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7/21 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 1 month later...

9:00PM BBT: Casey trimmed Kevin's hair, "She there, no more Eddie Munster, that's what I call that. That's how I take care of my boy's Eddie Munsters." Ronnie has been running about the house trying to gather players for a game of Cranium, but played with his Play-Doh.

Laura does some campaigning for Russell's vote. While they were together, they did a little Jessie bashing. Russ said Jessie lied to Ronnie but he's going to get Ronnie the out first chance he gets. Russell says he's annoyed at how star-struck Jessie is.

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9:20PM BBT: Ronnie listens intently as Jessie tells him that Russell is taking information to "the other side."

9:25PM BBT: It looks like everyone's a wake and scurrying about with gossip. After Jessie warns Ronnie that Russell can no longer be trusted, he talks to Natalie. They want Russell out. Natalie wants Casey and Michele out, but they think it would be good to keep them to use their votes to get Russell out.

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9:45PM BBT: A possible flip could be in the works in the HoH room where Laura is throwing Michele under the bus. Ronnie tells Laura to tell Jeff and Jordan that they don't have an ally in Michele, she can't be trusted. Ronnie tells her that the whole house wants Russell out.

Meanwhile, on the patio, Russell, Jeff and Jordan are doing some Ronnie bashing.

9:55PM BBT: Laura to Ronnie: "I think I could be a better ally to you than Jordan." Laura promises that she won't come after him, that by sending Jordan home, you break up Jeff and Jordan, who would try to evict Ronnie. "Jeff is playing this game personally, and I think he'll go after you." Laura tells Ronnie.

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10:00 BBT

Laura asked Ronnie up to his HoH room for a talk.

She is making her plea to stay, claiming she would be a better ally than Jordan, and promising safety to him and Jessie.

Meanwhile, Russell has discovered that they have been given alcohol, so everybody downstairs (except Jordan who is on "slop") is having a drink.

Twice during Laura and Ronnie's conversation, he has said that he got some information 20 minutes before the vote, which made him change his mind. Laura hasn't asked him what that information was, most probably because she doesn't believe him but doesn't want to push it. And now Ronnie is telling her it's too bad he didn't get the chance to let everyone else know, so that they all could have voted out Braden, and she let that one slide without comment also.

A little earlier, on the couches in the backyard, Russell and Jeff were alone, and Russell was saying how Natalie is totally kissing Jessie's ass, and how Ronnie is doing all of Jessie's dirty work. Jeff was in total agreement and speechless that Russell saw things the same way that he did.

At 10:18 BBT, the conversation in the HoH room is still going on, round and round. Now Laura starts to get emotional, and we see a few tears, as she talks about how she appreciated that Ronnie came to her spoke to her personally, about her personal life, whereas the others just assume things and talk behind her back. (Personally, I think the tears are real, not forced or false. I think she is just someone who cries when they get emotional, without it meaning they are weak.)

10:26 BBT

Laura and Ronnie go through the possible votes that she can swing, and can't seem to know for sure who would vote how.

10:40 BBT

Laura finally is done with her pow-wow with Ronnie. They join everyone else in the backyard.

Laura starts making herself some slop, and Michele comes to help her and talk. Michele asks how it went up in the HoH, and Laura says it went fine. That she was the one who asked Ronnie to talk, and she went up there to make her pitch.

10:55 BBT

Casey is talking about his kids, when they were babies.

(And with that, I'm out of here. Early day tomorrow.

Can someone please take over, for the benefit of our members without feeds? Good night.)

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12:53am BBT

The whole house (except Jessie who was in the DR) gathered and called Ronnie out for his lies. He decided to not defend himself and said he's fine with everyone believing he lied. Now all the houseguests except Jessie and Lydia are outside and talking about all the different lies Ronnie spread.

