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8/22 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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brit and brenden still in DR... everyone else napping and ragan alone in cr

brit and brenden out of dr and chained together

every hour brenden gets a chum bath every hour so brit has to get up with him for it

chum (fish heads and guts)

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10:16 BBT

Ragan is mumbling to himself in bed in Jamanji while laying there in one of his woe is me pity parties

Lane enters the kitchen wolfs down a fist full of something as he heads to Jamanji ...walks in doesn't say one word to Ragan and leaves..to go to the bathroom..removes his mic..closely inspects his mug in the mirror....and parks it in the stall

Ragan is mumbling again....finger in his mouth like he's in deep thought..suprisingly no tears...

10:22 BBT Everyone else outside in the HT sitting around talking and seemingly enjoying each others company..

Enzo isn'r around so he must be in DR

"sulking..I'm just upset" ragan tells Lane...he asks "about today?" as Lane says its been a roller coaster

Ragan asks Lane to have a private convo...and its stays between them...Ragan says "I feel like...." Lane says he'll spit some things at him as Lane asls if he feels like the house treats them like expendable and Ragan says its "deeper than that"......Lane say "anyone can leave" at any time....and says he can understand on "britney's part as Hayden comes in to break up poor Ragan's heart to heart with Lane,....

Matt comes in as Poor Ragan tells him Hayden is in the Taj as Matt looks worried at ragan's mood...

10:27 BBT Lane Matt talk about working out...as Ragan ssays "not good" when Matt asks about his DR Ragan says he went "for a couple of reasons"

Ragan says he realized Brit and Him were expendable as he talks to Lane in Taj as he talks "worst case scenario"...as he tell Lane there are "three pairs" and the "boys" don't want Enzo "to go" as Hayden again breaks up Ragan's convo to head to the HN room..

10:29 BBT Ragan talking about being jealous of people who can talk to their enemies as he says he can't do it as Ragan says he's worried Matt will go home as he says when "matt had that power" he could have put someone else up and now thinks his impending eviction is bullshit..

10:31 BBT Ragan's self entitled convo continues

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ragan and lane started to talk about ragan feeling down... ragan feels like he is treated like he and britney are disposable. He also feels like there are 3 pairs in the game right now. He thinks the boys don't want enzo to go. He fears there will be a half baked deal to put matt or ragan up against enzo then either him or matt will go home. He thinks that people fear Matt and Britney. And since they are huge threats. Lane tells ragan that it is between Matt and Hayden going up on the block. Lane also told him earlier that everyone now has a target on their back. He also says they will throw everyone under the bus because they are getting money hungry. Lane tells him he is not going to take it personal when he is put up because it is down to the wire. Ragan is looking at people's actions over what they say. He is saying that Matt could have kept Kathy since he could have beat her and gotten rid of Britney.

i'm out since night owl is here :)

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10:32 Lane is telling Ragan its either Matt or Hayden but claims he doesn't know as he warn Ragan "people are getty money hungry" and he will see more of this as the game progresses...

as Lane says "i will not" take being put up personally..as Ragan "there is a huge difference between action and word" as he agrees with Lane....he says "matt had an opportunity" to keep Kathy or do "what he does this whole game"..or do "what is right"..as Ragan says "this shouldn't be a questions" as he says Brit and Matt are in similar boats and "will be next" ...as Ragan says "people" lokk a Brit "as a huge threat"

10:35 BBT Ragan going on about his Matt saying in final two he could noy says "one negative" thing about him as he goes on about feeling "beat down" as "my friend" ids HOH and feel he shouldn't have to go to her and "scheme scheme scheme"...and admits Bren's POV made "the circumstance's fucked up"

Lane trying to explain th elogic of BB game playing as Ragan says "i can't understand" it and thinks its "a load of bullshit" as calling him a threat is just "a convinient excuse to get rid of me" as Lane tries to says he would have a lot of votes at the end and tells Ragan he would lose to Ragan..

10:38 BBT Ragan says that he 's worthless and has only one one HOH...as Lane says "you might see me do skletchy stuff"..and they are close to winning the money....as Lane says if he wins HOH he would have to put people up "that are my friends"

"i have nothing" if "matt goes" and will have no one looking out for him...Ragan says to Lane...

