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8/24 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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1:28 pm bbt

Enzo puts on swim trunks under penguin costume.

Takes off penguin suit and prepares to go for a swim.

Hayden and Brendon talking in bathroom. Something about Ragan but couldn't catch it.

BB Voice: Hayden, please reattach your microphone. (that explains it)

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138PM BBT Hayden "bringing her with us, right" Enzo "course if she wants to come" "your mom hang out with meow meow" enzo "gimme some Fg drugs man" "do you really exists" lane "just watching your character on tv, not really you, just don't understand you" Matt "everyone wants the face" "flying fish hook Stacy" Enzo making faces into camera. Lane "I want double eviction" Matt "don't think it is happening" Enzo "final 6 and win nothing?" Enzo "I want a movie and a plasma tv" Matt "no one has ever won that "first ever" Enzo "to the viewing public I am first one" Matt laughing. Enzo keeps repeating same thing over and over. "I first one to eat popcorn" Lane "I wonder when it came out" Matt "August 8" all agree movie was more of rental than going out to see it. Enzo has blockbuster pass (works like netflix except you don't mail, you pickup and return them to store). Matt "ps3" "netflix is connected to ps3 for movies" "not sure you can do it on XBox" "setup is 2 laps, 1 pc, ps3, and tv in each room, puts it out to media server and plays thru all TVs...course he keeps adding the term 'download them legally'. "Stacy a dork when it comes to computers"

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150Pm BBT It is either a 2 hour special or 1 hour and double eviction. Matt explaining how double eviction works if it happens Thursday. Matt, Enzo, Hayden, Lane talking about other season of BB and what was done for the double eviction. Brit came out and announced that she did her tweets and what they were. she said she talked about football, week as HoH, running out of mascara and being the only girl left in house, thanked anyone for watching. Brit said she kept running out of letters and had to backtrack and use contractions. Handler talks to you, BB warns them about not talking about Production. And Enzo says they want their balls back...(what balls? did they lose the pool balls?)

Ragan "it is so hot today, even in the shade"

Enzo "4 or 5 tweets?" Brit "see you on the hill". Brit is now applying tanning lotion. Tweet was longer than she thought she was going to do. Enzo "let's get this over with".

Showing Bren in house doing cleanup, he has been cleaning most of the day, saying to Brit once about knowing who the girl stuff belongs to now. (note to all, none of these people clean up, the house looks bad since Kathy left) Earlier they were complaining about all the ants in the house even in the CR and Matt spraying.

BY talk about camera and Brit has to take 12 pictures.


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223PM BBT Brit "we need to plug the holes, we need to make sure we are ready" Enzo "shut it" Brit and Hayden talking about competitions, not by category but all comps". BB tells Enzo to put on Mic. Jedi training (sorry tired of hearing same facts over and over)

Matt, Ragan, and Bren in kitchen. Matt is adding some salt like stuff to bowl and mixing hamburger. Bren talking about 'roasts'. Bren talking "tina faye, jimmy ? (sorry they talking over each other and can't get all of it) 'love Tina as Sarah Palin'. Matt 'skit don't remember it .. guy and his wife, guy talking about weird guy from work, (discussing SNL)


Inside lockdown

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247PM BBT Lane 'if we don't go to Vegas, we should all go to Ft Worth." Brit "yeah, I can drive Ft Worth, about 5 hours". Lane "if we stay past the 22nd" Feed 3&4 on Bren eating in kitchen. Lane, Matt, Hayden in CR, can't see where Enzo is. Brit "I get trapped in HoH and you all get money in back yard". Ragan in TajRm jedi study.

Lane "when they film your parents, does Julie talk to them" Matt "no, like at DR at your house".

Brendon "going to take a nap, if BY opens up come get me" Bren goes to HN and lays down, no sign of Enzo.

Brit "HN never going to end". Enzo on Feed 3 & 4 laying on HoH floor with music in his ears.

Lane "team get slop?" Brit "atleast one more week of HN?" Hayden "today is Tuesday?" Brit "HN for 3 weeks and than not for 3 weeks". "only prize not taken was HN for next 3 weeks" "phone calls private except for Season 10" Matt "got to be so emotional to talk public with your parents".

Feed 3&4 now on Ragan 'jedi study' in Taj Room.

Hayden "today is day 53" "I miss home" everyone agrees they miss home and they gave up a lot to come into house. Lane "lot harder than you think, just nothing to do".

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5:28 PM BBT

Brendon talking about his professors in University. And having a good Prof who gave him good guidance and contacts for his research. He's explaining this to Hayden. He published his thesis and a journal article which helped him apply for UCLA. Went to a biophysics conference that was really good about how to be a better teacher.

