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9/1 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 PM BBT

Jeff told Jordan to stick with Michelle and she says no she is coming after me, Jeff got real mad and said no she isn't don't listen to them!! It makes no sense for her to come after you! (hope she listens and why didn't he figure that out before)

Jordan walking inBY, Jeff playing solitaire.

Kevin to DR.

Natalie says she has alot of energy to burn wants a comp now.

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9:30 PM BBT

M/J talking in BR, Jordan is getting in shower, Michelle put on her bikini

Jeff and Natalie on couch in BY, Jeff is offering the sweet deal to Natalie.

Missed some sorry lost feeds.

Kevin came back out all talk stopped.

I'm out gotta work in the am.

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9:08 BBT

Jeff it KT getting some mint chocolate chip ice cream

N/K playing pool outside, Jor also outside, walking laps

Jeff now eating outside

Just N/K talking crap to each other while playing pool.

9:12 BBT

K called to DR, Nat said she is going to get a desert.

M inside the house, says "man I'm sleepy" then goes to join everyone else outside, goes to put feet in pool

Je to M "Thanks, it was good" (I'm assuming he meant dinner)

M went to check for alcohol, but there was none.

M ask N about the pool games N/K were playing, N said they're tied 5/5.


M goes back inside for a min, looks like she is putting away the socks she was wearing, got bathing suit out, now going to BR

Jor can in BR to blow her nose, now going to SS room, gets towel (or maybe a robe)

Jor brushing teeth, then M gets comes out from changing, small talk about exercising and makeup

M: time for jacuzzi time by myself

Jor: Ask Jeff

now they were talking about season 8, M said that she is this years Zach.

Jor taking a shower

Now Jor said that this is how she is going to feel like that if she goes to jury now, but she is just gonna chill by the beach. She says if Jeff goes now Jessie and Russell are going to bother him. They then talk about the fact that there is not that much attitude, and Jor said she is trying to have a positive attitude

Jor also wishing for a twist so her and Jeff can stayed

Jor: I'm surprised we made it this far, don't they usually get the couples out first"

M: Usually, except for season 5 when the guy ended up screwing the girl at F3. (I'm guessing she means the Drew/Diane thing)

talk turns to how ants are eveywhere in the house.

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9:39 BBT

N/M only ones outside, talk turns to who can stay this week.

N said that she doesn't want to vote Jeff to stay, cuz then K will be after her

talk turns to how important next week is, and they both wan to guarantee themselves F3

N: My only thing is you told me not to trust you"

M tells N that she can't win with K with final 3

N: if i had won veto i would have stuck with the plan (I guess K hoh)

M: our F4 for deal was J/J/me and you, but i guess Kevin is replacing Jordan

Nat said that if she wins, she is putting K up, "we r down to 4 ppl, all bets are off, but u guys have to give me HOH

Mich said that with her or Jeff F2 with N than N win.

talk about how season 8 and 10 Dan and Dick were hated, but they won because they played the game.

M; But you played the game well too.

talk turns to non-game things.

(sry, my feeds are going in and out, but i think i got a lot of the convo, if anyone wants to catch the convo it was on feed 3/4)

-Edited to add feed numbers

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9:55 BBT

Jor and Jeff in BR

talking about football, Jeff said he was good for where he played ( i think his college is D3)

He yells at Jor to put clothes on cuz she wants to walk around in a towel

Jor gets mad b/c he was making smirky comments.

Jor said that she is going to workout with her mom, and that she is tiny and always gets hit on

More non-game talk

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10:14 BBT

talk turns to the stadium, N joins in while they talk about the Dallas one. M outiside too.

Jeff starts to sing a Jay-Z song (the chorus to Change Clothes- if anyone really cares). Jordan said that she doesn't really like that song, and her sister had a boyfriend that loved Jay-Z.

Je: was he ghetto?

