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7/23 - Live Feed Updates


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9:55 BBT

Jordan's up and in the bathroom area. Someone's in the shower.

Casey, Jeff, Laura, Jessie and now Jordan are in the kitchen.

Ronnie walks thru the kitchen (from the DR-?) and up the stairs. Jeff says tick tock and Laura and Casey start singing 'rat hole, rar hole, rat hole'. Casey says he's still afraid of giving Ronnie too much attention and Laura thinks it's funny.

10:00 BBT

Ronnie is back in the HOH bed. The 'Dumb 4' is chatting in the kitchen.

10:15 BBT

Michele has joined them, eating at the DR table with Jordan. Russ and Kevin are up and walk by. Kevin is wearing a blue hoody and Casey comments on all the hoodies Kevin brought in the house and asks if some place had a hoody sale.

10:20 BBT

Chima is now up and in the kitchen.

10:30 BBT

Nat has graced everyone with her presence. Ronnie appeared to be doing a little packing upstairs, but has quickly made it back under the covers.

Nat starts talking about the bed situation, saying they'll have an open bed for Ronnie tonight and after the comp tomorrow, they'll have a lot of room. Nat then says she's going to get a bagel for up there, as they start talking about LD in the HOH.

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10:40 BBT

Jeff and Jordan are in bed together. Michele is in the red room, as well. Nat brings her food up to the HOH and tells Ronnie someone is full of shit.


HOH LD has been called. The HGs are slowly making their way upstairs. Ronnie has his head phones on. Russ comes in with a basket full of cheese. He says they're having a picnic and didn't know what rats like. He's picking out all these cheeses from his basket, then had yogart and everyone laughed. Russ says he doesn't know how yogart got in there. (I'm seriously LOLing at all this.. No matter which side you're on, it's pretty funny what Russ just did. Even funnier b/c we know it's an act.)

Some pictures of this.

Ronnie has his eyes closed with his headphones on. Casey tells Ronnie to enjoy his last couple of hours in HOH. They start singing 'rat hole, rat hole, rat hole' again. They say Ronnie probably has no music on and is listening to everything they're saying.

10:50 BBT

Kevin had been laying in bed with Ronnie. Nat told Kev to scoot over so she could lay down. Kev tries to get her to lay between him and Ronnie and they all laugh. Kevin is forced to move closer to Ronnie and Nat lays on the side of the bed. Ronnie is completely ignoring everyone in the room.

10:55 BBT

Lydia tells Nat and Kev to move over so she can lay down. Many HGs start making sounds like a rat and Jessie says wow, how many people just joined in on that. Jess, who is laying on the ground next to the bed, keeps spanking Lydia's butt, telling her to pass it on.

Russ talks about Ron's CD and Nat says she asked for an N*SYNC CD. Jeff says there's a few songs on there he'd listen to. Russ asks if Jeff was one of their background dancers. They start talking about Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC. They start talking about many boy bands and Jeff brings up LFO, and Lydia says Jeff looks like he belongs in that group.

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11:36 BBT

Talk of songs and movies....lots of FOTH off and on

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12:05 BBT

No talking going on in the HOH room. HGs either sleeping or walking around. Casey was laying in the bathtub, then got out and weighed himself. Russ looks restless, as he's been moving around the room. Jess is in the bathroom area, looking in the mirror. He then closed the bathroom door, and is in there alone, weighing himself.

12:25 BBT

HOH LD is over. Ronnie has to take his stuff downstairs. As Ron and Nat go to leave the room, Ron whispers something about if all of them want him gone and Nat says everyone but them 3 and Ronnie says something about Casey, which he is not happy about. Ron goes downstairs and Nat whispers to Jess as they set up the chess board.

Nat goes downstairs. Jeff's in bed and Russ and him talk about food. Ronnie is laying on the couch with his eyes closed.

Jordan, Michele and Laura in the bathroom area. Lydia is in the shower and Chima is in the toilet room. Casey is waiting for Chima to get out.

12:35 BBT

Jordan comes up behind Russ in the kitchen and pinches his butt and says Russ doesn't have any fat on his butt. Russ is cooking and other HGs are cleaning.

Laura says something to Ronnie and Chima, who's standing next to Russ in the kitchen, thinks Ronnie told Laura to kiss his ass. Ronnie tells Laura to say whatever she wants and whatever will help her sleep at night. Laura tells Ronnie how he wanted her to put up Russ and Michele and he said that wasn't true and Laura says yes it is and no one has forgotten about that.

(Anyone else wanna take over?)

