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8/24 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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9:32 AM BBT

Brendon wishing everyone god morning, and says hello to individual family members.

Brendon giving us our update: they are voting out Matt on Thursday which is the best move ever. Matt got rid of Kathy which wasn't a good thing when you want to make a power move in the game. Ragan is all about Matt, if we pull Matt out Ragan changes, he gets all distraught and can't play the game. One thing he fears if he sends Britney home Brit, Enzo, Hayden, Lane left and this leaves a bunch of guys who have never won anything meaning he is a challenge to them because he has won everything. He suspects Enzo and Hayden/Lane will turn on him. Brendon thinks Lane and Hayden are best friends.

If we haven't been watching online, last night was the first night everyone really starting to crack, the season was 75 days long. So given that it is, makes everyone really depressed because the end seems so far away. If the game is extended it will be even more depressing. This Thursday could possibly be double eviction. He wins HOH hopefully, he puts up Ragan, someone else wins POV and Ragan gets sent home. Britney and Brendon are each others only hope for Final 2. They both agree that going up F2 against Ragan won't let you win. Brendon says he's grown a little more compassionate about her, likes her a little more than he did before. She's still been raised too entitled but whatever he doesn't think it's fair for someone to work that hard to not win. Brendon would love to see Britney win and put Enzo/Hayden/Lane up against each other. Brendon is still here somehow by the grace of god, with a shaved head, it will grown back so whatever. Anything is possible at this point in the game.

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9:56 AM BBT

Brendon monologue part deux: Sorry, it's to his other side of the family and it was in Spanish. If someone wants to Flash Back and translate it...

He misses Rachel a lot, she was a huge, huge support in the game for him. He felt like he had friends in this game but it turned out that even their friends would have voted them out if the house was going to vote them out. If Rachel had stayed int he game she wouldn't have won the next HOH and Lane would have put her up and both of them would be sitting in the jury house together. So everything happens for a reason. Half a million dollars would help him but it's not going to make his life, there are people that are worse off than him by far. He'd definitely donate some money.

We get WBRB as he talks about some family of his in Esponita? that lost their father a few years ago.

He says it's very important to win HOH this week. he has to pull it off to stay in the house. If anyone wins HOH Ragan is deifantely going up on the block or going home. Brendon hates being on the block. He wonders what Rachel is up to in the jury house, is she living it up? "Is she happy? Sometimes I just want to be with her but I know that's sill. I worry that eventually people are just going to want to see me go, since I keep pulling myself off the block, I keep winning."

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1001AM BBT Brendon is sitting on couch BY. Brendon takes off shirt, puts on his mic. Hi to my family, Aunt, cousins, hope doing well, They all lost their father a couple yrs ago. <WBRB> (this is all Brendon talking to cameras) if I can win HoH this next week, and survive 1 as not HoH, when their are 3 left, we all compete, so it is very important I win HoH this week. I basically ready for anything, I don't think quiz, no 2 HoH quiz back to back, twist, physical twist. I don't know. Ragan wins HoH, definitely up on block. Anyone else HoH, Ragan goes home. I hate being on the block. (all 4 feeds on Brendon). he is drinking tea, deep in thought.

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10:42am BBT:

All feeds on Brendon who continues to run through all the info. Now going over the order of sab msg's.

10:46am BBT:

Moves on to eliptical. Britney went to the kitchen for some milk for her cereal and coffee to take back to hoh room. Looks like noone else is up.Listening to cd as she eats.

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10:53 AM BBT

Brendon, realizing he must sound crazy talking to himself, has moved on to work out on elliptical. The problem being you can tell he's still Jedi training in his mind and trying not to move his lips. Now he looks like he's doing some weird Vulcan mind/body training. IMO - ZuZu

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"Good afternoon live feed viewers today is day 54 in the house. 53?" Says Britney "Morning" to Brendon

Hayden called to DR.

Britney lets us know a bunch of people just got up. Britney giving an update of last night: Spaceship out of weight bench, tiara out of tin foil, Hayden busted a vase and is in trouble again - he was having another one of his moments.

11:41 AM BBT

Brit to cams: You'll note no one else is up in the house right now. ? Was stuck outside talking to me for hours last night and I let him know all the options. Hopefully by the grace of god...

Cams suddenly switch to Matt lounging in bed in jumanji - Lane asleep there too.

