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7/26 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 1 month later...

10:20 BBT

Nat and Kevin are playing chess upstairs. Most other HGs in and around kitchen, eating, drinking and chatting.

10:35 BBT

Jordan is sleeping and the kitchen HGs are talking about music they want to hear in the morning. Ronnie is right back in with the crowd, as they're all talking nicely with eachother.

Jessie just came out from tweeting. Nat asks him to fix her a plate and bring it up to her when he comes up. Talk in the kitchen has switched to movies. Casey is in the bathroom mirror, popping something on his nose.

10:45 BBT

BB finally calls an end to the ID LD and the HGs cheer.

Jess and Lydia are alone at the DR table and Lydia starts whispering to him and then says she'll talk to him later. He tries to get her to talk now, saying he's sitting next to her for a reason, and she scoots her chair away from him.

Jeff and Casey are smoking outside. Ronnie is in the hot tub and Russ is outside, too.

10:50 BBT

Lydia is giving Jess a lot of dirty looks. Jeff is outside, watering the garden. Michele joins him and is looking at the tomatoes. Seems the slop eaters are allowed to eat from the garden.

Ronnie gets out of the HT and joins Lydia and Jess at the DR table. Kevin and Nat are downstairs from their chess game. Lydia conitnues her mean looks to Jessie as Nat is closer to him.

11:00 BBT

Ronnie tells a story about a neighbor who asked him for a can of cat food and then told Ronnie he looked like a man that could grow a full beard in a day. FOTH.

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10:32 BBT

Michele and Jordan prepared dinner of spahetti and meatballs with a salad and people are finishing up eating...

Ronnie has never heard of "The Killers" and Lydia is like "you're kidding me" as everyone else has...

Chima and Lydia talking music prompting BBAD to show an empty couch...and the DR door......as out come Jesse whistling "do ya think I'm sexy"

10:36 BBT Natalie and Kevin playing chess as she asks "Jesse will you make me a plate and put it to the side...please" and Jesse agrees as their chess game continues..

Chima and Lydia are going "to Metal School" and have asked Jeff to go...to learn 80s metal bands...

10:38 BBT talking about "the Hangover' Lydia saying her dad loved it.....Lydia asking what clubs she's been to and Lydia says she goes to different clubs than Lydia...

10:40 BBT {I've been away from the feeds all day so I'm not aware of why} A big tall banana is serving himself food in the kitchen.......as Russell talking about how he played youth sports...but wanted to act and his fathered never said no out loud but thought it...Lydia asked if Theatre people were wierd like at her school and Ronnie says not at his school...Michele interjects that all "the marching band" students were in drama..

Ronnie saying he's waiting for the comp with their "high school" pictures and Lydia says "no no no"....Lydia asks if anyone was in ceramics....Jeff says he like "food classes" because "i love to cook"

Lockdown is over......Lydia "casey can you lay in the hammock so we can say.... banana hammock" and says can I get a bat and smack you over the head with it jokingly even though it sounded there may have been a hint of seriouness.

10:46 BBT Jeff heads out to smoke with Russell outside and Casey upset people saying he's snaking beers and says he saved em to prepeare "for the smoking Banana excapades" as Jeff and Russell ride him and Jeff said everyone would ride him as casey says "you would be mad as fuck"

Casey saying i'm waring a banana suit so anything I say I'll blame on the banana suit

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10:50 BBT Outside they are having a masquerade party so it will make Casey "feel less jackassy" and Jeff says he'll bring or "make Jardimiere"

10:52 BBT Casey smoking while Russell just cracking up and casey says "i'm gonna be one angry banana by tuesday"..Jeff says we need to paint "brown spots" on him...

"wait till wake up in the morking and see a banana on the eliptical" casey says

10:54 BBT Jeff watering their garden in the backyard

Kevin beats Natalie at Chess and she says "even a blind squirrel finds a nut" Lydia says she's "never heard that before in my life" and a suprised Natalie says "it a very common saying" and says "do you know what it means...the analogy" and Lydia says "yes"

Lydia and Jesse arguing and tells him "see this wall jesse it means don't fucken talk to me" as they argue over expired parmesan cheese as she jokingly tries to pur it over his head..and she gets it own her shirts and he tells her "see what you get when you try to lash out at me"...Lydia retorts"Fuck off Jesse"

11:00 BBT Outdoors Jeff playing pool with Russell.........

