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8/24 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Matt, Lane in Taj, Hayden walks in.

Lane out, now Matt corners Hayden and has the same conversation.

Hayden is agreeing with what matt is saying. (Hayden is good at this keeping them talking but not saying or agreeing to anything -jamiehuns)

Hayden is saying he is rational, he wants to do what will get him further in the game. Brit, Rag and Bren are all smart players, it takes smart players to be against them.

Talking about what the next veto will be. Same stuff as with Lane.

In BY, Enzo laying on the two person thing, "You're looking at a horny penguin"

Bren on the eliptical.

Lane says "it's a full moon".


Matt is still campaigning to Hayden in Taj.

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905 BBT

In Taj, Matt and Hayden

Matt saying that he had to tell them who he was going to use the veto on, brit or Kathy, and he said he used it on the wrong person. He said the DR session was 45 minutes with him going back and forth choosing who.

Now talking about why Ragan was mad at Matt. "ragan said that Matt told Brit to put Ragan up." He's trying to dodge that bullet, he said he did some great circle talking.

Matt is telling Hay that Ragan told him he is going home this week, 100%.

Hay brings up that Rag told Brit about the four guys together. Matt says glad you brought that up.

Matt is relating that Rag says, "I believe you don't know that you're in that alliance." Whispering hard to hear. Matt is relating how he made Rag believe there wasn't an "alliance", but they just joked about it in the beginning and now that it's come to fruition they've talked about it.

Rag also told Matt that he's pretty sure that he's the next to go. Because he'll be the only one with out someone. Matt, "he's definitely catching on" about Ragan and the BG.

Ragan told Brit that he's going to expose the 4 guys alliance. Matt, "brit is such a F___ yapper." "Brit is smart! but she can't shut her mouth up for 2 sec."

9:18 BBT, still in Taj saying the same stuff over and over just in different ways.

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9:20 BBT

Enzo running in BY

Bren on elliptical

Rag lifting weights

Lane sitting on side of pool

Brit joins them, soaking feet in hot tub with dead puppy water.

The Taj meeting is ending.

Hayden in Taj alone talking to camera, "What do I do??" Counting on fingers naming off names of people in the house. Now a shout out for a good Italian food restaurant and we get WBRB

Now in BY all talking, or yelling about putting in a request for the show to end early. Enzo yells he wants it over by SEPT 1st, he wants some summer!

Now quiet.

Hay joins in BY

Now Hay and Enzo inside to try some jeans on, "I'm going shopping." says enzo

Quiet in BY.

Taj talk about pants and how tight or loose they will be. a 36 is tight on Enzo. "Enzo's getting a makeover." says Hay. "which charity did my clothes go to?" says Enzo

now game talk.

E: matty talk, did you tell him you're gonna split the vote?

H: no, because Brit told him he's gonna go home then.

both agree there are no more powers

H: I want to win so bad, want to quiz. I want to quiz. Counting different things in the house. Flamingos, mangos

H: brit told me las tnight if they're going to take something outside of the house and hide it it's going to be something that is glued down that we can't touch.

E: we had a lock down today

H: They did do a lock down today. Want to go check and see. Lets go over some stuff.

Jedi training now.

Lane in hammock, Brit at the pool table alone, Bren on Elliptical very sweaty, don't see Ragan. But I hear lifting.

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940 BBT

Matt to BY asks Brit if she wants to play a pool game.

Jedi training ends, Enzo to DR, they're up to day 35. Hay stays in Taj while Enzo leaves for Dr. Hay still jedi training alone.

Lane still in hammock, Bren still on Elliptical, Ragan just came outside with a drink.

Matt just got back from DR, "he had such a great DR, he spent the majority of the time talking nothing about BB" and we get WBRB.

Brit, "I bet showtime hates us. We're boring." (totally agree -Jamiehuns)

(ed. I'm out, hope someone can take over this is too boring)

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10:16 BBT

Up in HOH Jedi Drilling..{Remedial Edition} with a nervous Brit trying to tutor Hayden and Enzo to an HOH win.

"if I go home I'm not voting for none of yous" Brit says and whines "I don't want Brendon to win" and pleads "send Brendon home ...Please" as Enzo and Hayden woulda coulda shoulda...

10:19 BBT Brit says "i think Ragan is freaking out" and says he'll come to them to "make deals"...as Brit says Ragan isn't voting for Matt as she warns them he'll come up to them "alliance" "deal"

Brit says "he's pissed off at Matt or he was" but says they're "back together" now..

