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9/11 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:42 They are all sitting on the couches talking about all the stuff that happened this season. As they come back from break you can over hear Allison the Producer over the loud speaker coaching Nat on where to lead off so they can use these conversations a a segway for the highlight show on Sunday.

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9:44 BBT All three are on the couch reviewing Pandoras box. They were instructed by production during the break. Right before BB after dark came back from commercials you could hear the producers coaching everyone as to what to say in what order. Now they are all going over to the kitchen to find Ronnies picture on cue. Now they are going into fake conversations trying to "reflect" on cue about all the Ronnie Memories. Just 5 minutes ago Kev tried to bring up Ronnie on the couch and Nat told him to wait. Because they were not following instructions that production gave them. Just a few minutes before Kev was telling Jordan at the dinner table while Nat was in DR that production didnt want him to kick out Jeff when he broke the news to them. When Jordan acted surprised they were told that they were not allowed to talk about production. As they left Jordon tried to talk more about Ronnie and was cut off by Nat just like Nat cut off Kev earlier.

They now called Jordan away so Kev and Nat could tape fake reliving of the Big Lie to Jeff in the game. This is all for the Sunday highlight show and you can tell how heavily scripted it was.

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Net is till trying to "act" like this is a real conversation. They are all getting instructions as to what to talk about by taking trips to the diary room. Not there is Nat and Kev highlight conversation be re-hashed. To highlight the "big Lie" and knocking out Rus, Jeff and Michelle.

They are thanking each other. In a real fake and scripted way. Nat still pushes that Jord is going to get 500k if Kev takes her. They are talking about Jerry from season 9 and how Jerry got a bad edit.

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Jordo comes out from the diary room. She tries to tell how she didn't "know" {know not to talk about that far} Nat tell her "not to talk about that far" because production is trying to get tape as if this is a natural conversation in the house. Like they came up with this naturally. Now they are changing into their swim suits.

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They are all talking previous season around the jacuzzi now. They are talking about Chima being a Diva and will forever be know as the girl who lost her mind. Kev says that america will never know how funny Chima was and she will always be protrayed as the "angry black woman".

Kev says that even thought they know Braden and Laura the rest of the country will never remember them. Casey will be remembered for the Banana suit.

Jordon says that where she lives nobody know what BB is and that none of her GFs knew what big brother was. Kev says that Jord will always be thought of as Jeff's Girl..

Kev says Jesse was a douchebag because he told Jordo that she is out of breath because she ate fast food.

Jord says she would like Jesse more outside BB. Nat says Kev would not. Kev still see Jesse as a Douche.

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Kev says that his brother told him not to embarass the family. Kev says that his bro and him are not as close because of it. Jordo says her dads bro or uncle is and then she is yelled at because he did not sign a waiver.

Kev added that the gay part is part of the reason him and his bro are not close but not all.

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(bare with me tonight guys, my feeds are being extremely choppy)

10:25 BBT

J/N/K chilling in the the jacuzzi talking about life after BB.

K claims that he doesn't want to watch the episodes for at least a week, he wants to get back to real life first.

N/K tell J she will be known as Jeff's girl. J says she doesn't want to be known as that.

They are now talking about what they think America thinks of everyone, some of them were

Lydia-tattoo chick

Ronnie- the gamer.manipulator

Now they are talking about Chima, K says she will be remember as the girl who lost it. They are also talking about how pretty/funny she was.

J thinks that no one in her hometown really watches BB, and hopes that she doesn't get recognized. too much.

N brings up that Jessie will always be known as the douche.

J tells a story about how Jessie got mad at a production guy once, BB tells he not too.

J says that she might like Jessie outside the house


Now K/N are arguing over whether Nat over filled the jacuzzi. N says that her and Kev fight like a married couple.

N ask K who he thinks will be their from the family. Then proceeds to tell the girls that he and his brother aren't that close. J ask if it is because K is gay, and K says partly.

J says that her dad has a gay brother, then FoTH.

