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8/21 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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9:00 BBT

Hayden goes inside to eat. Matt asks Ragan how he feels and he says good. Matt says he feels damn good and when he feels like that, good things happen. He says the stars are aligned. Ragan says he hates when Brendon does his fake confidence pose and Matt says Brendon is fake.

Feeds also show Britney reading her letter while taking a bath.

Brendon called to DR.

9:03 BBT

Lane and Enzo talking near pool table. Lane gives Enzo 'on the block' advice. Says BB will probably go to Enzo's family and record them and how Enzo will get a lot of air time this week.

Britney is shaving her legs.

Lane talking about his question from Julie about Muscle Milk. Hayden comes out, shaking a protein shake.

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9:11pm BBT:

Brit solo jedi training while she's in the bathtub shaving. Even when she's alone she bashes on Rachel and Brendon when their names come up in study info.

In kitchen we have Enzo and Lane who call Matt Ronnie when BB summons him to diary room.

Lane goes outside to pool and is play fighting with the camera saying he doesn't want to be on tv tonight. Splashing water. Ragan is on hamock. Enzo now solo pool playing.

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9:31pm BBT:

Brit now talking to the feedsters about her brothers and how great they are. Very sweet actually.Talk turns to Nick and how cute he is and how glad she is to see him. Loves that he sent his blanket with his scent. That Nick is always honest with her even if it’s not what she wants to hear. Good heart that doesn’t have an enemy in the world. Says he loves her and that makes him a keeper because she’s hard to deal with. Admits she’s a very needy girlfriend. That she’s a homebody that he gets her out. How she loves a few of his friends, giggles and leaves it at that. Says that you know he’s a good guy because he puts up with her (well at least she admits it). Now chat moves onto her friend Monica and how rational she is and makes her laugh. Misses her a lot. Summer, her other friend that isn't in the photos either, is funny and that she is very good at controling herself. Brit thinks both would like Hayden, Lane and Ragan. Plus Enzo because he's funny and just very different. That all her loved ones probably hate Rach and Brendon. Brit admits she nominated Brendon because of what he said regarding NIck and that noone can say things about someone she loves.

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9:46pm BBT:

Outside Ragan asking if the guys feel good about veto comp tomorrow. Wonder what it will be. Sounds like Ragan isn't playing. All agree that it was cool having Jeff and Jordan hosting. Ragan says it was obvious J/J didn't like Rach and Bren, that he's not saying that because of his personal feelings but based on their reactions when they came in to host. Matt comes over to Enzo in a very coach like manner and says"what are we going to do tomorrow?' Enzo replies "win pov!". Then Matt jokingly says that then they can vote out Ragan (of course all said in jest since Ragan is right there). Feeds go to WBRB when Matt says in diary room there is tons of hate...

9:54pm BBT:

Ragan thinks there's going to be a double eviction. That after this upcoming thurs there's only about 2wks left. Now talking about families finalizing travel plans. Enzo and Lane pretty funny.

9:58pm BBT:

Workout has started for Matt, Enzo and Hayden while Ragan rocks in the hamock.

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10:05pm BBT:

Brit still talking to feedsters about possible things we might want to know about being in the house: it’s cold all the time, there’s not that much liquior given since it doesn’t cause as much drama, BB provides the flat iron etc since you can’t bring your own, everyone takes your stuff and uses it. She brought enough conditioner but people would borrow it.

(ok I'm out of here. Someone take over)

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10:27 BBT

Enzo saying he's tired and ready "to fall asleep" talking to Hayden in the HT...as Matt comes over to snitch that Brendon didn't leave the light on for them in HN room

Enzo saying why does he want to win the POV "to last another week" {yeah that's how it works dumbass}

Enzo saying BB wants to "embarrass me" with a POV geared to Brendon.."its fucked up" Enzo whines..

Lane comes over...as the brigade is at the HT...Ragan seems to have left...

10:30 BBT they are not discussing game just talking about "going to bed" as Matt says they will be up early like "6 " Enzo says "good I'll wake up and take another nap"

Matt says "do you think" they will be in for a "shit storm" either way he wins or lose...as Hayden says he'll be "pouty" if he doesn't win POV....