Back to Jedi Drilling..

10:21 BBT Outside Matt is playing pool with Lane ....not much going on in interesting conversation..

Matt twirling his cue like a majorette with a baton..

10:23 BBT In HOH more jedi drilling

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10:34 BBT

Matt tells Ragen that he was supposed to be on BB last year. He was riding in the van with Ronnie and Ronnie was like jamming to some crap music. He tells him he was thinking about teaming up with Natalie and how Casey stank because he was out drinking all day. He tells him that some people were cut and that he and Hayden were cut. So when he saw Hayden this year {they are getting alot of messages about talking about production and are cut off} ....he said Hayden saw him from the finals cuts from last year and they gave each other the look like 'what is that guy doing here again from last year'

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10:24 BBT

In Taj Ragan is jedi drilling to himself in a very low but fast talking voice...Matt renters and asks what's he doing and Ragan says "studying"

Matt tells him who's in HOH...Matt says "secrets" and hope he doesn't get caught...Matt says he's huge crazy BB fan from "season 1" and he's such a big fan...and tells all the past BB HGs who he's been with and seen...telling a story about riding in a van with ronnie..it was silent and awkward..and talks about getting to cafeteria and watched "Ellen" Ronnie is laughing loudly people think he's wierd...and talks about seeing Natalie..and says he would have picked Nat as agirl to align with....

Talking about losing the last spot to him Ronnie and saw Kevin...and didn't think Natalie would make it because "she looked normal".....

10:30 BBT Ragan amused "that's so funny" saying they let them "roam free" and do antything they wanted..on the ride back he sat next to Casey BB11 and reeked of beer...

Ragan "how many people" made it to "last round" and gets BB warning...

Matt says "the reason it didn't pan out" he wasn't selected for BB11 and gets BB warning...

Back in HOH Brit talking about "kristin"....

10:33 Kathy bashing....in HOH..

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Matt thought this was his season. He applied again and also got a call....he applies every year and got a call from the same person he was called by last year. Ragen his saying that that was wild....Matt says he is glad he could tell him that story.

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10:34 BBT Matt in Taj still telling Ragan about applying for BB..

Ragan saying its "interesting" and it "cheered me up" as Ragan is giddy again.."that's soo funny"

10:35 "i'm glad I can tell you that to cheer you up" Matt says "who would of thunk"

10:36 BBT Back in HOH Brit back to talking shit ....Brendon there eating also...

Matt says he thought Casey wasn't going to Make it and says it was probably between casey or Matt

Ragan wonders "should I lay low"...and mattt says he's right "about his position" but wrong how it "plays out"

Matt saying he doesn't want to go to JH alone and asks to send "someone cool"...Ragan "i don't trust any of these people..I really don't" as the whinny insecure Ragan is back "i have to win" the next HOH...say if he can get to the final 5 "they will have to start" turning on each other..

10:40 BBT Ragan asks if they see "the stuff about Brittney" as Matt says "that's she's way devious"

Matt says Brendon annoys him and personal vendetta and Matt says she's the "least trustworthy" than anyone in the house..

Ragan says "let's say that Brendon goes" and there is an alliance..and he's right about the pairs..Brit/Lane Hayden/Enzo...and says "this is hard"

10:42 BBT Matt says he'll try to talk Brendon and try to get his vote and Ragan says it won't work saying "nothing he does is based off logic" and Matt agrees it won't work trying to get Brendon...and says he doesn't trust her..

In order to stay in this game you will need a huge move" ragan tells Matt..

10:45 BBT Ragan says "people look at you being shady" and lies won't work...."how bad to you want it" ragan says to matt and he says to fin a "viable plan"..

Matt goes back to Brendon and Ragan says "he's motivated" by "fear and revenge" and says "its a lost cause" to get him...and says it would take someting "huge...huge"

10:47 BBT Matt says he could get Lane's vote and Ragan says he can't get "britney's vote" or "Lane's can't either"

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10:48 BBT

Ragan trying to tell Matt he's toast..and will "be shocked" he isn't "out the door" and it could be Brendon "if he doesn't win Head of household" or veto...

Ragan says "hayden is probably scared of what I would do" so he's probably trying for HOH..

10:50 BBT Long silence...

In HOH Brendon Hayden Enzo Brit talking about challenges..the rope HOH...

