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8/22 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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6:26 BBT

Britney goes outside and thanks Hayden for cooking. Hayden and Matt compliment Her for the way she is dressed.

She says she's wearing her birthday outfit (sigh)

Matt asks her to do a twrill for them and she does. (sigh)

(I"m out for a while. I need a cold shower)

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6:39 PM BBT

Lane on the hammock and Hayden cleaning the grill outside. Hayden talks about possibly going up against Enzo. Lane assures him 1000% he won't be going up. He says he will lose because he told Enzo about him winning the prizes. Lane says no doubt Matt is going home tomorrow.

Brit and Ragan shredding chicken. Matt making her cake.

Lane and Hay discussing Enzo's wife's job (investment banker). Hayden eating BBQ sauce of grill brush (ew).

Lane heads inside to see what they're doing with the chicken. Matt asks brit if she caught up on sleep from last night. Brit feeling bad that Hayden can't eat on her birthday (he's a have-not).

Ragan asking "In the first week, is there anyone that you thought would not have made it to this point of the game?" Brit says Bren because he was on the block. No one really answers. (I would've said Hayden or Brit actually).

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Great job everybody. I need a favor: Could someone go back and watch the flashback from 5-6:00PM and do a short re-cap of Ragan in the HoH room? I missed it, as I suppose everyone else did, because I was writing up the show re-cap.


Doesn't look like anyone has, Morty. I'll do it. :)

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6:49 PM BBT

Brit licking the cake wisk clean. Camera zooming in on that (eyeroll). Lane went to change his shirt. Brit asked if Lane asked for libations. Matt looking stressed at the counter (I want to feel bad for him so bad but I can't help but KNOW he needs to go-girly) Hayden eating bean dip out of the can. Everyone wishing Brit a Happy B-Day (even though it's tomorrow) not sure where Bren or Enzo is. Dinner is shredded BBQ chicken and white cheddar and shells (mac&cheese).

Everyone thanking Hayden for cooking the chicken even though he can't eat. Lane says he helped too! (not).

Matt talking about how he lost weight. He weighed about 160 lbs and he was 5'5 so he was like a blueberry. Said he gained weight from drinking and constant diet of fast food and gas station food. Brit asks him if food tasted better when he was fat. He agrees (me too) says he was jolly and happy but now cares about everything he eats. Says you're a happier, jollier person when you're fat (meh.) Thinks he can get fat again now that he's married (no.)

Matt says his doctor scared him and his cholesterol was 286 and is still high but not the way it was. Says he also smoked a little too, cigarettes. Ragan can't believe Kathy still smokes. Hayden says he talked to her about that. All in disbelief that she still does it (it's a testament to how hard it is to quit-girly)

Ragan: Oh, Kathy. 'I gist drive riht up to that Sonic and they come out with my root bear'

Now exchanging Kathy stories. Ragan now misses her. Saying what a character she is. Discussing why Shane (her son) doesn't live with her. (it's a school thing)

7:00 PM BBT

Hay says Mac and Cheese looks good. They all tell him it sucks.

Matt asks how many times Brit has thrown up from drinking. Brit says 3. All share their vomiting stories. Matt on stage, Lane on a cab driver...

Ragan sharing a food poisoning story from Pei Wei and WBRB. Hay talking about ribs from Applebee's. Ragan says he got food poisoning from ribs and it felt like the flu (it really does, I've had it).

Lane says he got food poisoning from Cancun because of the ice.

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Flashback between Brit and Ragan 5PM BBT

Ragan pitched to Brit all the reasons she should keep Matt. Ragan is going over board to some extent, saying that Matt is a strong competitor and that is why he has the target. IF she keeps Matt the target is off of her. Brendon is going to target Matt not Brit. They discuss some comps and that the PoV made no sense. Brit explains to Ragan why everyone wants Matt out and she knows she can't win final 2 against Matt.

Ragan not giving up, he is fighting for Matt as hard now as he did the week before. Brit does not understand why Matt needs to stay. Ragan is telling her that everyone is throwing Matt under the bus cause of his strength. And Matt will go after Brendon.

(they keep rehashing the same scenerios over and over again, both restating the same stuff).

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7:02 PM BBT

Ragan telling a story but won't say the name so he doesn't get sued (Lane: did I just get sued? Brit: Who's going to sue you, the city of the Cancun? Hayden: I wonder if I got sued by Applebee's? Lane: Probably. [pretty funny])

The billiard bowl is still missing. Apparently BB took it. Hayden left it outside and they took it (that seems silly, BB). Matt jokes Enzo stole it.

Ragan and Brit eating Reese's. Kathy mocking.

Outside Hay and Lane playing pool talking about Brit and her evil eye. Hayden says she was giving it to him at the table (he feels like). Lane says maybe she's lying to him and plotting something (I wish it was that exciting)

Brit joins them outside. Says she's still tired. Talking about how many hours her and Brendon had to be handcuffed. She says 24 BB hours and they did 14 dunks (Guess BB has their own time table). Saying how they just went to fish with that conversation (fish is WBRB which we just got).