10:40 BBT Ragan tries to say Brit has a deal next week he tells Lane "its one of us going home" and the week after that "it's Britney"

Lane says Brenson "is the assisin" doing people's "dirty work" as Lane says "that's what it looks like to me"...as Lane says he's "a Kathy" and ragan adds "who wins"

Lane says it won't happen......as he tells Ragan he's "kind hearted..

10:42 BBT Enzo doing his self pity looking less than daper in his Penguin suit thinking he will get evicted in it... talking to Hayden in the CR....talking about going to the final 4 and the final three with Hayden Lane and himself...Hayden assures him he's not leavinng this Thursday..

10:44 BBT Enzo talks about pushing everything on "Matty" saying he's playing the whole house when inreality "we've been playing the whole house"

DING DING DING DING..chum bathtime..

10:45 BBT Brendon takes his dip..

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10:46 BBT

Enzo talking about "if Matty stays in this house" brit will be "in a lot of trouble" as Enzo whine getting to "final four" and they can "bang it out"....

Enzo says Matt saying "ragan ragan" and always goes to Ragan first as Enzo criticizes his "blunder" of getting Kathy out instead of "britney"

Hayden says if he's up he'll leave if he's up against Enzo as he says "its anyone's guess' and will be embarrasing leaving in the penguin suit...

10:49 BBT Hayden says he hasn't won shit as they both say they have "definitely try" as Enzo "i got 73 points 6 points short" as Hayden says "i tried for all of them" as Hayden says he hesitated on the hair Enzo says he thought Matt would go for it and Brit would "dye her hair red" and Enzo says "i was going for broke" and didn't care about the slop....

10:52 BBT..Enzo says "if " Matt "gets put on the block..I'll be happy" and hopes Brit does "the right thing" as Enzo goes over who would get put up in Ragan wins HOH and Enzo says it will be him and Brendon...

Enzo "i thought I won" he says about POV...

10:53 BBT Enzo Matt convo continues...as Hayden says he knew he didn't win with his "50 points" and Enzo says he should have went for the hair {why would he hesitate on the hair when he's practically bald already}

Hayden wants to do to DR because he's "frustrated" and tells Enzo if either would have won today 'we both would be safe" and goes over again he should have went "for the shaved head"

10:56 BBT

Brit and Brendon looking chummy together on the big chaise outside in the BY talking..

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10:57 BBT

Hayden admits he won the "hawaiian trip and the 5Gs" and claims he went hard for the win..but only had "50 points" so it might as well go for it

Enzo says we should "push this on Matty" as Hayden tries to be upset he wons the prizes..as Hayden assures Enzo he's not "gonna lose" as Lane says he talked to Brit and guranteed her that him Hayden and Enzo would vote for her to stay and that she's safe..

11:00 BBT Lane tells them about his convo and his "final 4" deal with him and Matt and tells them he's going to "talk to Britney" to keep Matt off the block"

Hayden "I was gonna lose anyway" as he ttries to justify his winnings saying he went for the chum..."the sahved head" even though "i hesitated"

Hayden ask "why didn't you go for the stuff more" Hayden asks and Lane says he wants the phone call and says "i don't know..he though t the phone call would be in the open but ist in the DR...saying it will "look sketchy"

11:02 BBT they start whispering...Hayden "if she knew i won the prizes" she would "put me on the block" about Brit as Hayden says he'll come clean as Enzo says "after Matty's gone" as Enzo says when "matty leaves he leaves with the prizes" and says not to mention it..

They are talking about winning HOH the possible scenarios..

11:05 trying to psyche themselves into winning comps...as Hayden says he's "upfront and honest" with them as he says "i feel terrible" as Hayden asks Lane "wanna go to Hawaii with me" he asks excitedly..

11:07 BBT "for get about that" Enzo says about prizes.."we have to get Matty" evicted...

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11:10 BBT

The new Brigade is having their meeting talking about if Brendon wins...he's not touching us"....as Enzo talks about putting up "brendon up " with Ragan..as he says "i don't give a fuck" since its"two weeks left"

Lane "100%" when Hayden asks if Britney is putting Matt up..

11:12 BBT Lane says "she knows he's the Saboteur" and got the Hawaii trip and the $5000 as Hayden says "they will know" in JH who gets the trip...as they says they won't .....