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1145AM BBT (IMHO..this house is so exciting, I am falling asleep) Feed 1&3 on Matt sitting on his bed in the Jum Room. Feed 2&4 is on full room shot, showing Lane sleeping and Matt from the waist down.

OMG!!! Matt moved, he is walking down the hall towards the kitchen, looking in the fridge, taking out something and throwing it in the trash, now back to the fridge, asking Bren what is going on? now Matt walks to door, opening door, walking out to backyard, see Brit "did you say something?" Brit "talking to my mother" Matt "don't let me interrupt, just checking out the backyard". Brit "come here and talk to her." Matt "Hiyas Miss Brit". Matt "Dylan will turn out to be a great son like me some day" Brit "and you saw how much his folks love him, Stacey alive, lawn sucks, love Mom and Dad" laughing the whole time.

Matt now walks back into house, hands in pockets back to the Jum room and curls up on his bed. When he walked past the kitchen area, Bren was cooking at the stove.

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11:45 AM BBT

Matt puttering around KT, grabs drink, sees Brendon "What's going on ." Goes outside. Sees Britney in BY talking to herself. She says she's talking to her mother. They talk about her younger brother Dillon and how he's acting up. Matt telling Miss Brit that he will be a fine young man, just like Matt, and not to worry. Britney jokes that that' is great - we all saw just how much his parents loved him. "Your lawn sucks, we're not sure Stacey is alive." they laugh. Britney sighs to herself as he leaves "Too bad I had to put Matt up"

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11:57 PM BBT

Britney loves pork or beef, sweet and sour chicken, Lo Mein, beef fries rice, won ton soup. Sometimes she just gets friend rice and soup. She only likes one Chinese Restaurant in her hometown.

Brendon likes Kung Pow chicken and orange chicken.

They both like PF Changs. SHe went there on Valentine's Day and the line was the most insane thing she had ever seen. They had reservations and had to wait 25 mins. "Who knew PF's was such a V-Day hot spot?"

Brendon usually doesn't go out on the day because it's so busy, he goes before or after. Next year she's going to stay home and make dinner or make reservations in early January. Brendon was surprised by how many people would go to Sushi Bar for Valentines' day. Just doesn't seem to be your standard place to go. "Neither does Chinese" says Brit.

12:00 PM BBT

Talk has moved to weather where they live. It snows in Arkansas and Brendon can't imagine leaving the California climate.

12:04 PM BBT

Ragan up now.

12:10 PM BBT

Ragan chomping, mouth open, cereal that doesn't deserve the punishment. [in fact, it sounds a little like my dog chowing down kibble. - ZuZu who's pet LF peeve is the eating sounds]

He is also muttering trivia facts to himself.

Matt bored. Doesn't know what to do with himself.

Lane yelling "Hey, chill out!" at someone as he goes outside.

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Ragan tells Matt that it's not Brendon that has Britney's ear, that it's "the guys." That the only reason he's up on the block is because they want him gone. Matt seems to be trying to find some way to convince them to keep him. Ragan tells him that he's not understanding: no matter what the guys (Enzo,Lane,Hayden)want him gone.

12:31pm BBT:

Ragan want Matt to fight to stay but without throwing his name into it because he feels that it'll put a bigger target on his back. That in the eyes of the guys they think Brendon is going to knock out the ones they want i.e Ragan. (Yet Ragan still wants to target Brendon and not Enzo, Lane, Hayden). Matt thinks he can appeal to the powers that if he stays he's an assett by having Ragan's ear.

Ragan wants to be standing next to one of them f2 and needs to repair the relationship with Hayden.

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12:20 PM BBT

Matt approaches in Ragan in Cabana with a last ditch plan to save himself and switch votes to Enzo. Basically saying that by keeping him they are keeping Ragan as someone they can understand.

Matt: This all hedges on trust with you. And implicates you in no way.....

He is going over what alliances he has to focus on. Lane/Hayden alliance is the only one he has to focus on. Lane/Hayden will still have Britney, Ragan is alone or has Matt.

Ragan: It's disastrous for me to do that. I'll be the lone bullet they go after because they won't know what I am thinking. It makes a bigger target on me. What you are saying is that this person has this person's ear and they have this person's ear but they don't have my ear. They want you gone. You aren't listening to me me Matt, they want you gone. No matter what they are telling you, no matter what friendship you had, they want you gone. That is why Britney put you up. I don't think she is cow-towing to Brendon she is cow-towing to those three boys. They.Want.You.Gone.

