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8/13 - Live Feed Updates

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6:04 BBT

Feeds are back (mine are choppy)

Jordan, Kevin, Michelle (couldn't see who else) all outside talking about drop zone (at carowinds) and how a girl got her foot severed. Jordan always holds her hair because she is afraid of it getting stuck...FOTH

6:08 BBT still FOTH

6:10 BBT

Feeds back

It's Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, Michelle and Russ outside with random chit chat (my feeds are really choppy-I will do the best I can) Lots of silence..Jordan starts singing Acuna matata and we get FOTH....

6:17 BBT

Feeds back (again)

Same crew outside talking. Jordan saying how tired she is. She wants to go in and get comfy..full and go to bed. Russ says he hopes they have beef/broc he loves that. Jeff now talking about jardenar (sp) apparently it's a type of sauce.

Jordan now tells Kevin that she always thought he was gucci, Kevin says really, Jeff says he agrees then Jeff says I never said anything bad about you even when you thought I did. Then Jordan says (talking to Kevin) I got a little pissed earlier and says you can stop me if I shouldn't talk about this in front of everyone and says she thought she heard Kevin/Nat preparing for the HOH comp and says that made her made because she thought Kevin was "gucci" with them. Ddn't hear Kevin respond (I don't think he did) then Russ says to Jeff "want to play pool". (i'm not sure if they are not allowed to discuss things (game) right now because there has been very little game talk)

Jeff/Russ playing pool.

Idle chit chat from the rest

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6:20 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Russ, Jeff, Jordan, and Kevin in the BY. Jordan to Kevin "you know Jeff and I think you are Gucci". Kevin "thanks Jordan" Jordan says Russell's bright yellow shirt reminds her of Casey. Russell says he feels like crap because he hasn't been working out. Russell and Jeff decide to play a game of pool together. All is apparently calm in the BB house.

6:30 PM BBT Lydia and Chima playing Badmitton (sp?) Nothing really going on.

My feeds are good Smooches.

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6:30bbt 4 feeds on the outside still... Lydia/Nat/Chima join the outside crew.. everyone is calm... Natalie/Lydia start playing badmiton

(opinion/observation: Chima/Natalie almost appear to be out there just to prove they are 'ok' with what transpired tonight)

6:34bbt Michele called to the DR

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Nat/Lydia playing badmiton..Chima jsut standing around laughing

Michelle called to DR and we have FOTH...


Nat/Lydia (new BFF's) still playing BM. Chima talking Kevin saying she just wants to go home

(feeds are going crazy again sorry)

( I will try to reboot)

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6:40bbt Chima/Kevin on the couch talking about dealing with grief... they mention the different stages... Denial, anger, acceptance

Kevin: isn't sadness in there somewhere?

Jordan has gone in to take a shower... feeds followed her in, then back to all outside

(have to give Natalie credit, she has gotten better at badmiton)

6:44bbt WBRB

6:45bbt Natalie/Lydia joined Kevin/Chima on the couch. They are discussing Jessie's reaction to Kevin on his way out.

Lyd: it's a bitter pill for him to swallow.. he came back in, then America votes him out again

Kevin: but that's not my fault... I'm not a forgiver... this means he was playing me

Chima/Natalie saying things were 'squashed' between Jessie/Kevin, so they don't understand/try to defend Jessie

Kevin: that was the ultimate disrespect... it's like Jerry Springer where you can't touch someone so you do that

Natalie: it wasn't fair, that you weren't HOH, but you weren't allowed to vote

Kevin: then it would have been 3-3, and no one could break the tie

Chima: I could have, I'd have taken you both down and put them back up

back to WBRB/FOTH

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Nat/Chi/Kev/Lyd on couches wondering why Jeff wanted to be friends with Russell by getting Jessie out

Jeff walking out from the kitchen, wondering outloud why he didn't get a 'product', BB gave 'all of them' a beauty product

Michele inside cleaning a stain off her pants in the BR, Jordan joins her

Kevin does not want to get Have Nots, Chima tells him she will throw it if it will keep him from getting it... She says she'll lose another 10 pounds for him

(switch to F2 of Michele/Jordan in bathroom)

Russell comes walking thru...

Jordan:well well

Michele:what? what happened?

Jordan: they dumped his suitcase... you'd think they would all be in here sucking up to you...

and... they are quickly distracted from strategy talk by the craft item they are looking at, something with wire(and maybe beads?)

Russell comes back thru, Michele asks Russell about his suitcase, says she was sleeping and heard Chima...

Russell: if you want to yell at me, but don't touch my stuff

Michele mentions remembering someone wanting to toss water on her head(past?)

Russell wants to wash his sheets, but doesn't trust them...

Michele says she heard them near Jordan's bed

Jordan: I've had friends go home, but... I wanted to steal your(Russell) socks, but... you were at the hot tub... I put them back... I am fine now, but at the moment...

Michele: I've lost a hat, long time again... Ronnie said Laura stole it, but that's not the truth...

