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8/2 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:20 BBT

Jeff is pretending to be Julie and questioning Lydia about Nat and Jessie. They all laugh. Chima tells them how Julie asked Jessie about Nat and Lydia when Jess went upstairs during the live show. They're all shocked and Chima says one of the questions was if Jessie was on a deserted island, who would Jess pick. Jeff says wow, Julie is good and Lydia asks if Jess said no comment. Chima says yes and they all laugh. Jeff (I believe) says awkkkward.

Jess and Nat talking about laundry in the kitchen. Jess is washing his dishes and Nat is standing right next to him, watching him. Nat goes outside and notices the new pool toys. The other HGs say they've had them for awhile.

Lydia takes this opportuniy to join Jess in the kitchen. Jordan walks by and heads upstairs. Lydia asks him if he's mad at her and Lydia and he asks what she's talking about. Jess says no and says if there's anything she needs to do to make him feel better, let her know. Jess gives her a big hug and she heads back outside.

9:30 BBT

Jess comes outside and asks Nat something about the squid. She says no, she's sorry and he says something and goes inside. Chima jokes that Nat's a bad girlfriend and she says she's not his girlfriend and Chima laughs and says bad friend. Lydia says Nat is Jess' nanny, then changes it to care taker and Nat needs to collect a bill after BB is over. They all laugh, but Nat looks pissed.

They then say they want to play Holllywood Squares or BB Squares or something. They then start talking about Michael Jackson and his net worth and debt. Lydia then brings up his kids. Long conversation about them.

Jordan is upstairs in the HOH tub, getting ready to shave her legs.

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9:40 BBT

Jess still at the kitchen sink. Ronnie walks towards the bathroom and says something to Jessie, non game related. Outside, they're talking about angencies and Lydia and Jeff wanting to be hosts, especially on the Travel Channel on a traveling show. Now talk about the Logo Channel and then other reality stars turned hosts. Lydia thinks Rachel from MTV Road Rules is hot and they talk about different Real World seasons.

Jordan is still bathing upstairs. Russ still in DR.

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10:18 BBT Russ and Jesse in Kitchen with Natalie.Jesse is trying to figure out how to make his squid into chips. They keep "curling up" and not staying flat as he takes the out jesse has declared them "squid crescet rolls" as we geta close up of them and they don't look appetizing{non sea food eater here though}

10:21 BBT In BY patio Chima and a Michele rehashing the POV comp from ealier in the day..they are talking about "the rats"...Michele "i love rats not a rat" saying they have got "a bad rap in this game"..and says "I treat them with love" saying she works with the "same rats" for a few months at a time...

Chima asks Jeff "are you wearing your Casey's shorts" as he says yeas and Chima says "that's really cute"

Michele "i think I'll leave my pants" if I have to leave as she took them off to get into the houttub as she is buzzing from her beers. She tells Jeff she's wearing a dress.....

10:24 BBT Michele goes in to see about "the last beer" as Jeff says "i have a feeling" he's not getting "his hand on that last beer"

Chima wonders 'what everyone else is doing" as everyone has let her and Jeff by themselves..Chima saying wine "makes me tired" as it use to make her "giddy" as Jeff says because there no music and "nothing to get giddy for"

10:26BBT Chima tell Jeff hima "and your boys" should hang out in LA with her and the bar scene..they talk drinks...

Chima "I hope everyone makes the wrap party" as Jeff says "what is that" and Chima tells him its put on by former HG

10:28 BBT Russ and Jordan talking about drinking in the kitchen as Jesse finishes up his food .....

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10:30 BBT

Outddors the mystery of the last beer as Lydia and Michele have rejoined Chima and Jeff outside....Lydia sharing her "quesadilla"

Michele saying they can make "pita chips" as Chima says her quesadilla "its amazing"...and says she will make "chicken" Lydia says why they don't get "Pacifico" or "Corona" saying Corona comes in a can but not Pacifico..

10:33 BBT Jesse praying before he digs into his squid suprise as Natalie is eating with him at the table and Russ and Jordan are at the bar.

10:35 Back outdoors and talks about a restaurant in Beverly Hills" with some "rich guy" and Chima says thats "Crustacean" when he told her about the aquarium in the floor.

Russ telling Jeff as they play pool that "things are looking pretty good" about evicting Ronnie and then says "i miss that dude" talking about Casey...Russ says "its cold tonight" as they play pool

10:38 BBT Talking about how good Casey was at pool "he's fucking really good" as he says he beat him twice before his eviction..Talking about POV "that girl was smokin" as Russ says he was staring at her as she was "blowing me kisses" but stop so she didn't think he "was creepy"

Russ asks what Jeff is going to do when he gets back ...Jeff says he does "sales" where he sells ads and does some "modeling" as Jeff explains to "get head shots" and send them to "agents" and will get reponses back "if they're interested"..saying he has to get someone who "knows the business" where he lives...and explains it..."sometimes you have to do a monologue if you want to act"

10:43 BBT Jeff talking how when he came to LA as Russ asks "why he left" and says a lot of reasons and says he was working "as a waiter" and wasn't able to support what he wanted to do but when he got back "to Chicago" it was easier to find modeling work..

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10:45 BBT

Russ and Jeff talking about modeling saying "if I can leave fighting" Russ saying "5to10 Gs fighting" and Jeff says you make that "modeling saying "unless you're "working all the time" and says "2Gs" at the most and says "i didn't tell my agent I was on the show"....

