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8/13 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

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9"04 PM BBT

Kevin gets us FOTH for singing one of the sesame street songs. When they come back we hear Chima saying she's going to write herself some little kiddy song to make bank on it.

Lydia and Chima talking about how Jordan looks less put together than she used to. They think she's just not putting the effort in.

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9:10 PM BBT

Michelle washing her face in BR.

Chima talking with Kevin in HOH about Natalie being a few to take Jordan to the final two. Chima says anyone with any sense does not want to take Jordan to the final two. Russell would vote for her, Jeff would vote for her, Michelle probably. Kevin asks Chima if Natalie, Jessie and Chima has a final three going thing going. She side steps and says she's thought about her going up with everyone in the house because that's what smart people do. Says her goodbye message to Russell is not nice but not terrible. Lydia says "Why don't men get it that you get more with the bees if you use the honey", referring to Russell. Chima responds to Kevin that she doesn't have a final anything. She asks if Kevin and Lydia have a final two. He says no, he ahsn't talked about it with anyone.

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Russell and Michelle whispering about game. Russell is saying that if she gives in that group now, that's 5 they've had power over and they will just atrt picking people off. Chima is close with Natalie, Jessie. He tells Michelle that Chima likes her because she (michelle) protects Chima. Same reason she likes Natalie, Chima has 4 people protecting her.


Russ said (someone) isn't going to put him up but he's not going to go out of his way to protect him. Telling her she can either be a lemming or take a chance now while they can. This is a chance to make it work.

Jessie comes in and Russ says :What's the problem right now? When you were in my position didn't you try anything? Russell telling Jessie he's going to tell Michelle everything, right now. Jessie says what about what you were saying last week? That Michelle's koo ko, she's crazy. Laughing at her, in her face. Russell saying what about last week with Ronnie - who stopped him from pouring a bowl of water on her? Jessie tells Michelle that the person filling your head with poo right now is the person who hated you last week.

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Michelle verifying that Jessie has never pretending to be her friend. Russell says, what did you come in here to say, that was so profound? Russell saying, you walk around here like your SH&t doesn't stink. I'm on the block. What do I care? She knows I said those things to her face, she knows what I've said. What does it matter? You're saying I'm trying to pump her full of cr@p but how do you know what I said was true or not? How do you even know what I said?

Michelle says why don't we all stop fighting? And walks out. They keep going over whatever it was that was 'profound' (Russell saying Michelle is kookoo) or Ronnie being egged on. Russell said he was better at everything than Jessie. Russell says do you want to go for pound for pound? Don't walk in here like you are all godly all mighty. Jessie saying "Entertain me? You've got one little straw to stand on" They are right in each others faces. Russell says pound for pound I can knock you out. Jessie tells Russell to keep his bed warm because its the last night he's going to sleep in it.Jessie yelling stuff and Russell yells "WWE is in the house right now". They are kind of laughing - Russell says love it, you've been working on the acting. Jessie did a WWE announcer bit. Jessie says you're in a tight squeeze. I'm sorry Dude, you're in a tight squeeze. Jessie says You've got third place. Russell says What do you mean? Jessie says you made 20k. Russell says third place is 25k. Jessie keeps apologizing and then recaps their little blow up. You're a fighter, you're right in my face and then no you didn't, you pull a pose.


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9:46 PM BBT

Jessie appears to be buzzed. He's laughing all over the place. He says that Russell is probably thinking, "Thank you for waking up for once b&tch". Natalie is there now. She says Russ messed it up for them. She used the f word and Russ tells her to watch her words.

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9:45pm. (a little behind but..)

Jessie and Russell get into it. Russ is talking to Michelle and is trying to pump her for a vote and is bad mouthing the other side. Jessie rolls into the room and says "Hey michelle isn't this the same guy who called you psycho?" Russ goes crazy and Jess and Russ start arguing. Michelle eventually leaves the room.

They agrue for a few minutes and now they are laughing....fake fight.

So weird. They were REALLY HEATED and 2 inches away from each other's faces and now they are having a grand ole time. Strange.

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10:18 BBT

Jesse and Russell in pool room post argument...Jesse trying to get Russell believe that his not chosing him for PoV was Russ's mistake as he would have saved Russell had he won. Jesse was also interested how and "what did you say" to get Jeff/Jordan/Michele's votes to stay..Russ says he wasn't gonna say so that he will run up to and "out me" and call them out...

