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8/18 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Lane is called to DR

Matt and Ragan are playing pool. Britney wants to play the winner. Ragan freaking out about the "masturbation conversation" and questioning whether it will be on BBAD. Hayden and Enzo are working out. Enzo keeps slipping on the weight equipment and says to it: "You little bitch. There you go you lil' cock boy!"


Kathy walks into Taj room to retrieve tons and tons of pills out of her pill bag. (She must have gotten her request from BB because she has tons of pill bottles!)

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Britney starts making fun of how the BB voice pronounces each HG's name. This starts a chain of hilarious imitations by several HG's (surprised no WBRB) Ragan: "Britney...please take Matt's penis out of your mouth while talking about production"

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Ragan beats Matt in pool. Lane is out of DR and Matt is called in.


Britney is now playing Ragan in pool. Kathy is sitting by herself smoking. Britney keeps singing random songs but apparently BB doesn't care as they aren't saying anything. This is evident because Enzo and Lane are speaking in lots of abbreviations/code which also isn't allowed but BB is quiet tonight. Not much else going on.

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920 PM BBT

Hayden, and Lane are trying to add up the amount they are lifting, super genius (matt) comes up to help but doesn't get the right amount. Lane finally agrees with Hayden's first amount.

Brit and Rag playing pool.

Kathy smoking.

Enzo eating in the backyard

Bren in HOH showering.

Hayden and Enzo are helping Lane lift 320 lbs to "break a record".

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925 BBT

Ragan and Brit in hammock. Brit tells Ragan they're doing GB messages. Ragan says, "I don't want to do that."

Bren is now in BY talking with Kathy.

Matt in DR

Brit and Ragan Bren bashing (as always) Talking about how Bren curses, "he curses like a 6th grader who just learned the words." Says Brit.

Ragan says, "I don't want to talk about him any more." Brit brings up another thing he does that she doesn't like, and Ragan says, "I don't want to talk about him."

Talking about how intensified it is in the house because there is no outlet for their emotions.

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940 BBT

Lane is heard off camera saying, "i don't wanna be a cockroach, I want to be a rat. Rats are meaner than a cockroach." (LOL, he was talking to himself)

Nothing going on really.

Kathy is back to complaining about how people don't throw away their own dental floss or clean up after themselves.

Pool is going on and working out. Not much talking.

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10:06 BBT Ragan, obviously returning from the DR in which they're doing good-bye messages apparently, is seen crying in the CR. Kathy is rubbing his back laying beside him, with Matt also in the room by his side. He says he hates that he is "perpetuating every stereotype of a gay guy", but Matt says it just shows he cares. Kathy says there are amazing people in here. "We have feelings. We're real people. We're so lucky to be able to have the bonds we have."

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10:06pm BBT:

Kathy and Matt are trying to console Ragan as he cries in the cabana room. According to Ragan he is turning into what he didn’t want: someone who cries. That gay guys are probably saying he’s acting like a sterotype. Matt jokingly says they (Matt/Ragan) are a great couple.

Outside we have Lane and Brit playing pool with Enzo looking on from the couch.

10:14pm BBT:

Brendon has joined Enzo on couch. They're talking about how fake people are and how noone is going up to hoh room now. Brendon doesn't care. Enzo thinks the 14 msgs are going to be part of veto/hoh. They are talking quietly. Looks like Matt has walked over to the pool tournament.

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10:05 BBT

Ragan comes out of DR crying, "they kept pushing me..." WBRB

Back, Ragan is crying in cabana with Kathy and Matt. He doesn't want to be the guy who's crying all the time.

Everyone else is still in BY playing pool, and watching the pool games.

VERY boring night!

(I'm out)

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1:26am BBT:

Talk on hammock is about who Matt got out vs who Rachel got out. Ragan says Matt got bad people out like Rachel and Andrew, while Rachel got good decent ones like Monet and Kristen. Their convo moves on to how embarressed Andrew’s dtr must be.

Back to bashing Brendon as they talk about los angeles and how he'd probably love to work as a bouncer. Ragan throws in the reason would be so he could mistreat women (oh Rag you are vile). More bashing. Now he says that Brendon is only smarter than the person he's cheating off of. Talk about future nom speeches when they nominate Brendon. Lane is just smiling, but not really being mean. (this is too negative I'm going to see what the hoh room is doing).

HOH room now has Kathy jedi training with Enzo,Hayden and Brendon. Kathy told the group some info that bb knows but that she hasn't shared with others.

