.

Janelle has one more point to make - The Friendship always finds the new HoH and runs to them and tells all the dirt on what anyone has said about the HoH up till then.

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Someone in WC

FEED 3 AND 4 on April and Maggie

Whispering about James/Sarah

Mag: Jan was next if Kay wasnt already evicted. But we have to get James out...


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Guest Shockalot

2:00 BBT

James crawls into bed with Sarah.

[When I say whispering.. i mean whispering]

Sarah is telling James about possible outcomes, strategies and things might go down.

(Sorry but they are being SO quiet)

"Maggie win HoH.."

"Backstab.. ya Howie.."

"Rachel maybe..?"

As near as I can figure it seems to be just general prognosticating and lamentations of the game.

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It's 2:21am right now.

It's too hard to type out everything Howie is telling Janelle... he's talking so fast! But here's the jist of it..

Howie is convincing Janelle that James is completely lying. He compared him to a murderer on death row that will continue to deny that they killed the person. It's just denial. That's what James is doing. "He's getting others to do his dirty work."

Howie was doing most of the talking with Janelle just listening. She wants to believe James... but she's more with Howie.

Howie is in the bedroom flossing his teeth... click click click

Janelle is in the washroom.. washing up. She's now in HOH bedroom with Howie. Still talking about the game.

Janelle: "It's fucking crazy, this game"

Howie: "It's crazy, it's CRAZY"

"I don't know what I got into. I should've read the small print. I actually don't wanna come back haha"

"Think America would've voted for Ashlea because she has nice boobies?"

Janelle is now talking about how sweet Ashlea is. How she's her family etc.

Janelle: "what do you think rachel thinks about all this?"

Howie: "I love rachel she's my great friend. I don't like the look on her face everyday, she looks sad and lost... I don't know what she thinks of us. She's day to day. Me and you are more compatible with eachother than me and her cuz she sleeps at 10 and wakes up at 7..."

Howie: "Who knows who's gonna win. It'll be someone who'll sneak up on you. Who knows, it might be Jenny and April. "

Howie and Janelle are now just talking about the events/competitions. and recounting what happened in the house so far. No sign of them going to sleep yet.

Howie and Janelle are wishing that Kaysar was with them so they could get the fuck out of this mess. He'd know what to do.

Janelle: "He always has a definite plan, play by play." (about Kaysar)

Howie: "America's cheering for you too!"

Janelle: "Hey, did you tell Rachel in the first week that I was trying to save Ashlea?"


Howie: "I think... I can't remember.." Howie is BS'ing his answer here I think.

James and Sarah are both sleeping. James is snoring.

(sorry, that's my first time explaining what's happening live)

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Guest Shockalot

2:20 BBT

Now Howie and Janelle are in the HoH room by themselves.

Janelle appears to have mud all over her face... but not her regular makeup but something else.

Howie is still going on at great length and redundancy about reasons why James is a bad dude that needs to go.

He is seemingly trying to convince Janelle (who seems to agree anyway but listens quietly as Howie makes his case)

Howie making analogy of James ability to deny to Murderers who sit around completely denying any guilt, meanwhile the cops have everything.. all the evidence and all but a picture of him murdering someone... yet they still deny.

"James is like that in the sense he denies, denies, denies... he is in love with it!"

Howie: "Janelle, you are smarting than me but I got wisdom on you"

Janelle "Yahah.. by a few years"

Howie "Ya. A 'Few'"

Janelle in bathroom now wiping the 'mud mask' off her face.

Howie is explaining that while he is afraid when he thinks of Maggies Team coming at his Team - its still does not scare him as much as when he thinks of James and Sarah being in the house together.

He does not know what they might do.

Janelle is telling Howie that Ashlea is really a very sweet girl.

(OH man!.. these teeth-flossing picks they have are baddd news for listeners grrr)

Janelle asks Howie how Rachel feels about all this.

Howie says she is his great friend (Pick pick pick sounds) but that this morning she had a look on her face.. a very sad face.. he was not sure about that.. she looked sad.

Howie and Janelle reflect on a competition where Ivette was asked who came in last and Howie says "Did she actually say 'Cappy' or 'Eric'?"

They agree they have had problems in Trivia Comps about 'Other Comps' so they begin going over the names, outcomes and players in previous competitions.

Janelle suddenly says "I miss Kaysar"

Howie: "So do I .. I miss him doing my thinking for me..trying to think gives me a headache."

They agree it would be great if Kaysar came back too. (they did say 'Too')

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Looks like Howie and Janelle are turning in at quarter to 3.