10:47 BBT Rus heads in to see how Natalie and Jess are doing Nat says "a cookie" when Russ asks her what she's eating and poor Jesse says "not me"

Talking about working out as Jess says "its not clean food" so that's why he's not work out and Russ asks what do you "splurge on" and says "i eat fast food once a day" but tells Russ he rather "cook my own food because its cheaper"

10:50 BBT Jesse saying he eats "a lot of eggs" and "protein shakes".....Russ talking about his roommate and "wrestled with me at Davis" and talks about wrestling "5'8" 149" was what he wrestled when he was a freshaman saying all that cutting of weight "caused a lot of my breakups" as Jesse says "cut carbs" cause people to stop thinking correctly...saying low/non carbs "is a misconception"

10:54 BBT Chima outside doing her laundry as Kevin and Lydia talking.....

Russ says "i'm turning 25 I'm getting old".....as Jesse talks about "take risks" .."make decisions" and don't want to say "what if" when he gets old......Jesse saying "school will always be there" and doesn't want to miss out all the opportunities he can have "with my physique" that won't be there years down the road..

10:57 BBT Talking about ASU as Natalie says "its the #1 party school in the nation" {its actually #20 as Penn St was rated #1 by Princeton Rewiew}

10:59 BBt Chima talking how Russell "locked me out" of the HOH and said "fuck you I'm going to bed" and took her monster nap today..

Jess still talking weight lifting and called to DR as Natalie says "i hope you come out with good news"..as she ask Russ if the person "knows already" and Russell gives her an emphatic "Yes"

11:02 Outside Russ heads out and they talk about what they were asked in DR session as they get BB warning....Natalie "can you tell Kevin to stop eating grapes when he's not supposed to".....and Chima says "you made a mistake its ok" as he said they told him they would "get a warning" before any "disciplinary action" takes place

11:04 BBT Sleep talk as Michele says don't hold your pee as the body "reabsorbs the toxins" that you would normally be expelled so don't" hold your pee" according to Michele.

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11:08 BBT "magical wizard power" talk is brought up by Natalie as she says Kevin was called "3 times to DR" as Natalie says "by monday night" even though she says they probably already know since voting "is usually 24 hrs" and will "announce it on tomorrow''s show" as Chima says the show "is taped"..Lydia "after the veto the person will know"

Natalie "if I get it and I'm not on the block I'm saving it for next week" as Chima says "you're not gonna get it" and Natlie "i can hope" and Kevin "if Ronnie gets it he's saved again" as Jordan say he doesn't have it because "he's reading a book and he looks sad" as Michele says the bible is "the only book he has"

11:12 BBT Russ and Jeff playing pool and blame the beers for their poor performance....

11:13 BBt "it han't been since season 3 since a woman's won" as she says "they stack it against a woman" to win..{i'm not sure what show they are talking about but it certainly can't be BB}

They are talking about casey's "goodbye gift" to Jeff..the shorts as Chima says "that's so sweet" as Chima says she'll leave her(Natalie) something "make up" and Natalie says "leave me something that's not going into the trash" as she wants "beaters"....

Chima "I hope you comb your hair for the finale" and says she combed when they arrives and Chima so you'll comb it "on the way out"

11:17 BBT Chima/Nat/Lydia/Michele/kev talking still on the patio as Kevin says they won't "do the have nots" again saying "its bad tv" as it forces them 'to sleep during theday" and says that's why they "backed off" on being "strict" about sleeping all day..

11:20 BBT They are talking about "White Zombie" as Chima like sthe song with "the sex noises in the background".....talking about "Coldpaly" lulled them back to sleep..as Chima says they need upbeat music...

11:21 BBT Ronnie staring at the wall in pool room in his bed taking a break from his bible studies...

11:23 BBT Russ and Jeff play pool as Jeff says "go for the fucking gold" as Russ has a difficult shot but "pussed out"...

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11:25 BBT Chima says she wants to get to "bed early tonight" as Lydia quizes Natlie on her favoite music as she says she likes "pop" music and Listens to "KIIS FM" all the time...

Jeff and Russ's pool game has ended as Jeff smokes..and Ronnie has left his hovel and has entered the kitchen to snack on a apple and get something to drink..Lydia walks in and no words exchanged as he heads back to bed at bible camp...well the pool room anyway...

11:28 BBT Russ joins the girls on the Patio and Lydia hands out popcorn and talks about working at her "video place" and talks about the movie she watches for free.....Lydia talking how "I love the Rambo movie"......

11:31 BBT Jordan is fast asleep in her bed in the red BR as Ronnie called to DR...Russ outsides yells "BooYa"..and says he so happy as Lydia says "he's trying to throw us off mentally" and Russ says he plays the game "like its a video game"..as talk returns to movie theatre talk...and popcorn..

Chima asks Jesse about his squid and say it was all right and asks it he's coming outside and says he will before they "stick it in me"..as he goes to the BR first

11:38 BBT

Back outside everyone talking movie still except for Ronnie who's in the Pool room, Jordan who's sleeping and Natalie who's in DR..no game talk at all just general chit chat...

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11:39 BBT Chima nearly falling asleep on the couch [i'm right there with her} over the exciting talk of movies and "disneyland" "2fer tickets"....