Jor: I don't think so, i think he just like Jay-Z, which was weird cuz most guys grow out of the stage at 23, he was 28.

more football talk and other random things.

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Jeff talking about a time a a bears game that his nose started bleeding and wouldn't stop. He was in the bathroom from the middle of the second quarter till the end of 3rd quarter.


Jeff leaves, M starts talking about and the girls briefly mention how talk about how fine Tom Brady is ( I concur). M talks about wearing her pat jersey in dallas , and ppl would get pissed so she stopped doing that. M now talks about Boston College. Jeff comes back out.

they all smell something funny and think it is the garbage or sewage.

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10:24 BBT

Everyone outside as Michele and Jordan talk about "Tom Brady"...Jordan "he's fricken beautiful"...on the couch...

Michele talkig about Dallas Cowboys....as Jordan talks about liking to get "geared up" for football...Michele says she loved going to bars while living in Boston..

10:27 BBT Ntatalie and Kevin playing pool while Jeff returns with his peanuts ..saying "i like to think I'm at a sporting event".....Jeff hopes his bro watching and talking about getting tix to go to a bears game when he "gets out"...

10:30 Jeff telling Michele he didn't look in SR for booze..because its late Jordan saying "you never know" and says "you go look wino" as Jeff "want some beers" and Jordan "I want a margarita" as Michele says "hells ya"

"here we go...you and your cards" Jordan says as he prepares to play solitaire...Jeff "we are getting inflitrated" about the ants..as ants are getting everywhere...Michele talking about working in a sanwich shop and they just scooped the ants off as Jeff "you know how much shit we eat" with people "touching their balls" while preparing food..

10:34 BBT Michele wants to eat fruit as Jeff "you're trying to keep it healthy" as Jordan "i want to finish my Milky Way"..as Michele and Jordan go into the back BR to look for "baby Ruth" candy bar..she found em

10:36 BBT Natalie talking about "I jacked you hoody" as she's been sporting it foe awhile now...while her and Kevin play pool..

10:36 Michel munching her Baby Ruth Jeff munching peanuts as he and Michele talking Solitaire .."i finally won one game of solitaire...I'm so happy" Michele offers.....as Jordan offers him some Milky Way.."nah..you go to town" he tells her..

10:39 BBT Talkning about Jeff's "soft" "Old Navy" shirst..."its all about the thread count"...

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10:41 BBT

Jordan "I like chocolate covered peanuts" as Jeff says "why don't you make some" as Jeff says "do we have wax papper" and Michele says no..

Jordan now starting in on the peanuts.."they are addicting" Jeff says as she eats more..

"egg salad distrubs me...its just gross" Michele says {I agree} as Jordan says "potato salads good" as Michele starts talking southern Texas BBQ....."I love that food" she says....

10:44 BBT Natalie and Kevin still playing pool while at the couch they are talking about the ants and Michele all the wierd bites " all over her "butt" from the ants.."i'll need an extreme makeover on my butt"...

10:46 BBt Jeff laughing how indiiferent he was to his $3000 sasy what an ungratefull "asshole" ...saying "i've turned into such a fucken idiot in here ..I hate myself I can't even look in a mirror" as they talk about their Money from the sky comp..

Natalie says something....

Jeff "i can't believe I had $3000 dollars in ones" saying he'll take it....but can't believe...Jordan "i only got $1700" as Jeff "i was stuffed...I couldn't walk...it was scraping my "yo yo" as he says Natalie was picking up the money that was falling out of him...

10:49 BBT Jordan "so far they've given away $30,000" plus the prizes as Jordan adds up the winning BB has handed out so far..

10:51 BBT Michele "this is the most hooked up season" about prizes....Jordan agrees....Michele "maybe we've pulled in the ratings"..as Jeff say he can't "see it" and "why people want to watch me bitch all day"

Michele saying if she wasn't there she would "think it was awesome' Jeff saying its just a binch "of whiney bitches" as Jeff just putting 13 people in a house "will just take care of itself" as Michele says all the drama and fights probably provide entertainment..