You can read his thesis here if you are a University Student with E-Resources access:


5:33 PM BBT

Enzo wants BB to let him tell his wife Happy Anniversary tomorrow.

Brendon is back to how his Master's application explained how his undergrad stuff wans't perfect but he's willing to work.

Ragan and Matt now talking in Jumanji. Ragan says he was breaking into laughter listening to Brendon talk about schools as he was out there getting Gatorade.

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6:00 PM BBT

Guys teasing Enzo that if he does get into outer space his suit won't hold oxygen. He says it will if he wears the hood. Oh yes it will.

They are eating slop - loudly.

6:07 PM BBT

Britney and Brendon talking game. "Next one is a sky diving challenge." jokes Brendon.

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6:09 PM BBT

In Jumanji Ragan plans to mark something in the house with a candle.

Matt and Ragan chatting how Britney dreamed up some theory about there being a three guy alliance.

Matt: Do you think she dreamed it up?

Ragan: Who knows, it gives her the perfect path the get up to the end, it's risky for her though, those guys are afraid of her. Those boys are going to catch a snag.

Matt; We all do. Eventually. A snag is why I am sitting here right now.

Ragan: I am a snag. A catch against Brendon.

Matt: I just wish I was there to fight. This stuff coming up is what he excels at. This is the stuff I wanted to be involved in from the start.

Ragan: They want a strong player out now.

Matt: So it sucks.

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6:16 PM BBT

Lane comes in to see what they are doing. Might work out soon.

Ragan: It's too bad I can't have a conversation with Brendon.

Matt: What do you mean?

Ragan: I preface this by saying there is no way I would have this conversation but...so he knows what is coming up. I think it's best now if I just stop talking game with people, except for you.

Matt: Even if I am out the door, and I think I am too, I'll help you as much as I can.

Ragan: The only thing to save me now is winning, winning, winning.

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6:21 PM BBT

Brendon and Hayden talking outside. About how weird Ragan is being.

Brendon: Like they won't talk to each other?

Hayden: Yesterday Matt wanted to talk to Ragan and twice Ragan told him he didn't want to talk to him.

Brendon: So are they back together?

Hayden: I just walked past jumanji and there are laying there talking game together?

Brendon: On separate beds? Are they in a relationship together? I mean at first it was a joke but I'm starting to think it's real.

Back to Jumanji

Matt: I am not being a bitch and whining about it, it was a shitty thing to do at this stage of the game and it aggravates me. It is one of the many contributing factors to my demise but it is one of the reasons I'm sitting here. And I'm the first to admit that there's a lot I did wrong to get here but why can't they just admit that was a dumb idea and let it go. [Not clear which dumb move he is referring to]

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6:27 PM BBT

Ragan is doing his 'candy math' again. Adjusting the candy count he has in his night stand of things in the house. Counting things in Jumanji. Marking his counts with a candle. He is now double counting (the metal white decorative piece's swirls) by erasing the candle marks he made. He got the wrong number. "WTF? WTF?"

Matt trying to help "I counted 24 initially anyways."

6:30 PM BBT

Enzo comes in complaining he's itchy and needs his costume washed. Reminds everyone again that tomorrow is his wife's anniversary.

Matt: Think it's a double eviction?

Enzo: I hope it's a quadruple eviction bro. They know we want it so it's not going to be. What day is this 52?

Ragan: I'm bored. 53

Matt: 53

Enzo: I have to do a speech now Thursday. I fucking hate those speeches.

Matt: I know. I'm on my third now. I'm done. I've got nothing to say.

Enzo: I'm just gonna give shout outs. Start out slow. I'm gonna rap Mother fucker... starts rapping and we get WBRB.

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6:35 PM BBT

Ragan saying can you imagine being in jury house if this is a double eviction and Brendon gets out too? If Rachel starts on me, and I don't want to be there, I'll just say we get a mansion AND our very own waitress!

Enzo laughs, says he'd like to see that.

General chit chat - having to get back on their own timezones and sleep schedules, how weird it will be to be 5 instead of 7.

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6: 42 PM BBT

BB Voice tells HGs not to talk about diary room sessions with other HGs.

"Shut up!!!" Screams Enzo "Give us something to fing play with!!!!"

"Wouldn't it be nice if they gave us Monopoly or something?" says Ragan.

They are now wondering how the Sab records their messages. Ragan says Annie must have done it while in DR since she knew she was going.

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6:59 PM BBT

General chit chat, Matt and Ragan now alone again in Jumanji. Matt quizzing Ragan on trivia. Before or after type of game.

