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8/6 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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9:00 BBT

Ragen saying he pleaded with Kathy "do not fall off, do not be a have not" Rachel leaving telling Ragen she is always here for him....for tickles or someone to blame his farts on.

Ragen laying by himself. Brendon and Rachel in Kitchen...with Enzo and Lane. Rachel says thanks boys.

9:04 BBT

Rachel and Brendon eating side by side in kitchen with Enzo. No talking just eating noises. Lane returns

Matt talking to Ragen about how Matt was going up if he didnt win

Everthing going in to next week has to be super strategic says Hayden. They have to know they are going up says Matt.

Ragen says Matts speech should be about sportmanship.

Matt says he will say they are the strongest pair and thats why they are going up. Basic game play. nothing personal.

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9:06 PM BBT

Matt now in Have not room getting update on Ragan's discussion with Rachel. Matt says anyone who doesn't go home is gunning for him after this and he knows it.

Matt says objectively, if you think about it, every week they are a pair and they should be broken up. That's all it is, it's game play.

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9:13 BBT

Brenchel asking Matt if Ragen wants fish. Bren and Rach whisper in kitchen . They know they are both going up.

Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Brit and Lane all talking about Kathy jumping off.

Enzo, Hayden and the crew laughing about Kathy falling. Enzo says that he told her being a have not is not that bad.

Enzo, Hayden doing his ears with Q-tips in front of the rest of the crew {Hayden, Lane, Brit, }

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9:20 BBT

Rachel going to be to cry. She left the kitchen where Brendon was trying to kiss and comfort her. She told him to stop, then left and went to bed to be alone.

The Brigade is all in celebration with Brittany.

Rachel lay in bed by herself in the red room. Crying sort of without tears.

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9:26 bbt

Everyone is together except Rachel. Matt gets called to the diary room. Brendon is talking to Kathy while Lane, Brit and Hay all tolerate his presence while he jokes with kathy.

Everyone is silent while they tolerate Brendon's presence. The room is forced conversation about how hard the challenge was. {Brit, Lane, Kath, Hay, Brendon, Enzo on big green bed room}

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9:40 bbt

Rachel being comforted by Brendon in red room...they are trying to figure out who will play pov....if they will both go up or if only one of them goes up....who will take who off....

Brit and Ragen talking about another prize competition.

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10:19 BBT At dining room table Brendon is being a baby about HOH not geared for tall people..as Enzo admits the HOH kicked his ass and Lane said his arms were burning briefly talking POV now..

Enzo says "let's move on..this wasn't my HOH..Fuck it...move on"

Brendon says next week will be a quiz..and Enzo says he wouldn't be good at quizes but may have a shot at True False...Lane gets up to use the bathroom as Brendon wants more "athletic comp"

Enzo whispers if he goes on the block he can win POV but Brendon says "I can't risk her going home" as Lane comes back and they stop...

10:22 BBT In Cabana Room Hayden, Matt,Brit and Rachel talking about celebrities...and obnoxious bloggers like "perez hilton"

10:24 BBT Brendon says he ran "3 marathons" and "should have held on longer" as he finds the smallest of consolation in his failure in that "the last 4" aren't have nots like last time...

10:26 BBT Ragan by himself eating in the LR just looking around..on BBAD and all 4 feeds..

"for you America" as he rips one walking to the bedroom. He walks in on Enzo in bathroom as he flung the door wide open "ahhhh" Enzo says ..as he laughs "oh Enzo"

In the CR the whole house in CR talking Rachel going some place in Palm Springs as Rachel name drops while Brendon says he was on the "Outkast" bus...

Britney quizzing Rachel what famous person she's "made out" with...as she list hasbeen after hasbeen after wannabe..

10:31 Ragan goes checks for booze.."Oh c'mon guys...where's the libations..we've earned it" he says in a strange voice with his head poked in the SR...

Ragan farting trying to peek out the door and is told to "stop that"

10:33 The names keep coming for Rachel who she's made out with..

"libations where are you" as Hayden checks the SR....as he and Brendon are in the kitchen alone....Surprisingly, Brendon didn't complain about the HOH and gets up and heads to Taj to fix the bed....

10:37 BBT All feeds and BBAD on Brendon making the bed in Taj...

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10:38 BBT Because they are throwing celebrity names around in the Cabana room we are getting the excitement of Brendon fixing the bed on every feed and BBAD..

10:40 Brendon grabs the sock monkey and takes it to the HN room. Looks around tosses it on the floor and starts folding towels in there..on all 4 feeds and BBAD.

10:42 the same...