10:51 Matt "ohh man" he says silently..."i'm glad we met anyway" he tells Ragan and he says "me too" and asks if he went to DR to get "words of encouragment"..and says just ask them he just asks to talk....and says "its good" because they have seen this "so many times" and FOTH..

10:53 BBT Back in HOH they are talking about Kathy being stuck in the caramel...laughing...

Talking about Kathy....

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10:55 BBT

Ragan telling Matt he'll regret quiting more than being in the JH warning he'll be "Chima'd" "blacklisted"...

Ragan asks if people are being wierd and Matt says they are all hanging out in the HOH....

Ragan says he should be a "cordial loner"..stay out ...as Matt say "let them implose"...and says he needs to "stay away from Britney"..and says "its gonna be tough"..and when he has a hard time Matt says "think of me in the jury house with rachel and Kathy" and begs for America to give him the "25 grand" as Ragan says he guaranteed he'd get


Ragan talking how he's being portrayed

I've been studying "so much" he tells Matt....Matts aying this past veto was "out of place" as Matt complains about "the man made device" and says "it was a test of wills" and everyone was going for "everything"....but it was just "who could buzz the fastest" ragan adds ...and Matt says something "like that is so bizaree to me...I just don't get it"

Ragan wants "one head of household"...more important "tha any other aspect"

11:03 BBT

back in HOH talking about Ronnie BB11....Enzo asking questions..as Brit says "95% of what happens" will not make the show...not realizing "live feeds"

brit asks about her {geeky} BF that they will make cute kids..no one really answers but Enzo asks "you want kids"

11:05 BBT Ragan talking about being Thursday may be his last day as Matt offers his services to help him study as he wants Ragan to be HOH.....

Outside Hayden says he doesn't realize "he's about to be backdoored by the Brigade" as Matt comes out ...

11:06 BBT Pool game continues as Matt asks "where's the big E" and Lane says "upstairs"

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11:14pm BBT:

In hoh Brit, Bren and Enzo remembering what it was like to leave their family. All agree that it was tough. Brit had to wait about 5hrs to get on the plane. First time without a cell phone. Nick was on his way to live his life without her and she felt horrible. Bren was surprised at the pool with his key. Enzo's was on a table and he didn't notice it because he was more concerned with the canoli (sp?) and eating that. Bren only told his parents about 2 days before. Brit told her mom. Talking about her step-dad whose an electrical engineer and a genius.

11:20pm BBT:

In the kitchen we have Matt and Lane. Matt looks like a lost puppy following Lane. Hayden just wondering around.

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11:08 BBT

Lane asking BB "give is something to do".."cards" ..their "balls" BB "stoled"

They play pool a Matt watches looking a little more despondent from earlier in the evening...

Hangover talk in HOH...with Brit Enzo and Bren as Brit talks about her fiance..

Downstairs Lane is whining about a "football" even "a nerf one"

Lane "i'm pissed off" as they got to DR to "ask for cards" as Hayden goes in 'to request a bunch of stuff" and asks Lane to go in with him....

11:12 BBT Ragan alone in Taj mumbling and gets up and heads to the kitchen where the booze is...hayden returns saying he requested their wants....

11:13 BBT Ragan leaves to go "lay down" when Hayden asks "you going to bed"

Matt tells Hayden and Lane he's "throwing him off the scent" as Hayden asks what he knows as far as facts as Matt says he knows it "top to bottom" and "backwards" as Lane says on "simon says" he studied.."and did shitty"

11:15 BBT Matt whispering to Lane.Lane says "i need to put him down"....make his a "hot dog" with poison..Matt really trying to make himself relevant by being an informant...

Lane just prepares his late night snack..as Matt digs in the ice cream and follws Lane outside like a lost puppy..

"what are they doing upstairs...nothing?" Matt asks and Hayden says "just bullshittin'"

11:19 BBT They all devore their snacks..as Hayden asks Matt "is it good" and Matt says "comfort food" as he eats the ice cream staright from the container..."get a power hayden" Matt wishess..and says he put a request in for a "coup d'Brigade"

Hayden flossing his teeth in front of the other guys and eats the chunks from it....Hayden saying "no deals" as Matt asks ..even with "brit"..and says we need a backup plan "with Brendon"...Lane says he has "three deals" and two are still in there..as Lane says Ragan offered "a final 4" with him Brit and Hayden... Matt says he didn't know about that..