7:05 PM BBT

Enzo now giving us his wife's birthing story. She had an epidural. And had to wait an hour for it to make work. Lane saw his nephew just after birth. Britney was nearly born in the car. Enzo is glad he is a man. Thoe whole thing looked awful to him. If he wins/makes enough money he wants to have another kid pronto, he wants to get out of here and knock her up by the end of the year. She gets a year of maternity leave. Lane thinks his nephew (Titan) must be walking by now. His niece (Patience)) already was. Enzo thinks his daughter must be walking a bit, got teeth. Lane's other niece London is 2 and so cute, she gets super stressed out if you don't know what she is saying.

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7:12 PM BBT

Lane wants two boys and a girl once day. Britney wants kids and loved being the only girl. She's really close with her younger brother but crushed on all her older brother's friends. There was a 4 year difference so it never amounted to anything.

Lane's sister was a Raider's recruiter and then with the ?CA. He lists off the names of his Dad's Twin Brother's kids and we get WBRB.

7:17 PM BBT

Enzo hopes his daughter remembers him he's been away so long.

Lane goes up to HOH where Hayden is laying on the floor listening to Lady Gaga. "Is penguin, Indie and Britney still chatting downstairs?"

Lane: "Yep"

They go through some worse case scenarios for next HOH if Ragan wins they win POV and get themselves down.

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Brit: What if our ratings are really bad and there are budget cuts and our next HOH Is who can raise the awnings the fastest? Lift the most weights? Spend the most time on elliptical?

Enzo: Who can wash the most clothes?

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7:35 PM BBT

Ragan and Matt chatting in Jumanji still

Matt: DO you think Hayden and Lane give s shit about Brendon at all?

Ragan: No. I think they are scared that me, Britney and Brendon will go after them. That's why I think that I am in a ? situation. They'll get rid of Brendon, they'll get rid of Britney and then me. My concern is that Britney will make a one week deal with everyone in the house and that means I'm up.

Matt: I don't think so

Ragan: Even if Britney goes up, Britney is not the one who goes home cause she made the deal.

Matt: So who\s the votes?

Ragan: If Enzo wins HOH - Hayden, Lane and Brendon

Matt: I think you'd be safe

Ragan: I don't think so

Matt: Enzo is the most untrustworthy person in this house.

Ragan: Lane has invested in Britney here, he's not going to piss it away.

Matt: I don't think so. Britney has to go sometime. And if Lane starts bitching about it he becomes the odd man out. No way, no way.

Ragan: I have to keep winning. I have to.

Matt: I hope you do.

Ragan: If you go I have no one to do anything with.

Matt: it's the worst though, even if there was a power that could save me all that would happen is they'd pull Enzo down and put someone else up and I'd still be going home.

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7:41 PM BBT

Up in HOH

Britney: DO you more than you're acting like or do you really know nothing in this house?

Lane: Yes, I know what goes on in this house.

Britney: Are you able to win HOH this week? DO you actually know stuff in this house or are you just playing dumb? Do you know more than you act like you know to keep yourself safe?

Lane: I just keep you around to be my friend. And I don't want to be in this house with just guys.

Britney: DO you want to go to the Final 2?

Lane: Nods

Britney: Then I'll take you. You're in final three no matter what - Enzo will take you.

Lane: If you were to win the second HOH after this one that would be good.

Britney: No I think you should win it so I can play and win Final 4 HOH because if Enzo wins it he will take you final 3 but not me.

Lane: You think Brendon will be out? He's been on slop for 3 weeks.

Britney: I think Brendon is smarter than Ragan. I think Ragan cracks under pressure.

Lane: He's a dodo. But you can't forget that he wins stuff. You can't overlook that.

Britney: I just want one of them to go home on Thursday and I don't want it to be me.

Lane: Hayden knows the stuff I don't know.

Britney: I think Ragan knows more in this house than anyone.

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7:49 PM BBT

Hayden breaks up the F2 discussion. General chit chat.

Britney telling Hayden straight out. I don't want to win second HOH. Because if I win HOH then I can't compete in final 3 HOH because Enzo will not take me. I will throw it to one of you.

Hayden looks shocked... oohhh. He and Lane change convo.

8:04 PM BBT

Enzo joins HOH. Says Ragan and Matt have been holed up together all day - thinks they are loosing it in there. He tells Britney she looks like a bigger person today.

"Like I'm fat?" she asks

No like taller, a bigger person. he back tracks his comment.

Britney made coffee and is now sharing her Nuttella. "It kinda tastes like chocolate gravy."

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8:20 PM BBT

BB told the hg's to check the storage room. There's a badmiddon (sp) set in there for them to play. All heading to the back yard to play. They also received alcohol, 6 beers and 2 bottles of wine.

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