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Doesn't look like anyone has, Morty. I'll do it. :)

Here is your big time flashback for 5-6 PM BBT on Sunday 22 Aug.

Brit and Ragan conversation entirely in HOH bed.Summary of high points:

Ok, so Ragan comes in after Brit asked Matt to send him up.

Brit: This is terrible. Blah blah. Worst case.What do I do?

Ragan: um can we have you know I really am very guarded about game talk. I do not talk a lot of game. Period. It is turned around and used as ammo against you. If we have a conversation, will you promise me as friends you wont use it against me.

B: yes

R: Ok. There are two people in this house that I care about. You and matt. And what I’m about to say and what I’m about to preface is that I know people perceive you and mat as the biggest threats in the house. That scares most people. They look at that as they have to get rid of that. I’m not intimidated by it. I come to this game as a fan as you do and when I see people who are good people and brilliant with the way they think and hard core in the way they play I don’t want to get rid of it… I want to keep it. That’s my philosophy… Ok now for the real stuff: this is what I see happening. A lot of it I’m sure you’ve picked up on it:

Three pairs (R/M, E/H, Brit/Lane) E/H has played both sides of the fence which is great for htem. I’m jealous. Great game play. Biggest error I made was to take a stand on the Brenchel thing. My downfall was in Cabana argument. But E/H playing both sides. This is just ME being perceptive, I haven’t heard this. I THINK they want Brendan in end with them because they know we hate him. They would love to see Kat in end too because they can beat them. That’s why I’m proud of Matt. He could have have taken the easy way out and put up E and H—to take out a strong player—and he DIDN’T do it.

(brit is uh huing as he goes)

R continues: Because you got HOH and E went up. E and H are a pair and…(pause) they’re also friends with Brendan. What people are doing now is not thinking about this week, they’re thinking of next hoh Probably a DE week. I think It’s where do we want to put our chips when it comes to the DE. Because YOU can’t play, and they know you’re good at quizzes, so it’s Brendan. He’s good at that. This whole thing with him choosing to be handcuffed to you is to have your ear for 24 hours. It’s their plan. I think that you have to realize you will be fooling yourself if you think you’re part of their endgame. You are a big threat to them…quiz after quiz. You are a big threat to them. But they smell the money. Going into the next HOH competition, when you are sitting there powerless watching them play the competition, it could be three vs two. I will swear on my father if I win HOH you are NOT going up. Not as initial or replacement. So the three two combo I see is:

If matt goes home this week you have Brendan/Hay/Enzo vs Me and Lane. Me and lane genuinely have your best interest at heart. Even if you make a deal with B/H/E your two closest allies will go up. And if one of us win the veto, then you go up. And if matt goes home, you have one ally instead of three. The conversation with the other side is not me and matt. It’s me mat and you. Because of the sh** what Rachel was talking.

OR if matt doesn’t go home, you have Matt lane, me, against Hay and Bren. So ultimately, you have to put yourself with no threat. And I give yo my word you won’t go up. So just put yourself … you have a couple of decisions to make. Who you put up will determine who goes: First when you sit down: Who do you trust ultimately? Who has been by your side, not f’ed with you etc. Second, when you sit down watching HOH you’d better be pretty certain that you don’t have regrets when you’re watching. It at home later. Third decision: Now I realize this is BB and we are getting closer to money. There is a bit of a “moral” element to this decision. You’re at a crossroads, Britney. You need to think strategically watching the next HOH who do you want to play, but also the hypothetical of you watching as a viewer of this season, and all that’s happened, if you are watching yourself, what does your gut tell you like, is the right thing for this player to do?

Brit : It’s really hard for me based on following:

I only have four people I can pick. (lists them) I don’t want to put you up. You didn’t play POV I don’t want you to go home. Not fair. I don’t want to put up lane. That leaves Matt and Hayden. I don’t want to put up either period. I love matt. I don’t think he’s coming after me. I don’t want to put up Hayden. He’s a good person. Good for his word. He has my back. I think—

R: Let me cut in. Hay goes up. He won’t go home.

B: That leaves Enzo and I assured him there’s no way he’d go home as pawn.

R: But out of those three who do you think least has your back?

(then they go back and forth about who to trust, that she heard ragan was making deals, ragan says he wasn't etc etc. all stuff we've heard)

B but I have to win that hoh or I’ve wasted my summer. Matt will pick you at the end of the week. It’s easy to feel expendable. I don’t want to lose you. I feel close to you. I don’t want to lose you in this game, even if matt goes home I don’t want you to go home.

R: brit it’s not gonna happen. If matt goes home you’re the only one I have in this house. I don’t want you to think I would say “now screw Britney”

B:I love matt. I think he’s a great guy. I feel close to him. But he’s my biggest threat.