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(I can for a little bit lala-I'm at work)

12:50pm BBT

Jeff in bathroom shaving, Jesse touched up his hairline for him

Nat showering, Lydia getting ready

Jordan/Michelle cleaning

Just general chit chat about weight gain/loss

Jesse in kitchen about to eat. He has been praying for awhile (or fell asleep lol)

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1:00pm BBT

Nat still in shower

Lydia in bathroom grooming

Jesse/Chima at the table, Jeff in the kitchen

Laura/Jordan walking around (cleaning i think)

(no game talk, just idle random convo's)

1:11pm BBT

Lydia still putting her face on. Nat just got out of the shower. Jesse/Jeff/Chima sitting at dining room table discussing tv shows, celebrities..etc . Russell just walked in the kitchen and then to the bathroom to groom

(nothing happening)

1:20pm BBT

Jesse rubbing Chimas shoulders at the table talking about relationships and what they look for

Russell shaving his head, Lydia still applying makeup, Laura just walked in to get ready also.

(got to go for a bit-be back later)

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4:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 & 2 on the kitchen. HGs randomly coming and going, idle chit chat. Feeds 3 & 4 on Kevin and Natalie playing chess. Jessie (kitchen) is chastizing Natalie for not winning yet because she had Kevin beat and messed it up. Feeds 1 & 2 switch to the BR where there is more Pre-Show primping. The ladies are talking about wardrobe malfunctions. (Who knew a breast could fall out of the arm hole of a shirt-Goldylucks) Laura is wearing what appears to be half of one red dress. Michelle is wearing her yellow valley girl 80's style dress with the one bare shoulder.

4:10 PM BBT Trivia

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4:00 BBT

feeds back...natalie and kevin are playing chess. casey is shaving. general chit chat. (not exciting)

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6:25 PM BBT Feeds return with all 4 cameras on the majority of the HGs in the kitchen. Looks like it's time to cook dinner. Ronnie is sitting alone at the kitchen table.

6:35 PM BBT It seems Natalie isn't going to admit she gave the sympathy vote. Chima "there's one amongst us" Natalie "not me" It's another witch hunt for the lone vote for Laura. Jeff "feels like f*ing dejavu". Lydia "there's another rat" Chima "who ever told the truth last week is like, I aint telling the truth this week" Natalie mentions that Laura didn't even give her a hug on the way out the door (to emphasize the animosity and to cover the vote-Goldylucks)

6:43 PM BBT Natalie mentions to Jessie that she can't wait to see pictures. Jessie says he can wait. He's afraid his Dad is going to send pictures of Jessie as a scrawny kid. FOTH

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6:58 PM BBT Jessie and Natalie are playing chess and discussing the options for nominations. The backdoor Ronnie plan is in serious jeopardy. It's hard to hear because of all the background noise from the kitchen but Natalie does say "just don't tell them you are backdooring Ronnie, tell them the truth." The primary names being dropped: Jordan and Michelle. I believe they are planning on approaching Jeff ahead of time regarding Jordan.

Kevin comes upstairs to join Jessie and Natalie. It seems he is suspected for voting for Jordan but he thinks it is Michelle.

7:17 PM BBT While Jessie is in the DR Michelle and Chima are whispering in the bedroom. Michelle is on to the fact that Jessie will probably want to keep Ronnie. Chima "NO I don't want him" They agree that Ronnie makes their clique look bad.

**the sound is terrible tonight......the video has a lag behind the sound....very annoying**

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7:30 PM BBT Michelle and Jordan are alone in the red bedroom. Jordan's spirits are low. She tells Michelle that she expects to be on the block again. She complains about being hungry and just wants to lie in bed until she can eat again. Michelle tells her to stuff herself full while she can because she will have a hard competing for the have/have not comps without a team behind her.

Meanwhile Jeff, Russ, and Casey are in the BY. Casey "if Jessie chooses to keep Ronnie-that's a big mark against him" "if I am the one to pull Ronnie's key out of the box I'm going to say Ronnie the Rat-You are safe"

As mentioned earlier- I have realplayer issues tonight. No feeds at all now. I'll update another time.

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my feeds are stuck but i can hear the audio. is anyone else having this problem???

I'm watching the quad feed on Verizon FIOS. Both the picture and audio is very good.

Jeff and Russell are playing pool on feeds 1 and 2.

On feeds 3 & four, Jessie's upstairs talking to Natalie, Lydia, and Jordan over a game of chess. It's pretty quiet as far as game talk goes.

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