Backyard party breaks up when Jesse and Natalie heads out and Natalie says "we know how to clear a room" as Jesse agrees...

Lydia talking to Kevin in Bathrrom saying she asked Jesse "if you're mad at me" and Jesse told her "everything's cool" as she's worried that Chima won't vote her to stay as she says "you have nothing to worry about" as she won't ask her to commit as she isn't good enough friends with her...they leave and pass Jeff "is Jordan asleep" and Jeff says "yeah"....

11:43 BBT Lydia heads to poll room as Ronnie says "i hope we can still be friends after this" and says he wants to "stay in tough" even though there are people who he doesn't want to stay in touch with...as Lydia "for sure"

Michele and Russ in the HOH talking about Ronnie saying they brought him food during his exile and said "i put my ass on the line".....Russell talking about his promise with Jeff from POV and Michele says she understands as they talk about "the shit" Ronnie talk about him and her...Michele laughs about Ronnies "crazy story" as Ronnie told her he had 100's of friends and said she saw through his "bullshit story"

11:47 Russ says "i'm gonna play to win" every week ans says he's glad "i'm staying true to my word" and says to her "i'm glad I'm working with you" and says Jesse and Natalie are "paired up" as well as Natalie and Chima as they rag on Chima...Michele says basically her way "of floating" with Russell...

11:49 Russ talking Ronnie is "shady" and tells her he doesn't have " a final two deal" and both talking about being "in the same boat" as they "have to win" and Michele says "i like talking to you"

Russ says he's down with teaming up with her saying they would be "a scary tandem" and says he likes Jeff because they are both Catholic and she says "Catholic girl here" and says she went to "Boston College" as he says the squahed their differences..with Jeff and "we talked" and says "Jeff and Natalie" will get "rid of me"...

11:52 Michele saying "i'm an idiot" when Jese put her on the block..as Russ says she's not and she "played the game" awesome today..and says its about not winning but rather "how not to be the non loser"..

Russ says "i had to stay in the game" so Ronnie wouldn't win and says he was worried "a little bit" about it when Michele asked..

11:55 BBT talking about "being fucking tough" as a team with his braun and her brains..Michele says she was strategic turning on Chima week one and was upset being called "the female Ronnie"

11:56 BBT in re-cycle room Lydia warning Kevin Natalie is getting in Chima's ear to keep Ronnie..

11:57 BBT Michele talking in HOH says she always knew Ronnie "never had her back" and says Ronnie told her "you need to befriend Russell" so she did the opposite and didn't..and Russ saying since he backstabbed by Ronnie he won't trust him...Michele and Jordan "are the most honest people" Michele says and says "they don't question my word" even with Jesse and Natalie always in his ear..

Russel says Chima isn't eally 'as strong as me" and Jesse "isn't as smart as me"..Russell says Jesse lobbied hard for him not to put Ronnie up and told him vote how you want but "i will win" and will "come after you" he tells Michele

12:01 HOH Michele /Russ talk continues..

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12:02 BBT

Michele and Russ talking about becaoming an alliance and Russ says Ronnie "won on luck" and said he should have "been on this" about today's POV and says this game was "geared for him" and he folded every hand....Michele told Russ about them approching her vote to "vote out Lydia"...saying her, him and Jeff would not win if Ronnie is "in the jury house"..and says he'll vote for Jesse because "he idolize" him

Russ say he'll give her "my word" to work as a team as he gave Jeff his word about his HOH promise....Michele says she would rather "go out with dignity" than being bullied...Russ "when did Jesse approach you" and "what did he say" and Michele kinda shirts the issue..saying he doesn'r know "who's lying and wh's telling the truth" and says if anyone has doubts "just ask me" and he'll tell you the truth as people "feed me crap"..

Michele saying "the fake alliance" Jesse/Ronnie came up with was to divide up her and Russ and then vote her out..as Russ wonders who came up with it and realizes it was Jesse and Ronnie..

12:09 BBT Russ tells Michele he wants to be a foursome with Jeff and Jordan and Michele agrees...

Russ says "i can't read her" and says he "don't trust her too much" as Michele says "she has more stable" and has less "ill will" out of that group...as Chima says she's been lobbing hard for "lydia" because Russ thinks she flirts with him as Russ says "I'm not" her boyfriend..and at POV he told her "i'm not your girlfriend" and today "i'm trying to keep my distance"...

Michele "i don't think she really likes you she's just trying to play you" as Russ says she was really "pissed" about him "flirting" with that girl during PoV.Michel says maybe..

12:13 BBT Russ talking about his words "are true" and Michele says she wasn't falling for Ronnie's and Jesse's "bullshit alliance"

Russ "forgot to feed the fish" as they feed them as he wonders as they talk about "the rats"

12:15 BBT Lab Rat talk ensues...

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12:16 BBT

Jesse enters HOH and leaves to play chess. Russ says he does that "to keep tabs" on me saying "he can't beat me at anything" so Jesse's only option is "to go against me"

12:17 BBT as Russ says he really wanted the letter "from my dad" ...they talk about being Catholic..as Russ says he told Jess not to slam his religion since he doesn't pres it on people or "pray at the table"

Russ wonders if Jesse's praying "is a front" and asks Michele if she thinks its " an act" as MIchele says she doesn't want to say and brings up Natalie is praying now......