They get into a convo about how hard it is on gays to be accepted by their families

Now they are talking about how today's teenagers are too focused on money and material things. Now they are talking about how people try to hard to keep up with the trends.

10:50 BBT

Now they are talking about boyfriends and nice gestures they did for them or things that their boyfriends got for them.

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10:55 BBT

now they are talking about what their family sent and for their HOH baskets and what BB gave them.

K claims that BB gave him moldy chicken , N comments the J got expired brownies.

Nat talking about how she made her calendar for studying events and dates in the house, went into detail then FoTH.

Feeds come back, and they are all talking about the comp today and what they remember from. Nat claiming she knew everything.

More talk about how the names of the comps

11:05 BBT

Nat now talking about how she realized that where she messed up when she was in the Green Room (while she waited for Jordan to do hers).

Now they are talking about when BB will make their tickets for them to go.

J says she has diarrhea again, and she goes inside (sorry everyone, I just report what they say)

Now N is explaining the comp to K. She complains that she didn't even use a ball with her

name in the comp.

Now talking about how many days they have spent in the BB house.


Now N ask what they are going to do tomorrow, K says they should clean and do towels.

they are now thinking of what to do for the rest of the time

J comes out and N says that they need to have a cleaning day tomorrow.

now they talk about how they have to wait for the showers and washers when the house were full. They mention that n took long showers, she says that she only does when she shaves.

Now they are talking about pairing up, thinking that there was a mismatch in each group.

they start talking about slop, the have-not room, and other hgs.

N is bashing Laura, J says she felt bad because in the first days in the house she didn't like her.

N admits Laura is pretty, but she just vain.

10:20 BBT

They bring up where everyone is from

and then they bring up that Chima lives 5 minutes away from here. N says that maybe if she decides to stay a couple days Chima will let her crash at her house. Then they talk about the possibilities of her being at the finale.

They are now talking about how finale night will go

(Be back in ten minutes)


K and J mention the fact that they are both kind of sleepy, N comments that she guess she will be playing a lot of solitaire tonight. J says she is kind of hungry.

N brings up the fact they brought the grill back

K says they brought the garden back for nothing because it's dead.

They are now talking about how when the brains were have nots, they got mad at J for taking them and putting them inside.

N starts Casey bashing and talking about how he would always taking other people's food.

Now they are bashing Michele, and Russell.

They tell J about "Operation make Russell mad" and how they would do like things to piss him off.

They also tell J about Operation delete the middle row.

J: Y'all are sneaky.

Now both N/J say they want ice cream

11:39 BBT

J called to DR.

Now N/K talking all the operations they had this season. N asks K if she thinks Lydia told Russell, and K says yes.

K comments that he is glad that they did these "operations" to the people they did, because Jeff and Russell will realize it is a game and not hold a grudge.

K mentions that he is going to be humble from now on, so that the jury doesn't vote against them for being too cocky

They start talking about the manipulations from the DR again, and it goes to FOTH.

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11:48 BBT

feeds come back, and K/N are inside. K is warming something up in the microwave, and N goes to change out of her bathing suit.

K goes to eat whatever he made for himself in his bed.

N is done changing and is in the kitchen looking for something to drink.

N now goes with her cup to the RR.

K: Dude, Ben and Jerry's is way too sweet.

N: I don't like Ben and Jerry's

N looks to the camera and talks to her fiance. She said something like

"Sorry that I didn't win the competition today babe, and now my fate is in Kevin's hands. And he better take me or else..."

K goes to put his bowl in the sink.

K says that they should slow down on the Jeff bashing, so they don't look evil to America (I think they are talking about in the DR).

They are now talking about how they have to include J in things they do, so that they don't make it seem like poor Jordan. N says that there is nothing else being shown but the best of episode, so they don't have to worry.

J is out of DR, and is now cleaning up the feast they had. K comes out to help J. He ask J if she like champagne, and she says it's okay, but she thinks that is what is giving her diarrhea. J is now washing dishes, K is helping her clean up the food from tonight, and N is in the RR playing cards.


N comes out of RR with cups and stuff from the room, and she starts helping out with the cleaning.