(OK I'm out)

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2:14 am BBT

Brit, Ragan, Matt in HN room. Ready for bed.

In the kitchen, Bren, Kathy, Lane, Hayden, Enzo. Fixing late nite snack.

Bren going to bed.

Hayden in shower

Lane and Enzo chatting in BR

Kathy getting laundry.

(Enzo still has not found the note placed under his pillow by the SAB.)

Same old conversations. Who they should have voted out, who they should have put up. Who needs to go home. What votes they have in the JH. Who needs to win HOH, who should throw HOH, who should win POV. They go round and round and round. Scenario changes each time. (I'm getting dizzy listening - azgrama)

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2:32 am BBT

Kathy going to bed.

Enzo says Leave the light on so we can talk.

Hay: We will have the Taj Talk.

Kathy saying prayers with Sock Monkey. Amen.

Sounds like the boys are voting out Matt. Lane: We are voting out the brains. Enzo: So do you want to go? Lane: No, we will just be one big bicep with no brains.

Hay: I've been thinking. Enzo: Oh, no here we go. Hay: It's just me thinking, I have 1/3 of a brain, Enzo has 1/3 of a brain and Lane has 1/3 of a brain.

(You can't make this stuff up-azgrama)

Hay thinks that Matt will out the Brigade during his speech on Thursday. Afraid that if he does he will get everyone's vote to keep him.

Enzo wants one more brigade meeting to tell Matt that they have to vote him out. Lane thinks Matt is already talking like he is already going home. (Surprise guys-azgrama)

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3:11 am BBT

The boys are getting silly. Giggling and laughing while trying to do their Jedi training. (I think they're tired and need to go to bed-azgrama)

Matt up to use the WC.


The Brigade is now talking about the vote. Enzo trying to secure their vote in the JH. Doesn't want either Lane or Matt to be mad at him.

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329BBT Flashback (posting update for those without feeds)

Matt, Lane, Hayden, Enzo in WC saying that Bren does not have Hayden or Enzo on radar. If Bren stays take him to final 4 and than zap him. Enzo says Lane, Hayden need to take Bren out in final 4. Lots of scenerios being discussed. (too bad Matt can't tell them he not leaving even though the guys have decided to vote him out this week). Enzo and Lane giggling like school girls (must be stress or they are that tired). Lane with toothbrush in mouth heads off to Taj Room to bed, says Goodnights. Enzo and Matt start discussing keeping Kathy cause she won't lie to them.

Enzo *Britt than Rag have to leave, than sit with Kathy and tell her about Brigade* *Course we going to take out Bren next week* *For one of you guys the house is done this week* Discussing feelings toward house when Matt leaves.

Feed 3 shows Lane getting into bed.

Enzo *How the F did we get into this mess*

Matt *no right or wrong decision, do what you got to do*

Talking about Ragan and him being so emotional

Enzo *want us to talk to Kathy and let you know* (this said to Matt) *Good goodbye messages to both of ya* (so the DRs were goodbye messages).


Feed 4 showing Enzo headed to bedroom whispering to Lane (Jum room)Enzo now in Taj room pointing at camera, picks up paper off bed and reads *I know your secret* Standing there stunned. Camera shows paper very large print. Kathy wakes up and asks what you got, Enzo walks out of room with paper in hand. Shows paper to Matt and Hayden. Whispering, (can't hear) Enzo questioning how paper got into room with Lane (Lane got up and put on shirt) and Hayden. Enzo *keeping this* Camera 1 shows Lane, Hayden and Enzo talking with Enzo pointing his finger at the camera. (Clock shows 1147PM BBT) Enzo walks away with Hayden and Lane following into LRoom.

(Sorry they giggling and I can't hear what they are whispering)

Enzo *who's picture we put it on, Kathy already saw it asking what is that* Discussing who wrote it. Enzo *Kathy is sab, I told you, girl's handwriting* More speculation from the 3.

Enzo *we were on lockdown* *do we tell the house?* *tomorrow we get message* Enzo making his kissy noises. Where do we put it? Noises in background (sounds like someone kicked a can or something)

Enzo * I don't want this guy to see it* (points at camera)*Kathy seen it, she was sleeping but woke up and asked what is that* Enzo holds note so that camera can see the full page. Enzo saying bed was made, looks bad for Kathy, nothing happened while we outside. we got to tell the house now. we know not Bren cause he would have put Enzo up. *this is cool, something different, oh shit*

they all go to Taj room *Ask Kathy bout it* Enzo showing guys where he found the note under his pillow. *Sab struck* Kathy says she made bed after lockdown. nothing there. sheets were in washer. Lane, Hayden, Enzo Kathy discussing the fact they have not been locked out of house since Kathy made bed. Kathy keeps repeating that they have not been locked out since she made bed. Kathy looking at note. Wishes she had finger print kit. Enzo saying it is girl's handwriting. Enzo keeps repeating the message out loud over and over.