11:23 BBT "fuck this week" Matt says and Lane says "those hot dogs were good"

Hayden says "if Enzo would have won HOH" Ragan and Brendon would have been up.....Matt alks Lane to return the ice cream he was eating out of to the freezer..

Hayden tells Matt he can'y play the "what if" game and says he does since he's nominated and says Brit has something with someone and says to hayden even with them...and proceeds to tell Hayden of he flimsy excuse to nominate him..and seems not to understand why she thinks Enzo 'deserves" it because he played in the Veto..as Matt says "she thinks" he got the prizes and says "i didn't get em"...

11:27 BBT Hayden changes the subject saying what if Ragan didn't win the veto he wouldn't have used the DPOV..

Matt complains about the POV they used.....Hayden "ragan's got to go"..."he's blood thirsty" Matt warns and hayden says "i love" Ragan..as Matt says he "after the Brigade" which makes it scarier..

11:29 Matt says "the peeking order" needs to change "to keep the BG strong"

Matt warns he'll be on "suicide watch"...when he goes to JH

11:30 BBTHayden aks who Raga puts up "if he stays" and Matt says Brendon and Britney..but says he's suspicious..

hayden says it will be him..

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11:23pm BBT:

On the couches Hayden is flossing (yuck!), Matt is eating ice cream and Lane is eating a hot dog ( he ate it so fast I didn’t have a chance to see what it was.

Matt says he should have put up Brit with his power. Asks them if nothing is going on . Lane jokingly says he schemes everyday of his life. Asks about deals with Bri. Hayden says no. Lane says dud! Lane jokes he has many deals around town. Many have come up with final 4 deals. Apparently Ragan came up to Lane with a final 4 deal between him, Matt, Brit and Lane. Matt didn’t know he did that; that he had told Ragan not to bother.

11:28pm BBT:

Matt’s depressed that he’s going to be stuck with Rachel and Kathy for a week. Matt took out Kathy because he wanted the strongest to play veto to take out Bren. Brit reasons for putting him up was because she wants Enzo to stay because he tried so hard in pov and he’s up on the block. Matt knows there’s something else going on with her because it doesn’t make sense.

Hayden says Ragan has to go. Matt tells them he is blood thirsty, that although Ragan is a good guy he is a competitior. That the order of who to get out has to change. Matt basically tells them Ragan is coming after the brigade. Hayden asks if Matt stays will Ragan still come after them; Matt replies that he could talk him out of nominating the guys. He goes on to say that Ragan hasn’t told him specifics, but he knows his theories and how only the brigade have overlapping alliances unlike Brendon.

11:35pm BBT:

Ragan has joined the guys outside and talk moves on to random stiff. He asks about Enzo and Brendon and where they are.

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11:32 BBT Ragan come out and Hayden gets up and goes over to pool table as they talk about "double eviction" and BB could do a "2 hr show"

Upstairs Brit Bren and Enzo talking about Brit's dogs..saying one isn't allowed on the bed..

Enzo says I have "nice grass" so he can't have dogs on it becaus eteir pee is like "acid"..Enzo says he has "3 floors" and its "new" about his house after Brendon asks..

11:34 BBT in BY Ragan asks Matt if he's gonna drink and says no amybe 1 beer and just chill and talks about grilling "tomorrow..

Ragan asks about lane phone call as he wants to hear it "tell me" Lane tells him..."my mom"...."tons of supporters"...

11:36 BBt Brit talks about living in NY by "herself" summers "i just wanted to go"..they ask questions...

11:38 BBT Lane talking about his phone call...

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11:39 BBT

lane talking about all the supporters..as Matt keeps asking questions..as Lane explains "team Lane" in Bars as Matt tells the story ...as Matt gets excited about the possibility of being a celbrity..

Hayden throws the "hamburgers named after him"..

Ragan "i'm happy for you"

Lane talks about his mom knew "all y'all"

Ragn just saying "awesome" as Matt keeps asking questions..

11:43 BBT UPstairs Brit just talking away as Bren and Enzo listen....

In BY Lane explains how cut a bottle in half...as hayden is tying string in braids..

11:46 lane asks "is that dental floss" as Lane asks where he's gonna get more as Matt says "we have tons of it"

the boredom continues...

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11:47 BBT Outside they talk to the cameras asking for Jobs Matt wants a job with "Gibson guitars" and missed what hayden was begging for..