Jeff walks thru to bedroom, Russell leaves to kitchen

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7:00 BBT

Michele and Jordan making jewelry in the BR. Michele whispers revenge and asks Jordan what she thinks of Russ still being here. She isn't able to answer, as Russ comes in and says Chima dumped his suitcase and all his clothes on the floor. He uses the toilet and Jordan whispers about it seems like that side doesn't want to kiss Michele's ass and Michele replies that they all must want to be evicted.

Russ comes out and talks about what Chima did and that they also ripped Jeff's sheets off his bed. He tells them to be careful with their stuff and goes back to his room to check on his.

Jordan says that was so immature and Jeff comes in to brush his teeth. Michele tells Jordan about taking their Chinese food and take it upstairs and Jordan says they can, as Michele has the power now and doesn't have to worry. Michele says they'll all good and it was a team effort. They continue with their jewelry making.

(It is SOOOOOO nice to see Jordan so calm for once, knowing she's safe.)

7:10 BBT

Russ comes back and tells Jeff to check his stuff, since the others messed with it. Jeff is surprised and Nat comes in and knocks on the BR door, as Russ is using it. There's silence in the BR.

Chima and Kevin are talking about Michele's noms outside. Saying Nat needs to promise Michele safety and that Nat would probably go after Jeff. Kevin says Nat would probably go home if on the block. Chima says Kevin shouldn't worry about him going up, and Michele has complimented him, but Kevin thinks he may be a pawn.

Chima says Nat needs to bite the bullet and go upstairs and talk to Michele and basically sweet talk Michele, as Kevin agrees that works.

7:15 BBT

Jeff, Jordan and Michele alone in bathroom, as Michele repeats this is the longest night ever. Russ comes back in and asks Jeff if he's going to wash his sheets and Jeff says he has one more night in the Have Not room. Russ offers to wash Jordan's sheets and leaves. (Major kissing ass going on here! Hope it works!-lala)

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7:06bbt F2

Jordan: alright, step one, grasp the wire... (silence) Jordan/Michele working on crafts while Jeff brushes teeth

Jordan: oh wait... you want to make bracelets instead?

(anyone covering the other feeds? I'm trying to catch any strategy from Michele)


Natalie just came to bathroom area and left again, no comments between her and Michele/Jordan

Russell comes back asking Jeff, who is at the sink, if he is going to wash his sheets. Jeff says he still has a night left in the HaveNots room. Jordan mentions washing hers.

Jeff turns his attention to Michele/Jordan, saying it's quiet.

Jordan: I'm working on this, it's not that I'm worried

Michele: worried? why would you be worried?

Michele says that her and Jordan are making matching bracelets... she asks Jordan what she's making

Jordan: a bracelet

Michele: I know, but what pattern? They have to match?

(Michele wants Jordan to be her BFF?)

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Nat has joined Chima and Kevin, as they prepare her what to tell Michele. They say to give her safety and Nat says she'll tell Michele she's going after J/J and Kevin and Chima say NO. Kevin tries to tell Nat to sell Michele on her word, as Nat has always held her word. They say Russ will stab Michele in the back and Chima says she's shown Michele loyalty. Nat says she'll say her target is Russ and Chima says they'll get Jeff at a later date.

7:20 BBT

Chima is trying to get Nat to tell Michele that Ronnie attacked Michele personally and how Russ is now doing that to everyone else. They are trying to come up with the best plan to get Michele to put Russ up. Nat says that she's not going to say Russ' name specifically, as Michele may think Nat is just trying to stay off the block. Kevin warns them that Michele doesn't like to be cornered or bullied and how she's super sensitive and they need to cater to that. Nat hopes that if she goes on the block that POV will be endurance where they have to hang on for the longest time possible, as she'll hang there until next week (That's why she dropped early two weeks ago.)

Russ is with Michele and Jordan in the BR, saying the other side is trying to start a fight and make him go off on him. Michele says how they'll say Russ hates women and Russ says he has two sisters. Jordan asks Russ what was going through his head and he sais he thought he was going home and would be at the beach (jury house) by himself for a week.

Lydia must still be in the DR.

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Russell talking to Michele/Jordan

Russell: I'm taking advice from Jeff... to shut up... they want me to blow up... I have two sisters... who doesn't yell back when you are yelled at?

Jordan: what were you thinking in your head?

Russell: I thought I was going home... since like Monday... I tried to enjoy the party last night, but that was short lived

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7:30 PM BBT Foth, and plenty of it because of the production talk. Kevin is listening in to Natalie and Chima rant. Chima says she was made to look like a fool and Natalie is upset that Chima was rendered powerless. Chima is not mad Jeff won the power but that he used it. They recall Mike Boogie winning the power and the game, having never used the power. Kevin says that because of America's Choice everyone is going to play to the cameras. Chima "you know they want me and Russell to go at it".

Meanwhile Kevin visits the WC and the mic isn't turned off so we get to hear how much he had to drink today. Michelle and Jordan are still making jewelry. Jordan isn't real good at it and keeps knotting up her string.