Lane, check the bowl and compare the r's. Lane *we check the bowl tomorrow, it is in HoH room now*. Speculation chat on how the note got under pillow if Kathy made bed after outside lockdown. Enzo *What's my secret?*

(357AM BBT: Enzo keeps asking about secret. All feeds go blank and say not available)

404AM BBT Feeds back up, showing Hayden, Enzo, Lane and Kathy talking. Discussing Kathy had to put sheets in dryer and than wait till dry before she could make beds.

Kathy *Sab is in house, no matter what you believe* More general discussion from all 3 about how the note got on Enzo's bed. Enzo *someone came out of DR, put note on bed and walked back outside* *no Sab, BB is doing it*

Hayden *if it did not happen during lockdown, someone is in house*

Enzo *I napped after lockdown* bed was not made when I napped in it. Kathy *so I made the bed after you napped in it* Hayden *they aren't going to risk someone in here and we see them* Speculation talk about Annie and when she did stuff.

Enzo *so you all think the Sab is in the house* All agree, Hayden *one of us 4, those 3 or NN (needle neck referring to Bren)*. Enzo got to be one of us 7, Bren don't come in here. Now they are trying to figure out who it might be and how it got there with no one seeing them. Kathy *during tournament is when I got sheets out of dryer*

Enzo *should I wake everyone up to tell them?* Kathy *I am going to sleep, I got to sleep, turn out light* Lane *if we get message tomorrow, we need them to know before hand* Talk about who all swore on their family about not being Sab.

Kathy says I clean every day.

Enzo is going to go wake everyone up.

415AM BBT Enzo goes and wakes up HN room. Showing note to everyone, and about where Enzo found it. All 3 are up in HN.

Britt, Matt up saying no way Enzo keeps saying I found it under pillow. *No Fg way* from someone. (they all talking at once)

Enzo explaining Kathy made bed after lockdown, Britt did not see anything when she went after blanket after lockdown beds were made and Kathy was cleaning the windows. More discussion about note and where Enzo found it. Ragan *they would show it if someone did it from BB* More general chat about lockdown and no reason. Speculation about last time Kathy was in DR and Kathy was inside for about 10mins, got called to DR and was outside in 2 mins while we were all in BY and Bren was sleeping. Britt *Kathy stayed up for every single message, but could not remember any of them, acted like the messages were important* more speculation.


424AM BBT Everyone up except for Kathy and Bren, in Cabanna room. Britt discussing the way Kathy cleans. They all discussing note. Ragan saying we have had two announcements, everyone talking over him so he sits quietly. Now discussion has turned to Kathy having Key to HoH and not telling Matt about pretzels and that Kathy is all over the house when she cleans. Now they doubting if there was a pretzel note or not and does Rachel know.

Now speculation about Kathy and if America said she had to vote Rachel out of house. Enzo *lights normally off, tonight lights were on and Kathy was in bed sleeping*.

Feed 1 is on Bren sleeping Feed 2 is on Kathy sleeping.

Britt is repeating about Kathy and messages. *like she knew the messages were going to be there* Speculation about Kathy making beds today and not any other time?

428AM BBT Kathy getting out of bed and putting on mic (feed 2) they still talking about her in Cabanna Room. She heads outside to smoke. No one noticed her walking around at the end of the hall. They all going over what they already have said, just repeating.

A lot of talk about Kathy and her cleaning and not understanding the voting and that she is a Doddo head. A lot of Kathy bashing going on, Ragan not talking at all, most coming from Britt, Matt and Enzo. Hayden talking about physical tests for Cops. Kathy back in house. Hayden now stating he doubts she is really a sheriff. Kathy walks back to Taj room and goes back to bed.

More Kathy bashing and telling Enzo to tell Bren but not giving him any details about when it could have happened or their speculation about Kathy.

Ragan just quietly sitting and listening. Britt *the way she reacted to the message tells you everything*, she is perfect choice for BB cause of her background* and than talk about Kathy's last DR session (2 seconds long according to general chitchat) and that it was short cause BB said no more *dead body talk*, than said *not really*.

(Me outta here 928AM EST and they just keep rehashing what they already have said)

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