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10:24 BBT: Brendon complaining to Enzo about the competition saying he has done harder things like run 5 marathons so he should have done better.

Enzo comparing a kitkat to a hooker on 42nd street...as they are both "banging!"

10:28 BBT: Ragan walks in on Enzo in the WC as he is "smashing"

Rachel telling everyone in the cabana room how cool she is and that she use to smoke with Coolio when she was "a rebel."

10:32 BBT: Everyone except Ragan is in the Cabana room trying to guess what celebrities Rachel has made out with. Rachel claims that she gets really "schmammered" and doesn't remember everyone she makes out with. Rachel admits that she has made out with some famous Playboy bunnies.

Ragan just checked for libations and there are none. Literally one minute later, Hayden looks for libations, and still none.

10:36 BBT: Brendon apparently didn't like the convo about people Rachel has made out with so he checks for libations and still none.

10:40 BBT: All four feeds are on Brendon making Rachel's bed for her and now cleaning up the have not room and making it more comfortable for Kathy while everyone else is in the Cabana room. [The way he is making everything look perfect and redoing things shows some major OCD issues]

10:45 BBT: Rachel is called to the DR.

Hayden returns to the Cabana room from the DR and announces that BB told him they will be getting libations soon.

Closeup of Matt in his usual pose: hand down pants.

10:50 BBT: Ragan doing his mock phone conversation using his mic pack and acts like he is gossiping about other HGs. He equates talking to his mic pack like Tom Hanks talking to his volley ball Wilson.

Brendon is still isolating himself while Rachel is in the DR by cleaning the kitchen.

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10:45 BBT

Hayden tells Brendon that Rachel wants him to go back into the CR and he says "I'll be there in a minute" as he cleans and straightens things up in the bedrooms..

Back to Brendon on all feeds and BBAD cleaning up....

10:46 BBT Talking about Haves in the Cabana room as we get a very close up of Matt's 4 fingers down his pants and unlike Enzo who digs and sniffs he just has his in there...

They are talking finale night as Brit says she should have "brought business cards" as Brit talks about Nick's e-mail signature.

10:49 BBT Matt says "I'm fucking bored" {sums it up perfectly}....as they talk about Lane and "Summer" his ex and basically if both are single they will go on a camping trip...as Matt says the guy she is with is a tool and will drop him for Lane..

10:51 BBT Brendon is now cleaning the kitchen....

Ragan talks nonsense ....Brit finds it entertaining ..

10:53 BBT Matt talking about "Dr. Will" and how he went to other rooms and talk to the cameras...Hayden "by himself?...weird"

Hayden admits he talked to himself.."self promoting" as they talk who has and hasn't been called to DR..

10:54 BBT Ragan being a disgusting ass hat by farting in a enclosed room....

10:56 BBT just boredom in CR with everyone sitting around as Ragan wants "red wine"....Lane is out asleep...

Not much happening in way of conversation

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11:00 BBT: Britney asks Ragan what kind of nipples he likes. "Does he like brown ones, pink ones, orange ones, small ones, medium ones?" He says he likes normal size areolas. Matt says he likes small nipples. Britney says she has seen men with small ones and big "pepperoni" nipples. Matt says that he dated someone with a third nipple.

BB announces that the storage room is temporarily closed and the HGs are excited for libations.

Talk turns to Ragan's preference for chest and butt hair. Ragan likes clipped chest hair and doesn't mind butt hair. He prefers briefs to boxers.

Matt asks Ragan if he likes big balls or small balls and Ragan says he likes big balls but doesn't have a preference in ball color.

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11:05 BBT: BB announces that the storage room is now available and HGs rush to see what is in there. They are disappointed to find no libations.

Lane and Britney wrestling in the living room.

Not much going on in way of conversation. HGs are just upset about the lack of alcohol.

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10:58 BBT

Talking about cards...and maybe next week double eviction...and Matt says they would ship two people to JH back to back "especially if they belong together" Matt says "just sayin"

They SR is temporarily unavailable BB announces as they may be finally getting their booze...

Now they are talking the size of nipples as Matt says he dated a girl with a third nipple..

11:02 BBT Matt asks Ragan what he looks for in men...

11:03 BBT Enzo and Lane talking in Jumanji making fun of Kathy jumping off first...they make fun of her "deal"...to be a HN...

SR is stocked with...nothing...."they didn't do anything" Lane complains....

In Cabana room Hayden eating seeds spitting in a clear cup for all of us to gross out on...Matt silent while Ragan and Kathy lay motionless.. Brit comes in eating ice cream..

11:08 BBT "big Balls" talk... in CR...Kathy in SR to get food "to feeds my babies" and heads back to CR to feed the fish...