10:20 BBT

Upstairs chima is having her Russell bashing session with Jordan in there listening...Natalie says he knows "100%" they Russell is not getting hers or Jesse's vote..Kevin says he told Russell "no way" he's voting...

10:22 BBT Jesse comes in as Michele apologizes for "leaving the room" and Jesse says "he's playing the came" and Michele says Russell "tried" to get his vote but she's not voting for him...

Natali cuts in and brings up the Ronnie eviction....Michele telling them Russell told her she was being gunned by them...and Michele says he says they need to keep him because "he's the biggest target" and good to keep him...

10:25 BBT Michele {who should keep her mouth shut} goes on about Russell ......Jordan says that Russell told her that he had Jess/Nat vote and was told about not to ask them....

talking about their goodbye messages....Russell bashing as Jesse and Natalie Chima spearheading the execution of Russell on Thursaday....Chima "he done it to himself"......

Jordan says Russell told her she'll get "6th place" {the thruth} and they need him to stay to get Russell outta the house..

10:29 BBT "he wants to go out with a bang" Chima says......Jesse telling them "i'm better than you' and anything he's done "in your entire life" and chima "wow"

10:30 BBT Russell bashing...

Jeff in eco/green room thinking....

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10:31 BBT

Jordan is afraid Russell "is going to attack me" when she sleeps .......and says "not attack me but ask me questions" and will sleep in the Red BR.

Natali asks if Russ knows "he's going home" as Jesse explains as Chima chimes in about Jesse to stop protecting him....

10:33 BBT Chima "America would not vote for Ruseell" as "mystery power" Jesse says Russell might have it..

Jordan talks about how Russ campaigned her....as Jesse loops his convo with Russell....

10:35 "i just told him what he wanted to hear " Jordan says to get Russell "off my back"

"he hates to lose" as Jesse goes on about their {stupid} fight...saying "he's just trying to give everyone enemies on his way out the door"

10:36 BBT Jess says he would sleep in the "in there"{pool room} if she slept in there with Russell...

Jesse everybody should do what they want to do...and Chima agrees as everyone "should want to vote " Russell "Out"

10:38 BBT talking how Russell's Casey vote..and how he told everyone....

10:39 Russell bashing continues....

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10:42 BBT

The Russell discussion in HOH is still going as they talk about "personal attack"....and Jordan says she heard and grabbed Michele and said "we need to go upstairs"

Natalie talking she said "i let him battle this one out on his own" about their fighty..."he hates me...and I love it he he he" Chima chimes in about Russell

10:45 BBT Jeff in green room and its quiet as he sleeps except Russ who's in the BR...

Russell is walking around the house and heads back into the pool room...and puts back on his mic..and heads back into the kitchen..

10:47 BBT In HOH Chima tells Lydia not to pack and just leave her suitcase empty..."you're not going home" and they tell Jordan "Jeff has it"...as they do their roll call of "i have the mystery power"

In Pool Room Russell talking to the camera "its gone down hill America..this is Russell depressed" talking about his bad diet.......and says he wants to try a "man band" those "over 30 guys"........and says he doesn't know "if my shit still works.....Chima does"..."This is what Rock Bottom looks like America..Rock Bottom...This Guy" as he talks about the color of the candy he's eating....saying they should "make some "Juicy Fruit" that doesn't "stick to the teeth"

Russell having a melt down..talking to America..."how fitting..the only sign I can see is shallow" and that's how he feels "even God's throwing me hints" calling it a "premonition" that he's on his "way" out and goes back to the Juicy Fruit.....

10:52 BBT Talking saying "i bet you seen me naked" and swivels his hip "yeah" and is going through his day..."i had a huge boner" talking how this morning it was hard using the bathroom...talking about his day and what her did...

10:54 BBT Russell still acting crazy/..talking to Michelle about his "10g's" saying "the Michelle in the production Room" not Michele "in here" ..."bang bang"

10:55 BBT "I fucking lost it"

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10:56 BBT

In HOH chima and the rest watching the spy screen wondering what Russell is going....

Feeds are FOTH as Chima "where'd Jeff go?"....

10:57 BBT in HOH more Russell talk...

In Pool Room Russell has now stopped talking...and BBAD goes back to Chima and Natalie talking about getting ready..

Russell laying in bed with the smirk on his face just heavy sighing...

11:00 {crazy} Russell is now being quiet...

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11:02 BBT Chima in HOH as Jesse goes over his fight telling him he stood in his face......Kevin...says that's his fighting ritual...saying he's in "fight mode" as chima says "i wouldn't be suprised" Russell will "end up in prison" as Kevin says "domestic violence" he'll committ....as they predict Russell's future..

