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7/23 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:25 BBT

Kevin, Lydia and Casey are in pool room. Lydia says they have to win the HOH and it's their turn. Lydia is showing Kev different clothing options for tomorrow's live show. Laura is sitting outside looking sad. Jordan appears to be doing laundry. Laura says she can't wait until tomorrow when she can eat.

Jess and Russ lifting weights. Jess whispers that Casey runs his mouth and will dig his own grave and a lot of people don't like Casey b/c of what he says. Russ says he knows Casey is personally after them. Jess also thinks Michele is after them, but being quiet about it.

9:35 BBT

Lydia comes outside and starts practicing on the game. Laura is watching from the couches. Kevin is loading the balls for Lydia. Jeff is also outside now. Russ jokes that they should all eat beans and when they're all ready to fart, run up to the HOH room and fart in there for Ronnie. They laugh.

Laura heads inside, where Chima is cooking in the kitchen. It looked like Laura put ketchup in her slop, but I mean be wrong.

Casey goes outside and starts playing the game out there.

9:45 BBT

Jordan is also in the kitchen. Jeff and Kevin are taking turns outside playing the game. Casey starts AGAIN about backdooring Ronnie. They think Ronnie's been sneaking food upstairs at night and Casey says he'd have to do it between 5-8 AM. Russ talka about taking turns in front of Ronnie's door.

Laura and Jordan are talking in the recycled room.

10:05 BBT

Jeff, Lydia and Kevin stay outside, practicing. Casey is eating inside and Russ and Jess came into the kitchen, as well.

(I'm off for the night.)

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10:10 BBT

Michelle, Jessie and Natalie upstairs on the couches outside the HoH room, playing chess. Chima comes to watch.

Downstairs Russ and Casey start discussing the plan for HoH and the upcoming week.

They hit a snag when talking about whether or not Michele and Chima should play or drop out.

Casey says something about having heard Michele say something that morning about wanting to compete.

Michele is asked, and she calls down from the balcony.

10:15 BBT

Now everyone is talking about it.

Round and round for ten minutes or so, without anything really being resolved.

10:25 BBT

House seems to go back to regular activities. Mostly food preparation and eating.

Kevin, Lydia and Natalie in the bathroom corner area.

10:32 BBT

Ronnie comes down and goes directly to the diary room.

Russell starts talking loudly at him, saying stuff like "Hey Ronnie, coming down for dinner? Want me to bring you something? Want some company? I can come play with your Play-Doh! I broke your magic wand, that game sucked. Enjoy your diary room!"

10:35 BBT

In the backyard, Michele, Casey and Chima going over the whole plan again, and whether Chima should play to win HoH or not.

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10:40 BBT

Outside Casey and Michele talking about the probable aborted plan of the brains throwing the HOH comp. Michele letting Casey know she's not upset that he started the dialogue..

Casey talking about who will go up.....stating that if one of them win Ronnie will be around for another week..talking about risks..and the shit he may get from Chima..

In the kitchen Natalie backtracking to Chima about who was discussing who's idea to let the brains play HOh..Chima wants to know who "the shady people" are that doesn't want Ronnie out......Chima says her dilema is if they play and win "then he doesn't go".....Jeff says "next week" and Michele says "next week he {Ronnie} will be able to play HOH"

Russell ask Casey if he would be the pawn..casey says he's "willing" but not "volunteering"

Chima 's ok with playing even the "odds are very slim" to win HOH...."and it would be unfortunate someone else had to go home" instead of Ronnie...

10:46 BBT Casey still try the find "the foolproof plan" and if there is one Casey says "I'm down"

Casey "i'm not trying to be asshole" buts says the discussion needed to take place..and says the "logical" thing "everyone" plays...

Russ Chimes in about the "pulling straws" and telling people to sit out and everyone "should sit down" and Vote and majority rules...

Jesse saying "drawing straws" everyone has a chance...names name and says "and Jordan" and Russ "or Laura" and Jesse "yeah...or laura"

Chima "do we even have straws?"

10:50 BBT their Ronnie plans discussion continues....

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10:51 BBT The meeting as been called to order..Russ "Hey Ronnie wanna listen?" to add to his faux pas fight...