Nat gets called to DR.


after some silence, J tells K about how her grandma is very old fashion, and she doesn't use a dishwasher, and still hang drys her clothes. She mentions that her grandmas is very "cheap", and she saves the littlest amount of food and everything. K says maybe because she is from the Great Depression era. Now talking about her grandmas routines. We get a brief FOTH, and N comes out of DR.


N and J still cleaning up, N thinks they should take all the dishes down because the cabinets have ants. Nothing much else going on but small talk about what to save and not food wise. K is not on the feeds right now.

K then shows up again , and N tells him about her idea of putting all the dishes on the long kitchen counter. K says that that is "hood rich", but N is is better they be hood rich and sanitary. The kitchen clean up continues


still cleaning the kitchen, hardly anything being said beside the occasional "what's this" and "I'm throwing this out"


N: Hey, maybe now we can have some company over.

now a brief conversation about they type of dishes and cabinets BB has


they are pretty much done with cleaning the kitchen, and J goes to put a load of towels in the washer.


J collecting towels throughout the house, and N/K going other random things in the house to pick up a little.

K: So many memories flooding back to me.


K/N start to look at the memory wall. "Look at all the people that have left, we are the final 3"

More random memories from the season

J getting ready to eat something.

N/K in RR, in their beds, talking about random things in the house, no major game talk or bashing going on.

J goes into RR.

Now talking about the beds and people in season 8

J is eating in her bed, K is just laying there, and N is playing cards.

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12:55 BBT

They start to talk about what they call different rooms in the house. J states that in the beginning they called the SS room the Michael Phelps room. Nat also says that they (I guess the DR) call the green room the recycle room.

N says that when she first saw K she thought he would be a drama queen.

J then starts to talk about this gay guy she works with that she thinks he is so how.

K talks about how he turns on/off his funny/gay personality.

K says that sometimes when he is out with other people they expect him to perform.

N mentions she is glad that no one is in the SS room so she doesn't have to hear the door slam.


Now they are talking about morning sex, K says it's a lot of work because they have to bust out the lube. But with straight ppl they can just stick it in. They tell K that no, the vaginas have to be wet.

K says that he and his man have it 3/4 times a week.

J: Dang, that's a lot

N: No it isn't

and the sex talk continues. Jordan is amazed by the stuff she is hearing.

J admits that he and her bf only had sex about 1/2 a week.

They now talk about how Michele is a swinger, N says that gross and Michele is gross.

K defends her, and says she is just sexually comfortable.

All agree they couldn't lead that kind of lifestyle.

K says the sex is better when you feel comfortable with yourself.

K is gross out by the fact that vaginas aren't naturally wet, and ask questions like how long it takes it get wet and other random questions.

N/J say that he need to touch one to find these things out.

K says that he doesn't think that vaginas look good, but penises do.

J: Penises aren't gorgeous, they look like one eyed-monsters.

Now still they are talking about circumcision.

K admits that his man isn't

(Hey, I just report what they say)


They now talk about bad relationships they have had, and then J says she can't talk about the one who cheated one her because of he didn't sign a release and stuff. She admits she was a man-hater for a while after it happen.

K says that Jeff is a women-hater, and he must had a couple really bad relationships, and then we go to FOTH


They come back from about a minute

they are talking about cheating and relationships

N: Kevin, have you ever been cheating on?

K: No, this is my one and only relationship.

They bring up Jeff again, and K says that Jeff told him that he has been cheated on, and that once when he was really young he did cheat on a girl.

J says that her sister is the type of girl that would not believe her friend if they told her that her boyfriend was cheating with them.

J goes into a story about a time she went to spy on a friends boyfriend and we get FOTH again.

J/N explaining how many times they call bfs and why they call.

( a morning call, a midday, a OMG this just happened call, etc..)


They come back they are talking about being on the phone at work ( I think when they are talking about when they are in a relationship.)

K says that he hates it when his man calls just to say hi.

N thinks it cute. It means that she is thinking about the person.

