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7/25 - Live Feed Updates


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  • 4 weeks later...

910pm bbt: everyone except the kissing bandits in the backyard.

you can hear music in the background and they all noticed it and someone shouted if it was metallica.

now we have WBRB

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926 pm: all houseguests on are on indoor lockdown (seems there is a concert nearby and the music can be heard in the backyard)

Brit, Hayden, Kristen and Matt were in Cabana Room talking about ChaCha (text service where you can text them a question and they respond with the answer)

Random small talk,

WBRB keeps popping up

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10:15 BBT kathy finishing up her campaigning with Enzo using the sympathy card..She tells Enzo she really wants to stay even if its just to the jury....Enzo listens politely as she rolls out the excuses for past performances in comps...

In the kitche Rachel's version of flip cup is about to commence...She explains the rules to hard head Kathy who just says she'll figure it out....Enzo in a bad mood "I'm gonna throw shit at people" describing his mood....

10:18 this game is about as exciting as their personalities...

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10:20 BBT

The game is ready to commence as they are switching sides. They game is chaotic and a lot of talking over themselves...

The NT are also playing as Enzo "I'm downin' wahta what da fuck..its warm tap wahta too"

Everyone else doing shots of beer. The HG seems to be having fun with the game...even the HNs..they are out of beer as Rachel suggest they use wine..

10:25 BBT They are doing the.. BBAD audience is enjoying their game....

Teams are restting for round 3.....Andrew having a little trouble shooting his water but recovers and his side wins...

Not much more than that going on...

10:30 game continues..hopefully drunk HGs with loose lips will be the result of the game....

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10:31 BBT

Well that was fast, they are rationing what's left of the booze as the beer has run dry and are asking BB for more..

They are having fun and are loud and rambunctious

Andrew says he's drunk "off water" and laughs at his attempt at humor..

"I asked for more beer..not wine is that cool" lane asks..

Rachel pulls out the last of her Sangria and the next round commences..

All the HNs run to the sink for refills as Matt says the have enough Sangria for one last round...

10:38 BBT Kathy talking about her job and what she does when she confiscates alcohol and the process of "pour it oout" rather than take it in...

10:40 They say thay have some wine as Kristin says they should "water down the wine"

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11:50 BBT

The same...Flip cup with rationed wine...anm water for the have notties...Rachel and Brit dancing and Rach says "this is the best idea we had this season"

BB not being nice about giving them beer..

Rache: "kristin is eating spiders...Britney is Dancing" Rachel proclaims and are having fun...Rachel turns to Krist "kristin you ate a fucking bug"

Rachel wants the game to keep going...taunting Brendon "you scared of your girlfriend"

The LD is continueing because of a "concert" going on outside...as they are calling Kristin "gangsta" for "swallowed it whole" about her spider cuisine..

The HNs seems to be dropping from being water logged..Andrew "i'm full" as he drops out as well as Enzo

The rest continue with the last of the Sangria..

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10:57 BBT

Matt seems to think BBAD are actually enjoying watching this and says to "call in" and request more beer for them so they can continue..

Hayden admits the game "was fun"

rachel saying "the Britney' is gonna be the new dance craze..[she's drunk or buzzing at the least]

Rach calling Kristin "the hot girl" who eats spiders...

Lane wants to play pool and says "there is a chance they will be locked down all night"...Kathy "we were here first why are we being punished" and jokes "why weren't we invited to the neighborhood party"

11:02 BBT Rachel wishing she had more tequilla and says "i drank that shit in one night"...

Enzo wants to do a "round of water" just to do something..Enzo tring to get it started saing "its something to do"

In Cabana room Britney admits to ragan she's buzzed..as Ragansays he can't believe they will be on LD all night as Brit says "theres a chance" they might not be..

11:05 BBT Brit says she's heading back to play the water round as Ragan sounds like he's talking to a five year old kid..

Enzo: "i'm not cool enough for that no more" about smoking "weed" as he and the others prepare for a water round of the game..a few have sangria..but most have water..

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11:10 BBT Matt remembers the beer in his room and one more Amstel round..

Rachel obnoxiously geting Britney to do "the Britney..heeey"

Matt returns with one 12 oz bottle of beer for their last round..

11:12 BBT Kristin too drunk to even flip her cup as her hayden and Enzo lose badly...