Chima explains the problem if her and Michele win HOH and unable to nominate him......Jeff "ultimitatly he's the target every week" and Lydia asks if they will have "regrets" without "guarantees" he leaves..

Russ says what if the veto involes "winning money"...and not fair...if you don't participate..

Casey talking about what if hypothetically her and Laura get in fight and she doesn't use the POV....

10:55 BBT Russ says everyone should play..

Chima and Michele "we'll play"

10:56 BBT The Ronnnie Meeting ending and Chima says initally it seemed "shady" people "didn't want Ronnie to go" and that's why people wanted her and Michele to "play" in HOH..

10:57 BBT A lot of speculation about HOH and scenarios....of cliques.....Chima says its cleared...Jeff "who da fuck wants that guy to stay around"....Everyone plays and the "HOH makes their own decesions" and no drawing straws..

11:00 talking Ronnie should DOR because one of the "ladies have to pay" ...Jeff confident he's going home.."a lot of shit" has to happen in order for Ronnie to stay...

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11:02 The meeting breaking up and Michele thanks evrybody foe their openess and Chima seems happy about the new group consensus for tomorrow's HOH..

Casey says he's not a fan "of the mob mentality" but Ronnie deserves it...

11:05 BBT Lydia in the eco green room starring down {looks like she may be reading} but as camera pans out she's just blankly starring...

The HG out in DR Ronnie bashing.....Chima throws out God "complex" and "liar"...Jordan looking a little down as Jeff asks Kev "to go fire some balls" and says "yeah".......

11:08 BBT Laura and Jordan talking in BR Laura saysing "i'm gonna bed soon" because she's "in a funk" and is "starving" from this food...

11:09 BBT Jeff saying "there's not that much to clean".......

In green Roon Lydia bitching saysing "i know she's going to nominate us"..and has to seriuosly do "some butt kissin"..{not sure who the " she" was talking about} as camera keeps flipping between convos..

Russell laying the charm on Chima as he does dishes...Casey walks on one of the girls in the shitter...

11:12 BBT

casey still talking about the Brains HOH situation as they smoke and Kevin comes out...Casey says "it was refreshing" the talk....talking about fairness...

Jesse and Lydia talking eco/green room as Jesse offers to play pool.....casey the odds are "one of the athletes will win" and Jeff says his picks are narrowed...Casey a little uspset Kevin didn't speak up about the Brains HOH and Jeff interjects "it was fine" and Casey agrees..

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11:17 BBT Casey basically looping what he's been saying for an hour..about the HOH comp.....Finally Casey "let's practice a little bit"

Jeff goes first...gets a bullseye/hole in one and Kevin"geeezz"....kevin goes and was pretty good..jeff to him "good job sugar bear"..slowly people are heading outdoors..

11:20 BBT In the red room Natalie and Jesse whispering and some one was the next out "by default"...Natalie complaining about her bum shoulder..as Russ walk in...as Russ leaves they start talking about not shaving your arms.....Natalie sounded insulted...as Chima walks in..Natalie says "I shave three areas"...

11:24 BBT HoH practice goes on...and they are rotating after 4 turns...

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11:27 BBT the HOH practice continues and everyone is good especially Jeff and Casey but Michele is doing badly

11:28 BBT Chima and Natalie trying to figure out what they are going to wear....in Red BR as Chima runs to go show her and Jesse what she'll wear...Natalie and Jesse disagreeing about when he tried on her shirt..natalie keeps saying "i missed it" "what part of it don't you understand?" as jesse insist she saw it..

Chima "i need to go request some things for my birthday" asking what she should ask for.{ok when are HG gonna realize the ghetto parties BB throws and quite making Grand plans}

Natalie says "dinner Dessert...,.." Natalie asked for "fried chicken" and Cup cakes" and Chima starts joking..."I want watermelon" and "red drink while Jesse joins in "church's fried chicken" " and Chima says she doesn't want that for her birthday and says "that's real niggerish" and we get FOTH....

11:35 BBT HOH practice continues..

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11:37 BBT Feeds back and talking about what they can say.....Jesse "it was informational......not deameaning and mean" Chima try to explain to Natalie that biggot and racist are the same thing...

Chima talking about her speech and hopes she didn't upset the FCC....not realizing her whole speech was bleeped out...

11:40 BBT Russel walks in "she talking about"..and FOTH while they talk about it...