12:20 BBT Russ telling Michele this is "sweet redemption" {winning POV} for her with all the crap Ronnie had been talking about her..

Russell wonders if Ronnie is a teacher..and Michele wonders that too....

12:22 BBT Michele wants to make sure they have the votes as she says to make sure Kevin is on board "i just want to make sure" and Russ says he never talks to him and always asks "what do you think"saying he's insulted by these questions......Russ says if "he wins" he'll put me up and it "sucks" even when "I kept my word" by not putting him up..

Talk about Kevin's poor performance in the HOH....

Russ says he knew he would vote "to keep Lydia in" and Michele wonder if he thought "lydia" would have voted to keep Kevin and FOTH before he answered..

12:26 BBT Michele says "next week is on" and wonder what it will be Russ asks....and says "i know I'm going up next week no matter who wins" Russell says and says "i don't think so" when Michele says she would..as Michele says she backstabbed on their "fake alliance"

12:28 BBT Russ talks about his worth and her brains and becoming a force...Russ saying natalie "hasn't won anything" and hasn't "come close" in any comp..saying "she's skaing by on me and Jesse" and Russ says "we're taking the heat from it"

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12:30 Michele glad she's teaming up with him as she says despite the bond with Jeff was strong the first week he's "stronger" and "smarter" as both say they really never watched it but Russell says when he tried for it "I researched" it and spent 7 days and "Googled it" and learned the game..

12:32 BBT...Michele says at first she was insulted when Russ told her they were opposite because she thought she meant she was "stupid and weak" and Russ says he meant "personality wise". Russ talks about his game and says "intimidation" works for Ronnie so "why not use it"

Michele says she wanted to stir shit because she didn't want to be "the golden" player nobody wanted to take "to the end"

12:34 BBT Russ says he wants to work with Jeff jordan and her becaus ethey are honest and it isn't a "good vs evil" thing..and Russ says "the magical power" doesn't "bother me"

Russ says they have a chance to "go far" and people wouldn't suspect it as no one would guess they are working together as they are not "bovious" like the other teams..

12:37 BBT Russ "enough game talk" as Russ says "i'm bored" and tells her if Ronnie gives her shit or "want help" and will "harass him back" as he says he did tonight when Ronnie say he could have beat Russell in POV and Russ says he told him off...Ronnie tries to win people over "with his acting" which is bad...

Michele has said "i moved out of the bedroom" with Ronnie..

12:39 BBT Ronnie bashing.....talking about Casey "I liked him though" Russ says..and Michele says he would have put her up because he distrusted her..as Russ says "he was funny as hell"

12:41 BBT Russ 'wann know a secret" and asks her to promise not to "tell anyone".."I made a deal with casey day 1 or day 2" and that was his "only final two deal" and promised "i would never vote for you" saying they lives were similar.."i promise I'll never put you up or vote against you" Russ told him and he told Laura "about our deal" and our "deal was off" he told him....Russ says when it was between him and Casey to go up and Laura came up to HOH and yelled she "spilled the beans" and they told him "Laura just outed you" and tells her "the one vote" .."it was me"..and said because "i stayed true to my word" and says "that was the one vote"..Michele "oh Russell"

12:45 "That shows you my personality and my word" and says "I was actually friends with Casey" and after the show we'll be friends as opposed with Ronnie..

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12:47 BBT Michele spills the beans and tells Russ "I'm a Phd" and says "its from a school in Dallas" but can't say...Russ says "i knew it" by the way she talked about her courses..

Michele says "i mentor HS students and college students"......saying "i finished in 41/2 years" saying fast and she says "27" and Russ says he's thinking about hett his "JD/MBA" {law degree/ masters in Business administration} after he said he graduated from UC davis in 4 years a 2 quarters because he wanted to spend his 5th year wrestling..

12:51 BBT they talk about work and school saying she wants to be a "Professor"...Michele says "i tried to break up with him" because she had to go to Texas and he wanted to be in LA...."i didn't want to stifle his potential" but they got back togther as he came "back to Dallas" and now they "are married"

"it all worked out" as Russ says "that's an amazing story"

12:54 BBT Russ confides..talking about a girl "friend" but never dated after he got into the accident as people told her "Russell's dead" as "Courtney" took "care of me" and "we started dating" Michele "aww "florence nightingale"....and talk about having tough time since she was in law school and he started his job a "Merril Lynch"..Russ saying he was having a tough time adjusting to his post accident so the "spilit" because he changed and BB decides not to let us hear the story as we get FOTH..

12:58 BBT FOTH

1:03 BBT Still FoTH

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1:05 BBT

Still FoTH....

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1:06 BBT

Michele and Russell still talking in HOH about dating as Russ tells her the types of girls he dates...

1:07 BBT Jeff and Lydia/Kevin talking in the bathroom Jeff "i once caught a real tuna in the ocean and I once stiched up my own wound" as he did it Cabo and Kevin/Lydia says no wonder he did well in HOH as he's use to the motion..

Jeff says he takes Dramamine when he's out fishing but "Merry go rounds" as well as rides like "Gravitron" make him sick but is alright with "the tilt-a-whirl"

Talk about HOH as Kevin says "i wasn't mentally ready" and that's why he dropped

1:10 BBT Jeff "I want a prize" Lydia "are you keeping Ronnie" as Jef jokes "i'm undcided" as Lydia says "i didn't do this to you" and Jeff "you did plenty" and talk about the trashing DR sessions..

