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8/24 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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8:27 PM BBT

Enzo making a protein shake. No libations for him. He's sad penguin now.

Badminton Doubles in BY Bren/Matt versus Lane/Hay.

Enzo's wife went to Ryder's University. His wife's ex BF is from the same hometown as Enzo. He never had to 'fight' for her. Brit is asking him his life story now. Did he have ex GF drama? Yeah a little FaceBook drama. An ex added him and then his wife Joella tried to add her as a friend and was denied. So his wife went into his FB and deleted the ex as his friend. Nick gets mad at Brit because she just adds people who send her requests. She doesn't actually know them. She has over 1,000 friends. From her sorority, studying abroad, college etc. Enzo doesn't get why his wife got mad about that girl when she has tons of ex BF's from college on her account. [because women know your ex's can't be trusted so we don't let you add them. Duh.]

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8:52 PM BBT

Boys having way too much fun playing Badminton. They are going to wear themselves out for a good sleep tonight.

Brit and Enzo still chatting but on patio couch now. She's saying he was nervous to talk to her at first in house.

Britney: what is that think called?

Matt: YOu mean the white thing we're hitting? It's called a shuttle cock.

Britney: why would you call a thing a shuttle cock? She giggles.

[it's also called a Birdie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuttlecock]

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