In HOH Brit talking about her "mansion" aka "sorority house" as Brendon aks if it was hard to live as Brit says "94 girls" with "2 bathrooms" explaining the large dorm kind...

Brit mentions her roomate and FOTH...

11:49 BBT Matt trying to get a cork back into a wine bottle....

Talking about going back being "a way bigger deal"....Lane says "imagine every bar she goes to" about his Mom..as Lane remembers the "hype" from a FT Worth native from the "Amazing Race"....

11:52 BBT Enzo talking about his wife gets upset becase he washes and "ruins her shirts" by putting them with 'the towels" as Enzo talk about his wife leaves the car is "always on E" and Enzo says he hates that....Brit says she hates to "stop to get gas" and that's annoying to her..

Brendon says he's heading to Bed and everyone heads downstairs to see what's going on...

11:55 BBT they all seem to be playing with their string..as the others head outside.."what are you doing" Brit asks...Hayden says he's makng a ball "with string"

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11:57 BBT

Enzo in Kitchen as Brendon is washing his plate before they both head outside..

On the hammock Ragan and Britney talking about Enzo's Penguin outfit...

Brit tells Ragan brendon was in HOH talking about Nick and Bren says he and Rachel will "take their time" befor he and Rachel....as both says Brendon is so much better a person that she's guy....as both says he's 'tolerable" as she brings out the worst in him

Ragan tells her he and Matt had a good "talk"...and Ragan says he caught him "in flaws"..and that Brit "was adressing concerns" not saying he was pushing him to "go up" Ragn goes over Matt's conflicting convos...

12:01 BBT Ragan says "here's the deal" ...and says he is "very very hurt" by Matt trying to get him nominated..and laments being let down ..and says what made him cry was Lane talking about nieces and nephews and how big his family is and Ragan says if he won the call who would he have besides his mom and sister...and talks about "cutting Matt out of my life' be "passive aggresive" and truly believes" are friendship is real" and whines he'll grow up "a very lonely person" ......if he can't "forgive people"...silence.....

12:05 BBT "this is hard" Ragan says as Brit says "i know" .....Ragan talking "double eviction" and things get easier and he's gone..Both agree there will be HN till "the end of the season" as Bren got the 3 week and the pass that was available from the POV..

12:07 BBT "we have a very hard road ahead of us" Ragan syas.."a very very hard road"..and tells Brit their road is "harder" than anyone elses..as Brit says "it isn't harder than Brendons" as Brit says they were studying until he came up...

Brit says his knoweledge is "so far superior" than Hayden and Enzo's...."they hardly know anything"..Brit says "they don't have their bases covered"...

12:10 BBT Brit rags on the guys study habits...Brit asks if Matt will try to campaign as Ragan says he told him "you don't have a snowballs chance in hell"...Ragna says "i don't think he's gonna campaign" a

12:12 Ragan says people are upset "he campaigned against" ragan as Brit says "i found out more details"..

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12:19 BBT Ragan and Brit continue their Hammock talk..talking about being alone...brit saying she doesn't want ragan to feel like being alone..

12:20 BBt ragan "i need a litle break from talking game" as Brit says she had it easier because his past few weeks have been hard...

Talking about having it rought..he and Brit having it "rough" though Brendon has it worst but because of "horrific gameplay" according to ragan as Brit blames Rachel for sidetracking his game..as Ragan 'she had it out for me"and Ragan says "why me"..Rachel bash...

12:23 BBT Brit says she wants to make it to the final two "with you" as ragan says "lets make it happen" ...joke if they are final two as rachel would say "i'm voting for the least cockroachy of the two"

Ragan says he feels bad "for Matt" having to go to JH..a Brit says she would rather share a jail cell with scott peterson" than the JH with Rachel...Rachel bashing continues..

12:26 BBT FOTH

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12:27 BBT

feeds go back and forth to bubbles..

In Bathroom Enzo Brendon and lane just talking as Enzo is brushing his teeth..Brendon sitting on the couch and Lane taking an shower...Enzo jokes {i think} about "abuse women" if he were single and he was HOH...Enzo mentions DR and FOTH...

12:30 BBT FOTH

12:32 Feeds return..guys still joking around in Bathrrom...

Ragan talking to Brit saysing "this is the side of the moon we see" {tidal lock} as ragan explains the geography of the moon to her when she asks..

Enzo talking about his first impressions of the HG...talking about when they first saw the girls..