1:11 BBT Back in HOH Russ and Michele talking as Michele says "there are no cures for drug addiction" and "peole die from depression" and talks about being a DR "i'm at the front line" saying she likes it "it such a creative job"

Michele "what do your parents do"..saying his father is a "journalist...real estate developer" and "my mom is the president of a bank"...Russ saying "i grew up in Lebanon" in rough neighborhood talking about "his edge" he gets from his Dad a lot of his "bravado" and his familt is "a buch of fighters" and "My uncle ran for President" in Lebanon....."part of our culture is fighting..either you get eaten alive or learn to defend yourself"...

1:17 BBT Russ talking about his family and we get another foth..

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1:21 BBT

Jesse Natalie whispering at the chess table..talking about floaters when foth

1:25 BBT Still Foth

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1:30 BBT

Feeds are finally back with Jesse and Natalie looking like their BB world is falling in on them as they wait for michele to exit the HOH..as bide the time playing chess.

Back in HOH Michele still talking about work....as Russ talks about "comercial" real estate....."when we get to the end its a coin flip" about their sob stories as Michele says she wants the "best player" in the game not who has the best sob story...

Russ talking about HOH as he says he was in the first stages of hypothermia..but wasn't going to quit...and tells her "i have respect for you" during her HOH performance..

1:34 BBt Russ says she is "the toughest female competitor" as Michele says she's not athletic at all and yet she's doing to well and Russ says "it's all mental" and says the gane "is a mind fuck" and Michele says she's been suprising herself saying normally she's "wimpy"

Talking about Luck comps the one Jeese won..Russ says his chance of winning "is the slimist" since he has the biggest target in the house...Russ says "play the cards he has"....Michele "we'll be ok"

Talking about being in the house a long time yet they are "not even close" to the end and talk turns to what future "luxury comps" await them....Russ says "we should have something" since they did everything "all in one shot"

Michele telling Russ their TV busted and told her husband not to buy one "just in case I win one"

1:39 BBT Michele says the hinkey vote was done in "good nature' and not to be sneaky about Casey's eviction...

1:41 BBT Jesse and Natalie still waiting outside HOH under the guise of playing chess

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1:45 BBT

In HOH Russ and Michele are talking and says he doesn't understand 'why everybdy wanted me out" as they talk about Ronnie and his toublemaking ways...Michele says "you can play the game" as a liar but should have "a respect"

Michele says she wasn't sure his speech was just "trying to persuasive" and wasn't sure who it was directed at at that time but now that she knows the facts it was a good speech..

1:46 BBT Russ "as long as you trust me now" and Michele says she was never gonna nominate him or get him out...Michele says

1:48 BBT Russ and Michele bonding ...laughing at Jesse and Natalie waiting outside as Michele talking how Jesse badgered her to join the "bullshit alliance" and she should "trust Ronnie"

1:49 BBT Russ tells her to come up anytime she wants as she gets up and says "there is no mores scheming left to do"......Michele seems to be getting a little punchy as she talks....and remembers more "bullshit" saying Ronnie told her "i can't take this anymore and think I should go home next week" and told her "its not worth the money" as Russ says "i think he was trying to play possum"

"go ahead and make my toga bitch" Michele says went through her mind Ronnie did trying to help her dress as if that would really work getting to use the POV on him.. saying if she was a"little more vocal" with the things that goes through her head people in the house would be more suprised..I'm sassy just not bitch sassy"

1:54 BBT Russ talks about POV saying "YES" when he passed his card......Russ saying he would have put up Jesse had he won and Jesse had won and taken him off "natalie"

1:57 BBT Michele sits back down so their conversation and Russ says "I feel bad" that Jeff and Jrdan never come up and she gets up to leave and tells her to come up anytime as they both leave..

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1:58 BBT

Jesse and Natalie and Russell go back in..and says "how hard is her decision" Jesse asks and Russ says "she's keeping it the same" as Jesse says that was a long convo to be "keeping it the same"..

Russ says she wants to fuck with Ronnie this week and Russ says getting info and talking to her was like "pulling teeth"

Jesse tries to say something about her and Jeff had beef....Jesse says "when shit hit the fan. Dan's vote was the deciding vote..that's Michele" and Russ asks if she will use "dan's approach"

2:01 BBT jesse says "you told her what to do" and Russ says "if she takes him off" he knows where she stands...as russell lying to them about michele's intentions..

Russell "Ronnie's going home its that simple"

2:03 BBT Natalie tells Russ about Kevin talking about "next week" they should "band together" to get "strong people out" as jesse says he means "let me piggyback" off them...

2:04 Jesse "when he talked to me" he said the same thing...Russ "he always does that" about Kevin asking questions when you ask him a question..Kevin bashing....as they try to convince Russell that Kevin is after him even though he didn't "say his name"..Natalie "they have been talking to Michele too" saying the three of them were talking "for awhile"

Russ saying Michele "is hard to talk to" and Jesse was they waited a long time outside and said "i didn't want to barge in" and Russell lies and says "I wished you would have" and Jesse says "wasn't she on the bed" and Russ says "i think so" and we get foth..