Hayden says "i just don't want it to hurt me" when I'm in"the final 2" as Enzo says worry about getting there....

11:15 BBT...Enzo talking about wanting the phone call...and says "who doesn't want the clothes of the meow meow" but at least he has his "shoes" and "hats"

11:16 BBT Ragan and Matt in Jamanji as Matt says Lane is in CR "talking to Hayden and Enzo" as Ragan goes over his convo with Lane....

11:18 BBT Brit saying she was "pissed off" about HG taking prizes and "every single" prize was taken...as she says "its obvious" the prizes weren't taken by "him and Enzo"

Bren asks who she thinks and she says "it only leaves three people" saying "I don't want to point fingers"..but knows it "wasn't me...Enzo...you" and swears "on my very life " she got nothing...and says she even rang in for giving her clothes away even when she knew she would lose saying she wants to "punch in the face" and talks about HGs being "cocky"..and says she wants to find out and that's the person who "will go home"

Brit wishes they would "reaveal the prizes" and everyone says "they didn't" and they are all saying "the same thing" as Brit pissed she fought for POV...and others didn't...

11:23 BBT as Brit says she gave up money and TV for a veto "she didn't need" in an earlier POV..

"everyone else here is collecting paychecks" while she and Brendon are fighting to be here..

11:24 BBT Britney really pissed "it makes me so mad"

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11:31pm BBT:

Brit telling Brendon that she was pissed that only two got punishments. That if she wanted prizes she could have stayed home and worked for them. Brendon says the ones who took prizes obviousely felt safe. She says they can enjoy their prizes in jury. Tells Brendon that he has def. proven himself to her. That both of them have always fought to be in the house. Brendon begins to tell her about the sab theory.

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11:26 BBT

Brit is suspicious only a few got punishments...and says "they will have their prizes in the jury house..I hope they enjoy them"

In Taj Matt says Brit has been" Standoffish" to him since "hayen and Lane" talked to her..."that's when" it got wierd as Ragan wonders if Lane told him everything she just said..

11:28 Matt saying "shit doesn't make sense" as Ragan is at the point "i don't care"

Brendon and Brit bonding over their anger of greedy HGs as he asks about his theory of "saboteur" and Brit says "it makes sense"...

11:30 BBT Matt in CR with Hayden and Enzo and Enzo mentions "i told the DR" and FOTH...

Outside Bren and Brit still talking about the saboteur and Kathy as Brit talks about Kathy's two faced act...as Brit says "she called " Rachel "some derrogatory names"

Back in CR Matt says he tried for everything "feverishly" in POV as Enzo says he thought he won as Matt says everyone elses "buzzard was off"...as hayden says he tried...Enzo says he has to be a good sport about the penguin outfit "or people will laugh at me"

11:33 "do you think people are gonna laugh" as Matt and Hayden says "you'll gain fans"..as Enzo says " as long as I'm a good sport"

Enzo says "i think we just lost out final four" today as Enzo "I should have won that HOH"

11:35 BBT Enzo was suprised he didn't BB give him the shaved head as Matt says "then you would have won" and BB didn't want that as Enzo says he thinks "brendon's getting Fans" for being "a great competitor"

Enzo talks like feeling "defeated"....Enzo:"a have not on the block in a penguin suit with no clothes" saying "there has to be a light" after that.."i had nice clothes"

11:38 BBT Matt calling the pov "a load of shit" as Enzo says he doesn't know who won shit as Matt says he's "suprised" people went for it and Enzo says he's suprised "no one went for the slop pass"

Enzo says he "tried for the phone call"....

11:39 Ragan has joined Brit and Brendon outside...

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11:40 BBT

Matt saying nothing worked...and when he say Brendon cheering saying the who POV was "a load of bullshit..this shit was set up" saying they talked about it "for a week" as he complains "how set this is"...

11:42 BBT Hayden just listening hasn't said one word in awhile.. as Matt says his buzzard didn't work...

Matt going on about being "angry"

11:43 BBT Enzo still going on about his clothes..and says "i haven't showered for 2 days" as Matt says he'll shower also as Enzo says he'll be there...

Matt leaves and Hayden looks a little worried as Enzo says he wants thursday to be here "already"


11:45 BBT Brit and Bren heading over there as Ragan laughs "this is ridiculous" as he takes his dip...and then rinses...Rahgan keeps laughing "does it stink" as brit tells him where to rinse...

