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8/21 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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10:23 Brendon and Hayden in Kitchen doing Breakfast Slop. Same Ol rehash talk of needing HoH's and PoV's

BTW They are on an Indoor Lockdown

PoV Players for today are Brendon, Hayden, Enzo, Britney, Matt, and Lane. Regan will be on the sidelines.

10:33 Lane out of the DR and in kitchen, proceeds to Brew up a pot of coffee. He asks Brendon "Hear any noises, beatin' and bangin', Gunshots ?

10:40 We have now come full circle. We are back with all 4 feeds on the Have-Not room. Brendon and Hayden sleeping but before Brendon sleeps he holds up the Ty Beanie Dog and says I'm gonna win for the dog but then Hayden says "No I'm gonna win for the Dog."

10:42 Regan Please go to the Diary Room

Matt and Lane now in the Kitchen having there morning cereal. Lane leans over and lets out a squeeky fart of which nothing is said about.

10:46 Enzo please come to the DR

Regan is out and now in the Kitchen. Joining them is Britney

Matt remarks he heard people and materials coming into the backyard about 6;30 BBT and Britney confirms that at 7:00 BBT she heard lots of Banging going on out back.

10:51 Enzo comes from the WC and says I'm gonna have Cock-caa for Breakfast ... then changes mind and says Lets make it Broccilli for breakfast. Enzo frying up his Broccolli in Olive Oil, "So it's Healthy" (Hey he said it, not me ... LoneTWolf)

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1012AM BBT All 4 feeds on HN room, Brendon and Enzo back on cots sleeping

1051AM BBT Feed switch all 4 on Kitchen, Matt, Lane and Brit are at table, Lane eating. Matt and Brit are discussing noises they heard outside between 630 and 7 AM.

<WBRB> now shows Ragan at table eating, Lane and Hayden talking about going back to bed, Enzo going to make broccoli for breakfast, says he is half hung over. All seem to eating and going back to bed, not much sleep last night.

Ragan "man I look rough, all these lines on face from sleeping". Enzo "no sleep, bad night". "No, don't want 30 pounds of vanilla slop". Ragan laughs. Leaves room

1057AM BBT Hayden joins Enzo in kitchen (they fry frozen broccoli in pan with olive oil) Enzo says no slop, just Broccoli and protein drinks. Hayden "can I have some?"

"don't forget your ovaltine, soy milk". Enzo making protein drink.

All 4 feeds on Enzo and his kitchen work.

1110 AM BBT Matt asks about brush, Brit "black one with silver on it?" verified by Brit that she packed Matt's hairbrush in with Kathy's stuff. Brit handed Matt her brush.

Ragan called to DR. <WBRB> than Trivia

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3:55 BBT

Lane says he didn't win the 5000, he didn't win the Hawaiian but did win the phone call.

Bredon's head is shaved.

Enzo thinks Matt won the trip.

No one looks happy.

Matt, Ragan and Britney silent in the HOH room.

All other boys in HN room.

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3:56 BBT

Enzo is in what looks like a large penguin suit.

Brendon says they have no way of finding out who got what, but the most important thing is to get Matt out this week.

Brendon won POV.

3:58 BBT

Enzo says he wants Matt up against him. Brendon comments how he's coming off the block this week.

Upstairs, Britney 'looks' pissed. She's not saying anything.

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4:00 BBT

Brendon says Matt is confident that Hayden will go on the block now. Enzo says he tried for the phone call.

Enzo says if BB does something to make Matt safe again this week, he'll walk out of here.

Lane goes in the HOH room. Matt asks him about his buzzing techniques.

Enzo is talking about borrowing clothes. Brendon says they can lend him some.

Brendon is asking for advice of what he should say to Brendon. He thinks he'll tell Britney he won't put her up next week, but she'll have to win POV to be safe. Enzo suggests to use Britney as a pawn and Brendon says no, he needs to make a safety deal with her.

4:02 BBT

Matt and Ragan head to the Cabana room. Lane starts saying Matt must have won the $5000 and how Matt has to go up. Britney is mad b/c Brendon will come after her but Lane says she is not Brendon's target. He asks who else she can put up and Britney admits Matt is her only choice, but starts to cry b/c of the attacks Brendon has done on her and how bad she wants to get him out.

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