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2:09 BBT

"I think he's got the fucking power man" Natalie says as they continue to bash Kevin........Russ says "its gotta be Jordan"..as Russell says "he doesn't" and says you have to think "how America thinks" and says "its gotta be Jordan" "she gives these adorable speeches"

Jesse "with Ronnie going home" him and Natalie are safe until next week when her and natalie can play to save themselves..Jesse "i'm so fucking pissed" Michele won HOH..

2:12 BBT Natalie talking about Ronnie telling Russ Ronnie said he wasn't his target next week and Russ says "to little too late" and he's "knows what he heard through the door" and both natalie and Jesse "yeah"

Talk turns to Kevin eating "grapes" during HOH and Russ says "give him a one day penalty"

2:15 BBT Kevin bashing...Jesse saying on one "he was close" at part of POV...

2:16 BBT Jesse "it 2" saying Michele camped out uphere and though "what the fuck" as Russell continues his ruse that she "talks slow" and Jesse bashing her as untrustworthy..saying "she has to hate Jesse for putting her up" as Jese says "how much can you trust her"Jesse asks..

Jesse trying to pry what she said and told them "its obvious your not voting for Ronnie" he told her and she confirmed to him she's not...Jesse fakes a "thank God"

2:19 BBT Jesse wondering wht michele did in HOH for over an hour but Russell not giving him a hint as Jesse bashes her..

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2:21 BBT

Kevin in the kitchen downstairs fixing something to eat....

2:22 BBT Back in HOH Jesse Natalie and Russell talking Jesse still bashing Kevin...Russ laughing says after 48hrs after HOh its like he "has leprosy"

Russ saying "i think he's eating food" as they watch Kevin from the spyscreen..

2:24 BBT "no worries you have Nat and I going to bat for you guys"..and they tell Russ Chima told them "russell's mad at me" and "he's not talking to me"

2:26 BBT Russell says "I can't sleep" as jesse complains about his sleeping arrangements..

2:27 BBT Natalie says Kevin was up late scheming as they leave to go get something to eat and ask Russ if he wants anything...and asks for "4 advil"

2:29 BBT they leave HOH

{I'm out..back tomorrow}

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2:00am bbt - Jes and Nat in HOH with Russ and Russ is asking them what they think about Michelle, Jess says she just goes with where the power is, Rus asks Nat if that is what she thinks, she doesn't answer as Jess jumps in and says that he is just saying that she hasn't really talked to Rus before now, Rus agrees and makes it sound like he was uncomfortable talking with Michelle (is this just show for Jes and Nat?) Nat brings up about Kevin and how he asked Nat how come that haven't spent time together, Nat says she told him no reason, Jes jumps in saying how Kevin is just trying to jump on our backs and ride it out.... Nat says she thinks that Kevin has the power (wizard power) he is acting like he has it... Jes interrupts and says him and Nat were putting all their clothes in laundry and Kevin comes out and tells them he was next and Jess said I didn't know there was a line and how Kevin stormed back in the house and now Nat is freaking out thinking Kevin has the power..... Russ says no way either Jeff or Jordan will get it.... Rus says he thinks its Jordan cuz of her cute speeches and how she has been up twice and how BB must show all that to america.... Nat then tells Rus how Ronnie came out and said I know that Rus wont talk to me so when your in there talking to him can you tell him that maybe he (russ) was told something wrong or he mis understood it and that I am not one to hold a grudge and I wont put him so I'm telling you.... Rus says oh well too little too late.... Jess changes the subject back to Kevin and how he ate grapes, Rus said he really did, Nat says he saw it and told Jess and they both complained to BB about it and they didn't care and how that pisses him off.... Nat says I can't believe he get away with that shit, I guess I'll just accidently jump in a hot shower and says ooops I forgot.... Jes says that Michelle was in here for a long time, Rus says it was slow talking she talks slow... Jes says when I walked in and she jumped off the bed and they laugh about it.... He asks Russ if she had a plan and Rus said no she didn't and most of our convo was personal talk.... Russ is questioning Kevin's actions saying he doesn't have any pride just floating on others, and asks if Kevins complaining about slop, Jes says not really he just says it's killing me cuz i'm only drinking shakes so it must be killing you Jes and Jess says no I am fine, Rus says he is just trying to get into your head.... Rus is now complaining about being HOH and how he had leprosy now, how he is so isolated now... Jes says don't worry you have Nat and I going to bat for you, they then turn their attention to the screen saying how they see Kevin and wondering what he is eating, Nat says I hope something.... Jess says what is that he just put on counter... (it was salsa and pickles and he kev has slop on his plate too)... Nat says I think it's pickles.... talk now turns to Chima and how she asked them if Russ was mad at her cuz he isn't talking to her... they said they just played it off like it was no big deal... Kevin is still down at kitchen counter by himself eating pickles and salsa..... Russ says I bet Kev is getting up in the middle of the night and eating .... Nat sits up and says that Michelle told her that Ronnie got up late last night and was gone for a long time and Nat said Kevin did too so that means those two were talking, Russ says he is working it, Jess says come on, that would mean he would vote against Lydia, no way he would do that... Jess says he is hungry and leaves to eat, Nat leaves and says she will finish laundry and asks if Rus needs anything and he asks her to bring up 4 advil, Nat then leaves and as she is coming down asks Jessie to bring them up so she can get their clothes.... I didn't hear what Jessie said, and it didn't look like they talked to Kevin who was sitting there eating (no sound)..... Ronnie woke up and walked into the kitchen and was telling Kevin how he for the first time forgot where he was and freaked out .... Kevin says that is hilarious.....this place really is a zoo isn't it?.... Ronnie says he thought people were there but the way the camera was pointing directly at me.... a couple of feeds show michelle in bathroom just out of shower i guess and we gets foth for a few seconds... Nat goes in there and sits with a bag of chips on the bathroom couch, they just chit chat.... Jessie is making something to eat.... Ronnie goes to SR... Nat finally asks Michelle if she is keeping everything the same, Michelle says no reason not to, Nat throws in well if you did take someone down he would probably put up Kevin and at 2:35 we get foth