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11:45 pm BBT,, Jeff comes out of the DR and tells Casey, Kevin, and Michele that BB wants them to put towels in the metal pails and pillows around the metal pails of the Skee-Ball game they are practicing on as the neighbours in the area have called in complaints about the noise LOL

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11:42 BBT

in red BR more {delusional} birthday talk..and candy talk...as Jesse rubs her shoulder....Chima "i need to go practice this game" and Russ says "they are all out there" and doesn't want to wait turns..Russell kidding to Nat 'you're really not hurting" and Natalies says "i wished..." it really didn't

11:45 BBT they talk..Chima "i don't fight over guys"..and prefers "the other way around" and Natalie agrees and tells about being in "a bar before" and steps in and talk shit for himm..Chima "i'm not going to fight" and get "catty" over a guy Chima says...Chima "russell is the type of guy" that wants to have a girls have "an all out brawl" for him....

{Slow Slow Slow tonight......} Outside practicing with Casey still talking about the Brains "if the win they win" as Jeff pretending he's Julie.."kevin you are eliminated fron the HOH}

11:50 BBT Astrology talk in HOH.....Chima seems to be into it....and tells them what's in the stars for them........Chima noe talking a lot of guys date stupid girls "with no opinions" to dominate over it....Lydia pops in....jokes...Jesse called DR...

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11:57 BBT Casey telling Jordan Chima Laura in Kitchen about "the neighbors" and keep getting warning to stop talking about productions...Chima "who's our neighbors..Everybody Loves Raymond" {BB House is a studio Lot so the noise might be busting their ears when it hits in their earphones is my guess}

12:00 BBT Laura depressed and Casey trying to understand her impending eviction..."its a resume builder" that "for sure".....Casey says while Jordan saying she's be " an Sports Illustrated Model" and Laura says she's happy to go but at the same time wants to stay..Talks about her adventure coming and foTH

12:03 BBT Laura sas she gives "major props" to BB contestants like "Dan" and "adam"

12:04 BBT Natalie is burning chocolate in her efforts to make hot chocolate......Natalie asking him to "help me" with it when he says he's going to play pool with "Lydia"..A lot of BB past talk...

Talk about how they will be treated when they get out of the house....Jessetalking "how I got portrayed in the first one"

12:08 BBT Casey talking about his sore shoulder..Jesse says "you and Natalie"...and Casey talking about their meeting earlier....and Casey "manipulate the game" is not the way to play..and "resentment" talk....Basically repeating what he's been saying the last 3-4 hrs..

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12:13 BBT

Casey and Laura talking she says she realized she isn't "strong" like she thought...talking only liking "a handful of people" and Laura saying she "doesn't want to be on the jury" because she "makes that much money in a week" and has " agood life"...Casey "i have a two year old at home who's probably walkin'"

12:15 BBT Casey heads out to practice...

Ronnie in HOH taking a bubble bath while reading his bible....complete with a close up shot of his hairy pot belly and sagging pecs..{sorry I couldn't resist}

12:18 BBT everyone else outside playing pool or practicing for HOH...or in Jordan and Laura's case sitting together watching everyone..

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12:24 BBT

Russell and Lydia talking "do you want him gone?" Lydia says "uh yeah" and asks her that several more times and she says yes everytime.....Russell "really?" and Lydia says "90-10" when Russell asks for a percentage like 60-40 -70-30 and Russell lies to her 'i'm in a similar boat" in getting Ronnie out.."but don't say anything"..Russell tells Lydia he would rather see Casey go and tells her "he hurts your team" for starting shit today...Russell leaves unable to change Lydia's mind..he heads outside to the pool table..

12:30 BBT Russell just watching Natalie and Jesse play pool as Jesse is "trying to give you the game" he tells her.."you just don't want to take it"

12: 32 BBT All feeds on this..so nothing new to report...

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12:34 BBT BB has given them 30 more minutes to practice for HOH and its a mad rush to practice..natalie "our luck its going to be hoh" and Natalie then changes her tune "this is not going to be hoh" as she sumises "its too obvious"

Chima "go Kevin"...as Kevin makes a shot..."Kevin's a ringer" as Jesse being obnoxious to break people's concentration...Chima goes and she's worse than Michele...