Matt: But there's that inherent selfishness in them..

Ragan: that inherent selfishness is what makes them want you gone. Even after you had that POV.

Matt: but if they

Ragan: They are playing the odds and they aren't going to let you stay. It's too big a lead. It's reaching. I don't think you quite understand is the reason that they want you go. I think you are in denial that they want you gone.

Matt: I'm not in denial, Hayden told me to my face that I am a strong competitor and all of that. But if you tell them this.

Ragan: It puts a huge target on my back and it seems like I am going after them and it's not fair to me. Rather than squash that fear you're going to make it bigger.


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12:31 PM BBT

Ragan: If they think I am going to win HOH then trust me, they are working with Brendon and they have been working on this relationship for weeks. You don't get it, you appealing to them by saying keep me in so I can get Brendon out won't work, they don't want Brendon out.

Matt: I"m not saying that, I am trying to say keep me in to save you r asses because I am the only link for you to someone who can help get him out.

Ragan: No, that's not fair to me. It's just not. Over the next couple of days I have to work with them. I want to be standing next to one of them, and if they think that about me (being the loose cannon) I need to repair it.

Matt: Okay, well that's why I asked you before I did it. I had to try.

Ragan : If you want to stay you need something on a much grander scale, it's got to be big. It's not going to be something that appeals to sensibilities, it's got to be something that messes up an alliance somehow.

Matt: Well.... (silence)

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12:36pm BBT:

Ragan tells Matt that if he wants a chance at staying it has to be something big like breaking up an alliance. That what kept BB11's Natalie and Kevin was the strategy of breaking one up.

Matt believes Ragan has a great intuition about things even without knowing all the facts. The only fact Matt has is Brit told him that in case of a tie she would keep Enzo. Which Ragan answers with: "and why would she do that. There has to be something motivating her." Matt sees Brit as a bigger threat to everyone. Ragan doesn't say anything.

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12:35 PM BBT

"Aside from saying I don't want to be involved in anyway, I won't do it. Don't involve me." Rag to Matt making it clear he is his own man.

12:42 PM BBT

Finally cluing in Matt stops trying to push his idea forward and helps Ragan prepare for Trivia questions.

12:45 PM BBT

Enzo making protein shake (in penguin costume) with Lane at KT table. Enzo dreamed about biting into a huge M&M. He was chasing it, dragged it down, bit into it.

Ants have made their yearly appearance. In bathroom, all over the couch.

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12:48 PM BBT

Ragan telling Britney & Hayden about his conversation with Matt. Trying to repair his relationship with Hayden.

Hayden: You were campaigning for Matt, I wouldn't call it hard core campaigning. Knowing your relationship with Matt I would expect that. It wasn't against me.

Ragan: I did something nice for him and he turned it around the next week and made it seem like he knew nothing about it. Turned it into something bad. He encouraged me, when he knew he had the veto, to go up and talk to Brendon about the replacement nominee. Even when I said I wasn't comfortable.

Britney: He knew he was going to be safe no matter what.

Hayden: He made us, don't get me wrong I don't want to say anything bad about Matt, love him, but he made us tell him we were going to vote him out. It was hard enough to tell him as it was but to know it was completely unnecessary. It was so hard, totally hard, I told him the truth about it, my reasoning and everything, and to find out it was completely unnecessary. Wow.

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1:14 PM BBT

BB Voice: Enzo. Fix your Microphone.

Enzo: Why?

Enzo wants to win HOH so he can listen to Eminem. He also hates waking up alone. Hayden promises never to let it happen again. He can sleep u[p in HOH with him when he wins. Side by Side.

Enzo then says he has to wish his wife Happy Anniversary.

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116PM BBT enzo "if it is a quiz we need to be on our toes. need to go by weeks and understand it better" jedi training between Enzo and Hayden in BY on couch. (all4 feeds on these guys). Taj talk this afternoon if doing nothing. Matt talking to Lane at pool. Repeating what Ragan said to Matt. (Matt making up half this stuff and it is what he said not Ragan).

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1:22 PM BBT

Matt talking to Lane about Ragan. "He locks himself in rooms studying now. He has crazy eyes, the emotion has finally gotten to him."

Matt portraying Ragan crazy and unpredictable "He still keeps telling me everything and I'll keep telling you guys but something's up. He planted a theory in Brit's head about breaking up Enzo/Hay."

The pool filter and hot tub filter are broken, water is starting to look green.

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