11:04 BBT Russell doing the crazy laughing to himself...Jesse talking to Russ on his way to DR telling him he told them "he was just playing the game" and Jordan was concerned and grabbed Michele " a flew upstairs"

Russell heads back to pool room....

11:06 Chima saying she doesn't want to leave HOH....

11:07 BBT Chima giddy and singing about sending him to the hotel and Kevin points out "The jury house" as Chima says he needs to see the "psychiatrist" before he heads there..

11:09 BBt HOH Russell bashing has died down as they talk about trivial crap oops back to Russell not being in any HOH pics.....

11:10 Lydia leaves HOH as they continue talking...

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11:12 BBT {I'm being tortured} listening Chima talking and doing her Chima laugh after everything she says or comments on...as Kevin leaves the HOH "to get something to drink"

Now Chima talking to Michele as Chima watches Kevin sign the time from downstairs......Kevin finds the camera upstairs and gestures the time and they take it as "11:06"

11:15 BBT Russell just laying there in the pool room with the mad look on his face...

Natalie leaves HOH to "go to bed" as Michele leaves....chima "you don't have too" as Jordan gets ready to leave {and so am I..switches feeds}

11:18 BBT Downstairs Lydia and Kevin in the kitchen with Natalie Chima comes downstairs {damn} and complains about "my boobs" on her play-doh figure...

11:19 BBT all's quiet in Russell's assylum aka the pool room..and 11:21 BBT turns off the lights

Chima heads back to her HOH and J&J in have not room.."you're quiet tonight" as Jordan talks about listening to "prince".."its a fucking nightmare" sleeping in have not room as Jordan says "i'll sleep in here tomorrow"....and if you win "HOH you won't have to"

11:23 BBT J&J talking about the have not room...talking about how they "coun't describe" what in looked like when it was "the snore cave"

Jeff asks "what happened" about the fight....."told you you couldn't trust him" Jordan says because everything he told them he told the other side..

Jordan whispers what was said in the HOH room including the Casey vote and camera switches to Kev and Lydia in green/eco room....and Feeds FOTH..

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11:27 BBT

that's stuff people "don't know already" he tells Jordan after she finishes whispering to Jeff....and talk about Jeff's BO and Jeff admits he didn't shower today ....they talk about "what are you wearing tomorrow"...Lights flip on...."who is it" Jeff asks and its Chima "what are you doin in the ghetto"...Jeff tells Jordan he feels like he's "in the ghetto" and complains about his "unkempt" appearane..as Jordan tells him he should go "scruffy" and jokes {i think} will you "make out with me"..Jeff says he doesn't have enough "black" to wear with the "scruffy" look

Jeff says he doesn't fart in front of girls at home..and in pops Michele...and lays down....

11:32 BBT Jeff says he was falling asleep in "the green room" and heads to his have not hovel and now he can't sleep..

Jordan talking about when her and Laura slept in here and how cold it was..as Michele regails her time in there with Chima and Ronnie and Jeff shoots one at Ronnie.."a fucking rat"...

11:34 BBT Michele trying to get Jordan to spend the night and says if she's allowed..jeff saying the room "is already jam packed with bozos" and Michele "who you calling a bozo" and Jeff says "me and you"

11:36 BBT "watch it" as Jeff tells them you can "totally hear everything" as they talk HOH...

"i want to wear HOH so I can waer that robe" saying "i would wear it to breakfast".."I would try to steal it and keep it" as Jeff says he doesn't know what pictures he'll have....Jordan "it will help me a lot" saying hearing from her family..

Michele "i like Jeff anyway he is..he's perfect" as Jordan asks about the "scruffy" look..Jeff "This is the BS room"

Jeff saying "maybe I'll keep it maybe i won't"

11:39 BBT Michele joking "this is the coolest room that's why I hang out here every week" as they talk what week this is...all have different guesses..

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11:41 BBT

In have not room Jordan and Michele and Jeff talking about who will get the question...Jeff "i've gotten two" and Michele talks about her questions..."do you pity for me" as Jordan agrees to scratch jeff's back..

Michele says :"julie will asks me another question"

Jordan saying she's not tired......

11:43 BBT In green room tChima complaining about the clogged toilet...Natalie saying Kevin was suppose to help her unclog the toilet because "he's my bestie" and Kevin says she only says that when she needs something..