Matt asks Hayden if he'll asks Brendon just "chill out" and enjoy the week..

Hayden says "if enzo makes it to the final 2" Brenchel will vote for him...and says "kathy loves Enzo too" as Hayden plants the new seed {just in case Brendon wins and another Brigade member goes up} as he continues about Rachel loves enzo and when he talked to her on her visit "her main talk" was Enzo as Hayden says no matter who goes to the end with him he'll give em a run for their money..

10:35 BBT Saboteur they now wonder if Kathy was it since "we would have got a message" as Matt "i don't think its Kathy anymore" they seem to "agree" that the saboteur wasn't Kathy..Hayden and Lane swear it wasn't them as Matt says "i believe you guy" and Hayden says Enzo swore on his baby that it wasn't him as Matt says "he's the only one who saw the letter" and has been "pitching Kathy" since teh saboteur return...

In HN room Brendon and Enzo talking as Brendon asks "are they worried about me winning it" as Brendon says "i'll take anything...I'll fuck them up" for POV and says he will win HOH and this "time there's no diamond power of veto"

Brendon calling Brit a "backstabber" and mad calling him a "dummy" and both says they'll win and hope its a "how bad you want it" and says he'll..Brendon...... do anything to win it..

10:41 BBT Brendon says he'll "next speech" will be simple as Enzo asks if he has "any poweres" and says "if i do I can't talk about" it as Enzo laughs nervously..

their convo continues..

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10:42 BBT

Lane and Matt in the kitchen talking about "zoolander" as Lane explains a scene...

Back in HN Brendon threatnening his and Rachel's and Kathy's vote as payback....Enzo says "to be on the block three times its gotta suck"

10:44 Brendon talking about being "judged" at the end and the jury or him at the end "will never forget " all the crap they said to him...

Brendon continues with his "three votes against them...easy" scorched earth {jury} policy..

Brendon is on his "watch all the coachroaches scramble" ...

10:47 BBT Brendon asks "what if" we keep Brendon in the house..as he talks about keeping him to the final 5 and get him out as Hayden says "we'll beat Enzo" at final three.. Lane says Matt Ragan beats us...and even "brendon" since he had "his back against the wall" ..Hayden says "we can't take Brendon...Matt..Enzo...to the final two"

Brit commes out and and game talk stops...

Feeds are foth for some dumb reason..

Hayden and Lane playing pool while talking to her not "to stress" and she sats "i don't want to be F'd" as the assure even if Brendon does win she won't be "f"d" as Brit says next week is "double eviction" we have too many people in the house" as Hayden says "this week idouble eviction" and Brit says "it has to be" and Hayden says "this week we evict Brendon and next wee" they will evict Matt..{sounds like a good plan.. too bad it requires the BG has to win something}

10:53 BBT Talking about Matt and his DPV and Brit "britches " were burnt because she didn't plan to vote for him last week...Hayden says the "worst case" scenario Brendon "ND" wins HOH and puts her up with Ragan..and he lies and says "and Ragan leaves"...

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10:59 BBT

Outside Lane Hayden and Brendon outside talking "pool" while Lane and Hayden play pool...

In Jamanji ..Matt saying they all "know everything" as Ragan talks "tie breaker" questions..."puzzle pieces" "shots" they took.. they discuss questions...

11:01 BBT Outside pretty much the same from a few minutes ago..as Brit is playing now as Lane says "our families" are getting "ready to fly out here" as they talk "double eviction"...

Brit "pumped " they have a griill even hayden even though "he can't "partake"

11:06 Ragan and Matt still doing math questions...

11:07 Outside they are Jedi drilling before Hayden is called to DR..Lane and Brit outside discussing pool "shots"

nothing much going on at the moment

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11:11 BBT

In HN room Brendon and Enzo talking about the POV a how bad they want it as Enzo says they haven't done one in "4 or 5 years" as Brendon says "i'll do anything" for the POV..