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2:36am bbt --- feeds back and both nat/mich and kev/ron talking about how they all got found out by using code names and initals when they talk (guess about DR peeps)... Ron and Kev and really chatting it up about and laughing, Nat is telling Michelle that she has told Jes to think of all our options and maybe we should just cut our loses and vote him out but if we keep him what about next week? I don't know... (nat is trying to give reasons to keep ronnie) Michelle tells her she does not want ronnie in the jury house and i want to win so i don't want him here, and nat says you can't think that far ahead in this game, michelle says i'm not, she says it is just stategically what needs to be done and says that she didn't come to ron's defense and he would hold it against me..... Jes takes rus his advil and are talking about how the girls are self emploding and eating them alive and how nat and chima are going nuts and how chima got mad how i flirted with this girl... Jessie says you girls are the only girls "in here" and that girl was hot (i guess at veto comp)... nat in the meantime talking about Jes to michelle saying he gets mad at me but he has proven to me that he is loyal.. michelle says she wants ronnie out over lydia, nat says you think she could help you more then ronnie and michelle says she doesn't have a grudge... nat thinks and says well I think Ronnie would listen to you more then Lydia and Kevin and I think Kevin is the one you need to worry about more then Lydia... Mich says I have te same goal in the house and I'm not gunning for you Nat, Nat says well I'm gunning for Lydia then Kevin and then Jeff and and Jordan cuz no one would win against them, but Ronnie everyone hates him and he is a target and and starts using that angle to talk to michelle about saving ronnie... Michelle says that is stupid, you don't know what everyone wants... and Michelle says its not right to prolong him in the house just to keep the target off you, it would just be way too long... Nat gets quiet then says well we will just loose our numbers and we need that and we will loose that next week... michelle says you have to keep adapting there are no more clicks and ronnie in my world does not work for me so i have to do what is best for me at the time, nat says i understand that, michelle says i know i'm upsetting people like you three for sure but its a risk i need to take... nat says i wont be upset... michelle says i just can't stay in this house with him anymore.... nat says you think ron is coming after you and michelle says not really but then i wont have to listen to anymore garbage and i can play this game with a clear head... nat just stares at her... ronnie comes walking in and starts talking about his scare and how he could see ambient light behind the walls and at 2:49 we get foth for a few seconds... and when they come back you hear Nat say to michelle well we will just have to adjust next week and see what happens and they both get up and nat says sleep well michelle dont let the bed bugs bite... nat goes into kitchen and gets water and ask where jessie is and walks back into bathroom... ronnie comes out of toilet and Nat wispers to him that she is not going to save you she wants you out... nat watching for kevin... nat says it's not gonna do you any good to talk to her, ronnie says did she say why and nat says she doesn't trust you and thinks she can do better without you here, they hear kevin coming so they stop talking, kevin lays on couch in br and nat acting like she is looking in mirror .... ronnie goes outside and then uses laundry to get natalie outside and nat tells him again that michelle is a lost cause and that he needs to talk to rus, ron doesn't think he will talk to him, nat says you have to try... ronnie says it doesn't matter, i'm ok with it, i can go back to teaching in the fall... ron starts telling nat what he should say to rus when he goes up and he will tell michelle if she doesn't vote for him she won't win this game she will piss off three other people... nat tells ronnie to go up now and ask rus if he can talk to him for a few minutes, he goes upstairs and nat is still outside....... jess and russ see ron at door... he comes in and asks if he could talk to russ and jess says ill leave.... ron shakes russes hand and says absolutely no hard feeling, and i understand why you did that and apologizes for swearing on the bible.... ronnie says that casey did tell him that russell was by the door with him and he is sorry that he didn't tell him (here come the tears) but i want you to know i have never come after you, i had three chances to go against you and i didn't and i want to stay in this house, even if the pov isn't used and even if i don't go home i will still not go out for you, i want to stay in the house... russ says as a person i know you are a teacher and you have a family and i apologize if i come off like an asshole and i'm sorry for yelling and you didn't deserve that and i hope you accept my apology, i just do that when i'm upset and im sorry, you dont deserve any of that, i just feel like i didn't know what was going on and my head was spinning about who to trust and how everyone comes to me and says he says he is gonna backdoor you and it was hard to figure out who was lying and telling the truth and i won't know till i leave here, ronnie says i went thru the same thing and no matter how much laura, casey, jeff laura, tried to get me to back door you i didn't... and you yelling at me i never took it personal but every action you have done, and i have done and jessie is done has proven we are in this together and i can understand that people may have told you stuff, but no matter what i was never going for you, i want to get kevin and lydia out of here and if i stay and won hoh i would put up jeff and jordan again.... i would do what is best for the team, i don't know if there is something we can work out, i will keep being honest with you, i am not going to be like lydia and say and do whatever, but if you want me to put certain people up it doesn't matter you are safe the team is you, me, jessie, nat and chima, i am for the team, it doesn't matter what i have said and done, my loyalty has always been with you guys...... i mean i pissed off the other people and i'm gonna be the first person they will go after.... rus says well you made some good points let me sit and marinate on it..... ron says ok, i understand, i want to stay in this house so bad, look at my face..... i made plenty of enemies, i have no problem getting blood on my hands and i want another chance to prove that more so and i hope you here me out and i hope no matter what you will tell me what you decide.... just remember that lydia will do and say anything and she has no loyalty to no one..... and whoever is in the hoh next week she will be up here putting on her chapstick and kissing ass... i just want you to know that i understood where you were coming from, and your speech didn't not offend me..... rus says i will marinate on it and talk to you later... ron says i wanted to come up after everything but i thought i should give you time..... ron says he wanted to talk to him after HOH and wanted to take the bull by the horns like you do (ass kiss) and we are not that different personality are pretty much the same, we don't back down and we are take the bull by the horn kind of guys, i know if i had waited and went to bed that one night instead of asking you that question things would have been different, rus says what night.... ron says when i asked to talk to you and said you didn't want to hear it and i said hey you told me to come to you when i have questions and you called everyone in, i should have just waited.... rus says well again i apologize for yelling and what i said and ron says i know i know..... also i wanted to tell you that i can't go into it but when i was nats age i went thru something where i had hundreds of friends and after that i only had 2 friends and had to move 300 miles away and start my life over again and all that came back to me when i was shunned..... he then says you have an alli in me and i promise you that, he shakes russes hand and leaves... russ gets into bed and watches his screen.... jess and nat come in with laundry and feeds switch to michelle and kev talking in br on couch and michelle is wispering so low i cannot hear what she says.... same with jess/nat but i hear jess say that was good i didn't think of doing that... they are walking up the stairs now to HOH (fyi michelle is not talking slow at all with kevin) nat and jess go into HOH and nat asks what did i miss... rus said nothing he just said what you guys have said and I said sorry dude, too late, i have tried to give you chances and you have lied to me and the tally is at 7 chances and it just got to the point with too many lies and i just run out of trust with a person..i was up front and honest with him, jess says i heard alot of laughing in here, rus says it was nevervous cackle... rus says he knows its his time, i'm not lying to him and i gave him a chance to fight to stay and he didn't and at least i didn't back door him, i went head to head with him and he should respect me for that, nat says that is true, i want to go out that way too fighting.... jess yeah well fuck kevin, russ says why, jess says no reason, nat says oh he just sitting on BR couch with michelle... russ says lydia kept asking him when he was gonna stop being jessies lap dog and do what he says.... rus says he doesn't understand that strategies.... lie, lay low and we will be cool.... nat then turns her anger to kevin again about how he took their stuff out and left it on the dryer and put his stuff in the washer .... rus said did you say something to him, she said yeah i asked him if he did it and he said yes... rus said someone did that to me the first week, they just threw my stuff on the pool table.... nat says that is just not right, jess says that doesn't matter what bugs me is how he has won all this money and shit, he is up to 14,000 now and rus says how and they start talking about stipend monies... and we get foth at 3:19am