12:36 BBT Brendon talking how they will "be remembered" since they are the longer lasting HGs...as Enzo goes on about missing out for those who don't last...

Brendon says he's heading to bed..and their pow wow breaks up..

12:38 BBT lane and Enzo whispering about "going on Oprah" and Enzo goes "noo" and Lane "how bad ass is that" and FOTH as we are cut off from their ridiclous delusions of Grandeur..

12:39 BBT Matt and Hayden outside talking and playing a little game of finger punt football..Lane joins them ...

Both Matt and Hayden complain the finger punting hurts their fingers..

12:41 BBT Enzo comes outside so the Brigade with their little outcast Matt are all outside with Enzo asking Matt if he had "powers"..Matt says he was talking to "jeff" saying "he's a huuge fan..." and FOTH..

12:43 BBT Ragan and Brit come over from the hammock..and park it on the couch to watch the finger punting..

Brendon in HN room turns out the lights and jumps into bed...

12:45 BBT outdoors Matt and Hayden's football game continues as they talk UFC as Hayden says "all I got was Fedor lost" on "july 3rd"

UFC boxing talks continues..

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12:49 BBT

The finfer football has been lost as Hayden and Matt look for it...Ragn setting mostly silent..

They find it

12:51 Everyone outside Brendon in Bed in HN room and just a bunch of small talk....as Brit talking about some show with ragan "countess".."sonia" and Matt says "is this a housewife thing" as they talk about "orange county" season....

{i'm out nothing happening...back tomorrow"

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1AM BBT FLASHBACK RUN This is what happens till they fall asleep.

Brit sitting on couch fiddling with her dead ends. Saying to Ragan she is going to make a headpiece out of foil. She is sitting playing with foil on couch. Ragan is drinking wine just sitting on couch watching the boys play with paddles and a cork. Ragan says we are on the wrong season, Brit agrees. Matt "going to fall in pool" We get foil, dental floss. We need condoms to do a water balloon fight. Ragan "looks like Enzo and Bren had a sex fight in that pool, looks like hot tub has a skim on it. Hayden Matt told to stop that. Enzo "give us a human to play with" Enzo "get down, I'm here, come get me" Matt "what you making Brit" Brit "a tiara". BB "please stop singing" Enzo keeps yelling "give us a human to play with". Matt in WC. Ragan "that broccoli Bren made earlier smelled really good, I know we poke fun of the way he cooks" Ragan "no pita chips left, I am so hungry, not sure what to eat" Brit "got cookies in fridge if you want to bake them" Matt "drink from same bottle cause only one I have" Lane in hammock, "doing nothing the rest of the season if you don't give us our balls back" (did they take pool balls?". Brit's crown is made and she is now wearing it. being told to walk with it like a pageant.

Enzo acting as though the weight bench is a space ship. "don't even know where I am" "deep space nine and princess brit" Matt says it is full moon and we are all going crazy. Brit hit ground. Laughing and giggling (think they are all drunk on boredom) Enzo doing his impression of the weight bench being a spaceship, he is yelling bumpy and making noises (got to hear this to believe it) Auto pilot penguin. Enzo "use our lazer beams, use the lazer beams" pulled a ham string doing that

Kidding Ragan of being a "winologist (sp?)" now all are just yakking over each other. They are yelling and hollering, Brit is still prancing around with her self made crown on. Ragan "they come off the ramp and say did not do your best today and they are only 6 yrs old" talking about pageants and parents with little kids.

Ragan "Hayden says the moon is really nice today, I told him 'been there' (as he leans over practically in Hayden's lap)"

Matt now walking around with his hoodie top up and Enzo's hat on his head. Enzo "food fight" Brit "egg on Ragan's hair" Lane "lots of ants" Ragan "season one story, the way it was done, they nominate, america votes, they decided to refuse to nominate, or maybe there was no HoH, total rebellion, don't know how it ended, but rule changes took place" Talk about survivor and more cut throat" <WBRB> Brit said she would Fup Enzo if he wins HoH.

(I swear this is like watching a pack of hungry wolves circling a single piece of meat, they are all acting very weird and scarey tonight)

Talk about mirrors and stamp of approval another <WBRB>

(We are back and they are all alive. the WBRB lasted almost 10 mins) Come back to Hayden in Taj room jedi studying. Brit playing pool with Matt. Brit "we are boring" Matt "Brendon you are showtimes best entertainment right now" Brit "showtime hates us". (I actually think the feeds are screwed up, cause they are in totally different areas than before the WBRB)(went back and reloaded at 130AM BBT....)