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BBT - around 1230am

CHAOS has broken out.....Apparently Ronnie told Natalie that Laura told him that Russel had/could get the votes to keep her. Natalie went to Laura and asked her and Laura said it never happened. Laura got everyone outside and Natalie retold what Ronnie told her. Russel and Laura both said it never happened and Ronnie said he had nothing to say. Russel said, by you not defending yourself you realize how it makes you look right? and Ronnie said "I know how it makes me look, but I told laura I wouldn't tell anyone what we discussed".

Ronnie went up to the HOH being very mad,Chima went with him and he told her "I wanna go home next week" while Casey, Laura, Russ, Jordan, Natalie and Jeff remained outside...Ronnie came back out and said "YOUR GOING HOME" to Laura.

Jesse and lydia they are in the kitchen, Ronnie is in HoH. Everyone else is outside discussing all the lies Ronnie has been spreading between the sides. hahaha..I wish I would have seen it from the beginning,

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1:15amBBT Everyone just finished yelling at Ronnie, Russell:"Ronnie how many days do you still have up in HOH." Ronnie "Not as much as you." Russell: "You;re going home next week." Ronnie:"I'm gonna win POV and you all will see."(Everyone laughs) Russell "We will be gunning for your ass." Ronnie went running up the HoH room yelling and locked the door and is in bed.

Everyone is getting along good and laughing at all the stuff he did.

Casey: "That Loser brought a picture of a cat and some chick." "All of his family & friends probably have been saying 'No! No! ahhh! Don't listen to Ronnie!"

Russell is taking credit for getting Ronnie. "It feels so good that a MMA fighter beat a F***in Debater, Its sooo F***kin good." Everyone is talking about all the lies he spread to everyone.

Russell to camera "I got the Mother F***er! Yesss!" Russell yells "Ronnie you want some pancakes, come on everyone lets go celebrate."

Everyone is argeeing that Ronnie goes home next week and then the game "resets"

1:23am Everyone says sorry to each other for trash talking each other when it was Ronnie behind it.

1:25am Casey gathers everyone outside. "Ok guys here;s the gameplan. Chima & Michelle throw the HOH, HOH puts two people up. IN POV make sure Ronnie doesn't play and we pick him as Host. Then he backdoor him. Jeff: "Ronnie was the twist 15 DR's a day."

1:27am Everyone laugjing at the stuff Ronnie said. Jeff: "Next week Big Brother 11 starts over" Jordan & Laura both talking about the lies Ronnie spread, Laura talking more then Jordan. Jordan is looking nervous weaving back & forth and looking over at Jeff biting her lip.

1:30am Everyone still laughing about Ronnie's lies. Jordan was talking about a lie he said but Laura cut her off and told the story. Casey: "All those pictures are probably friends he took picture with." Laura:"Hes no teacher."

1:32am Ronnie comes downstairs and uses the bathroom downstairs."

1:35am Jordan saying how Ronnie went to me & Jeff. "Jordan what did you tell Julie are you sure you dint say Chima." Jesse pretends to be Ronnie and says "Jordan What the F**k did you Tell Julie, did you say Chima C,H,I,M,A."

1:36am Ronnie leaves bathroom and goes to SR and grabs some pills and goes up to HOH.

1:38am Russell said Ronnie is the one who made him go off on Jeff. All Laugh. Jeff "Nobody better to listen to any more of his lies or then end up with his cat." Casey: "When he pull out the names for POV and he dosen't get one, we all turn to him and laugh." "Then in POV, 5 people just fall down & complain they're hurt as one person wins POV." Kevin: "This is Big Brother History." Jeff: "No we should all run around like were crazy hugging each other and giving each other high fives."

1:40am Everyone laughing and talking about Ronnie's lies. Casey & Russell is leading the convo. Casey: "Tommorow lets have a f***king pool party. Man Braden was right all the time."

1:42am It looks like Ronnie is crying in HOH, and he comes down and asks for Jessie. Everyone laughs at him. Jessie: "Man, say it here buddy, in front of us in public." Ronnie: "Just 5 minutes." Jessie: "No I'm sorry, buddy."