Rachel "good final round" screaming...

Rachel is drunk "we finished up every oz of alcohol"..."do the Britney"...and goes on about "the Britney"

Rachel wanting to get Brit "smammered"

11:15 BBT Bredon and Ragan talking about where he goes on the weekends Ragan: "Foo Bar" ...

Enzo comes in as they talk how the new HN will be chosen as Enzo says its hard to have fun without being able to drink "it sucks"...HN talk...

Enzo "i wanted a salad ..just a salad" as he complains he's a HN...Oh Andrew is in the Cabana room with them..and says "i'm bloated" from the water shots..

Enzo licks his fingers from the beer that spilled on them and hopes "to catch a buzz" he jokes..and says he needs another "rachel haircut"....

11:20 BBT Rachel comes in...joins the HN guys "how you all doing" and says can't wait till Enzo is not a HN to get "schmammered"...

Enzo talking about being "trapped again" about LD....Rachel accuisng BB doesn't want them "getting along and have fun"...

11:24 Enzo makes his haircut appointment with rach..

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11:27 BBT

Enzo taling about 'wet dreams" and being a "born again virgin" and Rachel claims her and Brendon are virgins waiting for marriage she jokes..

Enzo doing "this is a lot harder than I thought" as Ragan says it will be easier when they are not HNs..

Enzo can't believe rach and Bren slept together in the beach cot in the HN room..

At the table Hayden Kristin Kathy look bored...

11:30 BBT Back in Cabana Room more complaining about "baby food"...Ragan going on about being "the biggest bitch" with overlaying pissing sound from Lane's mic using the Bathroom and BB warning...

Rachel "i want Britney as my little kidnap toy"...Rachel keeps mentioning DR and get warning and Brit tells Enzo who's laying on his stomach "it looks like your about to take it in the butt" and asks "what's better Drunk Britney" or Andrews HOH comp shorts...

Rachel blabbering about "the Britney" as Andrew makes a half hearted atttempt at it..

11:36 BBT Ragan leaves and now its Brit Bren and rach in the cabana room...They complain about wanting more booze while Bren looks like he's falling asleep.

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11:39 BBT

Brit and Kathy head to HOH to use Bathroom and "for more candy"..Kathy saying "Matt looks just like his dad" and Brit says "i agree" and tells Kathy she's gonna get "my mic" and heads downstairs..

In caban room Hayden and Matt talking with Bren and Rachel..Hayden teasing her..

Everyone in kitchen just snacking as Andrew makes his "good night" round...

In Caban room Brendon "can you imagine having sex in the have not room" as they talk...about their previous convos they had....and says it will not be on CBS..it was a night rachel was drunk on a bottle and half of wine..

11:48 BBT Kristin comes in the cabana room on them talking about "the rachel conversations"..saying she said she wanted 3 kids..as Rach doesn't remember..kristin says she doesn't remember but was "half asleep" but remembers "i love Brendon' and "the big cock" he has..

Matt says Bren is trying to act embarrassed "while his head expands" as rachel asks for more details what was said...Rachel doing the "not until I'm married obi....."and says "what elese was discussed" as hayden says kids honeymoon and rach"where are we going"...and Kris says she was emphasing that it wasn't a "showmance" but "real love" and Matt says how she would pick brendon "over $500,000" and rachel "i told you that"

11:52 BBT More talking about rachel's drunken convos...

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11:55 BBT In the Kitchen at the table Enzo playing the game on the back of the cereal box..with Lane who's eating and kathy just sitting there watching...

Enzo seems intrigued..as Enzo "these fucking games" kathy leaves..and Enzo and Lane start talking about cathy and her camapaigning for his vote...Lane laughing...as Enzo says "can I count on you" and Lane's laughing when Enzo says "who do you got"...and she says "i save peoles lives for a livin" in Kathy's accent...and Lane laughing hysterically..

11:58 BBT Back in the cabana room food talk...talking about their "last meal" before entering BB...

Brit says "best Mexican food ever" in Arkansas because they have a lot of Hispanics...hayden says Arizona has good mexican food and Brit says "I love Taco Bueno"..and asks if anyone has it in their state and rachel stupidly says we have "Taco Bell"

12:01 BBT More food talk....