10:54 BBT Michele takes the peanuts in for Jeff "so I don't stuff myself" as he asks Jordan "wanna go in the hammock"...Jordan "let's go" as the walk over to the hammock..

10:55 J&J head to hammock and get in..

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10:56 BBT

"hey chunko lay off the cookie dough" Jeff says what her Mom says...Jeff worried his Mom will think he was "a yo yo" as Jordan says if he acted like "Russell" as Jordan saying Jesse and Russell "are jealous of you" as Jeff agrees but doesn't want to sound "arrogant" but can't think of any other reason why...as Jordan theorizes its was all their working out everybody says he was still hot..

Jordan saying she likes guys "with a little bit of fat" and says she likes Jeff's body and says "i'll take it" and says "i'm not a bozo" and gets embarrased to all the compliments..even though he says they are nice to hear em once in awhile..

11:00 BBT Jeff making fun of Jordan when she was drunk..looking "like an old lady" with her blanket "wrapped around" her and dropping her "hairclip in your wine" as Jeff laughs and Jordan laughs at her drucken DR session with Sean..."i was tipsy" and says she can't wait to drink when they get out..

11:02 BBT Jordan says she picture him renting movies "watching them by yourself' and going to his buddy's restaurant everynight after work...Jeff says Its just fridays and talks about his Friday routine...of going to the bar......and his Friend Joe who ditches them and "Tony" the bartender with anger issues...

11:04 K&N playing pool as Michele sitting alone on the couches...

11:05 BBT Jeff and Jordan on the hammock going on about his friday night adventures at his friends bar/restaurant...and says "that's it"..Jordan asks about Saturdays and Jeff says he goes to the "city" with his friend "Paul"...

Jordan "saturdays I work" and she gets drunk "on Mondays"...saying "it gets old" going to the same bars and places...

11:07 BBT Michele in bathroom "man that's a lot of gray hair...fuck" as she inspects her hair and brushes her teeth and talks to I guess herself....

11:08 BBT Jordan talking about her friend going "home with a guy" who was having his "bachelor party" and "had sex" and "turns out" her older brother knew the fiance and told her "and the wedding was called off"

Jeff saying who would be "dumb" to "bang" another girl on his bachelor party especially in "the neighborhood" at least "go to Vegas"

11:11 Jeff "how embrassing for the guy" as Jordan goes on about the canceled wedding...

Jeff says "what are they thinking" as Jordan talks about "The Wedding date" movie...

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11:12 BBT Kevin and Natalie go to HOH as Natalie goes in and feeds the fish...

Kevin says he's on a "losing steak" about pool..

Kevin wants to know when she's going to tell Michele/Jeff "back the fuck off" and "No" about their deal they offered Natalie as she says she'll tell them "Final 3" isn't good enough.."it would be dumb to keep Jeff"....."over Jordan"

Kevin "i feel like I'm in bizarro land" with Jeff "campaigning against" his "showmance"..as Natalie says Jordan told her "I don't want to go home"...after she left DR..

Kevin "are any of these conversations occuring in fron of her" about "Jordan" as Kevin's schemming wheels start spinning.....Natalie "every word they tell me I tel you" and vice versa...

11:17 BBT Kevin says since he has no power they are all up on Natalie and not him anymore like when he did...Natalie says "i don't know why" you still "have power"..

11:18 BBT

Back in the hammock....Jordan stick her foot in Jeff's pit and says "get it outta there" saying it will smell "like toe jam"...

11:20 BBT Jordan "i'm ready to see who wins and ready to go home"....Jordan 'forget it I'm not talking about it"

J&J talking about going to the "beach" and the JH if they would be able to go.....as Jordan says "if its somewhere "secluded"...they could..

