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8/22 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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12:55ish BBT

Feeds back and we see Brendon in the shower and Britney in the fridge. They are unhandcuffed. Lane, Enzo and Matt were at the table.

Camera zooming on the tons of Q-tips its taking Brendon to clean chum out of his ears.

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1:00 PM BBT - Britney and Hayden at the table. Hayden eating bean dip with a spoon and Britney, the self proclaimed bean dip lover, eats it with chips.

Matt joins them at the table with his chili dogs and Enzo the Penguin adding a lot of salt and some olive oil to something he's cooking on the stove.

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"HG please check the storage." Cake mix and Ice cream for Britney's B-day. Also ear cleaner for Brendon. Britney looks at spy screen, rolls over,pulls covers over head and goes back to sleep.

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2:00pm BBT:

Brendon talking with Hayden and Matt in cabana room. Tells them he feels bad for Britney and how she didn't get the hoh she wanted. Both guys quiet. When Brendon leaves they remain silent. Lane comes in and starts talking about football. Enzo is taking a nap.

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1:55 BBT

The 4 brigade members staring at the fish tank.

Enzo: Hey, look at da fish. It's swimming backwards. I think it's looking for a place to die.

There talking about all the fish that have died sine they've been in the house (it's called over feeding)

Enzo lookis so cute in his penguin outfit.

Matt and Hayden laying in the Cabanna room. Hardly any talking at all.

Lane joins in on the boredom.

Talk turns to football, who their favorite team's are.

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2:09pm BBT:

As Matt, Lane and Ragan talk about the fish sounds almost like they are talking about the game.Lane comments on one particular fish who wasn't agressive before but has learned to be so. Matt mentions another fish who he thinks is depresssed. etc...

2:11pm BBT:

Lane may have gone to take a nap. Matt and Ragan talking about the grill.


Lane telling Enzo that if he wins hoh he'll put up Brendon and Brit telling Brit she's a pawn. Enzo doesn't want to put of Hayden. He hopes Brit nom's Matt. Matt told Lane to talk to Brit into nom'd Ragan. Enzo thinks Ragan will be lost without Matt. Tells Lane that Hayden feels really bad and is worried. Enzo advises him not to say anything! Lane thinks Hayden will feel so guilty he'll probably reveal everything on the live show. Both guys have told Hayden not to worry about the prizes, that they don't care. They think Matt is going up to talk to Brit as soon as he can. Convo moves onto when Enzo gets out of the penguin suit and where his clothes probably went. Which charity.

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2:19pm BBT:

Brendon telling Enzo and Lane about who Brit will put up as replacement. He tells them she's putting Matt up. That he told her she's not his target anymore. Lane commenting here and there but not too much. Neither is Enzo except to check if there's someone in the next room. Hayden comes in and gets filled in on the game talk. Sounds like everyone's target is Ragan now. All nervous about pov, but all will play so Ragan doesn't win it. That it can't be a puzzle again. Britney's only reason for possibly not putting up Matt is that it'd leave a target in the house. Hayden says he's(Brendon) still here so there's a target anyway.

2:27pm BBT:

The remaining Brigade leave and head to the backyard leaving Bendon in have nots room. Enzo getting into his suit. Hayden gets stopped by BB god before he can personalize Penguin suit w/Meow Meow.

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2:32pm BBT:

Hayden in room and asks Brendon who he'd nominate if he gets hoh. Def Ragan but he's not sure who to put up next to him. Hayden throws in Lane's name, but Brendon isn't sure if Lane would be ok with being a pawn. Then Hayden notices kathy's monkey is still on her bed: he wants to send it with the next person that goes to jury house for her. (he's so sweet)

2:34pm BBT:

Enzo and Hayden now in have not room. Hayden tells him he's getting paronoid and feels that Matt is going to throw him under the bus. Enzo is ok with telling Matt they will be splitting votes even if it's not true. They think Ragan is going to be messed up when Matt is gone. Hayden feels that if she nominates him he is screwed. Enzo plans to tell Brit that he got stuck w/ the penguin outfit to help her get Bren out and look at how he lost his clothes etc.

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2:39 pm BBT:

Enzo is pissed that Matt used his power to boot Kathy instead of Brit and she wins hoh while Kathy wasn't going to win anything. He feels all Matt's moves were just for himself. That it should have waited to the end and now because of Matt's bad moves they (Brigade) are in the position they're in.

Matt was in kitchen looking lost as Hayden walked out to get his glasses. Matt asks hayden if Brendon slammed him pretty good last night. He says that he doesn't know but that he would assume ..(can't hear the rest) Talk changes to working out.

2:44pm BBT:

Hayden, Lane and Brendon working out as Matt watches. All feeds on them. Workout talk.

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2:52pm BBT:

Silence in the backyard. Lane in pool, Hayden taking a break from working out , Brendon still doing some crunches and Matt looking at all.

2:54pm BBT:

Ragan in cabana room doing jedi training. Running through comps.

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314PM BBT Hayden, Bren, Lane and Matt sitting round hot tub. Bren recanting about how cold it was outside last night and the running to the shower. Bren "nice to be able to party and not worry after this". Lane "finale on Wednesday, stay here Thursday, fly out Friday" "college football and bro can't miss he is starter this year". "Bro is 6'3" and 245 lbs, only punts, saves his head and has beard". "bro has long legs, so he kicks the sht out of stuff". "pay is better if you are punter and kicker". mostly football talk right now between Bren and Lane. Hayden pro pay 480K$ per year.