Brendon still cleaning the Kitchen.. as Kathy notices "the fish tank is starting to get algae"

11:11 BBT The brigade decides to work their abs in the LR asks Ragan and Brit..

Brit says "she's a crazy cat lady" to Ragan about Kathy saying the fish are tying to escape...and Brit rags on Kathy....Ragan "how long" before the drama starts and Brit says "tomorrow"...Brit says "they know it" and doesn't want either to win POV..and says "I want Brendon to go" and says if she "wins it" she'll save Brendon..as they whisper the fallout from Brenchel "it will be super bad"...Brit says "I hope I don't want to get drawn for POV...Ragan worries Rachel will be "more determined" and Brit wrongly guesses that she will lose her drive and just roll over..

11:16 BBT Ragan talks about going over quizzing...."If Rachel stays" Ragan says she is so good at quizzes..as they talk about HG personal life like they are really going to be HOH questions...

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11:18 BBT

Enzo has joined the rest of the Brigade in the LR..Lane winded on the couch..get his butt back on the floor to join the rest of the guys in ab workout..

Back in CR Kathy has joined Brit and Ragan....Ragan complaining "I'm sooo weak" mocking Brendon's assertion from yesterday...Brit mocks him also...about being weak...

11:22 BBT Ragan says BB is doing "messed up psychological" stuff this season by putting 1 person on slop...Rachel enters as Brit puts her order for pancakes tomorrow.."there are so good" "what is that" as you hear pots banging..Rachel says "Brendon doing dishes"

11:23 Talking about who hasn't gone to DR.."me, Brendon and Enzo" Brit says ...Brendon enters as they talk DR...Brendon leaves almost silent...

11:25 guys still doing ab workout

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11:14 BBT: Ragan and Britney alone in Cabana room. Ragan asks Britney when she thinks the drama will start and she says tomorrow. Ragan asks if it will be before or after nominations and Britney says as soon as Matt tells them (Rachel and Brendon) that he is putting them up. They talk about POV and how they don't want either Rachel or Brendon to win it so they (everyone else in the house) can have complete control. Britney and Ragan are anticipating upcoming competitions about events in the game.

Hayden, Lane and Matt doing ab workout in the living room.

11:19 BBT: Enzo joins the ab workout going on in the living room.

11:21 BBT: Britney doing her impersonation of Brendon about how he criticized her food choice prior to the endurance competition. Apparently he told her she should have eaten "slow burning carbohydrates instead of that crap (fruit loops)." She goes on to be Brendon complaining about the competition.

11:23 BBT: Rachel returns from the DR and Ragan is called in. Britney asks Rachel to make pancakes in the morning [seems to be the only thing she is good for]/

Brendon joins Rachel, Britney, and Kathy in the DR and stands there awkwardly and leaves quickly. Rachel is also looking very awkward when he leaves.

11:26 BBT: Lane goes to the storage room and still no libations.

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11:20pm BBT:

The Brigade(BB12 Nerd Herd) Hayden,Lane,Enzo and Matt doing sit ups in living room. Earlier Brit and Ragan were talking about possible questions on future comps before Kathy walked in.


Rachel and Brit talking in cabana room about Rachel thinking of moving to la. Brit talkin her out of it because she feels that she wouldn't be able to get into UCLA until the fall and she'd have a lot of down time. That she shouldn't leave vegas until she's ready to leave vegas. Brit saying she had a long distance relationship w/fiancee and would drive half way to meet and have dinner. Then weekends they'd get together. Rach saying Brendon is going to be very busy with Phd program. Kathy is just silently listening.

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11:29 BBT: Rachel talking about her future with Brendon. She questions if she should move to be near UCLA to be with Brendon since he has 5 years left of school. But she says she can't move in with her big dog on to campus. [Why, I don't know. Last time I checked people had dogs in California]. Britney says she shouldn't leave Vegas for Brendon because she will regret it and it's not fair to give up her life for someone and eventually she could become resentful against Brendon. Rachel agrees that she would be unhappy because she loves Vegas [apparently more than she loves Brendon].

11:35 BBT: The long distance relationship talk continues between Rachel and Britney. Rachel says she can come see Brendon easily during the week and then fly back to Vegas to work on the weekends. Britney said she and Nick were long distance in the beginning of their relationship.

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11:26 BBT

Brigade in LR talking who still needs to DR..

IN CR "the three girls" Britney says about them....

11:28 BBT Brit tells her "you'll never move away from Vegas" and Rachel admits she doesn't want to..as Rachel says "he has school for 5 years" and she can't move to campus with her dog..Brit telling her she "can't leave Vegas" saying "how unhappy" it will make you....Brit says she moved because of her job and not Nick and says she felt depressed..