R : but only in a f3 situation. To GET to the ff3 he’s your biggest ally. He’ll fight for you not to get you out.

Now Ragan is going over how the final HOH stuff will work. Basically saying talking about the final HOH scenario.

B: If matt doesn’t go home this week, he’s not going home.

R: but if M doesn’t go home this week… We’re not going home.

(aaand in a terrible twist of irony, as Ragan is working his backside off to save Matt, on screen three and four in the Hot Tub, Matt is plotting with Lane to have him talk brit into putting Ragan up and saying how it will get the BG to the final four.... don't know if he's serious but SHEESH).

(Chipmunks opinion: I think Ragan actually DID get into Brit's head. He's trustworthy and I think he gave her something to think about).

And that is my summary of the 5-6 PM BBT hour. :)

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7:20ish BBT

Brit and Lane up in HoH. Britney explaining that she thinks it is best for her game to put Hayden up instead of Matt. If she puts up Hayden, then Enzo will go home. It makes more sense for her game to send home one of Brendon's allies (Enzo) instead of someone who she thinks will be loyal to her (Matt). Lane disagrees, saying Matt and Ragan are just playing her b/c she is in power this week. Brit isn't buying it. Her logic continues that if Matt and Ragan are still in the house, then there are two people that she can beat if Brendon wins HoH and puts her up (either the first time or after POV).

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And at 8:30 BBT: Lane and Brit in HOH

Smooth talking Lane is undoing ALL of Ragan's work. Lane is pinky swearing she isn't a target. (ed: Oh, Brit... you, my friend, are doomed you are about to be GRA-Naded by the BRA-gade).

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8:30 BBT:

Lane is LAYING IT ON THICK about how much he's trustworthy and looking out for her best interest. And the convo continues with that. Lane saying he knows what Enzo is thinking But he doesnt know Rag and Matt but I know enzo. And Brit is FOLLOWING that logic. And she is like "if matt leaves Ragan will have my back". Now Lane is saying he is using Enzo as a vote. (BS!)

And now Brit brings up what if Bren wins HOH. I'll go up"

Lane tries (very very cheesy attempt) to say that this won't happen. For whatever reason Brit is buying this.


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8:26 BBT

Still WBRB

Feeds came back for 2 seconds and WBRB

Feeds on again

Lane and Brit in HOH. Lane pushing Matt BIG TIME to go home. He trusts Hayden and Enzo 100%, for him and Britney. Sounds like Britney's not buying it.

Enzo's in the backyard walking around in his Penguin suit stressing about who Britney will put up. Brenden bashing Ragan and Matt as usual. Telling Enzo what all he said to Britney.

Enzo is highly pissed off right now. Swears he will go after Matt if he stays. He is dropping F-bombs faster than I can type.


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8:35 PM BBT:

Bubbles continue. (kicked in when lane was saying he's been trying with HoH really....he has).


Lane: me and hayden talk about getting enzo out. but we cant. we need vote. to get us to f3 me and hayden need to win hoh. one each. that's it.

brit: uh huh. i think if we get to the final four, i think we have a better chance against h and e than r and m.

Lane: you can knock out two competitors in one punch here. ragan will be in a depression. he'll lose.

brit: you'd rather send ragan than brendan in DE?

Lane (oops....) no no, not at all... I'm just sayin... (ed: surre you are...oops, double back Lane double back...doesn't matter, Brit didn't pick up on it).

more bubbles.( And I'm out... I have to work tomorrow early.)

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8:36 BBT

Feeds back.

Enzo and Brenden still in backyard trashing Matt and Ragan.

Lane still in HOH room working hard on Britney. (if I were Britney I'd be going to sleep early tonight to get away from these guys)

More WBRB at 8:40 BBT

Feeds back yet again. Lane now in backyard. Hayden tells Lane he needs to be the last person to talk to Britney tomorrow before she makes her decision.

Matt comes outside and conversation switches to pool.

(personal observation. When is anyone going to have the balls to confront someone about their game instead of bashing them behind their backs.

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8:49 BBT

Enzo and Lane playing pool and talking strategy.

Enzo reminding Lane (again) that he needs to talk to Brit right before she make her decision.

Lane sounding pretty positive that Matt is going up tomorrow.

BB: Lane, pleasr go to the DR.

Lane: Nooooooo

Britney comes downstairs and thanks Matt for baking her cake.

She walks outside and the guys compliment her on how nice she looks.

Britney asks how's the broccoli doing for you.

Enzo's tired of slop and says he will eat no more of it.

Enzo wishing he could put cheese on his broccoli.

Lane says he uses hot sauce but it's really hot.

Talk turns to Lady Gaga and which songs they like.

Matt in kitchen working on Britney's cake. They have no lighter to light the candles.

Up next: WBRB

General chit chat about pool going on.

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