K thinks it is annoying.

N says that she mostly does texting now.

K says then they won't have interesting things to talk about when they come home

More talking about their boyfriends and their phone habits.

K says that at his job, him and his co-workers don't talk directly to each other, they iChat instead.

he then talks about how fun his job is. Since they use alot of technology, he says they are probably doing a bunch of photochops of him.

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They bring up the fact the AC will most likely go to Jeff. K said had he known there was an AC component, he would have played the game more like Jeff

J says but you pretty much did, and tells K he is not mean like Russell.

J says that they should turnoff the SS room lights.

They talk about how studios keep their light on and stuff.

K wonders what the crew does after BB, where they work and stuff.

Now they talk about how the writers strike caused season 9.


J turns off the light, but they continue to talk about what happens after the season is over.N/K tell J they strip everything.

K says he is going to take Buddha. He doesn't care what production says

N says she can't believe they are all still here, she thought she would know her fate today.

now they are talking about morning wood.

(Alright, I'm out for the night)

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Jordan is up and around.

The lights are still off in the redroom. I am thinking the other 2 are still sleeping.

House is really quiet so Natalie is definately sleeping :animated_rotfl:

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Jordan is sleeping. K/N playing pool. They both accuse each other of screwing each other. Its kind playful but serious at the same time

k-I have b een more loyal than Jesse so relax.

n-even my interview with julie i said i was 100 % w/u

k-You may me nervous because you lie about pandora's box

n-no i didnt

k-they didnt even ask u about the proposal, that is big, why wouldnt they ask u about it.

n-they just ask me about u kevin, all about u. i didnt want to tell you about the proposal because i didnt want u guys to feel bad, and i didnt want jesse to find out.

k-u thought we would feel bad about the proposal???why

n-I even told my boyriend i wasnt going to tell u guys


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Natalie and kevin at kitchen counter

N- Ilove ronnie. he was so great. I can't wait to see ronnie :disappointed:

k-I cant wait to see caysee chima not michelle

n-Michelle has no social skills. lydia comes from money. her family owns 5 golds gyms

k- i think russel comes from money too.


K-maybe Braden's family has money, idon't know.

Jordan is still sleeping-kevin is eating cheetos-Gnat is playing solitare

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Jordan is awake in the pool room. She is laying there staring into space.

Natalie wants to feed the fishies.

k- they flushed them down the toilet natalie , that what they do.

n-should we start cooking/

She rummages around in the kitchen while kevin is playing with the cards.

Now Jordan has a smile on her face laying there thinking.

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at 5:48 BBT

you could hear: boom boom and kev says shit what was that?

Space shuttle Discovery flying over on it's way to Edwards

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6:40 BBT

All in the kitchen. Nat talking about walking up the Statue of Liberty. Jordan wants to go to NY at Christmas time. She says she needs to get out more and glad she can now say she's been in California. Kevin says she can visit Chicago and Jordan says she'd never want to live there. She thinks it may be b/c her mom has family in Nebraska and she gets so bored there. Kevin has no interest in Florida (boooo!) and Nat says she's been to Disney World (WHOO!!!!!!!) and Wet N Wild.

Just chat about different cities.

Jordan has Kevin feel her scars from her boob job. He says it's his first time touching a boob. He says he's get a boob job if he was a girl and had a small chest.

Nat is cooking dinner and tells Kevin he's on dish duty tonight. He says no, part of cooking is cleaning and Nat says no, Jordan did dishes last night and Kevin needs to do them tonight.

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A bit ago N and K are in hammock.

(Somehow I missed that Kevin STILL doesn't know Nat is not 18.)

They were talking about who they'd hang with outside the House.

When they were talking about Chima - Nat said she'd totally hang out with her....

and that she was really surprised how old Chima was.

Soooo Kev was saying... " So how did you feel coming into the House with everyone being so much older ?"

Stuff was said back and forth and kev said he still doesn't think she's only 18 and kinda shrugged his shoulders

- - - but said they can talk about it when they get out of the House.

Nat didn't say anything.

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