Janelle: "Think Beau'll win the whole thing? the whole bb6 "

Howie: "nooo.."

Janelle: "How bout Jenny"

Howie: "maybe"

Janelle: "I hate that...I want a big player to win you know?"


Howie: ".. it could be me or you, we'll see"

Janelle: "i'd be so pissed if someone like april won it. not that i hate her but if she got it over you, then.."

They're talking about how you could get to the final two without winning HOH once. How James can't be stopped.. Talking about how the cowboy never won ANYTHING but still got really far. and then about how good Nicomus was, but then everyone screwed her.

Now they're just talking about BB5 and who was the best.. and past BB seasons. Janelle's telling Howie about the seasons. Season 3 was the best, she says.

Talking about who's hot and who's not in the BB house:

janelle: "Jenny's cute... Sarah is pretty. Rachel is pretty.."

Howie's throwing in some "big boobies" comments

Janelle: "Ivette is... I guess.. a pretty lesbian" *laughs* that's so mean

Howie: How about James? He's hot right?

Janelle: No I dont think James is hot... something about him...

Howie: Did you think Eric was hot?

Janelle: NOO

Howie: What about Beau?

Janelle: He's actually pretty cute for a gay guy

Howie: What about Kaysar?

Janelle: ..Yeah he's pretty cute

Howie: How bout Michael?

Janelle: YEEEAAAHH he's SO hot.

Now they're talking about how the group is diverse. Janelle said that Kaysar is white. Now talking about how much they love him, and how he's so smart.

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Guest Shockalot

Howie and Janelle in bed now.

Talking about BB5 and how Cowboy never won a competition.

Janelle says she doesnt like making fun of people she does not know but he was the Goofiest Thing.. and did not deserve to win.

She thinks Nakomis deserved to go farther.

Howie knows about this but cant remember BB5 very well.

Howie: "Who was the best player in BB5.. Would you say it was Jase"

Janelle: "He was very good.. very athletic.. "

Howie: "Very powerful"

Janelle: " I didnt think he was very cute.. Nakomis was better"

Howie just said "I went to his school.. U.S.?.?."

"I didnt know him though"

(Anyone else catch that.. Howie is 'yawn-talking' through it)

HAhahah.. Howie laughing to himself: "Wha.. went to the final two without winning any episodes.. hehehhhe"

Janelle reveals that she watched some of the earlier BB seasons before but once she got the DVDs (and knew she was coming on) she watched them all repeatedly.

Talk about X-Factor. Janelle considers it one of the worst seasons. Says it was 6 good people and then 6 Ex's, who were not very good.

She says it was considered a worst season.

She says Season 3 was considered the best.

Janelle liked Amy and Gerry.

They talk about how this season they put them all in pretty much the same generational category.

Janelle and Howie agree this BB6 Season is by far the best looking House.

Janelle does NOT think Eric was hot.

Michael is REALLY, really Hot.

Kaysar is cute.

Beau is a really cute gay guy.

Janelle had mixed feeling about James looks vs who he is to her.

Did you ever see SeasonOne or Two?


The only thing Janelle liked about Season 4 was Alison. She thought she was really really cool.

Janelle asks if Howie liked Scott (Long)

Howie agrees.. he reminds him of a relative.

Janelle thinks Scott was really hot and wishs he stayed longer.

She thinks its sucked they got rid of Scott and Jase.

Howie says "Was Scott a Pro-Football Player?"

Janelle: "No. He was just lying".

Howie: "Ya, but he did wear that bandana all the time."

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Guest Shockalot

They discuss how BB always has at least one 'Ethnic' person on the show.

What about this year?

They think about it and list:

Jennifer is a Mexican American.

Beau is a Black Guy.

Ivette is Latino

Howie: "Hey wait.. and Kaysar, what about Kaysar?"

Janelle replies "Well he is White.

Howie: "Wha? I thought he was Iraqi?"

Janelle: "Ya, but that is considered White"

Howie: "Ok. I see."

(Errr.. Kaysar is not Ethnic but Jennifer is. Ok)

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Still talking about past BB seasons and house guests..

Howie: "yeah we need michael or kaysar to strengthen our side more"

Janelle: "do you think the bb gods have anything to do with it?"

Howie: "yeah for sure. then again, the strongest part of this game is the viewers. "

Howie: "I can't feel sorry for James. "

The Janelle says something about Rachel I think... and Howie's like "oh yeah... DAMN IT. FUCK"

Janelle: "it's ok Howie"

anyways it looks like they're going to try to get some sleep now. I gotta go attempt that too. It's been fun! G'night.

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