1:43am Ronnie heads to DR. Jordan: "I hope hes qutting." Casey: "Nah he woudn't do that." Jeff: "He told Chima he wants to quit." (Everyone laughs.) They wonder if he was a twist. Natalie says "No way he knew everything from online." Laura: "Hes a plant who can learn all this BB stuff from online." "Big Brother, we're calling you out."

1:46am Casey "We're a family again. We can draw straws on who goes up." They all agree, led by Casey, that Michelle & Chima are not pawns because they will drop out in HOH.

1:49am Casey "I'm gonna be a hard ass on him. Going to pound of his door at 6:15am." Laura: "No we all go in with pots & pans."

1:51am Jeff comes back from bathroom. Russell: "He got to you didn't he, he spun you." Jeff: "OK Guys, I'll tell the truth, it was me the entire time. I was the rat!" Everyone laughs. Russell & Casey making fun of Ronnie's fake mental breakdown earlier, when trying to get Ronnie home. Everyone again says sorry for the 1st two weeks and apologizes for their DR's against each other.

1:52am Jeff: "I thought I was taking crazy pills." Jessie: "I can't believe during the 5 minutes i burnt my waffles, what went down!"

1:53am Everyone clapping, "Thank You, Big Brother."

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Everyone is on the patio hashing out what ronnie tried to pull over on them. Its so funny.

Ronnie tried to get Jessie to talk to him but the mob said no.

Ronnie went to the DR. [-maybe to leave?]

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1:55am Everyone thinks Ronnie was a plant, there's no way he knew all this, we were saying and put all 12 Houseguests against each other.

1:58am Chima thinks he threw "Have or Have Not" combo and got food from BB in DR.

2:01am Casey "if the POV is spelling, I'm gonna spell everything wrong. Spell 'Apple' A Z R Q T 8 D S G."

Russell said on Spyscreen he saw him run around room to room."

Casey: "Whoever is HOH, check the POV bag to make sure they all don't say Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie." Everyone saying sorry to Laura & Jordan. Russell: "I'm sorry Laura." Michelle: "I'm sorry Laura, I gave my vote to Laura." Casey: "Lets stick to having fun, lets have a pool party. I'm gonna laugh in his face 24/7."

2:05am Russell: "Lets alternate all night, keeping him awake." Jeff: "I'm gonna put cheese in his bed and all over the house." Russell: "If I see him, I'm gonna follow him saying "rat, rat, rat, rat."

Chima gets everyone to not take any pictures when Ronnie gets the HoH camera on Thursday, so he has to take pics of himself all by himself. (LOL)

2:09am Ronnie brushing his teeth in HOH, and everyone else is laughing about him outside.

2:17am Ronnie asleep in Bed, everyone having a good time outside.

(Im out for the night, someone take over :))

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8:55 BBT

Feeds showing the HGs still in bed, but all the lights are on.

9:00 BBT

Jordan is up and dressed. Russell is called to the DR.

9:10 BBT

Russ and Michele in the LR. Mostly quiet, but some chatting.

(dianatx512 told me that Ronnie's in the DR and ran to get to the DR as Russ said Morning Rat, rat tata rat.--I missed it but glad someone else caught it!)

Michele tells Russ she kind of likes Laura's name for calling Ronnie the puppet master, but likes Russ' rat name as well.

9:15 BBT

(LOL) As soon as Ronnie comes out of the DR, Russ immediately gets up and follows him to the stairs as Russ asks Ron how it feels to have gotten 'got' by Russ. Tells Ronnie to enjoy it up stairs and remember it was Russell.

Jeff is called to the DR.

9:20 BBT

Russ goes into the recycled room where Laura and Jordan are sleeping on the couch. He asks them if they heard him chasing after Ronnie. They all laugh and Russ goes to the SR.

Michele went back to bed, Ronnie is in HOH, and Russ is walking around the house, doing a victory dance every so often.

9:30 BBT

Russ seems to still be the only HG up and moving. He's in the kitchen making eggs.

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9:35 BBT

Russ finishes his breakfast and goes upstairs and lays on the couch in front of the HOH door.

