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8/30 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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  • 5 weeks later...

9:02 BBT Lane called to DR, Brit and Hayden play a little pool and discuss Nelly and how "Its Hot in Here" was his last big song and how long ago it was. Enzo inside making his tinfoil spaceship while Ragan begins to make fajitas.

9:13 BBT Enzo called to the DR as Brit goes inside, Hayden setting up some weights. Ragan complaining about the lack of meat, and how little they gave them, claiming it was three servings but he could put it all in one fajita. Lane joins Brit and Ragan in the kitchen, as Britney talks about Rachel not liking her because "she was jealous of her body" Ragan "did you hear why I dont like her... cuz shes a strong woman." As the ooooey-goooey Rachel bash commences again. They are both still being pretty shallow in their remarks towards how you dont understand how bad Rachel Reily is until you live it. (they just cant let it go, Rachel's been gone for like 3 weeks now)

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9:07 BBT

Ragan and Enzo in


BB VOICE: Ya better not>

Agan, BB VOICE: Ya better not.

Ragan expaining what he is cooking>

Checking microwave inst.

Ragan wondering if Kristen is at his apt. now

BB VOICE: You fuckin better not>

Ragan taking about Renny.

Enzo thinks she is in movies now

Ragan thinks Renny will be on next BB allstars

BB VOICE: Ya better not!! ( a very sarcastic female voice)

Ragan cooking something on stove, disputing directions.

Brit is now in kitchen making general chit chat.

Brit think Rachel thinks Brit is jealuos of her body.

Ragan assures he does not like woman.


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9:20 BBT

General Rachel bashing by Brit and Ragan,

WBRB (happening a lot to night)

Switch to back yard . Lane commenting on Enzo's quick DR session.

Lane, Hayden and Enzo in back yard.

Brit and Ragan still Rachel bashing in kitchen. (get over her already)

BB pipes in techno music and everybody is dancing. (this is funny). Again it does not last long.

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9:24 BBT The Dancing session ends as Lane Hayden and Enzo sit around outside, joking about CBS editing the clips of them dancing. Ragan goes right back to the ktichen table, talking with Brit and eating a fajita. Brit telling Ragan about a gay guy she met on a cruise once she thinks Ragan kind-of looks like. Ragan makes sure she thought he was cute. ( I had to chime in, because that dance stuff was absolutely hysterical. )

9:28 BBT The BG outside about to exercise, waving at a helicopter flying over-head. Enzo jogging around. Hayden "going for a jog too. Strapping my mic up, and going for a jog." Lane goes inside and discusses the police helicopter with Brit and Ragan.

9:32 BBT Inside, Ragan wondering where the cookie sheet, as he is going to make some cookies. Which means more Rachel bashing, mostly Ragan and Britney (almost doing it just for Lane's amusement, he mostly goes with - give it up) making fun of the cookies she made that actual time (of the Ragan fight), the pancakes she made for Lane one time that were completely M+M...

9:37 Ragan and Brit inside discussing the whistling of the bedroom door, and Brit getting woken up. Ragan called to the DR, as he tells Brit not to ruin his oooey-gooey cookies. Brit goes outside to the join the BG as she gets on the elliptical. Enzo and Hayden still jogging around, Lane by the hotub.

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9:50 BBT Hayden compliments Brit on her good ten minutes on the elliptical. Ragan out of the DR and heads outside, asks Lane how the hot-tub is. He is says its ooooey-goooey. Hayden heads inside for a drink as Ragan follows to check on the cookies. He repeatedly says the Oooey-Gooey thing. Hayden called to DR "What" Ragan kiddingly replies "oww , your in trouble. I told em what you did." Hayden "What!? whyd you do that Ragan.."

9:56 BBT Ragan chomping away on cookies inside, while outside Britney is walking away. The boys teasing her, making sure she's feeling okay. Hayden tells Lane how amazing Muscle Milk is, saying he mixed it with a little skim milk and a lil Chocolate milk. Enzo still joking around, as Ragan goes back out to the hot-tub.

10:00 BBT BB chimes in music once again, as everyone outside dancing around hysterically enjoying the third "punishment". (Britney certainly has the dancing thing down, to a T.)

This doesn't last but more than a minute as they all go back to talking about Muscle Milk. Hayden "tastes like thanksgiving food", and "Steamboat, CO. here we come!!" They realize that the camera goes away from them when they start talking about something, going to Britney instead.

10:04 Talk about daily routine, and being puppets in the house. Hayden "Enzo, abs in a minute?" Brit still aimlessly walking around as another helicopter flies over, Enzo is done jogging and is walking around a bit. Ragan "HELLLP US!!!" Lane "Yeahhhh!!!" Brit "I'm here, come get me!" Ragan says something about Brit's boobs being like Rachel's or something and Brit immediately starts talking about how much better "hers are..."

10:07 Hayden and Lane begin a pool game, as Hayden messes up on the break shot. "Lemme see that stick" Switches sticks with Lane, who gives him a ribbing, and third time was a charm. Brit still aimlessly walking around, laughing with Ragan occasionally.