Jeff all I know "there a bunch a bozos in there" {should feel right at home}..as jeff talks keeping his distance "watch movies all day and eat"

11:22 BBT they are talking about "bats" as Jeff says they just eat "fruit" and "bugs' and won't hurt you....as they think the says a "bird" that could be a "bat" as Jordan says "what if we says an owl" as Jeff does "pigeon" noises...

11:24 BBT "tomorrows Tuesday.....get some sun" as they talk about "not more than 3 weeks left".....Jeff 'we should enjoying it" but "other people make me sick" as it would be "fucking awesome" if casey braden laura there...

11:25 Jordan says Jesse getting on her nerves as Jeff saying the three will make "dicky comments" as Jeff says "Russell is all show..and no go" and says he'll act cool "when the cameras are there" as Jordan says Russell "feels like the third wheel".....as Russell bashing goes..as well as Lydia "being the only girl there" and probably loves it'

11:28 BBT Jordan saying "we should have gotten rid of Kevin when we had the chance"

Jeff whinning about going to JH filled with "douchebags".....

Jeff said "it will be no holds bar" about them doing it in the JH......

11:29 More JH talk the amount of rooms and "beds"....

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11:30 BBT

J&J talk about life in the JH....

Now they are talking about Michele "she's been acting wierd" as Jordan says "I think kevin has a final two deal"

as Jeff says "I'm done with the lying"as I guess he believes everything Nat and Kevin says to them...rahe r than Michele..

11:31 BBT Jeff "she's Crazy but she's not stupid" about Michele...

Jeff heads inside to use the bR leaves Jordan on the hammock

11:33 BBT K&N playing Chess and they are not talking so {it's bliss}

Jeff back outside...

11:35 BBT "target" Jeff says about his hat...

K&N watching the spyscreen...and playing Chess and not talking...

11:36 Jordan telling Jeff "you look good in hats" as Jordan saying how good he looks "when you where that hat"..Jordan says her MOM is getting excited with Jeff "i know she'd say something...Jordan ...look at him"

Jordan says "she will not like russell...and tell him off" and her dad "wants to jump through that TV and choke him"

Jordan "chima's Dad probably wants to kill him" as J&J saying he looks like an asshole if that's how you act all the time then that's how you will come off on TV..

11:39 BBT Jordan wants Russell to be ridicules on the street and he will act like he's "VIP" ..

11:40 BBT talking about the days when Laura and Casey were here as they are sure....Chima will bass eveybody "except for Jesse and Natalie"

11:41 BBT Jeff says "they don't bash anybody" about his parents saying the show "is blowing my mom's mind" with all the lying...

Jordan "i'm kinda scared" what "my mom thinks"..as Jeff says she'll be played as "the dumb one"..as he asks how she thinks she'll be played out...Jordan says "i don't know"..."laid back kinda fun"

Jeff saying "you're definitely not a bitch"

11:44 Jeff saying "not dumb" and Jordan "you said dumb earlier" as Jeff backtracks...

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11:46 BBT

J&J tallking how they will be protrayed.......

Jordan "do you think we'll have anything to talk about anything but Big Brother" after they leave and with friends...

as Jordan says "me and you vs everyone else" as she wanted to go to the finals...."i though once we got Russell out..me and you had it...I wasn't worried about Kevin at all" as Jeff says he kinda saw "it coming" and says "by no means he is a good player"..."kevin sucks balls" ..Natalie "hasn't won dick"...

11:49 BBT..Jordan wishing it was her and Jeff playing in HOH..."we need to get off the subject..I don't want to talk about it anymore"

11:51 BBT K&N playing chess...and of course..Natalie's cheating...

Jordan singing some EWF and no FOTH...

11:52 BBT Jordan going on about "older people" bar with her "mom" and had "a lot of fun".......

Long winded wedding story by Jordan...{sticks head under a pillow}

11:56 BBT Jordan still going on about stories and talks about going out drinking with her sister who's beligerent when she drinks..."when she drinks she gets ghetto"...Jeff "wow"

11:59 BBT Jordan storry telling and talking about Megan....blah blah blah....