Brendon whispering {too hard to hear} but something about "life long friends" as Enzo seems to be strocking himself

Enzo complaing there is still HN

Enzo complain about when they talk loudly especially Ragan when the go to bed.. as Brendon says "if he had any" {fans" he lost them weeks agao {ding ding ding} as Brendon bashes Ragan..as an amused Enzo laughs.....Brendon called to DR..

11:15 BBT Outside typical Lane/Brit banter....as brit finishes playing with the balls...the pool balls...before she plops it on the couch by Lane...as Brit wants to know what he said about "nick" in his DRs...they are discussing his "beard"...

Brit now showing Lane how to do his nails as Hayden returns clanking his protein drink...

11:18 BBT In Cabana room Raging is talking with Matt about their mid 20's behavior as Matt says he was {is} "big asshole shithead"

talking about favo worse moments.Ragan regrets the big fight with Brenchel as that's when his "wheels" in his game started to come off..Matt's biggest regret "chosing brendon over Rachel to stay"....."definitely"

11:21 BBT Back outside Lane says "i don't watch .... Listen to myself on tv" as Hayden says he'll be they guy in the background "who's that guy"

Talk about protein shakes....

Lane having "flash forwards" about "Steamboats" and getting out of the BB house...

"living in LA with Hayden" will be fun because Hayden according to Brit "will own this place" as Hayden says Lane "will own this place" as Lane says if Hayden wins he pays for their rent for 4-5 months and his trip to "Steamboats" as Brit says she'll pay for their "Steamboat trip" if she wins...as Lane explains what Steamboat" is..{a music festival in Steamboat, CO}

Lane says there will be "brawls" because it so "packed" tent to tent..

Lane says what if they get a job for "field TV"

11:28 BBT Brit says "you're gonna be like the Jonas Brothers Hayden" {I always love the delusional talks of stardom and riches from these nimrods every season}

11:30 They talk about hometown popularity when they return...

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11:32 BBT

Hayden being the most realistic saysing things will "not change" when he gets home...asLane says he will enjoy the experience more "his family" "be on TV" and are "their own little celebrities in town"...as Lane says "i hope" its l;ike that

Brit "lane is so famous in his mind" and asks if anyone will care about them "come this May"...a FOTH no doubt set off by Ragan in the CR...

11;35 Matt and Ragan talking about Kathy

Back outsideBrit is called to DR as Hayden and Lane are alone again...as Lane rells hayden he'll "be amazed" if he comes back to Texas..as they discuss "boarding" as Lane says "i'm curious" to meet 'your sister" becasue he has to know her since the town of Decatur is so small and knows every car..

11:38 BBT talk about when they got their keys to BB as talk turns to "double eviction".."down to 5" as Hayden says if "ND doesn't go home" he'll but up Brit and Ragan as they discuss "keeping ND" as Lane says "i don't have a feud" with him as Hayden says if Matt stays "they'll get lost in the mix" and end "up losing" and Hayden says "if I win" we'll discuss if he wins to "save ND" and that means if he uses it he'll only have "1 person coming after me"..that's Ragan as Lane says its time to make the "power moves"

11:42 BBT as they discuss the positives of keeping Brendon....and putting him up later against Britney or Enzo and they will go..Hayden: "if we don't get rid of Matt or Ragan now" he will end up winning the game...as Hayden says Matt has "the Brigade" and the otherside and {F**K you BB} ..FOTH..

11:44 BBT Brendon being all sensitive in HN room crying about wanting "to fuck shit up" and wants to stay "to get rid of three people" and not win.....

Back outside..BCalling Brendon a "hypocrite" a "dodo" as Hayden "he forgets things that he does" as Lane says "he acts like" he forgets...as Lane turns back to family flying out for finale..

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11:50 BBT

Outside Lane and Hayden Jedi drilling the same stuff...

In CR room Ragan talking about what he misses "get wasted" in bars on the weekend...as he says he won't have "the anonymity" because fans will want to talk BB as Brit says that's how "celebrities feel everyday" as more delusional stardom talks...as Ragan talks who he'll talk to afterwards....