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349PM BBT Ragan and Matt talking in CR. Matt saying he will have to be annoying but he is going to talk to Sleeping Beauty. Ragan says he needs to win HoH. Matt "why doing birthday tonight, not her birthday". Ragan says they have to study like they never studied before. "Tonight is air night, no reason for Birthday party tonight" Matt. Ragan "they privy to convos we aren't privy to, drama and all this stuff going on". PoV, just not fair.

Matt "I will win HoH, I will finish this job, My poor wife, can't handle the stress".

Ragan is using something (looks like candy) to count something out. "I am doing my candy math, and you can check it with your head math". they are giggling and sounds like mental breakdown. Lane out of DR and looking thru the candy. "Ragan using candy to do math calculations". Ragan "yellow bars are worth 5, you won't laugh when this saves you".

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401PM BBT Lane standing outside HoH Room stating that he thinks she is asleep. Enters door, "you napping". Lane "talking about bench pressing with Brit" <WBRB>

Brit, watching kitchen cam did not see you. "your birthday tonight" Brit "sniffling, just a cake, but am I suppose to be excited?" Lane "yeah you spending birthday in BB house". Lane "thought you be out week two cause of your game talk and not listening". Brit "should have listened more". Brit "he talked game to me all night long". Looks like she is dozing off on Lane. All 4 feeds showing Brit sleeping.

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4:17 BBT

Lane, Hayden, Matt and Britney in HOH

General chit chat going on.

You can tell by the look on Matt's face he wants to be alone with Britney But I don't think that's gonna happen.

Ragan in Cabanna room playing with small pieces of Hershey's candy bars, stacking them differently. (he's got to be bored)

Back at HOH talk has changed to cooking. Britney says she uses wayyy too much salt in her food.

Lane got a warning fromm BB for doing a flip into the pool WBRB

Also got warning for trying to put meow meow in Enzo's costume with nail polish.

Britney saying she will drink sangria tonight during her birthday party. She's going to take a shower and dress up! (yummy)

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4:30 BBT

Lanes leaves HOH so it's now Brit, Hayden and Matt.

Hayden gets called to DR so it's now Matt and Brit. (how convenient)

Matt's says he used to have zero chance of going up but now he's not so sure.

Matt says he's sure Hayden has been trashing him.

Matt's doing his best to convince Britney that if he's up against Enzo he's going home.

Brit: I don't know who to put up. Your all my friends.

Matt bashing Brenden and restating if he's go up against Enzo he's done.

Britney upset that Brenden won POV cause she wants him gone bad.

Matt agreeing with her 1000%. If I stay Brenden is my number 1 target.

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4:40 BBT

Brit: In tears, telling Matt how hard a decision she has to Make.

Matt agreeing totaly.

Matt offering up Ragan to Britney.

Brit. But Ragan campaigned for you last week.

Matt. I know, it's sucks but I have to do whatever I need to stay in the house.

Brit thinks if Hayden's up against Enzo Hayden will go home but Matt disagree's

(he's working her pretty good)

Matt just told Brit he is "good friends" with Enzo, Hayden and Lane and it's gonna suck to put out a "friend"

(he all but exposed the brigade)

He's telling Brit if he's up he's their target because he's won so many times.

Reassuring Brit that he's got her back.

Brit: I'm sooooo confused.

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Great job everybody. I need a favor: Could someone go back and watch the flashback from 5-6:00PM and do a short re-cap of Ragan in the HoH room? I missed it, as I suppose everyone else did, because I was writing up the show re-cap.


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6:12 PM BBT

Brit and Ragan in HOH room. Brit feverishly straightening her hair. (as someone blessed with poker straight hair, it freaks me out so much when girls do this-girly) She is getting dressy to celebrate her birthday. Her and Ragan are practicing before and after (all Ragan's Jedi training is annoying me so much. They JUST HAD a before and after challenge and he LOST!!)

Outside. Hayden is on the grill. Matt pacing by. Matt is talking about pulling something off with Hayden saying it will be golden television and a masterful alliance. Hayden wants to know where the Brigade ranks as far as alliances in BB history. Matt says Four Horsemen are likely beating them out.

Now talking music.

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6:09 BBT

Feeds are back.

Britney and Ragan in HOH. Britney wearing a STUNNING evening gown (wowza)

Talk is about past competitions. Jedi training?

Lane and Matt by hammock. Wondering if Brit saw the extra bottle of sangria she got.


Her birthday party is probably over.

Matt and Hayden by the grill. Hayden grilling something. You can hear it sizzling.

Matt.. If we pull this off it will be brilliant. (not sure what he's talking about)

Talking about the 4 horseman.

Matt telling Hayden he should getting plenty of TV time this week.

Back to HOH to drool over Britney's outfit.

Ragan wanting to know what or what not to say.

Ragan.. Are you getting dressed up for Brenden (joke)

Britney asks Ragan if she looks OK. Ragan says she's fabulous.

Talking about other reality shows.

6:21 BBT

Britney asks Ragan to tie her bikini top tight so her boobs won't fall out.


Britney now powdering her cleavage

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6:17 PM BBT

Brit asking Ragan if her hair looks ok. He asks her if she's getting dressed up for Brendon, she makes a face. (she's wearing the same dress Rach has but in different colors).

Talking about wanting to meet Bethenny from the Real Housewives of New York. Talking about all the TV they need to catch up on when they get out of the house. Ragan wants a Bravo show.

Lane outside on the hammock.

Now talking about Brendon and the chum bath. Ragan asks her if she was going crazy when the bell for his baths kept going off. She said she was trying to be nice because in his defense he didn't think she would have to do that with him. She was pissed that he picked her in the first place but didn't want to be nasty about the baths. She said that no matter how uncomfortable it made things--he absolutely insisted to open every door for her (which I thought was so silly when I was watching it, I could tell it was annoying-girly).

Done primping off to cook.

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