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3:21am bbt -- michelle and kevin chatting still and kevin says how impressed he has been with her in comps and how long she stayed in the HOH.. michelle says she kept thinking about her husband.... she says the bad thing is now i have a target on my back like she is too strong, kev says no or maybe they wont put me up cuz i can take myself down (laughs) kevin says yeah girl, you will probably win this whole things... michelle said we shall see... kevin says those physical things are mental too that jeff said he had to phyc himself out and i need to do that from now on.... kevin said if ronnie leaves it does reduce the threat to you... kevin brings up how jessie asked him why should i get rid of ronnie, michelle said they are camgaigning, kevin says no they were not, michelle says yeah they are they thought they had my vote, now they know they dont, kevin says well i told them he isn't coming after me but he lies so much i don't know what to believe though and then russell tells me how ronnie lies about me and how he turned around a conversation and ronnie told him how i said some shit about russell, kevin said i told russell the truth i did say how you stare at people and how you threw something at lydia and russell said well you just saved yourself cuz you told me the truth and that is why i want ronnie gone because i gave him so many times to tell the truth and he would spin it and i was like thank god i told the truth hell i wont even talk to ronnie about star wars shit cuz he will spin it around and lie... michelle says me too i will just change the subject and start talking about my dad.... michelle talks about how people talk in their sleep and she does it between 5am and when she wakes up because at home she wakes up at 5am and now her sleep pattern is off and that makes people talk in their sleep, she tells kevin how she called her room mate in college a whore and kevin said did you think she was and michelle said no i didn't think that she thought i did.... someone walked in to the bathroom and michelle said hello chica and said no one was in the br... HOH jessie complaining about everyone and rus/nat agreeing and laughing and talking crap about everyone (SSDD)... back in the BR michelle talking about sleep apnea and how she did a sleep study and it cost money, kevin was shocked he thought people got paid to do it.

(bunch of chit chat... i have to go to bed)

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