11:52 BBT Talking about POV Ragan says he's going to "zone out" and not watch..what happens.."i don't want him to let you get into your head" Ragan says about Brendon..as he advises her that Brendon's confidence "is so fake " but fear..

Brit wished Brendon would "just give up"...

11:54 BBT Back outside Hayden going on about keeping Brendon ..even if he puts up Lane "you only need 2 votes to stay"

Hayden says "i'll pitch it to Enzo" tomorrow and Lane says "i'm for it" and will make "the power move" as he sees Matt "throwing the competition" so ragan can Take em out..

"now is the best oportunity" and Matt "can't win it" about POV saying they have to win it...Lane "you just convinced me" about keeping Brendon.....as Matt told them Hayden would go up if brendon wins as Lane says "little does he know"

Hayden "i just want to make 50 grand at least".."tomorrow we have to win the Power of Veto" and says anyone but Matt or Britneey...and Lane says he can talk Brit into using the POV and even if Brendon puts up Ragan and Lane and Ragan wins POV Brendon will "backdoors Britney"

11:59 BBT Lane says he'll talk to Brit and Hayden says he'll talk to enzo as Lane says "we have to start playing..we have to do something" as they both go in to get ready for bed..

Lane is sidetrack by the snacks on the kitchen bar..and munches away..as Enzo comes out as Matt follows as Matt asks Enzo on his way to the bathroom "why you sleeping" and Enzo "because I have a POV to win yo"

12:02 BBT Matt comes in to Bathroom and ask what Haydens been up too and Hayden asks where he's been as Matt seems suspicious..Lane sits on the couch as Hayden talks about the have not cot not "looking forward" to it..

Matt wants Lane to "come in the cabana and chill" as Lane says he's going to "jump in the shower" and ask if BB is calling everyone to DR and FOTH

12:04 BBT FOTH

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12:06 BBT

In Bathroom Enzo is talking to Lane in the shower about Matt acting "fishy" when the saboteur was out "two weeks ago" as Enzo says "the good with the bad" about Pandora's box..."just think about it" Enzo tells Lane..."its getting crazy" and Enzo says "i'm sitting in the dark with Brendon"..and he thinks Lane and Hayden are the life long friends and "its a good thing" him and Enzo "stay with them"

Enzo says he will says "i vote to evict the Saboteur Matty".....as Enzo leaves to bed and stops by the CR to tell Brit Ragan and Matt he's going to bed...talking about sleeping ...saying Brendion starts talking "what's he saying" Brit asks Enzo says just he's going to win...

Ragan's pompus ass attitude says "can't he take it " one comp at a time.....

Matt and Ragan talk ahow she and her son will hate them as they bash Kathy..

12:12 BBT Brendon and Enzo talking about Matt being "the saboteur" because of "the unique gift" of DPV as said "america would want him to fuck with me" as they talk about Matt Pandora's box as Bren says he got good with bad a trip but not seeing Rachel and Enzo says he would be Saboteur if he had something "to cover my ass for two weeks"....as they discuss "plant the seed" after the POV about Matt being the Saboteur..

12:15 BBT Enzo says he remembers Matt asking about the pretzle incident in DR and FOTH

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12:20 Still FOTH

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12:22 BBT

In CR Brit Matt and Ragan talking...about being "positive" for tomorrrow...as Ragan says he won't be able to watch...as they laugh about Brenchel in LOver"s Lane pOV

Hayden talking to Brendon and Enzo's actaully whispering about Matt being the Saboteur..they tell Hayden their convoluted idea of Matt's DPOV came alond with being The Saboteur

12:26 BBT This convo is going on all feeds as Hayden says "we have to win tomorrow".."one of us has to win" as Brendon wonders if Matt goes up against Brendon if he'll stay as Enzo says "we have till Thursday" to work on Lane unaware the plan is already set to keep Brendon...Enzo says "we'll play this thing out tomorrow" afterwards they will amke their decisions..as Brendon promises he'll buzz anything if its a how bad you want POV...