Lane still stuffing his face and Enzo gloating about their position "there will be thre bitches gone ..yo.." calling them "endangered species" as Lane chimes in "they're going quick" as Enzo says hangs out with them and then "throws them under the bus"

Enzo "we should of made a power move" and says rach and bren in the house keeps the target off them and Enzo says he heard they will target people who "jumped off" early in HOH comp..calling it "worst case scenario" and now says he thinks they "made a blunder" and says that's two votes in the JH...they will vote the same..

12:06 BBT Enzo at Memeory call playing around making fun..calling brendon "bill gates with muscle".....Enzo saying if Brit or Monet would have won HOH "things would be different" and asks who would Kris put up and Enzo says "i think she's scared to win" and Lane says "only one Brigade" going up would be good.

12:10 BBT Enzo and lane talking still making fun of people..laughing...

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Thw two brigade members who have won nothing Lane and Enzo talking about their great position in the house as Matt comes in and Enzo tries to figure out who will put up whom while they stare at the memory wall...

Matt saying Brendon "is gone next week"

Enzo making fun of kathy agin for Matt's amusement and says "she's working it" because her "back's against the wall"

Enzo worried Brit and rach may be getting along...as matt says "there's no way it won't happen" bren and Rach going uup..

12:14 BBT Lane who has just stuffed his face asks Matt if he can go eat some of his candy..Matt talking about how bad the other HG are gonna feel when they watch his DR sessions about them..

12;16 BBT Hayden comes in as well as brendon..as they talk LG status.."come on you kiddin me yo" Enzo whines..

Matt complains about beer saying "there's some outside" and BB won't open it up..

Enzo "I want fish sticks"...

Hayden asks if they checjed the SR and Matt says yes and says "they have no love for us"..

12:19 BBT Matt eating the fuit at the bottom of the pitcher of the sangria..as he complains his long nap today has mmade him "not tired" and discuss the sleeping aides Matt takes...

Talking about "the fun game" tonight...

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12:23 BBT

Brendon going on how bad the baby food is compared to the fish sticks..Enzo agrees and admits they are "complainers"

Talking bok choy that its bad...Kristin says its like spinich..as Enzo starts comparing to Ronnies Ass and FOTH

Enzo back says he's never heared of it..and whines...{like the tool that he is] saying why don't they get "baked potato" saying "fucking bok chow" calling it "a bootleg piece of lettuce"

12:27 BBT Enzo says he's getting back into "penalty mode"..

Talking about future food comps and how it will eventually become "a house thing"...and play for food for each day of the week...

Back in Cabana room Brit talking how the guys voted against Monet...Kathy saying she hopes she has the vote and telling her people are scared to vote against "the house" as kathy asks them if "they can help them out" as Rach says she has "no control" over brendon's vote...and reiterates it as kathy thanks rachel and Britney for their vote..Rachel call Brit her "friend " when brit says her only friend Monet voted out...Rachel admits her and Brendon don't "see eye to eye" on a lot of the things..

12:33 BBT Rachel talking her and Brendon will not always be making "the same decision" for everything..and talk this week is 4-4 as kathy says she already talked to Matt and he told her he has "no control" and Brit says he won't tell people "what to do' ad Kathy admits that's what he told her..

Kathy says she has only two votes..and says she shouldn't "be punished" for voting against the house as rachel says "you have to fight" not say "anything bad" but tell people "why you wanna be here"..

12;35 BBT Brit tells Kathy 'there's so many days left" and Kathy asks if she can tell people they have their votes and Brit says just say the # and not the names as Brit says brendon's vote is "a no brainer" since Andrew is such a competitor and Rachels says "because Andrew's mean to me".....and ask why Brendon is thinking" differently..and Rach says "i don't know"..

Brit finally say getting the girls out is "a bad idea" and reiterates not to say her name..Rach asks who's she talked to.."enzo" and "lane" and Kathy says it will be best she won't use "names"..

12:40 BBT Kathy says she's not gonna "dog Andrew" and says she needs it mostly for "medical" reasons.."i need to be here" even if its "the jury house"..

Brit says "wait til tuesday or wednesday" before you asks specifically for a vote...

12:41 BBT Laughing about Annie's over campaigning..

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12:43 BBT Brit gives Kathy campaigning tips..and says she'll ask where she stands just to know out of courtesy to know if she's staying leaving..