Back in CR room Hayden staring blankly.."what was the last POV" he asks Enzo to break the silence and Enzo answers Hayden "this is the last one that has prizes" as Enzo says they will have luxury..

11:48 Brit is doing her prizegate to Ragan saying "it makes me very mad" "no one has admitted to any prizes" as Brit is really pissed....

11:49 BBT Enzo ask Matt "you going to the shower" he says "yep" as Enzo complains "can anything get any worse" about his situation....

Hayden staring again without much to say...

11:51 "brit is now "irrate" about the prizes....Ragan not saying much as she ask "what do you feel about it" and he says "i feel like"..........long pause..........Brit waits for an answer..'its the same p[eople every week fighting"..."overall" not jus comps but "with each other" and Brit agrees "its not fun...its hard"

Brendon says "everyone in the house" has been on the block...as Brit says "it impressed me" brit says about Enzo having a "10 month old daughter" and still "gave up" everything "two worst punishments" and "still didn't win the veto"

11:55 BBT Enzo still sitting in CR while Hayden stares as Enzo says he doesn't feel like doing shit....and Hayden says "i almost feel like going to bed"

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11:37pm BBT:

Our new couple of BB, Brendon and Brit talking about Kathy. Going back and forth with how she kept going from power to power and just would overall talk badly about whomever she had just been acting like they were her best friend.

11:43pm BBT:

Enzo, Matt and Hayden talking about veto comp. Matt feels it was set up for Brendon to win since among the brigade they had said that this is exactly the sort of comp that Bren could do well. He

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11:58 BBT

Lane returns from DR to CR talk turns to Jesse BB11..BB10 and Pandora's box.. "the guy always finds his way back to the BB house"

11:59 BBT they are talking about working out...Matt asks "who's in the shower" as they talk how "depressed" Ragan is .."he's such a bitch" Enzo says as Lane says he just stared "creeply" at the girls..

Hayden called to DR as Lane and Enzo gush what a great guy Hayden is ..FOTH..

12:01 BBT FOTH

Feeds back as Lane talks about winning it this week for HOH

Back outside Ragan is sitting with the chaingang while brit is eating ice cream....and discussing ice cream...

12:03 "f jesse" Brit says "he was so mean..you got a little bit to lose" as she was pissed that "100 pound person needs to lose weight' and said she jumped down his throat for telling girls that a 100lb girl needs to lose weight..

12:05 BBT Enzo eating pickles as Lane says "being on national television..looking like this" as he complains he needs "steroids" {he's joking} better work out equipment "gym membership" as he eats..

Matt comes into the kitchen..talk about shower...FOTH...

12:07 BBT FOTH

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Britney Brendon and Ragan in BY talking about how BB manipulates them and they're really just pawns instead of players in a game. Lots and lots of WBRB.


Ragan: "I think there's an investment in some of us" then WBRB

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12:08 BBT Matt says he's worried "because I'm out of DPOVs" as Enzo says "i wished"...

12:09 Enzo says Brendon "that tool bag" is smart saying "he's doing things out of spite" smart of him to lock up "with her" because he has "no chance" as he says "make like a tree and go"....

Lane again says "i have to work out tonight' as Enzo says "i'm going in the hot tub tonight"

Enzo still complainging "$2000 worth of clothes" out the window as he request clothes from his wife..

Lane asks what Matt's looking for and he says "new powers..there has to be powers around here somewhere"

12:12 BBT Lane Matt and Enzo wishing for powers to get out of their little pickle the Brigade is in..

Matt says "i'm going on my "third replacement nominee" and FOTH...

Enzo says "you can't see who really got it first" as Matt says he knows that his "malfunction" as Matt complains says he wants to "see" someone "beating me" not "some wire" to trip and FOTH...

12:15 BBT FOTH..

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Brendon is wondering if there will be a dbl eviction and Ragan says yes, Thursday.


Enzo saying if he's evicted then fine...questioning whether it can get any worse in the house.


Britney and Brendon discussing sleeping arrangements. Looks like they're planning on just sleeping outside together. 21 more chum baths for Brendon.


Matt Enzo and Lane join everyone else outside. Enzo: "How I'm feeling I'm just gonna shave my head. Fuck it."


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