12:29 BBT They continue to talk in dark HN room about how bad you want POV "cut your hair" "go to the end" on slop..Hayden warns about giving up oportunity to giving up playing in HOH as he won't be able to play...

The fake alliance laughing about POV what could happen in HN room...

12:32 laughing about Kathy leaving and BB house "turned this shit into a frat house" Kathy says if she left as they laugh at her leaving

12:34 BBT Lane tells Enzo about the plan to backdoor Matt as the Brigade goes to Taj to whipser minus Matt as Enzo talks Matt is the Saboteur.."ND figured it out"....as Enzo "i said it from the beginning" it was Matty..since he got "more than a $1" as they says "its perfect sense" as they discuss whter to tell "britney" as Enzo says that wories him and goes how Brendon believe Hayden and Lane "are lifelong friends" ..mor Matt is the Saboteur talk..Lane: "wow its him"

12:38 BBT More Hayden Enzo and Lane talk..talking about "big move this week"

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12:38 BBT

"He's sitting pretty" Enzo says about Matt ..they talk to the camera "these brains will outsmart the brains" as their meeting breaks up as Lane is called to DR..Hayden takes ADvil.....

12:40 BBT Brendon back in HN with Enzo about "the killer combo" of Brocoli and bean dip and bad gas...

Talking about their chances for POV as Hayden comes in...and the HNs are ready for bed..as hayden admits "we can make it work" about getting Matt nominated from Britney if they win POV as Brendon repeats his Pandora's box..as Enzo says "why didn't we get a message" about Kathy as Saboteur as Hayden "becasue he still in the house"

12:43 BBT as they say DPOV was the only reward possible to becaome the saboteur..

12:45 BBT they are talking in circles now

{I'm bowing out early..be back tomorrow night..night all}

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7:40 BBT Enzo up and in the Storage Room, All feeds now back on sleeping HG's . Maybe it was the DR instead of the Storage Room, that Enzo went into. Also He did stop off in the Taj room and got his Blue Italia Baseball cap, on his way to whatever room he went to.

Also the lights where on when Enzo went in the Taj room, guess noone's sleeping in there these days.

7:53 BBT Just heard one of the doors, either DR or Storage open, still no Enzo on camera

7:55 BBT Enzo returns to the HN room and climbs back into his lounge recliner once again.

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8:40 BBT And where back .... The Lights are on and lane has left the WC and is sitting on the edge of his bed. Lane has now been called to the DR. Hayden comments to Lane "Your in Trouble". Now Haydens turn to tackle the WC.

Hayden out of WC and motorcycle farting all the way back to the HN room

8:47 BBT Hayden and Enzo saying this is Day 50 in this rathole ... Enzo says he feels like a scum bucket. Enzo says "there building something out there... Hammerin' and shit".

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8:51 BBT (Thanks America for adding brocolli and bean dip, to go with the Slop ... LoneTWolf) Enzo farting uncontrollablly. HN Room and Palm room quacking up

Ragan had a dream about the High School he went to, says it was neither good or a bad dream. Hayden says "Well thats good if nothing bad happened to you ????" Everyone still in Bed except Lane in DR.

8:57 BBT And we have a WBRB

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9:08 BBT We now catch just a glimpse of Brittney coming down the stairs from her "Lofty Perch" (HOH ROOM) everyone else still snuggled up in ther beds and recliners.

9:10 BBT All 4 feeds are on HN room .... 1 and 3 are on Enzo's Mug.

9:50 BBT Just in case your wondering ... all 4 feeds are still on the HN room and they seem "Dead to the World", even the Ants aren't moving.

9:53 BBT Brendon "Please go to the Diary Room" so says the voice of BB God . All 4 feeds still on HN Room ...

4 Minutes later "Enzo Please go to the Diary Room" HHmmmm

10:10 BBT Hayden "Please go to the Diary Room"

10:12 BBT All 4 Feedes now on the Palm room. Lane sitting on the side of the bed (Change of scenery is good haha ) Now Lane crawls back into bed

10:21 BBT Lane Please go to the Diary Room ... All 4 feeds still on Palm room with Regan and Matt still slumbering

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