Indoors Ronnie talking about taking Hinduism classes....Natalie giving Jesse grooming ideas and an annoyed Jesse tells her "no" he'll do it himself..

Outdoor Kevin talking to Casey and Casey says "i'm in a banana suit...its umpleasant nonetheless"..."you where it well" Kevin says and Casey asks "you want to do some scheming with a banana"

Kevin slurping his food as casey brings up the deal to get Ronnie out and still hopes it goes through..

Kevin changes the convo to his smoking...

11:07 Casey yells "hate the game not the banana" as Lydia comes out

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11:08 BBT Kevin complaining the meatballs "have too much garlic" while Lydia complains "they weren't cooked all the way through"....Lydia going on about jesse "if you can't trust me to cut your hair" how will trust her "in this game"

Lydia asks where's Jordan and Jeff says she has " a headache"..and says "she's a little sad" because she lost POV when Kevin ask if she "bummed about the veto"

Lydia talking how Jeff "looked good in a Pink unitard" and Lydia says the wey mud "had a little manure in it" and Jeff says that's how "wet mood smells"..and talk about what "Truffles are" and Kevin says to Lydia it isn't something from "hershey"....Lydia saying it looked like "a piece of poop" when Jeff explains how expensive..

11:11 BBT Outside Jeff/Lydia/Kevin talking POV comp....and get BB warning stop talking about production..

Inside Michele "Maybe America will vote to let us go to the party" she tells Ronnie and Jesse as they talk about cabbage and weenies...Ronnie says he told Chima "I actually got on BB and was picked to be on slop two seperate weeks" and geekely laughs he realized it was true..

Jesse talking about leaving next week as Ronnie says this season is "polar opposite" from last year and Jesse says "no"..Ron asks about "Stephen" if he's seen him and jesse says NO.

11:15 BBT Lydia and Kevin talking about Chima dropped "The l bomb" saying "all the time you were doing my hair..she was throwing me dirty looks" Kevin asking about "the infamous two fingers" asking if its worth it..{these two jump from talking about person to person so honestly I'm lost with these two}

Casey comes out as Lydia tells him he's doing "a stand up" job and tries to make him feel better saying its not that bad like its not a "full suit" {full or not he looks like a tool no matter how she tries to spin it}

11:21 BBT Casey looking miserable as he smoke his cigs...."i have a banana suit on...is Jesse gonna do the right thing" Casey says when Kevin asks "whats on your mind"...Casey "i approching the saturation point" about Natalie telling people what to do. ..and Casey says he and Kevin/Lydia control the votes to get Ronnie out.."we need to get athletes out" and warns Kevin not to say anything and Kevin says "it would be incredibly dumb" to open his mouth....

11:25 BBT Lydia back with Casey eating the meatballs she complained about earlier..

11:27 BBT Kevin and Russell play pool as Russ explains the game...

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11:29 BBT

Indoors Chima tells Casey she "feels bad" about him wearing the banana suit...when earlier they were making fun of Jordan for feeling bad for everyone...Ronnie Jesse and Natalie talking about POV...Chima says "I keep finding 6s and the last number was a 4"....Jesse talking about his %2500 and Ronnie says the "dolloar amounts are down" and says its the economic times..

11:32 BBT Lydia and Jeff at hottub talking....Jeff says "outside Chicago, Illinois is all country"....Lydia talking about her spikey hair saying "this is the first time i've ever done this to my hair"....Lydia talking how she feels bad about Jordan being up twice..Jeff "they are still planning to put Ronnie up" and and substantial pause "Uh yeah" she says.....talking about "wierd situations"...Lydia complaing "where the only two out her..Russell will come out and says were scheming...I hate that"

Lydia turns the talk to the garden..."we have eggplant".....and talks about how to prepare it....."they haven't had this in years past" and Jeff says because this year "going green"........"I love outside" Jeff says as Lydia says how people complain to be outside and yet HG are indoors..

11:37 BBT Jeff with his feet in the hotub as Lydia looks at the garden...

In BR Jordan is Up talking to Michele looking depressed.. "There she is" Jeff says as she comes out...and joins Jeff and Lydia..."you look cute" she tells Lydia...Lydia goes on about Natalie and Jesse in the BR and Natalie sasy "I love you Jesse" and Kevin told Nat she "dropped the L bomb" and Lydia says "she's pissed" at her..