"that's the way the game goes" chima says about losing her power...

chima says Julie will annouce the the secret power will not be used and no more have not and they will yell yeah and do "cartwheels" jesse has unclogged the toilet Natalie clogged up

11:46 BBT Jordan hopes "its endurance..I'm ready..y'all" and Mich: "I'm ready" as Jeff says "i don't feel like endurance" saying "its fucking painful".....

Jordan asks about past endurance challenges...and Michele tells her the ones she knows..

Jordan talking if "hold the button' would hurt her arm..Jeff 'i'm not in the mood for that"...as Jeff asks what other type of endurance challenges they had....

11:50 BBT More HOH talk and endurance challenge talk in have not room...

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11:51 BBT

In green room Chima,Lydia,Kevin and Natalie talking...."what should be fun" kevin asks chima as she says "the rest of the time here" as they talk about cash prizes and trips..Natalie erroneously tells them $10,000 is the most BB has given out at one time...

talking about celebrities..

In have not room Jeff smells something "funky" and Jordan says "i know you deoderant's not working"

11:54 BBT Jeff wants to move to another room as they get up but Jeff stradles Jordan and she says "this looks nice" and Michele comes back and tells her "let's go to the red room"

Jeff tells jordan about leaving all his shit "all over the place"...Jeff "that baby blue shirt..gone".....and complains he finds his stuff crumpled up all over the house..

11:58 BBT BBad ends and feeds are foth..

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12:01 BBT

Feeds come back briefly as Jordan asks Michele "was he nice or mean" and Michele says he was "psycho" and tells Jordan "i like psycho boys" {hmmm}

anyway after that the feed went back to FOTH..

12:05 BBT feeds are still foth {i really hate this crap}

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Foth still.........{this is beyond ridiculous}

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Feeds back..

12:11 BBT Jordan tells Michele that she asked for "hair extensions' and hair colore to do a makeove for her..{maybe some powder for the nose?}...and Michele says she has hair dye as Jordan gets excited...what color she asks...and michele says "bright red" and Jordan skeptical..."bright red?"

Michele thanks her for asking for stuff for her.."that's awesome" as Jordan goes over all the make over shows she loves watching "extreme makeover" and "The Swan"....

12:13 BBT FOTH..

12:15 BBT Feeds back and Jordan says she can be "the sexy school girl" and tells her "so get excited" and Michele says she is "excited"

Jordan "jeff we have to do something else" and Jeff "each other"...Jeff "I feel so pretty" and Michele "you are so pretty" as Michele says Jeff needs a make under and both Jeff and Jordan "awww" and says he will win HOH so thay all can do makeovers...

12:17 BBT Michel reminds her "you get to keep th slippers" annd Michele says she's gonna "start dreaming" about winning and Jeff tells thme they need "to visualize" them winning HOH...

12:18 BBT Jeff saying "the time things" are just for vetos..and Michele says the comps that are timed are always for POV..as she explains it to Jeff..

Jordan says "if we have a tarp' then it will be a HOH 'without water" and Michele thinks the tarp "won't be there" tomorrow..

12:21 BBT Jordan asks about HOH in the past that used tarps....Jeff says that you can't see that on TV.."its really more for Friday" Jeff says about the tarps

Jordan "i hope I have some good dreams tonight" and Jeff "me too and i hope I remember them' as Michele hopes her nightly outbursts won't bother them...

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12:25 BBT

In green room Chima, Jesse are comparing their scars as chima says she scars easily....as Jesse shows all his "chicken pox" scars and they are there "because I itched them"

natalie says she is going to bed and Jesse says "they are in there talking" and Natalie "they are going to stop talking"...

Lydia is threatning Kevin by grabbing his "balls' if he votes for Russ and Kevin says how "since you won't be here"

12:28 BBT So Kevin, Chima, Lydia, and Jesse talking...Jesse saying he "won" the fight with russell....Chima "they didn't call him in...and FOTH..

Kevin says he didn't realize he called lydia "a dumb bitch" ....when she talked to Russell.....talking that BB didn't ask about the jess/Russ fight and we get foth...