Brit asks rachel who she would put up and says she isn't "going to say" but assures Brit and Kathy their keys will follow after Brendon's is pulled...."what about you Brit" and says "i don't wanna say" but def not her and Kathy says the same..but "not six people"

12:46 BBT Rachel talks about "fight to the death" if brendon is nominated and would cry everyday "if brendon and i got broken up"

Brit and Kathy get up as kathy gonna asks about LD so if she can smoke...

12:49 BBT FOTH probably BB talking about LD...

Rachel busts into the darken BR as she gets ready for bed "but first I'm gonna say goodnight to Brendon" hayden tells Kristin if she has "spider breath" and says he's "gonna hang out for awhile"

In HN room rachel and Brendon whispering....inaudible...

Looks like people are getting ready for bed..Brendon and rachel get up and tells him to "go to bed" there's "nothing to talk about" they decide to head to cabana room to talk...

12:55 He asks "what's going on" and she says "nothing" as he thinks something is bothering her..."you promise" he asks...and she says "no"..and Brendon realizes she's upset he went to bed without her...and claims she's not upset...and tells him "you're being really sensitive" as he prodes her what's bothering her...they kiss and starts telling her he's sorry he didn't asks her to his cot and Rachel says that she's "not upset" about that...and says she's fine...

1:00 Brendon still asking if anything is wrong and she says "nothing" and continue kissing..

back in Kitchen Brit lane and Matt talking about pics on memory wall and what their firts impressions would be looking at them...Enzo comes in farts...

1:01 BBT Wondering if Annie is watching "the live feeds" and Enzo says "i'll never watch" bb again if "i don't win"..Matt claiming he wasn't "hardcore" before but will be after this experience as hayden says next cast "will be bashing us non stop"

Brit "i feel bad for Annie America's totally forgotten about her" as Matt says America will forget Monet before Annie..

1:04 BBT BB11 talk

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1:06 BBT rachel and Brendon being nauseating in the Cabana room...

1:06 BBT Just general chit chat and complaining about LD..Enzo wants t play pool..Kathy wants to smoke..Matt wants to get the beers they left outside but BB won't let them because of the music in the background from a party near by {copyright issues I suppose]

1:09 BBT Talking about BB based on George Orwells 1984

1:11 Brit says she's going to bed and bust in on Rachel and brendon's love fest and says "sorry" and gets her blanket...Bren asks if they've opened up...they haven't...


Enzo talking about "jersey shore" fun time getting "fucked up and beat up" and talks about getting "head with ice cubes" as he talks about his conquests "before I got married" "alley ways" "people's backyards"

1:17 BBT Rach and Bren still in cabana room

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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Hayden and Lane in Jumanji where Hay tells Lane that Ragan told him Brendan said he wants to get out a pair of obvious friends who dropped out early in the HOH. Hayden thinks it could be him and Kristin, him and Lane, or Britney and Lane. Lane complains that the HOH endurance involved no athletic ability. They both think that they will be able to sweep upcoming HOH contests, especially once they get Brendan out.

Brit enters and Lane starts teasing her that Nick has probably broken up with her after tonight's antics.

Hayden goes to take a shower. Matt invites the remaining awake houseguests up to his HOH. Enzo follows him upstairs. They mention how BB got upset that Matt reprogrammed the HOH cam and remote controller...bubbles.

Enzo worries about Brenchal remaining in the game. "Who will put them up?" Matt: Everyone.

Enzo thinks Brit is laying low and will start showing her skills after week 4.

They wonder who Ragan will put up if he wins HOH. Matt says he has to talk to him about it.

Matt thinks Hayden is in danger next week. Now they discuss they can't let Bren or Rach win HOH next week.

1:30 BBT.

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Brendan and Rachel still snuggling in the CR.

In the HOH Enzo says winning HOH isn't the Brigade's problem; they need to do a better job winning POVs. Enzo claims he could have won the most recent veto comp.

Enzo thinks America likes Brendan but not Rachel. Then he re iterates that he doesn't think a lot of people in the house have the balls to put up Brendan and Rachel.

Matt wonders "why this s*** keeps happening to us." (Sorry Matt you blundered your HOH).

Enzo would like to see Andrew win HOH just to see if he would put up Brenchal. Matt thinks Andrew would backdoor him.