11:41 BBT Jeff and Jordan seem not interested in Lydia's {phsycotic} tales..Jordan asks if Jeff wants ice cream and says he's been drinking and ate pasta and asks if she wants some....she says "not for that" and says "you want some cookie dough" and get foth

11:43 Jeff goes in to Change as Jordan gives Russ a hug who's playing pool .."I'm gonna be up all night" because of her marathon nap.

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11:46BBT Kevin and Russel still playing pool with very little talking.......

Indoors talking about Reality shows are Ronnie Chima and Jordan "True Beauty" as Michele says "hmm I've never heard of that one"..

Ronnie talking about people giving crap to Jessica Simpson for "putting on weight" as their worship talk of celebrities continues..

11:50 BBT Jordan decides to eat as Chima talks about 99% of women have cellulite...Jesse talking about man boobs and what causes it..including "smoking weed"

11:52 BBT Jeff heads out to smoke as Kevin is about to beat Russell at pool as Ruuss tries to psyche Kevin out....and Kevin wins...."every suirrel catches a nut...every dog has his day" as Russell spits out corny cliches....

"Run in there and tell people...you fucking douchebag...like a two year old kid" {he's kidding..I think} to Kevin as they play again...so Russ can get revenge..

11:55 BBT the pool rematch continues

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11:58 BBT Inside talking about Chima "calm down " she says to Ronnie who complains the camera man "zoomed in on my ass" during have/havenot comp sequence they got to watch from the live show....Ronnie says "i' was just being facetious"

12:00 BBT Natalie asks what they are "airing tomorrow" and Chima says nominations and the food comp...and tells Michele "on Tuesday your redeeming episode" for winning POV compared to her bad performance in the food comp..

12:01 Natalie complaing that "half the house" will not be able to participate in the "Margarita Party" .."I don't drink..Jesse don't drink" and the brains were on slop/cabbage/weenies..

12:03 BBT...Chima wants to do puzzle comps "can we stop jumping in mud..popping pimples"...They are talking Russel would have done well in todays POV...

Ronnie talks about the POV comp.."to stay as clean as possible" chima says her strategy in POV..

12:05 BBT Russell and Kevin continue their pool game..as Lydia watches from the side..Kevin "you must call your pocket" he warns Russell..."just play you're gonna lose anyway"

"my fucking table..two balls returned the favor" Russell says as he was victorious as they go into the final round....

12:09 BBT Michele comes out to watch...but says "i'm wating for the laundry" when kevin asks "do you want to play winner"

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12:12 BBT Jesse heads outdoors and Micele says she pulled her sweater out and it still full of "wood chips"....Kevin "this dryer sucks"..

Indoors Jordan complaining about her head..Chima "take an advil" as that might help" even though it hasn't helped me" she tells Jordan

12:14 BBT Jesse "he's gonna hate life" Jesse says about Casey going up and being evicted in his banana suit...."next week I want to take Lydia out..I want to put her up against Jordan"...Jesse says he agrees..and Jesse tells her "you lose..one of us goes home..that's how I think of it" as the two talk on the couch outside.

12:17 BBT Jesse talking about their keys "being stuck together"..Natalie "wise guys out there"..Natalie says "its very ballsy" of someone and says "but not big enough to take us out" natalie gloats.....

Natalie "at least he gets a discount on days" about casey getting evicted before his punishment/banana suit ends..."that's 28 hrs early"..Jesse says "count that" and "you can count on me" voted you out unanimouly..

Jesse says he will blame everything on Ronnie if they {Jeff/Jorda} get HOH next week..Natalie talking about her "new target" of Lydia....and jesse says she will be Natalies target..and Nat says "i don't care" ..."Is there anyone else in this house you would rather have gone" Jesse asks Natalie and she says "no" she wants Lydia out next week..

12:22 BBt Kevin wins as Russell playfully beats him up

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12:25 BBT Chima sitting on russell's lap playfully trying to pinch him.....Jesse Kevin Natalie and Ronnie outside...

Jeff comes out to check his laundry...Chima says "i like jeff" and Russ says "we can't put him up" and Ronnie "after next week the twist is over"..Chima "when that does happen I hope I'm in HOH' and ask Russell to stay in her HOH as she sits on him comfortably....Chima "we are together by default"....they continue flirting

12:28 BBT In BR Lydia Michele and Jordan talk .."you picked envelope # 6"Lydia says and Michele says she picked "#5"...

Michele says "ronnie using it" had he won would "have made me look bad" Michele says..