11:31 Rachel sounding like her Brendon paradise may be crumbling..as she talks about her "school" "work" and "fun" and would have to now have to balance "moving", getting into a "new school"...and "the worst part" she has a good schedule and "friends" to do "girl things" as Brit reiterates that "it would be a mistake".

Rachel says Brendon will be so busy with his PhD and she wouldn't have anything "to do all day long" and it will make you "unhappy' and Rachel says "it will make me unhappy" and says Vegas and LA "are so close"..and says she could come during the week..."relax and chill" with her in the evening on a "Mon Tues Wed"...

Kathy asks how long the flight is from Vegas and says "30 minutes" and ask how long the drive is. Rachel says "3 hrs" {from UCLA its more like 5 hrs with horrendous traffic]

11:38 BBT In LR the guys and Brendon talking...as Matt complains about doing abs on the carpet as Brendon laughs at the Kathy HN deal... Enzo says "that shit was tough" about HOH.. as everyone heads to the kitchen...

11:40 BBT Matt heads into CR .... Hayden follows.... Brendon follows in.... parks it by Rachel... Rachel feels she needs to do Abs.. but will do it tomorrow..

Brendon whining about not wanting to hear about her conquests in Vegas during Rachel's question of who she made out with "it makes me feel shitty" as to how it makes him feel inadequate as she tries to stroke his ego... Brendon "I don't want to feel stupid" as she tells people one thing and him another as he refers she may be more slutty than he thought ... as Rachel tries to justify her make out sessions as Brendon pouts....

11:45 Rachel says sorry and says "its alright.. no apologies" as he starts making fun of Kathy

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11:42 BBT: Rachel and Brendon are alone in the cabana room and Brendon tells Rachel that he doesn't want to hear about all the celebrities she makes out with. He isn't rich and can't compete with all the guys she makes out with. He doesn't like knowing that she gets hammered all the time and doesn't remember what or who she does and now he has to worry about what she will do when she goes back to Vegas. Rachel tells him that she hasn't done that much and hasn't even "banged" that many people and Brendon criticizes her use of the word banging as not very romantic. [He is acting like women usually do when hearing about a significant other's past; get over it! She is a Vegas cocktail waitress, what do you think she does?].

11:46 BBT: Brendon swears he is over it now and is better. Brendon and Rachel making fun of Kathy making a deal to be the have not if she is safe but no one promised her that. Brendon goes back to being insecure because he can't take her on trips and he can't compete with the rich men in Vegas and that Rachel will forget about Brendon.

Brendon: "I just don't want to get hurt."

Rachel: "I don't know what to say to you, but I won't hurt you."

Brendon: "it's not what you say, it's what you do. Time will tell." "I took a big risk being with you in this game but I take an even bigger risk with my emotions"

Then they start with the gross awkward kissing.

Brendon: "I'm sorry, I know I'm a fucking baby sometimes..." [No kidding!!]

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11:49 BBT More Brendon pouting.... Rachel trying to be understanding as he hopes what he has and is "is enough" and says "it's scary"... "i love you." and that's why it's scary... and says he doesn't want to be heartbroken...

11:51 BBT Brendon being Mr {Uber ultra pathetic} sensitive as he talks to Rachel... about not wanting to get hurt.. and says she got something better "I got you" and a "lifelong friend" if she "plays her cards right" and practically says a wedding vow and she says "deal".

Starts Mr. Poor Sportsmanship.. wah wah wah "not fair" not on the "same level".... as Rachel says the Caramel was easier for "strong guys" as Brendon says "when HOH is so important" and "two have been that" as Rachel says he'll win next week and says "will I be here to win it" and she reassures him "you will" and says they need to win POV and Rachel says they will pull through and win POV.."which I'm ok with"

Booze arrived..

11:56 Congrats to Matt

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11:55 BBT: Finally the HGs get libations.

Brendon and Rachel continue to isolate themselves as Brendon complains about the competitions unfairness but they jump up as soon as they hear the uncorking of the wine. Rachel the lush pours herself a giant glass of wine.

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12:05 BBT: All HGs except for Ragan who is in the DR are sitting around the dining room table. Enzo is loudly chewing on sunflower seeds and spitting them into a cup. Talk turns to the movie from the luxury competition. They are all discussing how they are for sure in the number one spot for ratings. [Rachel must do nothing but watch tv as she is always knowledgeable on every show someone brings up]

All conversation is pretty boring and nothing interesting is going on.

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