9:50 BBT

Ron got up and used HOH bathroom. He laid back down in bed, unaware that Russ is waiting (and sleeping) right outside the HOH door.

10:00 BBT

All feeds on Ronnie and Russ sleeping. Everyone else is sleeping. No noise or movement from anyone.

10:30 BBT

Everything is the same.

10:45 BBT

Russ still sound asleep outside HOH, with Ron awake in bed.

(Why does BB have an early wakeup call if no one gets up? All it did was turn the lights on in all rooms.)

11:10 BBT

Casey is up, uses the bathroom and is now outside smoking. All else is the same.

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Cams 1& 2 on Ronnie in HOH sleeping

Cams 3 & 4 on Jessie sleeping


Ronnie just turned over in his bed...more to follow....

(I'm bored to tears-BB should make them get up)

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11:44 BBT

Fish...(hopefully BB is waking their behinds up!)

feeds back

Jeff walking around. Jesse just got up-heads to the bathroom. Ronnie still sleeping.


Chima, Kevin, Lydia, Michelle and Nat now up doing ADL's

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12:05 BBT

Jess was trying to find Casey and Russ. (They don't know that Russ is upstairs.) Everyone seems to be getting along. Some are eating in the kitchen or in the bathroom area. Jordan and Laura telling the hgs about Russ going after Ronnie this morning. A little poking fun at Ronnie is going around. Nat thinks Russ is in the HOH with Ronnie and Nat wants Jessie to go upstairs and check. Jess says they'll know soon enough, as those two will need to eat eventually. Jess tells Nat he'll go upstairs and play chess with her. But they don't.

12:10 BBT

Jess and Jeff talking about Ron on the bathroom couch. Jess says how Ronnie has a huge capacity to lie and how Jess can't even remember what happened two days ago. Jeff jokes about just lying to random people int he grocery store, pretending to tell a lady someone stole her peach and watch them all go at it. They both laugh. They and Laura start talking about Ronnie brainwashing his cat. (Umm, come on now.) Jeff and Jess are totally cracking on Ronnie.

At the kitchen bar, Lydia, Nat and Kevin are whispering. Kev doesn't like how that group is so happy now. Laura joins and they stop their talk and wonder again about where Russ is.

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11:58 BBT

Jessie and Jeff looking for Casey and Russell. (Casey in pool room, Russell upstairs on couch)

Many HG saying they're tired and wanted to sleep some more.

Jeff eating soup for breakfast. Lydia, Laura cooking breakfast. Jesse sitting on couch in BR alone.

Two feeds on Jessie in BR, two on people in kitchen. Jordan now in kitchen.

Everyone still confused about Ronnie's whereabouts. Some think he's in DR.

Jordan says when Ronnie was walking from the DR to the HOH room, Russell was following him the whole time, followed him up the stairs.

Laura says Ronnie was always telling them, "don't repeat this to anybody. If you do I won't talk to you anymore". He was always telling them so-and-so said this and that. He would never take credit for his statements, always laying the blame on others.

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12:15 BBT

Nat and other kitchen people see Russ move his feet above them on the couch and now know his whereabouts. Laura and Nat tell the boys in the bathroom and they wonder if Russ just came out the HOH room and laid down on the couch.

Michele and Lydia outside talking about Ronnie. Lydia says how believable Ronnie is and how Russ and Ron are playing both sides. Lydia talks about how Ronnie would tell her and Kev that Michele wouldn't talk game and people should be scared of her. Michele is shocked.

Jess brushing his teeth as him and Nat whisper. She says something about them staying together like before (the big event last night) but still get out someone (either Ron or Russ). Russ comes in and tells them how he chased Ronnie to the HOH and yelled how he'd keep Ronnie in his HOH room if he didn't want to listen to Russ. Russ is very proud of this.

Michele and Lydia go lay out in the sun together. They talk about Ronnie and who they want out.

12:30 BBT

Nat goes upstairs and sets up the chess board. Jess joins her.

Jordan is outside shaving her legs. Michele says it's b/c Jordan has the cold showers.