Lydia talking about Casey saying he would put me up....Lydia "it sucks for us the athletes still have four" and Michele "yep"...Lydia says "if they want to say it was luck than BS' "you picked the right number"

Lydia says "at some point" they have to go after the athletes and they're "scared"

12:34 BBT In walks Casey and heads to the shitter..Lydia whispers "he's a bitter banana"

12:34 BBT Lydia's and Michele's outta this world convo continues..as they talk "plasma TV" and POV....and says when that was picked she was worried "the plan wasn't being enacted"....Jesse and casey got 10s" when Lydia asks who got 10s...Micheles says her husband probaly wouldn't believe she could do it since it was "physical stuff"

12:38 BBT Outside Jordan and Jeff are working out..."this stuff bores me"Jordan says..."do you feels skinny now" Jeff asks no and says "my arms feel jiggly" and he says "you're fine"..

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12:40 J&J brief "5 minutes" workout finishes as Jeff heads in...Jordan sits with them and talks with them..she complains about her headache...as Jesse wonders if "you drinking enough water"

12:42 BBT Michele and Lydia still in BR as Jeff goes in to get his manicure

Lydia goes through the steps and warns him to "stop biting" his nails Jeff says he does because "i can't stand the dink sound" the nail clippers make...Jesse comes in to use the BR and talks about his pedicure from Michelle BB10 is on youtube.....Lydia being kinda bitchy to Jesse...and Michele wonders if it ws her until she realizes it was the crazy Michelle from BB10.

12:46 BBT Tampon talk and their uses..and BB spares us with foth..

12:49 BBT Jeff says "i hear Casey's asleep" as Chima says 'he can't take being in the banana suit any longer"

12:50 BBT Chima and michele talk POV "you did well...very well"

12 :51 BBT FOTH..

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12:51 BBT "i feel wierd people attending to me" as Michele says she's only have 2 manicures and 2 pedicures...Jeff "I don't like people to play with my feet" and Lydia says "crustyfeet are so gross"..and Lydia and Chima says Jeffs feet aren't crusty unlik someone else in the house...

12:54 BBT Jeff looking pretty unconfortable being pampered [it may be the pamperer}

They take about Casey has to wear the banana suit during the live show...Talking about the brains being "excluded" from the Margarita Party...Michele says she will show "my nasty mood" if she's a have not next week.

Outside Jesse Kevin and Natalie in aor around hottub asking about who did the key prank "its jealousy" Natalie says..and reads it as them being put up next week..Jeese 'why should I sit and fight for everybody if they are not gonna fight for me" and Natalie asks how he sees it and Kevin is offended that they think he wants to split them up...

12:59 BBT Jese says when he gives them his word "i won't go back on it"..and Natalie says "lydia" feels like that....and Kevin says "no" and Jesse going on about having "their best interests in mine" as jesse lives in the past talking about BB10..

1:01 BBT Jeff admiring his nails as he lays on the couch in the BR talking to Lydia and Michele talk about "swine flu"....talking nonsense ...

1:05 BBT They think America can vote on letting the have nots go to the Margarita Bash.......and try to guess what America is deciding this season...Jeff sings and we get FoTH

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1:08 BBT Michele Lydia discuss their favorite snacks or "goodies" and Michele's is "white cheddar popcorn" and Lydia's are cupcakes from "frosted" {Frosted CupCakery in Long Beach}

Jeff says they need to rock in in "Hermosa" and Lydia gets excited because "The South Bay" is where she's from..

1:12 BBT Jeff goes outside and says "i'm in sales" when asked what he does..and Jordan says she doesn't have "a real real job" and loves working at "the salon"...as they talk to Russ and Chima..Jordan talks about friends and their names and of course we all know what that means.... you guessed it.....FoTH...

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1:15 BBT

Talking about "customer service" sucks as Michele joins the convo and Chima whos still in Russell's lap talking outside..Jeff has left and Jordan saying she like today's challenge ..Seems Jordan had trouble "swinging on the rope"..saying "i couldn't hold my weight"

Chima didn't really try because she didn't want to get dirty and thought parts "were dangereous"....

Jordan thought we would "be wrestlin"" but Michele doubts BBwould do that kind a comp in fear "one of us getting hurt"

1:19 BBT Natalie Jesse and Kevin at hottub while Russell accuses Chima bing "a complete diva" as this POV "was the dirtiest one ever"...they talk the mud smelled and Russ says "there was fertilizer" in it.."which is poo" Chima says

More riding Chima.."i don't put on airs" Chima says "i just don't like to get dirty" she complains..

