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8/30 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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11:30 am BBT: Hayden was named the replacement nominee.

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you havent missed a thing...no really you havent

Pre 1:15BBT...

Haydon has hung out with Heidi's (Spencer/Heidi) Ex-boyfriend's brother. Lane says Colby-thats my cousin! For real thats my cousin.

Hay, Enzo talk about how Britney has traveled all over, doesnt deserve to be F3, going next week. Brit/Lane talk about her Spanish Degree. Enzo getting a Buzzz

Haydon, Enzo still talking, Lane, Britney talking. Ragan in red rm saying Dead man walking in BBH. waiting for execution on Thurs.

Lane saying Britney chose Reality show over her engagement. Brit saying why cant she have both? Says she loves Nick.

Enzo is done with his aircraft, named it 'Intimidator" you cant see it when it hovers.

HG (minus Ragan) sitting on lounge saying they want a double elim this week or should just name the winner this week.

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2:30 BBT

Everybody except Ragan in backyard.

Enzo and Hayden eating pizza. Enzo useing a spatula to eat his.

Lane drinking cranberry juice out of jug.

Ragan taking a afternoon nap.

Nobody talking, just eating.

Britney asks Enzo if he eats he crust?

Enzo: I'm a crusty kind of guy. I dunno bout this stuff.

Britney: There's something weird about Digerno (sp) pizza crust.

Brit: I wanna go hommmme. I want to see my dog, even when he pee's on the floor. I want to drink out of a cup.

General chit chat about life at home, Britney style.

Lane misses walking around the house naked after a shower, Britney agrees.

BB: Lane, please go to the diary room.

Hayden saying he's on probation and can not break anything or he gets a penalty vote.

Talking about the simple things they miss at home.

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Brit is upset that Enzo knows more about the game than she thought he did... she doesn't want to go home... she says she isn't stupid that she knows her and Enzo are the disposable ones in the house after Ragan. She says she won't make final two unless she wins the final hoh. She is mad that she will go home empty handed. She says why have i done this if i get nothing. She says she is the only one in the house that got nothing. Enzo has a TV. Somebody got vacation and 5k and she has nothing. Lane has 94 dollars more than she does. (she is on a pity party now)

she wishes she had taken Rachel's 5k and taken her off the block and sent brendon home a long time ago. Lane tells her she is checking out already and Brit is saying that she and Enzo are on their own. Lane tells her he would rather have Brit in final two than Hayden. Brit says Lane is so in love with Hayden.

Brit thinks no one talked to Hayden wasn't friends with anyone until Kristen left... she thinks that is when he and Lane hooked up.

Brit asked Lane if Hayden and him were the pair. Now they are going through who all thought who were pairs. Brit said she asked to be part of the twist and they didn't make her the twist.

Lane tells Brit to chill out and Brit starts again about how depressing it is in there. Lane says she is a strong person and Monica told her she wasn't mentally strong enough to be there. (not sure who Monica is)

Hayden and Enzo in kitchen eating (can't watch them cuz Enzo is eating :))

I do have to add that the kitchen is a mess... food is everywhere.

Lane is still trying to cheer Brit up telling her the opportunities she will have when the show is over.

Brit wants a super bowl commercial.

Brit says if she was in jury house she would have hit the red button.

Brit says she wouldn't talk to anyone there and doesn't like anyone there and doesn't want to be friends with anyone there (jury house)

Hayden and Enzo are making fun of the houseguests pictures... comparing them to dogs.

7:52 and we have bubbles

ragan has joined enzo and lane in the kitchen and seems to be going off about having to sit around and squirm and more bubbles.

feeds back... ragan said he was fuming when he came out of DR and more bubbles

feeds back and hayden going into DR and more bubbles

now all 4 feeds on lane and brit (the pity party)

now all feeds on kitchen and enzo is talking to ragan about no messages about the sab. Ragan says he is still mad

Ragan doesn't want it to be his story this week that he laid in bed and then says it is a sh**y thing to say to somebody and more bubbles

ragan said that is what his story will be they already told him.

Ragan asked Enzo if candybars ever go bad and Enzo told him no. Enzo then announced he had to go smash in 8 minutes and Ragan is smacking his food.

with that i'm out :)

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