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12;01 BBT

"Crank Call" Jeff as Jordan "prank call" as Jeff goes on about crank calls he makes....to his friend...at work for "six seven months" at Eric's work as J&J laugh and this {unfunny} story...

12:03 BBT J&J just talking.....in better spirits...

12:05 BBT Jordan talking his sis and BF are serious don't go out and stay home and are watching....

12:07 BBT Jordan talking about her sisters unruly dog at Xmas.....as Jordan says meeting her sis "a them" are jabber jaws so no need to have awkward monents and says she is "two faced"...as Jordan yammers on.....

"when I drink my accent gets outta control"..saying "i talk like a street thug..I hate it.." Jeff says as Jordan says''I like it....I think its cute"

12:11 BBT Jordan:" I'm not tired..I wish we had some NyQuil"

Jordan repeating a stopry as an irritated Jeff says "we talk about it an hour ago" and Jordan "when I think about Thursday I get teary eyed" as Jordan as he will get nervous when she walks out...

Talk about what he's "gonna wear"....at his eviction...."my black shirt" "if you don't like it..beat it...but I'm the one who'll be beating it so don't worry about it"

12:15 BBT Jordan laughing about Michele "she looks really good...she's a pretty girl" as Jeff "she's going banana"..as Jeff thinks she's a diabetic...one glass of wine and she's jumping "in the pool" ...and says she gets "goofy" when she eats sugar...

12:16 BBT

Jeff admits he bashed laura...as Jeff says "you wanna go in the green room" as they go in..

12:17 Ants all over their shoes as the head indoors

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12:22 BBT

12:23 BBT Kevin and Natalie still playing chess and mostly silent...

Jordan enters the kitchen "everybody in bed?" and Jeff says "michele is..I don't know about the Dynamic Duo"

12:25 BBT Jordan going on talking about her DRs and gets warning...

Michele comes in and joins J&J..as Jeff rifles through the candy drawer.....

12:28 BBT Jeff wants to get out of the kitchen before he eats everything...can't decide to "chill" inside or outs as Jeff "I'm tired of the bugs" as he says "lets go outside" since Michele is already outside as BB calls a indoor LD and they have to go in....as they hope BB will fumigate...

12:31 BBT

J&J head to the GR....Michele joins them....

they speculate what BB is doing Jeff "why the fuck do I care"......

12:31 Jeff saying "we have some good candy..i've never noticed"

12:33 Michele saying Natalie playing Chess in HOH "its not like they're making out up there" as Jeff says "obviously"

12:34 Michele giggly...Jeff "why are you all loopy" as Jordan says they will be excited to see Laura Casey Braden...

Jeff calling Jordan a crybaby after one glass of wine and she won't be ready for Vegas.....Jordan "I have fun..I dance the whole time" as Michele agrees "we'll fucking dance"....

12:35 BBT jeff saying what they will have to do for the Vegas wrap show...press, meet fans,...."who knows if its true"

Jeff saying he doesn't want to "hang out with anybody"as "people are spiteful in here" because Jordan says "you evicted em"

12:38 BBT Jordan "i've never played solitaire.....I always saw it on my computer"..Jeff "i just won...bitch"....

12:39 BBT "i can I try to play it...will you help me" Jordan asks..Jeff "are you gonna pay attention...because its real simple" Jordan Okay...

12:40 BBT Solitaire tutorial starts..

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12:43 BBT

J&J are playing/teaching solitaire and so far Jordan seems to be understanding as Jeff "you're gonna get me frustrated"..as he calmly explains the game to her...

12:45 BBT K&N playing Chess in HOH..

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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Wake up call.

Jordan and Michele washing faces.

Jeff in bed. Jordan joins jeff back and bed.

(Rat) Nat and Kevin sleeping.

Michele putting make-up on.

Jordan again out of bed.

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