1:23 BBT Michele says people will laugh at her snort laugh as it took a long time to break the habit of laughing that way growing up..

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1:27 BBT

Outside Cima Jeff Jordan and Michele talking about Casey and how upset the Truth and dare with the Ronnie hug..They are talking about Casey's banana suit not looking "that bad" and that it isn't a whole entire banana suit..

1:29 BBT FoTH

1:35 BBT Still FOTH

1:39 BBT FoTH

1:41 BBT brief return of Jesse talking "he got hurt somehow which is bogus" and we're right back to FOTH

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1:42 BBT the new BB loverbirds Chima and Russell sitting on the couch talking about Russells "serious talk" avoidance....and his lack of shedding tears...saying "i block it out" about saddness....Chima saysing "its release" ...Russell rolls his eyes "ahh you suck" she chides with him

1:45 BBt Chima asks what he wants to talk about calling him "hard" and Russ says he isn't "all hard"


1:50 BBT FOTH back and forth so {i'm calling it quits for tonight..back tomorrow}

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3:20am BBT

jordan/jeff/chima/russell talking in red bedroom. talking about old TV shows, ie Daria, King of the Hill, ect. now talking about Hollywood stars gossip.

Jeff: whats the big deal about gay people getting married?

Russell: well the religious people all up in arms about it being called "marriage" when its 2 guys"

Chima: and its also about gay people want to be able to have the same stuff that straight people have, like leaving your stuff to a partner or being able to visit them in a hospital and taxes and stuff

Jeff cant seem to get WHY gay people want to be married and Chima is trying to explain it to him, but not being to sucessfull.

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Now Jeff is trying to explain "March of the Penguins" to Jordan and not suceeding. she doesnt understand why penquins walk so many miles to mate and lay eggs, and why do they have to "wear their eggs on their feet"? Jeff is fighting a loosing battle as Chima and Russell are laughing hysterically. Chima: "well if they walk so far to mate, why arent they extinct?" Jeff: " well watch the movie and you will be amazed that they arent extinct already! they are tough little birds!" Jordan: " so they lay on their backs with their eggs on their feet." Jeff "lets stop talking about this cause i am getting mad at you guys"

the conversation has broken into the 2 couples now and its hard to hear each of them talk over each other. most of the talk is REALLY inane....

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10:52 BBT

All Alseep

10:54 BBT

Foth- Probably Wake-up call


Casey and Chima in Kitchen, Jordan is Bathroom, Lydia is walking around. Russell outside.

BB VOICE: The bedroom lights must remain on {Why dont they just control the lights themselves?}

11:10 BBT

Suprisingly everybody is up out of bed...

11:21 BBT

Jordan is taking a shower, and asks michelle to go get her a washclothes.. she gets it.

OUTSIDE, Jeff eating cereal (?), and Lydia eating a banana very seductivly. Casey is sitting on the coach in his banana outfit. Russell outside as well.. Just general chit-chat..

11:23 BBT

ronnie goes to downstairs bathroom, but somebody is in, so he goes upstairs to use his bathroom.

BB VOICE: Russell, put on your Microphone..

Chima, Jessie upstairs talking about Lydia saying how she would put up Ronnie.. of course ronnie interupts..

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11:27 BBT

Jessie : "Yeah dude, just hop in, and hop right out" to ronnie

Jessie : "Lydia said if I put up Casey, she and Kevin would vote up for Casey to stay"

Chima: " It wouldnt matter anyways.."

Jessie : "Yeah, it would be Jeff, You, Ronnie, Natalie, Russell would all vote him out"

Chima: " Hmmm (keeps doing it in agreement"

Jessie: " I seriously live 30 minutes away from Casey"

(random talk)

Jessie: " Lydia wants me to take out some of HER enimies... But I have to take out mine too"

Chima: "Yeah.. umm hmm... yah... hmmm umm hmmm"

Jessie: " And I Dont have final two deals witheverbody in my clique (Refeering to Russ)

Chima: "Hmm hmmm"

Jessie: " He would put up ronnie for sure if he wins HOH"

Chima: "so who does he have final 2 deals with?"

Jessie: " I dont know.. Not me.."

Chima: "Yeah.. me either"

Jessie : "Im sure he has some with everybody.. Like Casey"

Chima: " But he wants casey out.. are you sure?

Jessie: " It doesnt matter cause Casey is going to be out...... He has one with Jordan"

Chima: "Why would he push for him to go, and then not vote him out?"