Brit, Matt, Hayden, Enzo, Ragan are all sitting around hammock talking about Rachel and spelling chemistry words. <WBRB>

Ragan "go to DR and I think I am afraid to tell Hayden things cause he gets upset, if I beat him he might be a raging psycho" Matt "get you eliminated due to anger management issues Hayden" Lane "give us our own balls back" Enzo "give me a human to play with" Lane repeating give us our balls. Enzo "SR might have them" Pillow fight starting between Lane and Brit. Enzo "make up a key and break the pandora's box so we can get a human to play with" Brit saying she is going to go eat. Brit and Lane fake fighting. Enzo "kill her and bring her back to life" "do something, hurt some one" Brit now beating on Enzo with towel. Enzo "like a little Barbie doll want to choke her and pop her head off" All are laughing during this.

Hayden in WC brushing teeth. Enzo walking around inside house like lost. Lane and Enzo enter Jum Room talking about another day and we are still here. Shows Matt and Ragan talking while laying in Hammock in BY.

Enzo describing what you get for 1 day of HoH, half a picture, half a puzzle, half of every food...Lane laughing at his antics. Enzo "make a bonfire, pile it all up, put on gasoline, make sure it is soaked, than piss on it so it lights." Enzo now walking into kitchen area, asking Hayden what he is doing. Brit was in WC with Hayden. Now trash talk about Lane as they head back to the Jum Room. Enzo "we fighting tanks on horseback". Now Brit, Lane, Enzo and Hayden in Jum room talking about who wants a tank and who wants a horse. Enzo wants to know if he can be the one they forgot. These 4 are not discussing how good Enzo looks in the suit.

Matt is telling Ragan that Brit brought everything up, she initiated all convos. Ragan asking if there is anyone he can trust. Matt not sure. They are talking in riddles, Matt is still working Ragan, Ragan half believes him cause he keeps questioning him over and over, but Matt seems to change the story a little bit. Matt says what is in his head he can't express in the right manner. Ragan "I was straight up with you all the time, you weren't with me".

Enzo, Lane, Matt, Brit now in Taj room. Enzo reliving finding the Sab note and what happened. (Enzo is really a 'card' once he gets going). Hayden is depressed, Enzo has no clothes. Enzo "meow meow show with a penguin".

<WBRB> 2AM BBT Matt and Ragan now on couch. Matt still trying to convince Ragan that there is no alliance. The rest except for Bren are in Taj Room. Lane "I had question and a speech and got confused with everyone coming and going". Enzo "you confused Julie with your Thanksgiving stuff" "now you want to talk to me, you recognize me now" "we used to be like this Julie and don't want to talk about suit" "anniversary want to be formal" Enzo mocking Julie asking if he gets his 40 seconds now. Now they discussing what they can and can't say. Now talking about coming back for AllStars, but not next summer.

Matt telling Ragan 'happened out of necessity'. Matt "the craziness started when Bren won PoV, and she went loopy and confused, she did not know what to do, deals happened and she needed a way out, thing with Brendon (24 hours) awake entire time and you did not talk, something had to happen and that is when all things changed, he got into her head" "no proof"


Matt and Ragan in BY on couch. Brit, Lane, Enzo, Hayden in Taj Room. Ragan talking about Brit the only one having his back, Matt says he won't slam her.

<WBRB> Brit was talking about sequester time and what someone did at the hotel.

(maybe I should have just watched After Dark)feeds back at 215AM.

Taj Room talk is about sequester time before show. Matt and Ragan are still talking about Brit and conflict. <WBRB> comes up again. 219AM Enzo "can't stay away from production talk, GDMFer"

Brit now telling story about camping and some guy, Enzo tells her to make it long, like a good bedtime story, so he can fall asleep. Enzo turns out lights. Now they all talking about ceiling and how the room changes in the dark. now talking about how animals can destroy humans. survival of the fittest.

Matt and Ragan running thru scenerios.

During this whole time, no sign of Brendon. I think he went to bed.

Matt and Ragan still talking about everyone and who to put up and who to backdoor, Matt giving Ragan advice how to play the game and the game is different for each person.

240AM BBT shows boys in bed in HN room, Ragan and Matt still on couch in BY.

245AM BBT still same as before.

3AM BBT everyone in bed

616AM BBT HGs still in bed sleeping

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