Natalie hands Jesse his balls "here are some blue balls for you"..Jesse "thanks" {LOL}

Jesse and Natalie and Michele "suck" at the ball game {so one of them will probably win}

12:40 BBT Practicing continuing as the 30 minute deadline approaches..

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12:48 BBT

Jeff showering and Michele saying "I really want to win it" but "at the same time" it sucks Ronnie won't leave..Jeff telling her "we'll figure it out....just try to win for you"..and Michele says "yep"

12:50 BBT 10 more minutes of HOH practice and a lot of "ball" jokes and references..

Other than that nothing to report

1:00 BBT the time is arrived to stop and we get foth..Natalie was the first to het 4 bullseyes and immediately gives "all the credit" to Jesse for rubbing his shoulder.

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1:02 BBT Feeds are back and Natalie says "jesse.... fast" as BB must have warned them time's running out..

Russ and Michele on the couch just watching...

1:03 BBT "we have three minutes now" Natalie informs them

1:04 BBT UPDATE..Ronnie is reading his bible in the HOH sitting at his table surrounded by his snacks and Play-Doh Yes they are actually showing this on the feeds..

1:06 BBT FOTH finally BB will end practice..

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1:07 BBT Indoor lockdown for BB to take away the contarption..

In POool room Jordan and Michele talking asking her where her heads at...Russell comes in and Jordan "were not schemeing" and Russell teases them as Michele says "we were going to make out"

Jordan is worried a little "I've got everything packed" and "won't be mad" and wants people to "vote" anyway they want..

Talking about Ronnie Jordan wishes he'd DOR so they both can stay

11:11 Michele whispering....Jorda worried she'sa target..and Jordan says she's friend with her jeff and Casey..and Jordan says "not to strees yourself to death" and tells her "no one has said anything" and Michele says thanks and hug...

Jeff comes in 'what's up" Michele "we were just makin out" and head to red room as jeff wants a "real" back rub...."you need to have Lydia do it".."Eww" as Jordan asks 'why is you back all sweaty..Jeff asking if she feels anything..and Jordan snaps "it just feels normal"..Jeff "forget it you're driving me nuts" and the rub down ends...

1:16 BBT Russell still teasing Jordan about her and Michele scheming....as Jordan is in Dining Room regailing them about her bad farts...complete with descriptions of "brown spots"

Jesse "did you talk to Michele" he asks Lydia and says yeas Jesse says "good job"

Russell comes in..talk about Russ' glasses..

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1:21 BBT apparantly there is no lockdown as Casey Chima Kevin and Natalie are playing pool with Michele trying to Dance...

The start doing the chicken Dance and we get FoTH..

1:23 BBT

Jesse eating..Russell watching him eat..and Lydia eating....making fun of her.....

{Dead tired so I'm checking out early be back tomorrow }

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1:55 am BBT,, the offbeat team of Lydia, Kevin, and Casey in the BY hoping one of them win the HoH comp. and discuss putting up 2 people from the athlete side, Casey points out that someone has to make that move or it could come down to 7 people being left in the house and 4 of them would be athletes. Lydia comments that, that 4 has to be broken up sooner rather than later.

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2:55 am BBT,,, Natalie & Lydia sneak up to HoH room to chat with Ronnie and let him know the plan of back dooring him and that they Jessie and Kevin aren't for it and that he can't trust Russell, Michele & Casey and that when he comes down from the HoH room later today no one is going to be in pictures he takes or talk to him and that they can't either because of the witch hunt going on. Ronnie says if he stays and wins the following week's HoH a holy terror will reign down from the HoH balcony and that Casey is in his line of fire. 3am BBT,, Jessie joins the trio in the HoH than he and the girls leave. 3:03 am BBT,,, Ronnie talking to himself " I swear to god if I survive all hell will break loose, I swear to god "

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3:20 am BBT,,, Jessie, Lydia, and Natalie in WR talking about there sneak up to the HoH, Jessie comments on Ronnie telling them he's lost 20lbs. since he's been hiding away in the HoH room. Lydia says anyone would if all they were eating was dry cereal and pudding cups LOL Lydia : "its like we did the underground railroad going up there and coming back down" Jessie : " I felt like James Bond " Lydia " I felt more like Harriet Tubman.

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