Ronnie is now listening to music in the HOH room. He can see on the spy screen that Jess and Nat are playing chess.

1:00 BBT

All feeds on Jordan, Laura and Michele in the pool.

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1:10 BBT

Lydia is making a slip and slide using garbage bags in the bathroom, while talking with Chima and Nat. Chima or Nat talk about backdooring Ronnie and Lydia asks why they can't just put Ronnie up in the first place b/c he won't win POV. They talk about Ronnie winning the HOH comp and how he knew what the comp would be then and this week. Lydia says something about BB telling a certain HG things is cheating. Chima says if both her and Michele try to throw HOH and end up winning, then that will be something (She means that would mean BB interfered somehow, wince they can't put Ronnie up.)

1:20 BBT

Russ, Michele and Lydia set up the slide outside. Russ mentions putting soap on it and Lydia says she doesn't know you put sopa on it and Russ says yes, to make it slippery. He puts soap and water on it and Lydia is the first to go. She slides down on her knees and now it's Russ' turn. Russ slides on his belly and goes pretty far. Russ goes again and it really burned his stomach. Seems like it ripped and they threw it away.

1:30 BBT

Nat and Jess still playing chess upstairs. Laura's outside tanning. Russ and Michele lay down together in the sun.

Nat says she feels bad for Ronnie and people saying bad things to him. She wonders what he will do on Thursday when he can't have the room anymore and they won't be able to talk to him. Lydia and Kevin join them. Lydia has a cut from the slip and slide and Kevin is cleaning her boo boo for her.

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1:35 BBT

Ronnie is called to DR and Russ runs inside and waits for Ronnie. Ron looks on his HOH screen to see who's where and can tell Russ is waiting for him in the kitchen. As soon as Ron opens the door, Russ starts on him. He asks what he's been doing and Ron says sleeping. Russ continues on asking him how it feel to have gotten 'got' and follows Ronnie all the way to the DR. After Ron is inside the door, Russ starts laughing, saying this is the highlight of his day. Casey comes by and Russ asks him if he'll join in. Casey says he's undecided and says that ignoring Ronnie is also a good tactic.

1:40 BBT

All feeds on Chima, Lydia and Kevin on the bathroom couch.

1:55 BBT

Russ and Laura are laying on the LR couches. (Russ is waiting for Ronnie to come out of the DR.)

2:00 BBT

Ron comes out and Russ jumps right up and follows Ron up the stairs to his HOH door. Russ was saying stuff to Ron.

Russ them goes downstairs to the bathroom couch with Chima and Kevin. Lydia and Jordan are talking game by/in the pool. Jordan's tell her about the tied eviction and how good Ronnie was and lied at them all. They talk about Russ too and Lydia realizes something. She runs over to Kevin and tells him how Russ said he was in the SR to get a banana and talked to Ronnie, but Ronnie was outside with Lydia, so Russ lied. Lydia thinks that Russ and Ronnie are in this thing together (LOL) and the fight last night was to make Russ look good.

Lydia tells Kev not to tell anyone and she goes back to Jordan. They agree they won't tell anyone and Jordan says she's freaking out now. Lydia definitely thinks Russ and Ronnie are secretly working together, and how great would it be for two people to act like they hate eachother, yet be working together. Lydia says they were all downstairs sleeping this morning, and they don't know if Russ was upstairs talking with Ronnie.

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2:15 BBT

Lydia tells Jordan she's not going to let these biys run them over. Feeds switch to Ronnie in HOH. Ronnie's in bed, crying and looking at his picture of his wife and cat. He's now in the bathroom, going through his BB travel bag.

2:35 BBT

All feeds outside by the pool. Michele is tanning and Russ is in the pool. Casey is laying nearby, in the shade. He asked if the rat came down to eat at all today.

(Anyone else out there? I need a BB break!)

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2:46PM BBT -- All feeds on outside Casey just sat down to smoke, Russell is on float in pool in deep thought

2:48PM Just saw Michelle in pool wading around, no one talking at all

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