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10:10 BBT Ragan says something else about Rachel, as Lane ponders "dang, shes been in the jury house almost a month, holy crap." As Ragan begins to Rachel (and Brendon) bash obviously again, alone in the hammock. Brit chimes in, still walking around. Ragan "I'm surprised, Annie didn't knock her the F- out." Enzo "Ahhh man, I woulda punched her in the face, espec. if you knew you were going home..." (he obv was putting himself in Annie's point of view, but geez. I understand the boredom and lack of game chat at this point, but pretty much anything seems to lead to Rachel bashing with some of them).

10:14 BBT Brit comes outside, "they came only came us four cans of Coors light. And 1 Bottle of Red wine too, but that's all. " She asks who won the pool game; Lane. Hayden re-racks as Lane breaks and they play again. Enzo working out on the lawn, stretching and doing abs.

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10:25 BBT Enzo inside, heading to the bathroom, looking for something for his tinfoil mess. Outside, Lane and Hayden still playing pool, Ragan chilling in the hammock and Britney sitting with her legs in the hot-tub. Talking about week 1 and how funny it was in the popcorn/caramel comp and Kathy stuck in the caramel, and then how going into the bowling POV was really dramatic and intense, with everything leading up to it. B "Super-dramatic" R "craazzzy." B "well, Rachel and Kristin's fight was pretty dramatic too." R " the moment future contestants of BB will make fun of the most..." B "it might be Kathy in the caramel again..." Brit and Ragan go on to discuss how over-the-top they thought Rachel acted for the cameras. As Lane compares her to Janelle. R "floaters, grab your life-vests." He later goes on, "you just have to keep your distance, everyone she was close to got burned." B "Im telling your Ragan, your definitely making Perez (Hilton).." Her and Ragan talk about Ragan and Rachel's fight....

10:34 BBT Inside, Enzo working away on his tinfoil craft. Meanwhile, snacking away on Cheeze-Its and eating Coke, as he has to, straight out the bottle. You can barely hear the tinfoil make any noise over his chewing. Outside, same situation. L+H pool game, and B+R chat. Occasionally, Lane or Hayden will pipe into the conversation. Mostly about music and stuff, as Lane wins his third game in a row.

10:42 BBT Talk turns to Survivor seasons, reality TV. Comparing Russel to Rachel. Cameras focusing on Enzo's craft-building and the boring pool game because of all the chatter by Brit and Ragan.

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10:51 BBT Enzo still chomping away inside and working on his craft, as the rest outside. Brit remarks how funny it is that she can tell that Ragan is gay by the way he runs on the elliptical... hes not on it for long as he joins Hayden Brit and Lane by the hot-tub. Talk of Rachel Reily, and hanging out in the house all summer. "Meeting Benjamin Button, who's had every job in the world." (from Hayden and Ragan) and "the worlds nastiest person" (from Brit) As Brendon bashing now goes on for a minute, Brit "And did you hear what Kathy's response to that (referring to something Brendon said) 'Come on Brendon, Im an Investigator!' Ill show you mine if you show me yours." Hayden "Kathy was a dirty minded person." Brit "She was so horny" Lane "Yeah, she said she hasn't been with a guy for a year." ( Unfort. this is all that's going on..)

10:56 BBT Enzo still inside. Outside, Talk turns to what everyone is going to look like when they go back and watch this season. Talk turns from Kathy to how Andrew was...as what they were saying back then in Week 1, and how sketchy some things were. Ragan "I dont know why would you come into this, and not being injured, not compete week one." All talking about some of the things Andrew did week 1, and how if he wasn't safe he would have gone week one. Brit remarks how if they were to go back to week one now, it would be a totally different final five. (well duh, obviously. hindsight is twenty-twenty)

10:59 BBT They talk about Evil Dick's tactics wouldn't have worked this season... There being little to no drama, besides Brenchel.

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11:06 BBT Talk outside turns to Britney's mom, and how she doesnt like any of her boyfriends really. Lane asks if she now likes Nick, Brit "Loves, no, Likes, yes. My mom, just dont really like anyone." Talk turns to Rap Party in Vegas, Lane saying he's scared then to meet her mom. Brit says she like him. Its a protective thing they gather. They then talk about not wanting to see Rachel there, Brit "or ever again." They then talk about how hard Kathy had it the first three weeks. With the weiner comp, then the caramel. Talk about how dramatic Rachel was during comps. Brit then goes on talk about how the slipe-n-slide, as they continue to reminisce about comps. and previous weeks.

11:11 BBT Enzo still all alone inside, working away. Thankfully, the snacking has ended for now. Outside, talk turns to this week's POV comp, how close it was, Ragan saying the last CD was strategically placed. Brit saying both Ragan and Enzo had their eye on the same CD. Hayden and Lane joking they will show it in slow-mo, Lane "shot to the heart will playing". Talking about there were like 15 CDs with "MoNet" on them around the pool.

11:14 Enzo goes outside for a second, then goes back inside. Hayden Lane and Brit make fun of the way Enzo eats, as Ragan heads to the Cabana and Enzo the bathroom, both passing Enzo's creation on the way.