12:31 FOTH

12:32 BBT

In red room Jordan warns jeff "the will call you out if your sleepin" and Jeff says he's not sleeping..Michele says "i can'y believe they didn't give you a warning first" abut the gatorade...Natalie/Michele {i'm ot sure which one..but I think it was Natalie} snitches about all of kevin's eating mishaps that he ate a couple of time and got a warning first....Jeff says "that's bullshit" "its war" with production....and we get FOTH

12:36 BBT still FOTH

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12:38 BBT

Back in Red ROOm Natalie {oh great}has joined the convo but gets up to try to go to DR but they won't let her in..Michele gets up and leaves the Red BR

12:40 BBT

In green room Lydia is messaging Jesse's back..as Chima and Kevin talk about their 1 hr pig fest from earlier today..

Chima "my biggest hinderence is myself" about her writing "a book" that she would like to do..and says she wants to be "a published author"

12:43 BBT Jeff and Jordan are in bed talking about his "bronco" football shirt from "a high school" that a friend got him "a free shirt" and says "now I'm supporting em" after in HS they use to "whip out ass" Jeff tells Jordan..Michele reenters saysing she can't sleep but decides to go back to the room..Jordan says "good night michele"...

Jeff "i don't get it" as Jordan asks what and Jeff says "stuff" as they smell each others breath....Jeff telling Jordan he just took tums because he has "heartburn"

12:48 Michele comes back but she doesn't have her mc on so I didn't get anything she said...and they joke back with her and Jordan 'she's funny' and Jeff agrees...a little flirting and we get foth..

12:50 BBT Jordan talking about its "wierd" people would know about you what they see and Jeff really not getting what she's saying and Jordan "never mind"

just geneneral c talking between them

12:54 BBT Jeff talking about the weather...and says 'we still have a lot of time" and says when its done it will "be holy cow" that went fast and talk about how they will "miss it" and says "how lucky we're are" and take it in "perspective" they will stop complaining...and make a "halfway resolution"....stop "complaining".."better attitude" "try harder".."stay positive" "enjoy every minute" "not eat a lot of cookie dough" "lose 10lbs "with Jeff's help and she won't get mad at Jeff for helping her lose 10lbs...and Jeff "i love it" as she says she'll rub his back give him "better haircuts"..."eat healthy"......and says he'll cook and she'll 'do the dishes' and Jeff says "that's a deal sister" and smoke to it with a little pink swear gesture of putting out a sig on their hand.......

Jordan conitues..."its not over till its' over" and smoke it again.......and their halfway resolution is in effect well until Jeff is off "have not" as the joke and laugh at jordan can't think of words ...

1:01 Jeff started his positive "i can't wait to sleep" on the hard floor..and "stay up all night"

1;02 BBT Jordan wants "his Blue hat" and if he wins the money "he has to buy me a brand new pair of earings" and Jordan "i'm just kidding we don't have to smoke to that" and talk about the cost of earring ..she says "about 1000 -2000"..jeff smokes that and Jordan smokes for Jeff "season tickets to the bear's games"

1:04 BBT they like their resolutuions

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1:09 BBT after a several minute FOTh Jeff returns to the have not room as Jeff explains to Michele his positiveity..he and Jordan have decided to do..

Jeff says "you don't seem too positvite about my positivety" and Michele says because he's "cranky"

Michele says she's still gonna complain about the cold..and Jeff says he won't stop complaining but will have a "positive attitude'

11:00 BBT "foo shoo" Jeff tells Michele about winning HOH tomorrow...

They talk about people sleeping all day and are up all night...as Jeff says he needs to get back on a schedule....Michele says she had "Weezer" music and Jeff "we had Pizza" ...............and says BB is making him "stronger" by not play "Bob Marley" and making him a have not..

1:13 BBT Jeff says "i'm gonna soak em up" about all the nice comments Michele he "brushed em off" and says "I love being positive"

Jeff asks Michele if she hears "ringing" and Jeff wonders if its "a camera giving off that sound"....Jeff gets up heads to Red BBR to drink something and gets back to his floor and lets out a "oh fuck" as he gets on his paper thin mat and Michele finally hears the ringing...."i hear it now"...and Jeff says he's "like a dog"....and talk about the iPods "fucking up" their hearing in the future......but Michele says "we'll be ok" if "we have money" about robot ears..

Jeff rips one that sounds like tearing flesh and Michele wants a "no fart treaty" and Jeff says "no way" to that one

1:20 BBT they talk about not being able to sleep and ...Jeff saying "people's energy just drains me" and does his "real pumped" from his new found positvity.."those pity parties...no more"

Michele wonders what "jeff's epiphany" came from and they talk about how to figure out how many days they have been there...

1:22 BBT they talk about dates..

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{I'm out .... be back tomorrow for all the late night aftermath of tomorrow's live/tapped show}

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