Jessie: --- summerizing--- "Natalie said she was going to put up whoever she wants to go home up against Jordan to insure they leave.. "Poor Jordan, she keeps getting used"

Jessie: "I thought Casey was going to win and save Jordan to show his alegence to Jeff"


11:38 BBT

Chima" I think Jeff needs to go next week if Im HOH"

Jessie" Yeah, yeah, Fuck yeah"

Chimma" Mmmm Hmmmm"

{Chima is starting to sound ALOT like Jameka.. she "Mhhmmm" after EVERYTHING Jessie says...}


Chima: I know everybody is saying this, but I think the next HOH will be endurance, And Im going to hold on till my figures fall off..

Jessie" yeah, natalie really wants it too"

Chima" Mmmmm Hmmm.... Yeah, either one of us... mhhh hmmm"

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12:15 BBT

Chima and Jessie have been talking for a long time now, in the HoH bed.

They just had a conversation in which Jessie was telling her how he thought that Natalie and her were having friction because of the way they snap at each other sometimes, but Natalie told him that it's just the way they are, and it means nothing, they're both good.

Chima agrees completely with Natalie, saying it's not even game, they just let it out at each other and then it's gone.

Chima then tells Jessie about her name, saying that her whole family calls her "Chee-ma" and that's it's a unisex name in Nigeria, except that there are more men with the name then women. When she was 12 or 13, she decided that she wanted it to sound more feminine, so she asked everyone to call her "Shee-ma" from then on.

12:45 BBT

Chima tells Jessie (still in HoH bed) about her story with the rapist being featured on Cold Case Files. She says lots of people looked for her on Facebook after that, and wonders what kind of person would do that.

Natalie comes up and says she needs to have a quick word with Jessie, and that it's not something behind Chima's back, and she'll find out in like 10 minutes.

So Natalie and Jessie step out, Chima goes into the HoH bathroom.

Natalie tells Jessie that production is giving her the stuff for Chima's birthday, and they should make it a surprise.

So she goes and gets Ronnie from the backyard and asks him to keep Chima company secluded somewhere while they decorate the HoH and stuff.

Natalie tells him that even those on slop will be able to eat birthday cake.

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1:10 BBT

Ronnie keeps Chiima busy in HoH room (discussing Russell right now) while Jeff help Natalie make cupcakes (?) for Chima's birthday. They will have frosting, too.

Natalie has no idea how to make these. They may end up making one cake plus some cupcakes.

According to Natalie, who has read Big Brother's instructions concerning the birthday celebration, those on slop can only eat for one hour. (They won't be able to eat leftovers after the hour is up.)

Chima's birthday is not until Tuesday, but they are having the celebration today.

(She said a little later that "we either do it today, or never".)

Natalie also said that they are not allowed to sing "Happy Birthday".

Jessie has come down and is helping now. Michele is also pitching in.

1:20 BBT

Casey has now come in and tells everyone that he has begun the composting.

(I have to go soon, so anyone else is free to jump in here!)

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1:45 BBT

Ronnie and Chima in HOH talking.

Ronnie is saying how Jeff and Jordan will be shocked when Casey goes up and Casey is going to be furious.

Chima just agreeing and mmmhhhh hmmmm yes...

Then Ronnie brings up if one of the does not win HOH next week the other side will go after Jesse and they need to protect them. Both are wondering if Russ wins HOH whether he would stick to the plan.

Now they are talking about what they are going to say for goodbyes to Casey. Ronnie says he going to tell him that he deserved this because he treated him worse then a dog and he hopes his faculty is watching this to see what kind of person he really is.

Now Ronnie is telling Chima how Laura was really lying when they had the big fight. And he was sorry he didn't stand up then and speak out against Laura. Chima is going along like she believes him..(why??) Ronnie saying it was Chima Jesse and Natalie were the only ones that believed in him and thats where his alliance is.

1:53 BBT

Chima and ronnie talking about Kevin not having any allegiance to anyone except Lydia and they are both floaters and will go with whoever has the power.

The only 2 people they really have to worry about is Jeff and Jordan for the next HOH and if it's endurance they are going to hold on till they can't feel there fingers. Now they're talking about past comps and what they will do in each one.

Ronnie is telling Chima how after the nominations Lydia had him in the storage room and hugged him and said see I told you everything will work out..you got your key. He said he just went along with her even though he knew that the original plan was to backdoor him and she was lying to him. (please let Jeff or Jordan win the next HOH, these 2 heads are getting too BIG)

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