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11:19 BBT Ragan chilling alone in the CR. Outside, Brit Hayden and Lane reminiscing. Lane talks about how right before Double Eviction, it felt like the season was never going to end. Now, boom!

11:22 BBT MUSIC TIME once again! Enzo dancing away, in the shower alone! Hayden, Brit and Lane dance joyfully around outside. Classical music was the choice time. Lane goes to start the grill, as Hayden goes to grab some dogs. Ask beef or turkey. Lane says its whatever. Hayden says he's going with turkey. Brit chimes in turkey dogs are disgusting.

Pretty funny, Hayden inside grabbing the dogs and screaming Yo to Enzo, saying we were dancing. He can't hear and just keeps going, Yooo, like four times, then goes "What?" Then goes back to showering. Hayden finally walks in there, asks if wants a dog. E "Make me one" H "Alright, Ill make you two."

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11:28 BBT Lane turns on the grill, as Hayden joins em again outside. Lane says they are getting low on propane. Brit hanging still with her legs in the hot-tub. The boys discover there's not enough to make dogs apparently, as they go inside discussing what else to eat. Hayden goes upstairs to get some burritos, as he tells Enzo " the Intimidator " is looking good. Lane is sitting by it at the kitchen table, snacking.

11:31 BBT Britney joins them inside as Hayden comes back downstairs into the kitchen to make the burritos. Brit asks why one of them is so fattening. Hayden "maybe cuz its fried" He then wonders how he is gonna eat them without a fork, Lane says he has been eating them by hand. Brit wants to go upstairs and listen to some music, but she afraid she won't hear the BB music. Lane tells her it wont be for awhile, so she decides to go up for a bit. Enzo is in the bathroom shaving. Hayden thanks Lane for sharing his stuff, as they hang out in the kitchen together.

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11:38 BBT Enzo out of the bathroom, asks the boys if they like "the Intimidator". Wonders what happened to making the dogs. Hayden says grill wont light, not enough propane. They'll have to do em another day. Lane and Hayden chewing away on burritos as Enzo sits down at the table to work on his tinfoil creation.

11:42 BBT Enzo still working away, Ragan walks into the bathroom as Enzo says the last dance was corny, Beethoven-ish, and says its going to be annoying at 3am. Ragan agrees on his way into the bathroom. Lane and Enzo start talking about the construction of "the Intimidator". Enzo " This is federal. This sh-t is Governmental." Lane says the burrito was just a tease, both Hayden and Lane still hungry as Lane searches for something in the fridge.

11:48 BBT Enzo "This guy is gonna be protecting me at the side of my bed... Ya know what i mean. Just in case people try to attack." Lane " Where do trees keep money." Enzo "Bank. River Bank..." L "Whattt" E "Branches.." H " Maybe the money tree." Finally.. Lane "They're Local branch... That one's easy." Enzo randomly starts counting the order of people out. As Lane and Enzo go look at the picture wall. Enzo " You gotta look at the characteristicals." Hayden " what was that word." Ragan comes in and joins them, as they stare at Andrews picture. Then Lane covers up Kristin's eyes and tells Hayden to cover Annies eyes... the three BG boys remark how similar they look... how BB does that on purpose. The three have a lil looksies at the wall.

11:50 BBT Brit up in the HOH room still, listening to Eminem. I turned it up loud, she is listening to #4 Wont Back Down, featuring Pink. Lane and Hayden to the Storage room to look for something to eat. Hayden brings out some juice, Lane some cookies. Lane says he may eat some sunflower seeds, cuz itll take his mind off things, chewing away. The three BG boys joke around, snacking, at the Kitchen table. Joking about the Intimdator. Hayden "Hey, whos bowl of wine is this?" in the fridge.

11:55 BBT Lane heads to the HOH to grab those seeds, as him and Brit talk about how much they like the CD. Lane's gonna try on his doo-rag. Enzo in the WR spraying stuff on his hair. BB "Britney. please put on your microphone." Lane wearing the thing over his eyes, joking away with Brit up in the HOH room. B "You look like a part time lunch lady." (LOL) as Hayden joins em in the room.

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12:06 BBT

Hayden and Lane laying in HOH bed, talking about getting twitter accounts

Ragan outside working out.

Enzo lying on outdoor sofa.

Hayden wondering if the brigade will be asked to host a comp next year for BB

Hayden heads downstairs while Lane changes into shorts.

Now Hayden putting on shorts.

No sign of Britney anywhere.

Hayden heads to WC before going outside (smash time)

Ragan still working out as Enzo watches.

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12:17 BBT

Enzo got something to drink out of the outdoor fridge and returns to his lawn chair. He pops the can open and holds his hand up in the air showing 4 fingers as he takes a sip (?) It's beer or soda

Hayden brushing his teeth in bathroom.

Ragan is still doing his morning workout.

Enzo belches loudly (must be beer)

Lane's hunting for something to eat in the kitchen as Hayden heads outside.

Still no sign of Britney.

BB: Hayden, please put on your microphone

Enzo is wondering how many days they have been in the house as he belches loudly again.

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