Talk turns to picking off the brigade's side alliances. Enzo doesn't trust Ragan.

Now Enzo and Matt talking about the possibility that Hay and Kris are the lifelong friends, how they are like best friends in the house, they cuddle but never kiss (ya'll need to be on this side of the cameras).

Matt reveals Monet's birthmark theory (apparently Kris and Hayden have the same birthmark; Monet spotted it when she was in the house) to Enzo. Even though Kris lives up north she still talks with a southern twang.

Kris has implied that she will put up Rach and Bren but hasn't said their names out loud. Enzo thinks that's fishy...says Ragan is the same way...he talks and talks but no one's name comes out of his mouth.

Enzo jokes about Andrew a bit. Matt says Andrew's fuse is now lit.

1:45 BBT

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Hayden enters the HOH. More talk about Matt messing with the HOH cam and bubbles ensue.

Hayden: So, keeping Andrew? Matt: (I thought he said yes)...the lesser of two evils.

They joke about Kathy losing in the veto comp and giving Brendan a point. After the comp Kathy was telling Enzo "I think I'm in trouble."

Discussion turns to the brigade having the numbers in the house, how they feel safe as long as it's not two of them on the block together.

They wonder why anyone would put two of them on the block together (haha). No one is gunning for them right now. Matt thinks they will be sitting pretty next week.

Matt sticks his hand down his pants....(is it just me or have I been seeing a lot of this lately from Matt?)

Brendan and Rachel are whispering the CR but it's very difficult to make out.

Enzo thinks that even though they screwed this week up, Brendan and Rachel are bigger targets than ever.

Matt: Two s***heads are doing better than the brigade right now.

2:00 BBT

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Hayden leaves in interest of Brendan and Rachel not discovering their late night pow wow.

Matt and Enzo thinks Brenchal would put up some combo of Kristin Hayden and Britney.

Enzo re iterates his paranoia about Andrew: He's a sneaky f***. Matt: He's a schizo.

Enzo says Andrew cried a little after he lost the HOH. They make fun of the shorts Andrew wore during the competition. Matt calls them nut huggers.

Talk about the possibility of pandora's box and the cout de tat.

On the spy screen they spot Brenchal heading off to bed. Matt makes a crack about Brendan bringing home a family girl.

Enzo re iterates that he thinks Kris and Ragan are playing the same game. Matt says they need their side alliances.

Kris and Hayden are in opposite beds. Their current strategy seems to be to go to bed separately, then at some point get in bed together and back to their own beds before the morning.

Talk about who their side-alliances would put up if they were to win HOH.

Enzo really wants to win something. Complains that the game hasn't gotten dirty yet.

2:15 BBT

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In the HOH Matt and Enzo cycle through the same conversations.

One new idea is to put one of the brigade up against their "pair" (e.g., Matt/Ragan) and evict their side alliance (in an effort to conceal the brigade).

Shortly after Enzo leaves the HOH room.

Rachel heads to her own bed. All houseguests in bed at 2:35 BBT.

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(Just some additional things I heard during the Enzo/Matt HoH meeting.)

2:17 am BBT: Matt and Enzo throw out a couple strategy ideas. 1) Stop going after Brendon/Rachel and get these other people out and let them do the dirty work of getting Brendon/Rachel out. 2) Once they have to start targeting their side alliances they may need to put up one of the brigade along with the side person in order to evict their side alliance. Not only does it hide the Brigade it keeps the blood off of the hands of the brigade person.

They talk about how they (Just Matt/Enzo) started this all (the brigade alliance) on day 2 and it's because of them that decisions are being made. They tell each other that they want to be final 2 with each other.

Matt takes this opportunity to talk about how he's not there for jury, 2nd place or America's choice. None of that is enough money for his needs. (His wifes illness.) Enzo comes up with some ideas to help his foundation website. Selling t-shirts with "Brigade" on it and part of the proceeds go to help Matt's wife, fund raisers, etc.

They talk about how they started this all (the brigade alliance) on day 2 and it's because of them that decisions are being made. They tell each other that they want to be final 2 with each other.

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7:07 am BBT

HG's asleep, but massive movement (creaking and cracking from the 'beds') in the HN room, causing a lot of noise....

Correction... Andrew just laying there with his eyes open...

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