7:39 PM BBT Russell, please go to the DR. Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin head into the Red Room and are getting situated. Lydia suggests cleaning the room up and actually keep it that way. Kevin heads out to wash sheets. Natalie is actually assisting with the cleaning of the Red Room. (Maybe now that Jessie is gone she may do more than sleep and actually participate in the house-Goldylucks) It appears they are claiming the room for themselves.

7:50 PM BBT Michelle is packing up for the move to the HoH room. Her and Jordan are in the pool room discussing how nervous they were during the HoH comp. BB: Michelle, please go the diary room. Jordan hopes it time for her HoH key.

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7:58 PM BBT Lydia approaches Jordan who is laying down in the pool room. She tells her that she isn't mad at her. Jordan says she hopes everyone knew she wasn't in on it by the surprised look on her face. Lydia "it sucks that what Jeff does reflects on you". Jordan tells her "I'm glad he did it because he and I were going home next, we were the targets". Lydia "yeah, but for Jessie it sucks, not being able to play for veto". (and thank God for that-Goldylucks)

8:00 PM BBT Feeds 1/2 on Russell playing Badmiton alone in the BY. Feeds 3/4 switch to Kevin and Lydia doing oragami in the kitchen. Russell gives up on Badmiton and starts a solo game of pool.

8:06 PM BBT Chima in the Red Room with Lydia and Natalie "the producers try to control us with the prize money" FOTH. "Everyone in the house wanted him gone, everyone but one person and they give him the power. And they expect me to be okay with it...I don't care what kind of beauty products they give me" FOTH. "They talk about using the power wisely, and I did, and they took it away from me." Chima says she may throw the have not comp and eat and eat and eat until they evict her with penalty nominations....take warm showers...do whatever I want. Chima "How can anyone think keeping Russell here over Jessie a good move?" In middle of Chima's rant Michelle "who wants to see my HoH room?"

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8:15 PM BBT It is unanimous, the HoH pictures have Michelle as a blonde and they tell her she looks 12 in the pictures. They can't get over how different she looks in the pictures. Her letter from her husband is very heartfelt and includes some humor. Her husband jokes that the dump her dog made on the rug and the hairs in the sink are being left there for her to see when she gets back. Everyone is impressed with the letter. Kevin "what's up with the smashed cowboy hat?" Michelle "he probably couldn't find my stuff, it's all over the house." Her husband sent 3 or 4 stuffed rats including one very realistic looking white one. It's open season on Michelle's Oreos, she doesn't like chocolate and doesn't want them. There are also a bag of Doritos in her bag and Michelle is allergic to Red Dye. She'll get a rash, but she'll eat them.

Jeff is tossing a stress ball (from Michelle's basket) up and down. Chima "I think that only works if you throw it at somebody." (LOL I agree-Goldylucks)

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8:44 PM BBT Chima makes note of the sudden awkward silence with everyone still in the room. "People are going to stay up here and kiss your ass, people who you didn't like before. Just so you know because that's what happens when you are HoH."

FOTH as Michelle discusses people in her personal life who haven't signed waivers. Everyone leaves but Chima. (So she can do what she claims the others were going to do-Goldylucks) Lydia goes to check the SR and Jeff and Jordan are doing dishes.

8:54 PM BBT Let the Russell bashing begin. Chima "remember the personal remarks" Michelle "he's not trustworthy." Chima "He came off the block lieing, he learned nothing....I know you had ideas of who you wanted up before you won...don't forget that. He should be gone already." Chima keeps rolling "I don't know why I got HoH, I got my room and that's it."

Natalie comes in interrupts to inform them that they had 3 minutes until Showtime and she is heading to bed because she is very sick to her stomache and to put in her two cents worth. Natalie "I'm sure you are considering putting up Russell. All I can say is I have been very loyal. I only gave my word to 3 people. All I can do is give you my word and you are not my target. Do what you got to do. I don't know if I'm an option because you gave your word to Chima you weren't after me." Natalie continues "I have given you my word, you have given me your word already." Chima lets her know that Jeff is including Russell in his numbers. Chima and Natalie remind Russell that he is very strong and almost wins all his competitions and that he will target her next week. Chima tells Michelle that she is a strong intelligent woman and she has to say her peace about Russell. Chima "I was looking forward to peace in the house. We bonded over a common enemy. He will try to get in the middle of that."

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8:52 BBT

Everyone by Chima leaves the HOH room. Chima wants to talk a bit before she leaves.

Jordan and Jeff in the kitchen, jordan washing dishes. Jordan has her usual Thursday headache.

Jeff and Russ now look at what the girls did in their anger, sheets off the beds in the red room.

Now Nat following Lyd around. Seems like Nat thinks Lydia is on her "side."

8:56 BBT

Now Kevin and Lydia in kitchen doing Origami. Lyd asks when Jor's birthday is and then asks what sign she is.

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